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reviews: Each year links to all the reviews for all the films that i saw during that year. Films are in reverse chronological order.
index: A giant spreadsheet listing all the films i've seen. Information includes whether i watched the film in the theater or not, the year of release, the director, the country of origin and the grade i gave it. There is also a running total for average grade and year of release. Tabs on the bottom allow you to view each year on a separate page. Each year is also charted by year of release to give you an idea of my film watching habits during the year. These tabs are strictly for geeks. Also look for tabs titled "Alphabetical" and "Chronological" which have listings of all the films i've seen - listed alphabetically and chronologically, duh.
my DVDs: A list of all the films i own (both on DVD and VHS) with information on the year of release, type, director, country of origin and additional information. There is also a tab for short films.
my best reviews: A compilation of some of my review highlights. For one reason or another i think these reviews stand above the average. Sometimes there's a neat observation or a more indepth analysis of a film's elements.
academy award analysis: My somewhat historically-based analysis of, and predictions and hopes for, the 79th annual Academy Awards.
what's the best year in film?: An ongoing exploration into the best year in cinematic history. Years are matched against each other in a playoff style competition to determine, once and for all, which year is best in film; in my opinion of course.
recommendations: A monthly list of films/music that i recommend. These titles are generally ones i consider either relatively unknown or "must see" pictures. There are some pictures which i love, but don't think others will find as enjoyable, this page is for the films that will likely be enjoyed by anyone i know.
double features: Recommended companion pieces. This is a list of films that go well with each other.
my favorites: Here you'll find a fairly extensive, and ever-changing/expanding, list of films which i consider noteworthy, important, or especially likable. It's broken down by year, genre, element and even includes a brief list of some of the very worst films i've ever seen. There is also a link to a list of recommendable double features.
statistics: Various geeky statistics compiled at the end of each year and put into a spreadsheet.
If you're looking for a particular review click on the "Listed" link and find the "Alphabetical" tab to obtain an alphabetical listing of all the films i've seen since 1999. Click on the title of the film you'd like to read. Geeky statistics for every year are located there as well as on the statistics page.

All reviews are given a grade ranging from F- (gigli) to A+ (the graduate). For the most part films are graded on a semi-relative scale, that is relative to other pictures of a similar type or genre. Thus a mindless comedy that generates a decent number of laughs might receive the same "B" grading as a technically superior and equally entertaining film-noir because the comedy is held to a lower standard. In general, films like this will more easily get passable grades, but getting an A -/+ is equally difficult across all genres. i generally will refrain from A -/+ grades for any picture i haven't seen more than once. Occasionally this rule is broken, but it is a rare occurrence.
Pictures of historic/technical importance or significance will naturally receive greater consideration, but i don't give a pass to a film simply for its technical achievements because i feel to do so would invalidate film as being, first and foremost, an art form. Also, a good part of my grade has to do with the timeless nature of a given film. "The Matrix" isn't a great film because its special effects were so revolutionary at the time, rather it's a great film because its story is timeless, its philosophy grand, and its execution top-notch; i apply this standard to early films as well. Naturally all of the reviews are merely my opinion and that changes as i see more films and my tastes evolve.
Finally, i am not a professional reviewer and most of the reviews are meant more as a brief summary of my thoughts, rather than a cohesive assessment of the worth of a film. You will find that some reviews are rather unprofound, while others are extensive and (occasionally) insightful. This is completely dependent upon my mood, the work, and the level of my intelligence at the time. Occasionally there will be spoilers, sorry.


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