Double Features            
...a compilation of films that are both good and good together (thematically, stylistically, have similar plots, etc.)  
Film #1   Film #2   Film #3 Why  
Cool Hand Luke AND I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang   great, similar movies about life on the chain gang  
Hoop Dreams AND Heart Of The Game     documentaries about high school basketball  
Godfather Part II AND Casino     mob movies that complement each other  
Following AND Mr. Brooks OR Apt Pupil films about being infatuated with a criminal  
Bolivia AND Do The Right Thing     tackling social problems in a café/restaurant  
Singin' In The Rain AND Sunset Boulevard OR Limelight different takes on the death of the silent era  
Aviator AND Tucker: The Man And His Dream   biopics, same period, intersecting stories  
Beat Street AND Style Wars     similar graffiti themes  
Cache AND S&Man     similar theme of audience being complicit  
Friday Night Lights AND Go Tigers!     both about high school football taken too seriously  
Kid Stays In The Picture AND Raging Bulls, Easy Riders     documentaries about filmmaking in the 70s  
Novocaine AND Citizen Ruth OR Election stylistically similar and all quite funny  
Brother's Keeper AND Deadline OR Staircase films about the justice system  
Jaundiced Eye AND Capturing The Friedmans OR Stevie films about alleged child molesters  
Pather Panchali AND Tree Of Wooden Clogs     similar organic film style  
Rushmore AND Napoleon Dynamite     offbeat comedies, rushmore's better  
Bob Roberts AND Bulworth OR Man Of The Year satires of the political system  
Open Water AND Blair Witch Project     low budget horror films of similar style  
Slacker AND Waking Life     linklater films centered around philosophy  
Grand Illusion AND Great Escape     similar plots  
Salesman AND Glengarry Glenross OR Tin Men all are good films about salesmen  
Grave Of The Fireflies AND Life Is Beautiful     very well done wwii films told from the ground level  
General Idi Amin Dada AND Last King Of Scotland OR Lumumba all are about african dictators  
Solaris (original) AND Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind both are somewhat surrealistic and mind-bending  
Hoosiers AND Go Tigers!     both are about high school sports  
Far Country AND Treasure Of The Sierra Madre OR Gold Rush (Chaplin) focus on the lust of gold, all are great  
Fog Of War AND Naqoyqatsi     similar themes of war's effects, both scored by philip glass  
Primary AND War Room     inside looks at political campaigns (jfk and clinton)  
American Movie AND Friends Forever     documentaries about similar offbeat characters  
Dersu Uzala AND Nanook Of The North     dersu uzala was probably inspired by the documentary nanook of the north
Branded To Kill AND Ghost Dog: Way Of The Samurai   ghost dog was probably inspired in part by branded to kill  
Die Hard AND Panic Room     have some similar elements, both quality films  
Bonnie And Clyde AND Natural Born Killers     similar themes, both visionary at the time  
Total Recall AND Robocop     same actor plays the villain, similar themes  
Rollerball AND Running Man     futuristic games/sports with social commentary  
Rashomon AND Capturing The Friedmans OR Brother's Keeper about the importance and relativity of perspective  
Zombie AND Dawn Of The Dead     similar plots  
Throne Of Blood AND Scotland, PA     both based on macbeth  
Modern Times AND Gods Must Be Crazy     similar themes of modernity's insanity