Papers I Done Wrote
updated 12-12-00

NOTE: All of the below are in Word 7.0 format...if you do not have Word 7.0 or Word 97 then you are out of luck.
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  • English 3

  • Poetry Anthology (two parts below are also pertinent)
    Poem/Song lyrics
    "Sample Analysis" (analysis of one of the poems...more broadly speaking)
  • English 5F (creative writing) Winter 00

  • Blonde Burglar (we were asked to re-write a fairy tale in a different point of view)
    Different Like Everyone Else
  • English 101 (advanced composition) fall 99

  • A Day in the Life Of... (short story in First Person about where I worked) 1800 words.
    Introduction to Jazz
    The Great Designated Hitter Debate
    Personal Statement...beware
  • English 161b (Film History 1945-Present) Winter 01

  • Creating Terror (A look specifically at Night of the Living Dead and Suspiria) 7 pages
  • Geology 1

  • Montserrat Volcano
    Yucca Mountain controversy
  • Political Science 1 (intro to poli sci)

  • Political Implications of Tobacco Industry Settlement & Bibliography
  • Political Science 5 (problems in amer. gov't)

  • Education: The Way To Reform & Bibliography
  • Political Science 106 (The Presidency) Winter 00

  • Presidential Greatness 2000 words
  • Political Science 112 (Democratic Theory) Spring 00

  • Capitalism and Democracy: Can't We All Just Get Along?
  • Political Science 113 (American Political Theory) Fall 00

  • Thoreau versus MLK (7 pages)
  • Political Science 119 (Modern Political Thought - Nietzsche) Winter 01

  • Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Prologue (7 pages)
  • Political Science 123 (Politics of Interdependency) Winter 00

  • Why Hasn't the U.S. Dropped the Embargo Against Cuba?
  • Political Science 131 (US Foreign Policy)

  • Implications of Cold War on US Democracy
  • Political Science 154 (legal theory)

  • Kafka's Before The Law
  • Political Science 162 (elections and campaigns)

  • Why The Media Sucks
  • Political Science 163 (group politics) fall 99

  • Anti-Smoking Lobby
  • Political Science 175 (science, technology, and policy)

  • Examining the Decision to Ban Tobacco Advertising on TV
  • Sociology 2 (social problems)

  • African American Oppression: The Dilemma...and the bibliography
  • Sociology 25 (Popular Culture) Fall 00

  • Rage Against The Machine through Marxist and Hegemonic Lenses 8 pages
  • Sociology 120 (Deviance) Winter 01

  • A Look at Deviance in the Unabomber Trial 7pages
  • Other

  • Linguistics (Preservation of Native American Languages and Cultures)
    History 4B: From The Prince (Morality and Politics: Canít We All Just Get Along?)