All updates, 1998.

Dec. 19

  • finals are over.
  • it's 12:46 am and I have DJ training in an hour and 15 minutes, yay.
  • I leave for home in just under 12 hours.
  • finals went pretty well. I might not fail anything this quarter, yay.
  • oh, got one visitor from Malaysia and another from Austrailia.
  • peace out, yo.

  • Dec. 13

  • i have finals and then break so i probably won't update my page for the next couple weeks, but if i do it'll be on thursday.
  • i've had one visitor from the following countries: Austrailia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. Holy shit i don't know how i'm getting these hits, but it's fine with me. 43% of my visitors are coming from .edu addresses and 29% from .net addresses, so AOL losers aren't coming to my page a lot, which is fine by me. I've had more hits this month than October. I get most hits on Thursday and then Monday. And between 8-9 or 10-11 pm, the only one hour time frame that hasn't yielded a hit so far is from 2-3am. The large majority of people are browsing with netscape 4.x, with java enabled, with windows 95, and at 16 million colors.
  • no use for all that.
  • i have a final in 9 hours so i should sleep.

  • December 10

  • I knocked off a bunch of my mp3 wants by searching through friends' CD collections...
  • My MP3 list is buff as ever...I got a lot more rare b-boys mp3s.
  • I'm going to be deleting more tonight I think, i need to make room for future mp3s...i'll probably delete some that i don't really listen to...i have them archived anyway.
  • still haven't gotten back papers...
  • i have the FINAL sleep study crap this friday.
  • i have a final 8am on monday, that'll suck.
  • the party is coming up...i'll get off work around the time everyone will be there...i invited one person...Dan Silvert...ha, he's a funny (weird) guy, but I couldn't let Phil and Jordan invite 30 people each without contributing some.
  • check out the mp3 list
  • i also updated the cd list part two, so check that.
  • that's about it

  • December 7th

  • Looks like I've reached the 1000 mark...I like it.
  • I also like this new CD Burner program I got that allows me to burn CDs without the 2 sec gap between tracks! So far I haven't figured out how to make the gap more or how to have the gap between some tracks and absent between others, but I'll use the program that came with the burner if I need to make a CD with's nice to have the ability, even though the shareware version makes my burner run at 1X until I buy it (which i will not do).
  • so we're having the big party on Friday...should be interesting I guess...I'll come home from work and see a bunch of people I don't know 'getting down' in my living room, it'll be interesting.
  • Should find out about the DJing this week. Also should be getting back two papers this week which will determine if I will study 10 hours per day for finals or 20 hours per day...yea right.
  • FYI my tool bar for Netscape is now set to text only...for a change.
  • - while you are browsing pages and waiting for a page to load a little tidbit (sometimes a sponsor) will come up and say something interesting...
  • i'm also thinking about taking summer session #1...that way i take advantage of the whole 12 months that I pay for this place, i'll also get some units, maybe retake linguistics to help my gpa, and phil could come up to see the place, and maybe i could would end in early august so i'd still have some time to relax, visit, and hopefully go to Whittle (YMCA camp) as a counselor.
  • that's about it...oh worked 8 hours this weekend...more than any of you eh? so i should get a whopping forty something bucks for that annoyance.

  • December 5th

  • I have my preliminary schedule in for winter `98 quarter. I still don't know when I'll be DJing, but that is only for the middle of the morning (3-6am) anyway.

  • December 3rd

  • I'm thinking about putting all my Beastie Boys stuff on mp3 so I can play it whenever I want, that's about 10 albums plus all the remixes and stuff I have from imports and from off the internet. I'm still not sure though...I don't want to cheapen the Beastie Boys so I don't think I'd offer their album stuff online, only the rare stuff for real fans...if I decide to do it.
  • Just finished my Poli Sci paper...15% of my grade...we'll see how that goes...I still await my African American Studies paper, maybe I'll get it back on Monday or Weds at the latest, hopefully, maybe, possibly.
  • pictures of my new room arrangement will be up when i take them and scan a couple weeks maybe?
  • I need more CD space, my custom CDs are taking up a lot of space and when I came up here I was already filled to the brim.
  • yesterday i listened to the first four beastie boys albums in their entirety...very nice.
  • Check Your Head is now my number one album, with Ill Communication very very close behind...if you remember they were once tied, with Ill Communication having the edge. I like the percussion more in Check You Head, and I think it's more smooth than Ill Communication. But Ill Communication does have Sabotage, Sure Shot, and Flute Loop, among other great songs, but I guess so does Check You's hard, they are both so damn good.
  • I have an idea, but copyright is preventing it's being carried out...I want to make a poster of the lyrics and picture inside the Paul's Boutique would be bomb, but Kinko's won't do it because of the copyright...either I'll have to write to capitol records asking for permission or have to become buddy buds with someone who works at Kinko's...we'll see how that works out.
  • bye

  • December 1st

  • downloaded several Beastie Boys mp3s today...lots of rare stuff, remixes, and live shit. Will update mp3 list when i feel like it.
  • I know a guy named Jon and he can be an incredible asshole

  • that's all for now

    November Archive
    November 30th last time
    holy shit...i looked closer at the stats...i got one visitor from the UK! and one visitor from  the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (.AE)...damn that rocks.

    November 30th more

  • checked out  the counter place and found out that i have had a visit from penn. and indiana in the last week, what's even better is a got a referral from somewhere other than my own site, johnny's site or efren's site...dope! it turns out that one of the referrals was from a mail i sent to someone at indiana U and the other was from a guestbook that i signed and left my website address
  • even better someone was viewing my page with IE 5.0...the beta version of course. that's all



    November 30th

  • First update in a while...
  • Thanksgiving was cool: mom, sister and dog came up. I had a total of 16 hours of work and one 10 page essay to do over the four day break, but all is done now.
  • I deleted a few mp3s that I never listen to. my mp3 list is really turning out nicely...finally, I might put it up today for all to see the newly polished version...
  • I got the new case and power supply for my doesn't have as many power cords as I thought it might for a midtower, but it's a new power supply and I don't have the mega fan plugged into it anymore, just the cpu fan and the smaller fan for the case...dusted motherboard, hard drives, etc. seems to be working well.
  • mom's computer is seriously jacked...i think it's the hard drive, but it could be the motherboard...too many symptoms to list here, but the major weird thing was when i copied a 1.4 meg file to the floppy drive it did it in 2 seconds...way too fast for a floppy drive...when i would check if it indeed copy the file it did show up on the disk, but if I were to try and execute the 1.4 meg program, it wouldn't work. obviously then, the file wasn't really copied over. I formatted the hard drive on my system, through windows, rather than DOS, and it took about 3 seconds....seems a bit fast for a 2 gig drive, so i have my doubts about whether that hard drive is working right or not...any ideas?
  • my 'all' mp3 list is ricockulous...waaaay too big now...also added my personal ratings to the list, check it out.

  • November 23rd

  • got an extra 8 hours a week for the rest of the quarter at work...someone quit so now i work 8 hours on the weekend... 10am-2pm, now i have to wake up early :(
  • had a quiz today in poli sci 4...i didn't even know we had it, but i still did's a small part of our grade, too bad.
  • updating my mp3 list like'll be up and running in no's uploaded, but doesn't print out well and there are plenty of little things i need to fix up.
  • not going home for thanksgiving in case you didn't know.
  • that's all for now.

  • November 23rd

  • got one vote for the dots...and that works for me so the choice has been made.
  • changed my custom cd list big it is organized and has all my custom cds thusfar...except my Kosmos CDs...two CDs with stuff only from, which has lots of techno, ambient, electronic etc. mp3s for free.
  • the latest b-boys live mp3 is out - 3 mc and 1 dj, go here to get it
  • saw waterboy today...nothing exceptional, it was decent, but not as good as happy gilmore.
  • i have a few additions to my mp3 list, but I'll wait to unveil those later...they took awhile, and i'm not anywhere near finished with them, but the list will be very informative after the changes
  • 49ers need to stop scripting their first 15 doesn't help and only makes them more predictable...they won, but should have down better.
  • got to see oakland play, too bad they had to play the most dominate team I've seen since the 49ers with sanders, waters, floyd, davis and others.
  • I had a visitor from austrailia the other day...yippee...they got my website address from my icq information. i'm almost at 1000 hits, not too shabby, but my prof info page did better in 1/6th the's dead now because i'm too lazy to worry about updating it.

  • November 22nd
    -Messing with the netscape composer tools...nothing that great.
    -nothing too great to report...netscape is really a much better company than microsoft...i wish microsoft would just lay off trying to be good at everything...shit make a decent OS first. oh well that'll never happen. gets more hits than microsoft...ha ha! goto for the full breakdown of the top ten...icq is the number one download etc.
    -what do you like more? the dashes at the beginning

  • or these dots? mail me or something

  • -made custom cd number's pretty bumping, i still crash EVERYTIME i get disconnected from the a result i have to disconnect before the two hour sucks.
    -it's 5:20am i need to sleep...i'll update my custom cd list soon enough.

    November 21st
    -I'm going to watch Waterboy today...I'm sure it'll rock.
    -speaking of rock...the 49ers are going to rock New Orleans...I have some inside information - and they are going to win...
    that's about all.

    November 17th

  • I've gotten one vote to make my font size bigger...but i know that some of you are still stuck with 640x480, not 800x600 or higher, and I really do feel for you, but since there is no font size 11, only 10 and 12, I have to go with'll deal...and not being able to see is more of a pain than seeing type that is too big.
  • fucking 49ers! damn them...I really wish they would get their act together
  • got the new's got problems...and the CD database feature is nice, but glitchy for i'll wait for the next version. 2.04 may be the best program EVER.
  • if anyone has a program that will take my mp3 list and put it onto html format nicely i will be forever indebted...PLEASE HELP!
  • nevermind, i just fixed it...i'll just have it be a text file...go here for my mp3 list in text format columns all nice and everything!!!
  • i plan on (winter break) rating my songs on a 1-20 scale and tha'll make my mp3 list look more buff, and it'll be something to do...hopefully i don't forget to bring my mp3list with me because i won't bring my computer - so i won't be updating my webpage either...
  • i did the sleep experiment today...last time it was okay...i slept for two hours and she woke me up 5 times to ask what i was thinking etc...this time in the first twenty minutes she woke me up and after that not at all...she said i didn't get enough REM, so i'll have to do it over again...wonder if i'll get paid for it ... probably not.
  • any suggestions on the layout of the page? any topics you want me to debate about, or write an editorial on? mail me

  • November 13th

  • computer crashed bad the other day when i put a cd in and disconnected from the internet at the same time...I've had bad crashes before when i exit my dial up connection, but i don't know if that has anything to do with the power supply...shit, again!
  • i'm not doing the nfl predictions anymore - i lost more than one last week, so like i said i'm quiting that prediction stuff.
  • i will say that the 49ers will win, minnesota will win, gb will win, oakland will win, tampa bay will lose, and that's all i care about.
  • that's all...i do the sleep experiment tomorrow - $25 for me.

  • November 11th

  • so last night (technically early this morning) after i updated my webpage and bragged that my computer hadn't crashed all crashed! it crashed when i tried to open my cd-rom nonetheless. why did it do that? so i restart my doesn't recognize my primary cd-rom or my primary hard drive! well isn't that nifty..this problem again...I guess I do need a new motherboard, right? Turn off computer (which solved the problem last time this happened) waited a minute...and turned computer back on...stil nothing! Oh damn, now this is a major crash...i'm in deep crap...the computer show isn't for another 2 weeks so i'd have to go without my computer for two weeks...hoping that the motherboard that i ask Phil to get for me will solve my problems. I go to bed and try to sleep...I start thinking about all the things (not people) I headphones, my cds, my cd player, my monitor (very consistent in its performance...not the best, just consistent) case (I've had it since the beginning of my computer career...well wait, I don't really love's kinda old, it needs more space...i don't even have room for an extra floppy drive...the power supply is really old and with all the drives and fans i have running on it...wait a second why are my primary hard drive and primary cd-rom messing up? they are on different ide connectors......i could understand if both cd-roms or both hard drives didn't work...they are on the same ide connectors...weird...wait...lemme think...the primary hard drive and primary cd-rom are on the same power line, just spliced with one of those power things that turns one into two...CONNECTION! i've come to the conclusion that it's been my power supply this whole time...that's why the cd-rom light wouldn't go on when the computer had trouble recognizing the master hard drive and cd-rom drive...duh!!! so my problem should be solved by getting a bigger more buff power fans are quite a drag on the power...i have two huge ones, not to mention the four drives and motherboard I have running all on the same power for about six years. problem solved....hopefully!

  • November 11th

  • my computer hasn't crashed all day...most people that visit my page have java enabled, use netscape 4.x, have 800X600 or 1024X768 and run on windows 95. very usefull for the design of my webpage...from now on i'll use the text at 10 point font and in bold maybe that way it'll be easy to for the dots that separate my thoughts...they always seem too big...on my computer they are really small, but on vern's and other people's they are big and ugly...sorry.
  • my best friend phil is working on a page so soon enough it'll be linked to.
  • i got paid today, but i didn't pick up the check the lady wasn't around, no matter...
  • uh, i went into the 'sleep lab' today and took my 1 hour nap...they liked my brain waves so i'm coming in three more times for two hours each and i'll get paid $25 each time ...75 bucks for sleeping a total of 6 hours with electrodes monitoring my brain waves...sounds nice to me.
  • i have RSVP - class planning - tomorrow early...gotta go to bed.

  • November 8th

  • the beastie boys officially are the best band of all time...they make the best music that will ever be made and everyone pales in comparison to their genius. they may not have anything quite as great stairway to heaven, but they span so many different style of music and rock em all. they just are the bomb.
  • "all the wife beaters and all the tax cheaters sitting in the white house pulling their peters..." -
    Car Thief
  • go here to see my venture into java script stuff.

  • November 7th

  • i'm almost out of last place in the fantasty football league.
  • midterm today wasn't too hot...quiz in latin was a breeze, but who cares about that.
  • updated my cd list...i now have 146 CDs, give or take a few and then i have the custom cds too.
  • changed the directory structure a little...doing it slowly, but surely.
  • updated my custom cd list almost caught up with where i actually am...have about 12 more cds to enter...
  • made a list of my top 15 CDs of all the bottom of my favorites page
  • mdae a list of quotes...all from Rage Against The Machine...I wouldn't even bother with beastie boys...too many and depends a lot on the delivery... which is always top notch. if you have never heard their lyrics do yourself a favor and read my's awesome and comes with my slant/interpretation on a few of them...check it out these guys are the 90s version of alan ginsburg...almost.

  • November 6th
  • i added meta tags to the page not too long ago...don't think it'll actually help, but worth a shot.
  • nothing to say.

  • November 4th

  • got the new cd worked fine for the first day, at night however it fucked up three times...what a drag...afterwards though it started to work...and it's working fine now.
  • last night my computer froze big time and when i rebooted it didn't recognize my primary cd-rom or my primary hard motherboard must be dying. I turned off the computer and it still didn't see either...I turned off again, waited longer and then it recognized both...
  • while i was writing this my computer froze big time again FUCK
  • davis won, prop 5 and 10 passed - good.
  • my davis connection's been busy and giving me problems...basically my computer is shitty right now.
  • my pay check last week or whenever sucked
  • my midterm today was kinda lame...i was 3 min. late too cuz i forgot my bluebook.
  • another midterm friday.
  • 1.5 gigs of mp3s and 130+ cds isn't making me a better man.
  • neither is this lame webpage.
  • maybe i'll turn mormon.

  • most people visit my site between 8-9 pm

    Oct. 31...later. this is a long one so be prepared
    oh boy...some people really are gay. remember - his name is Eric...he's the guy whose site i wanted access to...he has lots of rare beastie boys...something i have craved for a long you can see below i asked you people out there to help me get access to his site...I wrote him an is says to do on his site...asking him for access to his site...he replied asking what i had to for those of you that aren't 'hip' with the mp3 scene this is a major taboo...asking to trade for something that has already been essentially stolen (the music) is not only dumb, but breaking the unwritten hacker rules. anyway apparantly this joker - eric visited my site...since i have the link on the bottom of my e-mails and saw that i had called him a punk (also below)...he was very offended and wrote the following e-mail to me: I'm a punk am I?  That's nice.
    yes that is the entire which i replied: after looking over the three mails that i sent you i have not found reference to you being a punk...i'm not sure where you are getting that idea from.
    at this point i had not figured out that he had visited my site...after remembering that i posted something on my site about him...and remembering that i had a weird webpage visitor not too long ago (my counter logs everyone that visits my site and where they come from...i noticed a weird was obviously him)...i put the two together and then wrote the following e-mail:
    ah you are the mystery visitor to my i get it.
    Yes i did call you a punk on my webpage...but that is because the spirit
    of mp3s and warez is supossed to be that everything is free...If i
    wanted to pay for the mp3s i'd just buy the cds...why do you think ratio
    sites are hardly ever listed on mp3 search engines - because they are
    i do however understand that you have an extensive b-boys list...all the
    more reason to want to distribute...however I tried to make this
    beneficial for both of us...but i gues you don't like that idea, much
    like you do not like the idea of FREE music.
    yes allowing people to go to your site and see all your mp3s but not
    allowing them to download any is being a punk.
    i doubt that this e-mail will persuade you to give me an account even
    after all the mp3s that i offered you...
    to which he replied:
    It's the fact that I have 15 gigs of rare stuff and when people upload they upload shit or virus's so fuck people, I was just trying to help but not anymore.  This site is for my friends and my brothers.  I never posted this site anywhere so it is people like you who post my site and piss people off when they try to log on so who is the punk now?  I have about 15 people on my computer at all times (all friends or family).  I have a PII 400 with 128 megz of ram, I am a computer science major so for most of the day I am compiling programs I made and at bnight I have parties and play my mp3's and I don't want to be in the middle of a party and have my computer skip in the middle of a song because too many people are on....
    um...the guys obviously has a few screws i am now replying:
    um i'm not sure i asked what kind of computer you have...however it sounds like a nice winamp never skips...not sure what the problem with your version should try's very effective. 15 gigs - i am very are more of a thief than i will ever be. i assure you that i would never upload viruses (or virus's for that matter)...i know that you being a computer science major you are a very apt virus i would never try such a thing. if you did grant me access i'd be sure not to go on during your extensive party sessions. as for me posting your i don't recall doing fact i know i didn't. maybe one of your 'friends' did...seeing as you have so many it would be hard to keep track of them all...i'm sure it wasn't one of your 'brothers'...15 people on at all times? wow that's a popular site...funny i never had a problem going on...guess i just caught it at a lucky time...or maybe you have a 16 user maximum - either way i am a very lucky person. i'm also very lucky to have you visit my page...i feel very fortunate to have a computer science major with a PII 400 visit my site - it almost makes my life complete. i only wish that i was smart enough to spend my entire day making programs on the computer...oh woe is me...i am almost worthless compared to you...i am obviously less than half the man you are...i have a pentium 200...only 64 megs of ram...i'm only a lowly political science major...i'm in the company of people like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke and Aristotle - only some of the most influential philosophers however are in the elite company of people like bill gates (the richest man in america) he is obviously much more of a person than any of the people i listed. jeez i'm such a loser...your last name is can i ever hope to live up to such highness as yourself. i've only had about 3 people on my server...and woe is me i only have a 33.6 connection...i really am a loser...i don't even party, much less at my own house...playing my own mp3s for that matter! i only wish that one day i could have a party at my house with everyone getting drunk and listening to mp3s off my computer....but alas i am a loser...i don't even have all the pornography that you have (e.g. you have debbie does dallas in your root directory in vivo format) you truly are a great man for that...i mean really...i don't have debbie does dallas on my computer or even vhs for that matter!...if only i could be as high tech as you are, but my last name is miller, not champion, i only have 1.5 gigs of mp3s...most of which is not rare...i only have a pentium 200 with 64 megs of ram...and i am only a political science major...i don't if you will excuse me i'm going to go kill myself Chris 'not a champion' Miller
    depending on how he responds to this e-mail i'll either write him and tell him to stop mailing me unless he is going to say sorry or grant me access...or i'll just ignore him...or if he does something dumb like mail bomb me or something gay like that I'll just call up stockton university or college or whatever it is and tell them that they have a student that is serving mp3s off their connection...a prospect they will not find too be continued...

    Oct. 31
    happy halloween or something
    updated my essays...or papers page link is on the left or here if you suck
    updated my interesting stuff page...finally click link on left or here if you suck
    updated my voter on feature on the left or here if you suck
    note if you click on the left it comes full screen...otherwise it only loads in this frame...which is fine...if you have a good resolution, but according to the data i have compiled, half of you are running at 640x480 or 800x600... a far cry from a good resolution.
    updated the pictures too...added 4 i think...and stuff...check it out
    added gayness to the top of my page as well.

    Oct. 30...later that day

  • fuck all you idiots...this is how sad America is. Please note that the Beastie Boys have sold 3 million plus albums...The Backstreet Boys (the gay white boy 'singers') have sold 7 million plus albums...sad! Also note that N' Sync is currently number 4 and the Beastie Boys are 20th...I'm thinking about buying a couple thousand albums myself just to put them where they belong. that's all on that subject
  • Beck has come out with a new album...I hear it's very different from his usual hip-hop style...I'll wait for the mp3s =)
  • Rage Against the Machine's album will come out some time in 1999...should be early in 1999, but i'll keep all updated.
  • Black Sabbath has a reunion album...which has debuted at number 11 although i can't picture N' Sync having more skill than Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne...oh well...If you have their first two albums I wouldn't bother with this one, but it's nice to know that they will be making a cool bundle of cash for this release.
  • FYI - spice girls are barely in the top 100 - still...not too bad.
  • hate to sound old, but the music they were making 5 years ago is far better than that of today.
  • Paul's Boutique is closing in fast on Licensed to Ill for the number three list of Beasite Boys Albums.
  • If anyone knows where I can get music videos in avi or vivo format tell me...on the same note if you know where I can get a vivo player (not a plug-in) mail me now!
  • updated my mp3/cd wants
  • updated the direct download of my mp3 list
  • um the Beastie Boys rock more and more every day...that beastie-ography that MTV made is awesome...wish a had the first 20min...if anyone sees it in advance on MTV tell me or tape it or both...major props to Phil who was able to tape the last 1.5 hours out of 2 hours of, but I still crave the whole thing.
  • xoom was down a couple of days ago and gave me a minor scare...everything is up and running well again
  • I'm getting visitors from weird host names...i'm tempted to put one of those gay guestbooks on my page, but like i said - they are dumb.
  • if anyone can get this guy: to give you a password to his mp3 site .... tell me I will be forever in debted - he has massive amounts of excellent and rare beastie boys mp3s...address is:, mp3 is the password and username and the port is 2323...check for yourself...he'll let you in to look, but not download - what a punk! nonetheless he has an awesome b-boy collection.
  • got my pay check today - a measly $97.75 for 17 hrs of work...getting min. wage bites. it's still money though.
  • nfl predictions are in. it was a semi-tough week...cross your fingers for the 49ers!
  • tomorrow i will have the final voting stuff in...

  • Oct. 30

  • forgot to tell you...I saw Metropolis last Sunday - it rocks. which means that fritz lang is moving in on stanley kubrick for best director (in my book anyway). speaking of which on dec. 6th dr. strangelove is playing for free. a must see of course.
  • as for voting here is how it breaks down so far
  • why is it that everything the Beastie boys touch turns into great music? just wondering.
  • gotta go to sleep...

  • Oct. 28

  • one more b-boys song this one is a quicky called twinkle - 8 sec.
  • go here for the b-boys' body movin' on mp3...legally! live from's cool...just need to look a little for it
  • got 20 megs of space from but they suck and limit the size of your i can't put any mp3s on there...down with!!!
  • 'Daily Ditz' (as Johnny would call it) two girls were on campus today and as I biked by I heard one say to the other "you are cute, you are hella cute" - oh boy it sounded sooo dumb.
  • latin is as gay as ever
  • um nothing else to report
  • hey did you know bill gates is gay? yea, he is!
  • added efren's page to the left so check it out or die!

  • Oct. 27

  • called HP - getting new drive in five days. now my primary cd-rom isn't being detected...undid cords and hooked back in - then it was recognized again...I'm thinking it's new motherboard time, but who knows with these damn machines.
  • got a new counter...
  • in case you didn't know I have the sept. page updates on archive...
  • well tampa bay sucks more than i thought...i was 10-2 again for this week - not too bad...scores i predicted weren't too horrible either. brings me to 37-12 on the year. not too shabby considering i do about 15 min. of 'research' per week.
  • working three extra hours tomorrow - covering for someone - extra $ = good
  • updated my fall schedule - now includes my work schedule for the quarter
  • in case you didn't notice i also changed the font size - that is for those of you with a lower resolution...just helping ya out a bit.
  • got a 94 out of 100 on my latin test - 2/3 of the class got over 90 so it's not that great...especially since i've taken 3 years of the shitty language.
  • updated my editorial page check it out...only two new entries, but they are pretty hefty - even though i didn't fully address them, or so some might say.
  • updated my rants's about my latin classmates so proceed with can get brutal even though i censored it some compared to what i actually wrote in my notes....ha ha ha
  • download a rare b-boys song here...I changed the file extension to xxx just incase xoom gets all paranoid about mp3s and stuff like that...not really much of a song, but it's cool/funny/small so check it out.

  • Oct. 26
    formatted my hard drive yesterday - computer kinks have been worked out - CD writer still doesn't work.
    I'm calling HP in five minutes to ask for a new one - cross your fingers.

    Oct. 24 updated while listening to Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin

  • Worked after hours with my big boss man because he was covering for the regular afterhours lady...thought it was going to be really professional and shit, but it was really quite cool. We talked about computers, his coaching the javelin throwers, his coaching a volleyball team in Nicaragua and how he came from Nicaragua to end up in was dope.
  • Afterwards I went next door for six hours and watched Terminator and hung out...went to sleep at 3:40a.
  • Now on to the more important stuff: Phil is getting some blank CDs tomorrow - yes! hopefully they actually work.
  • NFL predictions are in.
  • Today's Feature: all of you should go to netscape and customize the page so you have everything you want on a nice, pretty fast loading, start page. you can customize the weather, stocks, sports, news etc...have it tell you the scores of only your favorite teams, the weather of your neighboring towns, horoscope, and you can put as many stocks in there as you like's pretty nice and doesn't take to long to customize...try it out.
  • another feature is this click there and then just click the back button
  • updated mp3 list - goto link on left. Deleted five songs and made note of that...added several
  • Luke's page is down...I know you all really care, but it did have a nice Fatboy Slim song on there...oh well
  • I'm taking requests for MP3's - I've got eleven megs I may as well use it...any MP3s you want I may post.
  • updated my custom cd list too
  • just discovered that my page sucks if you have the video set at 800 X 600 or to be you! ha ha

  • Oct. 23
    work is going gets really my first check a while back...37 bucks for two days worth of work...not next check is going to be a fat one.
    Still not sure about this whole CD-R media deal...I need to find cheap and reliable media and fast! Probably will end up asking Phil to go to the computer show and pick some up for me...he's da bomb.
    Met my other neighbors yesterday...I thought they were all dorks and they are, but in a cool way so I'll be hanging out over there more.
    Aptpupil comes out tomorrow, think I'll go opening night, if not I'll definitely see it this weekend.
    Latin test tomorrow - I'm ready, but we'll see about the english to latin section...could be a bitch if she brings in lots of the vocative and questions and dumb shit like that.
    still looking for a good counter...Johnny where did you get yours?
    KDVS (campus radio station) is the bomb, i'm glad i'm volunteering for them...hopefully vern and i will be DJs next quarter, if so you'll be informed.
    football predictions should be up sat.
    I will be updating my editorial page soon! (note to self) "gay" religion & stuff
    i also intend on catching up with the propositions and election stuff...better late than never
    starting to think that the davis profs page is dead...talked with jon about helping me out with it, but he wants to automate everything...nice if i was a fucking programming genius...oh well
    it's 1:30 so i should sleep.

    Oct. 19
    I didn't make predictions this last week just because i was lazy.
    thank goodness SF won! that was a heart-wrenching game to say the least.
    my CD-R works...if i buy the HP CDs otherwise it doesn't...I still haven't tried TDK or other such "brand name" discs (other than kodak) but for now at least i know that it works using some kind of disc.
    computer is working skipping or bad sound quality on the mp3s...i can restart my computer without a general protection fault error.

    Oct. 16
    open Microsoft Word 7.0 and type in: "I'd like to see Bill Clinton have anal sex with Al Gore."
    then goto tools and thesaurus, then interesting message will be revealed.
    bill gates is a loser.

    Oct. 14 cd-writer sucks...they might actually have to replace it though so that could be good...don't know if it'll fix any problems, but it might...if not i might just ask them to charge me the difference for an external drive...should be about 50-75 bucks. i don't have the money, but i don't mind. i already spent 3 hours on the phone to colorado for customer support so it's no big loss...all that matters is making my custom music any cost!
    i'm voting yes on 1a and 1, that's all i know so far. i'm not going to work for 16 hours on election day this year...i have work that day so tough luck.
    NEWS FLASH - my counter from sucks...if you know where i can get a good one for free tell me!
    i think i was 9-3 last week...i didn't cross check it with, just went off the top of my head...still respectable, but not great.
    if anyone wants to buy me a new computer with a cd-writer that works, with legitimate software, etc. give me a call...and you can even call collect if you fully intend to buy it for me!
    worth a try.

    Oct. 11
    my cd writer still doesn't work...$400 down the drain...even more since i've been calling customer support in colorado and been on hold for over an hour. they suck
    now to the elections...i still haven't gotten my sample ballot so i don't have all my tools yet
                       "I was born a citizen of a free state and a member of its sovereign body, and however
                         weak may be the influence of my voice in public affairs, my right to vote on them
                         suffices to impose on me the duty of studying them."

                                       ------ Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, 1762

    Oct. 8
    computers suck, they are a conspiracy to bring me down...and it's working. cd writers suck. computers suck. politics suck.

    fuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computers

    Oct. 7
    6-5 in last week's games - damn that sucks, but there were plenty of upsets. That makes me 27-10 on the year.
    MP3 list now exceeds 24 hours of play time with 365 songs. Updated my mp3 list, check it on left hand side.
    Winamp 2.02 rocks, and never skips...this page was updated without any skips at all, even though i was moving files, saving, uploading, downloading, etc.
    This weekend I hope to have something talking about the upcoming elections and ballot the meantime check this out:
    Made some changes in the sidebar...see for yourself. No more feature page...the main page is the feature page now.
    Added the "new" image to spice things up. uh that's all about that.
    Uninstalled Internet Explorer 4.0 and it crashed when I was doing so...then again netscape crashed just 30 seconds ago while I was typing this so it's really a no win situation.
    updated my links page a bit
    best news so far: eads owes me $4.55 for clicks generated. yippee

    Oct. 5
    doing hw so i gotta make this short:
    job is good, 49ers will learn much from defeat, green bay sucks, minnesota is a nfc powerhouse to be.
    server will be online a lot more - i found a campus line that connects at 33.6!!! still local, still free...finally getting my money's worth!

    Oct. 3
    NFL predictions for week 5.
    First week of work completed - verdict - good, boring, but good.
    Aptpupil is coming soon, have been avoiding previews like the plague - actually probably even more.
    Server ain't doing shit cuz no one is really interested in a 14.4 server when they can get the same free music other places.
    Nothing great to report. Haven't added anything to feature or editorial page in a inspiration...if you have a hot topic you want me to discuss beside the McGwire thing...mail me. MP3 list will be updated this weekend and hopefully I'll add more custom CDs to the list, if i feel like typing them up.

    Sept. 29 updated - skip free, while listening to winamp 2.01
    first day of work today.
    still looking for mp3s. my mp3 collection has eclipsed the 21 hour mark + clips and recent downloads that haven't been added's pretty crazy. have 600 megs left on the mp3 drive so i'm still good to go.
    looks like tampa bay sucks...just as i said, but i didn't think they sucked as much as monday night football showed.

    Sept. 28
    10-3 for the week. work tomorrow. class coming up. dad's computer crashed big time. sold old cd-rom, new one coming in a week. server is up, but no one has really gone on yet...need speed!
    that's all.

    Sept. 27
    my server is up...mail me if you want access or a schedule of when it's has all my mp3s, some warez (adobe photoshop 5.0, ws_ftp pro, and the like), and pictures of various hot girls. Anonymous access is accepted, use your e-mail address as the password, but access is limited - you won't have full access to the hard drive. is the address 21 be the port. it's a 14.4 connection so it sucks, but if you want the goods bad enough you'll deal.
    other news: cowboys lost to da raiders. sf kicked ass. The giants will win in the playoff game between them and the cubs.
    McGwire kicks ass, oh and wait he only played 155 games and had only 507 AB, Sosa has played 156 - 630 AB - Maris had 61 HR in 161 games and 590 at bats. Babe Ruth's best year he had 60 HRs in 51 games and 540 at bats, but his best ratio ever was 1 HR every 8.5 at bats compare that to Maris' 9.7 or Sosa's 9.5 and McGwire with a crazy 7.2!!!! Just so you know I still love Ruth...his first FIVE years combined he had a total of 678 AB (only 48 more than Sosa, so far, this year), imagine how many more HRs he would have had if he had been able to get more batting experience ... easily enough (42) to have more than hank aaron. Note: aaron never hit over 47 HRs in a year...kinda lame for the career HR leader. career for Aaron - 12364 AB 755 HR - leaves him at 1 HR in every 16.4 AB...lame lame lame. Ruth, 8399 AB for 714 HRs - leaves him at 1 HR in every 11.8 AB...damn good considering his first five years as a PITCHER! McGwire through his first two years had a ratio of be the damn judge!
    10-2 so far (still pending monday night football) for this week's predictions.

    Sept 25 (updated while listening to black sabbath's first album - recorded in three days!)
    decided only to take one job, if the library does decide to take me - finally i'll be denying them!
    getting more mp3s as we speak (thanks johnny and scour). still have wants however: my mp3 wants
    NFL Predictions...week 4 will be in by the time i complete this update.
    very seriously considering a server while i'm away at class 2 or 3 hours a day and then maybe while i'm sleeping...14.4 server isn't exactly the best, but i think the quality mp3s i have will make up for the slow speeds. e-mail for username, password and progress report on all this. is becoming a regular site now...helps predictions, keep me aware in this time without sportscenter, and helps with my fantasy football league. i'm not doing so well in my fantasy football league, but i did miss the first two weeks so i'm behind in the points...i'll let you know when i start kicking ass, otherwise you won't hear about it.
    Vern comes up today. Johnny's radio station is up.

    Sept. 23
    i interviewed for another job - at the library.
    nfl predictions for week #3: i was 11-2, pretty impressive. the scores weren't very close though. I'll be more accurate this week. And I also threw away one of my predictions by picking the giants by 25 over the cowboys even though i knew that wasn't going to happen - i just can't bring myself to predict success for the (yeech!) cowboys.
    my mp3 wants

    Sept. 19
    NFL Predictions...week 3
    working on an autoload re-router for the old case you go to that one first.
    while you are reading this press ctrl-b and bookmark this makes it easier on us all.
    phone line is getting my line won't be up for another week...see my rants page for that one!
    I got a job...11 1/2 hours (for my first week) at the cowell student health center...i am a "runner" - i take charts from one room to the next, escort patients around and that's about it. apparently i'm the only male 'runner' so i'm really popular...we'll see about this...i'll keep ya updated.
    call 530-297-**** for more info...oh wait nevermind the phone line isn't connected!!!
    invention for the week: indented power's a real pain when the cord sticks out and blocks your desk, bed, dresser, etc. from being flush with the wall...especially for people as anal as i am. second invention: since everyone is making such a big deal about mp3s being illegal and blah blah blah...what if i recorded myself typing on the computer, but with a song in the background...that could be a pretty cool loop hole, or not.
    really great invention of the week: velcro...introduced april 2nd, 1978 by nasa, it's the bomb, but i think it took them longer to come up with the name than it did the invention.
    p.s. i'm really liking xoom...they the bomb!