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  1-5-00 up - definitely one of a kind...well done...smart...just really good all around
10 Things I Hate About You 1-5-00 up - teenage flick, but has two hotties and actually has it's good moments. not a total waste of time.
Amazon Women From the Moon up - random, funny, much like airplane and other slapstick comedies.
American Beauty 11-4 up - up there with fight club...funny, smart, good acting, good story...inspires like fight club and leaves you thinking.
American History X 11-30 way up - great film about lots of things. it's on the list of 'you should watch this before you die'
Any Given Sunday 1-5-00 up - Oliver Stone rocks with this one. I knew right away it was going to be a great movie. It didn't disappoint. Good message about sports, old vs. new, etc. Great camera work and acting. Lots of cameos too...look for mr. stone himself...some old football players (lt and brown among others) and t. owens of the 49ers.
Army of Darkness 11-29 up - really good, watch  the first (evil dead) too. different feel, but both are worthwhile.
Austin Powers 2 1-5-00 up - one of the most witty comedies i've seen. really funny. great characters. as good as the first.
Blair Witch Project 1-5-00 over-hyped...many believed it was real...i knew it wasn't and was still happy with it. watch it and see for yourself. it's funny and scary. independent films can rock. up
Boogie Nights way up - an absolute must see! the second best movie of the 90s, next to pulp fiction...maybe the second best ever...after die hard...excellent.
Children of the Corn down - lame...shouldn't have even tried...not scary...except maybe once.
Cruel Intentions 12-9 up - surprised that it wasn't horrible...started out great, but pulled a hollywood...still see it.
Cube up - not the greatest film ever, but worth watching if you have nothing else to do...
Die Hard 1-5-00 up - more 'classic' lines than any movie ever, for me. all around great. one of the 5 best movies ever...without a doubt. most underrated film i can think of.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 1-5-00 up - steve martin is gold.
Do The Right Thing 1-5-00 up - spike lee is a genius...even if I don't understand everything he tries to say in his films I just accept that it's genius. this film, however, leaves little to wonder about. strong, true, & great.
Dune down - boring, odd, nothing special...david lynch officially becomes an annoyance.
Election 1-5-00 up - one of the better films of the year...funny...witty...timeless. great all around...see it.
Evil Dead up - must see. if you are by yourself you may be scared, but it's more of a comedy to see with friends...and what a crack up it is. very gross too.
Fargo 10-31, 11-14 up - a great film...funny as possible...great acting and cinematography. very good. see it.
Fight Club 10-25 up - more proof that fincher is a good director. leaves you thinking...funny...great acting.
Full Metal Jacket up - probably Kubrick's finest, in my humble opinion...talks to social issues as well as entertains...witting comedy. Must See!
Green Mile 12-13 up - good and long...like my dick. actually it was one of those that makes you think about how screwed the world is. well done. you should see it.
Hard Eight up - obviously it's a thumbs up...it's p.t. anderson. not as good as magnolia or boogie nights, but still good. anderson is a really good writer and of course an excellent director...this movie shows him in
Jerk 1-5-00 up - can't go wrong with steve martin...simple as that.
Junior 12-4 i love arnold, but the movie wasn't that great...a bit hokey...see it with a kid or something. down
Kids controversial as fuck...realistic as fuck...a MUST SEE film for anyone! up
Life 1-6-00 up - not too bad. good actors.
Magnolia 1-5-00 up - a film as great and daring as this comes very infrequently. p.t. anderson is absolutely a genius. i strongly urge you to see it.
Matrix 12-15, 1-5-00 up - good entertainment, even though there is the fact that keanu can't act for shit. 1-5-00...the fourth time i saw it was the second best time. saw it on dvd and saw it was deeper than kung fu and SFX...e.g., the programmer's speech about denying one's impulses...the bad guy's speech about humans being virii...obvious, but well put. oh and it's a great action flick too.
Night At The Roxbury 11-11 up - entertaining. slightly annoying at times, but has some good jokes and memorable moments.
Notting Hill 1-5-00 up - not a total waste of time...has its moments. roberts is hot. funny scenes are actually funny.
Other Sister, The Giovanni and Juliette Lewis prove they are good retards, but that's a good thing in this case - thumbs up.
Planes, Trains, And Automobiles 10-26 way up - best comedy ever. there are some that make you laugh harder, slightly, and some that make you laugh more, slightly, but none that do both to this extent...every single time. 
Poetic Justice up - anything with Tupac is a must see, but singleton (boyz in the hood) failed on this movie - oh and janet jackson is a worse actress than she is a singer.
Predator 1-5-00 up - for a long time it was my second favorite movie...of course i only owned about 5, but it stands the test of time. sfx are sufficient. arnold rocks. really is timeless...great one-liners...can't say enough about it. see it.
Rounders up - not bad film. watch it, if not only for ed norton and matt damon.
Seven up - great film watch it or die
Shakespeare In Love 12-16 down - Saving Private Ryan was better, much better. Paltrow has good tits, but that's it.
Sixth Sense up - still good the second time i watched it. definitely see it. good date movie. not like i would know.
South Park 11-28, 1-5-00 up - really really funny for those with some sick humor, like me. not for anyone under 16. just as good the second time.
Stand By Me 12-2 up - it was on my favorite movie list...now i remembered why. a must see!
Star Trek II Wrath of Khan up - I hear it's the best of the series, but i like IV more. still a good flick.
Taxi Driver 11-13 up - didn't see the whole thing, but from what i saw i was able to remember how good it was the first time i saw it. a definite must see.
Time Bandits up - fell asleep during it, but while I was awake it had some humor to it, even entertaining.
Uncle Buck 12-12 up - another great john hughes/candy masterpiece...an instant classic.
Very Bad Things not as funny as expected, but it is quite a journey...check it out anyway. up
When A Stranger Calls down - your basic thriller, but gay. the sequel is way better...see that one.
Willie Wonka and the... 11-28 up - one of the best movies around...no matter your age.

About my reviews: All reviews are given a grade ranging from F- (gigli) to A+ (the graduate). For the most part films are graded on a semi-relative scale, that is relative to other pictures of a similar type or genre. Thus a mindless comedy that generates a decent number of laughs might receive the same "B" grading as a technically superior and equally entertaining film-noir because the comedy is held to a lower standard. In general, films like this will more easily get passable grades, but getting an A -/+ is equally difficult across all genres. Also, i generally will refrain from A -/+ grades for any picture i haven't seen more than once. Occasionally this rule is broken, but it is a rare occurrence. pictures of historical/technical importance or significance will naturally receive greater consideration, but i don't give a pass to a film simply for its technical achievements because i feel to do so would invalidate film as being, first and foremost, an art form. Also, a good part of my grade has to do with the timeless nature of a film. "Terminator 2" isn't a great film because its special effects were so revolutionary at the time, rather it's a great film because the story is timeless and it's a well-executed work; i apply this standard to early films as well. Naturally all of the reviews are merely my opinion and that changes as i see more films and my tastes evolve.
Finally, i am not a professional reviewer and most of the reviews are meant more as a brief summary of my thoughts, rather than a cohesive assessment of the worth of a film. You will find that some reviews are rather unprofound, while others are extensive and (occasionally) insightful. This is completely dependent upon my mood, the work, and the level of my intelligence at the time. Occasionally there will be spoilers, sorry.