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Santa Clarita Diet Season Two - not as good this season, but it's still a solid show with an unusual premise and good cast/writing. B.

Black Panther -

All Things Must Pass -

Flint Town Season One -

Office Season Seven - one of my favorite shows of all-time. this is the last great season because michael scott leaves. not sure if they could make this show these days. A.

Ghostbusters - decent overall. been a while since i've seen this. i don't know that it's a classic for me, but i decided to buy it because zoe has been asking about scary movies a lot lately and figured this would be better than last house on the left (which she picked off the shelf and asked about). B.

Game Over, Man! - okay die hard-esque comedy from the workaholics guys. B.

Mechanic Resurrection - barely watched this as it was on in the background. C.

Godzilla - zoe was asking about scary movies so we watched the original godzilla. a lot going on here with the threat of nuclear fallout, the worry of super weapons, etc. more than meets the eye, which is why it's a classic. as a horror film it's not particularly scary, but zoe actually pretty much watched it (her first japanese film) and it has a monster so i figured it qualified enough. B+.

Todd Margaret Season Three - weird show which is marginally entertaining. B-.

Strippers Season One - documentary series that takes place in the UK following various strippers around while they work and talk about their job. interesting to see the immigrants talk about doing work there for money and wanting to return home, etc. strippers are the female equivalent of migrant labor like the african laborers who come to Rio to work on the olympic stadium. people using their body to better their lot in life. amazing how many ways there are to live your life. B.

Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer - nick broomfield direct this documentary about "ameria's first female serial killer." i don't think this label is factual, but whatever. he does his usual schtick and we learn some things along the way, but mostly are left with more questions and uncertainty than anything. he obfuscates a subject like no one else. C+.

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On - docuseries that follows a few different people in the adult entertainment industry. worth watching if you're interested in the subject. there's a black guy who talks about race in the industry as well as performance anxiety. there's holly randall (who has a podcast, is a photographer, and is daughter of the famous suze randall). and there are a few others who show other sides of the industry. produced by rashida jones. B.

I, Tonya -
Dirty Money Season One -

Lady Bird -

Office Season Six -

Hatfields And McCoys -
Rocco -

Bright -

Shameless Season Seven -

Office Season Five -

Commuter -
Office Season Four -

Run All Night -

HIdden Figures -