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"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
-Albert Einstein-

1/7/20 (21:17)

  • spent the last few nights working constantly on updating my movies webpage. i haven't updated it at all since last january so there's a lot of catching up to do.
  • also been working on my yearly best of lists (which i haven't done since zoe was born) and my best of the decade list (made harder since i didn't keep up on the yearly lists).
  • also been working on organizing the garage and getting little jobs knocked out.
  • also had the crew over last week and again tomorrow to help me with my deck. should be able to get most of it finished tomorrow with just the stairs and railing left to complete.
  • not really a new year's resolution per se, but having a few days off has helped kick start this stuff at home and the end of year/decade stuff just comes with the timing.
  • hopefully we'll have the deck done by the end of the month and then we can move onto the bathroom.
  • having the garage more organized has really been nice. finally built my worktable base and been cleaning up a lot of clutter and labeling things.
  • doing so many different kinds of work means i have so many different tools and materials...it all just takes up a ridiculous amount of space.
  • for the past year my biggest real concern with Trump has been on the Iran issue. it looks like he's really ramping this shit up and it's legitimately worrying because it'll probably be effective in rallying the votes. I'm not real hopeful that this will shake out well for us.
  • There's been a noticeable rise of the use of the word "y'all" in the last five years or so. I see it a lot on the internet and hear people saying it more and more. It used to be made fun of as a southern thing, but not it appears to be ubiquitous. Vern says it's gender neutral so maybe that's why it's more popular. "You all" or "you" are also gender neutral. "You guys" isn't technically, but I always considered it neutral, just like "dude" is often neutral. Times are changing I guess.
  • Is it possible to be a transnational person? Transgender is a thing. Transracial is sort of a thing. Can someone say that they feel like they should have been Japanese because they like anime and Japanese culture? They don't feel comfortable in their own country. Their own culture feels repulsive to them. They hate America because it bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they wish America was gone and that they lived in Japan. Should the UN allow these people citizenship to wherever they feel they truly belong? Just like many can't envision a world in 100 years where transgender people aren't accepted as their preferred gender, can you really envision a world in the future that still has borders? I await my Nobel prize.
  • In order to defeat Trump I think you have to attack him as a rich elitist who is out of touch with the common man. He doesn't care about the working class. Instead it seems that the Democratic party is obsessed with issues of race and gender. If they lose I think they'll have to take a hard look at the factions of the party that chose identity politics and socialist policies over common sense economic appeals to the working class. I heard recently, and I think it make sense, that Americans don't like Democrats or Republicans, but they fear the Democrats just a bit more because they are typically the ones who are doing things to the public. Whether it's 100% true or not doesn't matter so much as the appearance that the Democrats are the party of bigger government and government programs. Those things mean more taxes, more laws, more restrictions, more changes, etc. Democrats have a long way to go to reform their image. Meanwhile Republicans still have the image of less government is better. Their image should be more of a dumpster fire, but the less government thing seems to be more sticky right now.
  • Native born Americans seem to compare their lives to the life of the average German. Recent American immigrants compare their lives to the life of the average person living in the native country. The recent immigrant is much more thankful. The native person is much more entitled and likely to complain about all the things they don't have. Working with immigrants is a much better experience. I've worked with both kinds of people and, generally speaking, people who are new here are hard workers who want to take advantage of the opportunity the country offers. People who were born here are much more likely to whine about every little microaggression, Karen in accounting, not getting post-partum massages for free, etc. Whiny little bitches. Send more immigrants and ship some of the lazy native born people to Germany. Fine by me. My criteria for immigrants is that they work hard and respect the laws and culture that is here. Other than that I don't think I care much.
  • Not sure if you heard about this debate in SF, but it centers around a mural that depicts Native Americans as slaves under George Washington. I really don't understand how people are offended by this...here's what the NYT said: "But to Amy Anderson, a member of the Ahkaamaymowin band of Métis who has been a catalyst in the campaign to remove the murals, they represent “American history from the colonizers’ perspective."" and "Virginia Marshall, president of the San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators said Arnautoff’s paintings remind her of “my great-great grandfather and great-great grandmother who were beaten and hung from trees and told they were less than human.” Paloma Flores, a member of the Pit-River Nation and coordinator of the school’s Indian Education Program, said Arnautoff’s “intent no longer matters.” The murals “glorify the white man’s role and dismiss the humanity of other people who are still alive,” she said. Joely Proudfit, director of the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center in San Marcos, said it is not worth saving the art if one native student “is triggered by that.”"
  • So that's the argument I guess, but I heard one person talking about it and found their quote to be rather funny. He said that he "knows the horrors of slavery first hand from the stories his father told him." So, it sounds like he knows the horrors of slavery second hand (at least). These aren't rational arguments. These are feelings expressed by people who are overly sensitive, but we have to take everyone seriously lest we upset them. Inmates are running the asylum when you have kids telling administrators to destroy or cover up 100 year old murals because they show George Washington as a murderer and slave owner...because THAT ISN'T WOKE ENOUGH. haha, I've seen everything now.

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