12-31-03 (02:09)

  • updated movies list.
  • a teenage customer came up to me and said "i was wondering if you have a movie called 'eddie,' it's really old - it came out like six years ago." i wish people had a better sense of perspective. i'm sure it'll come with age. at least i hope it does, for her sake.
  • half way done with fast food nation.

  • 12-30-03 (00:44)

  • i've been listening to a lot of omd at work lately. they've got some decent stuff.
  • updated movies list.

  • 12-29-03 (22:57)

  • updated movies list.
  • saw some of die hard on television tonight. what a sad sight. pan and scan AND edited for a network. all the cursing was gone, the beautiful 2.35 anamorphic widescreen was reduced to 1.33 full frame, the beauty and cinematic grandeur effectively reduced to the look of a tv production. of course the acting and amazing script still stand, but pan and scan for a film like die hard is just so sad. there's an early scene in the film where john (willis) and holly (bedelia) see each other for the first time in six months. they're in holly's office and ellis and mr. takagi have been showing him around the place. holly is on the right most edge of the screen with her two co-workers in the middle and john is on the left most edge of the screen. this is a fantastic example of the importance of widescreen films being shown in their original format. here are two long separated lovers (she's been in la, he's been in ny and they've had marital problems) who are also physically separated on the screen. she has been using her maiden name because "it's a japanese company" and they think married women aren't good workers, as she explains later. so within this one frame you have the embodiment of her new job (ellis and mr. takagi) between the two of them. not only is the framing perfect, but so is bedelia's acting. she has a nervous smile and awkward shuffling way about her hands and feet. of course if you watch the tv version it's two or three people in the frame and willis' character is lost. it severely damages the artistic and technical integrity of the scene.
  • i laugh at anyone who buys "full frame" dvds. in a few years when everyone has widescreen televisions (thanks to the government HDTV mandate) those people will be absolutely thrilled to find that a) they don't get all of the movie b) now they have bars on the right and left of their screen.
  • "full screen" or "full frame" should be outlawed terms for described cropped versions of films. the full screen or full frame, to my thinking anyway, should include the entire frame as intended by the director. also, for people with widescreen televisions, full screen is a complete lie. it neither fills their entire tv screen nor does it show the entire movie frame as intended. sorry for the rant, but this issue really gets to me because of the amazing level of ignorance in the general population.
  • here's a great early review of mine:
  • "11-28-00 The Lady Eve - entertaining flick with henry fonda and barbara stanwyck. barbara stanwyck is a classic biatch. i liked the movie. it was funny. i should review movies for a living because i'm a fucking genius. up."
  • barbara stanwyck is cool.
  • couldn't get to sleep until 530am last night. at least i got a good amount of reading done.
  • the worst thing that happened to mtv may have also been one of the best. puck. yes puck, from real world three - san francisco. even though that season was the best real world to date (i'm being serious here) i think that it led to the downfall of mtv. puck, i think, was an accident. after puck the producers realized how they needed to craft their shows from there on. the rest of mtv's programming became about shock and awe (i couldn't resist). i'm not an mtv historian or anything, but i think that's where the change occurred.
  • it isn't often that i agree with the academy, but in 1992 i think they got it right by awarding picture to unforgiven and director to eastwood. reservior dogs is a fine film and may be more entertaining, but unforgiven is a better film. something i didn't know. al pacino was nominated for best supporting actor in glengarry glen ross and best actor in scent of a woman, both in 1992. he won for best actor and hackman beat him for best supporting actor (unforgiven).
  • reading more pleasant stuff about our world...this from "fast food nation"...it talks about the small business administration (sba) and how its supposed to help small businesses with loans and the like. "in 1996, the sba guaranteed almost $1 billion in loans to new franchisees. more of those loans went to the fast food industry than to any other industry. almsost six hundred new fast food restaurants, representing fifty-two differend national chains, were launched in 1996 thanks to government-backed loans." this comes right after talking about how burger king got loans to open 13 new experimental locations in new york. 11 of them failed and the burger king franchisees defaulted on the loans. the taxpayers ended up footing the bill for what was essentially burger king testing out marginal locations. schlosser also points out repeatedly that franchisees (individuals who buy the rights to operate a franchise location) default on their loans or go belly up more frequently than individuals who open their own business. which begs the question...why is the government subsidising franchise locations for burger king and othe franchises when it could direct that money to people who want to open joe's burger stand instead? additionally franchisees "are not covered by the laws that protect independent businessmen. and although they must purchase all their own supplies, they are not covered by consumer protection laws. it is perfectly legal under federal law for a fast food chain to take kickbacks (known as 'rebates') from its suppliers, to open a new restaurant next door to an existing franchisee, and to evict a franchisee without giving cause or paying any compensation." that partially explains why in a lot of places you'll see a mcdonald's a few blocks away from another mcdonald's. the chain doesn't care about the individual franchisees...the more locations it has the better, because more locations means more sales for them and they get a cut of the sales. he reveals all sorts of little tricks that chain restaurants employ. it's pretty sickening.
  • new beastie boys record expected in the middle of next year. possibly as early as may 2004
  • need to sleep.

  • 12-28-03 (01:26)

  • updated movies list.
  • work early tomorrow.
  • still don't have ten albums for my top ten. i only saw fit to put three movies on my top ten of 2003. there are good films that came out this year (spellbound, capturing the friedmans, etc), but i'm waiting for a lot of them to come to dvd.
  • type in "miserable failure" on google.com and click on "i'm feeling lucky."

  • 12-27-03 (01:17)

  • updated movies list. watched three more films today, including another flaherty film. as long as i've been into documentary film it amazes me that i only discovered this guy earlier this year. but i've made up for lost time by buying three of his films since october.
  • here's one of the better bush in 30 seconds ads.
  • i built my dvd case today. when i decided to build another case (a few weeks ago) it was sort of an impulse decision so i wrote down the measurements rather quickly. as a result the masonite backing that i got wasn't wide enough. also some of the wood i got was cupped a bit. as a result the dvd case is less than stellar, but it does the job. if i had my own shop i could have fixed the problems, but with limited space and tools there wasn't much i could do. live and learn i guess.
  • "Coldplay star Chris Martin has announced he is taking a year off - because he's thinks people "need a rest" from him and his band." sounds about right.
  • "Movie beauty Natalie Portman is keen to reprise her debut film role in a sequel to cult favorite Leon. The actress, 22, first came to international recognition in her acclaimed performance as an assassin's 11-year-old pal in the 1994 film, which starred Jean Reno in the lead role. And now Natalie has confirmed the long-awaited sequel is ready to roll, and she can't wait to be involved - despite needing a break following years working on the Star Wars trilogy. She says, "The script's really great, and worth delaying a vacation for.""
  • i love reading these lame news blurbs about people in the entertainment industry. they had another one about a tiff between teen actors lindsay lohan (freaky friday) and hilary duff (lizzie mcguire). so sad. my sister said that she knows a guy who was hilary duff's boyfriend and that hilary duff is a big time pothead. there's my contribution to pile of shit some people call news. i also like how they refer to people. for example natalie portman is "movie beauty natalie portman" and tom cruise is usually something like "hollywood hunk and eligible bachelor tom cruise."
  • in case you were wondering that bit about my sister knowing a guy, etc. is true.
  • here's a review on The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

  • "Summary: The worst movie ever made.
    I've read some reviews and am so glad SOME people agree with me. This movie is awful! In fact I am giving it the award of: worst film ever made. What an honor! And not an easy thing to achieve either, with so many millions of movies out there. Yet, "cook,thief, wife and lover" has pulled it off! I've seen alot of films but never seen anything as bad as this.
    Many have mentioned how disgusting some of the scenes are here. I agree, but mere disgust in a movie wouldn't be to bad as long as there was a reason for it. This movie went beyond disgusting, and the insult was it had no point to it, because the plot was standard only more vicious then this plotline would normally be.
    Everything was elevated in this movie-the level of disgust, the meaness, the shock value-WHY? What were the filmakers thinking? "Let's make a film that shocks people and makes everyones' stomach turn"?? I doubt it actualy, but watching this your just left with that thought-WHY!!! This wasn't art or great filmaking, it was shock for shock value-big deal.
    Whoever voices negativities about the violence in "Kill Bill" oughta have a look at this film because anything Tarentino does looks tame next to this and at least there's a POINT to Tarention's violence-the man is a genius and makes great films-Violent maybe but great-but seriously Pulp Fiction this ain't. It's so bad, I'm amazed critics-ANYcritics reviewed it so positvely and if I'm not "artistic" enough to get it, my loss I guess(not!)"
  • sometimes reviews from imdb.com are so funny. my review is here (as always).
  • how about this one for Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

  • "Summary: Big lump of saccharine best left in the video shop
    Thirty plus years on it's hard to imagine a world that could have created a film as indigestible, unbelievable, and starry-eyed as this one. Only the wettest of bleeding heart liberals will find sustenance in this absurd paean to the American Dream. A sad farewell for Spencer Tracy, and a sleepwalking performance by Sidney Poitier. The less said about Hepburn the better."
  • ouch.
  • watched some of the new rage against the machine dvd today. it reminded me of the time i went to see michael moore in santa cruz. he was telling the story of when he went to wall street with rage against the machine and they played a show on the steps of the stock exchange which caused them to close early. when he mentioned rage against the machine the crowd gave an applause. i thought it was pretty cool that rage against the machine got an applause.
  • read over some updates from february 2001 (it is my most prolific month) and i don't remember writing about 90% of the stuff that i read. it's actually pretty fun to read over some of my old musings. i say some insightful, silly, funny, depressing, and mundane things. it was a pivotal time for me...i had a girlfriend for the first time in a quite a while, i was in the nietzsche class, and i was planning my trip around the country. i was doing a lot of learning and that kept my mind turning, which is good. i also had plenty of time to write so i could just spill my thoughts onto the screen. i'm glad i did.
  • i should sleep or something.

  • 12-25-03 (23:34)

  • interesting news out of florida.
  • saw the tail end of the lakers game tonight. any time i get to see those guys lose is a good time, but to see them lose to houston is even better. i like houston for a few reasons. i like the way yao ming plays the game. i like jeff van gundy as a coach. and they have jim jackson (a one-time king).
  • the kings lost by eight, but our two best scorers (webber and stojakovich) were out of the game so that's not a huge surprise.
  • tonight i applied a coat of polyurethane to the wood that will comprise my second dvd case. will assemble tomorrow.
  • two of the first three chapters in the newest franken book are dedicated to ann coulter. they're titled "ann coulter: nutcase" and "you know who i don't like? ann coulter." in both chapters he shows the hypocrisy of ann coulter's writings...on the one hand she'll say "political 'debate'  in this country has become insufferable...instead of actual debate about ideas and issues with real consequences, the country is trapped in a political discourse that resembles professional wrestling." (that's from the first page of her book slander) franken points out that she follows this up with statements like "liberals hate society" or "even islamic terrorists don't hate america like liberals do." she also has a tendency of lying, misrepresenting or just not doing her homework. franken cites several examples..."she was born in 1961. or 1963. depending on whether you believe her old connecticut driver's license (1961) or her newer d.c. driver's license (1963). ann claims the d.c. license is correct, which means that when she registered to vote she was sixteen. that, of course, would be voter fraud. either way, she lied on at least on of her driver's licenses, a government i.d., which is a violation of federal law under the patriot act." he'll also point out more important lies...like when she says "that newsweek washington bureau chief evan thomas 'is the son of norman thomas, a four-time socialist candidate for president.' actually, norman thomas was the socialist candidate six times, running first in 1928 with a radical proposal for something called "social security." it's odd that coulter understates the number of times that thomas was the socialist party nominee, because that would make her argument that much stronger. if norman thomas had been evan thomas's father. which he was not." he goes on in detail about other times when coulter has lied or misrepresented things. he has a list of ways in which to lie "how to lie with footnotes #6: just make shit up...from page 134 of slander: 'even during the media's nightly flogging of iran-contra, reagan's approval ratings fell only 5 percentage points, from 80 percent to 75 percent.'" here's what the article she quoted in her endnotes actually reported: "in last month's gallup poll, reagan's approval rating fell from 63 percent to 47 percent." in this case she quoted an actual story, but just made up new numbers. what the fuck?
  • more on the book another time.
  • work went pretty slowly today, but i was getting paid double time and i learned that my raise went through so helped ease the pain. people would come in and, while they were buying something, chat with me or another employee. a lot of times the conversation would start with them saying something like "i can't believe you're open today." or "it's too bad you have to work today, are you at least getting paid more." on the one hand that was very nice of people to not take it for granted that we would be open, on the other hand if  people like them didn't come in on christmas i wouldn't have to come in to sell them stuff. joe brought us food which was nice since almost all of downtown was close.
  • updated movies list. i've watched more movies that were new to me this year than i watched movies of any kind (new or old) in 2001. 2001 was a down year for me (movie wise) because of the trip around the country.
  • was looking at some of my updates from last month here's one i liked: "had the tv on while i was preparing dinner and i heard a story about "drugs and crazed rhetoric being used to dupe american teenagers into killing people." i naturally assumed that the story was an expose on the military during the vietnam era. turns out it was a story about a movie being made about charles manson. oh well." i also, in another update, called the board game trivial pursuit a petty endeavor. i thought that was clever.
  • getting off work at 8pm tonight was nice.
  • as best as i can figure given the cost of a barrel of oil (about $20, 14 of which is profit) and the likely number of barrels that iraq has (at least 300 billion), iraq has at least a few trillion dollars worth of oil it could use for infrastructure and paying off its debts (currently in the area of 120-150 billion dollars).

  • 12-25-03 (00:20)

  • updated movies list.
  • "Movie actress Naomi Watts is looking forward to shacking up in New York, because she'll be near her best friend Nicole Kidman. The Ring star is searching for a suitable apartment in the city and is keen to live near her photographer brother Ben Watts. Naomi says, "I'm very excited about buying an apartment here. I love New York, and my brother lives here, and I'd like to be close to him". Watts is currently earning kudos for her role in 21 Grams and is currently slated for the lead role in the upcoming remake King Kong."
  • i quote that story for three reasons...first why is there a story (or blurb, i suppose) about where naomi watts is going to be moving?
  • second, i want to see 21 grams - should be good.
  • third, i think that peter jackson is directing 'king kong.'
  • "Yes... you read that right. Three of the cast of TV's Seinfeld have declined to participate in the production of the DVD release of the series, because they're not being offered a share in sales of the discs. Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards were offered recording fees only, and so have jointly decided to boycott the production. The DVD is being produced by Castle Rock for distribution by Columbia TriStar, however due to complicated ownership of the show, Time Warner, Columbia TriStar Television, Castle Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David will all take profits from the DVD release. Frankly, we can't blame these three for feeling a little put off. Complicated ownership or not, the sales of old TV shows on DVD is arguably the fastest growing segment of the market right now. A lot of other people are going to make money on this... why shouldn't all of the featured cast share in that? Reportedly, Jerry Seinfeld is hoping to talk with them next year, to convince them to participate. You can bet, however, they'll be a little skeptical given that Jerry's already got a nice piece of the pie lined up. Here's a link to more on this at CNN and the New York Times (requires registration). Seinfeld: The Complete First Season is being tentatively planned for release in December of 2004. There's no word on how this boycott will affect that schedule, but we'd certainly hope that Castle Rock doesn't decided to just push ahead without these three."
  • that confirms what i reported here a few months ago...namely that the series was in the planning stages. it's pretty lame that the studios wouldn't hook up the rest of the crew. seinfeld easily has the best ensemble cast in television history. i don't think they should make as much as larry david or seinfeld, but they should certainly get a cut of the dvd sales.
  • it's really funny to me how hypocritical some people can be. corporations often tout the advantages of the free market economy, but when bad times come along they beg the government for bailout money. in other words, when things are fine they want the government out of their way, but when 9/11 happens everyone's got their hands out. or how about george bush being all about states' rights in alaska (where they support his attempts to drill and log forests), but all about the federal government superceding the states when the florida state supreme court voted to extend the time allowed to perform recounts. the reason i mention this is because i was reading "fast food nation" last night and it mentions walt disney's "opposition to socialism and to any government meddling with free enterprise (yet) relied on federal funds in the 1940s to keep his business afloat." or how about how bush is supposed to be a republican, but has expanded the government in an almost uncomprehensible way (with the creation of the department of homeland security) and pushing through the "patriot" act. of course he's also cut pension benefits for soldiers and rumsfeld has hinted that in the near future the pentagon is going to close several military bases around the country.
  • how about rumsfeld talking about the connections between the corporation brown and root (now kellog, brown and root - KBR) and LBJ. brown and root contributed millions of dollars to LBJ's political campaigns and during the vietnam war received government construction contracts. their history dates back further...LBJ also helped them get a large contract for the construction of a dam while he was in congress. rumsfeld spoke out against the vietnam contract "why this huge contract is not being adequately audited is beyond me. the potential for waste and profiteering under such a contract is substantial." fyi: according to npr this contract was the first private contract of its kind and size...normally this kind of work was done by government employees. maybe rumsfeld figured out how much money could be made through such an arrangement and changed his mind over time.
  • this is priceless.
  • i hope to compile some highlights from the franken book this weekend. i also want to build my second dvd case this weekend.

  • 12-24-03 (01:23)

  • it's officially xmas eve. the good thing about not having anyone around for xmas or having and plans (other than work) is that i won't have any trouble falling asleep the night before.
  • updated movies list.
  • in the last three months (actually less since december isn't over yet) i've watched 120 films. there's been a pretty large increase in the last quarter of the year (jan. through march i watched 74 films). film has become such a central part of my life over the last few months. i've always liked movies and i've always watched "a lot" of them, but things are different now. even when i was in film class i wasn't as into film as i am now. i wish i had enough money that i could just watch movies, listen to music and read all day.
  • it's raining again.
  • i was supposed to get a raise last month and i've asked joe about it several times since, but i haven't gotten any real answer from him. last wednesday he said he'd "have a definitive answer by tomorrow." what a lying liar.
  • i think i'm officially over modem connections. one of these days when i'm rich i'm going to make the jump and it'll be grand.

  • 12-23-03 (01:06)

  • i've been watching a bunch of commercials online over the last couple days. goto bushin30seconds.org to see some pretty decent anti-bush spots.
  • updated movies list.
  • i'm bored and cold.
  • it seems to me that the privatization of war contracts is undesirable. first, let's ask why anyone would say it would be desirable. i think that the only real argument for privatization of things in general is efficiency. the private sector, motivated by profit, does things more efficiently. some might say it's because they don't trust the government to do a good job, but those people don't have a clear concept of history so let's just work off of the efficiency argument. as a quick aside, though, i don't trust the government all that much, but i trust the large corporations (enrons, bechtels, halliburtons) of the world far less. i think that the biggest hole in the argument in regards to war contracts specifically is that they are done on a cost plus profit margin basis. that is, the corporation reports to the government what the cost is and then adds a predetermined percentage of the total as their profit (it's often a variable margin depending on "performance" and the range is usually 2-7percent). quick math quiz - what's seven percent of a dollar? now what's seven percent of a billion dollars? okay, now, does it make more economic sense for the coroporation to do things effieciently or really slowly and jack up the prices of, say, gas along the way? so, as far as i'm concerned, the efficiency argument, in these cases, goes out the window. add to that the fact that privatized companies are likely to be less secure. do remember that the bush administration's reason for denying france, germany and others the chance to bid on contracts in iraq was "security." i'm guessing that the screening process for becoming a federal employee is more strict than that of a major corporation. it's a lame excuse anyway, but if they're going to use it then so will i. the last thing that makes me think these contracts should be federally run is that the current system creates a dangerous conflict of interests. cheney helping out his old buddies is the obvious example. other corporations getting in on it by making contributions to the bush campaign is just a matter of time...it's probably already happened. i'm not saying that running things federally will eliminate all the problems, but it's better than what we got. plus, worse comes to worst, government institutions, i feel, are more accountable than corporations.
  • it would be interesting to look at the stock prices of halliburton et al a month before november 2000 and then a month after the supreme court stopped the recounts in florida thereby handing the election to bush/cheney.
  • if i was in a hipster indie band we'd release albums with the same album title, but our band name would change with each album, rather than vise-versa. we'd be so hip and intelligent.
  • i need to watch die hard again sometime soon.

  • 12-22-03 (01:03)

  • updated movies list. 316 total/208 new (to me).
  • listening to the newest chris clark album (again - i got it a while back, but let it sit on my desk for a couple months). it's a good cross between the cut up beats of prefuse 73 and the abstractness and melody of autechre. good album.
  • "Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has now said in interviews that he expects The Return of the King: Special Extended DVD Version to be MORE than 4 hours and 15 minutes long"
  • i'm slowly adding to my top ten lists. i'm not going to have a top ten films of the year and that is sad.
  • i've started to look at my dvd collection as eventually being a library. at least three times in the last week i've wanted to view specific scenes in three separate films (planes, trains and automobiles, dead alive, and south park) and because i own them i was able to revisit the scenes that i was thinking of. having that luxury is very nice.

  • 12-20-03 (02:45)

  • updated movies list.
  • watched the first two lord of the rings movies in their extended versions.
  • looked over some old reviews that i've written for movies. this year, by far, has been my best year for reviewing films. not only have a watched more, but my reviews are longer, more in depth and make more interesting points. i'm proud that i've taught myself a thing or two about a thing or two.
  • applied for the job today. i spent two hours last night working on a cover sheet that outlined my qualifications relative to the requirements posted in the job's description.
  • speaking of job applications...here's george w. bush's resume...

  • Past Work Experience
    Ran for congress and lost.
    Produced a Hollywood slasher B movie.
    Bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas; company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock.
    Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using taxpayer money. Biggest move: Traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago White Sox.
    With father's help (and his name) was elected Governor of Texas.

    Accomplishments in Previous Positions
    Changed pollution laws for power and oil companies and made Texas the most polluted state in the Union.
    Replaced Los Angeles with Houston as the most smog-ridden city in America. Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas government to the tune of billions in borrowed money.
    Set record for most executions by any governor in American history.
    Became president after losing the popular vote by over 500,000 votes, with the help of my father's appointments to the Supreme Court.

    Accomplishments As President
    Attacked and took over two countries.
    Spent the surplus and bankrupted the treasury.
    Shattered record for biggest annual deficit in history.
    Set economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any 12-month period.
    Set all-time record for biggest drop in the history of the stock market.
    First president in decades to execute a federal prisoner.
    First president in U.S. history to enter office with a criminal record.
    First year in office set the all-time record for most days on vacation by any president in U.S. history.
    After taking the entire month of August off for vacation, presided over the worst security failure in U.S. history.
    Set the record for most campaign fundraising trips than any other president in U.S. history.
    In my first two years in office over 2 million Americans lost their job.
    Cut unemployment benefits for more out of work Americans than any president in U.S. history.
    Set the all-time record for most foreclosures in a 12-month period.
    Appointed more convicted criminals to administration positions than any president in U.S. history.
    Set the record for the least amount of press conferences than any president since the advent of television.
    Signed more laws and executive orders amending the Constitution than any president in U.S. history.
    Presided over the biggest energy crises in U.S. history and refused to intervene when corruption was revealed.
    Presided over the highest gasoline prices in U.S. history and refused to use the national reserves as past presidents have.
    Cut healthcare benefits for war veterans.
    Set the all-time record for most people worldwide to simultaneously take to the streets to protest me (15 million people), shattering the record for protest against any person in the history of mankind. (http://www.hyperreal.org/~dana/marches/)
    Dissolved more international treaties than any president in U.S. history.
    My presidency is the most secretive and unaccountable of any in U.S. history.
    Members of my cabinet are the richest of any administration in U.S. history (the 'poorest' multimillionaire, Condoleezza Rice, has an Exxon oil tanker named after her).
    First president in U.S. history to have all 50 states of the Union simultaneously go bankrupt.
    Presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the world.
    First president in U.S. history to order a U.S. attack and military occupation of a sovereign nation.
    Created the largest government department bureaucracy in the history of the United States.
    Set the all-time record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any president in U.S. history.
    First president in U.S. history to have the United Nations remove the U.S. from the human rights commission.
    First president in U.S. history to have the United Nations remove the U.S. from the elections monitoring board.
    Removed more checks and balances, and have the least amount of congressional oversight than any presidential administration in U.S. history.
    Rendered the entire United Nations irrelevant.
    Withdrew from the World Court of Law.
    Refused to allow inspectors access to U.S. prisoners of war and by default no longer abide by the Geneva Conventions.
    First president in U.S. history to refuse United Nations election inspectors (during the 2002 U.S. elections).
    All-time U.S. (and world) record holder for most corporate campaign donations.
    My biggest lifetime campaign contributor presided over one of the largest corporate bankruptcy frauds in world history (Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron Corporation).
    Spent more money on polls and focus groups than any president in U.S. history.
    First president in U.S. history to unilaterally attack a sovereign nation against the will of the United Nations and the world community.
    First president to run and hide when the U.S. came under attack (and then lied saying the enemy had the code to Air Force 1)
    First U.S. president to establish a secret shadow government.
    Took the biggest world sympathy for the U.S. after 9/11, and in less than a year made the U.S. the most resented country in the world (possibly the biggest diplomatic failure in U.S. and world history).
    With a policy of 'disengagement' created the most hostile Israeli-Palestine relations in at least 30 years.
    Fist U.S. president in history to have a majority of the people of Europe (71%) view my presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and stability.
    First U.S. president in history to have the people of South Korea more threatened by the U.S. than their immediate neighbor, North Korea.
    Changed US policy to allow convicted criminals to be awarded government contracts.
    Set all-time record for number of administration appointees who violated U.S. law by not selling huge investments in corporations bidding for government contracts.
    Failed to fulfill my pledge to get Osama Bin Laden 'dead or alive.'
    Failed to capture the anthrax killer who tried to murder the leaders of our country at the United States Capital building. After 18 months I have no leads and zero suspects.
    In the 18 months following the 9/11 attacks I have successfully prevented any public investigation into the biggest security failure in the history of the United States.
    Removed more freedoms and civil liberties for Americans than any other president in U.S. history.
    In a little over two years created the most divided country in decades, possibly the most divided the U.S. has ever been since the Civil War.
    Entered office with the strongest economy in U.S. history and in less than two years turned every single economic category heading straight down.

    Records and References
    At least one conviction for drunk driving in Maine (Texas driving record has been erased and is not available)
    AWOL from National Guard and deserted the military during a time of war.
    Refuse to take drug test or even answer any questions about drug use.
    All records of my tenure as governor of Texas have been spirited away to my father's library, sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.
    All records of any SEC investigations into my insider trading or bankrupt companies are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.
    All minutes of meetings for any public corporation I served on the board are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.
    Any records or minutes from meetings I (or my VP) attended regarding public energy policy are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public review.
    For personal references please speak to my daddy or uncle James Baker (they can be reached at their offices of the Carlyle Group for war-profiteering.)

    12-19-03 (02:45)

  • "In his memoirs. A World Transformed, written more than five years ago, George Bush, Sr wrote the following to explain why he didn't go after Saddam Hussein at the end of the Gulf War: 'Trying to eliminate Saddam ... would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible ... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq ...there was no viable "exit strategy" we could see, violating another of our principles. Furthermore, we had been self-consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world." Going in and occupying Iraq, thus untlaterally exceeding the United Nations' mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land.""
  • updated movies list.
  • applying for another city of davis job tomorrow.

  • 12-18-03 (01:31)

  • updated movies list.
  • "In a sharply worded ruling issued just hours before the start of the winter snowmobiling season in Yellowstone National Park, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan nixed the Bush administration's plans to allow nearly 1,000 snowmobiles in the park every day.  The 49-page ruling pointed out that a Clinton administration plan, which would have phased out snowmobiles over three years and banned them completely this winter, was based on a decade's worth of studies, while the new plan was based on an environmental impact statement "conspicuously timed with the change in administrations" and "completely politically driven and result oriented."  Under Sullivan's ruling, limited snowmobiling will be allowed in the park this winter and none next winter.  National Park Service employees expressed relief at the ruling."
  • i didn't know a judge could do that, but i'm glad it happened.
  • finished the al franken book (lies and the lying liars who tell them - a far and balanced look at the right) today. highly recommended. it cuts through a lot of the rhetoric that many of the neo-cons employ. it is very well researched and comprehensive. franken makes lots of really good arguments and, unlike many of those on the right, back them up with solid analysis and research. it's startling to see how many times bush and his lovers flat out lie and contort facts and get away with it...mostly. maybe this weekend i'll go over the text and provide some examples and excerpts from the book. hopefully he'll come out with another next september or october (right before the election).
  • Rated PG-13 for brief language and a drug reference. that's from a documentary about soul music. A drug reference? pretty funny.
  • james baker (ex-secretary of state) went to italy recently to ask them to relieve some of iraq's debt (iraq has debts in several countries including france, u.s., and a lot in russia). i don't claim to understand how the world works, but it seems to me that if iraq starts selling it's oil regularly it should be able to pay off whatever debt it has (approx 120 billion). i've heard that iraq has several trillions of dollars worth of oil that it could unload and use to decrease its debt and invest in infrastructure. i don't think james baker has ever lobbied the IMF to help jamaica with its debts. i just seems unfair.
  • jeff kravitz brought up a good point - if bush's goal with iraq was to stabilize the region by bringing democracy to the region, why didn't he start with one of our allies (e.g., jordan or egypt)?
  • going to start "fast food nation" tonight.

  • 12-17-03 (00:43)

  • it's really cold right now. it's supposedly 42, but the low for today is 34 so i'll go with that.
  • eco transportation.
  • updated movies list. 309
  • watching lotr: return of the king on saturday. must avoid previews or overhearing conversations between people who have seen it at all costs.
  • while working on my top ten films of the year i only found four movies i consider good enough to be on the list. that's pretty sad. i think the problem is two-fold 1) i don't watch movies in the theater very often 2) this was a bad year for movies.

  • 12-16-03 (02:06)

  • updated movies list. watched another 30s movie tonight.
  • the kings game last night was awesome.
  • luke and nic visited me at tower tonight. that was nice.
  • listening to the new plastikman (richie hawtin) album. it's good stuff.
  • joe horn (receiver for the saints) apparently placed a cell phone call while in the endzone after scoring a touchdown on sunday. makes owens's stunt look pretty tame.
  • my fantasy football teams are really lame right now.
  • trying to straighten out my top ten albums these days. my number one album this year probably would have been my number 4 or 5 last year...kind of a weak year for music.

  • 12-15-03 (01:17)

  • updated movies list. there are some films that are lauded for purely academic reasons. as is usual with me, i can't be so one-sided in my interests.
  • my grandfather broke his hip today. he's probably sick and tired of having people fawn over him by now. i like my grandfather and hope he doesn't die soon.
  • if anyone knows of any good atypical christmas songs let me know. i'm looking for stuff like run dmc's christmas in hollis or james brown's santa claus goes to the ghetto.
  • [Quote from Alfred Hitchcock when accepting the American Film Institute Life Achievement award] "I beg permission to mention by name only four people who have given me the most affection, appreciation, and encouragement, and constant collaboration. The first of the four is a film editor, the second is a scriptwriter, the third is the mother of my daughter Pat, and the fourth is as fine a cook as ever performed miracles in a domestic kitchen. And their names are Alma Reville (his wife)."
  • ""The paperback is very interesting but I find it will never replace the hardcover book -- it makes a very poor doorstop." - hitchcock
  • saddam has been found and that's good, but of course the ends don't justify the means. even if iraq becomes a model for democracy in the next 20 years our actions were founded on the most dangerous doctrine i can think of - that of unilateral (or near unilateral) preemption.
  • christmas is near.
  • bought wood so i can build another dvd case.

  • 12-11-03 (01:30)

  • i have a lot of respect for the way the utah jazz play basketball. jerry sloan is a pretty underrated coach and the whole franchise does a good job of being consistent contenders. they lose two of the greatest players in the history of basketball and continue to stay competitive in a tough division.
  • updated movies list.
  • got the new paris album today. i've liked him ever since i heard "bush killer" which was made during the first bush presidency. his new album is just as political and incendiary. went to allmusic.com to read his bio and here's a bit of what i found: "One of hip-hop's most militantly Afrocentric radicals, Paris struggled for most of his career to find acceptance for his fiercely political music, which drew from the provocative intelligence of Public Enemy and the gut-level rage of early Ice Cube. Born Oscar Jackson Jr. in Illinois on October 29, 1967, Paris earned a degree in economics from the University of California-Davis (near the San Francisco Bay Area); but hip-hop appealed to him more, and he founded his own record label, Scarface....Paris spent four years away from the studio. When he returned with Unleashed in 1998, he'd largely abandoned his trademark political fury in favor of watered-down G-funk and gangsta clichés. He retired from hip-hop not long after and put his economics degree to use as a successful stockbroker." yet another good hip-hop artist who came through uc davis and apparently when music wasn't working out for him he had the tools to do something else. obviously he came out of retirement (probably inspired by the second bush presidency) since he just released an album.
  • updated cdlist. year.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 12-10-03 (01:44)

  • "Population growth is expected to slow dramatically over the coming decades, but the number of people on the planet is still likely to reach 8.9 billion by 2050, up from 6.3 billion today, according to a new U.N. report released yesterday.  Granted, that's not the sort of runaway growth experienced during the 20th century, when the world's population nearly quadrupled, but that's still 2.6 billion new people on what many feel is an already cramped planet.  By 2300, the population level is expected to stabilize at 9 billion. That's notably smaller than U.N. forecasts from just two years ago, when demographers predicted a population of 9.4 billion by 2050.  The slowdown in growth will likely be driven by women bearing fewer children;  fertility rates have dropped from about 6 children per woman in 1900 to about 2.7 children today, and they're expected to fall further.  On a darker note, the AIDS epidemic is also a factor in the slower population growth."
  • updated movies list. 300, so far.
  • raining quite a bit right now, but hasn't rained during the day all that much. that's the best of both worlds.
  • tomorrow's my thursday.

  • 12-09-03 (01:03)

  • updated movies list.
  • michael vick is so good it's silly.
  • i hate cold weather, but i'm still jealous of johnny because i'd like to see antarctica.
  • today was decent. had a busy day at work so that made it go by quickly. whenever bryce works we talk about movies most of the day so that's pleasant.
  • good double features: dersu uzala/nanook of the north. branded to kill/ghost dog. american movie/friends forever. i'll come up with more later.
  • hope to finish the al franken book by the end of the month.
  • by the end of the year i'll have watche more than 312 movies (barring some unforeseen catastrophy) which averages out to more than six movies a week.

  • 12-07-03 (23:33)

  • updated movies list.
  • kings won a tight one tonight.
  • 12-05-03 (01:46)
  • updated movies list.
  • another good episode of radio parallax was on today. download here. 14megs (link valid for one week)
  • also the last panic attack show was pretty interesting for those interested in law. download here. 14megs (link valid until next tuesday)
  • did all my christmas shopping today. spent a lot of money and put it on the old credit card which doesn't accrue any interest for a few months so that's the good news, the bad news is that i'm very broke right now so i don't forsee paying that off for a couple months.
  • i've tried putting together a wish list, but all the things i want are things that i could get a lot cheaper at tower (cds/dvds/books). i'm not sure what i want outside of that kind of stuff. a house, more time, a better job, a watch and a plasma tv. only one of those is reasonable and it's not easy to shop for a watch for someone.
  • as much as i've complained about working at tower, it is very nice to get deep discounts on the things i like the most. being able to do all my christmas shopping while at work, and save a bunch of money in the process, is definitely a nice perk.
  • you know what's funny? i mean besides asking a question like "you know what?"...when people give instructions like "go to the nursery and buy me a tree." then you ask them "what size" and they reply "oh, not too big and not too small." the word "too" is subjective, when i ask "what size" i'm asking you to define what is between the two "too"s. but usually when an exchange goes like that the person who is receiving the "not too big and not too small" instructions just goes along with it and says "okay." i don't mention this because anything specific happened, but it's always seemed nonsensical to me. almost like when people say "i could care less" when they really mean "i couldn't care less."

  • 12-04-03 (22:43)

  • "Mark Twain once famously commented that rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated.  Much the same could be said of the Kyoto Protocol on global climate change, which was pronounced dead by gun-jumping news sources (Grist among them, we regret to say) when Andrei Illarionov, chief economic advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, predicted that his country would not ratify it. Yesterday, however, the Russian government said it was still "moving toward ratification," providing worried environmentalists with a measure of hope.  The treaty cannot go into effect without the support of 55 countries that account for 55 percent of the developed world's 1990 carbon dioxide emissions -- an equation that, in the absence of U.S. support, requires Russian participation.  But according to a news analysis in The New York Times, the treaty has the potential to permanently alter international energy policy whether or not it's implemented."

  • 12-04-03 (01:36)

  • there are several simple common sense measures that can be taken to clean politics up. they fly in the face of "freedom" so they probably won't be adopted in the near or distant future, but here are a few ideas: no more "patriot" acts or "clear skies" initiatives. refer to such legislation using numbers. like it or not, people are retarded and if they hear that their senator voted down the patriot act they're not going to be pleased. publicly finance elections. draw district lines using rectangular shapes so as to severely limit gerrymandering (like the stuff that went down in texas earlier this year). it's about getting the politics out of politics.
  • i told melanie the other night that being a political science major sucked away my soul quicker than it would have happened otherwise. i mean it's inevitable that the world would have eventually sucked me dry, but being a political science major hastened the process. of course i'm only half serious.
  • updated movies list.
  • tomorrow is my friday. plan on relaxing and watching lots of movies this weekend. if i have a good weekend i can get to 300 and the rest of the month will just be icing.

  • 12-03-03 (02:50)

  • "The Kyoto Protocol on climate change received a presumably fatal blow today, when Russia announced that it will not ratify the agreement in its current form.  Without Russia or the U.S. on board, the treaty will not have buy-in from at least 55 countries that account for 55 percent of the developed world's 1990 carbon dioxide emissions -- the only terms under which it can take effect.  "In its current form, the Kyoto Protocol places significant limitations on the economic growth of Russia," said Russian economic advisor Andrei Illarionov as he explained the country's decision, but many experts disagree that the treaty would hurt Russia's economy.   Today's news is a serious blow to climate negotiators convening this week in Milan, Italy, to discuss Kyoto's future.  Some hold out hope that Russia will change its mind, but others acknowledge that the treaty will have to be renegotiated or nations that have signed it will have to go it alone."
  • sad stuff.
  • updated movies list. saw another good movie tonight. i feel like i'm finally beginning to understand film in a greater context. i wish i had purchased the textbooks for my film class...or studied for that matter. oh well, i'm schooling myself now and that works well enough. 288 this year.
  • "Criterion's editions of Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca, Notorious, and Spellbound and Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs will be available only through December 31, 2003. These titles will be out of print and unavailable come 2004. Wrong Men and Notorious Women: Five Hitchcock Thrillers 1935 - 1946 is also available only until the end of December."
  • get them while you can...and get an extra one to sell on ebay a year from now...keep it sealed.

  • 12-02-03 (00:55)

  • "A huge forest-protection initiative will get off the ground in Canada today, aiming to put half of the nation's northern boreal forests -- some 650 million acres -- off-limits to logging and development, and to ensure that activity in the other half is carefully controlled and eco-friendly.  A coalition of energy and timber companies, native communities, and environmental groups today will announce their commitment to protect the boreal forest, and their intention to persuade others to join their effort, including the provincial and federal governments.  This is being billed as the largest conservation agreement in the world:  Canada's boreal forest stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to Alaska, covering about half of the nation's landmass and providing habitat for more than a billion birds and large populations of caribou, bears, wolves, and other wildlife.  The scale of the deal is overwhelming even to participants.  "I'm scared," said Bill Hunter, president of Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc., a big pulp mill and key player in the agreement.  "But if this works, man, oh, man, what a model it will be for the world.""
  • updated movies list. really this time.
  • bought a new mouse the other day. finally went optical so i won't have to worry about it wearing down so quickly.
  • back when i was listening to his show i noticed that rush limbaugh used a rage against the machine song as the intro to his show (at least) once. i don't care what else the guy has done in his life, he should be shot for that alone.

  • 12-01-03 (01:12)

  • updated movies list.

  • listened to portions of autechre's album 'incunabula' and remembered its greatness. it's one of the most beautiful albums i own.

    11-28-03 (02:57)

  • updated movies list.
  • watched two movies, worked 6hours 15minutes.

  • 11-27-03 (01:03)

  • made the mistake of watching "primetime on abc" tonight. they had a story on a couple who buy and sell swanky (worth millions of dollars) apartments in nyc. they said that they made a profit almost every time they made a transaction, despite having to buy new furniture every single time they moved. the "interviewer" asked them if they ever had a piece of furniture they wanted to keep, they replied "we're not object people." if you're not "object people" then maybe you should stop worrying so much about your social status by constantly (on average every nine months) buying whole new sets of furniture and a new apartment.
  • updated movies list.
  • arnold made a visit to the most recent kings home game. the local news interviewed a few of the players afterwards and christie seemed wholly unimpressed by arnold's presence. i like christie.
  • still have a cough.
  • only working 6 hours tomorrow. getting paid double time is good since i left early on sunday.

  • 11-26-03 (01:04)

  • had the tv on while i was preparing dinner and i heard a story about "drugs and crazed rhetoric being used to dupe american teenagers into killing people." i naturally assumed that the story was an expose on the military during the vietnam era. turns out it was a story about a movie being made about charles manson. oh well.
  • "twice the first time" is such a dope saul williams track. i wish that guy would come out with another full length album.
  • updated movies list.
  • listened to a lot of rush limbaugh while i was on vacation last week. i think it's important to know one's enemy. i listened to him for several hours over the course of a few days and i think that he said one, maybe two, things that i agreed with. it's funny how often he'll say something like "contrary to what the mainstream liberal media would have you believe, most of the country is conservative - and by that i mean most of the country lives a conservative life." to back up his claim he had one "fact": "for example, most americans save their money." that was his proof that most of the country is conservative...and it seems that people eat this shit up. what a funny guy.
  • still sick.
  • two more days of work and then i get a couple days off.
  • kings won tonight.
  • both my fantasy football teams won this week.
  • got the new wyclef album today, have yet to listen to it.

  • 11-25-03 (01:21)

  • updated movies list.
  • had a busy week this last week.
  • got sick and that's too bad. i wish tower gave us more than just 20 hours of sick leave per year. that's not even three days worth...in a year!
  • it's really cold these days.

  • 11-23-03 (02:01)

  • warp records leads the way again.

  • 11-17-03 (00:40)

  • "Falcons’ quarterback Michael Vick practiced for the third straight day on Friday, quarterbacking the scout team and pushing his right foot as hard as he could, according to the Associated Press. Vick, who has been sidelined by a fractured fibula since August 16, also told reporters that he wants to change what everyone calls him. “No more Mike Vick," he said. "I want Michael. They tried to call me Mike Vick at Virginia Tech, and then I got hurt. Now it happened again. It's Michael Vick. Michael is a form of God, an angel. That's the name my mother gave me, and I want to honor it.”"
  • updated movies list.
  • i need a new mouse.
  • tomorrow arnold becomes governor. wonder how he's going to repeal the car tax...i've heard that it's not within the governor's power to do that.
  • tomorrow rush limbaugh goes back on the air. wonder what he's going to say about the fact that he's a complete hypocrite.
  • finished reading the new michael moore book ("dude, where's my country") now i'm onto the newest al franken book. they make good companion pieces. to me michael moore has always been more of a populist who is political...never went to college, not particularly brilliant (though he does have plenty of good ideas, is smart, and very funny, etc.). that's long been a major appeal to me. i'm not comparing him to al franken and i'm not saying that he's an average person, but i don't see him as exceptionally intelligent either - he just looks at things in a common sense way. he's not noam chomsky and that's precisely why he is so popular. i think that sometimes the book simplified things (esp. regarding americans being liberal vs. conservative - he looked at principle to define political inclination, rather than looking at policy), but overall was necessary and is certainly going to help swing the country to the left...it points out the links between the bushies and saudi arabia, it shows the patriot act for what it is, etc. definitely a recommended read for those who have a passing interest in current political events. if, however, you're a little more into politics then check out something more along the lines of 'the best democracy money can buy.' it's a more focused effort from greg palast, an (maybe the) investigative journalist, who's been getting lots of press since bush became president.
  • actually got to catch most of the 4th quarter of the kings game tonight. it was closer than it should have been...we've been struggling lately, but i still love my team. we play the kind of ball that i like to see and that's more important than winning. 6-4 so far in the season. hopefully when webber returns next month we can get a streak together. brad miller is playing very well these days.
  • somehow i don't have as much money as i thought i did. maybe it was the books i bought the other day or the battery i had to buy for the car or the fact that i eat out for lunch every workday...i don't know.
  • my headphones are finally starting to fall apart...pretty sad business.
  • gotta get some sleep.

  • 11-15-03 (00:34)

  • a good column from a good comic news source.
  • updated movies list.
  • saw a movie in the theater for free today.
  • watched the first episode of carl sagan's "cosmos" today. i bought the dvd set the other day so i plan on putting it to use.
  • bought five books today. one was a 2004 alamanac. i love almanacs...i use my current almanac more than any other book i own.

  • 11-14-03 (01:37)

  • yesterday while at work some little girl asked for the "ymca" song. i showed her the village people section and said she might also be able to find it on a compilation of 70s music. her dad said "just download it honey." i smiled and said "that's illegal." he looked at her and said "it's okay." i wanted to tell them that if enough people did that i'd be out of a job. you see our store has already gone from having at least three people at any given time to having two people most of the night. now part of this is mismanagement on tower's part and some of it is part of a larger down sizing in the music industry. you see when people stop buying cds they're not hurting the executives of bmg, emd, sony, warner or universal - they're actually hurting the people at the very end of the cycle - that's people like me. you can't stick it to the man by downloading music because the heads of these companies are so well insulated that they barely feel the impact - even of a downward trend this size. rich people don't become poor unless they've horribly mis-managed their money, that's just the way it works. rich people spend their entire lives becoming rich and making sure they maintain their riches. sure a few people at the top lost their jobs, but they all have golden parachutes (severance packages) and sizable savings so they really don't need to worry. so download if you want - i actually don't have that big of a problem with it - but down delude yourself into thinking that it's harmless or that you're sticking it to the man, because you're not.
  • it's raining right now.
  • there are 3.5 million households (in the U.S.) whose net worth is over one million dollars, and there are 4.1 million "american indians and native alaskans" in the U.S. In ten years there will probably be more millionaires than there are native americans. i think that's a pretty telling statistic.
  • i plan on watching a couple movies and buying some books. after that i'll sleep.
  • "today was a good day, i didn't have to use my A-K." -ice cube

  • 11-14-03 (00:49)

  • no work for the next two days.
  • scanning in a couple of articles that i'd like to keep, but since i don't want clutter keeping them in image form on my computer makes the most sense. there's no point in having a scanner if you're not going to actually use it. since it's one more thing that i have i think it's good that it is serving the purpose of relieving clutter elsewhere.

  • 11-13-03 (22:26)

  • the machiavellian style of world politics doesn't work anymore. i think that at one point it worked well enough to be considered (though it may not have been the "best" method it was a viable option). some would have you believe that the world is the same as it was before, but that's not true. the last fifty years have been far different...and the rules of the game have changed quite a bit since biological, nuclear and intelligence warfare. the ability for rogue individuals to have a calculable effect on a given state has increased like no time in the past and as a result it just might make more sense to be loved than respected and feared.

  • 11-13-03 (01:47)

  • updated movies list.
  • tomorrow is my friday so that's good. and next week is a short one for me.
  • 2 out of the 53 CA H.O.R. elections were won by the candidate who raised less money than their competitor i.e., 96% of the time the person who raised the most money went on to win a seat in the house of representatives.
  • more greg palast goodness.
  • related stuff. side note: my dad works at the peninsula and worked at the century plaza.

  • 11-12-03 (02:23)

  • updated movies list.
  • it seems that catherine zeta-jones likes to sue people.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 11-11-03 (01:17)

  • "For America's first 212 years, it used to be that if the police wanted to search your house, they had to be able to convince an independent judge to give them a search warrant and then (with rare exceptions) they had to go bang on your door and yell, "Open up!" Then, if you didn't quickly open up, they could knock the door down. Also, if they seized anything, they had to leave a list explaining what they had taken. That way, if it was all a terrible mistake (as it sometimes is) you could go and get your stuff back.

  • But that's all changed now. Starting two years ago, federal agents were given broad new statutory authority by the Patriot Act to "sneak and peak" in non-terrorism cases. They can secretly enter your home with no warning -- whether you are there or not -- and they can wait for months before telling you they were there. And it doesn't have to have any relationship to terrorism whatsoever. It applies to any garden-variety crime. And the new law makes it very easy to get around the need for a traditional warrant – simply by saying that searching your house might have some connection (even a remote one) to the investigation of some agent of a foreign power. Then they can go to another court, a secret court, that more or less has to give them a warrant whenever they ask.
    Three weeks ago, in a speech at FBI Headquarters, President Bush went even further and formally proposed that the Attorney General be allowed to authorize subpoenas by administrative order, without the need for a warrant from any court."
  • that's from a speech that al gore gave the other day. i've yet to hear anyone say anything to rebut the attacks against the "patriot" act. i've heard all sorts of really bad things about how insidious and (for lack of a better word) evil it is, but i haven't heard anyone defend it....yet it was passed 98-1 in the senate. i get this distinct feeling that the last ten years or so our government has been consistently dropping the ball, turning a blind eye, or just plain not cared when it comes to protecting the people from corporations and government agencies. in the last couple years there seems to be more of a swell of information regarding the long term security of our water resources...more and more cities are privatizing the running of their water supply. to me, privatizing necessities like water and power just doesn't make long term sense.
  • "In pushing for continued use of a controversial pesticide, the Bush administration could undermine international efforts to protect the ozone layer.  The Montreal Protocol, a 1987 treaty ratified by the U.S. and other industrialized nations, calls for phasing out the ozone-depleting pesticide methyl bromide by 2005, but at an international meeting on the protocol this week in Nairobi, Kenya, representatives from the U.S. will fight for an exemption that would not only allow U.S. farmers to keep using the pesticide but also to use it in larger amounts.  The U.S. agricultural industry argues that methyl bromide is essential for affordable growing of strawberries and other crops, but European Union officials and others contend that there are viable alternative products.  Atmospheric chemists say the ozone layer will likely take at least 50 years to heal, so this is no time to let up on protections."
  • updated movies list.

  • 11-10-03 (01:06)

  • went to santa cruz yesterday. fun times were had by all involved. it's always nice to see johnny and luke the whole crew. they're nice and upbeat people. we played ultimate frisbee (which was fun and i did pretty well at), lots of super mario kart (which i was okay at and was also fun), trivial pursuit (which i wasn't very good at, but don't care since it's a petty endeavor anyway. har har), and celebrity (which is like the $10,000 pyramid game, but the object is to find the names of celebrities).
  • for some reason i was looking at brad pitt's filmography and noticed that he's going to be 40 in a month. wouldn't have guessed him to be that old.
  • wanted to come home from work early today, but couldn't since one person called in sick and another left early because he has to work on tuesday. lame.
  • gotta sleep now.

  • 11-9-03 (21:49)

  • updated movies list.

  • 11-7-03 (01:53)

  • updated movies list.
  • lakers are undefeated so far this year. i hate the lakers.
  • i'm watching the matrix finale tomorrow. i didn't have very high hopes for the second one and loved it, but now that i have high hopes for this movie i'm worried i'll be disappointed.
  • star wars trilogy is likely to be released on dvd in september of 2004.
  • today was an oddly good day. when i got to work i heard that chris anderson (the representative for caroline distribution had stopped by)...now a really bad rep will stop by the store to drop off promos once every 6 weeks or so, chris hadn't stopped by for 6 months or more. he dropped off a bunch of promos because word was getting around about how poor a job he had been doing. in sum, i got six primo promos today...which saved me at least 30 bucks since i had definite plans on buying three of the six cds that i got; it was like christmas. i also got my yearly review today and it looks like i'm going to get a quarter raise which is nice since it's more money, but it really doesn't even cover inflation. more money is good though. today is my friday so that made today better as well.
  • tomorrow is the third anniversary of melanie and i being together.
  • boards of canada to release a new album early next year. that's exciting. beta band as well, not as exciting, but still stimulating.
  • tomorrow i'll watch the animatrix, matrix 2 and matrix 3. saturday i drive to santa cruz and see johnny for the last time until he comes back from antarctica which will be in february or sometime next year. a long time anyway.
  • new plaid album sounds real good so far.
  • i recommend you check out this week's episode of radio parallax...www.kdvs.org, click on schedule/archives and find the thursday 5pm slot; or this should work too. download it or listen to it streaming. they had an interview with joseph wilson (the guy whose undercover cia wife was exposed by the bush administration). overall, a better show than usual.

  • 11-6-03 (01:44)

  • "To the delight of environmentalists, California Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger has chosen Terry Tamminen to head the state's Environmental Protection Agency.  Tamminen helped start the Santa Monica environmental organization BayKeeper, then went to work for another green group, Environment Now.  He was one of the drafters of Schwarzenegger's environmental platform, which included measures to protect California's national forests, cut air pollution by 50 percent, and invest in hydrogen vehicles.  Environmentalists welcomed the plan but saw it as so ambitious -- even for a liberal Democrat, which Schwarzenegger is not -- that they feared it would amount to little more than politicking and pipe dreams.  The naming of Tamminen to lead the DEP is helping allay some of those suspicions, since it suggests that the governor-to-be plans to follow through on his green campaign promises."
  • missed another kings game tonight.
  • there's a position open for varsity track coach at davis high school it would run from feb. to may and the stipend is $3,800. i'd really like to do something like that, but going from ex-runner to varsity track coach is a stretch to say the least. plus my knowledge doesn't extend to anything below the 800m race. i know roughly how to structure workouts for long distance training, but not for the sprints or for field events. i also know almost nothing of the technique that is required for the shorter distance events.

  • 11-5-03 (01:39)

  • "The Bush administration is ticking off many traditionally Republican hunters and anglers with its plans to encourage logging and oil and gas drilling in natural areas throughout the Western U.S.  Last week, 450 U.S. gun clubs sent a petition to the U.S. Forest Service objecting to plans to remove protections from the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska, which contains prime habitat for big game and salmon.  And many hunters in Montana are irate about administration plans to encourage gas drilling in the Rocky Mountain Front, which is home to bears, wolves, elk, bighorn sheep, bobcats, and many other large mammals.  Carl Rappold, a Montana rancher and longtime Republican, says he won't vote for Bush again:  "To me, it doesn't make sense.  We got all these species clustered in a little bit of space.  It is almost like a last stand.  And now we are going to develop it for a handful of gas?""
  • it makes perfect sense to me. bush's primary motivation is helping those with money. whether it be his oil buddies or arms manufacturers. that's why he's done other atypical republican things like cutting benefits for army personnel. vying for republican votes isn't at the top of his list, making more money for his friends is.
  • updated movies list.
  • looking forward to watching the matrix on friday, bought tickets for it today.
  • talked with michelle at the theater about kill bill and apparently there isn't anything that comes after the credits roll...either a dumb rumor or tarantino spliced the scene into the film before release.

  • 11-4-03 (01:21)

  • updated movies list.
  • could be good.
  • today was decent. work went by quickly enough and tomorrow is my wednesday. watching a movie at night really breaks up the day well.
  • was looking at my movies list for 2000...the first (and only year, so far) that i reached 300 movies. i realized there was an error in my counting and i actually watched 302 movies that year. i had accidently repeated a number a couple times.
  • normally when i watch a mystery movie i don't view it with the intent of cracking the case before the movie presents the answers to me. i've never been good at it and i find that it's more fun for me to be surprised at the end. as a general rule i try not to think about the end while in the middle of the movie; i like it better that way.

  • 11-03-03 (01:12)

  • updated movies list.
  • very cold this morning. started raining tonight. rained a bit the other day as well. i guess i shouldn't complain since october was mild, but i don't like weather.
  • my fantasy teams are falling apart.
  • ikiru is finally coming to dvd. very happy about that.
  • going to la in a couple weeks. this weekend i plan on visiting johnny before he goes to antarctica. vern's in nyc and johnny will be in antarctica.
  • started reading "dude, where's my country" the other day. it's depressing already. talks about ties between the bush family and the bin laden family. talks about the bushies being in bed with saudi arabia. it's more about investigative reporting than his other books...at least so far.

  • 11-02-03 (01:10)

  • updated movies list. watched two movies in the theater for the price of one.
  • looking forward to the new matrix film. will have to live in a cave until it comes out to avoid learning anything about it.

  • 11-01-03 (01:23)

  • updated movies list.

  • finished "watchmen" tonight. what an amazing book, or illustrated novel if you prefer.

    10-31-03 (13:52)

  • "As expected, a proposal to establish mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions was rejected yesterday by the U.S. Senate in a 55-43 vote. Still, supporters of the bill, which was sponsored by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz) and Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), were generally pleased with the outcome:  Crossing party lines, six Republicans backed the bill, as did several Democrats from major industrial and coal-producing states, who typically oppose such caps.  The vote represented the first time that members of Congress have been called upon to take a position on global warming since President Bush took office -- but, apparently, it won't be the last.  Sounding distinctly like California Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, McCain said, "I want to assure my colleagues we will be back.""
  • "While the "polluter pays" principle struggles here in the U.S., our neighbors to the north have resoundingly reaffirmed it.  In a unanimous decision, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled yesterday that companies that pollute must pay for the damage they cause.  The case in question concerned Imperial Oil, which, in 1998, was ordered by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment to clean up pollution that had leaked from company storage tanks to contaminate the ground beneath 20 homes.  Jerry DeMarco, managing lawyer for the Sierra Legal Defense Fund, called the ruling against Imperial and in favor of the polluter-pays principle "one of the great environmental law victories in Canadian history."  If the court had ruled otherwise, some 30,000 sites in Canada could have remained contaminated."
  • it's so grim and cold outside right now. i hate it.

  • 10-31-03 (00:57)

  • read the playboy interview with quentin tarantino today. good as usual. he's an interesting fellow.
  • i heard that in kill bill there is supposed to be another scene after the credits roll, but i've also heard that tarantino decided to cut it into the film because people might not stick around and the scene is important. i might ask michelle at the theater what the scoop is on that one.
  • wannabe onion. they've actually got some good headlines, but overall not as funny as the onion.
  • heard a show on npr the other day about high school drop out rates. the national dropout rate is 11%, but that doesn't count kids who go to jail or say they'll enroll in adult school or a host of other exceptions. according to the journalist 33% of freshman don't make it to graduation and a lot of this is allowed to happened because the (state) governments don't demand proper accounting of dropout stats. the federal government allows each state to detemine its own policies on collecting said statistics and as a result national dropout statistics are muddled and inaccurate. of course there's no real motivation for state's to make their policies more stringent since that would only make the numbers look worse and no one likes that, so instead they just turn a blind eye to it.
  • today was the first real day of fall. it was cold and the sun set before 6pm. i don't like fall or winter. some people enjoy seeing the seasons change, and i can understand that, but i enjoy consistency and comfort.
  • i've seen 52 movies this month and will likely watch another 2 or more tomorrow. if i watched that many movies every month i'd rack up over 630 a year. i wish i had the discipline to do that. i feel like i have so much catching up to do. i always feel like i haven't seen very many movies...even though 300 a year (25 a month) is pretty damned good relative to most people, it just doesn't seem like that much relative to the number of great films that exist. of course there's the other factor - my awful memory. so watching 300 movies for me is like watching 150 for most people...so really should be watching 600 movies a year. too bad i don't work at a video store.
  • i haven't listened to public enemy in a while, but i'm giving "yo! bum rush the show" a spin right now and this shit bumps. a lot more straight ahead than "it takes a nation of millions..." which is pe's best, but not necessarily my favorite.

  • 10-30-03 (01:09)

  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 10-29-03 (02:02)

  • updated movies list.

  • 10-28-03 (01:26)

  • i've been wanting to get a new watch for a while and just recently my battery died so i'm officially in the hunt for a new watch. noteworthy and exciting stuff.
  • actually there were two noteworthy events today...today was filled with opportunity and i only half seized it.
  • went to another michael moore lecture today. it was shorter and less eventful than the first, but still worthwhile. afterwards i went in to work and talked to lacy (she's the only republican at work). i asked her if she had gone to the lecture (sarcastically of course). she said that she wanted to get together with her friends and show him where the rec hall was. i asked her why and she said "because he needs to go there." at this point i should mention that lacy is ugly and beginning to become overweight. i asked her if that was supposed to mean that michael moore was fat and she said yes. i told her that was a fucked up thing to say and she didn't really care. she was mostly concerned with the fact that michael moore was fat and that she didn't like him. i asked her why she didn't like him (other than his weight) and she didn't come up with any real answer. actually she did say that she didn't like when he said we were living in fictitious times, with a fictitious president, etc. she admitted he was a good filmmaker, but said that bowling for columbine was a work of fiction, not a documentary...and the conversation didn't really go anywhere from there. i tried talking with her in a rational way about the film, about moore, about the debacle in florida, etc., but she shuts out anything that doesn't coincide with what she already knows. i really wanted to just tell her she was fat and ugly and stupid and everything else, but that wouldn't have done any good and then i'd be just as bad as her, though right.
  • later in the night michael moore showed up at tower. he was with his wife (i think it was her, but i've only seen her once so i'm not sure), a man and a girl about 11 years old. he shopped around for a while and went to buy a few cds. lacy was at the register helping him with his transaction. i went up to the front and said "hey mike, this is lacy (i placed my hand on lacy's shoulder) - she's our resident republican." at this point i really should have gone on, but i'm not enough of a confrontational person. i should have continued "...would you mind explaining to her what happened in florida, or why your movie isn't a work of fiction - how you had three teams of fact checkers working to ensure that all the facts are correct, or how she's a fucking moron, or better yet...hey mike this is lacy and about two hours ago she was calling you fat and stupid, what would you like to say to her?" i should have said any one of those things, but it just left it at "she's our resident republican..." he commented on how nice she was since she called him sir and went on his usual comic schtick about right wingers being the kind of people who wake up at the crack of dawn or being the kind of people who are really motivated, etc. the second part of this speech (which i've now heard twice) is what he left out and it goes something like..."they wake up at the crack of dawn just dreaming up ways to steal from more downtrodden minorities..." after that lacy mentioned that our boss would like him to sign a poster we had in the back for "bowling for columbine." he said sure no problem and joe got the poster. after moore signed it we chatted for a minute or two. i told him that i had been to the santa cruz show as well as the early show today (he had another talk later in the night). i asked him about tv nation and he said that sony was sitting on the rights to the show so there aren't any plans for the release of the series on dvd, yet. he's a very warm and open guy. i instantly felt at ease talking with him. with celebrities or bosses or people of supposed power i usually feel anxious...in fact i feel less at ease talking with my boss than i did in talking with him for the two minutes he was there. i sort of regret not using that resource to enlighten lacy and i sort of regret not punching lacy in the teeth, but i'll live. after her metabolism slows down and she's mothered a couple of her cousin's children she'll be a lard ass and the world will hate her because of it. what a fucked up society.
  • the other semi-missed opportunity came with another michael m. this time it was michael mercury - the kdvs astrologist....first some background, if you know dr. strangelove at all then feel free to skip this over...

  • copied from here.
    Cut to: int. Ripper's office. Mandrake is sitting worriedly on a couch. Ripper puts a comforting arm around his shoulder.
    through his cigar Mandrake,
    Yes, Jack?
    Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?
    Well, no I... I can't say I have, Jack.
    Vodka. That's what they drink, isn't it? Never water?
    Well I... I believe that's what they drink, Jack. Yes.
    On no account will a commie ever drink water, and not without good reason.
    Oh, ah, yes. I don't quite.. see what you're getting at, Jack.
    Water. That's what I'm getting at. Water. Mandrake, water is the source of all life. Seven tenths of this earth's surface is water. Why, you realize that.. seventy percent of you is water.
    Uhhh God...
    And as human beings, you and I need fresh, pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids.
    Yes. chuckles nervously
    You beginning to understand?
    Yes. chuckles. begins laughing/crying quietly
    Mandrake. Mandrake, have you never wondered why I drink only distilled water, or rain water, and only pure grain alcohol?
    Well it did occur to me, Jack, yes.
    Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation? Fluoridation of water?
    Ah, yes, I have heard of that, Jack. Yes.
    Well do you now what it is?
    No. No, I don't know what it is. No.
    Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face?
    Window in the office is shot through by automatic weapons fire.
  • it's one of the most classic scenes in one of the most classic films of all-time. well listen to this. i made one small edit for brevity's sake. after you listen you'll understand what i mean by missed opportunity. this situation was absolutely ripe for the picking and if i wasn't at work or had given it more thought then it could have been even better.
  • that's all folks. no movies today. ended the streak.

  • 10-27-03 (01:43)

  • updated movies list.
  • i wish there was more kurosawa stuff on dvd. i also wish grapes of wrath and los olvidados were on dvd.
  • getting pretty tired. didn't get much sleep last night.
  • seeing michael moore at the mondavi center tomorrow. should be fun.
  • at work our children's section is right next to our religious section...i've always found that funny.
  • i wrote an e-mail at work today that i might get in trouble for. i wrote "dear fellow employees, from now on r. kelly can be found in the "uncle molesto" section in between the children's and religious sections. roman polanski's films will also be located here from now on. thank you, chris." sometimes my sense of humor compels me to say/do things that i shouldn't. i don't really care if i get in trouble. i remember when going to the principals office was the worst thing i could imagine.
  • melanie asked me if i could go a week without watching a movie and the idea seemed so foreign to me that i've come to the conclusion that i'm addicted to film. watching movies occupies my thoughts, time, money and as such prevents me from doing other things like mingling with intellectuals about the relative merits of nietzsche's will-to-power or something. or maybe i've always had an addiction to being separate and film has just become a convenient excuse.
  • gotta read 'watchmen' and then sleep.

  • 10-26-03 (03:08)

  • wake up early tomorrow.
  • updated movies list. 54 movies to go. watched 5 more today. i've been lucky lately because i've seen so many really good movies. i feel sort of bad since i've been grading so highly, but that's just an indication of the caliber of films i've been viewing - not that i've become and easy grader.
  • ended up watching natural born killers twice tonight...hadn't really planned on watching it at all.
  • i used to think that watching more than one movie in a day was boring, but lately, for some unknown reason, i've found myself watching 3, 4 or 5 movies a day on the weekends. i'm sure it'll taper off eventually, but in the meantime it's been quite a ride. not sure what's gotten into me. in the last week i watched more movies than i watched in all of may.
  • yankees lost today and while that's not all that bad in itself, it's awful because it means that florida won. i hat the state of florida. i'm sure there are some nice people there, but i still hate that place.

  • 10-25-03 (03:21)

  • updated movies list. watched 5 movies.
  • missed cable today for the first time in a while - the kings/lakers game was on espn. we won and i missed it. sad day.

  • 10-24-03 (01:12)

  • updated movies list.
  • today was about the usual.
  • 9,000 people were asked to answer true/false to three questions 1) saddam and al-qaeda have been proven to have links to each other. 2) the world at large favors U.S. action in iraq 3) weapons of mass destruction have been found in iraq. 9% of the people answered true to all three and 60% answered true to at least one. among people who watch the fox news network the results were slightly different. 45% of those people answered true to all three and 80% answered true to at least one. by the way all three, to date, are incorrect. oh and watching fox news makes you stupid.
  • in an unrelated story...some people at ucla did a study and apparently found that ann coulter has an iq of no higher than 83 and thus it is rude to call her stupid or blame her for what she says - it's not really her fault since she lacks the ability to think critically and retain information.
  • "Well... it looks like things are backfiring on Jack Valenti's anti-piracy plan to ban all screener copies of films for awards season. Film actors, directors and particularly independent filmmakers have been protesting vigorously, going so far as to take out full page ads in local newspapers and industry trade magazines. The problem is that the ban would make it unlikely that most awards voters (including Academy voters at Oscar time) would ever see smaller, art house films, given that they're run in so few theaters. That would unfairly skew voting towards big-budget, major Hollywood studio films. Anger in the industry over this move is so great that the Los Angeles Film Critics Association has, in protest, announced that they'll cancel their 2003 awards unless the ban is rescinded."
  • i really like autechre's "chiastic slide" LP.
  • listening to the fresh air interview (online) with bill o'reilly right now. terry gross is freaking cool. bill o'reilly is so funny. he's talking about an old interview (which i actually saw) and it's funny to hear him spin what happened in that interview. i miss watching o'reilly's "no spin zone" because it was so comedic. actually i guess i really don't since it was ultimately more depressing than it was funny.
  • i recommend you check out the npr.org site...it's got a bunch of archived shows...and more on audible.com
  • if getting a new job were like running 10 miles despite my being horribly out of shape, i would have gotten a new job months ago. i'm bad at doing things that take more than a day. i can be inspired for a day or a week, but it's hard to be inspired for long periods of time.

  • 10-23-03 (01:46)

  • updated movies list.

  • 10-22-03 (02:07)

  • "Scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada are creating a stir with their discovery of a clean and simple way to generate electricity by forcing water through narrow glass tubes, a finding being touted as the first completely new way to generate electricity in more than 160 years.  According to research published today in the latest issue of the "Journal of micromechanics and Microengineering," the process works by harnessing the natural energy created when a flowing liquid meets a solid surface.  The work is in its early stages, say researchers Larry Kostiuk and Daniel Kwok, but by the end of the decade the process could be used to make "water batteries" to power mobile phones and other small electronic devices without using toxic materials or creating pollution.  Eventually the system might be used for full-scale generation of clean power."
  • updated movies list.
  • just remember that you can't hug your children with nuclear arms. ha! i've been watching the family guy a lot lately.
  • listening to bs2000 right now. just finished the first record, now i'm on the second one. i just remembered that i had a dream last night that the beastie boys officially retired, glad it was only a dream.
  • not much to say these days. all my attempts at getting new jobs have be fruitless. i don't even get calls asking me for an interview.
  • updated movies iown list.

  • 10-21-03 (02:20)

  • i hear there's a gladiator 2 in the works. i didn't think all that much of the first one.
  • yesterday we went to berkeley and then santa cruz. saw michael moore do his thing. it was good overall. he's a pretty optimistic guy...he kept saying that he felt things were going to change - that bush would get ousted, that minorities and women would claim power, etc. melanie bought his new book for me and we got it signed. i asked him when 'the big one' was coming out on dvd and he said 'as soon as i can sit down and do the commentary track for it.' he's a pretty busy guy...two books in the last couple years, a movie (working on another one), awards shows, speech tours (31 shows in 22 cities - or thereabouts), etc. that's a lot to do.
  • at any rate, it was a good day trip. actually it felt like two days because i only got 4 hours of sleep the previous night, went to work for 4 hours, and then went to berkeley, santa cruz and back to davis. had to keep the movie watching streak alive, though, so after all that i watched a movie. then i went to bed. my grandma is right when she calls me a lunatic.
  • updated movies list. 34 movies in 20 days. 11 days in a row i've watched a movie, a couple years ago i think i had a 28 day streak.

  • 10-18-03 (00:00)

  • updated movies list. four movies today and four yesterday. 33 this month, 69 to go.
  • saw the yankees lose today. florida is a good team. the other day boston had a man on third with one out against the yankees and they didn't drive in any runs. today florida had men on second and third with one out and drove in two runs. they know how to manufacture runs.
  • thought it was daylight savings time tonight. guess not.
  • thought of another way of ranking movies. it's sort of based upon how many movies a person watches a year. for example a rating of 1 would indicate that even if you watch only one movie a year this movie is worth putting on your "to see" list. whereas a rating of 1,000 would mean that only if you plan on watching a thousand movies this year should you plan on watching this one.
  • going to see michael moore in santa cruz tomorrow. should be a fun trip. plan on stopping in berkely for a bit. drop in on johnny and walk around for a while.
  • melanie had her purse stolen last night. that was kinda funny because she left it on the desk in the office at the co-op. a girl came in to leave a note for the hiring manager because she wanted a job, while she was writing this note she saw melanie's purse and put it in her bag. little did she know that this was all on camera. ssince she was applying for a job it was easy to get her address, phone number, social security number and everything else. i somehow doubt she'll get the job. melanie gets the purse back on monday. just remember that big brother is ALWAYS watching.

  • 10-17-03 (00:06)

  • all day i was looking forward to the boston/NY game. with about 30 minutes left in my shift some fucking idiot drunk walks in and says really loudly (to no one in particular) "i can't believe sports. i can't believe the yankees came back from being down five runs (actually it was four). i lost 180 bucks. i shouldn't have gone double or nothing." at that point i wanted to rip his limbs from his body and burn him alive. i didn't.
  • came home and fast forwarded through the game even though i knew what the outcome was. thanks to the town drunk it wasn't nearly as exciting as it would have been. i used to like the yankees because i respected the way they played the game and respected the entertainment they provided. and i guess i still do to a certain extent, but seeing both boston and chicago go down made ill. florida just won the world series six years ago and the yankees seem to win one every other year. i'll root for the yankees in the series because florida (the state, and thus the team) is at the top of my shit list, but after that i'm done liking the yankees.
  • on a positive note i got a free sun ra dvd today. eager to check that out.

  • 10-16-03 (02:52)

  • i don't claim to be a cubs fan, but watching them lose today was very disappointing. when kerry wood hit that two run homer i was psyched and then alou added to the lead i thought things were looking good. ultimately, though, florida just played better ball. they got their lead off man on base more often, they manufactured runs rather than just hitting the long ball and the played good defense (despite the first half of poor pitching). they're a good team, but i still hate florida. i think that the boston/new york game is going to be great. i'm taping it and will try to stay ignorant of the outcome until i get home to watch it.
  • calling in sick was a good choice.
  • updated movies list. three more movies today. 24 in 15 days.

  • 10-15-03 (02:37)

  • got two autechre EPs in the mail today. i think they shippe from england, but they got here really quickly so i'm not sure. at any rate, i'm two cds closer to having all their stuff. i think i'm three singles away from having all their cds.
  • i'm going to call in sick tomorrow. i'm not actually sick enough to warrant it, but my grandma is in town, the cubs game is on and i've come into work sick before so i figure that it evens out in the end.
  • i've been a movie watching machine lately. i'm really gunning for the 300 movie mark...a mark that i thought was unattainable earlier this year. 81 movies left to 300 and 77 days left in the year. i've watched 21 movies so far this month.
  • updated movies list.
  • "Here are three good reasons environmentalists should be worried about the energy bill currently in joint conference committee at the U.S. House and Senate.  First, it includes virtually no conservation measures -- nothing to improve the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks, nothing to wean the country off of its unhealthy and unsafe dependence on fossil fuels.  Second, it includes plenty of measures that will decimate the environment -- opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and coastal areas to oil and gas drilling, providing billions of dollars in subsidies to established, lucrative extractive industries and energy companies that don't need the boost, weakening policies to hold polluters accountable for their actions.  Third, it'll cost you, Mr. or Ms. Taxpayer, a bundle over the next 10 years, adding to the national deficit some $19 billion worth of unsustainable measures.  Join a League of Conservation Voters' campaign and tell your senators just what you think of the energy bill."
  • i like the sound of the train in the distance.
  • "Ah, winter -- icicles on the eves, smoke rising from the chimneys, a crackling fire, and emerging from it, that fragrant, familiar smell of ... coffee?  Yep, that's right:  A Canadian company is marketing fake logs made of recycled coffee grounds.  Other fake logs, made of everything from sawdust and paraffin to corn cobs and peach pits, have been on the market for 50-some years.  But the Java Log burns brighter and hotter than sawdust logs and produces 88 percent less carbon monoxide than the real thing, according to Robustion, the company that makes it.  Robustion has been manufacturing and selling the logs in Canada for three years, and now hopes to create recycling agreements with major coffeehouse chains such as Starbucks.  The company also hopes to expand its market in the U.S., where it currently sells Java Logs in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York."
  • the south park movie is going to have a special edition dvd out next year.

  • 10-14-03 (01:45)

  • "The Bush administration announced yet another environmental rollback on Friday, following a pattern of releasing such news right before a holiday weekend, presumably in hopes that it will slip past the public's notice.  This time the beneficiaries are mining companies, which, thanks to a reinterpretation of the 1872 Mining Law, will now be able to use as much public land as they want to develop operations for mining gold, silver, and other minerals.  The 131-year-old mining act, long criticized as outdated by the environmental community, already allows mining companies to extract minerals from public lands without paying any royalties to taxpayers.  Steve D'Esposito of the Mineral Policy Center, an environmental group, called the Bush decision an "open invitation to dump massive quantities of toxic mining waste on unlimited amounts of our public lands.  It puts clean water and community health at increased risk.""
  • happy to hear that the sox won today.
  • i guess i ended up losing this week in one of my fantasy football leagues. not sure how that happened.
  • i've been loading up on dvds lately. the object is to have enough movies around to hold me over when i'm in between netflix movies. since i watch anywhere from 4-8 movies a weekend, and only get three movies from netflix, i have to fall back on my own catalog to tide me over. lately i've been listening to commentaries as much as possible. it's like a film school on disc. a cheap dvd sells for 14.99 + tax and i get it for under 9.00 after tax. for less than 9 bucks it's worth getting a film i wouldn't normally be interested in owning, especially if it has a commentary track. jeepers creepers and last house on the left are good examples. there's just so much value in dvd and the studios are doing a good job of pricing catalog titles.
  • the new sage francis record (actually non-prophets) finds him rapping more like eminem than anyone else i've heard before. he probably wouldn't like the comparison, and i don't really have anything to back it up, but what he's rapping about (and the style he's using) reminds me of eminem; and that's a good thing. i've only listened to the album twice, but i like it already. he rips a line from the beastie boys "i'm a writer, a poet, a genius - i know it. i don't buy cheeba..." he changes the end of that line, but it's still a nice homage to the original white rappers (sage francis happens to also be white).
  • i've been trying to pare down my top albums of the year to ten. i've only heard one or two really good records this year...there have been plenty of good albums, but nothing that's been fantastic.
  • wednesday i'm having lunch with my grandma since she's in sacramento right now.
  • sunday i'm going to santa cruz to see michael moore speak. might stop in berkeley for a couple hours along the way.
  • it seems like i have a lot of things going on these days. i have a bunch of books i want to read, a bunch of movies i want to watch, a bunch of music i want to listen to...i mean really listen to, i want to get a new job, and i want to get out of debt.

  • 10-13-03 (02:05)

  • updated movies list.
  • had a good week in fantasy football. both my teams did well. i'm still undefeated in one of my leagues, but i have the third most points so i've been lucky so far.
  • glad i watched two movies tonight. the weekend didn't produce as many movies as i had hoped. by the end of the month i hope to have watched 240 movies.

  • 10-12-03 (late)

  • turned on the boston/yankees game in the fourth inning. what a good game. i'm sorry that boston lost, but it was entertaining nonetheless.
  • updated movies list.

  • 10-11-03 (03:14)

  • watched more of that spike jonze dvd tonight. it's loaded with great stuff. the beastie boys have 40 minutes worth of commentary on it, there's a documentary on fatlip of pharcyde, short films, interviews, etc. it's really good.
  • gotta sleep.

  • 10-10-03 (01:31)
  • today was a good day overall. went to a job fair to get info on a teaching program. forgot the application at work so i might go in to get it tomorrow.
  • joe wasn't at work today so i didn't have to appear busy. he actually doesn't crack the whip very much, but when the boss is around and the cameras are pointed at me i feel compelled to work... so his not being there lightens my spirit a bit.
  • my forearm feels weird when i put pressure on it. when i was at work i leaned on a computer and a nerve in my forearm started freaking out. it was odd and not very pleasurable. so now i'm trying to give my left arm some rest. maybe it's a repetitive motion thing from work or maybe it's because i rest my left arm on my chair while my right arm is working the mouse. i'm not sure what it is.
  • convinced someone to buy the global communication album today. yesterday i got someone to buy a boards of canada record. it's always nice when you turn someone on to something new and good.
  • original star wars dvd petition.
  • got a bunch of dvds today. actually got the spike jonze dvd for free from the wea representative because i helped him find something he was looking for and he was grateful. that was nice of him. the dvd is loaded with good stuff. i'd recommend it to anyone who likes his work. it comes out sometime in the next couple weeks and i think it's going to be under twenty bucks. updated movies i own list.
  • running at 1152x864 nowadays.
  • gotta sleep.

  • 10-9-03 (01:26)

  • saddest thing i've ever seen? (buy the same ring as kobe's wife)
  • heroes and villians list.
  • why did tom hanks get a lifetime achievement award before deniro?

  • 10-8-03 (00:30)

  • common sense.
  • rationality does not guide the majority of people...this is the only explanation i have for the way things are in this world.
  • obviously i'm not pleased about the election.
  • one girl had an "i voted" sticker on so i asked who she voted for. she said "arnold!" rather excitedly. i asked "why?" she replied "i don't know."
  • i'm looking forward to the basketball season. i think that the kings lost some real talent in jackson, clark, pollard and turkoglu, but that'll give wallace, miller, and songaila some room to thrive. funderburke is out for six months which is too bad because we all of a sudden need the depth because we lost jim jackson, clark, pollard and turkoglu. webber's probably out until december. still, i'm hopeful for our season, but lately it seems that things haven't been going well in general so...
  • bought "a christmas story" special edition on dvd today. i'm excited about breaking into that one since it's one of my favorite films of all-time. speaking of which...i added a bunch of films to my best of movies list.

  • 10-7-03 (01:29)

  • "California intends to sue the U.S. EPA over the Bush administration's recent decision that the agency doesn't have the authority to regulate emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change, Gov. Gray Davis (D) announced on Friday.  Nine other states, including Illinois, New York, and Washington, are expected to join the suit, which argues that the EPA should have the power to regulate carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases under the federal Clean Air Act.  Last year, California passed the nation's first law aimed at reining in CO2 emissions from cars, and clean-air advocates worry that the administration's decision could undermine that law.  "If the United States is ever going to regulate greenhouse gases, it will start with a victory in this lawsuit," said David Bookbinder of the Sierra Club, which is backing the suit."
  • 24 hours from now we'll have a good idea of who are governor is going to be for the next few years.
  • "dear catastrophe waitress"...that's such an indie rock/pop album title.
  • i hope people vote.
  • two weeks in a row i lost in fantasy football by just a couple points, and both weeks i had a quarterback on the bench who would have made me win by more than 15 points. bad decisions i suppose. in my other league, though, i'm in first place and the only player who is undefeated...despite my number one pick being on the DL the entire season.

  • 10-6-03 (00:32)

  • science is crazy, but neat.
  • updated movies list.
  • tonight i watched all the beastie boys videos, with band commentary, from their criterion anthology. it was nice to revisit their videos.
  • i hope everyone (in CA) is planning on voting this tuesday. it's pretty scary to think that one man (d. issa) can pay 1.5 million to throw a political system responsible for the fifth largest economy in the world into disarray. then an actor with (very) minimal political skill or experience can use his fortune and "charm" to become the frontrunner. he's given multiple campaign speeches and one debate. in both these instances he knew what to expect - speeches are rehearsed and planned beforehand and the one debate he participated in was the one with preplanned questions. it's just sad.
  • the recall is just bad. anyone who has taken a political science course knows that we have certain term lengths for a reason - namely stability. depending on the office the term could be 2, 4, or 6 years. having, and using, a loophole like this recall bullcrap undermines that system. we can't rely on the whims of the electorate. if half the people in ca (30 million) voted in the last election and half of them (15 million) voted for davis then he received 7.5 million votes. right now it's looking like arnold will get around 6.5 million votes; and what if he won with an even lower percentage? it doesn't seem like democracy to me.
  • i understand people want to have someone to blame, but that's just not the way the world works. if you're old enough to vote then presumably you've learned that lesson by now. the world is complicated - our economy is in the dumps for lots of reasons and davis is one of the least of them. the bubble burst, 9-11 happened and bush used it as an excuse to spend shit loads of money while lower taxes and of course deregulation really hurt us and that came about because of pete wilson's administration. i think that 47 out of 50 states are running deficits right now and they didn't have the energy crisis that we did. it's not about the car tax or even worker's compensation. it's more about bigger things - most of them were out of davis's hands. the recall is a complete overreaction to the bad times we're having right now and it seems that 54% of the people don't understand that. hopefully come tuesday they'll figure it out.
  • six more people are killed in the movie "bullets over broadway" than are killed in "pulp fiction."

  • 10-5-03 (00:53)

  • updated movies list.
  • somehow i watched six movies today.
  • the chronological ending to pulp fiction would be bruce willis riding his new motorcycle into the horizon. don't think i noticed that before.
  • three day weekend was nice, back to work tomorrow morning.

  • 10-4-03 (03:17)

  • updated movies list.
  • was fairly productive today.
  • yesterday we saw a show at the mondavi center. it was pretty  good.
  • updated cd list. by year.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 10-2-03 (01:55)

  • "Fabric made from stinging nettles could be the next big thing in eco-friendly fashion.  The process of growing nettles is much gentler on the Earth than growing cotton, which generally entails high use of water and pesticides. (Almost a quarter of the world's pesticides are sprayed on cotton plants.)  In contrast, nettles don't need much water or protection from pests, and they provide habitat for many insect species and small birds.  While hemp and flax are also eco-friendly replacements for cotton, they produce rough fabric, whereas nettles, strangely enough, can be made into soft and silky fabrics. One Italian fashion house has perfected a nettle fabric, designed a line of nettle-fabric clothes, and lined up willing retailers around the world. It's biggest problem:  finding enough farmers to grow the nettles it needs."
  • updated movies list.
  • kids come into tower all the time asking if we price match. it bothers me that people allow price to be the only consideration when buying things. i hope people realize that voting with one's dollar is even more important (sadly) than what you do in the ballot box. you can support walmart because they have the lowest prices or you can support the locally owned record store. just think about it please.

  • 10-01-03 (01:09)

  • it's more than a little disturbing that the polls show that a) people support the recall and b) that arnold is leading in the polls.

  • 9-30-03 (02:14)

  • i have thursday off because i'm going to a show at the mondavi center. that'll be nice.
  • updated movies list.

  • 9-26-03 (13:19)

  • "Consistent with its habit of pushing the environmental envelope, California has adopted the nation's most comprehensive law governing the manufacture and disposal of electronics.  The law has three main purposes:  to speed the recycling of discarded computers and televisions (some 6 million of which await disposal across the state); to ensure that future tech trash will be less toxic by forcing manufacturers to stop using lead, mercury, and other harmful materials; and to establish safety standards for dismantling computers in foreign countries.  To fund the law, new high-tech products will be subject to a $6 to $10 fee; if manufacturers won't absorb the charge, consumers will.  Twenty-nine other states have introduced e-waste bills, but none are as far-reaching as the one signed yesterday by Gov. Gray Davis."
  • why is it that you're IN a movie, but ON tv? heard a bunch of funny and quizzical questions like that on radio parallax yesterday.
  • as good as the chemical brothers are it's a shame they released such a poor singles collection. the beastie boys' "best of" is definitely one of the best out there. it's got great liner notes, a good cross-section of their roots, their hits and their rarities. the chemical brothers best of chooses a few of their hits and includes a few tracks that are just mediocre. too bad.
  • it's sad how quickly the media pick up a new band, laud them as the new beatles and then, a year later, dump on them at every opportunity. i personally never thought that the strokes or the white stripes were fantastic - both are pretty good for a turn or two - but now it seems that everyone (including those who once held them on a pedestal) is tired of them.
  • i hear there is a die hard 4 that's in pre-production. oh well.
  • i don't have very much music from the 80s, but i have a lot (in relative terms) of movies from the 80s.
  • 1999 was a good year in film.
  • the new atmosphere is good, but it doesn't have any really great tracks...their last album had two or three of those.

  • 9-26-03 (03:13)

  • today was relatively good.
  • updated movies list.
  • listening to the new atmosphere album right now. bought it today.
  • updated cd list. by year.
  • my left year is driving me crazy. i'm thinking of cutting it off.

  • 9-25-03 (01:07)

  • tomorrow is my friday. this week has gone quickly on the whole, but each day has been slow.
  • watched the debates tonight. i still like camejo. huffington was entertaining and a good voice to have...she did a lot of the dirty work - like connecting the bush administration's policies with some of california's problems or pointing out the inconsistencies of arnold. camejo and mcclintock did a good job of staying on point and in control. neither seemed arrogant, argumentative or ignorant. i don't really care for mcclintock, but he's not an idiot and he's not an asshole. if i were a republican then he'd be a more logical choice than arnold.
  • going to visit the wild sanders boys friday.
  • finished melanies desk. it's pretty nice, but i definitely would have liked to do more.
  • another nice link.
  • fantasy baseball is getting interesting.
  • i think it's a good thing that kdvs is run mostly by music nazis. even though it's obnoxious i think that, in the long run, it's that kind of culture which will allow indie music to stay alive.

  • 9-24-03 (02:20)

  • i don't really like fleetwood mac, but this is pretty cool "Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks has lambasted pop superstar Madonna for kissing Britney Spears at the MTV VMA Awards - deeming she is too old to kiss youngsters. The singer was disgusted when she saw the 45-year old Hollywood hitmaker smooching with the 21-year old in the headline grabbing incident. She says, "Madonna is too old to be kissing someone who is 22 (sic)." And the veteran singer also slammed Spears and fellow Madonna-kisser Christina Aguilera for their raunchy images. When asked what advice she would give the pair, she says, "Wear more clothes and try writing some decent songs.""
  • updated movies list.

  • 9-23-03 (02:14)

  • raiders lost today.
  • updated movies list. glad that i watched a movie tonight. it's generally tough to do so after working a closing shift, but if i want to see 300 then i'll have to average a movie a day until the end of the year.
  • i spend more time looking at johnny's fantasy baseball team than i do looking at mine.
  • going to berkeley this weekend. should be fun.
  • i go to sleep pretty late these days.
  • "California Gov. Gray Davis (D) seems to be experiencing a green awakening as he campaigns aggressively against a recall.  He is expected to sign a number of environmental bills in the coming days, despite opposition from major business interests in the state.  One controversial, groundbreaking bill would add a recycling fee onto the price of new computers and televisions sold in the state.  Davis has also signaled support for bills that would prevent oil spills, crack down on air pollution from agriculture, force old refineries and power plants to upgrade pollution-control equipment, and more.  Today Davis and the governors of Oregon and Washington state are scheduled to announce a new partnership to fight global warming.  Davis seems more willing to take political risks on environmental initiatives now that he's anxious to sew up the green vote.  "The dynamics of the recall help us," said Mark Murray of the environmental group Californians Against Waste."
  • "Turns out the sun isn't the only celestial body that can provide eco-friendly power; the moon is now getting into the game.  This weekend, a number of homes in the far north of Norway started getting energy from a sub-sea power station driven by the rise and fall of the tides, which are determined by the gravitational pull of the moon.  The power system, which looks like an underwater windmill, will generate enough electricity for about 30 households.  "This is the first time in the world that electricity from a tidal current has been fed into a power grid," said Harald Johansen of Hammerfest Stroem, the company leading the project.  Other sub-sea energy experiments are underway around the world but have not yet gotten to the stage of feeding power into the electricity grid.  If the Norwegian project is a success, it could pave the way for much wider use of tidal power."
  • "The Bush White House seems to have teamed up with a conservative think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to undermine the credibility of government scientists doing research on climate change.  Myron Ebell, a director of CEI, which has received more than $1 million in funding from ExxonMobil since 1998, last summer sent an email to an official at the president's Council on Environmental Quality that indicates the White House sought his group's assistance in playing down an EPA report that said humans are contributing to the warming of the planet.  "Thanks for calling and asking for our help," Ebell wrote, then went on to suggest ways to cast doubt on the report.  Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is crying foul:  "This email indicates a secret initiative by the administration to invite and orchestrate a lawsuit against itself seeking to discredit an official U.S. government report on global warming dangers."  Other recently uncovered internal government documents point to further White House efforts to suppress research into climate change."
  • updated cd list. by year.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • big cd release day tomorrow...dave matthews, outkast, nickelback, limpbizkit, r. kelly, and more. outkast are pretty decent, but the rest are a virtual hit list for anyone who enjoys quality music. i'm not sure why r. kelly is allowed to still release records (even though this one is a greatest hits album)...the guy pissed on a 14 year old girl and had sex with her. why hasn't someone killed him yet?
  • the gubernatorial debates are supposed to be on the 24th (i think) so check em out. arnold should show up this time.

  • 9-22-03 (00:29)

  • updated movies list. there's a small chance that i can actually watch 300 movies this year. that would be nice.
  • internet is down right now and that's a drag.

  • 9-21-03 (19:34)

  • finally got around to hearing sacd technology on my own system...even though i don't have an sacd player it does make an appreciable difference. haven't listened to it using the surround sound option, but i'm sure that's nice as well.

  • 9-21-03 (02:06)

  • can't sleep. have work tomorrow early.
  • i've cracked the code. not more thought, but less. this whole time i thought that thinking things through was good - it's not. choose a course quickly and act upon it without any further thought on the matter. thought is slow and defeats action.

  • 9-21-03 (00:55)

  • i didn't think about this until recently, but i find it interesting that the jim carrey movie "the truman show" chose truman as the protagonist's name. his whole life was a farce made for tv so in a sense he wasn't really a true-man. i guess it's lame that it took me five years to pick that up.
  • nice site. in related news bush is going to ask the un for help. he'll probably get it in some form, and it was probably planned this way from the beginning, but it's not going to be the same degree of help his daddy got in the first gulf war.
  • they have some really great links on that site as well.
  • more cost figures.
  • civilian deaths in iraq...more than twice that of 9/11, but it's for a good cause.
  • updated movies list.

  • 9-19-03 (01:30)

  • picked up a used copy of autechre's Anti EP. it's a tri repetae++ era three song ep that's relatively hard to find and some lady brought it in with a bunch of other stuff she was selling. a nice score.
  • downloaded a bunch of old radio parallax shows. it's a public affairs program on kdvs that offers political, social, and technological news/satire/commentary. it's good stuff all-around. on today's show he even mentioned an e-mail i sent to him last week asking him to tally up what one might be able to buy with 160 billion dollars (the latest cost of our war in iraq).
  • i'm going to watch movies and finish the desk tomorrow. i've already sanded it using 80, 120, 150 and 220 grit silicon carbide sandpaper. wiped it clean and will apply an oil-based wipe-on poly finish tomorrow. hope it turns out well. bought a book on finishing and it's got some good stuff. i never knew the difference between silicon carbide, garnet, aluminum oxide and ceramic sandpapers...now i do. in fact i didn't know that the different color sandpaper had any bearing on the job it did, but i was wrong.
  • updated cd list. by year. the majority of my cds were released post-1990. it's a shame i don't have a better balance of old to new. granted i've gotten a couple hundred free cds since working at tower and about 95% of those were released after 1990, but i still wish i had a better balance.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 9-18-03 (01:43)

  • riefenstahl died the other day. oh well.

  • 9-17-03 (02:48)

  • updated movies list.
  • duh and it's about time.
  • another duh.

  • 9-15-03 (00:21)

  • had a good talk with the wild sanders brothers today. wish we got together more often.
  • lost in fantasy baseball. it was all because of one pitcher too. he had his worst game of the year and that lost the contest for me. very sad indeed.
  • listening to nas' illmatic right now.
  • heard the raider game on the radio. sounded exciting. heard about the niner game later. that was sad.
  • there was some ruckus outside a little bit ago. i guess some cops were chasing after a couple people on bikes. i don't think they caught em.

  • 9-14-03 (02:50)

  • can't sleep again. don't know what my problem is.
  • updated movies list.
  • by this time tomorrow i'll know whether i made it to the final round of the fantasy baseball league.
  • saw the last 10 minutes (plus 3OT) of the ohio state game. the last two college football games i've seen at any length have been ohio state games...the national championship and this one. both times they had a combination of luck and luck to win. nc state really should have won the game today and miami could have won that game last year. at any rate i don't give a shit about any of the aforementioned teams so i was just happy to see a good game.
  • usc killed and notre dame got killed. two separate games, but i care about those teams more than any other in the nation. i like ucla for basketball, but not so much for football. probably because i went to so many sc football games as a kid.

  • 9-13-03 (05:28)

  • haven't had a strong desire to sleep yet. my sleeping has been odd lately. i don't recall the last time i woke up on my own. usually there is some outside force that wakes me up...alarm clock, neighbors sanding their table, kids outside, birds, lawn mowers, phone, etc.
  • autechre's tri repetae is such a good album
  • updated movies list.
  • johnny cash's "hurt" video is pretty good and sad.
  • he's the only person to be inductd into the country music hall of fame, the rock and roll hall of fame, and the songwriter's hall of fame. he's the country artist that breaks the molds for a lot of people. ask many music lovers and they'll say they like all kinds of music except country, but then they'll add that johnny cash is the lone exception to that. i don't know any other country artist sampled by both the beastie boys and de la soul, or revered by both u2 and garth brooks. enough said about that.

  • 9-12-03 (23:17)

  • the number one crop in california is marijuana. not sure if that's by weight or value, but either way it's an impressive fact.
  • i wonder why we're not closer to france. they bailed us out in the revolution, detocqueville wrote one of the most important books about us, they gave us the statue of liberty, washington dc was patterned after paris and the only film we have of the first plane hitting the tower was shot by a frenchman.
  • a lot of people died this week. warren zevon, john ritter, johnny cash and my great uncle.
  • looking forward to matchstick men.

  • 9-12-03 (01:25)

  • updated movies list.
  • there was a good episode of radio parallax on today.
  • i've been spending too much money lately.
  • if anyone out there actually listens to merzbow please let me know why.

  • 9-11-03 (00:53)

  • "Matt LeBlanc is reportedly causing hostility on the set of the final season of hit comedy Friends amongst his co-stars by focusing more on his spin-off show. The actor - who will be reprising his character Joey Tribbiani in a new series - is reportedly boasting about his continued coverage on television, something which has left co-star David Schwimmer fuming, according to Britain's OK! magazine. A show insider says, "He says things like, 'When I'm the only one on TV next season, we're going to do things a little differently.' Most people just turn away and roll their eyes." Sources claim Schwimmer - who plays whining Ross Gellar - is angry he hasn't been offered a spin-off series of his own, something which is causing friction in his off-screen friendship with LeBlanc. The insider adds, "Matt has tried to make him feel better by offering him guest spots on the show.""
  • "Actress Cameron Diaz has spoken out about the acne hell that plagues her life - and forces her to become phobic about germs. The 31-year-old Charlie Angel's is well-known for her problem skin, which flares up at times of stress and even caused her to miss the London premiere of her film Gangs Of New York earlier this year for fear of being photographed looking less than perfect. She admits, "Of course I know I am an attractive girl, and I'm pleased about that. But even I have a flaw. My skin is so over-sensitive I get inflamed spots at the smallest thing. If it's possible I even touch door handles with tissues. On days like that I just stay away from the mirror." But Cameron has other qualities that make up for her troubles - she has no need to exercise to keep her famous figure in shape. She laughs, "I wear high heels - that's my only fitness training and it gives nice legs. Sometimes I want to start playing tennis or going swimming but I'm too lazy for that. I like my bed.""
  • moby is going to be a guest on the new britney spears album. fuck moby.
  • i like to offer important news items like those above once in a while to balance out the usual crap about politics and the environment.
  • updated movies list.
  • listening to some youssou n'dour right now. he was supposed to come to the mondavi center this year, but pulled out because he doesn't want to support anything american while we're at war. one more reason we shouldn't be at war...
  • had a pretty good week with my fantasy sports teams.
  • tomorrow (today) is my friday.
  • well today (technically) is the two year anniversary of 9-11. chomsky properly points out that 9-11 wasn't that big of deal when you think about acts of terrorism world wide over the course of history, but it was a big deal in that it was the biggest ever brought against a nation of our relative power. i think the biggest tragedy about 9-11 wasn't the 2-3 thousand who died that day, rather it's the fact that we (read: the bush administration) used it as an excuse to kill thousands overseas in afghanistan and iraq. we had the entire civilized world on our side for a while, but not anymore.
  • turn.

  • 9-10-03 (01:02)

  • greg palast was on kdvs last week talking about stuff in general. i look forward to reading his book, which i acquired while sarah was in town, called 'the best democracy money can buy.' he pointed out that we don't have very many reporters any more, rather we seem to have far more repeaters. in recent years it seems that the government has gotten really good at controlling what the media reports. in both middle east wars the media basically has just repeated whatever press releases the pentagon has issued. he also talked about ken lay getting to pick the head of firc and likened that to the mob being able to pick the chief of police. by the way, to this date no federal charges have been brought against ken lay (head of enron).
  • the country is getting more and more scary lately. i don't know why people are so apathetic. polls show that the majority (69%) of americans still think saddam was linked to the 9-11 attacks; people, on the whole, don't care that bush used false evidence when making the case for war; people are "over" that whole bush stealing votes in florida thing; people don't really care that we're seen as international bullies; people don't know about/don't care about what's been happening in texas the last few weeks; people don't care that we've terrorized others for the last 50 years...etc. now i'm the first one to point out that all regimes are soaked in blood, but to deny the past or not care about the present is just pigheaded.
  • ueberroth dropped out.
  • updated movies list.

  • 9-9-03 (00:54)

  • "A measure in a big Republican-backed energy bill would exempt from federal regulation a natural-gas-drilling procedure refined by Halliburton Co., the oil and gas services company previously headed by Vice President Dick Cheney.  The process, called hydraulic fracturing, is used widely in Western states and involves the injection of diesel fuel, hydrochloric acid, or other substances into the ground to help increase natural gas production.  Enviros argue that hydraulic fracturing has contaminated drinking water in Alabama and could put water in other areas at risk.  The massive energy bill, being written and pushed through Congress by Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) and Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), is expected to contain plenty of other provisions that will make environmentalists cringe."
  • apparently congress doesn't mind too much that bush is asking for 50% more than he originally planned for in the war on iraq and afghanistan. that's a shame, but also sadly predictable.

  • 9-8-03 (02:00)

  • updated movies list.

  • 9-7-03 (01:28)

  • have to wake up early tomorrow for work.
  • hopefully i can watch a movie and clamp up melanie's desk. after that all i'll have to do is finish it....finish in the carpentry sense, not complete...although they are the same.
  • updated movies list.

  • 9-5-03 (01:54)

  • had a pretty telling experience the today...i was talking with the new assistant manager about music reviewers. he said he hated pitchfork.com and allmusic.com and went on to list a few reviewers he did like. it happens that allmusic.com and pitchfork.com are the primary places i go for music information/reviews and i like em plenty. then today i was in armadillo music browsing their used section when i heard paul (the manager) talking to a customer about how he felt that allmusic.com was the best site of all-time...it's got reviews, information about related artists, essays and, in general, is just loaded with good information. after i was done browsing i went to the counter to get a used cd and the other guy who was working there gave me 50% off just because i come in sometimes and chat with them. what a nice group of people and what a contrast it is when i go across the street to visit the competition.
  • that being said, i had a decent time at work today.

  • 9-4-03 (00:10)

  • watching a candidate forum on tv right now. it features bustamante, huffington, camejo, mcclintock, and ueberroth. the latter two are retarded, especially ueberroth...that guy has some sort of serious mental defect. i agreed with everything camejo had to say. huffington seemed pretty well prepared and placed her anger in the proper places. she was also entertaining. bustamante was moderate, but he's still a backstabber.
  • camejo talked a lot about taxing the right people in the right way (tax the rich and corporations more), renewable energy, and equal rights (for gays and immigrants).
  • i don't know why this debate was on so late and i don't know why schwarzenegger decided not to show up (actually yes i do), but i hope that people got to watch it because it was informative. before the debate davis was on tv answering questions at a town hall meeting.
  • deadline to register to vote in september 20th, or thereabouts. so register soon.
  • while was updating this page i made the mistake of leaving the tv on. i just watched 15 seconds of "suddenly susan" and now i'm in full depression mode.
  • this is absolutely amazing...""UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, World's Largest Music Company, DRAMATICALLY REDUCES CD PRICES." That's right-- one of the five major label groups announced a plan yesterday to lower the list price of most top-line CD's to a jaw-dropping $12.98, effective as early as October 1st. Wholesale prices will be decreased as much as 30 percent, effectively reducing the end price of many discs to between $10 and $12 at many retail outlets."
  • it's about time. of course sony had already implemented a pricing plan that sort of half did the same thing. they have a lot more "discovery price" artists...usually 9.99 to 12.99. they have an extensive "midline" catalog (8.99 to 12.99) and more recently have been offering new release titles at 9.99 to 12.99 for the first week or two and then raising the price to the industry standard frontline price of 18.99. i think that sony has been at the front of these kinds of moves and other distributors have followed suit, though usually only with regards to breaking artists in at the lower price point (john mayer, interpol, pete yorn, etc. all were broken in at lower price points). in the long run this policy change is going to be only good for the music industry...people will likely start making record store trips more of a part of their routine if they know they can find what they like for under ten bucks.
  • everytime i see that vince carter dunk where he flew over the 7'2" french guy and dunked on him...it just amazes me. who would even think to jump OVER a guy to make a shot. pull up and take the jump shot or go around him...that's what most people would think to do, but vince carter just flew right over the guy. it still amazes me.

  • 9-3-03 (12:55)

  • not much going on these days.
  • going to see michael moore speak at santa cruz in october.
  • i've been getting bit pretty badly by mosquitos or something lately. it's not pleasant.

  • updated movies list.

    8-31-03 (23:00)

  • updated movies list.
  • moviesiown list.
  • almost done with the table i'm building for melanie. i think it looks pretty good, but if i had better tools then it would be more up to my standards. but considering it's the first table i've ever built, it's good enough.
  • watched a lot of movies this month and that's a good thing.

  • 8-29-03 (23:40)

  • "If we're all God's children, what's so special about Jesus?"
  • i think it's important to remember that sometimes god does do some good...after all he killed kubrick before he had a chance to make Artificial Intelligence, right?

  • 8-29-03 (12:01)

  • madonna is officially washed up. now she's kissing female teeny boppers to try to be hip. it's almost sad.
  • updated movies list.
  • today's the last day that my mom and sister are in town.
  • updated cdlist. and by year.
  • moviesiown list.

  • 8-27-03 (02:36)

  • good interview with bill moyers.
  • updated movies list.

  • 8-22-03 (22:30)

  • there was a pretty big thunder storm last night.
  • updated movies list. four movies yesterday and four the day before. only one today.

  • 8-21-03 (02:25)

  • listening to ambient music helps develop my musical patience. when one listens to pop music a lot it's easy to grow bored of a song quickly if there isn't a chorus or a steady beat. ambient music combats that syndrome.
  • i set out to do nothing but watch movies today. i succeeded.
  • updated movies list.

  • 8-20-03 (02:35)

  • today was my friday. i have four days off, work one day, three days off, work one day, two days off and then business as usual from there. nice.
  • i've had good art overload the last few hours. watched all the special features on the bowling for columbine dvd and now i'm listening to a top five album of all-time - paul's boutique. dust brothers + beastie boys=transcendent. it's unfortunate that it's so late...if it were twelve hours later, or earlier, then i could give this album the proper three speaker treatment, but alas headphones will have to do for now.
  • ponce de leon
  • constantly on
  • cause you know why-a-u-c-h
  • i'm interested in watching the new kevin costner film.
  • "The following is an oft-repeated experiment in hypnosis. The subject is hypnotized and told that an ice-cold bucket of water is lukewarm. He is told to put his arm in the bucket. The hypnotist says, "How does it feel?" "Fine." "Is it uncomfortable at all?" "No, it's nice and warm." Then the subject is given paper and a pen and told to let his free hand write without thinking about anything at all, just letting it move by itself. The hand writes, "Stop the experiment! It hurts! It's freezing! " Below the hypnotized level of consciousness there is always this aware observer. This is the experiment we are now doing on a global scale. Media and advertising have hypnotized us to the materialist culture, while underneath there is a level of awareness screaming, "Stop the experiment! We are consuming a planet! This is insane!" It certainly helps to explain the pandemic of depression and violence and stress-related disease. The most important thing we can do is to stop the mad hypnotists." - linda palter. from the recent issue of adbusters.
  • ocs software is good. scanners are better.
  • "if i ate spinach i'd be called spinach D." there's the exact line...it's on the b-boy bouillabaisse found on paul's boutique.

  • 8-19-03 (00:51)

  • "In most of the U.S. and Canada, last Thursday's history-making blackout is little more than a memory:  The lights are on, the AC is cranking, transportation systems are running, and it's business as usual.  Still, some officials, including New York Gov. George Pataki (R) and Ontario Premier Ernie Eves, warned people that they might feel the lingering effects of the power outage and encouraged everyone to conserve energy wherever possible.  In some cities, such as Detroit, public transportation was free through the weekend as part of a plan to discourage the use of private vehicles.  Another environmentally friendly side effect of the blackout:  Alternative energy companies posted major gains on the stock market on Friday, the day after the conventional-fuel grid went kaput."
  • "The leak from the oil tanker Prestige off the coast of Spain last year probably caused more environmental damage than the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster, according to a new report by a private Spanish economic institute.  Some 78,000 metric tons of fuel have been cleansed from beaches since the November sinking, and the Prestige continues to leak at the rate of roughly one metric ton per day.  The estimated cost of cleaning up the Galician coastline is $2.8 billion dollars, about $8 million more than the Exxon Valdez cleanup cost, and the harm to the environment and the fishing industry is also thought to have been worse than in the infamous Alaska disaster. Contamination from the Prestige put 16,000 people out of work and indirectly cost 80,000 others their jobs.  The report also sharply criticized the Spanish government's handling of the spill."
  • psyched about getting 'roger and me' and 'bowling for columbine' on dvd tomorrow. i know it's lame to look forward to owning a dvd that'll sit on my shelf 90% of the time, but knowing i can watch either at any time i want is nice. plus the special features for bowling look pretty sweet.
  • revisiting "licensed to ill." what an album.
  • i forget what album it's on (i think paul's boutique), but mike d has one line that goes something like "i eat spinach, but don't call me spinach D." what a great, and definitive, beastie boys line. it's funny, but also has great word play. get it....he eats mics. har har.
  • "Perhaps Licensed to Ill was inevitable — a white group blending rock and rap, giving them the first number one album in hip-hop history. But that reading of the album's history gives a short shrift to the Beastie Boys; producer Rick Rubin and his label, Def Jam; and this remarkable record, since mixing metal and hip-hop isn't necessarily an easy thing to do. Just sampling and scratching Sabbath and Zeppelin to hip-hop beats does not make for an automatically good record, though there is a visceral thrill to hearing those muscular riffs put into overdrive with scratching. But, much of that is due to the producing skills of Rick Rubin, a metalhead who formed Def Jam Records with Russell Simmons and had previously flirted with this sound on Run-D.M.C.'s Raising Hell, not to mention a few singles and one-offs with the Beasties prior to this record. He made rap rock, but to give him lone credit for Licensed to Ill (as some have) is misleading, since that very same combination would not have been as powerful, nor would it have aged so well — aged into a rock classic — if it weren't for the Beastie Boys, who fuel this record through their passion for subcultures, pop culture, jokes, and the intoxicating power of wordplay. At the time, it wasn't immediately apparent that their obnoxious patter was part of a persona (a fate that would later plague Eminem), but the years have clarified that this was a joke — although, listening to the cajoling rhymes, filled with clear parodies and absurdities, it's hard to imagine the offense that some took at the time. Which, naturally, is the credit of not just the music — they don't call it the devil's music for nothing — but the wild imagination of the Beasties, whose rhymes sear into consciousness through their gonzo humor and gleeful delivery. There hasn't been a funnier, more infectious record in pop music than this, and it's not because the group is mocking rappers (in all honesty, the truly twisted barbs are hurled at frat boys and lager lads), but because they've already created their own universe and points of reference, where it's as funny to spit out absurdist rhymes and pound out "Fight for Your Right (To Party)" as it is to send up street-corner doo wop with "Girls." Then, there is the overpowering loudness of the record — operating from the axis of where metal, punk, and rap meet, there never has been a record this heavy and nimble, drunk on its own power yet giddy with what they're getting away with. There is a sense of genuine discovery, of creating new music, that remains years later, after countless plays, countless misinterpretations, countless rip-off acts, even countless apologies from the Beasties, who seemed guilty by how intoxicating the sound of it is, how it makes beer-soaked hedonism sound like the apogee of human experience. And maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but in either case, Licensed to Ill reigns tall among the greatest records of its time. — Stephen Thomas Erlewine (of allmusic.com, naturally)"
  • searchable books online. searched for "2+2=5" and it took me straight to the chapter in orwell's 1984 where it could be found.
  • i have 1000 cds now.
  • updated movies list.
  • "Bubbly actress Brittany Murphy has a slight problem with the upcoming launch of her singing career - she's yet to decide on which musical genre she'll perform. The Uptown Girls beauty, ex-girlfriend of Eminem and Ashton Kutcher, plans to show off her vocal talents on her debut album this autumn, but has yet to decide on the CD's style. She says, "I was raised on a lot of jazz and hip-hop and R&B and blues, so I have a lot of artists I favor. I'm sure it'll be a hybrid of all that stuff. Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross - those are my career idols. Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and Ice Cube have done incredible jobs in juggling both careers. Who knows what my music will end up sounding like, but hopefully people will really like it. I need to get it out of my body and into a microphone.""

  • 8-16-03 (01:31)

  • this whole east coast power outage thing gives people a chance to get a day off work and look at the stars for once. big deal.

  • 08-15-03 (13:08)

  • updated movies list.
  • five more days of work. that'll make ten in a row, but then i get four days off. also my mom and sister are coming up to visit. this month has been hectic.
  • tuesday "roger and me" and "bowling for columbine" are coming out on dvd. looking forward to those.
  • i need to eat breakfast and get ready for work.

  • 8-14-03 (02:09)
  • over 300 movies in my netflix queue now.
  • fidel castro is fucking cool. what we've done to cuba, with our embargo, is so silly. i can certainly understand why most of the world hates us.
  • the english language is dead nowadays. with kids these days to, two and too are all the same. you're and your are also indistinguishable. it's all because they write the way they talk. it would appear to me that the worst thing to happen to writing is talking.
  • that was supposed to be sarcastic and facetious, but i don't know if it came off that way. it was supposed to be a subtle jab at those who insist we not split our infinitives (an antiquated rule that stems from the fact that in latin it was impossible to split the infinitive from the verb because they were one word!) or spell everything correctly. some people talk about our language woes in doomsday terms...as if somehow our language is going to one day die or be destroyed by people who "misuse" it. i, on the other hand, have a somewhat more liberal interpretation. i think that language evolves...it always has. i don't think in terms of better or worse, but more suitable to the times. with some it might indicate a lack of formal education. so that when the see a student use "to" instead of "too" they grow disheartened because it shows that the student hasn't acquired a certain level of education...i will agree to that, but to those who stubbornly cry out against splitting an infinitive or using "whom" instead of "who" when appropriate...well i just don't understand you.
  • when we first moved into our new apartment there were dozens of moths on the walls, on the floor, hidden here and there. so i took up a campaign of genocide. at the height of this campaign i was killing 10-15 moths a day. now i'm lucky if i find one a day. so i feel successful in this regard. i look at myself as the hitler of moths, but then i thought about this analogy and found it not optimum. for hitler is reviled and his memory is anything but pleasing. so i now look at myself as the columbus of moths. for three reasons columbus is more analogous: a) columbus was successful in his genocidal campaigns in the west indies whereas hitler was not b) columbus is revered to the point of being a hero in textbooks and even has a holiday in his honor whereas hitler is hated and c) it was not out of hate that i killed the moths, but more because of the simple fact that i didn't want them around when i was trying to settle down in my new home.
  • manifest destiny, it's killer.
  • "News:"
  • "Slimline movie actress Renee Zellweger is reportedly being paid a $3.2 million bonus to pack on the pounds for her reprised role as Bridget Jones. The petite Chicago star is already on a high-fat diet in order to achieve the rounder figure needed for the British singleton - and film producers have guaranteed her $112,000 for every pound out of the 30 she manages to put on. A source tells British tabloid The Daily Star, "Renee's getting nearly £15 million for the sequel and the bonus is on top of that. She hates gaining weight to play Bridget and know's she's going to have a hard time losing it again." Svelte Renee first played Bridget in hit 2001 movie Bridget Jones' Diary but soon lost the weight she gained for the role - with some believing she'd gotten too thin. But the amazing success of the Hugh Grant-starring flick meant Renee was tempted back to the role for Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. However, the actress is having a hard time dealing with her calorie-packed diet. She told a friend, "I'm eating so much I sometimes feel sick. But I might as well enjoy it while I can.""
  • "Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt is planning to remake 1955 James Dean movie East Of Eden and play the lead role. The actor has approached the estate of classic author John Steinbeck in a bid to secure movie rights to the novel, which inspired the Oscar-winning flick about two Californian brothers who compete for the love of their father. A Hollywood source tells the New York Daily News, "Remaking a classic is a daunting prospect. Brad has to think it through." Steinbeck's novel recently surged up the American best-sellers list after being recommended by talk show host and literary connoisseur Oprah Winfrey."
  • i especially like that last part which refers to oprah as a "literary connoisseur." i would amend the last sentence like so: "Steinbeck's novel recently surged up the American best-sellers list after being recommended by talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who happens to read. congratulations to her. and by the way people are sheep."
  • updated movies list.
  • it's much too late to be awake.
  • it's much two late too be awake.
  • it's much two late two be awake.
  • it's much to late two be awake.
  • it's much to late too be awake.

  • 8-13-03 (00:47)

  • DJ Shadow "had already been fiddling around with making beats and breaks on a four-track while he was in high school, but it was his move to the NorCal cow-town of Davis to attend university that led to the establishment of his own Solesides label as an outlet for his original tracks. Hooking up with Davis' few b-boys (including eventual Solesides artists Blackalicious and Lyrics Born) through the college radio station, Shadow began releasing the Reconstructed From the Ground Up mix tapes in 1991 and pressed his 17-minute hip-hop symphony "Entropy" in 1993. His tracks spread widely through the DJ-strong hip-hop underground, eventually catching the attention of Mo' Wax. Shadow's first full-length, Endtroducing..., was released in late 1996 to immense critical acclaim in Britain and America. Preemptive Strike, a compilation of early singles, followed in early 1998."
  • i heard this super mario remix of closer by nine inch nails...it's an awful remix, but hearing all the old super mario brothers sounds brought back memories of nintendo days.
  • today i talked with the manager of the music store across the street. every once in a while i'll pay a visit and we'll chat about the business. his store has about a third of the square footage that our store has and maybe a fourth of the product that we have. i asked how many employees they have and he said "seven" which includes him. at our store we have eight which includes joe. when they do returns (very rarely - every other month at the most) they return no more than 20 cds. when we do returns (EVERY month) we return around 5,000 cds and a few hundred DVDs. since our inventory is probably four times theirs we also receive much more product than they do and, thus, have more to put out on a regular basis. our stores have identical hours almost identical staff and yet we have a) about twice as much business as them b) four times as much product as them and c) about 500 times as much product to return on a monthly basis. it's no wonder they have such superior customer service. they're business model makes so much more sense...it focuses on customer service, maintaining margins (rather than focusing on volume), and keeping things simple. stores like that are becoming an endangered species.
  • i have to work on friday and saturday, but the good news is that i have a four day weekend next week.

  • 8-11-03

  • got an all-in-one machine yesterday.
  • work was so so today.
  • i'll update my movies list soon enough.
  • i've been really busy lately. this weekend i hope to catch up on some things.
  • updated movies list.
  • "20th Century Fox has announced the DVD release for the virus/zombie flick 28 Days Later - Directed by Danny Boyle (who Directed Trainspotting) and Writer Alex Garland (who wrote 'The Beach'). Set for release on October 21st 28 Days Later will be released in separate Widescreen and full screen editions both with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio and featuring: Audio commentary with Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, 3 alternate endings (including the one playing at the end of the credits in theaters), deleted scenes, Pure Rage: The Making of 28 Days Later - featurette, production stills gallery with director commentary, Polaroid picture gallery with director commentary, Jacknife Lee music video, animated story boards, theatrical teaser and theatrical trailer."
  • 8-7-03 (01:09)
  • well i've been updating the page more frequently so i guess that's a good thing.
  • haven't watched very many movies in recent months.
  • why the obsession with terrorist attacks using planes? by now our planes are the most heavily guarded mode of transportation. anyone who tries to hijack a plane now is going to have half of the passengers go rambo on their ass. so unless you are somehow really well armed or manage getting a lot of your fellow bad guys into one plane you're not going to get very far. also, getting into the cockpit is near impossible now that the doors are locked and reinforced. so i don't understand why there is such a focus on air travel as a potential target. the only answer i can come up with is to strike fear in people or disrupt the economy. both of those would be better accomplished by ambushing a subway or freeway (more people, easier access). the only upside to getting a plane is that if you are able to crash it into something you can do pretty good damage. it just seems that everyone's efforts would be better spent focusing on other targets.
  • schwarzenegger is running for governor. i could certainly think of people who would do a worse job and i can think of people who are less trustworthy, but that doesn't mean he's got what it takes (experience, knowledge, connections, clout, etc.) to be a good governor. my feeling is that he doesn't have a real chance either, but i didn't take bush all that seriously either.
  • well the kings lost keon clark and our assistant coach - terry porter. sad day.
  • tomorrow is my friday and that's good news. the real friday and saturday will be filled with manual labor, air travel, and watching a couple movies with my dad.

  • 8-6-03 (01:39)

  • "A dozen varieties of soft drinks sold by Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Delhi, India, contain "dangerously high" levels of pesticide residues, according to tests conducted by the Center for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based nonprofit.  CSE accused the companies of drawing their source water from India's highly contaminated groundwater supply and then doing little to purify it.  The group also tested Coke and Pepsi beverages purchased in the U.S. and the European Union and found no traces of pesticides.  The problem, says CSE Director Sunita Narain, is that the U.S. and E.U. have regulations governing the water used to produce soft drinks, while India doesn't.  Coke and Pepsi vehemently deny the charges of contamination and are considering legal action against CSE.  In a separate bit of bad news for Coke, Greenpeace is calling for the shutdown of one of the corporation's bottling plants in India, accusing the plant of passing the toxic sludge it produces on to local farmers in the guise of fertilizer."
  • i read once that coca-cola (or maybe it was pepsi, but definitely one of the two) bought an entire lake in india to secure a source of water for use in their products. the downside is that all the hundreds of townspeople who once drew drinking water from this lake had to find new sources of water because the water became property of the coca-cola company.
  • today was.
  • tomorrow is my thursday and that's good. this weekend i'll be busy moving a bunch of books back into my grandparents living room.
  • saw a story on the news tonight about a bunch of starbucks (15) shops in san francisco which were plastered with "out of business" and "for lease" signs. whoever did it also broke off keys in the locks so employees couldn't go to work in the morning. i think it's a great prank and it sounds like it was well-executed since so far there aren't any witnesses and they got 15 different stores.
  • updated movies list.

  • 8-5-03 (01:15)

  • "High levels of radiation are showing up at a number of sites throughout Iraq, thanks to the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons by U.S.-led forces during the war in March and April.  DU is considered a potential cause of cancers and birth defects.  Some Iraqi doctors and others say that use of DU ammunition during the 1991 Gulf War led to a significant surge in cancers and birth defects in Iraq a few years later. DU is also suspected of contributing to the Gulf War Syndrome that has afflicted thousands of U.S. veterans. Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) has introduced a bill that would require the U.S. government to study the health and environmental effects of DU, but the legislation is going nowhere fast.  The military says there's no evidence that DU causes health problems, and it insists DU ammunition is needed because it's dense enough to penetrate heavy tank armor."
  • "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today (is) my own government" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

  • 8-4-03 (01:29)

  • updated movies list.
  • played softball tonight and so my knee hurts again. i'm not sure why physical activity makes my knee hurt. my body hasn't been kind to me lately.

  • 8-2-03 (01:45)

  • started work on making a desk for melanie today.
  • we got a couch for free tonight. it's big and comfy and now it's clean too. looks ugly, but that's the only downside.
  • johnny updates his webpage even less frequently than i.
  • i'll try to watch a couple movies and get some building done tomorrow.

  • 8-1-03 (01:29)

  • updated movies list.
  • "Let's start with Warner's A Christmas Story: 20th Anniversary Special Edition. The 2-disc set (10/7 - SRP $26.99) will feature anamorphic widescreen video, the Another Christmas Story documentary on the making of the film (narrated by Peter Billingsley), feature-length audio commentary with cast members and director Bob Clark, 2 featurettes (A History of The Daisy Red Ryder an Get a Leg Up: A Shining Light of Freedom), the Triple Dog Dare interactive trivia game, a "decoder match challenge" game, the Jean Shepherd Radio Program (featuring the author/narrator of A Christmas Story reading the holiday stories from his book In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash which served as the basis for the movie), Easter eggs and more." it's about time they release that in widescreen format.
  • the artwork on amon tobin's new remix ep is pretty nice.
  • updated moviesiown list.
  • updated cdlist. year.

  • the trip was good on the whole. played golf, painted a lot, got free food and spent time with the family. i kept busy.

    7-23-03 (01:35)

  • updated movies list.

  • 7-21-03 (02:10)

  • been pretty busy lately.
  • jon came over the other day for a short visit. it was nice to see him again.
  • listening to the beatles.
  • updated movies list.

  • 7-18-03 (02:27)

  • today was inventory at work. i worked 11 hours and 15 minutes. i'm not really sure how the law works, but since i closed last night and had to come back to work with less than 8 hours between shifts i think i should get paid more. i asked joe and he said he didn't know, but what else is new?
  • the assistant manager's last day is tomorrow. i have no clue what joe is going to do about replacing her. tower is retarded, again.
  • updated movies list.

  • 7-12-03 (20:19)

  • had to wake up early today for a store meeting. it sucked, but i got a bunch of promos (the managers got rid of all the stuff that had piled up over the months and let us pick through them) and breakfast. as a result of waking up so early i also got a lot of stuff done. i finally hung up my maps and posters. i hope to get enough posters to cover my ceiling as well....right now the walls are pretty full.
  • put some hooks on the patio fence which allow us to hang our bikes up which frees up space.
  • why is it that if you look at a wheel spinning fast in a clockwise direction it looks like it's spinning slowly counterclockwise?
  • also went to the batting cages and hit some balls, that was pretty fun.

  • 7-10-03 (13:10)

  • Go to www.google.com and type weapons of massdestruction (without quotes) in the search engine. Then do not click "Search," but rather click "I'm Feeling Lucky." Then read the entire error message.

  • 7-9-03 (11:42)

  • it seems hard to sleep past noon these days, but i suppose that's a good thing because more gets done that way.
  • finished "cat's cradle" last night. what's more is i was listening to godspeed you black emperor! while i was reading it which is fitting since the book is about the end of the world and the stupidity of humanity. vonnegut, though, treats it with the appropriate amount of comic wit and sarcasm so it's not any more depressing than washing one's laundry.
  • updated cdlist. by year.
  • updated moviesiown list.
  • i highly recommend people see "28 days later..." it's similar to dawn of the dead, only on speed. it comes up with more scares, about as much character development, and just as much social commentary. well put together and certainly worth the time if you're not averse to "horror" films.

  • 7-6-03 (19:17)

  • my birthday was fun. i went to santa cruz and got a bit sunburned, played basketball and baseball, participated in putting on a pretty good fireworks show (which included a cannon that shot 10 gauge shotgun shells), and ate plenty. it was good to see vern again since he lives in nyc now. it was also nice to see johnny who was in papua new guinea for a month. luke was nice to me and the whole crowd was fun.
  • i didn't do much work at work today.
  • updated movies list.

  • 7-2-03 (01:48)

  • updated movies list.

  • 7-1-03 (13:12)
    jay williams is the new bobby hurley. both young duke guards who turn out to be a disappointment in the nba and then get in a vehicle crash that majorly hurts their career.

    6-28-03 (22:45)

  • registered my number on the national do not call list. that's exciting.
  • the bunk bed was turning out to be more trouble than it was worth so i've decided not to do it, at least for now. my room is big enough that i don't really need the extra space it would have saved anyway, though more space is always nice.
  • set up a brick and board bookcase that works well and now my room just needs to have posters added to the walls and it'll be done. the living room still needs work.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated moviesiown list.

  • 6-28-03 (01:42)

  • more or less moved in now. i still need to finish the bunk bed...that should be done tomorrow after i make a run to ace and pick up some more hardware. we don't have any real furniture - no tables, melanie doesn't have a desk, we don't have a sofa, etc. melanie's parents got us a propane grill though. had some steak on it tonight and that was good. so much easier than charcoal grills.
  • i'll update my movies list tomorrow.

  • 6-23-03 (01:07)

  • had a softball game today, but i didn't play. we lost by a few runs.
  • started the first phase of actual moving today. loaded up the car with bricks, boards, and other misc. stuff and drove it all over to the new place. carpets get cleaned tomorrow morning so we can't do any moving before work, but after i get off work i'll probably take another car load over there. get the truck on wednesday for all the big stuff.
  • i still need a couple items for the bunk bed, but the carriage is done and fits together nicely.
  • haven't gotten around to changing my address with my bank or a lot of other places so i should probably do that soon. moving is nice. i wish i had less stuff. after i move i think i'll round up another group of items to give away or sell. i also wish everything i had was smaller. my computer, for example, would be better if it were just one piece. if i had the money i would buy a laptop as my main computer.

  • 6-20-03 (21:11)

  • updated movies list.
  • bought some lumber today for my the bunk bed i'm going to make. bought a mattress yesterday so i know exactly how big to make the carriage portion of the bed. hope to start work in earnest tomorrow.
  • get to start moving to the new place in four days.
  • my internet explorer is having issues lately.

  • 6-19-03 (01:05)

  • boxed up all my cds tonight. i have an excessive amount of audio video related stuff. 7 boxes of cds, 3 boxes of dvd, five speakers, two cd cases, one dvd case, two receivers, a tv, a dvd player and a cd player.
  • i go back to work tomorrow for a day and then get the weekend. i doubt it'll happen, but i hope to find a full time job, that pays equal to or greater than what i make now, in the next week.

  • 6-18-03 (01:23)

  • "Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, made a bid for green votes on Friday when he unveiled an energy plan that would, among other things, tighten fuel-economy standards for automobiles and push the U.S. toward getting 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Kerry wants to end U.S. dependence on Middle East oil imports within a decade. "The threats that America faces today don't just come from gun barrels, they come from gas pumps -- and we need to disarm that danger," Kerry told an audience in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "No foreign government can embargo clean domestic renewable sources of energy and no terrorists can seize control of them."  Kerry proposed launching a new fund that would finance research into renewable energy sources and spending $1 billion a year to help the U.S. auto industry build more eco-friendly vehicles. He said his plan would create 500,000 new jobs over a decade."
  • i don't know why more people who are left of "center" take this kind of stance. the only people it threatens are oil companies and, to a lesser extent, the auto industry. but i feel that it's a politically viable stance - it's eco-friendly, it addresses part of the problem in the middle east, and it will create jobs. it's also encouraging that he gave this speech in middle america, rather than san francisco where there's no risk involved in taking such a stance.
  • "The Nature Conservancy, which was sent reeling last month after a series of Washington Post articles exposed embarrassing problems and questionable practices within the organization, has announced a number of policy reforms decided upon in a board meeting last week. TNC, the world's wealthiest environmental group, will stop drilling for oil on land it controls, making loans to staff members, and selling undeveloped land to trustees for use as home sites.  The Post articles revealed, among other things, that TNC had drilled for natural gas on the last native breeding ground of an endangered bird and had given its president, Steven McCormick, a $1.5 million low-interest home loan.  In the wake of the articles, two senators called for taking a close look at TNC's finances.  The group hopes the new changes will head off further scrutiny and criticism.  "This sounds like a big step in the right direction," said Peter Dobkin Hall of Harvard's Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations"
  • "New gadgetry at truck stops could help slash pollution from idling big rigs.  Most truck drivers across the U.S. leave their vehicles' engines running all night while they're parked at truck stops because it's the only way to keep the heating or air conditioning on while they get some shuteye. Between 840 million and 2 billion gallons of gasoline are burned each year in the U.S. by these idling trucks, according to an estimate from the South Coast Air Quality Management District in southern California, and that results in a lot of dangerous diesel exhaust that can damage lungs and exacerbate asthma or bronchitis, not to mention heat up the planet.  IdleAire Technologies, a Tennessee-based company, has a solution to this dirty problem: truck stops where drivers can turn off their engines and tap into a system that gives them heated or cooled air via a tube with a control panel that attaches to a truck window.  The system even offers Internet access.  Think eco-friendly drive-in theater for the 21st century.  So far, 200 truck stops in the U.S. have plans to adopt the IdleAire technology."
  • that was a big pain in the ass when we were going around the country. we'd pull into a rest stop or an abandoned parking lot somewhere to get some rest in the car, and invariably some big rig would pull up alongside us and leave his truck idling all night. i don't know about melanie, but i had a hard time going to sleep sometimes when it was so hot that i had to have the window open, but too loud to get any sleep.
  • played some softball again tonight.
  • a week from today we can start moving.

  • 6-17-03 (16:12)

  • got suspended from work for a day and a half without pay because of what happened yesterday. i've been looking for jobs all day. i hate looking for jobs. it highlights the fact that i don't have any really marketable skills. i'm not "outgoing and energetic" or "positive and motivated" i don't have much experience to speak of and i'm not good at talking myself up so it's not a fun process. the video store that's close to my new apartment isn't hiring. too bad...i've wanted to work there for a long time. getting to watch movies all day and rent movies for free would be a pretty sweet job and the location is perfect. also looked at substitute teaching in woodland and davis. davis isn't looking for people...probably because during summer school there are fewer classes to cover. also looked into getting a job at safeway...they're always open which means flexible hours and they're union which means good benefits and wages. also there's one close to my new place so, again, the location is good.

  • 6-17-03 (01:19)

  • fantasy baseball team is doing okay so far this year. i have a good chance of not finishing in last place this season.
  • mostly concerned with moving duties lately. i planned on packing up my desk tonight, but i might not have time.
  • i was supposed to open the store today as part of a shift exchange i was doing for heidi, but i forgot. so the store opened half an hour late and another supervisor worked the opening shift. oops. hopefully joe isn't too mad at me tomorrow for screwing up.

  • 6-16-03 (00:57)

  • i don't know why i go so long between updates sometimes.
  • updated movies list.
  • hot water hasn't been working at our apartment the last couple days. that's unfortunate.
  • played some softball today. melanie's work has a team. my knee hurts and i think i'm getting old. it's not a good thing.
  • played some basketball yesterday and shot the ball pretty well. focused on keeping my elbow in - it seems to help.
  • missed the second half of the game tonight. that's unfortunate, but i won't cry over it. i'm happy for david robinson - i've always liked him. tim duncan probably is the most complete basketball player in the league, but i'd like to add webber's name to that list.
  • slowly getting ready to move. i'll have the same phone number. canceling cable to help save money and since it's not basketball season i don't really need tnt. i'll miss the daily show and south park though.
  • finally finished moore's "stupid white men and other lame excuses..." i agree with moore about 85% of the time. his new book is tentatively titled "dude where's my country?"
  • started rereading "cat's cradle" on a whim the other day. that's a good book. i like vonnegut.

  • 6-11-03 (00:07)

  • it looks like i'm going to have an opening shift on sundays from now on. that'll be a good thing i think.
  • i woke up today because my neighbor (the one with the loud dogs) was on the phone outside and all i heard was "they told me it was either vomit or diarrhea and i knew it was diarrhea." as melanie said "what a shitty way to wake up."
  • after that i went to the dentist and had ten cavities filled. actually i didn't have any cavities so that was the first pleasant dentist experience i've had in recent years.
  • tower is selling the new radiohead for 9.99. i'm not sure how they're supposed to make money on that since the cost to us is 12.04 and it retails for 18.99. i planned on picking it up today, but passed on it. i did get a b12 record and a cinematic orchestra version of the "man with a movie camera" soundtrack. i'm at 915 albums now. it's a bit ridiculous, but relative to people at kdvs or other people who work at tower my collection is actually quite tame.
  • updated moviesiown list. updated cdlist. year.
  • 6-10-03 (01:02)
  • going home july 25th-30th.
  • if jackson had made that three pointer in game two the spurs would be looking for a sweep in this next game. i guess what i'm getting at is that the series has turned out to be more lopsided than (most) people thought it would be. and really the spurs are only playing mediocre ball right now.
  • speaking of mediocre - i heard the new radiohead album today. actually is better than mediocre. it's more along the lines of ok computer. some might say that's a return to their roots and others might say they're pandering to the requests of their fans and the press who seemed to like the more rock feel of ok computer over the electronic heavy kid a and amnesiac. i don't really care either way. after listening to this album in the store a few times i don't think this one is as good as any of those, but i've yet to give it a real, unadulterated, listen.
  • i have to go see the dentist tomorrow.
  • i'm looking forward to the new saul williams ep due later this month.
  • it seems like the releases are starting to pick up. led zeppelin, radiohead, saul williams, grandaddy, punch drunk love, 25th hour, south park season two, etc. all within a month of each other. it makes saving money for moving more difficult.

  • 6-9-03 (02:06)

  • over the last week i've been working on melanie's $8 bike. we took it apart and painted it and then put it back together again. it looks a lot better than before, but could have used some serious sanding and a primer coat. but given the amount of time and money we wanted to put into it, it turned out nice.
  • this six day week is going to go on forever. only my second day into the work week and i already wish it was friday.

  • 6-8-03 (02:17)

  • what i reported earlier is now official: "Warner Bros. has announced that it will release director Michael Moore' acclaimed Roger & Me on 8/19, no doubt to coincide with MGM's release of Bowling for Columbine on DVD. The disc will include the film in its original full frame aspect ratio and mono audio, with audio commentary by Moore and a theatrical trailer."
  • went to the monarchs game tonight. they lost by 18 points. it would have been 21 if not for a last second three pointer to bring it down to 18. it was a fun game despite the really poor play on sacramento's part. they looked like a high school team a lot of the time.
  • woke up early and went to work the sidewalk sale at tower today. it was a pretty decent way to spend the afternoon. i haggled with customers, sat outside, and earned overtime. overall pretty nice.
  • updated movies list. been doing poorly with the movie watching lately. i shall try harder.
  • looking forward to moving soon. i've drawn up plans for a lofted bed that would go over my desk. it should cost under 50 bucks for materials and will probably take a couple days to build. hopefully it comes out nice.

  • 6-6-03 (22:21)

  • if i'm the new jersey nets i'm worried right now. i finally get mutombo into the game and he plays a good 20 minutes of solid basketball, jason kidd scores 30 points, i force over 20 turnovers, i get duncan to have a bad night and i scrape by with a two point victory? the spurs even had the last shot which easily could have won the game. on the other hand i'm happy because i got a win in san antonio and that was pretty much necessary.

  • 6-4-03 (00:14)

  • updated movies list.
  • it's been really hot lately and i haven't felt like doing much of anything. haven't watched many movies or updated my webpage very much.
  • i have been packing and getting things ready for the move.
  • glad that the mighty ducks won the other day. if they hadn't then the stanley cup would have been even less of an event.

  • the nba playoffs don't appeal to me that much. i'm pretty sure that the spurs will win. byron scott seems content with mutombo on the bench and although you can get away with that in the east i don't think that'll work too well against the spurs who have two of the best big men to ever play the game. although robinson can't put up 73 points in a game like he did in his prime, he's still better than collins. mutombo will have to play more than 10 minutes a game for them to have a shot at winning the whole thing.

    5-28-03 (13:24)

  • "Evian, Perrier, Poland Spring -- bottled water has become ubiquitous in the U.S., and the resultant plastic containers are posing an increasingly serious problem by clogging landfills and contributing to air pollution.  In California, where bottled water is particularly popular, the state Department of Conservation is unveiling a campaign this week to convince consumers to recycle rather than throw away their empties, and two state legislators are sponsoring a bill to double the refund on water bottles.  To date, only 16 percent of plastic water bottles are recycled in the Golden State, despite the current cash refund of 2.5 cents for small bottles and 5 cents for larger ones.  The unrecycled bottles -- some 3 million of them every day -- enter the waste stream, where they take up space in landfills or are incinerated, yielding toxic fumes.  If recycled, that quantity of bottles could be used to make 74 million square feet of carpet or 16 million sweaters."

  • 5-28-03 (00:34)

  • "Jason West, a 26-year-old member of the Green Party, is shaking things up in New Paltz, N.Y., where he was elected mayor earlier this month -- an outcome that has the local political establishment in a tizzy.  West ran on an ambitious environmental platform that rallied support from many students at the State University of New York at New Paltz, of which West is an alumnus.  On June 1, West and his two running mates will take control of the village's five-member board. West's agenda:  curb sprawl, promote solar energy, power government vehicles with soy-based fuel, and purify sewer water by filtering it through artificial wetlands.  The defeated incumbent, 71-year-old Mayor Thomas Nyquist (D), is not bowing out graciously.  "I always considered myself an environmentalist, too, but what they're talking about is ridiculous," Nyquist said.  "We have issues that are much more pressing than putting solar panels on Village Hall."  Meanwhile, on the national level, some Green activists are urging the party not to nominate a presidential candidate in 2004, but instead to throw its support behind a Democrat to increase the chances of unseating President Bush."
  • saw blackalicious on campus tonight. they put on a pretty good show.
  • a perfect example of humanity's most dispicable trait:
  • "In the 50 years since Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary first scaled Mt. Everest, so much refuse piled up on the world's highest mountain that some took to calling it the world's highest garbage dump.  By the early 1990s, an estimated 50 tons of metal, glass, and plastic, including many hundreds of abandoned oxygen canisters, had been left behind by climbers struggling to reach the summit. The Nepali government has made notable progress during the past decade in tackling the trash problem, slapping fines on climbers who don't bring their oxygen bottles and other equipment down with them and organizing cleanup expeditions, some of which were funded by royalties paid by climbers.  The main source of pollution now is human excrement left behind by climbers, said Ken Noguchi of Japan, who has led four cleanup missions on the mountain since 2000.  Even as climbers become more conscientious about treading lightly, the high-altitude landscape continues to be threatened by an ever-growing number of expeditions that try to make it to the top each year."
  • had to wake up early today and work an opening shift so that i could be off of work in time to watch the concert. now i'm tired.

  • 5-25-03 (00:22)

  • spent the night at johnny's last night. the last couple times i've been to berkeley it's been on the hectic side. last time it was the night they beat stanford so the town was pretty rowdy. today they were having graduation commencements so the streets were packed. it took me 30 minutes just to get to the freeway. two and a half hours later i was home. it takes less than half that time going from davis to berkeley. despite that it was worth the trip. got to hang out with johnny. we played ping-pong and mostly just hung around talking.
  • watched the newest matrix installment today. i liked it quite a bit. updated movieslist.

  • 5-23-03 (02:41)

  • a lot of people feel like they're entitled to too much stuff. people think they're entitled to have a big house and air conditioning in their car and all that crap.
  • i'm tired.
  • went to sacramento today and sold a bunch of cds that were laying around. in turn i got credit that i used to purchase several cds and a playstation 2 game.
  • i'm tired and i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. some people are coming by to possibly finalize subleasing arrangements and after that i'm going to berkeley to visit johnny.
  • updated cdlist. year.

  • 5-21-03 (01:20)

  • watched part of the graduate today. that's such a good movie.
  • i'm looking forward to moving next month.
  • today was a pretty decent day despite getting a rejection letter from the city regarding my most recent application. tomorrow is my friday and i have a three day weekend after that so that's good news.
  • updated movies list.

  • 5-20-03 (22:36)

  • "Pennsylvania State University has undertaken a massive new recycling program -- not for paper or plastics or food waste, but for the mammoth piles of stuff that students leave behind at the end of every school year, from sneakers to TVs to sofas.  The end-of-term junk problem grew into a major headache on U.S. campuses during the 1990s, as students brought more and more stuff with them to school.  Many colleges and universities just toss the left-behind items into dumpsters, but Albert Matyasovsky of Penn State couldn't bear to see all those useful goods sent to landfills, so last year he funneled the detritus to the campus stadium for a massive flea market.  This "trash-to-treasure" sale raised $15,000 for United Way and is now set to become an annual event.  Other colleges are partnering with a Massachusetts nonprofit called Dump and Run that helps them set up a system for collecting student castoffs, selling them, and channeling the proceeds toward nonprofits."
  • it's getting pretty hot these days.

  • 5-17-03 (20:35)

  • fuck fucking dallas.

  • 5-16-03 (23:36)

  • i think we've got a good chance against the mavs tomorrow. the mavs are tougher than i thought and being at home certainly will help them. without webber the mavs and the kings are pretty evenly matched and so it might just come down to who has the hot hand late in the game. should be a good game.
  • updated cdlist. year.
  • talked with my sister a lot tonight. she apparently has taken up smoking crack and having sex with random guys. actually she's doing pretty well it seems.
  • tomorrow is my lone day off this week so i'll have to get a lot done.

  • 5-15-03 (23:54)

  • i'm very happy about the kings win today. i know that the spurs will beat our ass, but it would be nice to take out dallas anyway.
  • it was also good to see derek fisher crying because his lakers lost. kobe and shaq finally shut their mouths about how great they are and that was a welcome change.
  • work was interesting today. heidi called in sick for tomorrow so now i have to close tomorrow. i'll get a one day weekend this week and a three day weekend next week. it's sucks now, but will be nice next week so i'll just have to roll with it.
  • gena (one of the least intelligent people i've ever met) worked the closing shift with robert and me today. she had some sort of mental breakdown today. she called me to the front and told me that she thought there were ghosts outside and that someone was waiting for her. she said she was really scared and wanted to call someone, but that her cell phone was in her car. she got robert to escort her outside and he spent 10 minutes making sure there was no one under/in her car. she's got serious mental problems and she's an awful employee as well. word around the block is that she's got some sort of protection from human resources so joe can't fire her. apparently this came as a result of a mix up when james (the old GM) put her on leave of absence...HR thought she was fired and her parents called and raised a fuss to the point that now we can't get rid of her.
  • you've probably heard by now, but here it is anyway: tower is officially up for sale. so if you have a billion bucks or so to throw away you might want to give the regional office a call. 1-800-225-0880
  • "Variety's DVD Exclusive magazine has revealed (in an interview with comedian Jerry Seinfeld) that the Seinfeld TV series is currently being considered for DVD release by Columbia TriStar. Word is interviews and outtakes from the series may be included as extras."

  • 5-13-03 (22:32)

  • came home for lunch today and saw part of the kings game. we were up by 11 or so when i turned it on...then we were up by 15. by the time i left it was halftime and we were up 7, but that was after we had missed 12 of our last 14 shots so i felt that we had done a good job despite shooting so poorly. sadly we had one of those god awful third quarters and that sealed the game's fate. we missed all but three shots in the 3rd and that almost made me cry. i was going to break out the liquor, but i was at work at the time so i couldn't. now i'm home so i can get thoroughly trashed and forget all about that awful awful game. sometimes you just want to hit the reset button on life and hope things turn out better the next time around.
  • all hyperbole aside, that game did depress me even though i only listened to it on the radio. if i had to see all those missed shots i would certainly be more depressed.

  • 5-12-03 (16:40)

  • "Cell phone users now have a way to recycle their old phones and support the Sierra Club in the process.  About a million mobile phones are tossed out each week in the U.S. as consumers upgrade or switch to different phone service providers, and those old phones leak a bunch of toxic substances, including mercury, lead, and arsenic, into the environment.  CollectiveGood, a recycling group, has teamed up with Staples, the office-supply chain, to set up bins in all Staples stores in the U.S., where people can drop off cell phones, pagers, and personal digital assistants (PalmPilots and the like) for reuse or recycling.  About half of the phones are expected to be in good enough shape that they can be refurbished and put back into circulation; many will end up being sold at discounted prices in Latin America.  If phones can't be put to good use, CollectiveGood will recycle them and properly dispose of toxic elements.  The Sierra Club will get a portion of proceeds from sales of refurbished phones."

  • 5-12-03 (01:06)

  • only interesting news was basketball news tonight.
  • i forgot to mention that yesterday's loss was another example of peja scoring over 30 points, but us losing. tonight he didn't score 30+ and we won. one reason i think this holds true is that peja becomes the big scorer when webber is out. but peja as the big scorer is different than webber because running the offense through a power forward, who passes as well as any other in the game, is more conducive to opening up the floor for scoring opportunities for other teammates. whereas running the offense through a small forward whose game relies more on jump shots, who has less of a post up game, and less passing ability isn't conducive to involving the other teammates. so while peja may score 30+ points when the offense is run in that manner, the team game suffers enough to lose a large percentage of those games. conventional wisdom might dictate that when your number one scorer goes down you look to your number two scorer to take on the scoring role. conventional wisdom also says that when one player has the hot hand you should feed him the ball and ride his hot hand until he turns cold. the problem with these tactics, which usually hold as good strategy, is that - in the first case - the number 4 spot (power forward - webber) plays a different role than the number 3 (small forward - peja). there's nothing wrong with allowing peja to be the number one scorer, but he can't be the center of the offense like webber usually is because his position dictates otherwise (with certain rotations peja might actually play the number 4, but for the sake of simplicity we'll discount those few instances). secondly riding peja's hot hand is an easy way to allow the offense into a one-on-one mode of playing - isolate peja and let him goto work. occasionally doing this is okay, but it requires a good disciplined ball club to recognize when it's time to play one-on-one and when it's time to play team ball. far too often teams let their hot hand play one-on-one and the other players mentally get out of the game.
  • my dad used to call nick van exel "nick van may or may not excel" because throughout his career nick van exel hasn't proved very consistent. today proved that theory. check out this stat: in the history of the playoffs only two players, after scoring 40 points or more in a game, have come back in the next game to score fewer points than van exel did tonight (5). one guy scored 2 points and another scored 3.
  • i didn't see the game tonight so i don't know what the kings did to stop van exel, but i know what has worked in the past. a) put a combination of guys on him - christie, jim jackson, and bobby jackson should rotate on him. bibby hasn't had much luck on him so try not to let bibby get stuck on him off a pick and roll. b) make him play defense. bibby and b. jackson should run at him and make him work on the other end of the court. also christie, and even turkoglu who is big, but can play the number 2 spot, should post him up. even if you post him up and pass out of the low post, rather than taking a shot, it's better than letting him only worry about his offense. c) make him take the ball to the hoop. even though he's good at it, there's help under the bucket (i especially like clark's defensive help) and it's better than letting him get hot when he can burn you for a few threes a game.
  • i like that we commited to playing defense tonight. from what i heard on the radio we played a good solid game.

  • 5-10-03 (22:10)

  • well after tonight's game and the webber injury i find myself in full depression mode. the game tonight was a heartbreaker and our season is probably over. webber has decided to wait on surgery hoping that he can tough out the rest of the playoffs, but it's yet to be seen how effective he'll be on a gimpy knee.
  • saw a good hockey game today between anaheim and minnesota. the ducks are looking really good this postseason.

  • 5-9-03 (17:24)

  • there's a preliminary report that "the big one" by michael moore might be released sometime in september of this year. hopefully "roger and me" follows suit.
  • updated movies list.
  • turned in an application for a job with the city as a courier. i'd be doing office work mostly, but i'd also act as a courier for confidential documents and as such would occasionally get to use one of the city owned electric vehicles. other benefits would include 15-28 days of paid vacation, 12 days of sick time, 2.5 floating holidays, double my current pay, a full health plan, and $600+ towards a cafeteria plan. working for the government really is the only way to go.
  • my fantasy team depends too heavily on the yankees. when they do well then so do i, but when they stink it up then...right now i'm down 8-1 and that's pretty stinky.

  • 5-9-03 (00:52)
  • this has been an interesting week.
  • melanie leaves for vacation on saturday.
  • i look forward to moving to our new place in a month or so. moving certainly is a pain in the back, but it's nice to have that opportunity to clean out the clutter in your life.
  • kings lost big today which isn't that much of a problem. however the injuries to both webber and jackson might end up being huge problems if they're more than minor injuries. at the end of the game no one was sure to what extent either of the injuries went, but webber was walking and jackson had a face injury so usually that doesn't affect your play too much. the only way that game would have been more painful to watch is if i had to watch it on espn with bill walton as the color man. bill walton is such an annoying announcer.
  • we've been having some odd weather lately - it'll go from sunny to hailing in a matter of minutes.

  • 5-8-03 (23:56)

  • i'm glad today was my friday. work has been rather tedious lately. i've been uninspired and restless.
  • it's too bad the lakers lost again. i'm hoping they'll be able to pull out enough wins to beat the spurs and advance to the next round of the playoffs.
  • took a nap during my lunch break today. i became tired all of a sudden. it was nice to rest.

  • 5-7-03 (00:53)

  • today was really bizarre. lots of ups and downs and a general air of surrealism.
  • at work i had several very odd customers. one guy wouldn't let me touch the tape he wanted to buy - instead he insisted on scanning the product himself. he also insisted on having me place the bag on the counter rather than handing it to him. when he paid for the tape he threw the money at me. for the sake of brevity i won't enumerate the other odd customers, but rest assured there were others. later in the day i found out that we got accepted for the apartment...that was good news. it's a really nice place in a nice part of town. it has a patio and the back door opens up to a nice grass area along side the greenbelt so that's convienent. the loss prevention guy at work (josh) is currently training the new loss prevention person so unfortunately josh is still around. he's a rude guy and having him around is just a general drag so that kinda sucked. even later into the day melanie called to tell me that the kings were kicking some major ass in dallas - that was obviously another high point in the day. after that i saw josh showing the new LP guy something on the muze computer (a computer customers can use to look up artist, album and song information). i hear him say "har har look how at how many times this comes up as a song title" i glance at the computer screen and see that he's looked up the word "nigger" on the muze database. josh is such a fucking retard. it really makes me lose faith in humanity when i see shit like that from people who are more than ten years old. after work i was tired and out of food so i called woodstock's to get a pizza delivered. so the guy shows up with my pizza and i pay using a credit card so we get all that straightened out and he says goodbye and i say goodbye. i sit down to dive into my dinner and i hear some ruckus outside and a quick knock on my door. i get up and open the door and see the pizza guy going down the stairs and then i hear tires screech and see his truck (with the woodstock's pizza sign on the roof) rushing down the street. his car just got stolen. so i tell melanie what just happened, get my shoes on, take my keys and wallet and rush to the car to take up pursuit. i head down fifth street hoping that the thief will head back that way on another street. i drive around like crazy for a while, but don't see a pickup with the sign on top so i head back home. i feel really bad for the guy and of course i can't help but think of what would have happened had i not ordered the pizza or if i paid cash instead (since cash takes less time). or if i had tried following them, rather than trying to cut them off where i thought they might be going. when i got back home the guy was gone...the cops had already come by and gotten the report, but apparently he saw another car take off as well so it was likely that they followed him and one guy got out to steal the car while the other acted as a lookout. it's a pretty good plan actually, but also a pretty fucked up one. that truck was probably his most expensive possession and it was the way he made a living so stealing that is pretty damn low. i don't feel too good about humanity.
  • "Everyone knows you can eat corn -- but can you eat using plates, cups, and forks made from corn?  Absolutely, and doing so can help reduce both waste and oil consumption, say advocates of biodegradable corn products.  Although it's not quite true that "anything that can be made from a barrel of crude oil can be made from a kernel of corn," as Randy Cruise, a Nebraska farmer put it, it's not far off: Corn can be used to make environmentally friendly plastics and fibers, and has already found its way into products from clothing to food packaging.  It takes approximately a month for plastic bags made from corn to degrade in a compost heap, compared to the centuries it can take for an oil-based bag to decompose.  The technology shows enough promise that Sony, Cargill Dow, and DuPont have all gotten in on the game.  Environmentalists are reserving judgment until the process has received more scrutiny, but they acknowledge that its potential is tremendous."
  • "Greenhouse gas emissions across the European Union increased in 2001 for the second year in a row, casting serious doubt on the ability of the bloc to meet its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol on global climate change.  Emissions levels in 2001 were 1 percent higher than in 2000; under Kyoto, the E.U. is obliged to cut emissions 8 percent compared to 1990 levels by 2012.  Individual countries have specific targets as well, and so far, only Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, and Luxembourg (which cut its emissions a whopping 44 percent between 1990 and 2001) appear to be on track to meet their target reductions. Spain, Portugal, and Ireland are lagging the farthest behind.  From the beginning, the E.U. has been the most outspoken supporter of the Kyoto Protocol, so its inability to meet the treaty's terms could prove deeply embarrassing."
  • updated cdlist. year.
  • in addition to the new prefuse 73 four tet albums which i picked up at tower today, i received the newest gescom ep in the mail today. gescom is autechre's alternate name and usually gescom material is more difficult to find so i had to go online. i actually first heard about gescom while listening to kdvs in my mom's car when my whe was in town. i guessed that it was autechre and turned out to be mostly right. kdvs is pretty cool.
  • i called in to kdvs during jeff kravitz's show (panic attack) today. he's a marxist who talks a lot about current events and how evil bush is, etc. but today he was talking about xmen II, palestine, and the kings. so i called in and we talked about the kings for a bit. it was fun to be on the air talking about the kings. i prefaced the call with the statement "since i believe that politics are as arbitrary as sports and possibly less important i'd like to discuss the kings for a bit." the concensus on their end seemed to be that the lakers are probably going to lose to the spurs so the kings won't get the chance to redeem themselves this year.
  • updated moviesiown list.
  • regarding the kings/mavs game tonight:``We had a good game plan, but they just totally picked us apart,'' (mavs coach Don) Nelson said. ``The bottom line is we have to play better and they have to play worse.''
  • i get to watch the second and third games of the series so that's nice.
  • i got a shirt today that shows rick fox getting punched by doug christie. rick fox is evil.
  • speaking of evil the new jack johnson album came out today. i actually don't dislike the guy that much, though i don't like his music, but his fans are generally pretty obnoxious...kinda like dave matthews band fans. we're selling his new record for a two dollar loss. i'm not sure what marketing genius came up with that tatic, but it didn't work. just about everyone who bought the album bought just that one cd and nothing else.
  • i'm listening to the new four tet album again. this shit is really good.
  • my eyes itch and no matter how much i rub them they don't stop iching. so i stopped rubbing them and took an allergy pill...it seems to help a bit. i've never had my eyes itch because of allergies though so that makes me wonder. they don't look red and it's not hard to open my eyes in the morning so it's not pink eye.
  • sleeping is fun, being woken up by lawnmowers, dogs and phone calls is not.

  • 5-6-03 (01:47)

  • cinco de mayo came and went without my knowing it. that wasn't possible when i lived in LA.
  • got a lot of phone calls today.
  • www.efitness.com has virtual fitness coaches that are somehow supposed to help you work out online. that would be funny if it wasn't sad.
  • speaking of sad...i saw the first of the democratic debates today. it was edited to shit and didn't really give me a clear idea of what the candidates are about so it was essentially useless. i hope that the democrats are able to get their shit together and be unified against the bush administration rather than fighting each other. i understand that there are big differences between gephardt and lieberman, but for the sake of the party, i hope they focus on the differences between themselves and bush.

  • 5-5-03 (01:09)

  • got free lunch the last two days. there needs to be a supervisor at the store at all times, but both yesterday and today the other supervisor had to leave work as soon as i signed onto my shift. as a result i wouldn't be able to leave for lunch so tower paid for my food so i could eat it at work. i also got a little overtime which is nice.
  • the new four tet album is similar to the new manitoba album and possibly even better.
  • dallas won today, as predicted. the kings should beat them in the next round.
  • the new prefuse 73 album comes out tuesday.
  • we're looking at an apartment in north davis that's really nice. if our credit check comes back good then we'll have our new place all lined up. i don't think they'll say our credit is good enough though since the place is a bit pricey and we're relatively poor. my half of the rent would be 50% of my post-taxes paycheck and that probably doesn't look very good when they plug that info into their magic calculator.

  • 5-4-03 (01:57)

  • despite having to work until 1130 today was a pretty good day. had a mostly good staff at work and i didn't do much actual work so that made more time for talking.

  • 5-3-03 (13:25)

  • i'm covering for a co-worker so my work week starts today instead of sunday, but it ends on wednesday and then i get a three day weekend. so it works out pretty nicely overall.
  • dallas got their ass kicked yesterday. don nelson is such a mediocre coach. that said, i still think they'll win game seven.
  • listening to the new manitoba record right now. it's a lot different from their previous album, but also better.
  • my watch battery died yesterday. i disassembled all five of my watches and took out the batteries. i'll have to buy some new batteries one of these days.
  • updated movies list.

  • 5-1-03 (01:00)

  • have to work on saturday because i'm covering a shift for someone.
  • kings won big tonight and that was very good. i actually got to see the last couple minutes of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter.
  • check out the blackalicious touring schedule:

  • 05-01 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
    05-02 Salisbury, MD - Salisbury St. University
    05-03 New Orleans, LA - The Howlin' Wolf
    05-09 Capetown, SA - The Valve
    05-10 Johannesburg, SA - New Town Music Warehouse
    05-24 Evanston, IL - Northwestern University
    05-27 Davis, CA - UC Davis
    06-08 Calverton, UK - Field Day Festival
    06-23 Exeter, UK - Exeter University
    06-24 Glasgow, UK - QMU
    06-25 Aberdeen, UK - TBA
    06-26 London, UK -Forum
    06-27 Cork, IRE - Savoy
    06-28 Dublin, IRE - The Village
    06-29 Glastonbury, UK - Glastonbury Festival
    07-01 Derry, N. IRE - Celtronic Festival
    07-02 Belfast, N. IRE - Gary McGuigan
    07-05 Montruex, Switz. - Montruex Jazz Festival
    07-06 Belfort, FR - Eurokennes Festival
    07-07 Paris, FR - Elyesee Monmatre
    07-20 Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Bowl
    07-25 Sacramento - Sleep Train Amphitheater
    07-26 San Francisco - Shoreline Amphitheater
  • tom waits came in to the store today and bought "american movie" on dvd. he came in just minutes before my shift began which is too bad because i would have liked to talk with him about that movie - which as most of you know is one of my favorite of all-time and one i've seen more (9) times than any other film in the last three years.
  • the trailblazers have more players that can put up 20+ points in a game than any other team except the kings. sadly they all need shrinks and ritalin so they'll never make a real run for the finals.

  • "U.S. to Cut 6,000 Airport Screening Jobs"

    4-29-03 (01:28)

  • found a good city job to apply for.
  • looking for a new job is a really depressing process.
  • kings won today and that was both expected and pleasant. i only saw the last 29 seconds, but seeing the score was nice anyway.
  • my life seems to be in a state of suspended animation right now.
  • kdvs fell short of last year's earnings. that is pretty lame.

  • 4-28-03 (13:00)

  • it's raining pretty hard right now...actually hailing too.

  • 4-28-03 (01:38)

  • the new madonna single is one of the worst singles i've ever heard.
  • the newest boards of canada, which is actually a reissue of the oldest boards of canada, is quite good.

  • 4-27-03 (00:55)

  • kings lost today which isn't good, but as long as they win the next game everything will be okay.
  • updated movies list. saw four movies yesterday, one today.
  • kdvs is way short of its goal. may even come short of last year's earnings. that would be tragic.
  • back to work tomorrow. oh well.

  • 4-25-03 (01:10)

  • started looking for jobs again. i don't know what to look for, but i started looking anyway.
  • today is my friday and that means that the weekend starts now. yay.
  • got to see the lakers lose today. i should say that i got to see the timberwolves win since it was more about them doing what they needed to do rather than the lakers self-destructing. it was one of the most poorly officiated games i've seen and the timberwolves still won, in overtime, in la. they should feel pretty good about that, but not so good that they get sloppy. as much as i love to see the lakers lose i really want them to win this series and the next series so the kings can play them. it just won't be right if we don't get a chance to avenge our previous losses.
  • saturday is a big sports day with three playoffs games and the nfl draft.
  • i haven't seen a movie in the last two weeks.
  • i should get some rest.

  • 4-24-03 (00:58)

  • about half way through the new prince paul album right now and i'm not impressed. so far it seems to just rehash a lot of the old hip-hop conventions....inter-album skits, posturing, and stripped beats. granted he helped create some of these conventions, but i'd like to hear more progressive stuff coming from him. it also has more of a gangster rap feel than i expected considering the direction he seemed to be going with handsome boy modeling school.
  • today wasn't too shabby. pledged to kdvs twice for a total of 55 bucks.
  • michael moore is coming to the mondavi center in october so i'll pick up tickets for that asap.
  • now that i've looked at the liner notes in the prince paul album i might have to rethink my first impressions of the album. it seems to say that the album tries to use a lot of the same methods that have become cliche as a way to shed light on the fact that those methods are, essentially, wack. at least that's the way i intepreted what he said. how much i buy into that is a question that time will answer.
  • "Yes, we have a new 16x9 20th Anniversary CHRISTMAS STORY special edition coming in time for the holidays."
  • lots more interesting WB DVD news here if you're want. WB is the biggest DVD distributor so it's cool to see what they're up to.
  • "SHAWSHANK and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN are under consideration for the SE treatment subject to talent availability. No plans for revisiting Kubrick."

  • 4-23-03 (00:44)

  • too much happened in the last four or five days to sum it up here. it was good to get away from work and see the family. sarah is a lucky little girl and she's also my buddy.
  • lakers lost big today and that's great.
  • don't forget to pledge a few bucks to the kdvs fundraiser this week.
  • gotta sleep.

  • 4-17-03 (02:22)

  • my cold seems pretty under control right now so that's good news. that cold ease stuff works pretty well.
  • saw most of the final kings game of the regular season today. also saw part of the final michael jordan game today. that guy is pretty good.
  • i'm really anxious about the playoffs. they're going to be pretty hectic and fun. i feel good about our chances, but the west is so stacked it's not going to be easy for anyone.
  • this time tomorrow i'll be half way to LA.

  • 4-16-03 (01:23)

  • just another day.
  • listened to my new saul williams and dr. octagon cds today. very good stuff.
  • zach came by and visited me at tower today. he's moving to la on saturday and i'll likely never see him again.
  • my cold hasn't gotten too bad yet.
  • bugformance called today to ask how the car was. i told them that the engine sounded quieter and seemed stronger. i said thanks. i'll miss the bug.
  • reading over past updates i notice that my days were once more eventful and yielded more noteworthy items for this page.
  • 4-15-03 (01:57)
  • today's tax day. i guess that's a big day for some people.
  • listening to dr. octagon right now...that's one of the aliases of kool keith of the ultramagnetic mcs. he's got some crazy flows. some mcs have such dense lyrics that it's really tough to keep up. beastie boys on paul's boutique, saul williams, kool keith, and sage francis all come to mind.
  • going to see anger management on wednesday.
  • the loss prevention person at work no longer works at our store. he does less work that alex did which i find odd since alex was basically fired because he didn't do work while on the clock. he made friends with a bunch of local teenagers and never made an attempt to be anonymous. in other words this guy turned out to be worse than alex was even by joe's standards. i'm not sad to see him go since all he ever did was talk to me about transformers figures and wishing he was black. i'm not kidding.
  • abby asked me why i always wear the same thing to work - blue jeans and my blue hooded sweatshirt. i told her that i only have two pairs of jeans and two of my sweatshirts are blue hooded sweatshirts so she might get them confused. for a moment i considered asking her why she never wears a belt or underwear thereby exposing her ass crack to the world on an hourly basis, but(t) i decided not to. i didn't really mind her asking the question, though i did find it funny coming from her considering her clothing choices.
  • i have a cold.

  • 4-14-03 (00:32)

  • updated movies list.
  • saved by the bell seasons one and two are coming to dvd. also the simpsons third season will come out sometime in the second half of this year. the new led zeppelin dvd comes out may 27th. i hear it's really good with plenty of footage that wasn't used in the song remains the same.
  • fixed the latch on the hood of the car so it actually locks up when you close it now.
  • i also built a dvd case for the living room this weekend since the old one was too small. took about two hours and it looks just like my cd cases, only six inches slimmer.
  • picnic day was rained out this weekend for the first time since i've been in davis. odd since plenty of other years it looked as if it was going to be rained out only to have one good day of sunshine fall on the same day as the event. this year was the exact opposite - the day before picnic day looked bright and sunny and couldn't be better, but the day of picnic day looked dark, grey and very wet.
  • i think i might be getting sick. it would suck to be sick during my mini vacation.

  • 4-11-03 (11:03)

  • picked up the car this morning. drives real smooth, the brakes are strong and it doesn't pull as much to the right as it used to. overall the car is pretty damn good shape, especially relative to its sad past when it looked like the pictures below and had squishy axle boots in the rear, ran poorly, had a shitty transmission, had very bad alignment and just looked like crap. since i've gotten it it's gotten: a new paint job, three out of the four quarter panels replaced, new running boards, new 009 distributor, new transmisision, new body trim, new chrome fixtures all around, new rear bumper, new brakes, new axle boots, new steering coupler, new spark plug wires, new steering wheel, new engine compartment seal, new seat belt and plenty of engine work along the way. thanks are due to my mom and my grandmother for funding the majority of those projects. sarah will be the recipient of all that hard work and money. lucky little shit.
  • speaking of lucky little shits...i scored two suite tickets to the kings game tonight from my boss (see not even my boss is as evil as he seems). he has to be in LA or something so he couldn't go and they got passed down to me since i'm a swell guy and the only person left at work who likes basketball (or sports in general for that matter). tower sponsors kings basketball (since the first tower was in sacramento) and they have season tickets to the kings home games and i guess usually only the managers or big wigs get to go, but this time i got lucky.
  • onto the bad news: the kings lost to the lakers yesterday and that was tragic. we settled for too many jumpers, couldn't make any threes, and the supporting cast for the lakers had a pretty good night. i don't think we'll face them in the first round of the playoffs which gives us time to get our shit together against a lesser team, but it also gives them a chance to build more momentum and that's not good. at any rate the playoffs should be good as always and we've got an easy opponent tonight so it should be an easy and fun game to watch.

  • 4-10-03 (01:48)
  • updated movies list.
  • well the war is mostly over now. so i guess the public will take the "i told you so" approach and lose even more faith in the UN. i hope not, but that's what i expect.
  • "give peace a chance" is a pretty lame anti-war slogan. so is "violence never solved anything." the second one is false and the first one just defies reality. the reality is that peace is almost always given a chance first and that we have more peace time than we have war time. furthermore, peace just isn't interesting - the media doesn't do a very good job of reporting diplomatic successes...just like they didn't do a good job of reporting all the terrorist attempts that were thwarted before 9/11. we only hear about the times when diplomacy or our safeguards against terrorism fail and that gives the impression that diplomacy isn't employed or that the fbi/cia don't thwart terrorist attacks.
  • i guess "give peace more time" just doesn't sound as good as "give peace a chance" even though the former is more accurate. violence has solved plenty of problems and we're all aware of this fact. whether it's the best course of action or not is debatable (i happen to think that it almost always isn't), but saying unequivocally that violence hasn't solved anything is a lie.
  • don't get me wrong i'm not a proponent of war, but just because you don't like drugs because it tore apart your family doesn't mean that drugs are bad. drugs have done plenty of good things (including at least the last five beatles albums) and ignoring that fact is just silly. sure it's easier to say that violence hasn't ever done anything positive, but if you're committed to at least a modicum of rational thinking then you can't say that.
  • all that being said, despite the apparent outcome of this "conflict," i still disagree with the way the bush administration approached the situation and the unilateral way in which they acted. i think that in the long run the UN is going to be necessary for global peace and to undermine it in such a way at a time when immediate action wasn't necessary is short-sighted, arrogant, and damaging. i don't think that every action condoned by the UN is "just," but it at least gives the illusion of justice and in this world we need that because i believe there's a fine line between "justice" and tyranny.
  • tomorrow is my friday. kings play tomorrow and that's been eagerly anticipated for a while now.
  • i get the car back from the shop on friday. an amazing amount of work has been put into it so it should be in as good shape as its been for quite some time.
  • heard the new blur album today and it sounds pretty good despite the departure of coxon.

  • 4-9-03 (02:12)

  • got the new autechre and aphex twin albums today. had to buy them.
  • the new autechre is more along the lines of confield (their second most recent album) than, say, incunabula (their first album). it's not exactly background music.
  • haven't listened to the aphex twin yet because i watched a movie so that killed most of my night.
  • there's a hip-hop song called bush and blair which i heard on kdvs, but i haven't been able to find it on kazaa yet.
  • speaking of kdvs...the annual fundraiser is coming up april 21st through the 28th (i think). so save up so you can contribute. www.kdvs.org
  • kings kicked some ass tonight. i'm psyched for the game on thursday...i'll tape it and watch it after work.

  • 4-8-03 (00:37)

  • new autechre album comes out tomorrow.
  • i went 47-16 in the tournament. had i chosen the higher seeded team every time i would have gone 42-21 so i did okay.
  • i finally picked up the run lola run soundtrack after having a tape of it in my car for so long. a wise purchase.

  • 4-7-03 (22:44)

  • so i have pictures of malcolm (the name i attached to my vw beetle) up on this page. apparently someone found a link to those pictures from some search engine and here's what she had to say about seeing them:

  • subject: you should be ashamed
    "How dare you post pictures labeled el hajj malik el shabazz.
    A educated and well respected man that stood for justice and you use he name to represent otherwise. You need to educate yourself first:
    When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun that he will not do to acquire that freedom. Whenever you hear a man saying he wants freedom, but in the next breath he is going to tell you what he won't do to get it, or what he doesn't believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn't believe in freedom. A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire . . . or preserve his freedom. el hajj malik el shabazz"
  • some people are just plain funny.
  • tom waits came into the store today. he wanted the new lucinda williams cd, but i told him it didn't come out until tomorrow. he asked if i could bend the rules and i explained that i'd get in trouble because breaking street date is against the law. he asked again and said "i come in a lot, come on...i gotta be here for a couple weeks and i gotta get that cd." i asked joe and he said it was okay as long as i sold it as a used cd so it wouldn't come up in the computer as having broken street date. it was funny to see tom waits begging me for a cd. i would think a) he would be able to get the cd for free b) he would know about street date violations. he wasn't an ass about it or anything...the whole asking over and over was done in a more cutesy way than an annoying one.
  • didn't get to see the basketball game tonight and that sucks. i always miss the good ncaa games. i didn't get to see ucla's run because i had some stupid youth and government meeting to go to.
  • i'm hungry. dinner at 11pm is lame.

  • 4-7-03 (01:52)

  • "In what may be the worst industrial accident in Brazil's history, a massive chemical spill into two rivers has cut off the supply of clean water to some 600,000 people in three states near Rio de Janeiro.  A reservoir at a pulp and paper factory leaked 320 million gallons of caustic soda and chlorine into the Paraiba do Sul River last weekend before being contained on Monday; the toxins then worked their way into the Pomba River and will soon reach the Atlantic Ocean.  Fish and other river species are dying in high numbers in the rivers, and fishing and irrigation have been banned in affected areas.  Scientists say it could take as many as 15 years for the ecosystem to recover.  The pulp factory was shut down and fined nearly $15 million and criminal charges could be forthcoming, but that's done nothing to allay fears that heavy rains could trigger another spill from a second reservoir at the facility."
  • updated movies list.
  • i like the spring forward portion of daylight savings a lot more than the fall back part. i don't like losing the hour of sleep, but i like having daylight later into the day...i think that most people feel the same way.
  • saw a preview for an episode of dragnet that takes the same story that was used in kurosawa's "high and low." for those who don't know it's about a wealthy industrialist who has his son kidnapped and is forced to pay up a large sum of money as ransom. shortly after the ransom is requested, though, the industrialist discovers that the kidnapper took his private driver's son instead of his son. so he faces the dilemma of going broke to save the driver's son or not. it's a good story and a good movie.
  • saw tom waits hanging out in davis today. also saw jordan of the sorority girls show on mtv.
  • 9: the number of movies i've seen this month.
  • 50: the number of new (to me) movies i've seen this year.
  • tomorrow i should find out whether i'm going to get the 18th-21st off so i can drive down to la. i've seriously considered just quitting if i don't get the time off, but i'm too rational to do something like that without having another job in place. maybe i'll surprise myself. maybe i won't have to.
  • 241: the number of dvd movies i have in my netflix.com queue. netflix is the best thing to happen to me in long time. being able to have a constant flow of new (to me) cinematic art is such a nice thing.
  • zach called me at work today. it was good to hear from him...i thought that after he quit work he wouldn't keep in touch. he's a pretty cool guy it's too bad he's moving to la to be a rock star.
  • i should get some sleep.

  • 4-6-03 (03:00)

  • it just turned 3am. i didn't know about daylight savings until just a few hours ago. that sucks.
  • updated movies list. watched six movies in the last two days.
  • picked both the winners in the tourney today. i pick kansas to win it all.
  • lakers vs. kings this thursday. i'll have to tape that one and watch it after work. should be good.

  • 4-4-03 (01:33)

  • right now i'm listening to dr. timothy leary's "turn on, tune in, drop out." i also dropped some acid. earlier today i watched apocalypse now. well the last two statements are false, but i am listening to dr. tim and it's pretty trippy. kinda cool, but nothing profound so far.
  • updated movies list.
  • a short list of movies that are all the more relevant given the times we live in:
  • network
  • 1984
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • koyaanisqatsi
  • all quiet on the western front
  • modern times
  • cdlist updated.
  • all the movies i've seen since i started keeping track in 2000. in the last three years i've seen american movie more than any other. it was one of the first dvds i owned and it's a great movie.
  • i'm tired.

  • 4-2-03 (00:51)

  • "Not content to let timber companies chop down trees in the name of fire prevention, the Bush administration now has a new rationale for clear-cutting in national forests:  preventing terrorism.  According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, overgrown forests could be used as hiding places for terrorist cells planning attacks on U.S. cities and civilian populations.  The department has proposed creating tree-free "clearance zones" of at least five miles around major population centers and reducing the acreage of dense, overgrown forests on federal lands by at least two-thirds by 2007.  The administration is also considering transferring control over parts of the national forest and park systems to Homeland Security agencies, and replacing trained foresters with "security rangers" who would cruise forests looking for suspicious activities.  Enviros expressed outrage that the administration would use fears of terrorism as an excuse to open up national forests to more logging."
  • har har har. thankfully that's just an april fools joke.
  • kings won a close game today. scot pollard, from my point of view, was the mvp of the game - 13 points and 16 rebounds (8 offensive). scot has always been my type of player...i love players who come to play every day. malik rose is a lot like scot pollard like that...not necessarily blessed with atheletic ability, but plays hard nosed defense and has good fundamentals.
  • this week i'm doing well in fantasy baseball. i noticed today that i have seven yankees players.

  • 4-1-03 (00:29)
  • updated movies list.
  • another dvd version of vertov's "man with the movie camera" is coming out...this time it'll have a different score (since a score wasn't recorded when it was first released in 1929) done by michael nyman a minimalist composer. so i'd like to hear the score for that version, but the score done by the alloy orchestra was good and that dvd came with an excellent commentary from a film historian so if i were to buy one i'd buy the one that has the alloy orchestra and the commentary.
  • new prefuse-73 album comes out in may sometime. some good guests are supposed to show up...mr. lif and tommy guerrero are among them.
  • kurosawa's throne of blood is coming to criterion dvd in may.
  • zach de la rocha has a new war protest single out...produced by dj shadow. get it legally and for free here. this one song is better than the entire audioslave album that was put together by chris cornell and the remaining members of rage against the machine so you might want to check it out.
  • the new soundtrack put out by the guy from the eels sounds pretty good.

  • the truth about charlie is coming to dvd tomorrow and will include charade - the movie it was based upon. i think that's a pretty good idea.

    3-31-03 (02:04)

  • updated movies list.

  • 3-30-03 (00:16)

  • updated movies list.
  • "Gwyneth Paltrow is so embarrassed about her new movie View From The Top - she's dubbed the film "A view from my a**". Paltrow stars alongside Christina Applegate, Mike Myers and Rob Lowe in the much-delayed romantic comedy about a woman's dream to become a flight attendant. Critics have not been kind to the film - which was released in America last week. A New York Post review called it "a dire stewardess comedy that's the movie equivalent of airline food." And it seems the movie's lead has similar opinions about her latest work. A source tells gossip site The Scoop, "Paltrow thought it was sort of awful even while she was shooting it. She was calling it that until she was asked to stop. The people making the movie thought it wasn't a very supportive thing to be doing.""
  • black backgrounds are so much easier on the eyes.
  • didn't do much today.
  • finally got the south park commentary in the mail though so now i can hear what was so awful that warner felt they should cut the commentary from the dvds.
  • the boondocks

    the boondocks

    The Dungey war formula

    the nation april 11, 2002

    "derrida queries deman" by mark tansey

    3-29-03 (01:09)

  • updated movies list.
  • i've said it before and i'll say it again. ELO are an underrated band and el dorado is an underrated album. boy blue is a great song.
  • didn't do very well in this round of the tournament. maryland, pitt, duke and dayton were all losers and i picked all those teams to win so that sucks. i'm over it.
  • tomorrow is my sunday so i had better make good use of it.

  • 3-28-03 (13:51)

  • "A plan by the California Public Utilities Commission to levy an "exit fee" against anyone who stops drawing electricity from the state's grid -- read:  alternative energy users -- has come under fire by lawmakers, renewable energy producers, and consumers.  The proposed exit fee is a holdover from the state's 2000-2001 energy crisis, when the commission tried to discourage people from jumping ship during the darkest days of deregulation.  But the fee would also apply to people who installed solar energy panels after Jan. 17, 2001, effectively functioning as a disincentive to switch to green energy. Under one version of the plan, the fee would add anywhere from $2.50 to $13.50 per monthly utility bill.  Happily, the CPUC seems likely to exempt renewable-energy users from the fee in the face of the firestorm of criticism.  There are about 8,000 homes and small businesses powered by solar energy in California, many of them so efficient they pump surplus energy back into the state's grid.

  • 3-28-03 (01:26)

  • i was wrong about the new baaba maal album...it's actually just a reissue (lam toro) and it's very good.
  • one good thing has come from losing zach and lucky. the boss told us today that we will get back our 8 hour shifts for the upcoming work week. he made it clear, though, that this was only for one week. once something like being able to work eight hour shifts or get a discount on used product is taken away it's extremely difficult to get those "benefits" back. and once the current employees are cycled out the new employees won't even know about how it used to be.
  • it's interesting to me that the word "news" is just the plural of "new," but we don't really think of it that way. if we did then we wouldn't say things like "oh that's old news." or "any new news about such and such?" the way i figure it "new news" is redundant and "old news" an oxymoron.
  • in these times i find it important to immerse myself in international music as much as possible. in doing so i'm reminded that there is more that exists than mcdonalds and britney spears. listening to afrobeat greats like tony allen and fela kuti or the music of the balkans or tabla beat science or baaba maal (of nigeria) provides perspective which is increasingly important now. i encourage you, too, to branch out from the johnny cash and jay-z that you may be listening to now.
  • "truth has three phases; the first is denial. the second is hostility. the third is universal acceptance because it's apparent." - Spinoza
  • the sage francis album is damn good.
  • an interview with mr. lif whose album "i, phantom" and EP "emergency rations" made for the number two album of 2002 on my top ten list.

  • 3-27-03 (00:50)

  • "In a groundbreaking move, New York state has developed guidelines for ensuring that low-income and minority neighborhoods are not disproportionately subjected to environmental health risks by developers.  The environmental-justice guidelines were drafted by the state Department of Environmental Conservation to limit the ability of developers to build unpopular and potentially hazardous projects in communities that lack the necessary resources to oppose them. Under the new policy, a project with potential environmental-justice problems will receive additional scrutiny to determine how it will affect the proposed neighborhood.  In addition, existing projects will be examined to determine their impact on local communities."
  • laws like that are the very definition of useful government.
  • today, zach (my favorite co-worker), quit. he was good friends with lucky and apparently was kicked out of his apartment by his roommates because of internal issues so he more or less decided to move to LA on a whim. 1) i wish i had that sort of flexibility 2) now work has taken on new lows. zach and lucky, although very different from me (both were party hard rock stars with the tattoos, hairstyles, and piercings to match), were (besides melanie) my favorite people in davis.

  • 3-25-03 (01:41)

  • Lucky, a co-worker whose real name is bradley, was fired today. he was a good guy and i liked working with him. he was actually my second favorite co-worker. to be fair he wasn't the greatest worker, but it still sucks to see him go.
  • as a result i had to close with joe today. closing with your boss isn't fun. it wasn't awful, but it meant i had to look busy the whole night. i wanted to broach the topic of the boxes upon boxes of promotional cds that he stores under his desk, but couldn't figure out how to do it. you see those cds are supposed to be for the store and the employees...they are supposed to serve as educational tools for every employee. so when someone asks me how the new baaba maal cd is i can tell them my opinion. or when someone asks what's new and good i have more albums to draw from than the 10-15 that make it into the store playstock or those that i purchase. the way it works now we can request cds and he may or may not remember to pass those onto us if/when he gets them or if we see something on his desk we can ask to have it and again he may or may not give that to us. ideally all the cds that come into the store should be fair game for the in store playstock and open for employees to take home. i don't understand why that's not the case. i don't understand what purpose they serve under his desk. but maybe i'll just always find something to complain about. unproductive employees need to be fired and promos should be tightly monitored.
  • i should be asleep by now.

  • 3-24-03 (01:10)

  • taped most of the oscars and fast forwarded to the good parts. got to see michael moore's speech. that was pretty much the highlight of the whole thing. i renew my rejection of the academy's importance.
  • i wish that philip glass would have won for the score to the hours.
  • the hours had potential to be a really good movie...the idea was good, but i think they chose a bad book (mrs. dalloway) and executed it poorly and some old lady who was shopping at tower the other day agrees with me so that makes at least two.
  • "And Warner Bros has announced that they'll be releasing the first four (in a series of ten) two-disc Chaplin Collection DVDs on July 1st: The Gold Rush, The Great Dictator, Limelight and Modern Times (SRP $29.95 each). Four more films in the series will follow in the fall (titles TBA)."
  • yay! modern times is one of the few titles on the afi top 100 that hasn't been released on dvd yet. the other one that i really care about is grapes of wrath.
  • i went 11-5 in the second round of the tourney. a drop percentage-wise, but still better than i expected.
  • city of davis against war.
  • i'm going to sleep now.

  • 3-23-03 (01:16)

  • updated movies list.

  • 3-22-03 (21:35)

  • i can't believe i have to go back to work tomorrow. i don't feel like i got two days worth of time off.
  • i worked on the car today. adjusted the valves and replaced the spark plugs. two of the plugs looked pretty black which means things aren't entirely kosher...either the plug wires are messed up or the compression is bad or something. no telling what the problem is, but they weren't completely caked in oil and carbon so it could be worse.
  • watched a couple good finishes in basketball today. the gonzaga game was very good and the wisconsin game was also good. both ended up going as i predicted, but they were nailbiters and that's what march madness is all about.
  • the kings game tonight was good, so was the one the other night when they beat the lakers.
  • plan on watching brotherhood of the wolf tonight. it's a french action flick that's gotten lots of praise and i'm finally getting around to seeing it. i like watching movies that have been on my list of movies to see for a long time. it feels like i'm getting something done when i watch a movie like that. i've seen most of the big classics like citizen kane, casablanca and the godfather, but i still have plenty of gaps to fill.

  • 3-21-03 (23:38)

  • i've gone 27-5 so far in the ncaa tourney. that's amazing considering how few games i watched over the course of the year. i decided to make picks round by round rather than filling out an entire bracket at the beginning and i just did it for fun so i don't have any money or bragging rights riding on it. it's too bad too because so far i'm doing very well.
  • "The war against Iraq that began last night will lead to "massive and possibly irreversible" environmental damage to the Persian Gulf region and contribute significantly to global warming, experts cautioned this week.  Environmentalists who have been monitoring the situation say the ecological destruction could be radically worse than the damage sustained during the 1991 Gulf War.  In that conflict, Iraqi forces dumped 4 million barrels of crude oil into the Persian Gulf and set fire to more than 600 Kuwaiti oil wells, releasing almost a half-billion tons of carbon dioxide.  A new war in the region could compound lingering problems from the 1991 conflict, while doing further harm to the environment, water resources, and endangered species.  In a recent interview with MTV, Hans Blix, chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, called the environmental issue "more ominous than that of peace and war.""
  • yesterday papa john's pizza, which is new in town, had a special where you could get a large one topping pizza for the same amount of money as was the time of the day. for example at 1:45pm i ordered two pizzas and paid just over three bucks for them. pretty awesome deal and it's provided meals the last four times i've eaten.
  • when you don't have an exciting job and you're poor things like that seem even more fantastic.

  • 3-21-03 (02:52)

  • updated movies list.
  • last night is started reading hawking's "the universe in a nutshell." i got through the first chapter okay, but the second chapter is about quantum mechanics and i can't wrap my brain around that stuff yet.
  • sage francis samples a piece of dialogue from "magnolia," gotta like that.
  • updated cdlist. year.
  • there are indications that the war might be over very shortly, namely that saddam might already be dead and that "we" are talking with iraqi leaders about surrender. a lot of people would change their mind about bush (and maybe the un), or at least the war, if that were the case. i think that the world needs the un in the long run and we need it to be strong.
  • if bush was responsible for taking down saddam and the regime with (what now appears to be) about as few casualties as possible then that alone could give him a very good shot at winning reelection in 2004. sad.
  • time to sleep.

  • 3-20-03 (00:30)

  • important war news here.
  • south park just keeps getting better. the episode today was so great. not only is that show funny (which it always has been), but over time i think it gets more and more political which i certainly enjoy.
  • while at work today i heard we bombed baghdad. it really is a shame.
  • bombs over baghdad is a good song by outkast.
  • got my tax return today, that's pretty fitting.
  • it was a good day at work. i find that when i try not to think too much about the crap they've done to me and just try to get along with the people who i like, and get things done, then work is a lot better.
  • i think baaba maal has a new album coming out. so does tommy guerrero
  • with war on the immediate horizon i think orbital's "the box" is a good soundtrack for the next couple days. luckily i got the single today. it's a tough single to get your hands on, but it's worth it.
  • i also finally bought atmosphere's album "god loves ugly." another fitting choice for the day. i now have a ridiculous 810 albums on CD.
  • heard the new beastie boys single today. pretty decent song on the whole, though the chorus doesn't really do it for me. they're still the beastie boys in spirit and that's good to hear.

  • 3-19-03 (00:34)

  • "With a quarter of a million troops amassing outside Iraq and the city of Baghdad preparing for Armageddon, it's tough to find anything resembling a silver lining in the headlines.  But there was some good news yesterday in the environmental sector:  Senate Republicans said they had probably come up short in their efforts to secure enough votes to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, the highly controversial cornerstone of President Bush's energy plan.  The Senate will vote on the plan late this week or early next, and by all indicators, the pro-drilling faction is about two votes shy of a success.  The expected failure is sure to be an embarrassment for Bush, who vowed while campaigning to undo President Clinton's refusal to drill in the refuge.  Environmentalists said they were cautiously optimistic about the lay of the land, but weren't going to exhale until after the vote."
  • i told you it would go down before may first. i don't have much to say about the war.
  • i think that smart people can justify doing things they know aren't completely kosher. it's really easy to rationalize things to make them fit your world view or whim and it's difficult to separate "rationalizations" from honest and good choices. it seems, though, that many of the people who have big impacts in history don't necessarily have a problem deciding how they stand on things. when i watch documentaries on "great" historical figures i often find that one thing they have in common is being completely convinced that they are right in their course of action and thought from ayn rand to malcolm x to hitler. so i think that this state of mind is the most empowering thing a person might have. so maybe we should all either get on the same page or stop "having the courage of our convictions." i don't honestly know.
  • i officially didn't get the job for the city.
  • blackalicious might return to davis in late may. that would be good.
  • updated movies list.

  • 3-17-03 (13:29)

  • updated movies list.
  • watched most of the kings/mavs game yesterday, but then i had to goto work. i hate that i can't watch basketball games because of my work schedule.
  • worked on my resume today. i'll keep hunting for jobs tomorrow.
  • joe came into work yesterday. he missed a few days last week so i guess he felt like he should make up for it by coming in on a sunday.
  • had a good weekend which made going back to work on sunday that much more difficult. played some golf with melanie's dad and brother who came up for the weekend. also we went to a series of performances from bands to poetry readings on saturday. some were really good and some were awful.
  • when high art tries to club you over the head with its greatness i find it obnoxious, but when it eases you in then i find it can be very efficacious. i guess what i mean is that i don't like it when someone steps up to the mic and starts in with all the poetic tricks in the book to try and impress me and move my soul right off the bat. you can't have an orgasm without some foreplay is all i'm saying.

  • 3-14-03 (01:22)

  • i can't believe i always miss the big UCLA games. i actually watched most of the first half of the game today, but when the half was over they had blown their lead and were down by two. ucla is has the ability to come up with big upsets like that though...there's just something about certain schools in certain sports where even when the team is having a bad year you can't count them out.
  • i'm happy i didn't watch the kings game though.
  • i have my fantasy baseball draft tomorrow. that'll mark the beginning of a long season of making everyone else feel good.
  • aphex twin is proof that you can maintain artistic integrity and still make plenty of money. if i were an artist of his stature i'd like to appear to be as aloof and strange as he does. "James (aphex twin) was reported to have created remixes using none of the source material given, send along work at the last minute with no connection to the artist involved, and even play the middle-man for the productions of a flatmate."
  • henry ford did more to dehumanize people than hitler. i believe this for the same reason that i believe corporal punishment for criminals is more humane than imprisonment.

  • 3-13-03 (01:17)

  • it's unfortunate that the media hasn't presented to us the other possible ways to proceed with iraq. on their spectrum of responses it seems like it goes from doing nothing to inspectors to war. i think there are more options in between, but those don't seem to be talked about very much.
  • i don't think that the rest of the world is necessarily opposed to war, they're just more insistent that it be applied as a last resort and are more patient about getting there. and when the push comes from the us i think that timeline lengthens because of our world image. personally i don't have a problem with that. i think we should just shut the fuck up and let the rest of the world decide what to do.
  • what's up with everyone getting mad at celebrities who espouse their political points of view? it seems that our society needs people to be politically aware and active. celebrities, who are people and as a result vote and have opinions, shouldn't be stifled just because they have the luxury of media coverage. if barbra streisand's political opinions really piss you off then turn off the tv or turn the page or something. claims that actors "should stick to acting" is inane because everyone's job is to be political and when i hear politicians saying otherwise it only makes me want to kill them more.
  • i wish people didn't take life and french (or freedom) fries so seriously.

  • 3-12-03 (02:42)

  • updated movies list. seen 61 movies so far this year. 14 more in march and i'll be on pace for 300 in 2003.

  • 3-11-03 (01:46)

  • updated movies list.
  • today went by quickly enough.
  • another big wig at tower got the boot.
  • there's a philip glass version of aphex twin's icct hedral, which appears on the (hard to find) donkey rhubarb single, that is quite fantastic. moments of it are even better than the original which is truly a piece of art.
  • heard from alex today...he's the loss prevention agent who was mysteriously asked to leave. as it turns out it was pretty much just joe not liking him that got him let go. that's what i suspected and he confirmed it for me today. in fact the loss prevention boss for northern california wanted to hire alex back to work at a sacramento store, but alex had already gotten a job elsewhere. it's a shame that i lost a(nother) friend because of joe. alex busted more people in a month than the previous LP agent at our store busted in over a year. in fact the previous agent worked at our store for about 14 months and he busted only 5 or 6 people. i've seen alex bust 2 and 3 people in a day. add to that the fact that he was always a positive person in the workplace and you have someone who deserves a little more respect than he received. if i get the job working for the city i'm not giving a two week notice.
  • fucking tower records.

  • 3-10-03 (00:53)

  • i should find out this week whether or not i get to interview for the stock clerk position for the city.
  • updated movies list.
  • there are still so many great films that aren't on dvd yet. the star wars trilogy, the big one, roger and me, hoop dreams, grapes of wrath, los olvidados, modern times, celebration, etc. i guess the biggest reason i say that is because on a daily basis i see hundreds of truly stupid dvds that have been made and it just doesn't make sense that they would make a dvd for sleep away camp sorority sisters and pass up grapes of wrath or something along those lines.
  • in related news bowling for columbine is being pushed back to a later release date and the matrix special edition has been canceled.
  • there are some good warp records releases coming out this month and next month. unfortunately they are distributed by caroline distribution which has the most flaky representative i've known.
  • it hasn't rained very much this winter.
  • while at work today i found out that employees will no longer get discounts on used product. usually if we buy a cd from a customer for 3 dollars we will mark it up to 5.99 or more. so he markup t for used product is generally 100% or more. on new product the markup is about 35% so you can see how lucrative used product usually is. our employee discount for used product was 25% off the sticker price. so if we purchased a cd for 5 bucks and sell it for at least 10 the employee would buy it for no less than 7.50 thus the store stands to make at least 2.50 from an employee (which would be the same as if we marked up product 50% - still more than the markup on new product). personally i see this as just another sign of how far management is willing to go to make a buck...and once again it is at the expense of its employees. surely i can understand that in the long run the store stands to make hundreds of dollars as a result of implementing this new rule, but that doesn't make it right. the only justification we got was "this is how they do it at other stores too." at other stores they also give their employees full eight hour shifts. i wonder when joe is going to stop with this stuff. he already has one employee doing supervisor duties with out supervisor pay. will he eventually just have everyone working part-time to ensure no one gets benefits or overtime? will he pay everyone minimum wage and just find people who are willing to be supervisors for the same pay as clerks? will he eliminate employee discounts altogether? all of those make short term black and white business sense, but aren't necessarily good business. that is, sure using those tactics will make the bottom line look good in the short run, but angering your staff and not having consistency on the staff (having too much staff turnover) are not good and can lead to all sorts of problems which can affect the bottom line in unseen ways. my personal opinion is that staff morale is the cornerstone of running a good business and without it you can't run on all cylinders. i know that when i was happy with the people i was working with i worked harder and was a happier person. when i knew that management was working for me then i was willing to work for it.
  • i'm thirsty and tired.
  • "Bush Offers Taxpayers Another $300 If We Go To War"

    courtesy of theonion.com
    3-8-3 (14:37)
  • updated movies list. "what time is it there?" is a really hard movie to make sense of. i don't even want to think about it anymore because it's got my mind too twisted. it's not that the plot was hard to follow...it wasn't one of those david mamet masturbation sessions. it's more twisted because i'm not sure how all the pieces fit into the theme of the story and i can't identify exactly where it all went wrong.
  • some reviews of gods and generals.

  • 3-6-03 (00:36)

  • updated movies list.
  • my email hasn't been working all day which is a bummer. i hope the problem fixes itself by tomorrow (later today).
  • i have been listening mostly to electronica music lately, but broke out some metallica last night and that's carried over to tonight. their epics are quite good and make me remember why "hard rock" will always have a place in my heart.
  • the daily show just gets better as bush comes into his own. in a somewhat related issue...
  • i remember freshman year i was first introduced to the satirical newspaper known as the onion by jon who had an article from their webpage pulled up on doc's notebook computer (which later met an untimely death). the headline said something like "congress passes no talking in public statute." after i read it i went on about how fucking lame the government was and how i couldn't believe they were doing something as obviously anti-free speech as that. of course i soon realized that it was a joke and that i had been a bit gullible. i felt pretty stupid for that, but during bush's presidency there have been some headlines nearly as unbelievable as the one i saw that day five years ago.
  • the newest installment is the story of a man who was arrested for wearing a shirt that said "give peace a chance" (or something to that effect) while visiting his local mall. not only is that frighteningly orwellian, but it also reminds me of my run-in with Amtrak. that run-in with Amtrak was the result of the bug breaking down which brings this story full circle because today i was woken up by the mechanic telling me more bad news about the bug. the bug has built an amazing amount of character. if i hadn't ever gotten it i'd be hundreds of dollars richer and have more hair, but i'd probably be as two dimensional as a frat boy. what a headache.
  • the three greatest soundtracks of all-time are from the movies koyaanisqatsi, the good bad and the ugly, and pi. just thinking about the combined power of those three soundtracks makes me weep. the pi soundtrack not only creates the perfect atmosphere for that movie, but also takes particular meaning for me because it opened me up to some of (what have become) my favorite electronic artists (especially orbital, aphex twin, and autechre). in fact i'd say that it's the album that shaped my musical tastes more than any other, with the possible exception of appetite for destruction because that was the first album i really owned.
  • today was mostly lame because a) i had to goto work b) i woke up after only 5 hours of sleep to bad news from the mechanic c) i didn't find a million bucks under my bed.
  • the kings won, but as is the usual i wasn't able to watch the game.
  • after waking up this morning i put my name in for a sacramento business that finds general laborers for local businesses. so if on fridays i happen to be awake at 5:30 in the morning i can drive to sacramento with a push broom and shovel (which i'll have to purchase) hoping that they can find work for me that day. it was probably a waste of time, but it's an option.
  • i've been up for a quite some time now so i should get some rest. tomorrow is my friday and that's the best news i've gotten this week.
  • it's interesting to me that the word "news" is just the plural of "new." and furthermore has become its own word virtually unrelated to its singular form. ya dig?

  • 3-5-03 (00:29)

  • jon got me the answer on that nonprofit vs. not-for-profit question. here.
  • fantasy baseball is around the corner. another season of ups and downs and downs.
  • last month i bought 12 pairs of socks so my socks crisis is no longer a problem.
  • sometimes i feel like i'm never going to find a job and i'll end up homeless. i guess i've only been looking for work for a couple weeks, but i get easily discouraged.

  • 3-4-3 (01:18)

  • updated movies list.
  • had an interesting day at work. joe had been accumulating a bunch of issues that he had with me over the course of the last couple months and presented them to me today all at one time. they ranged from mediocre to absolutely petty missteps on my part. some were tiny acts of rebellion (like not filling out this or that form), others were pure forgetfulness and one was me just being a mean guy (which, of the 6 or 7 items, he raised i agreed was actually worth addressing).
  • i guess the straw that broke his back was the email i sent last week. recently we've been getting lots of emails from management which have been entirely negative...mostly "you guys aren't do a, b, and c and that's bad." or "you guys haven't been paying very good attention lately as evidenced by the fact that pen caps haven't been returned to their proper resting place on the top of the pen (or some other such small quibble)." as a result of the recent glut of negative emails i sent joke email that makes a reference to a popular film (office space) wherein an employee gets berated frequently for not attaching a cover sheet to the company's "TPS reports." the bosses (he has several bosses) all give him a hard time about not attaching said cover sheet and conclude their conversation with by saying they'll send him the memo again. there is another scene in the film wherein a waitress is confronted by her boss about the number of pins she has on her uniform. the boss tells her that she should strive to be a better employee by showing more zest and thus having more "flair" or pins on her uniform. so i sent an email to all the local staff that said "i'm tired of telling everyone how to do their job. you should all know by now that the TPS reports need cover sheets. also everyone should make sure to wear their flair at all times." when joe laid that piece of evidence before me he asked "what's this all about?" i told him that i thought it would be a nice change to get a funny email rather than the regular abuse we normally get. i went on to say that everyone (at the management level) thinks their shit doesn't stink and that they're basically kidding themselves. everyone screws up on a regular basis and i don't think it's a good thing for morale to point out every time someone forgets to tear off an expired sale tag or something equally small. he then told me to keep email for strictly informational/official business purposes only.
  • he also made mention of the fact that every time there is a change in policy or an addition of new paperwork i'm the toughest own to get to conform. he added "you should be the easiest one..." i don't remember why he said i should be the easiest one because i wasn't listening at that point...i was too pleased with myself (on this issue) to pay attention. i told him that right makes might, not vise versa. that if there is good reason for a change i'm behind it, but i'm not going to just accept your decision to add to my workload because you tell me to do something.
  • we came to an agreement to wipe the slate clean, but the truth of the matter is that that's impossible; and even if it weren't we fundamentally disagree on how a workplace should be run, on how people should be treated, on how the world works, and what has priority in life. so we've ironed over this patch, but it's just a matter of time before his policies or the policies of tower enrage me again to the point where i sent out rebellious emails or i don't fill out the proper paperwork as a tiny act of rebellion. i find it funny that with all ill-mannered and shady characters we have working at tower i'm somehow seen as this awful guy by joe. the way he laid one paper (a copy of my dastardly email or a copy of a form filled out sarcastically or...) on me after another really made me feel like a criminal. of course i deserved some of it, but i honestly feel like most of it was not and not to that degree.
  • learned a lot about kurosawa today. after i went to the mechanic to drop off the car i watched a documentary on kurosawa which i felt did a really good job of incorporating scenes from his films. it also had a nice balance of personal and professional information and related those two aspects of his life rather well.
  • the kings won today.
  • it's abundantly clear that i need to find new employment. i think about my shitty job far more often than i should and it's changed my lifestyle to an unacceptable level...i now wake up past noon almost every day, i watch fewer films, listen to less music at home, earn less money (thanks to the hours being cut) and am largely unhappy with my time spent there.
  • i've been having trouble sleeping lately. i don't know if it's because i have a lot on my mind or because my body hasn't gotten used to falling asleep without the aid of vicodin - which i was taking for a few days after my wisdom teeth were pulled.
  • heard a nice little essay on npr today about the pictures we take in life. the woman who wrote the essay was talking about her families quest to document everything their kids do, but she came to the conclusion that after awhile they chose to only capture the nice moments in life. that's why, she said, we don't take pictures of uncle ernie getting over his weekend bender. it's true that often, in pictures, we censor the things we'd rather not document. when a significant other leaves we sometimes cut them out of the pictures in some sort of symbolic ritual. good points.
  • i'd like to live in canada one day.
  • if anyone has the answer to this next one i'd be very happy to hear it...i've noticed that some companies have the designation of being "not-for-profit" and others are "non-profit." my cynical outlook has me thinking that it's a trick by some to seem as though they are non-profit when they really aren't.  i know that non-profit organizations fall under certain tax laws and aren't allowed to make any profit - they must either run a loss or break exactly even. if anyone knows if there is a legal distinction (tax-wise or otherwise) between the two wordings i'd like to hear about it.
  • planes, trains, and automobiles is such a funny movie.

  • i remember these two before they moved their business to ebay. back then they just had a big list of cds that they sent out to people with a set price and it was first come first serve. i don't remember how i got on the mailing list in the first place, but i remember it was voluntary and was at least three years ago. now they're super huge on ebay.

    2-28-03 (02:42)

  • updated movies list. saw two good films today. actually one good film and one fantastic film....and actually both of them were documentaries. i love documentaries.
  • it seems to me that racism (actually many forms of bigotry) is almost innate. this does not, in my opinion excuse a person from acting or speaking out in such bigoted ways, but i can see where it may come from. hear me out...in the most simple breakdown we have spent the vast majority of our time as homosapiens as "uncivilized" and largely ignorant of the (what has now become) fact that people who look different (color, size, shape, etc.) than us are not enemies, inferior or really that much different (at birth) than we are. but for most of our evolution people who look different were probably of a different tribe, etc. and were thus seen as alien and thus a threat (though this conclusion isn't necessarily the right one, it is the most base and immediate one). jared diamond concludes that we are attracted to people who look like us or those we are comfortable with (our parents or close kin let's say)...whether it be the look of a person's eye sockets, their cheeks or whatever he says (i've been told) that small things like this contribute to who we are attracted to. if this is true then the opposite would, in a way, support my claim that somewhere within we may, to varying degrees, be predisposed to forms of physical bigotry. i think it sounds bad, but really it's just applying "fear of the unknown" to a more touchy subject.
  • i have a lot to do tomorrow so i should get some rest.

  • 2-27-03 (01:24)

  • updated movies list.

  • 2-26-03 (17:54)

  • well if i decided to stay at the theater watching gods and generals i'd still be there right now. instead i walked out after an hour. it was really heavy handed, trite, and just poorly executed. the acting was poor and the score seemed to be a bunch of finale pieces strung together...every scene was acompanied by music that made it seem as though god was himself was on screen explaining the meaning of life. that is, there was no sense of ebb and flow, everything was treated as being of the utmost importance and i'm sorry but mary beth sewing a confederate flag isn't as important as stonewall jackson giving a rally speech which isn't as important as billy bob's flesh being torn by a ball of lead. i wouldn't have lasted another three hours so i'm glad i walked out....oh and i was the third person to walk out of the theater which only had about 10 people to start. laughable.
  • earlier in the year i had a theory that any game in which peja stojakovic scored more than 30 points would be a kings loss. recently i checked that theory out and four out of the four times he scored more than 30 points we lost.
  • "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVDs will follow the same August 2-disc/November 4-disc schedule as was used last year for The Fellowship of the Ring."
  • south park season two, the family guy seasons 1 & 2, homicide season 1, terminator 2 extreme edition, cheers season 1 and fraiser season 1 all are likely to be announced in the first part of this year. i'm looking forward to a special edition of ran, punch drunk love, femme fatale, bowling for columbine, spirited away, final edition of army of darkness and the ring. i hear that evil dead will have a fourth installment coming out in the future.

  • 2-26-03 (01:15)

  • well i've got tomorrow off so i'll try to get some things done.
  • might watch gods and generals...it's four hours long though so that requires quite a commitment.
  • i also have some work to do on the car before it goes to my sister.
  • updated movies list.
  • i'm listening to the 50 cent album right now. it's the best selling album we have nowadays and it totally sucks. it's the same dr. dre/nwa formula, only 12 years later and not as good....samples of bongs, gun shots, and sirens, plenty of posturing and mad dogging and a few praises to god. to enter the annals of ganster rap history you have to bring originality, social commentary, or a degree of intimacy...this album has none of that. tupac, eminem and dr. dre have some of all of the above and that's why they'll be remembered while others will not.
  • hitting up the sacbee classifieds right now.
  • it's too bad a job has to involve such work.
  • having a good desk chair is nice.

  • 2-25-03 (17:18)

  • the blackalicious concert for tomorrow was canceled due to illness. gift of gab has had a sore throat for a while. so now i have to goto work tomorrow. life hasn't had much good news lately. i guess it's a good thing since i get to work more and thus earn more money....i also get a refund for the ticket.
  • right when i sat down to get my wisdom teeth pulled last week the secretary told me i was going to have to pay 440 bucks instead of 215 because my insurance wouldn't cover the anesthetic. i told her that they covered part of it last time so they should cover it this time. she looked into it and said that sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. so i have to wait a couple weeks to see if i'm going to have to pay another a couple hundred bucks in the near future.
  • monster.com seems to have plenty of shitty jobs, but nothing that's even halfway appealing to me.

  • 2-25-03 (01:15)

  • updated movies list.
  • i'd like to watch gods and generals one day soon. gettysburg was a very good film so g and g holds promise....also movies about war and war strategy appeal to me.

  • 2-23-03 (21:54)

  • since kobe's scoring streak he hasn't had a game where he's gotten more than eight rebounds or seven assists...before this 13 game streak of scoring 35 or more points kobe had not had a streak longer than eight games without grabbing 8+ rebounds and no streak of more than three games without 7+ assists. so even though he's scoring more points he's not helping his teammates and he's not playing the all-around ballgame that he has prided himself of in the past. in the past 13 games his assist to turnover ratio is worse and even though the team has been playing pretty well they've only beaten a couple quality teams during that stretch...indiana, a very beat up sacramento (without the the help of bobby jackson and chris webber), and houston.

  • 2-23-03 (20:44)

  • my wisdom teeth are now all gone. the top ones weren't as painful as the bottom, but i still took today off.
  • watched a lot of movies this weekend.
  • updated movies list.

  • 2-19-03 (00:23)

  • listening to the dandy warhols. i would like it if they came out with another album soon.
  • updated cdlist and by year.
  • weird how things synchronize sometimes. i finally got around to finally getting sharrock's "black woman" album and now i see that one of his albums was recently reviewed on pitchforkmedia.com.
  • saw the second overtime period of the rockets/lakers game...that was a pleasant surprise given the time i usually get home. the outcome was predictable and somewhat sad. shaq proves, once again, that he is a little bitch. kobe earns a bit more of my respect, but none of my love. i want the lakers to make the playoffs so the kings can play them and finally get the monkey off their collective back. i also want the rockets to make the playoffs, but it looks like that won't happen. kobe, carter, iverson and especially mcgrady all need to learn how to encorporate their teammates into the offense better. i agree completely with charles barkley on this point.
  • i think that jon stewart would back me up on this one...i don't think that there has been fair, equitable and level-headed coverage of the possibility of war in iraq. if you read, watch or listen enough you can pick up the pieces, but most of the coverage is either dim-witted, one-sided, or not comprehensive enough and that's a shame. there are differences between iraq and north korea, there is some reasonable evidence that iraq has naughty toys, bush does want to go to war to disprove his dad's impotency and to secure oil for the u.s., there are lots of countries that support us, there are lots of countries that don't....furthermore there is often a lack of solutions presented in the media. so far the solutions have been inspections or war. i'd like people to voice other avenues for deflating the problems abroad.
  • a good source says that the indiana jones triology should be out on dvd later this year. finally.
  • there's going to be a show with plaid, prefuse 73 and weatherall in SF on march 29. that could be pretty cool.

  • 2-18-03 (13:49)

  • i've been making an effort lately to revisit some of my older albums since lately it seems i only listen to stuff that is new (or at least new to me). while working at tower i've expanded my knowledge and collection of music vastly, but that has come at the cost of some of my old favorites. when i quit working at tower i'll have plenty of time to soak up all the new stuff i got while working there and also revisit the older stuff that has been on the back burner.
  • applied for a city of davis job today. the position is for a stock clerk somewhere in the city offices. on paper i'm familiar with a lot of the requirements that were listed (receiving, purchase order system, etc.) so i'm confident that if i were to be hired i could perform the required tasks, but on the other hand the salary is twice what i make now so i think that makes me think it's out of my league. that is, i don't think the actual job is that hard, but i think there will be stiff competition because it's a good paying job with good benefits. if i did get the job i'd be out of debt in eight months rather than forty. so i'd really like to get the job.
  • "i want a god who stays dead, not plays dead."
  • updated movies list.

  • 2-17-03 (11:57)

  • updated movies list.
  • it doesn't matter how many americans are against the war now because when the war starts most anti-war or undecided people will rally around the flag and make most of the anti-war sentiment go to the fringes. not only is this backed by history, but also by one simple adage we political scientists apply to anything in politics: "people are sheep." we've got enough countries on our side (including much of eastern europe, britain and italy) to make it seem like it's not a unilateral move against iraq. so the simple truth is that we are going to go to war with iraq and the majority of the country will support it. it doesn't matter how many pictures vern takes of people exercising their worthless rights to stand around shouting, it's still as good as done.
  • i'm such a pessimist sometimes.
  • work just keeps getting worse. the job market seems pretty lame right now. to tell you the truth i'd like us to just get it over with and start bombing iraq because the longer the uncertantity lasts the longer the economy drags along. that, to me, has been the worst thing about this whole situation. given the length of time we've had since our last real military action and all the personnel in the bush administration i've always thought war was inevitable. so it never really entered my mind (once the war talk began) that there wouldn't be war. i guess it's a sad state of affairs when war is seen as inevitable as soon as the president mentions it.
  • michael mercury was very funny last night. that guy is truly lost.

  • 2-16-03 (01:53)

  • updated movies list.
  • the job search has not gone well so far.
  • i hope the hours doesn't actually win any academy awards.
  • worked on making a small stand for shoes so they have a place next to the door. the more tools i get the more useful stuff i can make. having spare wood makes little projects like this a lot easier and (most importantly) free.
  • this next week i have oral surgery to look forward to. on the 26th, though, i get to see blackalicious live at freeborn hall....that's both fun and already paid for so it should make up for the wisdom teeth being extracted.
  • i'll try to update more often.
  • gotta sleep now.

  • 2-12-03 (00:59)

  • today was pretty shitty.
  • the tires on my bike that i got a while back wear down on the exterior walls relatively quickly. as a result i had to replace the front tire a few months ago and now the rear one is starting to bulge and the innertube is almost exposed. it's just a matter of time before i hit a bump and get a flat so i'll be using melanie's bike for a while. the wheel is also pretty old and out of shape so i figure i may as well just get that replaced at the same time.
  • i live a relatively simple life...i mean when my major problems consist of bike tires being flat and wisdom teeth needing to be extracted it's not as bad as my car blowing a gasket or my house having a leaky roof.
  • looked into working at an autobody shop today. i need to spend a couple hours at the dmv tomorrow to get a print out and attach that to the application. i would assume that working at an autobody place the pay would be pretty good....a) people are always getting in accidents so there's no huge dips in business like there is in sales b) usually the insurance company is paying you so prices can be a little higher c) 'skilled' positions usually pay better than 'non-skilled' ones.
  • updated movies list.

  • 2-10-03 (12:22)

  • tower lowered its health coverage for employees, we also have to pay more now. my hours are being cut by one hour per day which adds up to 20 hours a month (1 hour a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month) which means at least 100 bucks less in my pocket every month which means about 300 pounds of rice or 20 subway sandwiches or 10 CDs or 5 months of netflix subscription or...what it really means is i need to find another job now. i hate my boss.
  • got up relatively early today. started looking for a job...unsuccessfully thus far. also made an appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled on the 21st of this month. that'll be pleasant and expensive
  • i don't understand how people who earn minimum wage make a living.
  • melanie's car got a flat tire the other day while we were driving to vacaville...luckily i noticed it before we got more than a block from home.  it was fun changing the tire, but her car didn't have a jack or tire iron so we had to walk back home and pick up my tools. i showed her how to change the tire so after she gets a jack and tire iron she'll be able to do it herself.
  • found a nickel outside the apartment today.

  • 2-7-03 (20:09)

  • updated movies list.
  • found two dimes today...one on my way back home from the bank and the other in front of safeway. i also won a free two liter bottle of sierra mist at safeway.
  • got a call today from uc davis announcing that melanie was accepted into their graduate program. so at the very worst i'll be in davis for a while longer...it's better than moving to tennessee or something.
  • my sister might get the bug in the near future. that would be optimal.
  • haven't had much reason to update the page lately.
  • the loss prevention agent at work was fired the other day. another friend lost. tower really doesn't conduct themeselves professionally at all. joe is an asshole and tries to come off as everybody's friend. in sum, i've pretty much had it with that place.
  • dr. strangelove came out just a year after It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and it seems so much less aged. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World wasn't really funny to me.
  • i need a haircut.
  • bought tickets to the blackalicious concert. the show is on the 26th on campus. it'll be good.
  • the new massive attack album is pretty good by my standards. it's a little different than their other stuff, but i think that's good.
  • also digging the postal service album.
  • next month should see the release of the new aphex twin remix album.
  • going to see the hours tomorrow because philip glass scored it so that's enough of a reason for me. would also like to see confessions of a dangerous mind, about schmidt, and adaptation.
  • it's always cold in my room.
  • rent is going up by another 70 bucks next rent cycle.
  • i wish i saw johnny more often.

  • 2-2-03 (22:08)

  • updated movies list.

  • 1-31-03 (02:48)

  • i go to sleep pretty late these days. my schedule is lame.
  • i get friday and sunday off, but have to open on saturday. that won't be fun.
  • nothing new or exciting has been going on lately.
  • updated movies list.
  • the kings need to get healthy. they play the lakers tomorrow and that should be interesting considering webber, jackson and pollard are out.

  • 1-29-03 (01:10)

  • "the president's a bush, the vice president's a dick...so a whole lotta fucking is what we gonna get." - talib kweli
  • tom waits came into tower today. actually he came in twice...once just before my shift and once during my shift. i've seen oj simpson and magic johnson and plenty of other celebrities in my day and i think tom waits is one of the coolest. i don't love his music, but he's a pretty cool guy.
  • the state of the union address was good enough for most people. i believe we'll have some sort of military action by May first.
  • mtv isn't completely worthless.
  • called a general contractor who was looking for an apprentice or help of some sort help. he said he'd put me on his list, but right now he's holding out for someone who has a truck. oh well.
  • stained my cd cases over the weekend.
  • the super bowl was obviously a disappointment.

  • 1-24-03 (17:40)

  • finally paid off the balance for the computer i've had for the last couple months.
  • i need to do something about my car. i don't use it because there's no reason to use it in davis and melanie has one for longer trips. i pay for insurance and registration though so it's just a drain on my resources.
  • yesterday was supposed to be my friday and i was going to get a three day weekend because i got super bowl sunday off. when i asked joe for the time off i offered to work friday or saturday (my usual days off) in exchange for sunday off because inventory is on monday and lots of things need to be done. but when the schedule went up i had a three day weekend so that was pleasing. in true joe style, though, he asked me yesterday if i could come in today for a few hours. so i did. i only worked three hours so it wasn't too bad...i need the money and i got to sleep in so it didn't really affect my day that much.
  • updated cdlist. by year.
  • updated movies list.
  • strictly by coincidence i've seen three movies this month which were largely about the amish.
  • there's a kings game on so i'm going to try and find that on tv.

  • 1-20-03 (01:59)

  • a lot of my big news lately has been sports related. the raiders are going to the super bowl a week from today and i get to watch it, rather than being at work. i even got to see a bit of the game today while i was on my lunch break.
  • blackalicious are going to be in davis on feb. 26th. tickets aren't on sale and i don't know who else will be at the concert, but those details are likely to be announced soon. i'm definitely going to see that. it's on a wednesday though so i'll have to ask for the day off.
  • i also have plans to go home to help my technologically retarded family get some stuff hooked up and sorted out.
  • i need to plan for a day off so i can get my last two wisdom teeth pulled some time soon as well. but that takes a back seat since it requires more money. i don't know how some people make a living. if i lived in a major city with my income i wouldn't be able to eat and i make $1.75 above minimum wage. if i lived by myself and rent was 600 bucks instead of 350 then i'd really be screwed. i don't know anyone my age who earns a living without their parents' help. for me finding a serious job (by that i mean one that pays serious money and has benefits) is hard for a few reasons: 1) i am lazy and easily made content 2) i don't know where i'm going to be living in seven months 3) i don't know what i'd rather do that pays more and is easy to get into....so i just stay where i am.
  • i think one problem i have is that i don't network enough. one reason for that is that i'm a misanthrope and the other is that "network" is just a businessman's buzz word...so i avoid doing it. i remember when jon was doing the student works painting thing....his boss figure would always push "networking" to establish business contacts. all networking means is kissing other people's asses in order to get what you need out of them. i suppose that's a large part of the basis of our society, but it's always seemed grimy and disingenuous to me.
  • i find that i enjoy the music portion of bjork's work more than her vocal contributions. one might say that the two are inseparable, but one might be wrong. speaking of bjork i saw a video today of bjork whopping some british journalist's ass. no kidding. bjork is usually seen as a pretty pacifistic and level-headed woman, but in this video she kicked the crap out of some reporter who supposedly had been pestering her for some time.
  • it's been very cold lately. this weekend it was foggy and cold and just looked miserable outside. it hasn't rained all that much though.
  • i think i've always been in favor of affirmative action.
  • orb has a back to mine cd coming out soon. that should be neat. the back to mine series asks a group or artist to pick an album's worth of music from various artists and put it together on a cd. it's usually pretty neat to hear what your favorite artists like to listen to when they're not making their own stuff.
  • i don't get headaches very often, hardly ever in fact. i might be getting one right now though.
  • i haven't been sleeping very well lately.
  • made some chicken tacos today and those were good.
  • this year has the potential for some good sequels with the matrix 2, terminator 3 and plenty more.
  • ER first season is coming to dvd in june if you care.
  • saw part of rushmore on tv today. that's a very good movie.
  • i should get to bed now.

  • 1-19-03 (02:18)

  • the kings lost a close game tonight and that is sad.
  • updated movies list.
  • watched an interesting movie about amish teenagers going through their allowed period of rebellion.
  • go raiders. i won't be able to see the game tomorrow since i've got work. that sucks. i will be able to see the super bowl though since i asked for next sunday off. i also will be able to see the lakers/kings game on the 31st since that's on a friday.
  • big news these days is that i'm broke and work is about the usual.
  • made melanie a flower pot holder using some of the wood i salvaged from the old cd case.
  • i should get some sleep. hopefully i wake up in time to watch a movie tomorrow before work.

  • 1-18-03 (20:18)

  • scot pollard is a funny guy. he's helping announce the kings game right now and is doing impersonations of joe maloof and vlade divac.
  • good to see the lakers lose yesterday. yao ming is better as a rookie than shaq was. he's also a better person in general.

  • 1-17-03 (19:39)

  • shaq apparently told one reporter when asked about yao ming "Tell Yao Ming, 'ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh." on another occasion "Shaquille O'Neal spoke with a mock Chinese accent and made mock "kung fu" moves." also: "June 20, 2002. Before Yao arrives to the United States, Shaquille O'Neal announces that he will test Yao's toughness by taking an elbow to Yao's face. "Don't give me the MVP like you gave it to Tim Duncan," he said during this interview. "Don't give me nothing. Just give me my fair share in American, because I'm American." (Houston Chronicle 6/21/02). After Yao's arrival, Shaq states, "I look forward to breaking down that mother-fucker's body." Shaq says, "He (Yao) said my name three times, two in Chinese and one in American. You don't ever call me out. I'm from LSU." (Sports Illustrated)" though i don't think shaq is a racist i gotta say, yet again, that shaq is just a big stupid child.

  • 1-16-03 (00:12)

  • well the highlight of my day was definitely watching the kings destroy the mavs. fun game to watch if you're a kings fan.
  • had mashed potatoes and steak tonight for dinner. first time i've made mashed potatoes myself. they always seem like such a pain to make, but i guess it's more of a time consideration than an effort thing.
  • work was work today. tomorrow is my friday and i like that. the music business isn't doing so well these days.
  • i really don't like my new work schedule because it makes watching movies and listening to music so much less possible. watching a movie or listening to music at 2am in the morning means you can't crank up the volume. also doing anything past 2am makes me feel like staying up too late which naturally leads to waking up too late which makes me feel like a bum. as much as i complain about work it's nice having movies and music around all the time...and even though my bosses may be stupid they're mostly laid back so it beats an office job.
  • my co-workers are such stereotypical wannabe-rocker record store clerks. it's really funny. one of the new guys is named "lucky" (real name bradley). he carves things into his arm, is in a band, has wild bushy hair, says "dude" a lot, is a music elitist, somewhat of a bigot, and has NEVER left california (though he has gone to lake tahoe so he's been close).

  • 1-12-03 (22:37)

  • "Rock legend Pete Townshend has stunned his legions of followers by confessing he is the celebrity at the centre of a police child porn investigation. The Who guitarist has admitted using his credit card to download sex videos of children from the internet, but insists he was simply doing research for a book he is writing about his childhood years, when he himself suffered sexual abuse. The Kids Are Alright rocker, whose name is on an FBI list of 7,000 pedophiles, says, "I haven't been charged with anything, but I think I'm f*****. I was worried this might happen. This will be the most damaging thing for my career. I want to clear my name." Townshend has three children of his own and follows both former tour-mate Gary Glitter and Euro-pop mastermind Jonathan King in the list of musicians associated with child porn scandals. He says, "I toured with Gary Glitter in the past but I am not him. I have always been into pornography and I have used it all my life. But I am not a pedophile and I think pedophilia is appalling." Townshend adds, "I have been writing my life story and the research was for a book. I have been in touch with Scotland Yard to tell them what I was doing. I have contacted them but no police officers have contacted me." Police are carrying out their largest ever investigation into child pornography in the UK and 1,300 people have been arrested - including 50 policemen, a judge, hospital consultants and a former deputy headmaster."
  • updated movies list.
  • woke up early to watch the niners bite the big one.
  • glad that the kings and raiders won, though.
  • work was work.
  • haven't been watching many movies or listening to much music lately. working late is lame. i'd much rather work opening shifts like the old days. it's also harder to get my full eight hours since i close the store in 10 minutes, but they schedule me to stay 30.
  • pretty soon i won't have internet access since i'm using melanie's student account. then i'll have to start paying for one more thing. pretty lame.

  • 1-10-03 (16:31)

  • bought the extended version of lord of the rings today. i guess it was only a matter of time before i cracked. anyway, we're going to watch that tonight and the new one tomorrow.
  • updated moviesiown list.
  • dismantled my old cd case today. it was easier than i thought it was going to be. so now i have a bunch of extra wood and nothing to build. i'm sure i'll come up with something. it's too bad i couldn't get ten bucks for it.
  • despite getting paid today i'm really broke.
  • i've gotten goosebumps literally every single time i've heard the song "release" which appears on the newest blackalicious album. i've probably listened to the album about 50 times by now and every time that track just amazes me.
  • "Inner breathlessness, outer restlessness

  • By the time I caught up to freedom I was out of breath
    Grandma asked me what I'm running for
    I guess I'm out for the same thing the sun is sunning for
    What mothers birth their youngens for
    And some say Jesus coming for
    For all I know the earth is spinning slow
    Suns at half mast 'cause masses ain't aglow
    On bended knee, prostrate before an altered tree
    I've made the forest suit me
    Tables and chairs
    Papers and prayers
    Matter versus spirit
    A metal ladder
    A wooden cross
    A plastic bottle of water
    A mandala encased in glass
    A spirit encased in flesh
    Sound from shaped hollows
    The thickest of mucus released from heightened passion
    A man that cries in his sleep
    A truth that has gone out of fashion
    A mode of expression
    A paint splattered wall
    A carton of cigarettes
    A bouquet of corpses
    A dying forest
    A nurtured garden
    A privatized prison
    A candle with a broken wick
    A puddle that reflects the sun
    A piece of paper with my name on it
    I'm surrounded
    I surrender
    All that I am I have been
    All I have been has been a long time coming
    I am becoming all that I am
    The spittle that surrounds the mouth-piece of the flute
    Unheard, yet felt
    A gathered wetness
    A quiet moisture
    Sound trapped in a bubble
    Released into wind
    Wind fellows and land merchants
    We are history's detergent
    Water soluble, light particles, articles of cleansing breath
    Articles amending death
    These words are not tools of communication
    They are shards of metal
    Dropped from eight story windows
    They are waterfalls and gas leaks
    Aged thoughts rolled in tobacco leaf
    The tools of a trade
    Barbers barred, barred of barters
    Catch phrases and misunderstandings
    But they are not what I feel when I am alone
    Surrounded by everything and nothing
    And there isn't a word or phrase to be caught
    A verse to be recited
    A man to de-fill my being in those moments
    I am blankness, the contained center of an "O"
    The pyramidic containment of an "A"
    I stand in the middle of all that I have learned
    All that I have memorized
    All that I've known by heart
    Unable to reach any of it
    There is no sadness
    There is no bliss
    It is a forgotten memory
    A memorable escape route that only is found by not looking
    There, in the spine of the dictionary the words are worthless
    They are a mere weight pressing against my thoughtlessness
    But then, who else can speak of thoughtlessness with such confidence
    Who else has learned to sling these ancient ideas
    like dead rats held by their tails
    so as not to infect this newly oiled skin
    I can think of nothing heavier than an airplane
    I can think of no greater conglomerate of steel and metal
    I can think of nothing less likely to fly
    There are no wings more weighted
    I too have felt a heaviness
    The stare of man guessing at my being
    Yes I am homeless
    A homeless man making offerings to the after-future
    Sculpting rubber tree forests out of worn tires and shoe soles
    A nation unified in exhale
    A cloud of smoke
    A native pipe ceremony
    All the gathered cigarette butts piled in heaps
    Snow covered mountains
    Lipsticks smeared and shriveled
    Offerings to an afterworld
    Tattoo guns and plastic wrappers
    Broken zippers and dead eyed dolls
    It's all overwhelming me, oak and elming me
    I have seeded a forest of myself
    Little books from tall trees
    It matters not what this paper be made of
    Give me notebooks made of human flesh
    Dried on steel hooks and nooses
    Make uses of use, uses of us
    It's all overwhelming me, oak and elming me
    I have seeded a forest of myself
    Little books from tall trees
    On bended knee
    Prostrate before an altered tree
    I've made the forest suit me
    Tables and chairs
    Papers and prayers
    Matter vs. spirit, through meditation
    I program my heart to beat breakbeats and hum basslines on exhalation"
  • i think that the lakers have a good shot now at making the playoffs so that's good. i don't want them to miss the playoffs because then the kings won't have the opportunity to humiliate them.

  • 1-7-03 (22:36)

  • been really busy lately.
  • saw the end of two really crazy games on sunday. saw the last minute of the niners game and heard what the refs said about it today. i feel bad for the giants, but not too bad. also saw the last 8 minutes of the steelers game and that was exciting as well. it's been a good week for football.
  • asked for super bowl sunday off today. i'm likely to get it. it's also likely that one of the only two teams i care about (niners and raiders) will make it to the super bowl this year....maybe even both. so i should have a stronger than usual interest in the outcome.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated cdlist.
  • work wasn't too shabby today. these days i refer to my days at work as being more or less bad, that's not optimal.
  • i finally got the orbital album "in sides" with the extended version of "the box" on it today. i paid more than i should have, but it's a discontinued title and getting the single through tower proved harder than anticipated. it's one of my favorite tracks of all time so it's worth it in the long run.
  • i'm not a huge fan of cop shows, but i do like "law and order." on one hand they do a good job of showing the audience how difficult it can be to be a law enforcement person. the good ones show the good and bad that goes with a job like that including a lot of stuff we don't normally think about....and greater understanding is generally a good thing. on the other hand it seems that most of these shows come to the conclusion that the law is a good thing and "justice" is usually served. although there may be a few bumps in the road the cops generally get the right person. i think this view differs from reality, but i'm young and pessimistic. wait...isn't that supposed to happen when you get old?
  • the hardships that law enforcement types have to endure may be unfortunate and worthy of sympathy, but i wish there was a way of getting a program that portrayed homeless people or the working poor in the same way that cops are shown on tv. that is, both cops and poor people are doing their best to survive and they're both usually seen in only one light (begging for change in one case or beating down black people in the other). i just think that it's intriguing to see a day in the life of people who you see on a regular basis as symbols of one thing (poverty) or another (the LAW), and as a result might not think of them as humans. a day in the life of a working or homeless person doesn't make good tv though.
  • bush is stupid.
  • grand theft auto is a fun and funny game. the funniest thing about it though is how it's portrayed in the media. they say it's a game about picking up hookers and killing people and all sorts of awful things. then during the commercial break they show a trailer for the newest james bond movie. gta is like the newest james bond movie, but with social commentary, a better soundtrack, and in the form of a video game.

  • 1-3-3 (21:47)

  • watched a really good bowl game today. to be honest i hadn't watched either team play for any extended amount of time so i just expected miami to blow out ohio state since that's what all the experts predicted. but after seeing the first defensive stand of the game i knew they could make it interesting. definitely a game for the ages...an injury which miami fans will likely point to for years to come, a bad call at the end of the game, two overtimes, and so many plays down the stretch were very critical. fun game to watch.
  • finished my cd cases. they are a thing of beauty. they make my old cd case look clunky, awkward and just plain ugly. these have style and grace. the only drawback is that they have so much space that they make my cd collection look tiny. thanks are in order to my mom for the home depot gift card which came in handy for this project.
  • i put my old case up for sale on the local swap newsgroup. hopefully someone will take it off my hands for a couple bucks. if not i might see if kdvs is interested.
  • going to eat some pizza and watch a movie now.

  • 01-01-03 (01:00)

  • my final top ten of the year.
  • updated moviesiown list.
  • updated cdlist. by year.
  • updated movies list. 243 movies for the year. not too bad, but i hope to do a lot better this year.
  • started work on my cd cases tonight. not having all the right tools or a decent workspace makes the job slower, but i should finish one of them by the end of tomorrow.
  • i have to open tomorrow so i should get some sleep.
  • i didn't notice it until last night, but mike judge is actually in office space and it's even a speaking role. strange that i never noticed it until now.

  • having a good desk chair is great.