12-30-05 (19:54)
  • miami looks like trash tonight. it thought they were a top five team most of the year, but lsu is destroying them right now. 40-3. apparently i'm not very good at picking winners.

  • 12-29-05 (22:01)

  • i know it's weird to say, but here it goes: i have to give a certain amount of respect to carson palmer for signing his multi-million dollar contract extension (through 2014) with the bengals today. here's why: if he had the kind of year that he had this season a year before he became a free agent he could easily get twice as much as he signed for today. instead being greedy and going for the big contract a few years down the line, he made a commitment to stay with his team for the next 9 years for less money than he would have gotten later. in sports (and life), loyalty, and the ability to forego larger sums later, is a rare quality.
  • i also have to throw some respect to one of the best franchises in sports - the green bay packers. i used to hate them because they were nfc rivals of the niners, but both teams suck now so i'm able to be more objective. i love the fact that green bay is owned by its fans and i love the sense of community and loyalty that that inspires. i also like the fact that, unlike the niners, they have stood by their star player in his darker days. i hated it when the niners let montana and rice go...though i have to acknowledge that, in the first case, it led to the emergence of the second best quarterback (steve young) of all-time (well not quite, but still...). anyway, i hated that they told rice to take a hike. he's the greatest player of all-time (this time i'm serious) and he helped make the franchise great. to give him the boot in the twilight of his career was disrespectful. i like the fact that the packers have essentially left it up to farve. that kind of confidence and loyalty is rare and admirable.
  • december has been a long month.
  • updated top 10 of 2005. got inspired and wrote the reviews for the top ten albums of the year. gushed out one.be.lo, but that was expected.

  • 12-29-05 (16:28)

  • updated movies list.

  • 12-28-05 (23:34)

  • i can't get over the end of that nebraska/michigan game. there were so many mistakes by everyone involved in that play. it was pretty disgusting.

  • 12-28-05 (21:19)

  • the nebraska/michigan game just ended. easily one of the worst officiated games i've seen and probably the most bizarre ending i've seen live. a missed past interference that should have kept the drive alive for michigan. instead nebraska gets the ball back and punts it with about 18 seconds left (should have been closer to 30, but the refs took their sweet time). michigan qb almost sacked, but throws an incomplete pass. 2 seconds left. run one more play, a 15 yard completion and they run the hook and ladder made famous by cal versus stanford. there were 8 latterals, a couple fumbles and the entire nebraska team stormed the field. they should have been penalized for that, but it wouldn't have mattered if tyler ecker had latteraled it to a faster player who would have likely scored if he had broken it inside. it was almost a more stunning ending than the cal/stanford game. amazing. ecker got tackled out of bounds and the game officially ended. the players were clueless and the officials should all be fired for their negligence and stupidity. a shameful game in many ways, but it was about as close as you get to becoming one of the most exciting of all-time.

  • 12-28-05 (18:26)

  • raymond chandler lived at 6005 camino de la costa in la jolla CA. i'll be living on camino la costa in austin. kinda cool.
  • boise state/bc game was good. i picked bsu before the game, but they lost by 6. had a chance at the end though.
  • common surnames:
  • Rank Name Population

  •  1  Smith   2,772,200
     2  Johnson   2,232,100
     3  Williams   1,926,200
     4  Jones   1,711,200
     5  Brown   1,711,200
     6  Davis   1,322,700
     7  Miller   1,168,400
     8  Wilson   934,200
     9  Moore   859,800
     10  Taylor   857,000
     11  Anderson   857,000
     12  Thomas   857,000
     13  Jackson   854,200
     14  White   768,800
     15  Harris   757,800
     16  Martin   752,300
     17  Thompson   741,300
     18  Garcia   699,900
     19  Martinez   644,800
     20  Robinson   642,100

    12-28-05 (14:10)

  • meryl came over for a couple days during the holidays. it was good to have her around during christmas.
  • i haven't had a christmas at home in years. i always had to stay in davis because of tower. i think melanie always went home for christmas as well so that means this christmas was probably the first in four years that i spent with other people.
  • updated movies list. watched syriana the other day and thought it was about as good as good night and good luck, which is to say that i wanted to like it, but couldn't. i think both have their heart in the right place, but lack in the storytelling and character development categories.
  • got a lot of books for christmas. also got some socks, a couple t-shirts, some clothes, nd some money. a good haul on the whole. my cousin got an ipod and it made me remember what it was like to get the one thing you were really excited about and then it becomes your obsession for the following days/weeks/months. it's good to have kids around for that reason alone - they provide a reminder of your own childhood.
  • updated top 10 of 2005. reviews are forthcoming.

  • 12-24-05 (21:51)

  • of course the day after i talk about how great steve smith is he gets one catch, one run and then gets ejected for touching a ref. to be fair, he took the blame like a man and the "touch" was perfectly harmless - i see guys in the nba do the same thing all the time, but i guess there's a zero tolerance policy in the nfl.

  • 12-23-05 (23:48)

  • there was an espn conversation with steve smith about his recent pro bowl selection that went something like this:
  • "congratulations steve on your pro bowl selection. you said before that you wouldn't consider yourself one of the best receivers of all-time, what about now?"
  • "no. i'm just a young pup who had a good year. i'm going to try to continue to help my team every year as much as i can."
  • i'm glad he's turned out to be a relatively humble person.
  • i went to james' (old high school friend) place tonight and we talked about steve smith a bit. he mentioned that his last conversation with him was on the bus to santa monica community college. steve was working at taco bell at the time and had just been accepted into utah university. james congratulated him and said good luck with his studies. stevonne gave a knowing look, shook his head and replied "i'm going to the nfl." james said cool and good luck, but had some doubt in his mind. i would have too, but he made it anyway.
  • saw syriana with james and a co-worker of his. afterwards we chatted about sports, music and life. james is such a laid back and good guy. hanging out with him is easy and fun. i wish there were more honest, caring and kind people in the world like him.
  • sometime last week we had a buyer who said he "wants to buy the books" and was "prepared to give a check for $10K in the next week." he laid about a bunch of the specifics and we wrote back and forth a couple times and were in agreement on what was included in the deal (about 20k books) and how much the deal would be for ($20k). last night he sent an e-mail calling off the entire deal. this has been the biggest of a series of canceled and changed orders. the very first order i tried to fill went unfulfilled because the book was in a random pile where i couldn't find it. i found it a week later and contacted the person who was interested, but they had already found the book elsewhere. i guess this is the book business. really, it's business in general, but it didn't hurt so much went i was working at tower. 1) business was so much more plentiful at tower because it was a brick and mortar establishment with less competition. 2) i had less interest invested there. very depressing.
  • yesterday was just full of stupidity. two cars almost ran into me while i was running errands with my grandmother. i had to endure stupidity at every establishment in which we shopped. incompetence was the theme of the day yesterday. we went into a lamp store to pick up a couple lamps which had been dropped off for repair. it took them 15 minutes to find the lamps and ring up the cost of the service (which was incomplete anyway). while we were there we had to endure a spoken word cd playing overhead which went something like this: "K is for king of all kings. jesus was the king of all kings. he allows us into his kingdom when we admit our sinful nature. we our his favorite of all his creations, but we are all born sinners....N is for nobility. god's nobility sheds light and truth upon us all. blah blah blah." it was awful.
  • my aunt and her family arrived last night. it's a full house now. this christmas will be unusual; which isn't all bad. more of the family will be here than is usual, but my grandpa won't be around for the first time. meryl will be here so that'll be good. my dad already gave me my present, noteworthy for two reasons: 1) it's unusual to get a present from him 2) it's even more unusual that it's wrapped. it makes me pretty sad that my grandpa isn't around anymore. i definitely feel like i've gotten to know more about him since he's died. there's all sorts of positive stuff i'm learning about him now that he would never mention because he was so humble. it's remarkable to see how well known and respected he was in certain circles (the book business, film music, etc.). the other day i was downstairs and i picked up a book (there are 20,000+ books down there) that happened to be dedicated to him. within a month or so of working for joe (my middle/second boss at tower) i found out  (because he told me) that he was thanked in the liner notes of two albums. but it took knowing my gramps for 26 years before i discovered these things about him. frankly, i wish he had been a little more proud of his accomplishments. i wish he would have shared them with me. but that wasn't really his style.

  • 12-20-05 (01:00)

  • been too busy to consistently update.
  • went to amoeba today with my sister. found two great items while there. binary star's "masters of the universe" and, more importantly, blackalicious' long out of print "melodica." very happy i finally found both of those. i've been looking for the blackalicious album for at least four years now.
  • we did a lot of christmas shopping and generally had a good time. after that we went to my mom's and had dinner and watched a bit of bad santa; one of meryl's favorites.
  • while watching jackass the other night it occurred to me that these guys, while extremely stupid, do serve some purpose; and i don't mean the obvious purpose of comedy. while they are quite funny, that is only a minor element of their worth. the worth of them, and their kind, comes from their blind pursuit of a high. for these guys it generally manifests itself in the form of some potentially painful stunt. without people like this (by which i mean: people whose logic and thought process is severely lacking) we would not know what humanity is really capable of. in this sense the guys on jackass sometimes brush up against people like lance armstrong or michael johnson - people who expand what is possible for humanity. that said, i don't want to immortalize the cast of jackass, or place them in the same league as armstrong or johnson, but they serve a similar purpose. i personally think the cast of jackass is closer to the class of people who smoke bananas and inject bleach into their veins in order to find out if it'll get them high. these people, too, serve a purpose. by not thinking about the potential downside they filter out all the bad things and the rest of us are left with the less harmful substances that produce highs: pot, speed, etc. for every drug we have you have to assume that there were 1,000 other substances that were boiled and injected or smoked or eaten in order to see what would happen. a lot of people like johnny knoxville have died in the pursuit of the next high, whether in the form of a motorcycle jump across the grand canyon or the burning/inhalation of a manmade chemical.
  • the front page of the life section of usa today had a story on something i've spoken of before. it addressed the emergence of google as a sort of auxiliary brain. people know they don't have to remember certain things anymore because the internet is always close enough. i've called it a willful atrophy, they characterized it more as a convenience. then again, it was usa today.
  • updated movies list.
  • the other day someone on sportscenter said "when he's healthy, grant hill is one of the top five players in the league." i immediately laughed, grabbed a pencil and wrote the following names: kobe, iverson, nowitski, james, mcgrady, wade, duncan, garnett. hill isn't as good as any of those and there really can't be any debate on the following: kobe, iverson, lebron, duncan, shaq. further, his stats and impact have got to be lesser in comparison to the others: wade, garnett and mcgrady. this is not to mention guys like kidd, nash, arenas, billups, yao...
  • it's funny how frequently people say "not to mention..." and then they go ahead and mention all the things they claimed not to mention. fucking weirdos.

  • 12-18-05 (13:42)

  • i'm glad that the colts lost. i was pretty sure that they'd lose either today or saturday. two reasons: both teams they're playing are very good (SD and Seattle). i actually think that san diego is better, but less consistent. san diego has the edge because they had to win today and because this is the first game that was worthless to the colts. i also thought that one less day of rest may have made a difference in the seattle game. anyway, between the two teams i was pretty confident that the colts would lose and i'm happy they did.
  • sold a few more books this week, that's nice.

  • 12-16-05 (20:13)

  • updated movies list.

  • 12-15-05 (00:22)

  • according to rapper b.g. "pimping ain't easy." but i gotta say that selling books is even more difficult. it seems that very few people are interested in buying books. the few leads i've gotten have mostly fallen flat. the guy who bought $5k worth of books last week is coming back on saturday for another $1800, but he's the only sale so far and when we talked today he essentially told me to not get into the book business. he's kind of a dick. but what's worse than that is the fact that he's right. the used book business sucks from a monetary point of view. i've tried to think about creative ways of getting rid of a large quantity of books and i can't come up with much. selling them as kindling is the most feasible thing i've come up with so far.
  • updated movies list.

  • 12-12-05 (21:19)

  • i hope the kings make a move for ron artest. peja sucks when it matters and we need the defense. typically the kings don't go for players with issues like artest, but the acquisition of bonzi wells broke that mold so perhaps they'd be willing ot make the move for artest. while there are a lot of plays run for peja it's not like the offense runs around/through him. it's always run through the center (divac and now miller) so plugging in artest shouldn't be a problem. i'd like to see it get done.

  • 12-11-05 (18:55)

  • rudy behlmer and some other film guys who knew my grandfather came over today and looked through his notes. they took a bunch of it and i guess he's going to have a collection in the library named after him because he had so much. that's pretty cool.
  • overall today has been pretty blah. didn't get much sleep. football was lame. no sales. tried fixing a table, but i don't have the right materials/tools.

  • 12-11-05 (01:32)

  • i'm watching the pamela anderson roast right now. roasts are so funny in such an awful way. one guy said that courtney love looks worse that kurt cobain. that was wrong in a couple ways. there are some good zingers.

  • 12-10-05 (17:38)

  • watching heisman trophy ceremony right now. it's nice that vince young is a good guy after being in a gang and whatnot, but it's more impressive to me when a person without extraordinary talent escapes that life. it's far more easy for a guy who is 6'5" and 230lbs to become a talented athlete. it would have been interesting to know what he would have done if he was 5'7" and 150lbs. people without that kind of talent who escape that life are more inspirational to me. it's harder and i think i can relate to it a bit more. at the same time i don't want to take much away from young, he's apparently made some good decisions and that's a good thing.
  • i think bush will win the heisman because he seems to be more popular and he has a better highlight reel. that said, i think a better argument could be made for young. his supporting cast isn't as good. unlike leinert, he doesn't have a back as good as bush or white to make him look good. and of course that goes the other way - bush has leinert to help take some of the pressure off of him. that said, bush is a more dynamic player than anyone in college football and i think that's why people like him so much. he can change the game with a reception, a pass, a run or a punt/kick return. i actually think quinn is as much a contender as leinert, but his team wasn't as good and leinert won last year so that's why leinert gets the edge.
  • almost done entering in all the ross macdonald books. tiring, boring work, hopefully it leads to a big sale. i don't know how many times i've typed "light rubbing to spine extremities, otherwise VG." or "back panel lightly soiled, wear on edges, else Near Fine."

  • 12-09-05 (00:02)

  • had a big sale today. very happy with that. still have a lot of work to do.
  • watching fox news is funny. it seems like they make even less and less of an effort to be balanced everyday. it's just so obviously slanted it's ridiculous.
  • updated movies list.

  • 12-08-05 (01:26)

  • online listing finally updated correctly. now things should hopefully pick up. we'll see.
  • watched two great movies today, but didn't have time to update the movies list.

  • 12-07-05 (00:25)

  • went golfing with my dad today. my old babysitter's husband was there too. it wasn't all that great.
  • afterwards i sold some cds at amoeba and picked up a few items while i was there.
  • after that i had sushi with my mom and that was tasty. we went to a bookstore afterwards and i looked for a pricing guide on collectible books but couldn't find one. i found some for toys, stamps, coins, trains, comics, baseball cards, football cards, dolls and more....but none for books. i'll assume it was in a different section. that's better than assuming a bookstore didn't have a single book about book collecting.
  • meryl's the greatest.

  • 12-05-05 (22:54)

  • one thing that's nice about working where i live is that i can (and do) work throughout the day. i'll wake up and do some work. then i'll have something to eat and watch tv. then i'll work for a couple more hours. then i'll listen to some music and work slowly. then i'll stop and organize my room. then i'll work some more. then i'll eat. then i'll work. then i'll clean up the basement. then i'll watch tv. then i'll work. for data entry and price comparison work it's nice because those tasks are so tedious.

  • 12-04-05 (23:22)

  • duke saved themselves with a half court shot with 1.6 left on the clock. bastards. great shot though.
  • oregon is ranked higher than notre dame, but notre dame gets to play ohio state. it makes sense from a historical point of view, but it sucks for the ducks. notre dame played tougher teams overall.
  • vick got destroyed against the panthers today. i really think that teams put too much emphasis on running qbs. it's a good quality to have, but, more often than not, they rely on their athleticism to make plays. instead they should be pass first and use their legs to create opportunities for their arm. that is, my vision of a great running qb is one who doesn't run for yards, rather he runs to make more time for a pass. guys like vick are fun to watch, but making a game plan for them is almost like trying to control chaos. so much of their game is predicated upon making the most of chaotic situations. and while that's nice from time to time it's not something you can count on in the long run. what you want in your qb is smart decision making, good leadership, accurate passing and an ability to read the defense. i dislike peyton manning, but he's probably the best example of this in the league right now. all this is why leinert and palmer are going to be better qbs than marcus/michael vick and even vince young. young is a great athlete - far better than manning or palmer or leinert - he's 6'5", 230 lbs and he moves like a running back, but that doesn't mean he's going to be a top tier qb. he'll be good, but the offensive schemes in the nfl just don't take advantage of that kind of qb yet. defensively it's easier to have good defensive ends to help seal the edge and have a middle linebacker spy the qb. changing up blitzing schemes and changing defensive looks is usually enough to keep running qbs under wraps. all that said, from what i've seen, young has better accuracy than vick or mcnabb or culpepper so he might finally be a good hybrid of accuracy and running ability. i'd still take leinert though. on the other end of the spectrum you have a guy like bledsoe who can't move for shit. if you don't have a really good offensive line then you're asking for trouble. of course, the game still benefits the pocket qbs so having a guy like bledsoe is usually better than having a guy who can run well, but can't pass very well.
  • speaking of mannings...eli looked like the worst combination today - he wasn't particularly nimble and his passing was pathetic. not a huge fan of the mannings.

  • 12-04-05 (20:03)

  • friend of grandma's came by today and bought a few boxes of books. that makes me feel like the ball is rolling a bit.
  • so far all my efforts have been delayed by various technical hurdles. all of a sudden my digital camera and computer aren't communicating. tried uninstalling and reinstalling software (which i had to download because the original cd is in storage), but that didn't work. have no idea what the problem is. either the wireless card screwed something up or the absence of the printer throws things off a bit. those are the only two things that have changed since it was working last.
  • learning a lot about the book business. it's like learning about the used vinyl business, but i don't have a guide and there's more pressure.
  • watched some football. niners lost again, i owe my dad $50. usc looked good and so did texas. it should be fun. i expect sc to win, but they are beatable. i also don't like the 32 day lay off between games.
  • die hard seems to be on just about every night on the action channel. i've been watching bits of that as i go to sleep. there's no film that's perfect, but die hard comes close.

  • 12-04-05 (01:34)

  • watching a bit of the 78 version of the big sleep. looks like total crap. mitchum is a good actor, though clearly past his prime at this point, but even he doesn't do much to elevate the picture. makes one appreciate the originall all the more.speaking of the big sleep...i've got several first edition copies if anyone's interested.

  • 12-02-05 (22:17)

  • the amount of work ahead is simply staggering. spent much of the day getting computer online. bought a wireless card, configured that and now things are good. cleaned for most of the rest of the day. took out two big trash bags worth of crap. lots of rat related trash. both in the sense that there was a lot of trash that actual rats created and in the sense that my grandpa was apparently a pack rat who never threw anything away.
  • sorely neglecting my movies hobby. it'll take me a week or so to get up to speed with the new job. the card files don't make much sense. i still don't know my way around the mess known as the book room and there are rat turds everywhere.
  • at tower we get annual reviews. one of the review criteria is "general/customer service" and there are several criteria under that heading: "always wears name tag. absences & tardies since last review. friendly and helpful presence on sales floor. quality of customer service, including floor etiquette and general manner. correct phone etiquette and use of paging system. ability to take messages. represents the store in a courteous, profession manner, maintaining exemplary standards of conduct and customer service. handles customer complaints and service issues promptly and professionally." since it was my last day i did a review for a co-worker named christo. i made it more fun by incorporating an hidden message to the regional director (Kevin). here's what i wrote for the "general/customer service" heading: "Keeping his name tag on and visible is no problem for Christo. Even when Christo is late or absent he makes sure to call in advance. Very infrequently is Christo a problem when it comes to attendance issues. In fact, he, more often than not, helps to fill the voids left by other supervisors. Nary a negative word is uttered about Christo's customer service. Some find his service a bit curt at times, so he could work at this. Usually Christo is a great example of phone etiquette and proper paging techniques. Christo is generally a positive representation of the store. Kindness and understanding in the customer service realm come easy to Christo, but he occasionally allows his moods to influence his level of service. Service issues and customer complaints are generally dealt with fairly and creatively by Christo." the first letter of each sentence strung together spells: KEVIN SUCKS. other than that my last day at tower was without much fanfare. ideas of company wide e-mails deriding the corporate structure and competency were left unmanifested. oh well.

  • 12-01-05 (23:59)

  • first night at grandma's place. three orders to fill so far. not online yet - that's the first order of business for tomorrow. then i've got to clean the book room. then i've got to prioritize titles to sell.
  • last day at tower was on the sad side.
  • i have several boxes of promos to sell so that'll bring some needed cash flow.
  • i wish i had meryl around.

  • 11-30-05 (00:40)

  • less than 24 hours in davis left. i have mixed feelings about it. i'm eager to get on with the next stage of my life, but i sometimes worry about money and friends.
  • four years in high school. four years in college. four years at tower. wonder what's next.
  • cleaning my apartment and getting my stuff in order. my grandma will be here tomorrow after work and then i'll leave davis.
  • i miss meryl a lot. we had a great time while she was here. it's never long enough. she's great.

  • 11-28-05 (12:11)

  • meryl's here.
  • moved yesterday, that went relatively well. john and meryl were a big help. all that i have here are a mattress (which i'll sell on my last day here) my computer, some clothes and some food.

  • 11-23-05 (22:10)

  • bonzi wells has 11 steals in the last two games combined. i'm loving this guy.
  • about to go watch "just friends," i'm sure it'll be "just so-so."
  • jim gaffigan was on letterman last night and joked about xmas, easter and other stuff. he's my favorite comedian right now. chappelle is number two.
  • got the two new sets of seinfeld today. great stuff. already done with the first disc.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 11-22-05 (21:57)

  • realized today that i went to a kings game on 11-21-04 and another one on 11-21-05. pretty cool.

  • 11-21-05 (22:40)

  • went to the kings game tonight. they lost by three to the reigning world champion spurs. very fun game, but i was sad to see them lose. they really made it a game in the second half and bibby could have tied it in the last second, but missed a tough shot. he had a great game and made some big shots down the stretch, but couldn't make the last second one to put it into ot. the kings were without peja so i was pleasantly surprised to see them in it at the end. garcia played a good game in peja's place and wells had some very fine defensive plays. good effort overall and that's what i like to see.
  • cleaned my oven and packed up more stuff tonight. still have my cds and kitchen to pack, but that's about it. moving on sunday will suck, but i'll have meryl and john to help so it shouldn't be too bad.
  • one of the actors from "mail order wife" was just in a skit on conan. pretty cool.
  • updated movies list.

  • 11-21-05 (11:52)

  • brandon lloyd just made another absolutely amazing catch. this year he's made two of the most amazing catches i've ever seen. the first one was on a post and he jumped in the air and reached behind his body to make a one-handed grab. this one was a diving one-handed catch on a fly pattern. thoroughly insane. later in the game he made another one-handed catch in the end zone, but wasn't able to get his second foot inbounds. his td catch that counted wasn't that impressive of a catch, but the route he ran was pretty great. he faked a corner route just enough to get the cornerback to turn his hips and that freed lloyd up enough to make the catch in the middle of the field for a td. this guy has the potential to be really special.
  • just went and got my storage place. the woman wasn't a bitch this time so that was good. it's a 5x10 place which means it's going to be a little tight, but i should be able to fit everything in there. i'll just have to stack things high. meryl's bed is the biggest thing i have. after that i've got about 16 boxes of cds, 15 of dvds, my tv, my cd and dvd cases, 7 boxes of books, my desk, my chairs, my a/v equipment and a few other boxes of random items. still not sure what i'm going to do about my bike.

  • 11-19-05 (23:13)

  • i've noticed a potentially disturbing trend in acting lately. i know it's not completely new in film history, but it seems to be more prevalent today than in the past. the trend is the tendency of great performances being that of imitation, rather than creation. consider phoenix in "walk the line," hoffman in "capote," (both likely to be nominated) foxx in "redemption" (not nominated) and "ray," theron in "monster" and "north country," roberts in "erin brokovich," swank in "boys don't cry," blanchett and dicaprio in "the aviator," cheadle in "hotel rwanda," smith in "ali," crowe in "a beautiful mind" and "insider," hayek in "frida," etc. those are all films from the last six years. this is disturbing for a couple reasons... 1) it's unfortunate to see so many talented actors increasingly choosing imitation of real people rather than creating their own. of course this is also an issue of screenplay availability and production. 2) it's sad to see so many great actors get oscar nods only when they choose to imitate. in other words the academy is encouraging imitation of pre-existing characters rather than encouraging studios, writers, producers and actors to create new ones. this is even more worrisome since the trend in mainstream cinema is to remake classics. academy award nominated pictures supposedly are the elite in cinema and yet they demonstrate the same lack of creativity that mainstream films do. that said, i like many of the above films and don't see anything wrong with making a picture based on real events. i hope hollywood stays selective in this regard and i wish the academy wasn't so intent on rewarding these performances simply because they're true to life. i also hope that the younger generation of actors doesn't get into the habit of imitating in an attempt to adapt to this trend in acting.
  • very surprised to see miami fall to ga tech today. i thought miami was just as good as texas, but that doesn't appear to be so anymore. usc had a tough day against a tough team. i knew the rest of their season was going to be interesting.
  • watched the second half of the kings game last night. they looked pretty good. milwaukee isn't as good as their record indicates so i'm not too excited, but it was still good to see the kings finally win a couple in a row.
  • packed up the tools that i'm not bringing with me. also packed up all my posters and sports equipment. listened to a lot of queens of the stone age and top 10 of 2005 candidates.
  • might go to the kings game on monday. if i had a car there would be no "might" about it. if i had a car i would have started moving by now. if i had a car i would have purchased some wood for my cd and dvd cases by now.

  • 11-18-05 (19:07)

  • went to secure my storage place today, but the woman was a total bitch and i didn't have a check on me so that didn't work out. i've used this place twice before and have had nothing but good experiences, but this time it was a different lady than usual. i went in and asked to rent a place. she said "did you call or are you just coming in here blind?" i said "i want a 5x10 place. i called and they said you had plenty of available places. i've rented here before." she said "ok. do you have a check?" i said "no. you don't take visa?" i said this as i was looking at the credit card machine behind the counter. she said "no." and added "you didn't call did you?" i said "yeah, i did." she said "oh really? because we always tell people that we only accept checks. so come back with a check and we'll get you a place. oh, and the store is going to be close from 3:30 to 4pm because i have to pickup my daughter." it was easily the worst customer service i've ever received. i'm not sure what to do at this point. pay more for a place that's further away or give this place a second shot since they've been so good to me in the past. maybe her mother just died, or something, so that's why she was in a crappy mood. grade A bitch.
  • don't feel like doing much these days. that said, i think i've done a good job of prepping for the move. i've also stayed productive at work in spite of the affliction known as "short-timers syndrome." i've got 7-8 more days of work left.
  • don't have many interesting movies to watch, don't feel like reading or playing video games.
  • yesterday i went to my boss's apartment and played some video games. got a headache because of the stench of pot and tobacco, but had a decent time other than that. it's interesting to see how other people live.
  • updated recommendations.

  • 11-16-05 (22:51)
  • updated movies list.
  • haven't wanted to watch movies lately, mostly because i have a bunch of (mostly) crappy screeners and three long foreign films that i got from netflix. all my dvds are packed up so my options are relatively limited.
  • haven't been too thrilled about life lately. nothing is really wrong, it's just that i'm in a state of limbo. i'm still in the process of packing up and selling my possessions. i had a bunch of cds on my desk an in front of my cd player and, after i put all those away, i have almost no room left on my cd shelves. i've got about 1600 discs now. i plan on building one more dvd case and one more cd case on monday.
  • updated recommendations.
  • lately i've been watching late night shows (conan, letterman, leno) and it seems that they often use some of the same jokes. i don't mean that they all make fun of the same people or anything as broad as that. rather, they'll take an incident like paris hilton being bitten by her monkey and they'll all make the joke that the doctors weren't sure which of the two should get the shot. har har. i can almost understand it when it's leno/conan making the same joke since they're on the same network, but it happens with letterman as well.
  • conan has gotten particularly stale lately. it seems like every show is the exact same. he dances out onto the stage, he'll play around with the camera boundaries, he'll make some self-deprecating jokes and then he'll talk about how huge he is in finland because the prime minister looks like him (or vise versa). i'm not saying he's unfunny, but his shows lately have been too similar.

  • 11-15-05 (18:14)

  • some guy came into tower yesterday and asked to fill out an application. he started filling it out and asked justin "hey man, you know what date it is?" justin replied "the 14th." and he replied "of?..." justin replied "november." that same guy somehow got an interview for 3pm today. he showed up at 3:22pm. justin and i met him up front and justin said "what happened to 3pm?" he said "i was in woodland." justin said "well, i can't give you an interview. bye." on the one hand i felt almost sorry for this guy, but i also couldn't help thinking how pathetic a person has to be to a) not know what month it is b) unable to show up to an interview on time.
  • there's a great episode of malcolm in the middle on right now. it's the one where the three boys get caught on writing graffiti on a billboard. it turns into a well-written showdown between them and their mother.
  • updated movies list.

  • 11-14-05 (22:57)

  • i like terrell owens and i think i like jesse jackson most of the time, but i don't really understand why jesse jackson appeared in an interview on owens' behalf. seems ridiculous to me.

  • 11-14-05 (12:18)

  • "the opposite of congress must be progress" -cage
  • have work in about an hour. was going to secure my storage place today, but now i don't feel like it.
  • woke up pretty stiff this morning because of the football yesterday. that's pretty pathetic. i need to do that every day so that my body isn't so shocked when i decide to use it.

  • 11-14-05 (01:02)

  • johnny, luke and ryan visited today. that didn't go as well as it could have. we played a very fun game of football, that was the highlight of my day.
  • 49ers lost, again.
  • have to work tomorrow. not completely upset by that fact, but definitely would have rather had the time off. i think i worked last monday too. maybe it was the monday before last, i can't really remember.
  • back hurts, but it's the good kind of hurt that comes after working out. should have stretched and warmed up more before the football game.
  • new cage album is pretty good.
  • played some madden 2004 tonight. i like video games, but don't play them very often. when john comes over we usually play some snes, but i don't play very often other than that. 10 years ago it would have been my dream to have a big tv and three video game systems, now it's not all that thrilling. i have a lot more fun playing football in the field behind my apartment building. johnny and i both bled as a result of that game. bleeding is good for you in small doses.
  • tired.

  • 11-13-05 (00:09)

  • john came by unexpectedly tonight. we played some video games and watched tv.
  • i love this: "Despite earlier reports stating that Holmes' career could be over, Herman Morris, Priest's father, confirmed that his son will play football next year. "He's not contemplating retirement," Morris said. "He wants to go out on top. He wants to go out his way. He plans on walking off, at God's will, writing his own script, not having someone else write it for him.""
  • he's going to write his own script, if god allows it. hmmm...

  • 11-12-05 (18:55)

  • updated movies list.
  • johnny, luke and ryan are heading over here tomorrow. hopefully i don't get called into work.
  • the single off the newest blackalicious is reportedly going to be "powers," which i feel is one of the worst tracks on the album. they should have picked the craft, world of vibrations, supreme people, side to side or egosonic war drums instead.

  • 11-11-05 (01:01)

  • updated movies list.
  • good day, sorta lame night.
  • sent off my checks to the credit card company today. so far as i'm concerned, i'm officially debt free for the first time in 5 years.
  • i think the chi in my living room is fucking with me. need to adjust the feng shui and everything will be peachy. balance of fire and water is off, so is flow of energy. will adjust tomorrow. seriously though, i need to get rid of some of this clutter.
  • decided to walk to the theater tonight just because. as soon as i was going down the stairs i noticed a car performing a three point turn to head in the opposite direction - toward downtown, which is where i was going. as the car parked i started catching up to the car. two girls got out and were laughing very loudly so i looked across the street at them for a second and continued on my course. i heard bits of their conversation afterwards and it appeared as though their laughs turned into laughs about me. i heard fragments like "he's probably like what the fuck are they laughing about?" which led me to believe that they were laughing, at least in part, because of me. it brought me right back to junior high school, but it didn't bother me too much.
  • later, while i was watching the movie, i noticed that the couple next to me was drinking a couple double-size beers. as the film wore on they started to laugh at less and less appropriate times (for example, the charred iraqi bodies about 80 minutes into the film were oddly humorous to them). at one point i looked over at them and the girl looked back at me and smiled, i didn't smile back. after that i saw them talking with each other and looking over in my direction and laughing. it sorta ruined the moment. this is one reason i prefer to sit in front of everyone in the theater.
  • after the film i was walking down the street and i saw them getting into their explorer. the guy looked at me, said something to his girlfriend and then they started laughing. in junior high i would have felt isolated, embarrassed or ashamed because of this kind of treatment and those feelings would have led to anger. this time, though, i felt angry because i felt like this sort of shit really shouldn't be happening at this stage in my life. that kind of crap is strictly for 12 year olds, in my opinion. reminds me of a hoffman line in midnight cowboy...
  • so, i don't know what the deal was tonight...i looked in the mirror when i got home and didn't see any unusual growths and there wasn't any feces on my shirt, so i'm at a loss. anyway, no more walking for me. i'm all about the bike from now on. i'm pretty sure i've owned my bike for longer than anything else i still have. i got it when i was 12, or thereabouts. at the time it was too big for me. a couple months ago i went into the shop with it and the guy behind the counter gave me an odd look and asked "is that bike yours?" i said "yeah, why?" he replied "oh, because it looks way too small for you." he's right, but i'm not giving this thing up - we've been through a lot together.
  • boss showed me this today. i beat him on my first try, my object was "shoe laces." it took him 23 questions.
  • only a couple weeks left in davis.

  • 11-08-05 (23:33)

  • busy weekend and busy day today as well. went to the bay area via train/bus, started meryl's mom's screenplay. met my sister at fisherman's wharf and ate expensive and mediocre pizza. afterwards we saw a woman get hit (more of a nudge, really) by a car. crazed driver's face was funny, city life is not. went to see a movie and we both didn't think too much of it. updated movieslist. went back to her place (pretty nice) and called it a night. met her roommates - two aren't all that interesting and one is. sarah doesn't feel like she feels at home in SF and that's too bad. went to brunch with aunt's family and sarah. waited an hour to go to really small cafe. brunch was good. went back to sarah's hung out and waited for jon to arrive. said goodbye to aunt's family (cousins are cute) and went with jon to go kart place (biggest indoor track in the u.s.). took a bit of getting used to, but it was fairly fun (though expensive, as is everything over there). go karts were faster and tougher to control than i had anticipated, time went by fast. went to amoeba with jon and didn't buy anything. had slice of pizza (thanks jon), talked and went back to sarah's. hung out at her place, helped her with essay on movie and went out. walked around and ate at expensive, but not very good, diner. i picked up the tab because i'm rich, biotch. thought about watching a movie, but wasn't convenient. took muni back to her place and saw the same two drunk blondes that we had seen earlier on the same muni line. we made fun of them. hung out at her place with roommates, watched dumb tv shows (end of desperate housewives and all of grey's anatomy). slept. woke up and ate lunch with sarah, said goodbye and took bus to bart station. took bart to berkeley (after police action delayed my trip through embarcadero station - still not sure what happened there). met up with johnny at his place and talked for a couple hours. he's a good talker and i always enjoy our conversations. he drove me to minimalist train station and we said goodbye. started to rain, train picked me up. finished meryl's mom's screenplay, arrived in davis. had slice of pizza, started raining more. got home, talked with mom, sold bb gun, talked with meryl. packed dvds (all done) and watched south park (funny). slept.
  • today i had work and then went to pistons/kings game. boss drove me. we were going to meet john and his co-worker for dinner, but we were late because boss can't leave home without smoking pot. sorta sad. met up with john and one of his co-workers at local mall and then all went to the game. first home game of the season and kings were destroyed in the second half. sad outing, offense was offensive and chants of "defense" should have been chants of "defense?" that said, pistons are one of only two undefeated teams in the league so the competition was admittedly stiff. kings have no chemistry, no offensive flow, and aren't coached well on the defensive end. need to learn to play defense as a team. this'll take a while. wouldn't doubt it if adelman was a goner by this time next year.
  • closed savings today and promptly spent $43.04 on dvds/cds.

  • 11-05-05 (00:56)

  • tonight i watched a tv show on dvd called oblivious. it's a cross between candid camera and a quiz show. i found it to be funny and creative.
  • going to sf tomorrow to see some people.
  • got free tickets to the kings/pistons game on tuesday. going with john, his girlfriend, and my boss.
  • packed up seven boxes of books today. next phase is the dvds and cds.

  • 11-03-05 (22:01)

  • sold my dresser tonight.
  • updated movies list.
  • had a fairly fun day at work.

  • 11-3-05 (17:24)

  • pure brilliance from top to bottom.
  • big 12 (and texas) is overrated. "No one seems to care that Ohio State still hasn't beaten a currently ranked team yet, which means Texas can two-step into the Rose Bowl without beating anyone who has beaten anyone." of course, this guy hasn't read my webpage, but his sentiments are spot on.
  • i think that the nba dress code is fine. i think there are elements of it that i don't like, but overall it makes sense and isn't opressive or racist. that said, i've got some interesting inside information. there's an nba video game out which has a soundtrack which apparently was pulled because it has foul language. it'll still be available in the edited form, but someone (and i was told by the caroline rep that it was the nba) didn't want the explicit version to be available anymore so they pulled it. i haven't listened to it yet, but it's got some great artists on it so i got one when the caroline rep came in. yay.

  • 11-2-05 (22:27)

  • went to the dentist and had quite a pleasant experience. the dentist was informative, nice, and welcoming. too bad i won't likely see her ever again.
  • sold my futon less than 24 hours after i posted it to craigslist. that was surprisingly fast.

  • having trouble writing reviews for the last four films. have things to say, but am not able to get them out. overall it's pretty easy for me to write. i think that i could pop out school papers relatively easily nowadays.

    10-31-05 (13:23)

  • genius. "Former Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker is nursing torn tendons in her foot after running down the street in stilettos. The fashion icon, whose SATC character Carrie Bradshaw lived in sky-high Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks footwear, thought nothing of sprinting down the sidewalk as she had countless times before in her infamous heels. She says, "I ran down the block a few weeks ago in these heels, just like I did for seven years, and woke up in the middle of the night in agony. And it turns out I had torn the tendons in my foot - just from running in heels. It was a little reminder that I am not 27. I'm 40 and your body simply cannot support you in the same way it used to. But I'll never stop wearing heels!""
  • wonder why this came out so late. "White Men Can't Jump star Rosie Perez broke down in tears when she filmed the "exploitative" sex scene with Spike Lee in his acclaimed drama Do The Right Thing. The New York actress, 41, made her big screen debut playing Lee's character Mookie's girlfriend Tina in the 1989 film, and felt humiliated when ice cubes were rubbed all over her body. In Lee's memoir That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It, Perez recalls, "I had just lost my virginity in college. I found (the scene) much more exploitative than what I had read (in the script). Eventually I burst into tears and I said, 'Don't keep filming.' It was irresponsible to put me in that position. He was the older person, the captain of the ship.""
  • one of the cooler people from the original star trek. "Star Trek actor George Takei has come out as homosexual after admitting he has been in a serious relationship with another man for 18 years. The TV star, 68, decided to publicly disclose his sexuality after taking on the role as "turbulently frustrated" psychologist Martin Dysart in the Los Angeles stage production of Equus. Takei tells gay and lesbian magazine Frontiers, "The world has changed from when I was a young teen feeling ashamed for being gay. The issue of gay marriage is now a political issue. That would have been unthinkable when I was young." The actor, who played Hikaru Sulu since Star Trek began in 1966, has been with his partner Brad Altman for 18 years. Japanese-American Takei admits he was ashamed of his ethnic background and sexuality during his teen years. Speaking of racism and homophobic behavior, he says, "It's against basic decency and what American values stand for.""
  • really thrilled by the fact that i have to go into work today, my day off. two people are sick, another is on vacation. this is a big week because we have to setup all the sales for the next two months - which includes the holiday crap.
  • going to the bay area next weekend to see sarah, aunt and jon.

  • 10-30-05 (17:15)

  • michelle wie is pretty fucking cool. she's 16, a kickass golfer and she just donated $500K to the clinton/bush katrina aid fund.
  • niners won their second game today. good effort from them. a good game.
  • it's fucking pitch black outside and it's only 6pm. this sucks.
  • tonight i plan on watching a third movie in the theater in as many days.
  • on tuesday i'm going to start bringing boxes from work so that i can get a good jump on packing up my stuff. i'll probably post my couch for sale later this week.

  • 10-30-05 (00:25)

  • wrong in so many ways..."Socialite Paris Hilton has slammed reports she denied ever meeting Tom Sizemore, but insists she has never had sexual relations with the troubled actor. In new sex video, Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal, the Saving Private Ryan star alleges he had a one night stand with Hilton after a party at his house in 2001, when the hotel heiress was 19. Hilton quickly rushed out a statement denying his claims, saying, "He is not an acquaintance of mine, nor have I ever had intimate relations with him." However, after Vivid Entertainment - the producers of Sizemore's sex tape - released a photo of the pair at the actor's house in 2001, Hilton insists she has been unfairly portrayed as lying about ever meeting him. Her new publicist Jack Ketsoyan says, "We never said she never met him. She never slept with him and he's not an acquaintance of hers. She doesn't even know who that other girl in the photo is. To me, 'acquaintance' means that you're not friends; you've met in the past but that's pretty much it. She doesn't remember the party at all.""
  • "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." -Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004 george w. bush.
  • i sorta wish all the members of led zeppelin had died the same day as john bonham.
  • updated movies list.

  • 10-29-05 (19:01)

  • ucla was down 24-3 with about 7 minutes left in the game. the scored three touchdowns to force OT and then scored another to win the game. amazing.
  • meanwhile texas has scored 22 points in the third quarter to pull ahead by 6.
  • "supreme people" is my favorite track on the new blackalicious album. quite uncharacteristically, i've listened to that song about 20 times so far today. one line, in particular, really resonates with me: "the rush for drama is more appealing than a plain life. cuz life is insane, so insanity is a sane life." i feel like it encapsulates much of my philosophy.
  • in that song there's a lot of talk about blacks coming from royalty ("kings and queens working nine to fives"). i've never really understood this notion which seems to run in a lot of black music (i think one.be.lo talks about it, and of course there's queen latifah and plenty of other examples). to me it seems the equivalent of my saying that i come from a lineage of governors and presidents. am i missing something? i think the sentiment is more that they went from a suitable life in africa to slaves in america. couple that sentiment with the black power movement and i think that explains it, but i still don't think it's all that accurate. then again, there could be something about tribal hierarchy that i don't know about. at any rate, the song is fucking great and gives me goose bumps. every blackalicious album has goose bump-inducing moments.
  • wrote a $750 check to my credit card company yesterday. $550 to go.

  • 10-29-05 (18:10)

  • texas is down by 16 at the half. they'll still probably win this one, but it's good to see them showing their true colors against an unranked team.
  • georgia isn't undefeated anymore. looks like ucla is going to lose tonight as well. meanwhile usc scored about four times as many points and gained about three times as many yards as washington state (unranked, but decent).

  • 10-29-05 (0:52)

  • went out for food and a movie tonight. had planned on watching saw II because it's short and easy, but there was a line at that theater so i went to the other theater and watched north country instead. for some reason i have been looking forward to seeing it for a while. i didn't really love caro's other picture (whale rider) and i'm not an amazing fan of any of the actors, but i still really wanted to watch it. when i got to the theater there were four high school age girls outside the box office trying to decide what movie to watch. after a bit of mingling the sales person asked them to step aside so i could buy my ticket. one of the girls was telling the other girls about the plots to the different films at this theater and the other theater (they're both owned by regal cinema so there was a schedule for the other theater's films at the counter). as i was ordering my ticket to north country the girl was telling the others about the plot for north country. i looked over and she stopped talking about north country (presumably) because she didn't want to spoil anything for me. i thought that that was particularly nice and observant so i immediately considered them to be friendly. i told them that they should watch north country. i told them it was directed by the same girl who did whale rider (niki caro) and they gave me a blank look. i added that charlize theron was likely to receive another academy award for her performance in this film. the one girl looked at her friends and said "see? you should expand your mind a little." one of the girls asked about a history of violence and i said "thumbs down." they asked if i had seen it and i said yes, but that it wasn't very good. i was tempted to start talking about david cronenberg's style and the complexity of the film and whatnot, but i figured i'd just leave it at that.
  • well, they ended up watching the movie and one the way out i timed my departure to coincide with theirs so i could hear what they were saying about it. one of the girls turned to me and said "thanks for recommending the film." i asked if they all liked it and they said yes. that was the highlight of my day. i think they could have just as easily chosen to watch the mark of zorro since it was playing at about the same time, but my recommendation helped them choose the far superior film. i could feel very content with giving people movie advice all day. that would be damn near the ideal job. reviewing films online is one thing, but seeing the reaction and the gratitude is quite another. meryl told one of her co-workers about my site and he watched (and liked) american movie as a result.
  • saw a preview for the least anticipated film of my life: rob reiner's "rumor has it" it's the one where jennifer aniston finds out that her family inspired the film the graduate. it looks truly awful and it depressed me.
  • will update movies list tomorrow.
  • new boards of canada is good. so is the new blackalicious. i'm going to miss not knowing what is coming out. it's nice to have it just be part of my job to know these things. i put no effort into reading reviews and magazines and listening to the radio, yet i still know a good deal about what's coming out every week. it's nice to have the information just fall into your lap as part of getting paid and doing a good job.

  • 10-28-05 (18:32)

  • not a very special day overall.
  • i don't like the weather change. i also don't like that next week it's going to be getting dark so much earlier. i've always hated that element of fall/winter, and i'll never stop complaining about it.
  • shit is hitting the fan at the white house. guess bush didn't bring a new tone to d.c. after all. that said, i don't foresee rove going down as a result of all this. i think he's a brilliant guy who knows how to insulate himself from his shenanigans.
  • i miss meryl a lot right now.
  • updated recommendations list.
  • i like charlie rose. he's fair, intelligent, has great guests and shows a true dedication to learning.
  • i think living with my grandmother will be good for me. for a long time i've been surrounded by immaturity and stupidity, being around my parents and my grandma will be a welcome change and it'll give me some faith in humanity.
  • going to watch a movie and get some food.

  • 10-27-05 (18:40)

  • just sold my weight bench and most of my weights. now there's a lot more room in my bedroom and i've got an extra $50. i think i bought the bench for about $40, and i got the weights for free, so that's pretty sweet.
  • also, got my bonus today which is nice because i was getting worried that i wasn't going to get it because of my departure. it generally takes them about 4-5 months to issue the checks which would have meant a december arrival. since my last day will be november 30th i was pretty certain i wasn't going to receive it. sometimes things work out. oddly, we did better during that fiscal quarter than we did in the previous fiscal quarter, yet the bonus was less. i don't understand how it all works.
  • changed the movies reviewed 1999 list a bit. old one. new one. unfortunately i don't have the exact dates for a lot of them.
  • updated movies list.
  • in the old days it was considered a hollywood cop out to have the good guys win and the have the bad guys get caught. so anytime a bad guy was let go it was a surprise for the audience. but now, we're at the point where it may be a hollywood ploy to let the bad guy go. jeepers creepers and saw are two examples of films wherein the bad guy gets off in the first film and that allows for a sequel.

  • 10-26-05 (18:59)

  • kings are having a rough time this preseason. should take a while to get the new team to gel. i'm worried about wells and rahim. i like garcia, but he needs another year or two to really hone his shot and find his spots. peja should be traded because he's basically a zero in the playoffs and that's the only time that matters. more than anything they need to gel defensively the way they did in 2002. then again, they had christie back then and he set the defensive example.
  • swoopes came out of the closet. i don't really know how much of a surprise that is. i also don't know how newsworthy it is. maybe one day it'll be like finding out that tom cruise likes briefs more than boxers. in the meantime, it's good that she did it and i don't foresee much of an uproar about it. if it were a guy it would be more of a surprise and there would probably be more of an uproar. eventually it'll happen and eventually (most) people won't really think about it.
  • i hate cold weather.
  • pussy astro fans couldn't grab a pop up away from uribe in the bottom of the ninth. if that were to happen in yankee stadium i guarantee some fan would have snatched that ball out of the air before uribe could have gotten to it.

  • 10-25-05 (20:25)

  • the only other time i can recall a time during the playoffs where the refereeing was anywhere near as bad as it has been in this year's mlb postseason, was the 2002 nba western conference finals. they missed a couple calls again tonight.
  • usc is behind texas in the bcs rankings. that's fucking bullshit. the people who program those computers apparently don't know shit about football.

  • 10-24-05 (23:26)

  • have a headache and don't feel that great right now.
  • didn't do much today.
  • rosa parks died today. if you want to know the real story behind the montgomery bus boycott check out "the montgomery bus boycott and the women who started it" by jo ann gibson robinson.
  • i remember sandra bullock once saying that she wanted to meet a "normal" guy. i guess that's why she married jesse james jr. i hate people.
  • i hope tomorrow is better than today.

  • 10-23-05 (18:26)

  • joe buck just called chris botti "the best trumpet player in the land." i hate joe buck.
  • i wrote to tim taylor, candidate for the davis school board, for his thoughts on prop. 74 and here's what he said: "Hello Chris.  Thatís actually the first time I have been asked about Prop. 74 by itself Ėas opposed to all of the Governorís proposals as a package.  I am not in favor.  Before this was placed on the ballot, I simply did not hear a lot of clamoring for longer teacher probationary periods, and thus I suspect (along with many others, no doubt) that this may be more about politics than sound educational policy.  I am certainly in favor of high teacher standards and teacher accountability, but I just donít see Prop. 74 as the most effective way to get there.  Quite the contrary, I fear that it may actually discourage young teachers, who already are lured away by higher salaries, etc., to abandon the profession rather than wait out a substantially elongated probationary period.  I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.  - Tim"

  • 10-23-05 (11:35)

  • howie long just called santana moss the most explosive receiver in the nfl. i would argue that steve smith (most touchdowns and best yards after the catch average) or randy moss (best yards per catch average) should hold that title, but santana moss does have one of the better average yard per reception marks.
  • 49ers are getting destroyed right now.
  • there are two japanese films with similar titles: Ikiru and Kiru. Ikiru is by Kurosawa and it translates as "To Live." Kiru is a film i've never seen, but it translates as "Kill!" interesting that the one syllable/letter makes it mean something completely different. i wonder if it's a prefix like "a" or "un."
  • the mandolin player from blue merle was on car talk yesterday. that was kind of interesting. blue merle are a coldplay knock off band.
  • deposited some checks at the atm the other day and was disturbed by the fact that it referenced itself. after i inserted the envelope the screen read something like: "give me a second to process this transaction."
  • there's a glitch with the HD broadcast of the cbs telecast of the football games. the commentator's audio channel isn't coming through at all right now. it's a very odd way to view the game because you can hear all the other sounds - the whistles, the crowd, the crunch of the hits, etc., but you can't hear the idiots (dick and dan) talking. it's like watching it in real life, only with a better view. i've simulated this before by reducing the center speaker (which carries the commentary) to -15 which brings their banter to a minimum, but you can still hear them a little. it's especially nice since you don't hear all their little plugs for crappy cbs programs.
  • went to another warriors game last night with john. this time his girlfriend and her sister tagged along and the warriors lost.
  • looking at the schedule for texas and USC before the season it appeared as though usc had the easier schedule, but with the emergence of a very solid UCLA and the resurgence of notre dame, as well as a better than expected cal (they're still good in spite of losing their two best players) and a typically strong oregon, you have to agree that USC has the much tougher schedule. texas had to play at ohio state (their most impressive victory - they won in the last couple minutes by only 3 points) they played at home versus texas tech (who was undefeated, but only played one ranked team - a 3 point victory over #24 nebraska which lost by 17 to unranked missouri yesterday). texas also played at home against oklahoma (which was great the last few years, but is 4-3 this year). in other words, texas's hardest games haven't been as hard as USC's and they've been mostly at home.
  • USC, on the other hand, has had only two home games (where they've outscored their opponents 112-38). by the way, one of those victories was over arkansas 70-17. arkansas has had a far more difficult schedule than texas - playing #1 usc (L, 17-70), #5 alabama (L, 13-24), #15 auburn (L, 17-34), and yesterday to #4 georgia (L, 20-23), they also have #7 LSU coming up. as you can see, arkansas played relatively tough against the other top 15 teams, but got completely destroyed by USC. they lost by 53 to USC and by a total of 31 to the other three top 15 teams combined. we'll see how usc does against fresno state (#24 on the usa today poll), at cal (top 25 on all polls) and against UCLA (top 10 on all polls), but, at this point, i don't understand how anyone can give texas a #1 vote over USC. i'd even say that USC should be ranked #1 if they lose to one of those teams by under 7 points.
  • suffice it to say that the next 4-5 weeks are going to be interesting. texas has a cake walk, usc has three top 25 teams, va tech has two top 15 teams, georgia has two top 25 teams, and alabama has two top 15 teams. those are the top undefeated teams so i'm interested in seeing how it'll shake out.
  • meryl got into a little argument with some texas fan yesterday who was trying to say that they were better than usc. naturally meryl put him in his place with some of the above stats. she's cool and that guy's an idiot.

  • 10-21-05 (22:57)

  • preseason games are fun because you get to see everyone on the roster play.
  • started voting last night. i still have a couple items to go over, but i'm mostly done.
  • looking forward to the new al franken book.

  • 10-20-05 (19:20)

  • two paychecks from now i'll be completely out of debt.
  • updated movies list.

  • 10-19-05 (23:34)

  • went to the warriors pre-season game tonight with john. definitely had some exciting moments. the warriors played well overall, but got away from team offense in the second quarter. they beat the suns so that's a good sign for them. going to another game on saturday. a good start to the basketball season.
  • last night i went to the WEA (company that john works for) party with justin (boss) and erin (co-worker). jusitn and erin started smoking some pot on the way over and that was pretty pathetic. it wasn't a very good party. they billed it as a party, but really it's more of an informational get together with free food, drinks and prizes. last year i won a guitar, this year i didn't win anything. last year was definitely better.
  • so the two teams i wanted in the world series the least are there. i don't have anything against the white sox, but i just wanted them there the least out of the other AL teams. for some reason i would have rather seen the yankees go again and get beaten. anyway, it's been a fairly lame postseason thusfar. that said, the series could redeem everything. should be some great pitching matchups so....
  • read an oxymoronic cnn headline today that read: "weakened dam stable but 'extremely volatile.'" they have since changed it. "weakened" and "extremely volatile" make sense, but not next to "stable."
  • kids like dakota fanning are at once extremely cute and also a bit scary. they're far more mature and aware than most people my age so it's cool, but it's also sort of disarmingly impressive; almost alien.

  • 10-18-05 (14:30)

  • bought the alfred hitchcock presents collection on dvd the other day. watched a great one that had the father from "a christmas story." it also occurred to me that the theme song should be sampled for a hip-hop song.

  • 10-18-05 (00:48)

  • discovered today that they're going to remake oldboy. things are getting a little out of control with the remakes of asian films. that said, the original is quite good and worth checking out.
  • got a lot of errands done today. went to the post office, got some film developed, arranged for some clothes donations to be picked up, cut my hair, sold my heater and watched a movie.
  • watched bits of the cardinals game and was happy that it turned out the way it did. i like tony la russa from his days with the a's. i also think eckstein is one of the most inspirational players in the league. i like that guy, have ever since i heard about him.
  • mnf wasn't too special. sad to see manning and harrison break young/rice's record of most touchdowns together.

  • 10-17-05 (01:45)

  • seen fifty movies in the theater this year.
  • updated movies list.

  • 10-16-05 (21:44)

  • they use a sleeping flies track on a commercial for o2optix contact lenses. to my knowledge the sleeping flies only have one album, but it's pretty great. definitely a sleeper album.
  • speaking of sleepy, watched the angels game tonight. i guess it had some drama, but i wasn't very excited by it and a 4-1 series just isn't all that entertaining.

  • 10-16-05 (18:38)

  • updated movies list.
  • baseball playoffs have mostly sucked this year. all this bad umpiring is really taking away from the fun. it's also pretty pathetic that both series are so lopsided thus far.
  • getting pretty tired of turkey sandwiches and breakfast burritos.
  • didn't watch much football today. not really sure what i've done so far.

  • 10-15-05 (22:12)

  • since the last update...ucla came from behind to win in OT, FSU (4) lost to virignia (unranked) by 5 points, and cal lost to oregon state by 3. what a day for college football.
  • baseball game was boring.
  • got the following from peter's (the Canadian) webpage. i enjoyed it quite a bit. his in-depth analysis is the kind of thing that i enjoy doing and the kind of thing that i think is missing from the majority of sports writing....
  • "Martin Brodeur is currently the most overrated player in the NHL. He was great early in his career and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame due to his excellent play in the past. However, his level of play has fallen significantly during the past few seasons (I have a lot of evidence for this assertion, but itís far beyond the scope of this short essay). While Brodeur is still an above-average goalie, his accolades (back-to-back Vezina trophies and MVP nominations) are not deserved.
  • During the off-season, the New Jersey Devils lost their two best defensive players in Scott Stevens (one of the greatest defensive defensemen in NHL history) and Scott Niedermayer (the reigning Norris Trophy champion). I believe that a lot of Brodeurís perceived success was actually attributable to New Jerseyís excellent defense, and to Stevens and Niedermayer in particular.
  • I have two pieces of evidence that support this theory. First, in 2004, Brodeurís level of play dropped significantly when Stevens missed half the year due to injury. When Stevens was in the lineup, Brodeur had a 19-10-8 record (62.1%), 1.81 GAA, 92.3 sv%, and 8 shutouts (0.22 per game). When Stevens was injured, Brodeur had a 19-16-3 (54.0%), 2.25 GAA, 91.0 sv%, and 3 shutouts (0.08 per game). Thus, when Stevens was playing, Brodeur put up excellent numbers, but when Stevens was gone, Brodeur was barely above average. Of course there are many other factors that could have affected Brodeurís play, but losing both Stevens and Niedermayer for an entire year will definitely be bad for Brodeur.
  • The second piece of evidence pertains to Brodeurís backups. Over the past three years, Brodeurís backups have been Scott Clemmenson (6 games), J.F. Damphousse (6 games), Corey Schwab (14 games) and John Vanbiesbrouck (5 games). They are, by almost any standard, poor goalies (though Vanbiesbrouck was excellent in his prime). One would expect Brodeur, allegedly the worldís best goalie, to vastly outplay such poor backups. However, the numbers suggest otherwise. During the past three years, Brodeur has a 117-75-29 record (59.5%), 2.07 GAA, 91.2 sv% and 24 shutouts (0.11 per game). His backups had a combined 13-10-2 record (56.0%), 1.60 GAA, 92.8 sv% and 4 shutouts (0.13 per game). This raises two important points. First, if Brodeur is the best goalie in the world, how does such a bad group of goalies outperform him by virtually every measure (especially save percentage, the most important)? Second, if New Jerseyís defense has nothing to do with Brodeurís success, how do such poor goalies put up such amazing statistics? (Yes, Iím aware Iím dealing with a small sample size for the backups, and that they tend to play easier teams than startersÖ however I donít know how much of an effect this has on the data).
  • The evidence Iíve presented suggests two things. First, Brodeur played much worse without Stevens. Second, even very bad goalies were capable of putting up excellent statistics on New Jersey. In light of the fact that Stevens and Niedermayer will be gone all year, I am making the following predictions for the 2006 season:
  • Brodeur will win significantly fewer games. During the past three years, he has played an average of 73.7 games and recorded an average of 39.0 wins. Brodeur should drop to around 33 wins this season. (Note: this will have to be adjusted somehow to compensate for the fact that the NHL is eliminating ties).
  • Brodeurís goals-against average will increase significantly. During the past three years, Brodeur has ranked sixth, fourth and fourth in GAA. Brodeur should fall to around 10th in GAA.
  • Brodeur will record fewer shutouts. During the past three years, Brodeur has ranked T-17th, first and first in shutouts. He should slip to around 10th.
  • Also note that Brodeur has ranked T-20th, 15th and T-14th in save percentage. I donít expect that to change, because there is no measurable team impact on save percentage.
  • Today I have made a bold, controversial prediction about everyoneís favorite goalie. In April, I will revisit this post. If Brodeurís play drops this year like I predict, that would greatly support my theory that Brodeur is overrated and simply takes credit for his teammatesí accomplishments. However, if Brodeur has a great season, I will humbly change my mind about Brodeur, and acknowledge his greatness."

  • 10-15-05 (18:29)

  • the usc/notre dame game was fucking epic. took a very long lunch and watched the second half. usc was down 21-14 and they pulled it out. the last drive was absolutely stunning and filled with excitement. the 4th and 8 pass that went for about 60 yards was brilliant. the leinart run that had the ball knocked out of bounds which led to the clock running down to zero. people stormed the field, but the officials (rightly) cleared the field and put 7 seconds back on the clock. carroll gave the sign to spike the ball and go for the field goal, which would have tied it. instead leinart ran a qb sneak was initially stopped short, but then spun out of the pile and fell into the end zone. with 3 seconds left notre dame tried "the play," but it wasn't in the stars for them and they lost. just a great great great game. i'm very happy that i took the long lunch. there was a table with these girls who were rooting for notre dame. when the clock ran down to zero they started cheering, but i kept saying that the clock should have stopped because the ball went out of bounds. they didn't really understand what was going on and apparently knew the kicker for usc, but were still rooting for notre dame. very exciting game.
  • some have called this one of the best days of college football of all-time. wisconsin, alabama, lsu, michigan, bc, and west virginia all won in very close games.
  • texas actually beat a ranked team today. they've only won one other game against a ranked team and that was only by 3 points. to me, they're overrated because they have a weak schedule.
  • umps just missed another call against the angels. tough luck for the angels.

  • 10-14-05 (22:58)

  • how many shrinks does it take to change a light bulb? one, but the light bulb has to want to change. funny, and true.

  • 10-14-05 (01:19)

  • longish day which wasn't all that great.
  • i have been a member of ebay for longer than jayandmarie (7 years, 9 months vs. 6 years, 9 months).

  • 10-13-05 (00:06)

  • last night (my monday) i thought that i didn't have work the next day. i guess that's a testament to how tired of working i am. that said, i've been thinking lately about leaving work. it's the longest job i've ever had and it's kind of strange to see a definitive end. i've grown to think of my co-workers as family members in a way. we're a very dysfunctional family, but i still think of my co-workers in that way from time to time. in a lot of ways i know that my future jobs aren't going to be as good.
  • andy milonakis. i think i linked to that video before, but i just thought he was some kid. turns out he's 29 and he has his own show on mtv now. he was in the movie i saw tonight as well.
  • my average grade for a movie for this year is a B- (2.7), or thereabouts. it would be interesting to see what the average grade is for a movie i've never seen before. in all likelihood every single movie i watch for the second, or greater, time is going to receive a higher grade than a B- because i'm probably not watching many mediocre films more than once. also, since an A +/- is basically off limits for a new film i think that the average new film gets around a C+ (2.3). okay, took a minute (actually a little less) and did the calculations: new movie: 2.57 vs. movie i've seen before: 3.49; overall: 2.74. that data is for this year, so far. in other words, a new movie that gets a B- is above average and a new movie that gets a C+ is about average. i think that's about where it should be because i have to assume that i'm weeding out the very worst of the films in the selection process. if i watched all the new films that came out then i'm sure the new movie average would be closer to 2.0, but i generally avoid the movies that look like total crap... unless jon is in town and fantastic four is the only thing playing.

  • 10-11-05 (22:42)

  • in CT they're apparently looking to sign into law a bill that would require health care providers to have coverage for infertility treatments. personally that seems pretty silly. of course i feel covering viagra is silly as well.
  • my grandma is in sacramento for work so she came to davis and took me out to dinner tonight. going to do the same tomorrow.
  • kings lost a preseason game tonight. oh well. preseason doesn't mean much. kevin martin got some good playing time and so did garcia. both seem, from the box scores, to have had decent games. i liked garcia from what i saw in march when he was playing for louisville. martin i've liked, but his minutes have been very limited to date. he needs to assert himself more. if he finds himself in the flow of the game then he has the potential to be a good bench scorer.
  • just saw a clip of bush talking to the press about some school he was visiting. there were two or three kids in front of him posing for the pictures while he was talking about "these schools" being "blue ribbon schools." as he was saying this a young boy dipped his fingers into the bucket of paste he was holding and started licking the paste off his fingers. very very funny.
  • going to need to build another dvd rack soon. also, after thinking about it for a while, i think i'm going to go ahead and build another cd rack as well. it's going to be expensive, but it needs to be done. especially once i put meryl's cds in with mine.

  • not much space left...

    10-10-05 (21:35)
  • good to see the yankees lose tonight. good game, glad they lost.
  • steelers may have had a pyrrhic victory tonight. roethlisberger hurt his knee and it looked pretty bad to me.
  • ran some errands today. took a package downtown to send to meryl. it was 44 pounds worth of books and stuff in one box that she wasn't able to take with her the last time she visited. getting it downtown was quite the pain. i put it on the back of my bike and walked it downtown. unfortunately i only have a couple bungee cords so it wasn't as secure as it could have been. it was so heavy that it made the bike tend to wheelie so that was annoying. having a car would have been nice. having a baby carriage would have worked as well. about 100 yards from the ups place it dawned on me that they might be closed since it's columbus day. that would have fucking sucked.
  • columbus day is ridiculous. while it's true that he paved the way for the nation's founding by being instrumental in the killing of hundreds of thousands of natives, well...i guess that's all there is to say about it. i suppose a devil's advocate would say that the land of all nations are soaked in blood. while that's true i'd rather celebrate a day off for someone like george washington, who at least was a capable and intelligent man, than a guy like christopher columbus. oh well.
  • letterman just called miers the most controversial supreme court pick since george bush. what a great zinger.
  • updated movies list.

  • 10-9-05 (23:42)

  • i like mike nolan, i think he coached a good game today in spite of the final score. he rolled alex smith out, put him in a shotgun and attempted two onside kicks (one of which worked). unfortunately the niners don't have the talent yet, but he's a good coach so i think there's potential with this team. smith had five turnovers, hopefully he learns from his mistakes. listening to dan dierdorf during the entire game was pretty tough, but i got through it.
  • saw the yankees win, that was unfortunate. actually i don't care about any of the teams in the mlb playoffs. i was hoping to see the red sox and the yankees again because it's a storied rivalry and great fun to watch. ho hum. i like st. louis to go all the way because they're balanced and experienced. that said, any team with clemens and pettite can't be counted out.
  • i'm a pretty old-fashioned guy in some ways. i think that's a big reason why i like old films so much.

  • 10-9-05 (10:04)

  • was watching fox and they were talking about the niners/colts game. gumble asked marino what the niners would do to keep defensive end dwight freeney from sacking smith. marino said something about staying focused and one of the other announcers said something about keeping the formations simple. neither really answered the question and neither really keep freeney away from sacking smith. the right answer is: run some draw plays towards freeney to keep him guessing. also, put smith in the shotgun (he ran shotgun option formations in college) and run him away from freeney. also, keep a half/full back in the backfield to help pass blocking. none of these obvious solutions were addressed. sports announcers often know more than they let on. if i know these things then certainly marino should. marino has to know that these are some of the solutions, yet he didn't offer them to gumble and the viewing public. it baffles me. i think that johnny's is right about this indictment of watching sports - announcers seem to basically repeat the same obvious things (importance of turnovers, both teams need to play hard, etc.) before, during and after every game.
  • i don't think the niners have a chance today.
  • bought the pictured jefferson airplane record the other day. got it for $2. actually, john got it and sgt. peppers (in NM, which makes it worth $300) for me when i cut him a deal on some vinyl. anyway, i looked up the price in the book and it has three listings for the catalog number (LPM-3584, as seen in the lower left hand corner). each listing has three different prices for three different grades (VG, VG+ and NM). the cover of my version is probably VG+ and the record is NM so i'd be able to get somewhere around the VG+ price. the first listing had it listed for $1500, 2250, 3000. the second for $250, 500, 1000 and the third for $6.25, 12.50 and 25. the reason there's such a disparity is that the first listing has a bonus track that is unlisted. my version doesn't have that bonus track so no $2250 for me. the second listing has "questionable" lyrics on two of the songs. so i cracked it open and started listening to the first song (let me in). the questionable lyric is "don't tell me you want money" vs. "don't tell me it's so funny." about half way through the song i hear "don't tell me it's so funny" and i proceed to cry. damn. oh well. would have been a pretty sweet find. incidentally, if i had the stereo version of the first listing (with the bonus track) it would be worth $2000, 3500, 5000 depending upon the grade. people go crazy for those bonus tracks. there's a freewheelin' bob dylan that goes for $30K because it has a rare track. there's another freewheelin' bob dylan that goes for 18K for the same reason, but i guess it was a later pressing. the most expensive beatles vinyl i've seen books for $18K, but they have some 45s that are worth thousands.
  • i've got a couple coltrane's for sale right now that should fetch me a hundred bucks or so. those were out of that batch that i bought for $45. you can make some good money on this stuff if you know what you're doing. i don't know what i'm doing, but john knows more about vinyl than anyone i've ever met so he's taught me some things.
  • 10-8-05 (23:38)
  • ucla beat cal today. that's good news, but i don't know anyone (other than my dad) who would agree with me on that. go ucla.
  • usc has a few tough games coming up in the second half of the year.
  • i don't think i'll ever be a great critic if not for the simple reason that i don't write with authority. instead of saying "hitchcock is the most consistent and prolific of the pantheon directors." i'll write "hitchcock is probably the most consistent and prolific of the pantheon directors." what if i forgot someone? what if i discover i'm full of shit later on when i discover the true genius of chaplin? critics always write in definite terms - they know why the director is doing something, they know what the importance of a director/film is and they use certain terms to convey this. in my writing i'm more often inclined towards positing, theorizing, questioning and making statements like the one above. critics who actually get published aren't as realistic, they're more self-assured, more bold and, often, wrong because of those things. the most bold statement i can recall making about the films released this year was when i said "from what i've seen, this is the best film of the year." about The Island. even when i go out on that limb i'm too realistic and i have too much perspective because i write "from what i've seen." a real critic would have left that part out.
  • i'm not saying that my writing style is good or bad, it's just not in line with the way critics generally write. i like that i'm (mostly) honest and that i don't generally feign authority when writing about films.
  • 39: the number of hitchcock films i own.
  • PBS is great. i'd fist fight my mother to keep that shit around.
  • okay, that was mean, i would never fist fight my mom and she knows that. all i'm saying is that i pbs is great and will hopefully be around forever.
  • updated movies list.
  • still need to write one review.
  • updated recommendations.
  • the new hallstrom (who did "what's eating gilbert grape" and "my life as a dog") film (casanova) looks awful.
  • sold my other computer yesterday. so my old pentium 200 is gone now. i built that thing in 1997.
  • from theonion.com: "Cosmopolitan Releases 40-Year Compendium: 812,683 Ways To Please Your Man"
  • yup.

  • 10-8-05 (19:48)

  • got a lot done at work today.
  • on johnny's forum they were talking about technology and growth in santa cruz/soquel. johnny essentially said that efficiency and convenience weren't that important, especially when the cost is places like walmart and bestbuy. marc and steve essentially said that technology is always good and growth will work itself out. i replied with this:
  • i pretty much agree with johnny on everything he's said.
  • johnny and i have embraced technology with about equal vigor and that, relative to the rest on this forum, is not very much at all. i have a nice tv and a computer which i use for my webpage and that's about it.
  • a book may be lighter than a computer, but you can fit a lot more books on a computer than you can on a bookcase. books also use more resources and that's a shame. i still like books and prefer to read from a page than from a screen, but i know it would be better for the world if we were able to produce half as many books on paper. unfortunately i agree with marc that paper doesn't have much longer, at least on the scale that it is currently used.
  • you can buy whatever you want online, but it's wise to consider the real cost of such an action. i think that the work that people like vern and i do has a value. i also think that browsing through records and books is worth the small extra cost.
  • infill growth is preferable to suburbanization and vertical growth, especially for a place like santa cruz. i think each city has to make its own decision on this, and it's different for each. hopefully the populous is educated and engaged enough to make an informed decision for the short and long term. davis has done a very good job of this in spite of high demand. there are certainly problems, but davis is addressing them fairly well.
  • manhattan kinda sucks. it does have personality, but so do a lot of unpleasant people/places.
  • the overriding theme of those who oppose johnny's viewpoint is that best buys and $.99 flip-flops and cheap products are nice and convenient. while this may be true, it's also short-sighted and a bit pathetic.
  • i think that johnny is even more of a minimalist than i am, but (i think) we share a basic idea that if you don't need it then you probably shouldn't buy it. a wind-up toy, a faster dvd burner, a new cell phone when the old one works, etc. are generally a waste of time, money and life. by placing importance on these objects i believe we deny what is (or should be) truly fulfilling in life - for different people it's different things (worshiping god, enjoying friends, making art, becoming a better person, helping others, teaching, etc.). but life is a zero sum game - by placing extra importance on objects you make something else in your life less important. it's a sliding scale and i advocate balance, of course, i just think that my balance is more towards johnny's end of the spectrum.
  • i think that the pro-best buy views are short-sighted or selfish because they don't take into account the things behind the scenes. you see a cheap onion at walmart and think it's great to save $.12 a pound, but you're not thinking about the poor working conditions of those at walmart, the poor working conditions of those at the onion farm, the pollution that the onion farm creates, the extra topsoil it wastes because its number one goal is the production of cheap onions, the pesticides it uses for that same goal ($), the fact that it's using GMOs for this same purpose ($), etc. some of these drawbacks can be measured (pollution) and some cannot (potential impact of GMOs). the monetary price you pay isn't the price that society pays. just because something is good for the economy doesn't mean it's good. war is great for the economy. the death of my grandfather was good for the economy. he didn't buy much and it means that some mortician somewhere is going to get some money. slavery was great for the southern economy 150 years ago. gay marriage will cost the country money. we can't make these sorts of decisions with money at the forefront of our mind. sadly, most are too ignorant and/or selfish to think about these things. again, though, i'm about balance. i'm not saying we should all wear hemp clothes and go off the grid. but walmart is clearly on the other end of the spectrum. they're truly evil and they use capitalism as a shield. it's fucking pathetic and so is anyone who shops there with the knowledge of this and the means to shop elsewhere.
  • libraries are more popular now than they have been in the last 10-15 years. it's a fact.
  • the best and worst thing about humanity is that it always drives for more. that's what made it so successful - the constant drive for more has given us the ability to wipe out small pox and build space shuttles and everything in between. it's also likely to be our downfall. overall we do not have the capability to cash out when we're ahead. we always reach too far because we want to know what is too far and because we're a greedy race. when nature smacks us back it sucks and we go on. http://www.npg.org/ overpopulation is a huge problem and it's only going to get worse. they say that the population will level out at about 10 billion. i wish people would police themselves better when it comes to procreating, but much of the problem is poverty and the ignorance that accompanies it. i'm tempted to say we should go to war with the catholic church, but the truth is that their "no contraception" policy might very well come out a wash. while it certainly leads to quite a few too many people, it also spreads HIV/AIDS rather well (for more on this watch ABC Africa). both are bad, but, from a population standpoint, they might even out.
  • i don't think there is anything wrong, legally or morally, with santa cruz wanting to limit its growth.
  • easier doesn't necessarily mean happier. also, happiness derived from a video game or a blowjob isn't really happiness. it's mostly fleeting and superficial. both are great fun in reasonable quantities, but long term happiness cannot be had by either.
  • since johnny brought up a movie...
  • i think that johnny and i take koyaanisqatsi to heart a little more than others. technology has ceased to be a tool of humanity's. it's now part of the fabric of our lives. we live in technology now and it's scary that people don't even think twice when they see a commercial for the new 100 song cellphone. the one where the girl is walking along listening to music and then she gets a call and pushes a button to talk with whomever is calling her, says goodbye, hits another button and then is listening to her music again. that means we're about two steps away from computer implants. some probably don't have a problem with this (or steroids), but i do.
  • in "my dinner with andre" they talk about another aspect of technology. over the last 200 years we don't experience life in the same way that we had for the the previous million. when it's cold we turn on the heater, when it's hot we turn on the air-conditioning. if we need to go somewhere we drive. if we want to know something we find out about it on the internet. all these things have different consequences. i think we've become more weak and lazy. our brains also atrophy. we don't need to know how to spell or calculate things because we have spell check and calculators. perhaps these things aren't that bad, but they are things that are true and should at least be recognized as results of the technology so many love so much.
  • one major positive that technocrats bandy about is the fact that technology makes our lives easier - it gives us more time to pursue other things. while this is true in theory, it's not that true in practice, at least not for the majority. we live in the most productive country in the world because we have cell phones, computers, blackberries, etc. but we're not doing the same amount of work in less time. we're doing more work in the same amount of time. as technology has gotten better our work week has remained the same length. as our economy has grown so has the gap between the rich and the poor. we still have 40-45 million uninsured citizens in this country. technology also makes it easier for workers to do work at home, and i know quite a few who do this on their own time. getting away is more and more difficult. for more on this check out "yes men" from chris smith, who brought us "american movie." we have to understand that management will always push for more and technology makes doing more easier, but that doesn't mean our lives are easier.

  • 10-7-05 (00:11)

  • spent all night gathering things to sell online. other than that i didn't do much. feels like i wasted a lot of time.
  • reviewed a history of violence. interesting film. longish review. updated movieslist.
  • another kurosawa coming to criterion in january. i love that guy.

  • 10-6-05 (20:32)

  • feeling very broke lately. trying to save all my extra money for a rental truck and storage space and moving and paying off my debt.
  • have a lot of movies to review, but haven't been feeling up to it lately.

  • 10-06-05 (00:11)

  • had a pretty busy day today, both at work and at home. did a lot of housekeeping and consolidating.
  • elijah wood is on leno talking about his bad sushi experience. he said he ordered uni (sea urchin) and almost vomited. it was funny to hear him describe the situation because uni really isn't that bad and he made it out to be really really awful. it's a favorite of both my mom and dad. i've tried it twice and don't think too much of it.
  • there was an extreme amount of stupidity at work today. people just don't know how to do their job. people at the corporate office and at the various vendors are absolutely clueless sometimes.
  • some guy called tower today asking if we bought dvds. i told him we did. we went back and forth for a couple minutes - he wanted to know if we'd buy what he had and i'd tell him that i couldn't guarantee anything over the phone. i'd tell him to come in anytime and we'd look at his stuff, and he'd keep asking what time he should come in. finally i just told him to come at 4:03pm. he said "4 to 3pm?" i said "no, 4:03pm." he said okay and goodbye. he came in at 4:03pm. people really amaze me sometimes. this conversation is pretty similar to the conversation i've had probably 100 times with people calling for ticket information. we sell tickets sold through ticketmaster, but we're a walk up outlet only so we don't give any ticket info over the phone - there's a separate number for that. invariably, though, when people are told about this they'll start asking for ticket information. "do you have these tickets? do you know how much these tickets cost? can you put these tickets on hold for me? how many of these tickets are left?" you just have to keep giving them the same answer in different ways until they accept it. sometimes people will ask if we have tickets to a particular event and i'll say i can't give them that info over the phone, but i can give them ticketmaster's number or they can go to ticketmaster's webpage. i tell them that if the tickets are sold through ticketmaster then that means we'll sell them. they'll ask again and i'll rephrase my answer in a way that they hopefully will understand. sometimes, though, it doesn't work so i'll just tell them that the event is sold out. i think that some people just want a definitive answer, even if it has nothing to do with reality. i call those people republicans.
  • getting cold lately.
  • in a way i'll miss working at tower. there are a lot of easy and nice things about working there. we're like a small dysfunctional family in a lot of ways. at the store level there aren't the same kind of office politics that you find at most corporations. if it weren't for the corporate office i'd have a lot more fun working there. i'll be a bit sad when i finally leave.

  • 10-04-05 (23:27)

  • meryl has come and gone. i miss her now so that sucks. her visits are always too short.

  • 9-28-05 (22:58)

  • i think my boss and i have gotten a little closer since i told him that i was leaving. we talk more and work less. we also take turns making fun of the receiving clerk more often. i don't feel sorry for him though, he's the most hate filled person i've ever met, so he deserves some good-natured ribbing.
  • it rained the other day, but today was hot again.
  • updated movies and cds i own lists. bought the new blackalicious and have listened to it once so far. also got an old amadou and mariam album.
  • the a's are out of the race so that makes me a bit sad. they need to learn to come out of the blocks a little quicker so they don't have so much ground to make up in the second half of the season. they play ball the way that steve(onne) smith used to run the hurdles.
  • i don't think too highly of kate hudson.
  • today was up and down. worked out a bit and that was good. didn't watch a movie.

  • 9-27-05 (22:41)

  • updated movies list.
  • i hate it when athletes, or anyone, really, say "i never imagined that X could have happened." you hear it most often when athletes win a gold medal or something and then they say something like: "i never, in my wildest dreams, could have imagined winning a medal. it's just amazing." how hard is it to imagine that you'd win a gold medal? especially if you're in the olympics...people are either lying, have a piss poor imagination or are just repeating what they've heard other gold medal winners say. actually, what made me think of this - and this makes me feel a little bad - was the local news broadcast of a local family who just lost their son in iraq. they said that they never could have imagined he wouldn't come back home alive. obviously i feel bad for them, but it got me thinking about how often people throw around that phrase when they don't really mean it. i guess people just don't think too much. that's the theme of much of what i write on this page.
  • i think i like humanity less and less every day and that's probably a bad thing. i can't get to the point where i isolate myself too much.

  • 9-25-05 (22:15)

  • niners lost a heartbreaker today. i have a $50 bet with my dad that the niners will win at least five games this year and losing a game like that doesn't bode well for me. raiders also lost a tough one. a's also lost. rough day overall. tony parrish had two interceptions and the second one was one of the most amazing that i've ever seen. it was off the hands of one cowboy and one niner and parrish got it while falling out of bounds. it was great.
  • didn't do much today. watched tv pretty much all day. i have work tomorrow because i don't want to use vacation time for the day off i'm taking on saturday. when i leave i'll get paid for all my unused vacation so that'll be nice. unfortunately i don't know if i'll get the bonus that is due to me for last quarter. management gets bonuses for staying under payroll and have an increase in sales. we did both those things last quarter, but it usually takes three to four months to actually get the bonus. my boss said he'll try to figure something out, so that's nice.
  • lately i've been wanting to start packing things up in anticipation of my move. i have too much stuff. there's not much that i really want to get rid of though. i don't want to get rid of my tools or camping supplies. i've already thinned down my music and movies a bit. it would be nice to have a laptop because that would save space. i don't have many clothes. i plan on getting rid of some of my kitchen stuff and maybe my futon, but the truth is that there's not much i can get rid of.

  • 9-24-05 (23:56)

  • updated movies list.

  • 9-24-05 (19:45)

  • scored some great vinyl at work today. there's even more good stuff that i didn't pick up, but i'm on a tight budget these days. the "meet the beatles" and "ascension" albums both book at about $100. all the other davis and coltrane stuff books at probably $20-$75. it's all in damn good shape, no ring wear, lightly used. 21 albums cost me $45.
  • usc just finished beating up on the ducks.
  • people on the radio are still talking about ucd's upset against stanford last week. apparently espn and sports illustrated both picked up the news and s.i. called it the game of the week. some have called it one of the bigger upsets in college football. not so sure about that, but it was a pretty big upset and it was made more interesting because the final score came with 8 seconds left on the clock.

  • 9-23-05 (19:28)
  • yesterday i told my boss that my last day is going to be november 30th. he was disappointed, but said that he understood and would do the same thing if he had he opportunity. he said it would leave big shoes to fill and that was kind of nice. he told me that in ten years of working at tower he's never seen a better product manager and that he thinks i'm the standard by which all product managers should be judged.
  • we did five interviews today because we need to hire another clerk. it's amazing how little people know about music despite "loving it." when we ask the question "why do you want to work at tower?" everyone's response is "because i love music." people generally claim they have a wide range of musical knowledge, yet if you ask them to name a jazz or blues artist they (more often than not) come up blank. five out of the five times we asked them to name a metal band people said "metallica." it's interesting to see the trends. there was one girl who knew a good amount about movies, but she only knew about foreign films. i think that a big part of it is that we're dealing with people who are usually 18-20 years old and just haven't had enough time to really get the breadth and depth of music knowledge that you get in your twenties. the only reason i knew much about jazz when i was that age was because of the kdvs show vern and i were hosting. my sister would be able to do it.
  • extreme home makeover is sort of a nice idea because it's generally a worthwhile charity, but it's so contrived. it's always a contest to see if they can find a more pathetic family for the next show. and all the designers and contractors come off as so fake and their disagreements are hilariously staged. of course the money would be better spent on habitat for humanity because the way they construct the homes is extremely inefficient, from a monetary point of view.

  • 9-22-05 (23:04)

  • today was okay until i took a nap. napping is nice, but it throws off the day's rhythm. that said, i needed the rest because i haven't been sleeping too well lately. meryl will be here next weekend so that'll change things i'm sure.
  • the miami heat are going to be tough to beat next year. they just signed payton which makes their defense a bit better and gives them a bit more stability at the point guard position, which is nice since jason williams can be sporadic at times.

  • 9-21-05 (00:08)

  • a's took a step backwards tonight. 2.5 games behind the angels, ten games left. it's definitely going to come down to the four game series between the two teams. hopefully they take three of four and then sweep the mariners.
  • updated movies list.
  • watched about 15 minutes of the tarantino penned/directed csi tonight. it seemed to have his writing, and to a lesser extent, directing style. tv is an interesting form. with something like "lost" you can make a picture that's much longer than even the longest feature films; in this way television has the potential to be more free of time constraints. at the same time you have a different kind of temporal constraint: you have to craft the story to fit into chapters of  7-15 minute blocks so you can fit in the commercials. ideally you also want to craft the story to leave some sort of cliffhanger or hook at the end of each of these chapters - an element that isn't at all necessary in filmmaking because each chapter flows from one to the next, without commercial interruption. it would be silly to write off tv altogether - remember that there are some quality tv movies (like brian's song) and some worthwhile tv miniseries like das boot (originally a tv series in germany), decalogue, roots, and heimat.
  • felt tired all day.

  • 9-20-05 (23:15)

  • was just watching an episode of the simpsons wherein bart was calling countries in the southern hemisphere to determine whether or not the water really does flow down the drain in a clockwise direction. one of the countries he called was burkina faso which is in the northern hemisphere. not sure if that was a mistake by the writers or what. he was calling countries while looking at his globe and i don't think there was supposed to be any humor derived from him calling a northern hemisphere country so i think it was a mistake by the writers.
  • the rockies scored 20 runs tonight. matt holiday had 3 runs 8 rbi and 2 hrs. he's on my last place fantasy baseball team and i had him benched so i don't get to reap the benefits of one of the best single game performances of the year. i suck, but not as bad as the padres' pitching i guess.

  • 9-20-05 (20:06)

  • updated movies list.
  • season six of the simpsons is the best one that's been released on dvd so far.
  • updated recommendations.
  • monarchs won the championship tonight. i didn't see it on tv which is unfortunate.

  • 9-19-05 (23:45)

  • you gotta hand it to martha stewart for doing her time and coming back. it seems like the public really respects it when people pay their dues.
  • my boss called me at home today and left a message on my answering machine. meryl did my outgoing message and he recognized the voice. when i called him back he asked whose voice it was and i told him it was meryl's. then he asked "are you guys lovers?" i said "yeah, something like that." he asked "are you really?" and i said "yeah, something like that." he said "oh, okay...i was wondering."
  • i should sleep but i'm not tired.

  • 9-19-05 (17:19)

  • "The feds are digging around for info they could use to blame the flooding of New Orleans on environmentalists. At the request of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the Justice Department last week emailed U.S. attorneys' offices in the Gulf Coast region with this question: "Has your district defended any cases on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers against claims brought by environmental groups seeking to block or otherwise impede the Corps' work on the levees protecting New Orleans?" The inquiry followed on the heels of a Sept. 8 article in the National Review Online that criticized enviro groups for suing in 1996 over the way the Corps was planning to raise Mississippi River levees and suggested that the suit may have contributed to the flooding of New Orleans -- erroneously, because it was a different set of levees that broke during Hurricane Katrina. A Sept. 9 article in the Los Angeles Times also asked whether enviros bore some culpability because in 1977 they sued the Corps over a shoddy environmental impact statement on its plans to build a hurricane barrier to protect New Orleans; the Corps never followed up on the project."
  • dante culpepper has as many turnovers in the last two games as jerry rice had in his 20 year career.

  • 9-18-05 (13:37)

  • was watching a bit of the san diego/denver football game just now and denver was attempting a field goal. the announcer said "and there is no breeze on the field here today." and i said to myself "yes there is - drew brees." johnny would have been proud.
  • almost a third of the people in the world have a cellphone.
  • 15:20
  • mcnabb had one of the best quarterbacking performances i've seen in recent years. granted it was against a pathetic 49er defense which couldn't get any pressure on him and is weak in the secondary, but he still deserves some props for his performance. 23/29, 340+ yards, 5 TDs, 0 INT. he's an amazing quarterback against shitty teams and he's overrated against good teams. overall i think he's good, but i'd rather have michael vick or tom brady. i think that guys like michael vick or steve young are like wilt chamberlin - they change the complexion of the game. the strategies of the game need to catch up with their talent. to me, young was the first guy who was a real double threat. cunningham was okay as a passer and great as a runner, but young was the first guy who could beat you just as easily with his arm as with his legs.
  • i've given up already on my soquel fantasy football league. i wasn't there to do the second draft so i got a bunch of shitty players. luckily i'm in another league with james chai so i'll focus my 15 minutes of effort a week on that league instead.
  • sacramento won today in the wnba finals. i wasn't impressed with either team on the offensive end. defensively, though, sacramento had impressive stretches.
  • good to see peyton manning having a performance more indicative of his talent - 13/28, 122 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT.

  • 9-18-05 (00:55)

  • was talking about the roberts appointment with a couple people at work the other day. both think he's crazy and bad for the country. one of them added that it was "unprecedented" to have someone outside of the supreme court be appointed as the chief justice of the court. in reality this is the opposite of unprecedented - about 2/3 of the time there is a vacancy for the seat it is filled by someone not currently in the supreme court. if i hadn't learned that from npr earlier that week i wouldn't have corrected him and that bit of misinformation would have probably spread. i hate false information. if anything i have an unhealthy desire to be as accurate as possible as often as possible.
  • i was thinking about this the other day while i was at the amadou and mariam concert. i was thinking about how, because they are blind, they probably get much of their information from their fellow bandmates and roadies. descriptions of the crowd demographics, crowd participation, etc. are probably relayed to them from those who travel with them. to me that would be a very serious job - to be the eyes of someone who doesn't have eyes. i was thinking about how i'd be as meticulous and accurate as possible. then it occurred to me that i'd probably be a pretty decent reporter because of this trait. i don't have any illusions of pure objectivity, but i do think there are degrees of subjectivity. i do feel it is possible to be less subjective than is our nature. everything is colored by our experiences, but i still think it's possible, and desirable, to be less subjective than is our tendency. it's a trait i value quite a bit in others. people (randi rhodes, bill o'reilly, etc.) who unabashedly color the news are obnoxious to me.
  • naturally, one can make the sensible argument that at least with those people you know where they're coming from (although o'reilly claims to be an objective moderate). when it comes to politics and the news i wish that there was less partisan bickering and partisan line-toeing, but i suppose that's always going to be part of the system. i'm talking more about people in my life. if i can't trust a person's viewpoint then that's annoying. it's hard to trust, and get along with, people who can't see things from an alternate perspective.
  • today notre dame proved that they were overrated. i wish them well, but it was amazing to see them shoot to #10 after just two wins (one being over #5 michigan who basically handed nd the game). the other was over pittsburgh, an unranked team with a new coach.
  • ucla beat up on oklahoma. ok was in the national championship game the last two years and now they totally suck. good to see that.
  • usc destroyed arkansas - 70-17.
  • miami proved me right by beating clemson in 3ot. closer than i thought. seeing them against fsu made me think they have a good shot at a major bowl game victory.
  • a's lost and angels won tonight. that's not good. i've never been that big of a baseball fan. when i first got into baseball it was during the a's run in the late 80s and early 90s. i liked canseco (i'm sorry to admit), the eck and mcgwire, but i never had great loyalty to any team mostly because teams don't stay together and i never had any regional alliances - i hate the dodgers and the angels were always kinda pathetic to me. i liked the giants for a bit mostly because my dad is such a fan, but the whole bonds thing turns me off of them. for some reason that's not true with the 49ers - i've liked them ever since i started watching football and i've liked them since their glory years, up until last year's 2-14 finish i.e., through thick and thin. anyway, the only team in baseball i really care about this year is the a's because of meryl. i like the way they play the game, but i hate that the ownership trades away their great players and doesn't seem willing to write the check that could put them over the top. even though i probably wouldn't like the maloofs as people, i like the fact that they support the kings just about as much as any owners i've seen in pro sports in the modern era. they do what it takes and seem to have more loyalty to their players than most teams. yes, they traded webber and christie, but i know that, objectively speaking, it was probably a good time to make both moves. they're building for the future while getting some value out of their older players. it's a cold calculation, but at least it can be understood. the moves, or lack thereof, from the a's, though, are troubling as someone who could potentially be an a's fan.
  • a pathetic display of two (potential) playoff teams.
  • looking forward to the wnba finals game tomorrow. i'd be willing to bet that 75% of the populous doesn't even know the finals are going on right now.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • it's pretty late so i should sleep.
  • meryl's coming in two weeks for her birthday. that'll be good.

  • 9-16-05 (23:28)

  • woke up last night to the sound of a cat meowing as if it was in a lot of pain. sounded like it was giving birth or something. didn't even remember until just now because i was so out of it.
  • updated movies list.
  • ted turner is on letterman right now saying that the ten worst poverty-related problems in the world can be solved with $62 billion/year. we're spending about $48 billion a year in iraq, granted there's a lot of waste there, but it just doesn't seem possible to solve that many problems with that small an amount of money. i find this far-fetched, but it's piqued my interest. i'll have to look for the book he's pitching (plan b) next time at a bookstore. ted turner is a unique guy.

  • 9-16-05 (00:11)

  • jay leno is such a chode. he's not very funny and he, more often than not, just offers a platform for right wingnuts like donald trump or arnold schwarzenegger. oh, and he's not very funny.
  • well, jim gaffigan is on conan tonight so i'm going to have to stay up late. s.b. cohen (of da ali g show) is on too.
  • some kid came up to me at work the other day and said "i'm looking for midget porn." i said "we don't have any." that was the first time i had gotten that request.
  • updated movies list.
  • i'm pretty certain that the first laugh in early human history was the result of either a fart or someone being hurt.

  • 9-15-05 (00:44)
  • updated movies list.

  • 9-14-05 (01:13)

  • out of water so i'm parched.
  • the amadou and mariam show was great. they put on a great show, it was one of the better ones i've been to.
  • i'm tired.

  • 9-12-05 (21:39)

  • it's funny to see local news anchors feign sincerity. actually, it's more pathetic and sad, than funny.
  • what is funny, though, is watching infomercials. it's funny to see them employ fuzzy math to sell their crappy products. i was watching some vitamin supplement infomercial and they were talking about vitamin water (and similar products) being a bad alternative to to their product. they talked about the sugar content of such products - say 30g per serving and 2.5 servings per bottle. they, rightly, point out that that means there's 75g of sugar per bottle. but when comparing the two products on vitamin content they only compare on a per serving basis. say it has 30% of the daily recommended vitamin b6 per serving, that would be 75% per bottle. but they say it only has 30% per serving so it makes their product look even better. it's just so funny to see them try to pull this shit off.
  • vlade divac is such a great guy. he's loading up a 25 foot truck full of food and supplies and driving it to katrina victims himself. 30 hours in a truck to help people out. that's pretty impressive when he obviously could have paid someone to do it for him and it's not compulsory - he's not in the nba anymore so he doesn't have to fulfill any community service commitments. i know he's always been very active with helping people from his native serbia and montenegro.
  • another divac highlight: Joins Hakeem Olajuwon and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar as the only players in NBA history to amass 13,000 points, 9,000 rebounds, 3,000 assists and 1,500 blocked shots
  • don't know what to do right now. amazingly, i can't think of a movie i really want to watch. the next couple months are going to be tough because i feel like i'm in a transitional phase.
  • bonds came back today an almost hit a hr. that guy's freaking good. i hope he doesn't break ruth's record.
  • monarchs are in the finals. that's pretty cool.
  • i think that mike martz is the worst game day coach in football.
  • updated movies list.
  • going to sf to see amadou and mariam tomorrow. blind Malian singers whose last album is fucking great.
  • one of meryl's high school friends was shot and killed yesterday. this just seems to be a bad few months.

  • 9-12-05 (14:17)

  • "Partisan squabbling effectively killed California's closely watched Million Solar Roofs legislation last week, as the state Assembly session ended on Thursday with no vote on the bill. The measure, which would have dramatically boosted the state's use of solar power by providing incentives for businesses and homeowners to install photovoltaic systems, initially had broad backing from across the political spectrum, but Republicans and Democrats failed to reach a compromise over Democrat-sponsored provisions that would have required workers on large commercial solar installations to be paid union-level prevailing wages. Many Republicans said the provisions would be too costly, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) said he'd veto the bill unless they were changed. Now, under Schwarzenegger's direction, the state's Public Utilities Commission is expected to implement some aspects of the Million Solar Roofs plan, but others would still require legislative approval."
  • agassi lost yesterday in four sets, as predicted. that third set tie breaker is what did it. it was amazing to see him just collapse in the fourth set the way he did; you could tell his spirit was broken. it actually made me like him a little less.
  • craziness. yesterday al qaeda said la, melbourne and madrid were next...

  • 9-12-05 (00:20)

  • got another visit from the neighborhood cat tonight. it was meowing outside so i let it in again. she was more timid this time and didn't want me to close the door behind her. she left fairly quickly. later on i heard a cat fight outside my back window so i checked to see what was going on. she was on top of a car just hanging out, so either she wasn't a part of it or i missed the mileau. i made clicking sounds and she ran towards my window meowing. so i went to my front door and made the clicking sounds some more and she came back. pretty smart kitty. i opened some tuna and she sniffed at it, but didn't have any. that was a waste. i took some pictures of her and now she's sleeping on my couch. she has a misshapen left, rear foot which i hadn't noticed before. meryl named her bella, so that's what i'll call her from now on. now i'm not sure whether i should let her stay the night or kick her out when i go to bed.
  • 9-11-05 (12:32)
  • patriot day.
  • i think that the major sports provide a great example of the success of the labor movement. the players' unions in football, basketball, baseball and even hockey are inordinately more powerful than they are in, say, the auto industry. the reason players get paid so much is because there is so much money to be had and the union does a good job of getting a decent share of that money. so, when you hear people say they hate that football players get paid millions of dollars for just playing a game, what they're really saying is either they hate the success of the union or they hate that so many people (like themselves) are willing to pay $8-800 a ticket to be entertained. in other words, don't get mad at the players.

  • 9-10-05 (21:44)

  • notre dame is looking good this year. i think that michigan lost more than notre dame won, but notre dame is still a solid squad. i think you have to give some credit to willingham, though, because he's the one who did the recruiting for this squad.
  • forgot to mention that i was impressed by miami's safety (meriweather), i think he's a talent to watch.
  • ohio state/texas game was good. ohio state is a fun team to watch because they make games interesting. i still remember parts of that miami game for the national championship. ohio state has a good linebacker crew, but their qb situation needs to be figured out and they need to make better decisions with the ball. there were back to back plays when a player could have gone to the endzone if he had broken to the outside instead of the inside. they also missed an easy catch in the endzone in the 4th quarter. good game though. texas is too one-dimensional so i actually think that ohio state is the better team.
  • watched the final game of the women's tennis final. no big surprise there. i'm not a fan of pierce's simply because of her injury timeouts the other day. what a rich person's sport. they need to change that rule. i like agassi, but he'll likely lose in four sets tomorrow. i'll still watch it though. federer is simply dominating over the last couple years, especially on the hard court and grass.
  • al playoff race is heating up. i think that the a's have a tough road to get the wild card: 3 games against the wc leader - cleveland, 4 games against the red sox, 4 games against the angels. i think they have the toughest road of the teams in the thick of it. i think that the a's have a better shot at winning their division than they do at getting the wild card because i think the wild card is going to cleveland. they have the lead now, they're playing better ball than the other teams, and they have an easier schedule. it'll probably come down to the athletics' penultimate series which is against the angels. if they take three of four, they'll probably get in.
  • i've probably watched as many full college football games this year already as i did all of last year (pre-bowl games).

  • 9-10-05 (01:20)

  • one thing that interests me in life is understanding how a person experiences the world. i often feel like my odd memory makes me experience life in an unusual way. because my memory is so bad i can experience the exact same revelation more than once. here's one example that i remember, though it's not really earth shattering: the discovery that stevonne smith, my old trackmate, plays for the carolina panthers. i wrote about this once in 2001 (9/26) and then again in 2004 (1/3). both times it was a complete surprise to me that this guy was in the nfl. and it's not really a small thing - here's a guy i talked with in the past and now he's on a national stage; that's worthy of remembering. melanie was actually the one who brought it to my attention. i wonder how many other things i think i'm experiencing for the first time, when i've really already experienced them before.
  • my memory makes my experience like a longer version of memento. instead of my memory being wiped every hour or so, it gets wiped every year. it also depends upon what it is that i'm experiencing. some things (my hitchhiking trip) are vivid in my memories years later. but small interactions are wiped clean within the matter of a minute or two. if i try to remember them i might be able to, but they almost instantly go from the front of my mind to the back. i can be thinking about something very seriously while i'm at the co-op on my way home, but by the time i get home (a five minute walk) i'll have completely forgotten it. it's a nice thing because i think it makes me partially immune to media bombardment. it's also a nice thing because i think if i remembered 80% of what i've learned i'd have committed suicide by now....to have the memory of all the injustices and all the instances of human stupidity stored in my brain would overwhelm me. on that same note, if i remember 80% of what i've learned i'd probably be three times more knowledgeable than i am right now. it would be great to be able to remember who did the score to laura without having to look it up or to remember what films claire trevor has been in or to remember the population of nigeria relative to the total population of africa (1/7th, but at one point i mistakenly remembered it being 1/5th ).
  • it's one thing to know what a person has done in their life, but it's a far more interesting thing to know how they experience the world. how they see things, what they take out of a piece of art or life or an experience, etc. i think i do a pretty decent job of documenting that here. sure a lot of it is i did a, b and c today, but more of it, i hope, is i saw a, b and c and it made me think x, y and z. i think that's a part of good storytelling and characterization - putting the audience inside a character's head. plot is just a prop for developing the motivations and experiences of a character.

  • 9-9-05 (23:45)

  • funny.

  • 9-9-05 (20:48)

  • updated movies list. finally caught up.
  • went to physical therapy and that was good. she said i was flexible and couldn't understand why i injured myself. also, both my doctor and the therapist said i have a long torso. never knew that about myself. i know that i have short arms, but i didn't know that i have a long torso. i try not to look at myself too much. going back on monday to do some strengthening exercises.
  • other than that today was relatively normal.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • updated cds i own list.
  • how much can one relate to the experiences of another? as humans we have similar experiences of pain, happiness, alienation, etc. but it is often said that unless you're black or female or gay or fat that you can't know what it is to be those things. i agree with that to a degree, but it also has to go the other way. a black person can't know what it's like to be white, a female can't know what it's like to be male, etc. it may be easier since our culture generally relays the experiences of white, right handed, straight, in shape, good looking, middle-income males more often than that of a fat, ugly, left-handed, handicapped, short, poor, native-american lesbians. i do think, though, that i can relate to some of the experiences of people who aren't of the same income, race, sex, etc. as me. maybe that's hubris, maybe it's wishful thinking, but i think that it's possible enough to not get the "you don't know what it's like" type of response some are want to give.
  • like anything, though, it's a matter of degree. one can never know what it's like to be another person - it's just that simple. at the same time, i was a teenager and i know what it's like to be stared at because someone thinks you're going to steal something and i know what it's like to be a minority (because i was one in high school). at the same time short people don't know that being tall sometimes sucks because you have to bend to wash your hands or open a door . maybe it sucks less than not being able to reach something on the top shelf of a cupboard. i don't know and i don't care. trying to quantify suffering is inane because eventually you get the point where you have nothing to complain about unless you were in the holocaust. getting in those discussions is ridiculous and counter-productive. clearly there is a difference between race and height or sexual preference or attractiveness, but i use it to highlight the suffering of us tall people. seriously though, being in the minority is actually a well-documented experience. but being in the majority in the sense of being looked at as an oppressive white male devil, doesn't seem well-documented at all. probably because it's taboo to say that it sucks to feel like an oppressor because of how you were born. after all, you're in the majority, so what's the big deal? being a white male sometimes feels like it means that i either have no culture or have no culture that i'm allowed to be proud of. black/brown pride is beautiful and white pride is ed furlong in american history x (he plays a KKK member). i'm not really saying i have much to complain about, but this sort of perspective is one that, ironically, is in the vast minority in our culture.
  • oh, and if you know any fat, ugly, left-handed, mentally retarded, short, poor, handicapped, native-american lesbians, send them my condolences because it sucks to be at the bottom of the totum pole. which reminds me of the seinfeld episode where he's dating a native-american an talks about getting tickets from a scalper, etc.
  • finally figured out what song they use as the lead in to the world's geo quiz on npr. i'm pretty sure it's "kaira" by toumani diabate. there's an updated version of it that he does with ali farka toure on their new album together.

  • 9-8-05 (18:18)

  • i know that lust of money is the root of all evil, but if it weren't for money the u.s. would probably hate china. as is, though, we're on pretty good terms because of economics.
  • football tonight, that's exciting.
  • went to the doctor and she said i have a thoracolumbar strain i.e., a hurt back. so i'm going to get some physical therapy. i'll set that up tomorrow.
  • after that i went to work for about 4.5 hours. my back is a little tired, but good overall. movement is still limited, but i'm far better than i was on sunday.
  • physical therapy people just called so i can cross that off my list. going tomorrow.
  • i like randy moss. that said, i'm going to miss jerry rice.
  • bob barker is supposed to be some sort of pimp (because he's an old guy who supposedly gets a lot of play), but i find it an ironic juxtaposition that his "cause" is to spay and neuter pets.
  • watched venus and serena williams play each other the other day. it was disappointing because they didn't get any rallies going. they're both very powerful and both had trouble with their first serves. there seemed to be a lot of unforced errors and power seemed to dominate the match. history actually proves me correct...up to that point they had played each other 14 times, serena winning eight of those matches, but only four had gone to a third set. not as competitive as i had imagined. i suppose everyone else already knew this, but i don't have espn and i'm not a tennis fan so i didn't know that their matches were generally anticlimactic. oh well.
  • last night i did watch agassi beat blake and was excited by that match. there was a lot of back and forth, they had some good rallies and it was just a good match. agassi is a great returner and blake is powerful and athletic, but couldn't quite place it as well as agassi. agassi had a second serve ace that was only 108mph (compare this to venus williams who has a high of about 122mph, serena gets it up to about 118mph), but his serve was all about placement. great to watch. he has an efficient stroke and just seems to place the ball extremely well. the crowd was really into it and the match was going on until 1:15am local time so it was good to see a packed house in spite of that fact.
  • also saw some college football over the weekend. west virginia vs. syracuse was a defensive battle. both had crappy offenses.
  • miami and fsu was pretty much the same. miami has a good qb in bryant, but they couldn't put it together until later. fsu won 10-7. miami was clearly the better team to me, though, because their defense was just as good and their offense was better. bryant's a freshman so i think that this game was more about him learning than anything else. they'll be a good team down the stretch, but i don't see as much potential in fsu.
  • 12:27
  • there's some kid (Alex Reimer) on jay leno who's ripping the shit out of larry the cable guy right now. pretty sweet. he's a 12 year old sports blogger. he knows sports, but doesn't know how to spell, or how to run a spell check. on leno he appeared to be quite the precocious little brat, but lovable enough.
  • reviewed eight films and i still have three to go. jeesh.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • gotta gloat over this one: tournament of champions rerun on jeopardy. final answer was in law and society and two (including ken jennings) got this one wrong, i got it right: "This Hollywood legend who died January 21, 1959 supported placing monuments that have since brought legal challenges" jennings put gary cooper, jerome put dean and brad got the right question: demille. first i thought of an old school hollywood legend and then i thought about what monuments have brought legal challenges. since cecil b. demille did two versions of the ten commandments it seemed like the logical choice. i get pretty psyched whenever i get something that ken jennings doesn't.

  • 9-8-05 (12:26)

  • good idea.

  • 9-7-05 (12:15)

  • made an appt. with a doctor for tomorrow. hopefully i'll get some physical therapy and it'll help me heal correctly.
  • forgot to write about my ride to work last thursday. i was on my bike going to work in the morning and i was daydreaming about the arrival of my digital camera. i was riding without my hands on the handlebars as i usually do. i approached the fifth of six stop signs along the way, looked for approaching cars, and ran the stop sign. as soon as i did this i saw a bike cop start up after me. i put my hands on the handlebars and pulled over. he asked if i knew why he stopped me and i said yes. he asked if i had ID and i said no. he asked for my information and i gave it to him. he asked if i knew my id number and i told it to him. he asked where i was going and i told him i was going to work. he asked if i biked to work everyday and i said "yes, and i run that stop sign every single day." he laughed and said "at least you're honest." as he relayed my information back to the station he said that running a stop sign is $122 fine (last time i got one, about four years ago, i think, it was about $30-40) and since i didn't have my hands on the handlebars it's another $122, for a total of $244. then he said that if the background check came back without any warrants he'd let me off with a warning. sure enough my record was clear, he said goodbye, and i said thanks.

  • 9-6-05 (12:21)

  • you don't know how much you use your back until it hurts with every strain. it's getting better now. i'll probably take another day off because i still can't bend, but i can look down at my feet again and getting off the couch doesn't hurt like it used to. i've watched a good number of movies, but not an insane number. sitting in this chair hurts so i haven't reviewed any of them yet.

  • 9-5-05 (14:50)

  • back feels a little better and my cold has gotten a little worse. told my boss i wouldn't be in tomorrow and he was very understanding.

  • 9-4-05(11:51)

  • i'm in more pain right now than i think i've ever been in before. i'm sick and yesterday my back was feeling sore so i did some light stretching. apparently i did something pretty bad because my back started to feel progressively worse and worse. i soaked in the tub with some epsom salts hoping it would relax my back, but it just made it worse. there aren't any comfortable positions. moving hurts all the time. sleeping was awful. i feel like shit. this is definitely the worst my back has ever been. sitting here typing hurts so i'm going to lay down.

  • 9-3-05 (13:45)

  • feel like i'm coming down with a cold. that's pretty funny since i called in sick yesterday and have been thinking quite a bit lately about the fact that i haven't been sick all year. it's possible that it's just allergies starting to kick in. we'll see.
  • so, i've decided that i'm leaving davis in a few months and i'll help my grandmother sell off the 30,000 books that are left from the book business. after doing that for a month i'm going to move to austin and live with meryl for a few months. after that i'll move back to california, probably the bay area. this plan, in various forms, has been on my mind for about two months now. meryl got a good offer in austin and i got a good offer in la so it seems to work out all around.
  • i think that i'll tell my boss about my departure in a month or two, giving him at least one month's notice. sorta sucks for tower because i'll be gone during the month that brings in more than 50% of the year's profits. i feel a little bad about that. at the same time, tower treats its employees like they're replaceable so i don't feel that bad about it. i also feel bad that i'll be leaving john because he's become a pretty good friend over the last 9 months or so. for all my other friends the move won't mean much since i don't really see them regularly anyway.

  • 9-2-05 (23:57)

  • i wonder if, 150 years from now, people will look back on a custom of ours and view it the same way that we view duels. maybe by then war will be as antiquated as personal duels are now. har har. that's a good one.
  • my digital camera arrived today. it's pretty freaking cool. it'll be nice to have some time off this weekend to get to try it out a bit.
  • didn't do much today. watched a couple movies and slept. also drank a lot of water.
  • updated movies list.
  • meryl amazes me more and more every day, she's just fantastic.
  • i wonder why humanity seems so eager to look for signs of the end of the world. it seems that there's always a sizable contingent of people who are looking for signs that the end is nigh. i'll admit that it sometimes seems like we're teetering on the edge of civilization (potential water supply problems, global warming, nuclear proliferation, growing gulf between rich and poor, fossil fuels running low, etc.), but i don't think any of those things mean the end of our civilization or the world. i suppose that we're technically closer to the end than we ever have been, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's actually going to happen. but what do i know?
  • ""If we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?" asked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican."

  • 9-2-05 (11:56)

  • called into work sick today. i'm not really sick, but i really didn't feel like going to work. i have a lot of stuff that i want to do and i've just been tired lately. i'm pretty sure this is the first time i've called in sick this year so i don't feel too bad about it.
  • drafted my fantasy football team last night. at the last minute my arch nemesis (marc) attempted to change the scoring system. this is completely unfair because people likely had their draft picks ordered according to the original rules and also because the sanders brothers were out of town so their pre-draft rankings would have been worthless as a result of such a change. marc tries to do this kind of stuff all the time, though, so i shouldn't be surprised. his karl rovian attempt at rule changes was thwarted thanks in large part to my threat to delete my team (which would have canceled the draft altogether). fucking politics.
  • after the little brother show john and i were in my parking lot loading my speakers into his car (i gave him my two big speakers because i don't use them very often and his speakers are crappy). while we were outside talking i heard someone walking behind me (at this point it was about 01:00) and john was looking over my shoulder sort of oddly. i turned around and saw some girl stumbling through the parking lot. she had a very uneven, wobbly gait and it was pretty clear that she was either very drunk or very very tired. i looked at john and commented on the fact that she looked fucked up. then i asked "she's not going to drive, is she?" sure enough she got into her car and started up the car (after one failed attempt). i asked john if we should do something and he said "i don't know. i'm staying away from that one." i think we both felt as though we should intervene, but neither of us is very forward and so we didn't. she backed out of her spot further than she needed to and brushed up against a bush near the apartment wall. then she pulled out of the parking lot with her headlights off and we didn't see her after that. i think i should have done something about it, but i'm not very confrontational. calling the cops wouldn't have done any good either. ideally i would have run after her before she got into her car, stolen her keys and just run off. that would have been funny and would have avoided the unpleasantness of dealing with a drunk stranger. so far as i can tell from the davis enterprise website, no one was injured recently as a result of a drunk driving accident, so that's good.
  • i asked john what it was like to be drunk - are you aware of the fact that you shouldn't be driving and you just don't care? do you feel in complete control? essentially he restated what i've heard before - it emboldens you to do something, which you know in the back of your mind, you shouldn't be doing.
  • so it seems that poker has increased in popularity the last couple years because of the televised tournaments. poker is a fine game, but i find it funny that so many people start getting into it after it's on television. to me, it reinforces the idea that our culture is largely shaped from the top-down. we got a bunch of poker supplies (chips and cards mostly) at tower the other day. almost all of them said "perfect for texas hold em." chips and cards can be used for fucking anything, but they're marketing it for texas hold em because that's the most popular poker game these days. it just makes me feel like we're all sheep and i don't like that. again, though, poker is a fine game and there's nothing wrong with being interested in it. it's simple, but infinitely interesting, that's what makes it so cool. it's just the top-down aspect of it that i hate. it's like janet jackson's nipple jewelry which sold thousands of units after the super bowl fiasco. monkey see, monkey do.
  • getting into the fourth season of curb your enthusiasm. came out on dvd on tuesday. it's not as good as seinfeld largely because the cast isn't as diverse and because the plotlines are so similar, but it's a very funny show with humor that ranges from the subtle to the absurd from the politically incorrect to the cerebral. good shit.

  • 9-2-05 (00:00)

  • updated movies i own list.
  • bought that movie blow today because it was cheap and i remember liking it. i was checking who the director was and read his bio on imdb.com. i started reading about how he died after played a basketball game, he was less than forty years old and left two young kids behind. it made me understandably sad. then i read this: "Coroners announce that a small amount of cocaine found in Demme's body may have caused his fatal thrombotic heart attack and have ruled the death accidental." if you've seen Blow you know that the end makes it pretty clear what the human impact of living fast is. Depp loses his daughter because of cocaine and it seems that the same happened to demme. it's still sad, but it's sad for a different reason now. to me, knowing that makes it sad because demme obviously had a good deal of information on the real consequences of drug use and still persisted in his use. i know from intimate experience that kicking this sort of habit is difficult, to say the least. but i also just can't shake the strong convictions i have regarding your responsibility as a parent. to me, when you have kids you lose a large chunk of your freedom. you're not living just for yourself anymore, you're living for them; and as a result you have to consider the consequences of your actions relative to them.
  • a lot of times i write things on here as if people actually think about their impact on the world and as if the world were pure and held the potential for perfection. none of those things are true, though. most people barely even think about the impact of their actions on themselves, much less those around them. the world is anything but pure. and the world rejects aspirations of perfection. living with those realities is often difficult for me.
  • money isn't all that bad. after all, if it weren't for money the u.s. and china would probably be at each other's necks.
  • updated movies list.
  • i have a lot to write about, but it's already 1:24 so i need to sleep.
  • new orleans is so fucked up right now. i gotta say, though, that city officials there completely dropped the ball. that said, part of the problem down there comes from a lack of federal funds over the years to prepare for the inevitable.
  • just discovered that they added a bunch of kurosawa films on netflix. must be multi-region discs or something because these films aren't available in the u.s. i'm going to have to get them all.
  • i think that there needs to be a lot more unity and a lot less division when it comes to ideology in all realms. i think that i'm guilty of this at times, but i try to refrain from us/them rhetoric. it bothers me that even intelligent and kind people have gotten to the point where they're blaming one group of people for all the ills of the world. it's easy to do, especially when you're in like-minded company, but i also think it's detrimental. blaming all the country's problems on republicans, for example, though mostly true, isn't helpful and doesn't do what is most necessary in politics: find a common ground. this is one thing that right wingers do very well. they find a common thread of values and campaign together on those values. i think it's one reason that there's a perception of inconsistency with the right. you have evangelicals and right to lifers joining nra members and  hawks and pro-death penalty people, and it seems like there's a contradiction there, but really they all hate gays so it works out pretty well for them. politics makes strange bedfellows, they say. this might be a bad example, but it's the kind of thing that needs to happen more often, though hopefully for a more worthy cause. left wingers are often too puritanical (myself included) and as a result we aren't able to find a common, unifying cause. that said, i still support people who choose to vote their hopes, rather than their fears and i still would rather vote green than democrat.
  • i think that some of this stems from being tired of bush's america. we're just so split right now and it's as bad as it's ever been in my lifetime. and division pisses me off - whether it comes from louis farrakhan or randi rhodes or george bush - i just think it needs to stop. i'm not saying we should live in a blameless society, rather, that we should be selective in our derision. i guess i'm just tired of people blindly attacking someone who is perceived to be on the opposite side. bush is a fuck up, a big one, but not everything he's done has been negative (when i think of an example i'll try to let you know). people just seem to get caught up in bashing their enemy and none of that seems to be conducive to progress, if anything it seems to slow it. that's all i'm trying to say.
  • it's late, i'm tired and rambling.
  • tomorrow i'll comment on poker and tell the sad story of a random drunk girl i saw outside my apartment last night.

  • 9-1-05 (01:13)

  • just got back from the little brother show in SF. went with john. pretty good show overall, though it wasn't great. josh davis (aka dj shadow) was in the crowd. i was about 10 yards from him. that was novel.
  • talked to john about music, the music industry, moving, popular culture, meryl, hot celebrities, race relations and other stuff. i can't think of many famous (to the average american) asians off the top of my head right now, but the ones that come to mind (bruce lee, william hung, lucy liu and jackie chan) are all stereotypes and i find that to be rather disappointing. asian culture is amazingly diverse and storied and yet of the four asian celebrities that first come to mind (granted, i have a bad memory) three have been in kung fu films and one is a stereotype: a short, geeky, non-enunciating, engineering student who is infamous for his poor singing.
  • just thought of yao ming, but you get the point.

  • i'm tired and should get some rest.

    8-30-05 (23:29)

  • updated movies list.
  • real baseball. both pitchers went nine innings. it went extra innings. it's a playoff race. no suspected dopers were in the game. the guy who's hitting eighth in the lineup wins the game...
  • watched one of those top ten shows that fox sports news (i think) has the other day. this one included top ten finishes in sports. number one was flutie's hail mary at BC. nice enough play, but not worthy of number one. laettner made the top three. "the play" also was in the top three. derek fisher's .4 second shot was in the top ten. gibson's hr off the eck was in there (that one kills me). carter's blast to win the series was in there. but the one that literally made me cry (i'm such a pussy sometimes) was the kings/lakers 2002 shot heard around the world. shot goes up, bounces around, rebound comes down, vlade tips it out, horry is picking his nose and finds the ball in his lap, christie and webber coming running, horry shoots it, horn blows, shot goes down, kings lose. that was our year. that shot was the difference between us going up 3-1 and the series being tied 2-2. of course we won the next game in sacramento, lost the game in la and then lost another close game in la. the best nba playoff series i've ever seen. i was at game two of that series. we won that one to even the series at 1-1. it really shouldn't bother me as much as it does.
  • it's like that episode of south park wherein cartman inherits a million bucks and stan (or kyle?) gets an infected hemorrhoid. stan is on his deathbed and cartman owns a successful amusement park as a result of his inheritance. stan doesn't fight for his life because the whole situation makes him realize that god doesn't exist. after all, how could there be a god if such a glaring inequity is allowed to exist? eventually cartman self-destructs and things get back to normal, which proves to stan that there is a god and that life is worth living. of course that's a bunch of crap. there's not really justice in the world and god, if there is one/many, hates humanity. i'm not saying it's unjustified, i'm just pointing it out. the lakers beating the kings that year and webber blowing out his knee the next year are just two examples of this. webber's a great player and a great guy. he doesn't make excuses, doesn't complain and plays hard. he deserves a championship more than any one of the 2001-2002 lakers.
  • watched a pbs documentary a while back which covered the possibility of a category five hurricane hitting new orleans. essentially they said that the same system that keeps the city from flooding on a regular basis would actually work to keep the water in. in this event new orleans would essentially be a lake. i guess they got (relatively) lucky this time - it was downgraded to a category 4 and veered northeast before it hit new orleans. hopefully they learn from this.
  • played 20 holes of golf with my dad yesterday. got a little sunburned, but also got pretty decent with the seven iron. got several pars (it was a small course) and was an inch away from an amazing birdie (i putted from the rough from about 30 feet away on an extreme incline). it was the last hole of the day and it pissed me off.
  • it's late, but i'm not tired. will be tomorrow.
  • saturday night i slept at my mom's place. the room i was sleeping in was almost completely dark. i haven't slept in a room that dark in quite some time.
  • definitely missing meryl more lately.

  • 8-26-05 (21:05)

  • daytime talk shows suck scrotum, but in that particular realm of crap i'd say that ellen degeneres probably does the best job of anyone i've seen. she's somewhat humorous, she stays away from the trite conflict-based shows like ricki lake or maury povich and she also stays away from the, sometimes equally annoying and trite, feel good shows like dr. phil or oprah.
  • no work tomorrow. la for a few days, then back to the rat race.
  • i'd like to spruce up the look of my recommendations page. it would be nice if it were a bit more clean looking and functional. unfortunately my html talent is severely limited. i have some decent ideas, but lack in ability. story of my life i guess.
  • 23:05
  • every time i watch the local news i'm reminded why i don't normally watch it. they were doing a story on the adverse health affects of acrylamide in french fries, potato chips, etc. they interviewed a couple people - one said warnings on packages would be helpful, one said he didn't care - he'd continue to eat french fries because he never considered them healthy anyway. at the end of the story a reporter was at a popular fast food location (i try to stay away from product placement as much as possible so i won't name which one) with some french fries in her hand. during her wrap up she, in as contrived a manner as possible, said something like: "i don't know about you, but i'm going to continue eating them." the anchor came back with something like: "i know! there just too good to resist."
  • then they had some story on some felon. after that they had a story on a smoking chimp. they laughed about it and said that her partner died and that since then she has been smoking more than usual. the zookeepers are apparently worried about her. i'm not fucking joking, i wish i was. i wish i could come up with that shit, i wish it wasn't true, and i wish it wasn't being reported on the "news."
  • forgot to mention in my review of exit to eden that they incorrectly defined ornithology. in a voice over o'donnell introduces a new character, she says: "joe was also interested in ornithology. that means he's a bird collector, i had to look it up too." it was supposed to be funny, it wasn't. it was also incorrect. ornithology is simply the study of birds, not the collection thereof. but what did i expect from a film about which my dad says this: "Sorry, Exit to Eden is the worst film I've ever seen, absolutely no redeeming value"?
  • going to be 100 tomorrow. not in la though.
  • i should get my digital camera shortly. when i do i'll try to remember to take a picture of a spot of bird crap i saw on a car the other day. it looks almost exactly like the texas longhorns logo.
  • speaking of bird crap. vern had a great dropping on his car the other day. actually, it's probably still there, knowing him. it was massive - biggest i've ever seen.
  • it's funny/sad to see news anchors feign sincerity.
  • was looking at a dvd at work today. it's by the same guy who did step into liquid - dana brown. bruce brown's (endless summer) son. at any rate, the cover said "From the creator's of STEP INTO LIQUID" right above the title. maybe i'm an asshole, but the apostrophe doesn't belong there and i just think that if you have a job with that kind of responsibility you should know that. plus, whoever signs off on it should catch it. clearly i'm not perfect, but it's sort of a big thing, designing dvd cases, so i just think it should be right.
  • here's another dvd related story: a while back i was looking at the dvd for hud (maybe it was hombre, but it doesn't matter - they're both directed by the same guy and they both star paul newman)...anyway, the front had a little quote that said something like "a poetic tour-de-force, a must see film. blah blah blah." - martin ritt, variety. having read that praise i thought "hmm, that's intriguing. i wonder if it's directed by anyone i've heard of..." so i turned over the dvd and saw it was directed by....martin ritt. yup, same guy. i thought that was a little low brow.
  • pretty disturbed by the lance armstrong allegations. i don't have any great evidence to back up either side. i don't think he used anything, but that's based strictly on my gut feelings and those are probably shaped by my respect for what he's done. well, i hope he didn't do anything stupid. there's a serious lack of heroes, it seems.

  • 8-25-05 (22:45)

  • updated movies list.
  • the great thing about dsl is that i don't need a local movie theater that will show hustle and flow.
  • spent some time clearing my desk of the clutter. i've been feeling too busy lately and getting rid of clutter quells that.

  • 8-25-05 (18:51)

  • august has been a long month, and there's still just under a week left.
  • i've had a short fuse while at work lately. it's not that i blow up or anything, it's just that i get the point where i'm fed up more quickly.
  • yesterday an older (but not old, 50s maybe) lady came into tower to ask a question. the clerk called me to the front and i saw she had an open dvd in her hand. she approached me and here's what ensued:

  • me: "can i help you?"
    her: "i bought this dvd (swingers) from border's recently. i don't like widescreen, but it seems like so many movies are being released on dvd in widescreen. i looked on the back and was confused by what it says." (she turns the dvd over and points to the product specs on the back of the case) "it says it's in widescreen. it also says it has a french language track. this made me a little confused."
    me: "so, what's your question?"
    her: "well, i don't like the widescreen. and i don't know if it has the option for the fullscreen on here. and it says it has a french language track."
    me: "to my knowledge this dvd doesn't come in a fullscreen version. the fullscreen dvds just cut off the sides of the film and most directors don't like that so often they'll retain the original aspect ratio out of respect. the french language track is just an option, i'm sure it has an english one as well."
    her: "well, no, they make the widescreen version to sell the widescreen tvs. i have an old, fullscreen tv."
    me: "no, they do it because that's how the film was made. it's an artistic decision."
    her: "no, even the folks at circuit city admitted that it's to sell the new technology."
    me: "well, i don't think that's the case. i'll check the computer to see if this is available in fullscreen or not."
    i checked the computer and it wasn't available in fullscreen. i told her that if she really cared that much about it she could get the vhs because it would probably be in fullscreen. or she could just watch it in widescreen the way it was intended. she asked if it would be smaller and i said yes, but that that way she'd actually see the entire picture. she left.
  • today i saw this same lady outside of the co-op standing behind another women who was sitting in a chair. the dvd woman was holding her right hand above the woman's head (not touching her at all). she just left it there. the woman in the chair had her eyes closed. the dvd lady just stood there with her hand above the other woman's head. this position was maintained for the minute or two that i watched them.
  • i've addressed the fullscreen/widescreen issue on here a million times so i'm not going to bring it up again. actually, i will: 1) it shouldn't be called fullscreen because that's a lie - they're cutting off part of the picture so you're not getting the full movie screen. 2) why anyone would pay just as much money for 25% less picture is beyond me. 3) for a couple years i had a 20" or smaller television and always watched things in widescreen when the option was available. but then again i don't buy edited cds either.
  • the other issue that it brought up is the idea that there's some conspiracy to get people to buy widescreen tvs. maybe you could say that about hdtv, but not widescreen dvds. i felt like educating her, but didn't have the patience. here's the scoop. around the time tv became popular movie studios came up with the widescreen format in order to drive people out of their homes and back into the theaters. so, if anything, what she was saying is the opposite of reality. widescreen dvds are a manifestation of an attempt to get people AWAY from their tvs. fuck ignorant people. oh, and the whole thing outside of the co-op was just strange, i don't even want to touch that one.
  • there was another lady who came into tower yesterday. she was probably in her 40s and a clerk again deferred to me on this one. she was asking about a woodstock dvd that supposedly came out on tuesday. i couldn't think of anything so i looked it up in the computer and came up blank. i asked her to describe it. she said that terri gross (sp?) was talking about it on npr's fresh air that morning. i had been listening to fresh air that morning so i had some frame of reference. here's the conversation:

  • her: "terri gross talked about it on fresh air this morning."
    me: "hmmm, i was listening to that show this morning. she was interviewing trent lott when i heard her, and they didn't talk about any dvds."
    her: "trent lott?"
    me: "united states senator trent lott...(no response) anyway, she did plug a show that was coming up later where they were going to talk about the dick cavett show. is that what you're talking about?"
    her: "i don't know."
    i showed her the new dick cavett dvd which features interviews with 60/70s artists, so i figured she just got her wires crossed and that this is what she wanted. then she told me that she wanted a gift for her boss, who was turning 50. she said he liked old rock music like that and old country stuff. i showed her a johnny cash boxset and she asked who he was. i told her he was probably one of the best and most important country artists of all-time, along with hank williams. she said "oh yeah? i've never heard of him." she asked if we had anymore boxsets around with that kind of stuff so i showed her a sun records set, the nuggets boxset and some country boxset with lots of decent artists. as i showed her that stuff she asked what i thought she should get for her boss. i told her i didn't really know his tastes, but that i like the sun records set and the johnny cash set. she said "yeah, i like him a lot." (speaking of johnny cash) remember, just four minutes earlier she had "never heard of him." unable to catch myself, i chuckled. i told her to just get the sun records one and the other country boxset and to get a gift receipt. she did. people just blow me away sometimes.
  • i think that part of my problem is that i've read too much of al jaffee's "snappy answers to stupid questions." that was my favorite series of mad books when i was younger, actually still is.
  • hearing conservative organizations talk about how minimum wage would hurt small businesses; or how x, y, z bills might hurt small businesses makes me wonder what the definition of a small business is. yesterday i heard them talking on talk of the nation (i think) about small businesses being something like the number one employers of minimum wage labor. i wonder if that includes franchised locations of mcdonald's and the like. technically, if it's a franchise it might be a small business because mcdonald's doesn't own the establishment, but in reality it's basically their business. it's (often) their land, their business plan, their name, they provide the suppliers, they set the wage matrix, etc. i'd like to know the definition of "small business" because i think that most people think of places like bogey's books in davis as a small business, not chipotle, which is right next door. though, technically, they might both be considered small businesses.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • jim sheridan, who normally does irish pictures like "in america," "the boxer," "my left foot,"and "in the name of the father" is doing 50 cent's movie - get rich or die tryin'. that makes me slightly more likely to watch it. however, he's also remaking kurosawa's Ikiru (1952), and kurosawa doesn't seem to have a writing credit on imdb.com yet. that movie shouldn't be remade. i've seen it only once and i feel safe in saying that it's one of my top 25 of all-time. the last time i saw my grandpa i gave him that movie to watch. he liked it and i was glad he watched it because i felt like it was an applicable film. he sent me a postcard with a clipping from the new yorker. the clipping was a small review of the film. the card, mailed in april says "a very merry christmas to you." underneath the clipping is typed "- from the New Yorker. -Poppa" what a great guy.

  • 8-25-05 (14:30)

  • la times obituary.

  • 8-24-05 (23:24)

  • "The Bush administration surveyed the landscape -- gas prices rising, fears of oil dependence spreading -- and concluded that bold leadership was required. So it invaded an oil-rich country. Heh, well ... on to Plan B! Yesterday, the administration proposed a new set of auto fuel-economy rules. Tightening the standard for passenger cars? Uh, no, that would stay at an average of 27.5 miles per gallon. Finally imposing some requirements on mega-SUVs like the Hummer H2? Wrong again. Instead, most SUVs, pickups, and minivans would be divided into six categories based on size, each with its own fuel-economy requirements. The administration says the plan would increase the average mileage of these vehicles a whopping 2.8 mpg by 2011, to 24 mpg. Amazing but true! Despite the obvious logic of the plan, it has critics, some of whom point out that it would actually provide an incentive for auto manufacturers to make their light trucks larger, so they'd be bumped into categories with lower mileage standards. "The proposal is almost embarrassing in terms of its effect on fuel consumption," said Eric Haxthausen of Environmental Defense."
  • been pretty tired lately. i think i just need a few days of solid rest and relaxation. i'm glad that i've been able to stay busy because it makes the days go by more quickly, but it's been catching up with me lately. i just don't feel like i have time to do anything. of course that isn't true because i watched a movie tonight and played some video games last night. it's more of a mental busyness than anything else.
  • updated movies list.
  • girl came into tower today and bought the second season of the o.c. she was very happy that we had it because she told her boyfriend that she had already ordered it even though she hadn't. she said she felt bad because it was their anniversary and she hadn't gotten anything. she said it was the only time she had ever lied to him. i didn't quite know what to make of that little story.
  • i've played more video games in the last week than i have in the last three months combined. i used to be a video game junkie. especially freshman year. jon and i would stay up until 5am on some nights just playing red alert. those were the days. school was so much easier than work.
  • i don't like shaving.
  • i'd like to slim down my possessions, but i also have a strong desire to have as much of my human experience archived as possible. these are in constant conflict and i don't know what to do about it. putting everything on my computer is one possible solution, but one i don't really like.
  • there's a gray cat that hangs around my apartment building most of the day. last night it was right outside my window, on top of my air conditioning unit, meowing through the window. i got up and let it in. it walked around a bit smelling the apartment. it went on my bed, smelled around in my bedroom, went into my kitchen, walked by my feet as i was playing tony hawk 3 and then went to the door and meowed. i got up and let it out. it was nice to have a visitor.
  • speaking of which, it was good to see vern again. we haven't hung out in ages...probably not since we lived together in 2001. that's pretty sad, but i guess that's somewhat understandable considering our schedules and the distance.
  • seems to be cooling down a bit lately.
  • the construction in downtown is obnoxious. a new bistro opened up right next to tower. it's in the old building where city hall used to be. after it was city hall it was a police station. after the police station it was a temporary building for some energy project and a "halloween headquarters." now it's a fucking bistro. a) davis doesn't need any more bistros b) there's something mildly disturbing about an old city hall building becoming a bistro.
  • meryl and i went to the hattie weber museum when she was here. almost 8 years in davis and i had never been there. nice enough little place.
  • definitely need to build another dvd case. don't really have room for it in my apartment, but i have a stack of dvds building up that won't fit into my current cases. think i'll need to jettison my mattress to make way for the case.
  • i hate paris hilton, in part, because she represents a supposed aesthetic ideal; an ideal to which i don't subscribe. maybe that's a superficial reason to hate a person though. really, though, that's not why i hate her. i hate her because she is what so many women aspire to be - blonde and skinny. in this way she's like pamela anderson. i hate pamela anderson less because, while both are vapid, ugly representations of the worst of our culture's aspirations, at least pamela anderson has done something with herself. she's "written" a couple books and she's "acted." paris hilton is famous for being famous - a phenomenon which i think is new. i hate her because she represents a desire that i find utterly reprehensible. and what makes it worse is that people forgive her stupidity and vapidity because....i don't know why. maybe it's because she's seen as attractive, but it can't be that simple. maybe people find her stupidity entertaining or cute or adorable. i think what it boils down to is this, and i'll admit that i'm simplifying it a bit here: she is the physical embodiment of everything that i hate about our culture. the dog in the purse, the pandering to the camera, the fake reality television, being famous for no good reason, the bourgeois aura, her fashion, her disgusting body, the media frenzy that surrounds her, the fact that she (knowingly) glorifies stupidity, the fact that she's marrying some guy named paris, the fact that i know that she's marrying some guy named paris, but i don't know who the prime minister of canada is (paul martin). if she died right now the world would be a better place, i know this to be fact.
  • as paris hilton is everything that is wrong with our culture, immortal technique and blackalicious are everything that is right about hip-hop. see, i'm trying to remain positive.

  • 8-23-05 (19:19)

  • ali g is doing a movie called borat and it's going to be directed by larry charles (of seinfeld fame). potentially great laughs there.
  • updated movies list.
  • today was strange. vern sold 200+ cds and got $504. he's going to spend it on a surf board. i ripped about 40 of those cds onto my computer.
  • john came to work and hung out a bit. we had way more used buys than usual. the boss was back at work. i didn't get much done. just a different day.
  • bought a used copy of tony hawk 3 for ps2. will play that tonight after dinner.
  • going to la this weekend.
  • sarah is in sf now. don't know when school starts. we had a heart to heart the other day and that was good. she's in college now, that's a trip for me.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 8-22-05 (10:38)

  • schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\, noun: A malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others.
  • schadenfreude washed over my body when i heard of bush's battle with a pretzel.
  • great word.
  • vern's coming today.

  • 8-20-05 (22:54)

  • updated movies list.
  • niners lost today. some offensive lineman went to the hospital afterwards. probably just in bad shape and got dehydrated or something. the game was in denver, too.
  • more interested in the raiders this year. if their defense plays well then they could get out of the first round of the playoffs, but no further.
  • rachel mcadams was born in london, ontario. i've been there.
  • i smell smoke. 00:13
  • just finished writing three long reviews. i think i've returned to my 2004 form. my reviews have gotten more thoughtful and lengthy.
  • luke said something about not giving myself credit, or being too negative on here. with that in mind, that comment above, if you perceive it as being conceited, can be considered his fault.
  • felt pretty sleepy today. took a long nap.
  • bought a video game for 3.99.
  • did some laundry and cleaned up around the house. that always feels good.
  • "on" is one of my favorite aphex twin tracks. good video too.
  • orbital's "the box" is an even better song with an even better video. similar in style.
  • speaking of great music videos....metallica's "one" is up there.

  • 8-20-05 (00:10)

  • from an imdb.com poll:

  • Of Premiere magazine's "Top 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time," which do you most object to being called overrated?
     2001: A Space Odyssey
     A Beautiful Mind
     American Beauty
     An American in Paris
     Chariots of Fire
     Easy Rider
     Field of Dreams
     Forrest Gump
     Gone with the Wind
     Good Will Hunting
     Jules & Jim
     Monster's Ball
     Mystic River
     The Red Shoes
     The Wizard of Oz
     None of them are overrated!
  • i voted for 2001: A Space Odyssey. it received the most votes (2254, 14.8%). i think sarah would have voted for easy rider which only received 171 votes (1.1%). my number two choice would have been wizard of oz. the top three vote recipients were: 2001, american beauty and forrest gump. the bottom three were: jules et jim, an american in paris, and the red shoes (last place). i think my grandfather would have said an american in paris. my bottom one would either be monster's ball or chicago. didn't really care for either of those. oddly, i think i watched both with my sister. meryl would probably say field of dreams, as would luke.
  • interesting idea, though i'm not generally a fan of concept art.
  • called the theater and asked if they were going to be playing either the new jim jarmusch film or hustle and flow in the upcoming independent film series. he said no to hustle and flow and wasn't sure about the jarmusch film. very lame. i asked why they wouldn't be playing hustle and flow and he said it was determined by the corporate office. fucking corporations.
  • tried writing movie reviews, but i can't. i actually don't get writers' block very often so i'm not used to it.
  • tomorrow is my last day as the boss man. i don't have a problem with that.
  • i've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, but the end is around the corner.
  • vern just called and he's coming up on monday. it'll be good to hang with him. next week i'll have a long weekend and i'll be in la. boss will be back next week so work will be better.
  • i consider myself pretty lucky to have the friends i have. i've never had a lot of friends and at one point that bothered me, but, with time, i've found it to be preferable.
  • snoop dogg doesn't have a very good golf swing.

  • 8-19-05 (01:12)

  • today was blah.
  • watched a movie in between shifts, will review later.
  • it's sad for asians that one of the most popular asians in our culture within the last couple years is william hung. not only does he embody the worst of the stereotypes, but he's also famous for being a bad singer, rather than a good engineer or something. of course that's more a commentary on the media than asians.
  • meryl asked what five countries i'd most like to visit. japan was one of them. china almost made the list, but i think i opted for italy instead because i felt i needed a european country in the mix.
  • i need to find a way to be wealthy. traveling and thinking, that's the life for me.
  • not really tired right now, but i should go to bed.
  • it's been cooling down lately.
  • maybe i'll watch the new wes craven movie tomorrow.
  • just out of curiosity i cut and pasted all my journal entries from 2000-2004 into a word document. it ended up being 12 megs and 936 pages long. that includes all the spaces and pictures, but that's still a shitload. throw in 1998, 1999, 8 months of 2005, five+ years of movie reviews, the trips and other secondary pages and you've probably got 800+ certifiable pages of writing.
  • got more curious so i just checked how many pages of movie reviews (2000-2005) i have...392 pages. way more than i expected. all told i likely have more than 1000 pages of writing. it's a lot when you put it all together, but not when you think about a couple paragraphs a day of mostly crap like this. all of that is using normal word spacing and page parameters in lucida sans, 11 point. it would be about 15 pages shorter if it were times new roman, 12 point.
  • that reminds me. if i were to make a documentary i think it would be cool to provide as much access to the raw footage as possible. any time i had a filter on a camera, or used an odd lens i'd make a note of it on the bottom of the screen. any time i slowed things down, or sped them up, i'd make a note of it at the bottom. the point would be to be as upfront as possible with the alterations to reality. i know people would call it too explicit or over-the-top, but it would be a concept documentary. it would come as close as humanly possible to taking the author out of the process. it's never entirely possible, after all i'd be the one pointing the camera and editing the film to a reasonable length, but a ten dvd set of blu-ray discs and some subtitles would go a long way towards giving the truest representation possible.
  • i'm ridiculous.
  • i think i had this up here back in 98 or 99, but it's good to revisit it once in a while.
  • i wish i didn't have work tomorrow, or the next day. tomorrow sarah moves up to sf. big day for her.

  • 8-18-05 (17:00)

  • someone called in sick at work so i'm working split shift. took a long nap now i have to go back to work. would have liked to be more productive, but i was really tired so i slept for a few hours. jeesh.

  • 8-17-05 (22:45)

  • added country listings for all the world artists on my cd list. i was bored last night.
  • found a basketball torrent thanks to ryan, but it only has stuff from this year's playoffs. i need the lakers/kings series some ncaa games and some other sports stuff. hopefully torrents like this become insanely popular and force the leagues into releasing the games on dvd. i don't have a problem paying for the stuff, but it's not even available right now.
  • one of the things i remember most about my gramps was his precision. he'd make a brown grocery bag into a trash bag by ripping the front and folding it down. then he'd fold the top inch or two of the bag down to make sort of a rim around the bag; it added stability. then he'd fold another bag in half and put it on the bottom to ensure that the bottom wouldn't get too damp from any wet trash being thrown away. he did this all in a very particular fashion and it was fascinating to watch. it was also fun to watch him pick up pieces of lint or dirt. he'd see a piece of white lint on the carpet and he'd bend down to pick it up with his long fingers. he'd usually dispose of the debris in a nearby ashtray. he was so meticulous like that. i remember asking him once if he had any sort of code worked out for how much he paid for a particular book. on the inside cover he'd have the price and on occasion he'd write (in code) the amount that he paid for the book. i don't remember how his code worked, but i remember it being fairly involved and precise. i think one reason i've become such an archivist over the years is seeing the book room at my grandparents' house. they have thousands and thousands of books and it was always so cool to me to see all the things they had stored down there. an old unabridged dictionary, old sets of the encyclopedia britannica, more copies of more frank herbert novels than i knew existed, hundreds of plays.... it just seemed like you could do so much if you had that much information at your fingertips at all times.
  • well, now i'm sad again. that's too bad.
  • made quite a few additions to my best of movies list.
  • boss is going to be back at work on monday.
  • since he's been gone i've gotten two calls from his boss. one was in response to an email i sent him and the other came today. apparently there was a dissatisfied customers in the store while he called me. said customer wanted cash back on a purchase, but the cd was already open. my boss' boss told me i should just go ahead and violate our usual policy to make him happy. that call was wrong in at least two ways. squeaky wheel and whatnot.
  • some guy in a service truck pulled up right in front of tower today in the middle of the day, double parked and proceeded to remove equipment from the back of his truck. on the side of the truck was signage that indicated he worked for a sidewalk resurfacing company. after he unloaded the equipment (which looked like a small lawnmower with a vacuum tube attached and running back into the truck) he proceeded to go to work on the sidewalk in front of tower. after a few passes along the edge of two slabs of concrete there was a loud noise and he shut the machine off. immediately i could see that all the metal pieces underneath the machine, which were doing the grinding, were now strewn about on the cement below the machine. i saw him mouth "fuck" and start packing up the equipment. after he returned the machine to the back of the truck he used a push broom to sweep all the metal into a pile underneath a nearby tree. he then returned to his truck and left. it was completely surreal. why was he there? who told him to go there? why was he grinding the sidewalk? it wasn't that uneven at that spot. tower didn't pay him to be there. i didn't see him working anywhere else on the block. why did he just leave the scrap metal on the dirt patch below the tree? why didn't he ever return? it was strange.
  • i'd like to restate my assertion that bike riding should be called bike driving and car driving should be called car riding. you ride in a car, and you drive a bike. maybe i'll change my tune one of these days when i ride in a car more than i drive my bike, but not until then.
  • i'd also like to see the term "in shape" (as in "i need to get in shape because i get winded too easily.") changed to something else...perhaps we should use "fit" more frequently. getting in shape denotes a physical profile that doesn't necessarily describe how fit a person is. that is, you can be rotund and still be fit. you can also be slim and unfit.
  • i'd also like to see the term "onion butt" used more frequently. an onion butt, as you know, is a butt that's so hot it makes you wanna cry.
  • politically incorrect and not at all sanctioned by me.

  • 8-16-05 (21:57)

  • going to la next weekend.
  • luke just called and said i need to be more positive on my webpage. on that note, luke's a good guy.
  • updated movies list. still have one movie to review.
  • listening to a lot of music right now.
  • thinning out my cd collection again. trying to stay busy.

  • 8-16-05 (16:51)

  • grandpa's obituary.
  • article on falwell. i love that jerry falwell's university is in lynchburg virginia. perfect.
  • had a shitty day at work today. first day back at work after a three day weekend. first day in four days completely without meryl. first day since my grandfather died that i haven't had anything really worthy of distracting my attention. fourth week without my boss around which means more stress is piling up. more sales go up this week, personnel problems are cropping up and i'm just fed up with it all. left early.

  • 8-15-05 (21:00)

  • well, meryl's gone now. seven weeks until i see her again.
  • having her around this weekend was great because work has been shitty, it's been a long time since i've seen her, and this weekend would have been pretty depressing without her.
  • she's so wonderful and caring. it's just great to be with her. i feel extremely fortunate.
  • dropped her off at the airport today and that was sad. when i got on the bus back to davis i wasn't paying very close attention to what i was doing and accidentally got on the wrong bus. they both have the same number, but one goes through the sac/davis/woodland/airport loop clockwise and one goes counterclockwise. i wanted on the ccw one and got on the cw one. took me about 40 minutes longer than it should have to get home. i didn't care though. i didn't have any plans and i had a book with me so it worked out just fine.
  • i think i'm going to have to move all my bogart films to the top of my netflix queue in memory of my grandpa. there are still some films of his i'm embarrassed to have not seen.
  • after my grandpa broke his hip i started keeping notes when i spoke with him on the phone. i'm glad i did that because my memory sucks and he was a fountain of information.

  • 8-13-05 (08:23)

  • listening to amadou and mariam's dimanche a bamako
  • yesterday meryl flew in, that's the good news.
  • last night at a few minutes to midnight i got a call. i was semi-asleep at the time and didn't understand why i was getting a call at this time. it turned out to be someone from work who was having trouble arming the alarm. i tried to solve the problem over the phone in a half-awake state. when i went back to bed i was pissed that i was being bothered by a work problem that late at night, at home. but as i lay in bed i thought about the possibility of getting a call telling my that my dad had died in a car crash or something (him and my sister are still on their road trip). i felt very sad when i thought about it because i knew it would devastate me. i had trouble going to sleep after that. not just because of that thought, but also because your sleep rhythm gets fucked up when you awaken from the middle of the falling asleep process.
  • this morning i woke up at about 720. earlier than usual, but it could have been because of meryl's presence or the chirping birds outside. we sat in bed talking about the world population being out of control and the depth of the pacific ocean and weird family members and how much we missed each other. a little before 8 the phone rang again. it was my mom and i could tell it was bad news. my grandfather died late last night.
  • on 8/11 i watched the big sleep. after i was done watching it (about 11pm) i thought very seriously about calling him because i knew it was one of his favorites. it's on the list of 34 films he especially likes, which he typed for me at my request. i figured he'd probably still be awake, but still felt weird about calling that late so opted not to. of course i'll never live down that decision.
  • yesterday meryl and i went and rented a stupid movie and planned to watch it, but ended up just watching some seinfeld instead. it's nice, i guess, that the last movie i watched while he was still alive was the big sleep.
  • after i wrote "lauren bacall is great." in my last post i had planned on writing more about her and how she should be more appreciated before she's gone. i was going to segue that into writing about my grandpa because any time i think of bogart or bacall i think of my grandpa too. i ended up not doing that because i try to avoid being mushy without cause and because it was late and because the mood wasn't right. i was thinking about it though.
  • so i'm really sad right now and i've cried a good deal. he's the first person of any real consequence who i've lost. he was a great guy and i always looked up to him. some people say i'm too much like him at times and that's fine by me.
  • "do what you can't live without doing." that was his most memorable piece of advice to me.

  • 8-11-05 (23:05)

  • more fun with urbandictionary.com
  • updated movies list.
  • i've listened to one be lo's new album like three times today. did the same for amadou and mariam's newest.
  • john came to visit at work today. it's pretty great that after he stopped working at tower he found a job that gave him a valid excuse to come to the store once a week or so. it's good to see him.
  • i think it would be a good memory exercise to reread my posts every couple weeks or so. every once in a while i'll do that and it blows me away how much i've forgotten. sometimes i read my stuff and think "what the hell was i thikining when i wrote that?" and other times i think "man, that's a great fucking point."
  • deuce bigalow starts tomorrow. notable only because it's directed by mike bigelow, who is no one, but it's cool? odd? funny? that he's directing a film with his name in it.
  • normally i don't comment on tv, but i saw a commercial for "tommy lee goes to college." contrived reality tv is reaching apocalyptic levels. that is, these reality shows are going to directly lead to my doing everything i can to wreak apocalyptic vengeance upon the world. why do we love stupidity so much? why do we encourage, foster, and sell it? from simple life and joey to tommy lee goes to college and all the other "lovable idiots" on tv. also, i have to get back to this one - why do we have more people to root against, rather than for, in our culture?
  • lauren bacall is great.
  • a's won a crazy one tonight. i'd like to be an a's fan because i like the way they play the game and they seem to make it interesting all the time, but they trade their best players and don't seem to want to make the necessary moves for a real playoff run. right now i can't really say i'm a fan of any baseball team.

  • 8-11-05 (18:29)

  • article talking about density of western cities. i haven't really read through it, but i glanced at the top 15 and there's something very at odds with the logic there. los angeles is supposedly more dense than nyc and davis even makes the top ten. clearly the list is a bit off because it's measuring population density relative to "urbanized area." anyone who has been to nyc, la, sf, new orleans, san jose and davis knows which city appears most densely populated. my 2005 almanac confirms this: los angeles has a population density of 8,143 per sq. mile and nyc has a population density of 26,659 per sq. mile. what they're likely doing is looking only at the residentially zoned areas of the city. so, los angeles looks more dense because they don't take into account the numerous parks, hills and recreation areas that it has relative to nyc. it also seems to include long beach (which is more densely populated than los angeles proper - 9,434 vs. 8,143), but i don't know if it includes the valley or "west la" (santa monica, for example). that would be interesting to know. it would also be nice to know what nyc's density would look like if they didn't include newark (p.d. of 11,677 according to my almanac) in the numbers. why they do that is beyond me. at any rate, it brings down nyc's numbers quite a bit.
  • davis being on that list is the big question mark. we have a town ordinance that prohibits any buildings being over something like three or four stories so how we'd make that list is, again, beyond me. that alone makes me question the validity of the study. yeah, there are a lot of apartment buildings in davis, and it's small, but it still doesn't seem right. the other thing is that the article, the numbers, and the word "density" all imply that you can't get around without bumping into people. that's less true in davis than in most cities i've been to in america yet davis is apparently the sixth most dense city in the country. perhaps it's partly a matter of perception. the great open spaces, parks, golf courses, open areas of commerce, theme parks, waterways, hills, etc. of places like los angeles or davis make it seem as though it's less dense than new york or san francisco. those places, in my experience, seem so much more concrete and closed off because those things are less prevalent. the "psychological density" of a place like davis is far lower than any other city on that list, in my opinion.
  • honestly there seems to be an east coast bias in this study. some east coast business association probably funded this thing. why else would they measure it the way they did? why else would they include newark and Connecticut suburbs in the density of nyc? first an east coast bias in the seeding of ncaa basketball teams and now this...jeesh.

  • Rank Urbanized area Population
    1 Los Angeles - Long Beach - Santa Ana, Calif. 7,068.3
    2 San Francisco - Oakland, Calif. 7,004.3
    3 San Jose 5,914.1
    4 New York - Newark
    (incl. Conn. suburbs) 5,309.3
    5 New Orleans 5,101.6
    6 Davis, Calif. 4,845.4
    7 Vallejo, Calif. 4,681.9
    8 Honolulu 4.659.8
    9 Tracy, Calif. 4,621.6
    10 Las Vegas 4,597.1
    11 Galveston, Tex. 4,527.7
    12 Oxnard, Calif. 4,459.7
    13 Miami 4,407.4
    14 Fairfield, Calif. 4,355.7
    15 Stockton, Calif. 4,218.4

    8-10-05 (23:57)

  • updated movies list.
  • dad and sister came to visit monday night and first half of tuesday. watched a couple movies, ate and played basketball. three games of horse with the order - dad, me, sarah. i won the first won, dad won the next two. then i played him one on one and beat him 10-4. he's got this weird no-arc shot that he takes as he's moving parallel to the basket. strange, but effective.
  • marc borchardt's newest project.
  • didn't watch any movies today which means i listened to music and read. i've done a pretty good job of not watching tv. it was bad when i first got hdtv, but after the initial fascination i've done a good job of watching very little tv programming.
  • listened to two amazing albums today: one be lo's "s.o.n.o.g.r.a.m." and Amadou and Mariam's "dimanche a bamako"
  • updated recommendations list.
  • only one more day to get through until meryl comes to visit. those three days are going to go by way too quickly.
  • i've been wanting to get into motown lately. but tonight, after hearing the amadou and mariam and one be lo records, i want to explore the music of mali in greater depth and check out some binary star stuff. too much good stuff out there.
  • wish i played basketball more often. it's nice to have a court so nearby. that's the kind of thing one can take for granted, but not me.

  • 8-7-05 (23:53)

  • back is hurting a bit right now. has been hurting off and on since inventory.
  • looking forward to my three day weekend. i have work tomorrow, which sucks, but it balances out at the end of the week. sarah and dad are coming up tomorrow so that'll be fun. meryl is coming on friday and that's going to be great.
  • i seem to be finding more bugs in my apartment lately. i just had one fly onto my keyboard.
  • kristen (girl i used to work with) came over today and we watched a movie.
  • dustin hoffman turns 68 today (monday). now is as good a time as any to say i think he's one of a small handful of truly amazing actors. from the graduate to meet the fockers, he elevated almost everything he touched. i think that in film (as opposed to music) it's more forgivable to have a few clunkers here and there because so much of the final product is out of your hands. he's been in a few films which are less than great (ishtar being the obvious example), but he's had enough brilliant performances to place him in the pantheon of american film actors. to me, he's with a bogart or stewart. his highlights include graduate, midnight cowboy, papillion, tootsie, rain man, all the president's men, and kramer vs. kramer. that doesn't count the films i haven't seen like little big man, lenny and marathon man.
  • almost forgot to mention that i paid off one of my credit cards today. now i just need to pay off the tv and i'm in the clear. good thing about that one is that it's interest free.
  • didn't feel like updating my movies reviewed list tonight.
  • took a two hour nap today. i've been doing that on the weekends lately. maybe i should take up drinking coffee, or smoking meth. i'll have to weigh my options.

  • 8-7-05 (11:42)

  • last night i was in bed last night thinking about the movie "call northside 777" (good movie by the way) and i couldn't think of the victim's name. i knew he was also the lead in thieves' highway, but i kept thinking his name was ray cortez. i knew that was wrong, but i couldn't shake that name from my mind. this morning i was working out and trying to think of his name again, but couldn't. finally i broke down and headed over to my dvd case to check. about 8 feet from the case it struck me - richard conte. i checked and was correct. i once heard somewhere that working out increases mental alacrity.
  • i'd like to see a study done where they take people who don't normally work out and put them on a modest regimen for a few weeks. during this time they monitor the subjects' eating habits. i think that people who work out would naturally start eating a more balanced diet. i think that the body figures these things out pretty well. i heard of a study once where they took young children (2-4 y.o., i think) and put them in a room filled with various foods - from vegetables to candy. they found that overall the kids ate a fairly balanced diet and didn't gorge themselves. i don't have any sources on that though.
  • i'm generally pretty good at keeping myself occupied, especially when i'm alone. back in my college days i'd do stuff like leave notes in jon's closet, or on his toilet, or some other odd place which said things like "chris doth laid his seed inside three bitches at this spot at 12:39pm, august 9, 2000." it was fun and funny and it kept me occupied in a, while not constructive, at least not destructive way. nowadays i have other projects like updating my cd list or compiling lists of my favorite movies/actors/albums or writing on here about studies i heard about years ago. usually i just fall back on some movie or another, but i generally can keep busy without the help of others. while that's valuable, i also recognize, more than ever, the importance of quality relationships.
  • i wonder what it is that makes some people construct different ways (getting in trouble/drinking/doing drugs) of occupying their time. i know that people do these things out of boredom, and of course there's other stuff going on, but i wonder why those people don't choose to play solitaire instead. is it a cultural issue? do we all have some degree of a.d.d.? is it biological? if it is, then why did i turn out different from my parents? at the same time i'm not saying i didn't construct some ways of occupying my time that weren't risky, or illegal. i've taken a joy ride on a tractor and hitchhiked and shot at my neighbors' beer bottles with my bb gun, but i think my friends and i were relatively tame. maybe we're just dorks who spent too much time talking about the newest video game/movie/album/computer technology to get into any real trouble.
  • lately i've tried to look at eliminating hunger from the "death by a thousand cuts" approach. for example, i'll have a piece of fruit, a couple glasses of juice, some macroni salad, some chips and some carrots. it's easier than actually making something.

  • 8-5-05 (19:07)

  • updated movies list.
  • boss came in today to file his leave of absence paperwork. he'll likely be out another two weeks. his grandpa passed away last night after they pulled the plug.
  • if i'm ever on my death bed i don't want any of that bullshit. just let me die. then throw me to the sharks or something. jon gets my (John) Ford and (Alfred) Hitchcock hard drives. johnny gets any camping related stuff he wants. vern can take any of my books. john gets my vinyl. luke can have my tv. sarah and meryl get the rest.
  • i have four hard drives. the main hard drive is named kurosawa, the secondary is ford, the third (not currently hooked up) is kubrick and the last (the biggest) is hitchcock.
  • sarah and dad come up monday, maybe tuesday. it'll be good to see them, but i work both days so... good planning on their part.

  • 8-4-05 (22:59)

  • i've switched cd to mp3 ripping techniques. i used to use the one bundled with winamp, but lately i've been using the far superior (and much slower) method of combining exact audio copy with an external LAME encoder. it takes three times as long, but the outcome is great. i set the encoder at vbr0 with normalization and it works wonders. it also saves space in most cases.
  • don't feel like updating my movies list right now. i've got three movies to review. probably do that tomorrow.
  • been pretty tired lately.
  • was coming out of the back room at work today and looked at some guy at the listening station nearest the office. our eyes met and he asked "do you own this establishment?" figuring i misunderstood i slowed down and said "huh?" he came again "do you own this place?" i continued walking and said "no." he came back with "do you want to?" i said "no" and kept walking. people are fucking weird.
  • i have a good assortment of cds, but i could use some more comedy cds. for example, i don't have any richard pryor, eddie murphy, or george carlin.
  • i think the underlying philosophy behind my vast collections of albums and dvds is the idea that i'll be able to really enjoy all this stuff during the twilight of my life. it's one reason why i archive so many things - from my movie reviews and journal entries to my archive of articles or old issues of the nation. i heard a quote once that said something like "live the first half of your life so that you have enough memories to tide you over for the second half." it was put more eloquently, but that was the crux of it. it's not to say that you can't create memories in the second half of your life, rather it's saying that you should live life fully while you're young. that's one reason i'm so happy i went on the hitchhiking trip. i'll never get tired of reliving that adventure. eventually i'd like to get a dvd burner so i can record major sporting events (world series, super bowl, march madness, etc.) and presidential debates/election day coverage and crisis coverage (9/11), etc. i've always been an archivist at heart.

  • 8-2-05 (22:43)

  • one of the things i love so much about movies and music is that they're always the same; they don't change, but my perspective does. music and movies are always there for me, the same as they've always been. at the same time, since i change, my view of a particular film or album might change. there's something reassuring, though, about the fact that incunabula, for example, will always be the same. truly loving something, so we've been told, means loving it even if it changes. i think that should be true of loving people. of course there's always that gap between the ideal and reality. i don't know what i'm really getting at here. i love an album like incunabula because it never fails me. at the same time i've said before that i also love it because it feels like a new album each time i listen to it. different, yet familiar. stable, reliable and dependable, but still interesting. i think the same could be said of my friends. they're not flighty or capricious, at the same time they're not dull or simple. the last time i watched die hard was shortly after melanie broke up with me. i've seen the film at least 40 times in my life, but never in the same way that i did that day. the film was the same, but i was different.
  • here's my review:

  • Die Hard - i've watched this film over forty times and it's always been one of my favorites of all-time, but watching it this time was a unique experience. i'm in a very different mindset these days so i can't help but interpret everything in a different way. the dynamic between willis and bedelia was more vibrant and resonant than ever before. willis' bathroom soliloquy was more poignant, the laughs were more hearty, and the music was more stirring. in short, this time around may well have been the best viewing ever of this particular film. it's a film that begs to be watched repeatedly and earns it every time. it's a film that defines the very limit of the action/adventure genre, and maybe even cinema altogether. it's pretty difficult for me to overstate the place in my heart that this film holds. everything within the film is so seamless - the music (kamen is amazing, but so are mctiernan's choices - using the "aliens" piece at the very end, the incorporation of xmas music to help the setting, the bach, the beethoven, the run d.m.c.! just brilliant), the images (jan de bont's inspired camera movement and mctiernan's lively and unique (for the time) editing style), the performances (break out role for willis, yes, but also notable performances from bedelia, rickman, veljohnson, gleason and white) all come together in a perfect synthesis. and with al disarrio as the sfx supervisor you know that things on that front are going to be solid as well. there are some scenes where you can tell a process shot was used, but when you're not scrutinizing the film these effects are seamless and that's pretty remarkable considering it's a film from the 80s. i think that if you watch this film without having heard any hype about it (because hype always hinders a film) then you must like it. for me it's a film that i really can watch any time. many of my other top films (paths of glory, the graduate, the killing, koyaanisqatsi, boogie nights, etc.) require a particular mood, but this film doesn't. no matter what mood i'm in i can watch this film, and since i've seen it so many times it's like visiting an old friend. one of the best pieces of art of all-time. A+.
  • updated movies list.

  • 8-2-05 (01:24)

  • well, i'm officially in the incunabula phase again. it happens every few months and i think it came upon me tonight. during this time incunabula will comprise at least 50% of the music i listen to and i'll probably write about how much i love the album several times over the next few weeks. i think i have to call it my favorite album of all time. no album has ever had this kind of impact over this length of time. it gets better each time i listen to it and it somehow remains fresh despite dozens of listenings. despite being 12 years old already, it still feels like an album from the future.
  • it's late, but i'm not really tired. long naps will do that.
  • i hate talking about this stuff sometimes because i know that it's been addressed before in far more eloquent terms and in much greater depth by much more qualified people, but...
  • time is more enigmatic than anything i can think of right now. despite the actual physics of it time is linear and steady for all our intents and purposes. sure, it's tied to space and theoretically can be warped in certain circumstances, but in our everyday lives, so far as we know, it remains the same. i don't know if it's always been like this for me, but nowadays i find that time is especially strange. a big part of it is because of how oddly my memory has worked in recent years. i know that it's similar for many people, but i wonder to what degree i experience time and memory differently. things that happened earlier in the day, mere minutes ago, even, sometimes seem extremely distant. the memory of good and bad things stick or fall away with a seemingly equal randomness. sometimes things that i can't fathom being important stick with me in an uncanny way. other times there will be something i don't want to ever forget and it easily dissipates from my memory. the line between reality and dream has been blurred more often in recent years than it has in the past. i'll experience something in a dream and i sometimes have to fight to remember whether it was a real memory or not. that time between reality and dream seems more odd than usual. has it always been like this or is this something new?
  • i had a dream the other day that i got fired from tower and moved to the bay area to get a job there. why is it that two months with meryl can seem like two years? why is it that one month apart seems like another two years? the past never seems close. even ten minutes ago seems far away. why can i remember so little about being in high school? is it that i just live so strongly in the moment that anything outside of it is distant? why can i remember nick lachey's name, but not sterling hayden's? time seems to move much less methodically than it's supposed to. often it seems to move in spurts. maybe that's what ma joad was talking about in her final speech in the grapes of wrath. why is that the night time brings such a different perspective than the morning? things seem clear at night. they seem to make more sense. the morning almost never feels like that. maybe i'm just night person. or maybe there's something about being awake for a certain period of time that clues you in a little bit. maybe it's the same as being older...you get wiser with the years. maybe you get wiser within the day as well. it seems to hold true with me. of course it could just be a matter of perspective as well. maybe the goal is to have as little shift in attitude from night to morning. i've always taken sleeping for granted, but i do wonder how necessary it is. i remember douglas everet talking about it on radio parallax once. he mentioned that sleep wasn't really necessary for the body in the sense that the body doesn't repair itself while you sleep, yet we all need it. different creatures need more or less of it. why?
  • speaking of parallax...the other day i was laying on my left side on the carpet looking at a tennis ball on the ground. i put my hand in front of my left eye and saw the tennis ball's position shift. then i moved my hand down and the tennis ball shifted back. i played with this game of perspective and parallax for several minutes. it's such a simple thing, but it provided me with great entertainment. of course i thought about it in somewhat philosophical terms as well. it would make a good pivot scene in a film.
  • sometimes my memory/sense of time works to my advantage. i can have a bad experience at work or in life and put it behind me fairly quickly. other times it works to my disadvantage. i can't remember details that i'd like to. i can't remember peoples' names. i can't remember why i went online or went into the bedroom. those are everyday annoyances, i know.
  • i try not to watch much tv and am mostly successful. i watch a lot of movies on tv, but i watch very little television programming. it's depressing, for one, but beyond that i think it lessens my attention span. i need to retrain my brain a bit. watch more three hour films, read more novels (send some over vern), spend more time just reflecting. i should also watch memento again.
  • i guess i should try to get some sleep now.
  • 8-1-05 (20:03)
  • it's almost been a month since i last saw meryl.
  • today was pretty unexceptional. i wasted most of the day with a long nap. i guess that's what days off are for, but it always makes me feel unproductive when i take long naps.
  • one thing that's attractive about being a director is that you're less likely to be spotted while you're out and about. outside of spielberg, there aren't many directors who are in the public eye. meryl's mom saw joel coen and frances mcdormand today.
  • aphex twin's ambient stuff is my favorite, but every once in a while i'll listen to "i care because you do" and realize that it's pretty great as well. he has a lot of good songs, but none of his albums (outside of the ambient stuff) blow me away.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated recommendations.
  • updated archives.
  • 8-1-05 (11:14)
  • pretty fed up with work right now. had to go in to e-mail the main office our numbers for the weekend. by the time i got in christo had already done it because justin called in to see how things were. christo is justin's roommate and he's also working as the receiving clerk while erin is out. christo told me that justin told him that he's probably going to be out for another month. he also told me that the opening clerk was 20 minutes late this morning which left christo alone to open the store. so i had to write him up for being late. i've made it abundantly clear to everyone involved that i have no aspirations to be the operations manager, but it looks like that's what i am right now. i haven't heard dick from the main office because the regional director was conveniently on vacation last week (the last week of inventories). overall it's not a pleasing situation.
  • one of the things i hate most in life is looking for a job. i have no contacts so i can't get a job that way and i don't feel that i'm very good at most things so it's hard to find something that i feel i could do.
  • "Seniors, Military, Students, Moms and Retail employees encouraged to apply!! We have flexible hours. Because you set them!! Books and magazines are are business. We want highly motivated part-time merchandisers to service our retail partners."
  • "Books and magazines are are business." oh man.
  • there aren't very many jobs that interest me. it seems like the world is so full of interesting things, from politics and philosophy to sports and carpentry, but so few jobs have anything to do with all those interesting subjects/activities. and those jobs that are related require some sort of schooling or experience.
  • last two times i tried calling melanie she wasn't there. this is probably the longest we've ever gone without talking.
  • "Looking for quiet, self-motivated applicants who desire to watch films and get paid for their opinions. Movie watching experience is a must. Will be required to watch a minimum of five movies a week and submit oral evaluations on a weekly basis via phone. Compensation begins at 30K/year and rises with the amount of work you do. Medical and dental included." i wish.

  • need to eat and watch a movie. today didn't start so well.

    7-31-05 (22:53)

  • huey newton's widow is coming out with a bbq sauce. she wants to call it "burn baby burn." poor taste.
  • nice to revisit this site once in a while. and by nice i mean sorta sad.

  • 7-30-05 (18:35)

  • been feeling pretty negative lately. i think a good portion of it stems from work issues.
  • awesome site. i even submitted an alternate entry.
  • i think i need to drink more water.

  • 7-29-05 (22:54)

  • organized labor is in shambles.
  • karl rove issue seems to be on the back burner again. i don't have much faith in the media or the left.
  • guns, germs and steel is on kvie right now.
  • frist is a flip-flopper.
  • i've been on the computer too much lately.

  • 7-29-05 (19:49)

  • updated movies list.

  • 7-28-05 (23:21)

  • not in the most happy mood right now.
  • i miss meryl.
  • jon's bar exam is done and he's back home.
  • i don't like that i have no idea how long i'll have to run the store by myself. it doesn't seem quite fair, but i also don't think it's cool to complain about it, especially given the circumstances.
  • didn't watch a movie tonight. watched a fairly crappy one last night with jon.
  • i know it's been written about as much as anything this side of love, but it still amazes me the power that music has. you can be in a shitty mood one moment and then listening to the right tune(s) can transform your mood the next. in this case i'm talking about the dandy warhols.
  • that said, stevie wonder is also great. the other day i was listening to the drifter and digging them as well.
  • to my knowledge no one has sampled the beginning of ELO's "don't bring me down." if that's true then it seems an obvious missed opportunity. it's ripe.
  • i wish michael jackson wasn't such a fuck up. it would have been nice to see him make more good music.
  • aphex twin's i care because you do is damn great.
  • i need to listen to incunabula for about a month straight again. i have phases with that album. it'll be the only thing that matters (musically) in my life for about a month and then i'll give it a rest for a while until it happens again. the great thing is that it never gets old.
  • i'm up too late.
  • sarah asked me to make some cds for her so i'm undertaking an unprecedented (for me) musical compilation project. i'm looking at compiling 15 cds worth of music covering everything from classical to metal. projects are good. this one's huge. i started out with about 24 hours of music and i need to get it down to about 16. more accurately i started out with over 1500 hours of music, brought that to about 24 and now i need to cut it to 16.

  • 7-26-05 (21:46)

  • updated cd list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • bought some great dvds today. two by seijun suzuki, he's amazing. also got three errol morris dvds (one of them i previously had on vhs) and the television series (first person) that he directed. picked up scratch, used. and picked up the anniversary edition of the jerk, which means it's in widescreen. i've never seen it in widescreen so that should be fun. overall a great haul. to offset the expenditures i paid off $350 worth of debt. i should be out by the end of october. provided i stay disciplined.

  • 7-26-05 (20:06)

  • have to run inventory myself tomorrow, it sucks. today was one of the more stressful days at work in a long time. got a lot done though. hopefully inventory goes well tomorrow.
  • i think the greater contest in movies this year is for worst movie of the year, instead of best movie of the year. that's too bad. actually, i just looked and it's pretty clear on both ends of the spectrum. here are the films i've seen that were initially released this year"

  • Guns, Germs, And Steel
    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
    Bad News Bears
    Devil's Rejects
    Wedding Crashers
    War Of The Worlds
    Land Of The Dead
    Batman Begins
    Mr. And Mrs. Smith
    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
    Kicking & Screaming
    Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
    Kingdom Of Heaven
    XXX: State Of The Union
    Left Of The Dial
    A Lot Like Love
    Fever Pitch
    Guess Who
    Sin City
    Coach Carter
    Sasquatch Hunters
    Be Cool
    Hide And Seek
    Assault On Precinct 13
  • XXX: State Of The Union is the clear loser of the group and The Island is the clear winner. not a very good list of movies.
  • hopefully i get a lot of sleep tonight. i'm not very good at forcing myself to sleep.
  • i've been thinking more and more about how i like davis and the fact that it's still connected to nature and that the people are nice and that bikers are more prevalent than suvs and that there are more trees than buildings, etc. i need to go for a long bike ride next weekend, enjoy the scenary and all that davis has to offer. taking things for granted is lame so i'm going to enjoy it while i'm here and while davis is the way it is.

  • 7-25-05 (11:30)

  • got the news this morning that my boss' grandpa is more or less on his death bed. that means that i might have to do inventory on wednesday by myself. his grandpa has been doing pretty bad for the last few weeks. at first i was upset because inventory is enough of a pain in the ass and i really dread the thought of having to run it myself. then i felt like an asshole for thinking about myself first. the truth is that it'll all work out in the end and it sucks for my boss to have to deal with this now.
  • meryl's sick and tired. she doesn't seem to be having a very good time in texas.
  • no real plans for today. jon is coming over some time tonight, not sure when. he's got the bar to take for the next three days in sacramento so he'll be staying with me. from what i hear the bar is about as big a crap as anyone will ever have to take.

  • 7-25-05 (00:18)

  • updated movies list. two for the price of one tonight.
  • i was reading over the main page for the original willy wonka and the chocolate factory and noticed a comment by imdb.com user "originalmoviebuff21." i love it when people have user names like that. original gangster #352. not very original, apparently.
  • i think my eyesight is starting to go a little bit.
  • willie nelson's reggae album isn't very good. the harder they come soundtrack, on the other hand, is excellent. might need to watch that one again sometime soon.
  • john dahl has a movie coming in a couple weeks. jarmusch has a movie coming next week. herzog even has a movie coming next week. bergman has a movie out too. craven has a movie coming in three weeks, looks good. chandrasekhar (of broken lizard) did dukes of hazard. wong kar-wai has a new movie out soon. judd apatow (freaks and geeks) is doing the new steve carell movie - 40 year old virgin. funny because he has a book out called 24 year old virgin. turturro is directing a movie that's coming out in a few weeks too. terry gilliam has a movie coming out soon. all told, looks like i'll have things to keep me busy for the next month or so. i'll also be poor.
  • not to mention films by/with zwigoff, cronenberg, pacino, allen, and verbinski also on the horizon.
  • the 50 cent movie is going to be directed by jim sheridan. a very odd choice if you ask me.
  • also, the johnny cash film is coming out in november.
  • looking forward to this one. same cinematographer as pi and requiem for a dream. thumbs up.
  • lately i've been writing longer reviews than normal.
  • i don't really like the knicks, but when i first got into basketball (early 90s) they were really competitive so i always respected their role in the league. they sorta suck now, but i think that larry brown will help change that. they have some talent, they just need a good coach again.

  • 7-24-05 (16:19)

  • glad that armstrong won that stage the other day. i knew he would. also glad he took number seven.
  • updated movies list. watched two great movies recently.
  • the grey album never gets old.
  • gave myself a haircut today.
  • it's quite hot again. there was a relief for a couple days last week and that was appreciated.
  • my mom bought me a digital camera for my birthday. that's pretty sweet. it was quite a pain in the ass scanning in all those photos from the trip. it took hours and it never comes out as good as it does when they're digital through the entire process.
  • the kings traded jackson and ostertag for bonzi wells. i think wells is pretty good. he's the kind of guy who can give you a really big game once in a while, but i don't think he's consistent and his defense is questionable. we've let three great players go in the last two seasons. divac, who, admittedly, was at the end of his career; webber, who is better with a bad knee than 85% of the power forwards in the league; and christie, who was the team's anchor - regardless of what others tell you. that guy was fucking great. he was after every loose ball, he played unselfishly, led by example and gave them defense at the most important position in the league since jordan entered. we'll still be competitive, but we're not the same anymore. we're younger, yes, but not as fun to watch and not as likely to go deep into the playoffs. we had two or three chances - horry took one from us and injury took the others.
  • now i'm depressed.
  • i miss meryl more every day.
  • she's sick and that sucks.

  • 7-23-05 (00:11)

  • i don't know if anyone has won a tour de france without winning a stage. it's probably happened before, but not often. armstrong's last chance is tomorrow in the time trial, which he's normally excellent at. i hope he takes it, i think he will. there's no reason to be trepidacious at this point - he'll be out there on his own, he's got a comfortable lead, i think he'll go for it because he's a proud guy.
  • updated movies list.
  • feeling melancholy right now.

  • 7-22-05 (14:39)

  • there's a stupid contest at work which is essentially like a fantasy sports team, only you're hoping to pick the albums that will sell the best in the chain. each person picks a label name, instead of a team name. mine is "grand royale with cheese." i think it's a good title because it combines my favorite hip-hop act (the beastie boys whose label was "grand royal") and one of my favorite movies (pulp fiction wherein they talk about a quarter pounder with cheese being called a royale with cheese in amsterdam).
  • updated movies list.
  • today was regular.
  • have inventory on wednesday which means i have to wake up early.
  • jon has the bar from the 26th-28th and it's in sacramento so he'll be staying here for a few days.
  • plan on watching a double feature tonight - devil's rejects and the bad news bears. hustle and flow isn't playing here which is actually a big surprise. i know it'll play at g street later on, but i fully expected it to be here opening day.
  • "in russia 99% of people charged with crimes are found guilty. of the tiny number who are initially acquitted, nearly half are later convicted on a prosecutor's appeal." - douglas everett of radio parallax.
  • fair oaks/howe ave.(in sacramento)  is the 10th most dangerous intersection in america, this according to state farm.
  • according to an australian study...drivers using cell phones are four times more likely to crash, even with a hands free device.
  • updated cd list.

  • 7-21-05 (20:18)

  • it's funny that a show as crappy as joey actually has more creativity and artistic merit behind the production of the laugh track than all the other aspects combined. the wooden acting, the stock dialogue, the weak premises are all so pathetic. the laugh track, though, can sometimes be well done. the gradual pitching, the chuckle track, the laugh that turns into a "whooo" (because he was kissing some other half-wit), etc.
  • john came to tower today to "work." whenever he comes to do rep stuff for WEA we generally end up talking about music, movies and the shitty state of the world instead of actually working.
  • the pistons fired larry brown and hired flip saunders. what an idiotic move.

  • 7-21-05 (00:05)

  • johnny came by tower to visit me on his way back to berkeley. he had been in canada "working" for the last few weeks.
  • jay leno isn't a very funny person.

  • 7-20-05 (21:08)

  • dsl is finally working. it's about 30 times faster than anything i've had in my life before.
  • just tried going onto my credit card's website and it's down.
  • just tried going onto my check account's website and it's down.
  • just tried checking an amazon order i placed the other day and the account page is down. mercury must be in retrograde or some silly shit like that.

  • 7-19-05 (22:45)

  • dsl still isn't working, supposedly has something to do with the hurricanes in some state no one cares about. first the 2000 election fiasco and now my dsl delays, damn i hate florida.
  • i've been feeling less and less sharp lately. i haven't been watching too much tv or eating poorly so i don't know what the problem is.
  • currently have 62 days and 20 hours worth of music.
  • updated movies list. five more movies added.
  • i hate it when everyone jumps on an artist's bandwagon once the person dies so i'd like to give some love to some great people before they die: richard widmark - isn't dead yet, was a great actor, deserves all the accolades he gets. coleen gray - not an a-list actress, but she was a good, under-rated actress and good looking.
  • working a mid-shift tomorrow so i get to sleep in a bit. that's good.
  • didn't get around to watching a movie tonight. that's tragic. not really.

  • 7-18-05 (18:35)

  • i hate computers. dsl was supposed to be activated today, but it isn't. the registration site is also not working so i can't setup my dsl until an undetermined time. it's pretty typical of these things. it's nice to have a good reminder of the reason i stopped being so interested in computers. when i would build my own computer and cared about upgrading it, there was constant frustration. now i use my computer for a few, basic things and things are stable and easy. i know that the long term benefits of dsl outweigh the short term frustration, but computers get under my skin about as much as anything this side of paris hilton.
  • watched three movies so far today. it's plenty hot.
  • had sushi for breakfast and liked it. wish i was rich so i could have sushi all the time.

  • 7-17-05 (21:16)

  • took the train to john's today. hung out in sacramento (actually just at his house), watched tv, ate bbq ribs and talked. had trouble with the automated ticket purchasing machine (it froze) at the amtrak station in sacramento. had to abandon it because the train was leaving shortly and ended up not having to pay for a ticket back to davis.
  • lance armstrong is poised to win number seven. i don't know of another individual athlete who has dominated the most important event in his sport for such a period of time. now that i say that, though, i suppose it is a team sport and there are probably a few boxers i could think of who have been great for that long. michael johnson also comes to mind. so, there are a few, but it's very rare. and none of them came back to do it after having cancer. that's always the ace in the hole for armstrong.
  • brought along one of my almanacs for the ride to and from sacramento. read up on all sorts of things. almanacs are great. found out that sacramento is about as diverse (racially) as san francisco. sac has a lower percentage of whites (48.3/49.7), and a higher percentage of blacks (15.5/7.8), latinos (21.6/14.1), american indians (1.3/0.4), people of two or more races (6.4/4.3) and other races (11.0/6.5). sf does have a higher percentage of asians (30.8/16.6). surprising. all data is from the 2000 census.
  • 89 degrees with 39% humidity.
  • figure i'll watch a movie and go to bed. not a very exciting day overall, but it was good to hang with john.
  • wish meryl was coming back sooner. tomorrow will be two weeks apart. i liked it more when we were together.

  • 7-16-05 (18:15)

  • completely expected. sometimes i really fucking hate this world.
  • so happy that it's my weekend. not that i have anything planned, but it's still nice to be able to relax.
  • 104 degrees now.
  • watched some of the tour de france during my lunch break. lance armstrong is such a g. i hope he doesn't do roids.
  • story on carlsbad caverns for which meryl and i were interviewed. i think i was misquoted, but it's okay.

  • 7-15-05 (23:55)

  • dangermouse and mf doom are releasing an album in october, should be good.
  • updated movies list.
  • wasn't in a very good mood most of the day. the last five days have seen temperatures of 102, 103, 104, 105 and 107, that according to news 10. the good news is that the low is 65.
  • the high in death valley was 127 today. the low tonight will be 94. when i went there it was 107 in the shade and about 115-120 elsewhere. i'd like to go down there on monday because it might get up to 130. i'd like to see what 130 feels like. plus, i'd like to experience 94, in the dark. if i had a car and meryl was here i'd go. it would be fun.
  • fridays are always anticlimactic for me. it's friday for everyone else, but i still have one more day of work.
  • i feel less and less like working lately. i need to get on the government dole or strike it rich somehow. not really, but i feel like going on a really long vacation.

  • 7-14-05 (23:02)

  • updated movies list.
  • updated recommendations.
  • watching the local news is so depressing. they're doing some dumb ass story about the heat and they interviewed some lady who was out in the park doing tai chi. they gave her name at the bottom of the screen and under that it said "tychee student."
  • kings lost cuttino mobley today. oh well.
  • a's lost eric byrnes today. meryl is in a deep depression as a result.
  • vlade divac retired.

  • 7-14-05 (16:51)

  • john came to tower the other day and we wasted time trying to find which cd sold the most copies since the database was put in at the store (about 13 years ago, so far as i could tell). we spent two hours trying to think about which album might have done the best. about 10 minutes into the game i told him to look up "jagged little pill." in our two hours of searching jlp took the crown with a total sales history of 2,022.
  • today i was talking with justin about it and he bet me (winner gets to go home early) he could find one that sold more. if you looked at the time stamp at the beginning of this update you know who won. justin put up a valiant effort, though. he came quickly with many of the albums that came close...the first norah jones, supernatural by santana and then the titanic soundtrack, but none eclipsed 1,900 albums. so i was home by 1:30 today.
  • i tried to take a nap, but couldn't sleep. i watched a movie and now i'm bored.
  • updated movies list.

  • 7-13-05 (23:30)

  • life shouldn't be too easy and i think that's one reason why avoid things like coffee when i'm tired or avoid getting a cell phone or....when life gets too easy then it doesn't feel right for me. a little stress is good, hardship builds character, i really believe those things.
  • woke up last night at 4am and it was 90 degrees in my apartment and i couldn't get good sleep. i took a cold shower and fell asleep pretty easily after that.
  • six films to review, better get to it.
  • updated movies list. have some long reviews in there.
  • my movies watched list for 2004 was like a dream season 520+ movies, 1/4 were foreign, a decent average year of release, a good sampling of stuff from horror to indie to classics to contemporary pics to bad stuff to documentaries. i think the biggest weakness of the chain theory on watching films is that it's tough to work in documentaries, silents and weird b films. i should get back to theme weeks though. in 04 i had stretches where i watched a bunch of sports movies or a bunch of really bad movies or a bunch of 60s/70s schlock type movies or a film noir set or...
  • when i think of my childhood it's really hard for me to think of specific instances when i was doing anything with my family. i don't really have images of us doing any family type things together, other than eating. most of my childhood memories seem to revolve around me being on my own while in thought.
  • all the best memories i have involve other people. that's not to say that i don't have a good time on my own, but i just don't remember those times as well, i guess. i have a good time playing basketball on my own or watching a good movie on my own, but those don't generally come up when i'm thinking about great times in my life. the three big trips i've taken come up most readily when thinking about the highlights of my life. 10 days of vacation a year really isn't enough. my mom, who makes more money than i'll ever make, only gets 10 days of vacation. america is pretty lame in this regard.

  • 7-12-05 (23:51)

  • lance armstrong is pretty fucking amazing. i think that the tour de france, for me, marks summer time more than anything else. it reminds me of running along ocean park blvd. during the summer and talking about baseball, cycling and stuff with david, james and philip.
  • completely missed the all star game tonight. didn't even realize it was happening.
  • i'm looking forward to the football season.
  • my thermostat goes up to 90 degrees and it's at the needle is all the way to the right now. i think dealing with the heat builds character, though, so i'm not complaining.

  • 7-11-05 (20:17)

  • i've been toying with the idea of making my movie watching choices as a chain. that is, the movie i watch next should have some connecting relevance to the movie i watched last. so, today i watched getaway which stars steve mcqueen. after that i watched the cincinnati kid, also starring steve mcqueen. it doesn't have to be that clear, though. it could be that slim pickens is in the getaway and terry southern co-wrote the cincinnati kid and both of them lent their talents in dr. strangelove; in that way the two films are also connected. after cincinnati kid i could watch rounders - because it's another poker movie, or little caesar because it has edward g. robinson, or in the heat of the night because it's directed by norman jewison, or it could be even less connected - i could watch ray because quincy jones did the soundtrack to cincinnati kid and quincy jones was a character in ray. it would make choosing the next movie more fun. it would also be a challenge for others to try to connect the dots.
  • john came to davis on saturday after work and we played some basketball. both of us stunk it up. afterwards we ate in and out (as is the custom with him) and played some dreamcast tennis.
  • i like that davis has so many trees.
  • i talked with my dad and my sister today. that's a lot of phone traffic for me. talking with my dad marked the last verdict coming in on meryl. everyone likes her, and that's a good thing. if i was jerry seinfeld it might serve as a bad sign. that was the episode with ben stiller's wife as jerry's girlfriend. my dad asked me what movie ben stiller directed and i told him zoolander, he was thinking of reality bites. it turns out he directed both of those and the cable guy.
  • i felt like eating ice cream all day. it's 88 degrees in my room right now.
  • got my birthday present from meryl today - a basketball encyclopedia. 1500 pages of fun facts. it's been on my wish list for a couple christmases, but no one got it for me until now. ah, how sweet.

  • 7-11-05 (14:07)

  • "President Bush got exactly what he wanted on climate change during last week's G8 meeting of industrialized nations: The appearance of compromise without any shift in his administration's position. Just when it seemed that U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair -- buoyed by London's winning bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games -- was succeeding in putting real international pressure on Bush to budge on the issue, a series of terror attacks struck Britain's capital city, distracting the world's attention, muting protests, and casting a pall over the G8 agenda. One day later, a joint statement on climate change was released, and the results of U.S. efforts to water it down were clear: It promised a "new dialogue" on the subject -- just what's needed! -- and acknowledged that anthropogenic climate change is, um, real, but conspicuously lacked language about specific targets or deadlines for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. Even language calling global warming an "urgent" threat was removed at the U.S.'s request. What remained was largely happy talk about new technology. Maybe next year ..."
  • especially missing meryl this weekend. during the week it isn't that bad, but right now, with hours left in the day, it's boring without her.
  • it's pretty warm right now. did some laundry, watched the rest of the daily show coverage of the 2004 presidential election and that's about it. i plan on watching a couple movies today.
  • broke down this morning and ordered dsl. my mom is officially the only person i know who doesn't have a cell phone or dsl. i just got tired of waiting for stuff to download and having to worry about people calling while i'm online. i think another issue is that i was bored and when i get bored i start thinking about ways to spend money. it's a weakness, i know, but i'm generally good at keeping it under wraps. plus, it is only $14.95 a month, which is only about 7 bucks more a month than my dialup... so it's really a good choice overall.

  • 7-11-05 (11:54)

  • watching the charlie rose show right now. steve wynn is on right now, i hadn't heard of him before. pretty interesting guy with a unique view of the world. not saying i'm in love with him, but he has some interesting viewpoints nonetheless.
  • charlie rose is great.

  • 7-10-05 (22:27)

  • lately i've been watching the daily show coverage of the 2004 presidential election. they put out a three disc dvd and i bought it last week.
  • didn't do shit today.
  • took a nap, watched three movies, worked out a bit.
  • updated recommendations.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated cd list.
  • 281-330-8004, ask for mike jones.

  • 7-6-05 (20:34)

  • finally updated the trip page, here. it's in chronological order and it's got several large pictures so it might take a while to load. i've found, though, that bandwidth isn't a problem for most so i didn't worry too much about cutting down the size.
  • my mom is the only person i know who doesn't have either dsl or a cell phone. five years ago that list was a lot longer.
  • while i was gone they took out the street lights at third and F streets.
  • might go watch war of the worlds tonight.
  • went to sacramento for three hours of sexual harassment training today.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • i decided to make the sidebar a bit thinner than before. i figured that everyone's gone to 1152 (or higher) by now so it should be okay.

  • 7-6-05 (15:14)

  • i definitely miss meryl a lot right now.
  • haven't had very good luck with movies lately. need to watch some older films. also haven't seen a foreign film in months, that's is pretty pathetic.
  • my vcr broke so i threw it away. it's unfortunate because there are several films on vhs that i want to see right now. i also don't want to buy a new one since i can just use meryl's when she gets back.

  • 7-5-05 (20:39)

  • i once (october 2000) posted the following picture as a joke...
  • but now it turns out to be to true...
  • "Onlookers have been known to gawk at its style and gasp at its size. At 21-feet long with tires hip-high and a 9-foot tall cab, it's the largest production pickup truck currently on the market. It's an International CXTóborn out of the proven International 7000 severe service commercial work trucks used by professionals for the most rugged applications.
    Equipped with the legendary International® DT 466 diesel engine, the CXT provides up to six tons of hauling power* while its air-ride cab and individual bucket seats offer an exceptionally smooth ride. A spacious and well-appointed interior, including luxury options such as leather, DVD and satellite radio, ensures automotive-like comfort and convenience."

    7-4-05 (20:10)

  • in the process of updating the trip page, here.

  • 7-4-05 (16:40)

  • closer to 30 than i am to 20. that's funny.
  • it's going to take a couple days to update the last twelve. i have four rolls of film to scan and lots of other stuff to take care of.
  • i need a digital camera.

  • trip updates

    6-22-05 (20:25)

  • saw the afi top 100 quotes list today. it's certainly got some good ones on there, but it's got two major omissions - it doesn't have anything from die hard or pulp fiction - both of which are endlessly quotable. the only die hard one that got nominated was "yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker."
  • "there are only two things more beautiful than a good gun - a swiss watch and a woman from anywhere" - cherry valance in Red River.
  • been really busy and tired lately because of all this moving and because work is crazy.
  • game seven tomorrow at 530pm. i'm off work at 6pm and on the road to la at 615. around 7pm i should be in south sacramento finding a sports bar to watch the remainder of the game. should be a good one. if i had to pick i'd go with the spurs because they're at home, but it really is a pick'em game. should be great. i really liked billups last year, but i love him this year. he's a great, underrated player and i'm glad he's on a good enough team to showcase his understated talent. he makes the right decisions, makes the big shots, doesn't turn over the bal a lot, plays tough defense and can finish around the hoop.
  • won't update the webpage for a while. will keep notes during the trip and post them sometime after my birthday.
  • have watched a few episodes of the o.c. in the last couple weeks. it's jerry springer with rich, good looking people. that said, there's some talent in a few of the compositions and there are a couple people who aren't beyond redemption. i can understand why people like it, but it can't help but feel bad about our society when i watch it.

  • 6-21-05 (17:13)

  • leaving for la on thursday night. it's sarah's graduation.
  • after that i'm driving with meryl around the southwest part of the country because she's living in texas this summer. that'll be fun and sad.
  • detroit pissed me off the other day. i was watching the game with meryl and telling her how rasheed wallace was a dumbass for letting horry be open within the last two minutes of the game. then, with the spurs down by two, i told her that if i were larry brown i'd give the pistons two pieces of information - don't foul and don't leave horry. sure enough they double teamed ginobili, leaving horry wide open in OT to win the game. very stupid. also, rasheed tried calling a timeout after a rebound when the pistons didn't have any timeouts left...that would have been very chris webber-esque and would have resulted in a loss because a technical foul would have been called. luckily for him time had expired already.
  • went to the bay area this weekend. helped meryl move her furniture to her grandma's house yesterday.
  • more to come...

  • 6-17-05 (15:01)

  • yesterday's game was surprising not in its outcome, but in the margin of victory. detroit just destroyed a team i've always (since duncan anyway) thought of as one of the most consistently competitive in the league. ginobili is overrated and i've thought so since last year. parker is overrated and i've thought so since i first saw him. that said, the spurs still have a great team and are still likely going to win this series...it's just that it's more interesting now. i hope the pistons pull it off.
  • when you're a good gambler you pick your bets wisely. you don't just bet on all the games every day. you don't go with your gut feeling and you don't just use your intuition to pick a winner. the good gamblers chart out several criteria and it's dependent upon the sport and the gambler. for baseball one might pick home vs. away, night vs. day, indoor vs. outdoor, pitching matchups, umpires, etc. you look at a team or a pitcher that has certain tendencies in these categories and when two or more of these line up in the same direction then you lay a bet on it. so if you have mark mulder (this part is merely speculation) who is 6-1 on the road and 8-3 indoors and 5-2 when joe blow is the umpire then when those things line up you lay money on his team to cover the spread. the better the gambler the better their ability to find these bits of data that other people might not look at. it's simple, for example, to look at mulder's overall record, but it's a more indepth process to look at how often he covers the spread or to look at how a certain umpire calls a game might affect the outcome. i bring this all up because it relates to the pistons/spurs series. "Detroit is 1-7 when either Ron Garretson or Dan Crawford has officiated its games and 11-1 when neither has been on the court." a stat like that is difficult to ignore. now i'm not saying that there's a conspiracy or anything...what's happening is that those officials call more touch fouls and the pistons rely on a harder defensive style. when they can't play that way they lose games. oh, and that quote is old, the revised numbers would be 2-7 and 12-1. my favorite official is dick bavetta, i think he calls a fair, clean game.
  • it's weird how my life changes during major sports events...march madness, nba finals, olympics, etc. i don't watch movies as much and most of my posts are sports related.

  • 6-14-05 (21:01)

  • tonight's game is a perfect example of one of the many reasons i don't gamble. the over/under was 172 and in trash time there was four points scored to bring it three points over the line. i knew the pistons would cover the spread so i would have won that, but losing the over/under in trash time is the kind of thing that drives gamblers crazy.
  • despite what people might say about tonight's game the mvp was antonio mcdyess - 19 minutes, 9 (4 offensive) rebounds (third most in the game, second most on his team), 12 points (6/9), 3 steals and 2 blocks. when you have a bench player with that kind of impact on both ends of the floor and that kind of scoring efficiency you're likely going to win the game.
  • all that said, the spurs are still going to probably win the series. they're just too stacked. they have glenn robinson playing five minutes a game...this is a guy who was the number one pick and who, two years ago, averaged over 20 points a game. add brent barry and robert horry coming off the bench and i just can't see detroit pulling this one off. they're a great team, but the spurs are better.
  • vcr broke the other day.
  • updated movies list.
  • have one movie to review, will do later.

  • 6-14-05 (18:18)

  • don't know what the over/under is on the nba game tonight, but i'd take the under. also, the pistons should win by about 8-12 points.
  • over/under = 172

  • 6-13-05 (20:28)

  • getting pretty hot lately; was 95 today.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • bought a paul robeson LP today. also bought a sun ra record.

  • 6-13-05 (00:42)

  • watched the pistons suck ass today. they'll probably lose in six games. i was pretty confident before the series started that the spurs would win, but i didn't think they'd do this well.

  • 6-11-05 (19:14)

  • updated movies list.
  • updated cds i own list.
  • the deluxe edition of dj shadow's endtroducing has some pretty good quotes from "heat" on one of the tracks.
  • so i didn't hear until yesterday about anne bancroft. that's unfortunate. obviously i loved her performance in the graduate.
  • brown bunny is coming to dvd in august. after the whole 'worst movie ever at sundance' (or was it cannes?) fiasco gallo recut it and ebert ended up liking it.
  • the movies that have been coming out lately look like crap.
  • just got a call from a telemarketer. she had an indian accent and was talking about chase manhattan bank...blah blah blah. i cut her off and asked her where she was located. i repeated. she told me she was in india. i know it's a common thing to outsource this sort of stuff these days so i guessed as much, but i didn't want to assume something just because of her accent. after she confirmed that i asked her how she liked it there. she said it was okay. i asked her how things were with pakistan and she didn't understand. i repeated. eventually she understood what i was getting at and she said they were okay. i said that i knew that things were strained for a while and wasn't sure how things were now. she told me that politically they weren't very good. i guess she better understood what i was getting at by this point. i asked her why the two countries were not able to get along and she said she couldn't talk about those matters because it was a professional call. i told her i didn't want to talk about professional stuff right now. she said goodbye. it's about 930am over there right now, maybe i caught her a bit too early.

  • 6-11-05 (01:13)

  • saw jon on wednesday. he's doing pretty well. entry and exit wounds are healing quickly. it's amazing the bullet didn't hit anything. i guess it makes you appreciate life a bit more. i know i've thought about it more than usual as a result. guess that's pretty cliché and whatnot, but clichés are such for a reason. of course, saying that is a cliche itself.
  • working on catching up on my movie reviews. seen some great ones lately.
  • updated best of film list.
  • updated recommendations.
  • foot has been hurting a bit lately again. if it's not one thing it's another.

  • 6-6-05 (15:09)

  • just found out that jon, while in north carolina visiting old friends, was witness to the murder of five people. he was shot in the neck, but should recover. this fucking sucks. going to see him on wednesday. story.

  • 6-5-05 (19:20)

  • updated movies list.
  • played a good amount of basketball with meryl yesterday.
  • today i watched a couple movies and read meryl's mom's screenplay.
  • been trying to watch better movies lately since the last few weeks have been littered with crappy movies. pulp fiction and traffic the last couple days. boogie nights tonight.
  • work tomorrow and tuesday, off wednesday, working again thursday, friday and saturday.

  • 6-4-05 (18:24)

  • "Corporations based outside of the U.S. are increasingly spending big bucks to lobby the U.S. federal government, many with an eye toward weakening environmental protections. Take, for example, the London-based oil giant BP, which doled out $33 million from 1998 through mid-2004 to push its agenda in Washington, D.C. One of its key aims during that period: opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling."
  • missing the pistons/heat game right now. listening to it on the radio just isn't the same.
  • updated movies list.
  • pretty tired right now.

  • 6-1-05 (21:34)

  • updated movieslist.

  • 5-31-05 (23:01)

  • updated movies list.
  • saw star wars with melanie tonight. what a piece of crap.
  • meryl is in the bay area tonight. i miss her. i think she's good for me. we're either complete opposites or exactly alike. it's kinda cool.
  • on occasion i'll get just the right perspective on life - i'll realize that nothing really matters in the long run, but that the good stuff is fun in the meantime. that perspective generally lasts for under 30 seconds, but during that time anything bad that's happening is viewed with an ultra-long view and anything that's good is infinitely good and all encompassing. it's an almost surreal feeling. too bad those moments never last more than 30 seconds.
  • black bush is the best chappelle skit i've ever seen. mos def is in another one of my favorites - the racial draft. mos def is pretty cool all-around.
  • added two new sections (actors & worst of) to the best of movies page. that page is always under construction.
  • after work i went to woodstock's and watched the first half of the pistons game. they looked pretty strong tonight. they have so many guys who are really committed to defense and i respect that. lindsay hunter is a quick little fucker defensively, we could use a guy like that on the kings. oh yeah, we had one and we traded him. i forgot. you know what amazes me though? shaq has lowered the bar so far that his 8/12 performance from the charity stripe on sunday garnered high praise. 67% that's not good. sure it's better than his season average, but it's not good in the absolute sense. you know what else is not good? five rebounds in 25 minutes. eddie jones got twice that many. shaq fucking sucks these days, there's just no way around it. he has good games, but he's not a good player anymore. when you're the biggest (height and weight-wise) guy on the court and you're the fifth leading rebounder (and seventh leading scorer) in the game then you suck; it's just that simple. it's not that he's playing outside - ben wallace doesn't have an outside shot and neither does shaq - so there just isn't any excuse. you know who is a good center? ben wallace. he's a beast. or how about alonzo mourning? he's a fucking g. a kidney transplant couldn't stop that guy from getting four more blocks than shaq in nine fewer minutes. fuck fucking shaq's lame ass. you know why detroit is going to win this series? because they don't respect shaq enough to double team him the way every other team does. that's how they won last year and that's how they'll beat him this year. fuck fucking shaq. spurs and pistons, baby. defense wins championships. stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • there are two cars on my block with the same first four characters in their license plate. i've never seen that before. both start with 5FTJ. one is 5FTJ5.. and one is 5FTJ8.. i can't remember the final two digits, but i know that they're different cars. wacky.

  • 5-30-05 (21:41)

  • "Tom Cruise has declared a public war on psychiatrists because he fears the "pseudo-science" has led to a drug-fuelled crisis for today's children. The movie hunk was diagnosed as dyslexic when he was just seven, and doctors suggested he should take drugs to control his learning problems. Memories of that part of his childhood fueled Cruise to seek alternative ways of overcoming his dyslexia - a problem that led him to the Church of Scientology's educational programs. Becoming a scientologist in 1984 made the actor look closely at the controversial religion's anti-psychiatry stance, and he has since become a firm believer that the science and the medicating of children is wrong. Speaking exclusively to US news show Access Hollywood as part of a week-long special about his scientology beliefs, the movie hunk declares, "I'm going right after psychiatry and these false labels and this pseudo-science. I was diagnosed as dyslexic; I had a lot of energy as a child. They wanted to put me on drugs... Never did; my mother said no, absolutely not, no way and I'm thankful. Had I been put on those drugs, I never would be here today... I never would have had the career that I'm having. Am I making people aware of it by discussing it openly and saying what a fraud psychiatry is? You bet I am. I feel a responsibility because I care..." The actor also maintains that poor results in education in America can be blamed on mind-altering drugs that are given to children. He adds, "SAT (exam) scores have gone right down the toilet. The parents are blaming the teachers, the teachers are blaming the parents and the psychs are putting everyone on drugs.""
  • watched some golf yesterday. pate choked big time. he made the right decision to lay up, but then he three-putted from about 20 feet away. what a loser. reid seems like a great guy so i guess the better man won.
  • played some basketball today with john. that was a fun time. we normally just shoot around, but today a guy and girl came up to us and asked if we wanted to play. so we played some two on two. john and i are in awful shape, but we won because we played better as a team and had more height. the guy was a cornerback at davis (i'm pretty sure) and the girl was pretty athletic so it was an even match in that respect. i actually wanted to learn more about the guy because he seemed pretty cool. he just graduated from davis and is going back to school to get a teaching credential so he seemed alright in my book.
  • went to john's the other night with meryl. his girlfriend was having some friends from her program over and he invited me. i was thinking about not going because i don't generally enjoy social engagements like that...i prefer it when i know everyone. but we went and had a pretty good time. i think it was good for john, too, because it meant his girlfriend's friends couldn't just talk about agricultural econonmics all night long.
  • it was the first time meryl and i went out to any social engagement together. i think it was good.
  • i haven't been watching as many movies, or updating the wepage as often, as i'd like. clearly it's because my time is spent either hanging out with meryl or being at work.

  • 5-28-05 (19:03)

  • saw a shirt today that said "YRUU" i think it's a great question, one that everyone should ask themselves from time to time.
  • eddie albert died the other day, he was pretty great.
  • got a jury summons the other day and just realized that i was supposed to go in on the 25th. oops. i hope i don't go to jail for this.

  • 5-27-05 (18:29)

  • updated movies list.
  • deepspace 5 have an album called "unique, just like everyone else." i once wrote a short story called "different like everyone else."

  • 5-26-05 (21:07)

  • wyclef jean has been a disappointment for me. after his first two solo records i called him one of the best contemporary producers in mainstream hip-hop, since then he's fallen off big time. that said, when i revisit his early work i stand by my statement. stuff like gone til november and street jeopardy show his moments of genius and his impact on modern beats. stripped down, electronic/keyboard type beats that you hear from eminem, 50 cent, dr. dre. outkast are probably the best producers in mainstream hip-hop right now.

  • 5-24-05 (21:23)

  • forgot to mention my track record for concerts. a list of the concerts i've paid for: hella, rage against the machine, blackalicious, beastie boys and autechre. not sure if i paid for baaba maal or if that was melanie. my point is that all the concerts i've paid for have either been great shows or among my favorite current artists. i'm pretty happy about that.
  • also forgot to mention that i have high hopes for the usa olympic/world championship basketball teams. jerry colangelo is going to be in charge and they've given him complete control. after hearing his philosophy on how the team should be assembled i think we're going to have a return to international greatness.
  • also meant to remark on the spurs/suns game. it was a pretty fun game to watch, but i felt that it would be unlikely to see the spurs win another game if it got over the 105 point mark. tonight i was proven incorrect. they took two on the road and look poised to go into the championship.
  • chris rock mentioned that steve nash was great, but that his old team actually got better (record-wise) after his departure, while shaq's got significantly worse. a good point, however it overlooks the fact that the lakers lost three other hall-of-famers (payton, malone and jackson) at the end of last year. while dallas lost nash (14.5 ppg, 3 rpg, 8.8 apg, and 1 spg) they also gained jerry stackhouse (15 ppg, 3.5 rpg, and 4 apg), jason terry (17 ppg, 4 rpg, 5.4 apg, and 1.5 spg) and keith van horn (10 ppg and 5 rpg). so, chris rock should stick to comedy which he does fairly well.
  • updated movies list.

  • 5-23-05 (19:41)

  • melanie seems like such a different person now. i know that if i hung out with her she'd more or less be the melanie i know, but it seems that there's so much more going on with her that i don't know about. stuff that she may have kept under wraps when she was with me, or stuff that the breakup let out. after the breakup we were actually very close to each other and it was sort of similar to how things were when we were first getting together. everything was intense and it made me feel like the relationship we had was real and it sort of validated the last four years...not that it needed to be validated, but it was reassuring to know that even when things were over we still cared about each other.
  • now, though, it seems like that's gone. we've been so out of touch with each other and it seems, from my perspective anyway, that she's transformed so much that we've grown apart very quickly. it's amazing what people are capable of and how quickly we can adapt. it sort of makes you question the nature and resilience of all relationships. the whole thing is rather discouraging. feeling like you're replaceable is one of the worst feelings a person can have. the truth is that i am replaceable in most ways. you can never replace memories, but a person can always find someone else to have fun with.
  • i wonder why i care how i will be remembered. ultimately it doesn't really matter, but i still care about it as if my universal image is being distorted or something retarded like that.
  • phil used to be my best friend in the world and i thought that we'd never lose touch. somehow, though, we grew apart and became different people and stopped talking with each other. i knew the guy like 10 years and then we just couldn't relate anymore. i've always felt shitty about it, as if i did something wrong. i know that to a certain extent i did, but that the larger problem is that we just grew in different directions. when i was first with melanie i was sure that we'd be together forever. i wouldn't really admit it aloud, but i wanted to be with her forever and actually felt like it could happen. but within five years we've gotten to the point where i'm starting to wonder if i'll know her in a year. you start to wonder if it's a personal failure or if that's just the way life is or what.
  • it's such a sad thing that people move and lose touch with friends. the non-family person i've kept in touch with for the longest is probably james chai, who i've known since 10th grade or so. but even with him i haven't really kept in touch on a really regular basis. i'm pretty sure that if i lived still in la that i'd hang with him, but because of geography, we almost never see each other. the same is true for jon, johnny and vern who i've known for about 8 years now. i consider them all friends, but i've spent more time with meryl in the last month than those guys in the last year. i guess if i had my priorities straight i'd move to berkeley and live with johnny and i'd be able to visit jon and vern more regularly. but inertia, liking davis more than the berkeley, and the security of knowing i have a livable salary keeps me here. of course i also regret not being able to be around my mom, dad, sister and grandparents. i don't really like la, but if i lived there it would be nice to drop in every other week or so to watch a film with my grandpa. i don't know where in my life personal relationships became so important, but they're definitely more important than they used to be. maybe because i realize that they're the only thing in life that matters and which i have an active role in creating. it's fun to be able to deconstruct and reduce, but it's more fulfilling to create.
  • perhaps i'm too good at finding contentness in life; and too willing to be fine with that.

  • 5-22-05 (12:55)

  • updated movies list.
  • autechre show was pretty much what i expected. they didn't go on until 12:30 so we had dinner and walked around the city a bit beforehand. they were done by 2am and i got home at about 4:30 because there was a major delay getting on the bridge.
  • i feel very lazy right now.

  • 5-19-05 (19:06)

  • life has been unusually busy lately.
  • have an autechre concert to attend tomorrow. it's in SF and it's going from 9p-3a so i'm going to be screwed come saturday morning when i have to open the store at 9am. oh well. they only come around once every few years so i have to go.
  • detroit/indiana game is on right now. the playoffs always screw with my movie watching schedule. i hope the pacers win.
  • went to berkeley/albany with meryl on tuesday night and most of wednesday. went to johnny's, shopped around telegraph and visited her family.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • updated cds i own list.
  • updated recommendations.
  • cinderella man looks like a piece of crap film.
  • chris miller is on jeopardy again. go chris.
  • updated my movie site a bit. i think it's pretty locked in at this point.

  • 5-16-05 (21:12)

  • "A bipartisan coalition of 132 U.S. mayors -- led by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels (D), and recently joined by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) -- has issued a high-profile rebuke of Bush administration inaction on climate change. The leaders have committed to reducing their municipalities' greenhouse-gas emissions to 7 percent below 1990 levels by 2012, in line with Kyoto treaty targets. While the Bush team says Kyoto would devastate the economy, many mayors are signing on precisely for economic reasons. Nickels was jarred by a series of dry winters, threatening Seattle's drinking water and hydropower sources. The mayor of Bellevue, Neb., is worried about the effects of droughts on farms. The mayor of New Orleans is concerned about the effects of rising sea levels on, uh, "the very existence of New Orleans" (economic enough for ya?). And so on. Says Republican Alan Arakawa, mayor of Maui County, Hawaii, "I'm hoping it sends a message [Bush administration officials] really need to start looking at what's really happening in the real world.""
  • worked today instead of taking the day off. will work tomorrow and then have wednesday off. will work thursday, friday and saturday and then see what happens after that. i wanted to try splitting up my off days for a couple weeks so that i could spend time with meryl on wednesdays and see how that works out.
  • melanie and i haven't seen each other in quite some time. that situation is pretty lame right now.
  • having intermittent problems with e-mail. fucking mercury in retrograde.
  • my movie watching habits have been downright pathetic lately.
  • fixed a minor problem in my all movies sorted alphabetically tab, which found on the movies listed page.

  • 5-15-05 (09:26)

  • had to get a new isp and i'm having trouble sending email to certain accounts. fucking obnoxious.
  • jon - autechre is coming to the mezzanine in SF, friday 5/20, $18. one of only two shows in california. wanna go?

  • 5-14-05 (18:39)

  • updated movies list.
  • so hot in my place that i don't feel like writing reviews or anything.
  • going to watch hitchhiker's guide tonight.

  • 5-13-05 (18:15)

  • in a lot of ways i have the worst self-confidence of all the people i know, but in other ways my self-confidence is rather strong. i've pretty much always refused to compromise my values for others and i've settled very infrequently. it's odd that i can think i'm bad at all sorts of things and that i'm not worthy of affection, but i can stand up for myself, and my values, when it comes to peer pressure and such. when it comes to my career, i think i've definitely settled and rationalized that decision, but i'm pretty okay with it.
  • this sucks. i always thought chappelle to be a very stable, sane person.
  • "Yokohama, Japan, a city of 3.5 million, recently sent its citizens a 27-page instruction book on how to sort trash for recycling into 10 different categories, detailing how to dispose of more than 500 separate items, from used lipstick tubes to old socks. The city aims to slash the amount of waste being sent to incinerators by 30 percent by 2010. Kamikatsu, a small town of 2,200 residents, has set its goal even higher -- no garbage thrown out at all by 2020. To achieve this lofty aim, the town requires citizens to sort their waste into a growing number of recycling categories -- now standing at 44. Of course, some residents grumble that the sorting is too complicated for mere mortals, but despite complaints, in the last four years, Kamikatsu's recycling rate has hovered around 80 percent. Intense social pressure helps, with volunteer garbage guardians across Japan inspecting their neighbors' sorting efforts and pestering laggards to get with the program."

  • 5-10-05 (19:42)

  • i don't like drugs, but i do wish that aerosmith still did them because they were much better when they were high. oh well.
  • well, hoop dreams came out on dvd today. that means i'm almost a complete person. that documentary is so boss.
  • bought some great films today. updated movies i own list.
  • apparently the new weezer album sucks chode.
  • updated movies list.

  • 5-9-05 (19:53)

  • updated movies list.
  • just got an email from melanie that said she doesn't want to hang out with me for a while. i generally construct my life to avoid drama, but this time in my life seems to be the exception to that.
  • melanie had a drunken rant on her webpage where she told me to fuck off and go to hell. the whole thing is so contrary to the majority of my life. it sounded like she genuinely hated me for moving on and for holding her to a high standard (with regard to drinking and drugs) while i was with her. i know that it's mostly the alcohol and grief speaking, but it still hurts. i guess i can only wait to see how things will settle. my overriding feeling right now about the whole thing is worry because i don't want her to do anything that will hurt her in the long run.
  • i'd definitely consider myself more of a democrat than a republican, but i think that people should be held to high standards, rather than simply forgiving them for all their transgressions and screw-ups. forgiveness is certainly important and more powerful than vengeance, but i think that too often it is the response of liberals to forgive without expressing disappointment and the expectation of better behavior. with everything, though, it's about balance and flexibility.
  • i always felt that melanie needed to have high expectations with a foundation of love and understanding and i always tried to convey that to her, but i apparently failed.
  • i also failed to relay my feelings about her here. not that that changed the outcome of us, but i suppose it was a mistake.
  • i met meryl's mom, stepdad and brother on saturday. i was extremely nervous beforehand, but at ease once we sat down to eat.
  • blackalicious are great.
  • i was thinking about marriage the other day and that one reason i don't like the idea of it is that it seeks permanence in an impermanent, ever-changing, chaotic world. in that sense nietzsche might call it life-denying. i think, though, that that's the most romantic part of it for many people. then again, marriage doesn't mean much these days anyway.
  • www.millersmovies.com
  • the nba playoffs are shaping up to be quite boring.
  • didn't do shit today.

  • 5-8-05 (12:03)

  • i don't think seattle has a chance against the spurs. defense wins championships and the spurs have very good defense and more experience.
  • i never once considered shaq an mvp candidate. he's good and he's made a difference, but wade is more important to that team. nash was the clear winner to me so i don't understand the controversy.
  • george lucas is such a whore and a wannabe spielberg, it's rather pathetic. watching yoda trying to steal some guy's diet pepsi was the low point of my day yesterday. i'm just waiting for the end of "revenge of the sith" when yoda kicks some ass and then opens a bag of reese's pieces (ala E.T) to celebrate.
  • alonzo mourning is a good guy and all, but i hope he realizes that he was able to survive his kidney problems more because of the great healthcare he received as a millionaire, than because god wanted him to live longer.
  • having the day off is pretty nice. actually i have to work an hour today because someone called in sick, but i'm really enjoying time to just sit around and watch basketball and eat a leisurely meal.

  • 5-6-05 (18:19)

  • "The Bush administration yesterday gave the heave-ho to the sweeping Clinton administration roadless rule, which put some 58.5 million acres of national forests off-limits to development. In its place, a new rule will put 34.3 million acres of that land back into play, at the discretion of governors, who will have 18 months to petition the feds either to open national-forest land in their states to development or keep it protected. Agriculture Undersecretary Mark Rey claimed that "the way [the Clinton rule] was done developed a substantial amount of ill will." As more than 90 percent of the public comments on the Clinton rule were positive, while more than 95 percent (nearly 1.8 million) on the Bush rule were negative, said "ill will" likely came primarily from the oil, gas, logging, mining, and road-building industries. Said a spokesflack for the Independent Petroleum Association of America, "We have to find ways and work with local communities to evaluate these lands and see if they are best for oil and gas activities, recreation, whatever." Whatever, please."
  • updated movies list.

  • 5-5-05 (19:48)

  • updated movies list.
  • watched one of the worst films of all-time last night. god it was awful.
  • got my tax return the other day and made a big payment to my credit card. i have a good amount of debt to go, but it's all 0% apr so i'm in pretty good shape right now.

  • 5-4-05 (22:07)

  • updated movies i own list.
  • updated movies list.

  • 5-2-05 (18:38)

  • needless to say i'm very disappointed by the kings' loss yesterday. i'm not going to count them out because i know better than that, but it's not likely. the playoffs this year have been boring.
  • ray allen single-handedly beat us. it should be clear to anyone who follows the kings that we lost yesterday's game because we didn't have doug christie. mobley is a good player and very good offensively, but doug christie would have turned a 45 point day into a 30 point day. it's too bad, too, because peja had his best effort of the series wasted. that said, he didn't score any points in the fourth quarter. we need to trade him.
  • it's pretty warm right now.
  • worked on getting a search tool for the webpage today, but it's going very slowly. i found one that's good, but it takes all sorts of configuring and i don't know anything about perl so i'm having trouble working everything out.
  • guess i'll go watch another movie or two.
  • 5-1-05 (11:50)
  • i think allen iverson is great. whatever you may say about his personality i think he's a great player and a real warrior on the court. he plays every minute, makes his teammates better and has an amazing amount of talent for his (or any) size.
  • i've had a lot going on lately. today will be a good day to clear my mind. watch some basketball and just hang out. going to the kings game tonight. it's pretty nice to be able to go to so many kings games. i wish i had espn right now so i could watch webber.
  • cut my hair today.
  • 13:17
  • as soon as i saw that the game went into ot i biked over to woodstock's to catch the ot period. needless to say i was very disappointed by the result.
  • i wonder if shaq has ever gone an entire half without scoring.
  • bill walton is just a shaq apologist. i wish they'd just fuck each other already.
  • i have 60 days of music now.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • updated cd list.
  • updated movies list.

  • 4-26-05 (10:53)

  • was at the co-op yesterday and saw some women outside protesting. they had signs that said something like "women are people, treat us as equals." naturally i was sympathetic with that idea so i picked up one of their flyers. on it they outlined the injustices of the major vitamin/supplement makers. centrum and one-a-day both have vitamins that are supposedly formulated especially for women. the flyer went on to decry this injustice because it assumes that "womyn somehow have special needs." the picketers felt that this assumption was at the very core of all gender problems and that the fight must be brought to every corner of this great debate.
  • today i'm going to buy some new shorts and probably a new pair of shoes. it's very rare that i buy clothes.
  • looking forward to the kings game tonight.
  • noticed today that the prodigy remix of method man's "release yo' self" seems to use elements of ennio morricone's "the showdown."
  • updated movies list.x
  • oh, just kidding about that co-op protest thing.

  • 4-25-05 (23:02)

  • lately i've been thinking about how an event's full impact isn't ever known, and can't be judged until, at least, death. to use a prosaic sports analogy - the injury of a star quarterback might seem awful, but that might end up being a good thing if another, better, quarterback takes over and does an even better job. this happened to the rams with green and warner, but i think it happens in the rest of life as well. of course, it also works the other way. classically, there are stories about people running into large sums of money. it seems great at first, but later on it haunts the recipient. this is one reason why i'm not a big fan of regret.

  • 4-25-05 (16:57)

  • worked on my master movies list today. input all the grades for 2002. also added a column for films i saw in the theater and did that by memory, did that for 2001/2000, as well. 28% of the movies i watched in 2001 were watched in the theater. i have a pretty clear memory of where i saw most of the films and under what conditions i saw them. it's odd that i can remember that, but i have trouble remembering a film's plot or the names of actors/directors. i also remember parts of my life relative to what films i was watching. on 4/23/02, for example, i watched waking life. i remember watching it on my computer after melanie and i had gotten into a fight. that was almost exactly three years ago. we were on good terms again by the time we went to the theater on g street to watch storytelling, that was on 5/1/02.
  • on 12.28.02 i saw monster's ball with my sister. she was visiting that week. we both thought it sucked and we made fun of it. i also introduced her to david fincher that week by showing her se7en and fight club.
  • also noticed that i missed two movies on the list for 2003. added those.
  • none of the films i watched before 2002 have grades because i didn't go to a grade system until that point. other than that the spreadsheet listing of movies i've seen should have all the grades next to the year of release. average grade for films i graded between 2002 and the end of 2004 is 2.8, which is a B-...pretty much what i expected it to be. added another tab at the end of the spreadsheet which has all the films alphabetized.

  • 4-24-05 (21:27)

  • went to sacramento today. took the train over there and met up with john. we played some basketball, some video games, watched tv and a movie. it was a good, laid back time.
  • i need to get another pair of shorts. i'm also in the market for some socks and maybe another pair of shoes. might do that on tuesday.

  • 4-23-05 (14:42)

  • depressing
  • updated movies list.
  • saw an advanced showing of 'a lot like love' the other day.
  • kings playoff tickets went on sale today. i easily could have gotten a couple, but my finances aren't so great so i thought better of it. i still might end up going because of my ticket hookup.
  • "dear mr. bush, there are over 100 words for shit and only 1 for music. fuck you, out hud" that's the title of track 9 on the new out hud album. i also like "dad, there's a little phrase called too much information." which is the best track on their first album.
  • sorry to hear that the niners picked up smith instead of rogers. not that i really know much about either, but i like it when a team picks a home town guy.
  • also, the lions got a steal picking up williams when they did. i think he's going to be a star. there might be brighter ones who went earlier in the draft, but i think that (barring injury) he's a lock to be an impact receiver for the next 10 years. but what do i know?
  • got a half day at work today. also got tuesday off. this last week my boss took off three days because of some medical business he had to take care of, as a result he told me i should take a half day today and not come in on tuesday. that's a major difference between him and 98% of the other bosses in the world. that said, i still think that jon was my favorite boss.
  • the new four tet and prefuse 73 are pretty good, but not as good as their earlier works. same goes for the new autechre, which in its first two days sold a whopping 0 copies in the tower chain. i bought one yesterday so maybe that'll get the ball rolling.

  • 4-21-05 (00:16)

  • got about two hours of sleep last night. as a result today was very long. that said, i still got a lot done at work and watched a movie afterwards.
  • working on a search engine for the site. all this stuff (perl, cgi scripts, etc.) is new to me so it might take a while.

  • 4-18-05 (13:49)

  • there's nothing i hate more than working with computers. they just piss me off so much sometimes. i just wasted an hour trying to coax excel into understanding different formulas i was trying to work up. i also hate that it'll understand a formula that comes above a certain cell, but it won't apply that formula to the cells above it unless i manually cut and past the function. it's like when you have word adding bullet points or numbers to a list of items. by pressing enter it'll automatically figure out that you want it to continue applying the numbers to the next item...excel does the same thing with functions, only i can't get it to work on my movies list because that file has the recent stuff above the the older stuff, which is unusual. nothing's ever easy with these fucking things. also, apparently excel has a limit on how many functions you can "nest" in a single cell. that's no good because my grading system has 15 grades (A - F, and +/- for each).
  • i've looked online for suggestions, but it everything i've found so far has been very rudimentary and has required inputting a number instead of a letter grade. i'd like to keep the grade on the list spreadsheet consistent with the grades on the movies reviewed page, rather than having to input a number, which might be confusing for some.
  • latest design.

  • 4-18-05 (00:38)

  • rose o'donnell is in a hallmark made for tv movie. she plays a retard. wow.
  • i feel like playing basketball. took a mid-afternoon nap which means i'm not tired right now.
  • dennis hopper is such a sellout. fuck that guy.
  • semi-new page design. two (one and two) slightly different permutations. i've also added another column to my movies listed file. i hope to have all the grades alongside the films at some point in the future. that'll take a couple hours though.

  • 4-17-05 (21:24)

  • updated recommendations.
  • updated movies list.

  • 4-17-05 (16:39)

  • it's been a long, strange, eventful week. johnny and crew visiting, baseball with meryl, picnic day, lots of work, lots of movies, the beginning of a new webpage, and probably more.
  • yesterday i left work early to meet up with john, his girlfriend and his brother. we did the picnic day stuff, ate in and out and then played soccer. i haven't played soccer in years, but it was fun.
  • hanging out with meryl on tuesday was the first time in a long time that i've hung out with a girl other than melanie. for that reason alone this week was different.
  • watched a fairly uninteresting documentary in the theater today.
  • woke up very tired this morning - maybe because of all the walking and running yesterday and maybe because of the benadryl i took last night. i don't like drugs.
  • going to the driving range on tuesday, after work.
  • been listening to a lot of del tha funky homosapien, specifically his deltron 3030 album.

  • 4-15-05 (23:31)

  • kristen chenoweth seems the definition of bimbo.
  • letterman just asked her if she'd like to play "will it float" which was a great dig, but i don't think she got it at all.
  • millersmovies.com in its nascent stages.
  • tell me what you think. i don't really like any of them, but my webpage (and photoshop) talents are limited.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • the first one is too plain and the other two are just a matter of loading time and b&w vs/ color preference.
  • i'd also like to incorporate a search function which would allow a person to find all the reviews i've written for a particular movie. again, that's probably beyond my abilities at this stage.

  • 4-13-05 (00:25)

  • went to the a's game tonight. they lost. it was a fairly good game nonetheless.

  • 4-11-05 (23:11)

  • one of the more amazing moments in the masters was when tiger hit a shot onto the green which caused dimarco's ball to roll down a hill, off the green. dimarco was just a little less lucky than tiger. also consider the shot on 16 for tiger and the shot for dimarco on 18. tough day.
  • updated movies list.
  • lost half the movies in my netflix queue today. not sure how that happened, but it's very unfortunate.
  • charles barkley is on jay leno right now. leno is an idiot, but barkley is a pretty good guy. i've always enjoyed his candid personality. apparently he's written a book on race relations in america. he acknowledges, though, that many of the problems today stem from economic disparities.
  • updated recommendations. three film recommendations. two noir and one documentary about rich kids.

  • 4-11-05 (01:01)

  • the masters was pretty good. i felt that tiger was playing to not lose through most of the day, but that was just my opinion. at any rate, it made for a good match.
  • johnny, luke, vern, steve and steve's girlfriend (whose name i don't know how to spell, but it sounds like si) stopped in davis on their way back from skiing. i visited them at in and out for about half an hour.
  • was thinking today about registering www.mymoviereviews.com or www.chrismillersmoviereviews.com.

  • 4-10-05 (12:00)

  • updated movies list.
  • kings game on in 30 minutes.
  • going to an a's game on tuesday.
  • hope to watch a lot of movies this weekend.
  • got the new lyrics born album yesterday, eager to listen to that.

  • 4-6-05 (23:20)

  • updated movies list. updated 8 movies today. finally caught up.
  • jane fonda is on letterman right now and i find myself actually respecting her a bit. she's been in the public eye quite a bit lately, probably because she's pimping some book she wrote. but i also saw here in a documentary today which was made before her book tour started so it's just a matter of simple synchronicity. i guess being raised by henry fonda would make a person pretty good. she actually looks more like her dad than peter does. henry fonda was fucking cool.
  • saw a bit of the simple life today. i'm not a violent person. i've never really slugged a person before, but if i ever saw paris hilton or paris hilton #2 i really think i'd put a dent in their faces.
  • i just saw william hung on a commercial for a certain search engine. wow.
  • speaking of commercials....during the super bowl i remarked that the overweight guy in the "no" commercial with david spade is a good actor. he's also in a car rental commercial and (i think) in that commercial where he's interviewing for a job. the boss' name is mr. dumass and the guy keeps calling him mr. dumb ass. anyway, i'd give him a shot if i were a comedy director.
  • it sounds like i watch a lot of tv.
  • thanks to the white stripes and the strokes we've got a new trend in rock on our hands. bloc party, franz ferdinand, bravery, dogs die in hot cars, etc. have all tried to ride the coattails. i guess it's better than the rapcore trend we had in the 90s.
  • the woman who plays ray romano's wife on everybody loves raymond is on jay leno right now. she's complaining about jury duty and talking about buying cheap shoes for $60. she said she's going to fire her stylist because she's been buying $800 shoes this whole time.
  • new beck album isn't that good.
  • unpleasant. i've seen far worse album covers than that, though.
  • moby's on conan right now. moby sucks.

  • 4-6-05 (00:19)

  • been pretty bad about updating my movies list lately.
  • for those interested in warner dvd releases.
  • "[JoeG] Great work on such SE DVDs as TRUE ROMANCE and Errol Flynn's ROBIN HOOD. Keep it going! Anyway....digitalbits.com reported awhile back you all was working on a SE DVD of 2001. Any truth or any other Kubrick title?

  • [WarnerHomeVideo] SE of 2001 is targeted for 2006, with other Kubrick SEs."
  • kings have been playing well lately.
  • i was suprised that the ncaa championship game turned out to be pretty close in the second half, but i wasn't surprised by the outcome. i don't like nc.
  • i'm very tired

  • 4-4-05 (19:22)

  • on jeopardy tonight they had a category about movie directors. they named three films and you had to name the director. i didn't get a clean sweep this time which was disappointing. i didn't know that penny marshall directed a league of their own. i did get nora ephron, brian depalma (surprisingly, no one got that one), terry gilliam and someone else who i can't remember right now.
  • then the final jeopardy question was in the category "presidents and the movies." the answer was something like "this president was the first to screen a film at the white house when he watched a birth of a nation." birth of a nation came out in 1914 so it was woodrow wilson.
  • awesome site. they have audio of ken jennings' loss which is pretty cool. they also have stats for each episode and something called the coryat score which gauges a person's score without daily doubles and final jeopardy. it gives a better idea of how good a player is.
  • it's halftime of the national championship game. looks pretty clear that unc will win. another clunker of a championship game. i'm sure illinois will make a run, but i think sean may is too consistent to allow unc to have any kind of sustained scoring drought. oh well.

  • 4-4-05 (00:36)

  • updated movies list.
  • apparently the last pope was the best person to ever live. that, according to all the reports i've heard so far. i think he's the bud selig of popes. he and bud selig were both the heads during huge controversies in their respective areas. selig with steroids and john paul with that whole touching little boys thing.

  • 4-1-05 (18:27)
    mitch hedberg died last night. i don't think it was an april fool's joke. pretty lame. he was a funny guy. he made a lot of common sense observations that, of course, were quite funny. he also had a christopher walkenesque delivery style. recommendable.

    3-31-05 (12:09)

  • updated movies list.

  • 3-29-05 (22:09)

  • updated movies list.
  • jesse jackson and rush limbaugh agree on the schiavo case. that's kinda funny.
  • johnnie cochran died today. i never disliked the guy, personally, but that's because i never felt any hate towards o.j. simpson or had any disdain for the trial. i thought it was a big show, but i blamed that more on the media than anything else.
  • ann taylor fleming just did a retrospective on hunter s. thompson. she essentially talked about how great a guy he was and how much of an influence he was on her becoming a journalist. she talked about how tragic it was that he took his life and then talked about teen suicide and how we say "the pain will pass" and how that evidently isn't always true, especially when you live the way thompson did. it was a good little essay, wish they had a transcript of it online. kurosawa attempted suicide late in his life. i have mad respect for akira kurosawa. i think i respect him as much as anyone else i don't know.

  • 3-28-05 (22:16)

  • i was looking through my movies trying to decide which movie to watch next and i picked up one of the latest criterion flicks that i purchased. it's a dassin film called night and the city. i read the first half line to the synopsis and it said something like "richard widmark stars as a two bit hustler..." i said to myself "man i love two bit hustlers." i really do love two bit hustlers, in movies anyway. just seeing that much of the synopsis made me all happy and ready to watch the movie, but i think i'm going to save it for a widmark double feature with another dvd i picked up the other day, which i also haven't seen - panic in the streets. so now i'm off to watch a different dassin pic - thieves' highway.
  • for a while i was getting a little burnt out on movies, but i think that i was watching too many movies out of obligation. i was watching films that are canonized for one reason or another rather than watching films that i feel like watching.
  • 00:18
  • kings won tonight which is good, but they played the 76ers and that means that webber lost in his return to arco arena. i wish that webber could get a championship. i feel really bad for that guy.
  • i just want to watch jimmy stewart movies all day for the next couple weeks. that would be pretty ideal.
  • updated recommendations.

  • 3-27-05 (23:48)

  • mf doom is pretty cool. special herbs 7 and 8 is probably the place to start.
  • i've found that, on average, "world" music features longer tracks than western music.

  • 3-26-05 (00:18)

  • i remember numbers a lot better than names, but i'm not good at math.
  • new daft punk is okay, but nothing special. the only album of theirs that i really liked was homework. it seems like there are a lot of 90s groups that are dying these days. prodigy, orbital, daft punk, have all released mediocre/final albums in the last year. then there are the groups like the beastie boys, u2 or r.e.m. that are releasing records that are far inferior in comparison to their earlier stuff. the thing that makes this so unfortunate is that i don't feel like the torch has really been passed to anyone. also, electronic music, in general, is pretty stale right now.
  • updated recommendations.
  • ncaa tourney has been okay so far. only two games that i've seen that have been exciting. arizona/OK state yesterday and villanova/NC today. i discovered today that on my primary cbs channel 13.1 (hdtv) i was getting the nova/nc game. but if i went to the regular ntsc signal (13) or the sd signal (13.2) then i'd get the utah/KY game. in this way having HDTV is sometimes like having free cable. if i didn't have it then i would have been stuck with the inferior utah/ky game, but i went with the nova/nc game instead and switched to the utah/ky game during the commercials. it's pretty sweet.
  • i got the baraka soundtrack on cd the other day. john works for WEA so i can get pretty much anything that they put out and baraka was recently remastered and released so i got it. good soundtrack, but can't beat koyaanisqatsi. it blows me away that i can spell koyaanisqatsi without a problem, but when i spell commitment or recommend or anything else with repeating letters, i have a problem remembering which letters repeat. most of the time i can figure it out if i really think about it, but still. powaqatsi naqoyqatsi koyaanistqatsi
  • i'm looking forward to seeing Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, it's supposed to be a tour de force performane from sandra bollocks. seriously though, regina king is a good actress and i thought she was above something like that.
  • time to sleep.
  • forgot to put this up.
    3-25-05 (18:43)
  • got a doctor's bill yesterday. i've gone into the office three times (once to just pick up the orthotics) and the bill was for over $1,000. my part of the bill is $350. doctors are fucking racketeers. one of the charges was fo4 $100 and was labeled "range of motion measurement." i think this entailed the doctor holding my foot and twisting it to make sure it moved normally. no special equipment, no special machines, nothing. she didn't even need to touch my feet to do it - she could have asked me if i felt any limitation in my range of movement. i would have told her no and she would be out $100. oh yeah, and the cortisone shot that i didn't even want? $280. it would have been cheaper and just as informative if i had gone to the good feet store in sacramento, gotten some orthotics made there and then filled in the blanks by going to www.webmd.com. the last few times i've gone to the doctor i've had nothing but bad experiences. i'm done with doctors until i need surgery or a democrat is in office (which would hopefully mean a federal insurance program).

  • 3-23-05 (00:30)

  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • updated cd list.
  • today a representative from one of the major vendors came into the store to do some product tracking and drop off some stuff. the whole time he was there he had one of those handless cellphone headsets attached to his ear. it was like something out of star trek or some, more ominous, sci-fi movie.
  • speaking of movies....i've rearranged all my dvds. instead of being in alphabetical order they are now in order by year of release. so it begins with battleship potemkin and ends with saw. it's more difficult to find things, but, in the long run, it'll help me remember the year that things came out. i've also toyed with the idea of ordering it by genre, director, or country of origin. i'll try this for a while and see how it works.

  • 3-21-05 (13:12)

  • melanie leaves for england tomorrow. it's kinda sad to think that if we were still together i'd be leaving with her.
  • yesterday john came over and we watched the ncaa basketball games. none of them were that memorable. cbs didn't do a very good job of switching between the games as one became closer than another. perhaps it was a legal/rights issue, but whether it was or not it's unfortunate that i didn't get to see some of the closer games instead of ga tech being killed by louisville.
  • i think i feel less of a need to be accepted than is average, but i still do need to feel like i have an important place somewhere. that's definitely a weakness because it necessitates relying on others, but i think that's just sort of the way life is.
  • i should watch more movies.

  • 3-21-05 (01:00)

  • updated movies list.
  • updated recommendations.

  • 3-18-05 (22:04)

  • expected.
  • five cds left to put on my computer. pretty happy that it's over.
  • price of gas is up again. i thought for sure that it was going to stay down this time. hmmm.
  • erin, from work, and i got into a debate today about athletes. he thinks that mark mcgwire did steroids when he was a baseball player and i contended that taking canseco's word for anything is a foolish idea. the debate devolved into an argument about athletes being "assholes." it's amazing that otherwise intelligent people are sometimes so bigoted against athletes. erin pretty much contended that all athletes are assholes and that most pro athletes use steroids. he said "all the athletes i've known were assholes." melanie once told me that she felt, more or less, the same way about volleyball players. i just don't understand what being an asshole has to do with the desire to combine strategy and physical exertion.
  • it also bothers me when people simplify games that they don't understand. when i was young i referred to rap as singing nursery rhymes while spitting in your hand (beat boxing). then i grew up. but apparently not everyone is quite as mature as some still refer to basketball as "a bunch of guys in their underwear throwing a ball around." life as an ignorant bigot must be easy.
  • so, i have 58+ days of music on my computer now. pretty happy about that.

  • 3-16-05 (22:53)

  • updated movies list.
  • should be done with the cd-to-computer project by friday. only have classical music to go. yay.
  • oral storytelling is a lost art.

  • 3-16-05 (19:37)

  • haven't been very good about updating things lately.
  • updated movies list.
  • work has been a bit stressful lately. people just don't do their job and it makes it harder on everyone else.
  • i think that, like mark borchardt, i should work in a cemetery because that's where people are (finally) good.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • koyaanisqatsi is a movie that becomes more and more relevant everyday. i see people who have an ipod attached to their body everywhere they go and i just imagine what it'll be like in 20 years when the ipod, cellphone and computer merge. it's something i've been thinking about lately because i really feel it's right around the corner and i'm wondering how it'll change humanity. i also feel like we are living in a relativistic age and that that only makes the problem worse because people will just say that it doesn't matter that being attached to a computer isn't natural...the times are changing and it's neither good nor bad. i view it as a mostly bad thing, but that's just because i can't convince myself of an absense of right and wrong.

  • 3-15-05 (02:21)

  • ides of march.
  • wow.
  • updated movies list.
  • been feeling uninspired when it comes to movie reviews lately. sorta burnt out and busy. need to refocus myself.
  • went to a show in SF today. saw joseph arthur, singer/songwriter who was playing at some small place on mission. john had free tickets since it's a WEA related act. show was pretty good, but it was quite a way to go.
  • i close tomorrow which means i get to sleep in. but now i remember that my landlady is coming by in the morning because i'm going to change a floodlight for her. wish i hadn't agreed to do that the morning after such a late show. oh well.
  • yesterday i got free tickets to see the kings lose to the rockets. it was a pretty good game, but it's always tough to see them lose. two weeks in a row i've seen them play on sunday. pretty sweet. the tickets guy is really hooking it up lately. it seems like i've been getting a lot of free tickets opportunities lately, not just from the tickets guy, but also from john and other people.
  • life is pretty different these days. i'm mostly out of debt, i don't have a girlfriend, i have enough money, i go to live shows more often, i've made a new friend, i'm relatively happy at work, etc. i think that i generally do what i need to do to be content and that changes with my situation.

  • 3-13-05 (03:21)

  • took a long nap and now i'm up too late. oh well. it's the weekend and i don't have school work or any obligations. i'm a free man and i should act as such.
  • today i wrote a check for the balance of my debt...that debt which was part of the debt management program anyway. that's all the stuff i had from the trip and from college. so i still need to pay off my tv and a credit card that i use for this site and for netflix, but it was still a big step.

  • 3-12-05 (23:37)

  • for quite some time i've had the self-titled beta band album and have thought it to be mostly uninteresting. i got it a while back after getting 3 e.p.s and loving it. i had heard that it was a different album for them, but i decided to check it out anyway. during my cd to computer project, though, i discovered that the disc i actually have is some todd terry album, not the beta band album i had thought it was. so this entire time i thought that their self-titled album was some weird house/dub album. it's rare, but every once in a while you'll come across a defect like that. guess i'll have to buy the album again.
  • watched an interesting show about string theory on nova tonight. one thing that has always gotten to me about people's theories about god and the universe is that they try to apply the rules of everyday life (causation, logic, everything has a beginning and end, etc.) to something like god and being. it has always seemed pretty ridiculous and arrogant to me. it's fun, sure, but to think that we can actually figure things out just doesn't fly with me.
  • sounds about right. i knew the season was toast when we traded webber, but now it's official. this also means my fantasy team officially will not make the playoffs. so far my team has lost richard jefferson, bobby jackson and brad miller. i would have a good team if not for those season ending injuries. i also went without kobe for quite some time, and then traded him when he got better.

  • 3-12-05 (00:03)

  • updated movies list. still need to review Thief.
  • spent a few hours in front of the computer working on the cd to computer project. i download all the cddb.com info first and then i rip the cds, that way i don't need to be online the whole time. today i took the last of the cds (about 150), stacked them all up and put them into the computer. with about 10 cds to go my computer froze up. i rebooted and apparently all the data from the cds i had spent an hour swapping in and out, had been lost. very unfortunate.
  • being back at work isn't as good as being on vacation.
  • thinking about the future of technology in our lives makes me depressed because i have a (somewhat realistic) vision of technology being practically implanted into our persons. what i mean is i think it's just a matter of time before cell phones do everything that a computer does and it's just a matter of time until cellphones become an inseparable part of our lives.

  • 3-8-05 (20:08)

  • "Sandra Bullock is upset by reports she turned down the chance to star in Oscar-winning movie Million Dollar Baby - because she tried to get the film made for years. The actress calls rumors she snubbed Clint Eastwood "total rubbish," insisting instead that gossips have got their facts wrong. She explains, "We had Million Dollar Baby with someone else for a while, trying to get it made. I couldn't get it made. We tried and tried and tried. (They were like) Female boxing movies don't sell. I was like, 'This is the most incredible piece.' I then started doing Miss Congeniality 2 and they got Hilary Swank and they got Clint." But Bullock insists she's not bitter about the fact the film went on to net Swank a Best Actress Oscar - in the role she wanted to play: "When things like that happen, that's the way they're supposed to be.""
  • updated movies list.

  • 3-7-05 (12:52)

  • "Actress Hilary Swank has Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd to thank for her Best Actress Oscar for Million Dollar Baby - because the role was refused by both actresses. The movie's producer Albert S. Ruddy's first choice for the part of a tragic female boxer was Bullock, who turned down the part when she was told she could not pick the director - Ruddy next approached Judd, whose salary demands would have busted the budget. After Ruddy finally settled on Swank, Bullock's agent called him and said she would do the picture after all, but, "Al just said, 'Too late,'" a source told website Pagesix.Com."
  • pathetic.
  • updated movies list.

  • 3-6-05 (17:28)

  • kings played without mobley and miller today. i figured they'd lose by about seven and i was wrong, way wrong. we ended up winning by 15 and it wasn't ever really close. they pulled to within 4 at one point, but that was it. our defense was great - they had at least three shot clock violations and scored under 90 which is good for us. we rotated well on defense and actually outrebounded them. offensively we were very agressive and we hit some big shots down the stretch. it was a fun game and one that definitely gives me hope for the team. i still wish webber was on the team though.
  • after game i went to play some basketball with john and my boss. it was good to get out and workout a bit. the weather is spring-esque today so it was also nice to take advantage of it.
  • the more i use the new allmusic website the less i like its new layout.

  • 3-6-05 (10:23)

  • so in the last week i've had four free ticket opportunities. tuesday i went to see pat metheny at the mondavi center with john. it wasn't very good so we left early. wednesday i had two free tickets to see sage francis in san francisco. unfortunately i couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me, or who wanted to give me a ride, so i had to pass on them even though i wanted to go to that show pretty badly. friday melanie offered to take me to the mondavi center to see twelfth night, but she decided later on that she wasn't in the mood. today i have a free ticket to go see the kings/pistons game.
  • updated movies list.

  • 3-5-05 (22:55)

  • my cd to computer project should be completed within two weeks.

  • 3-3-05 (23:43)

  • i had suspicions about this one long ago. this, however, i can vouch for.

  • 3-2-05 (23:21)

  • "Criterion has announced a trio of new DVD releases for May: Steve James, Fredrick Marx and Peter Gilbert's Hoop Dreams (#289), Les Blank's Burden of Dreams (#287) and Luis Buñuel's The Phantom of Liberty (#290)."
  • that's the best news of the week. i've been looking forward to hoop dreams for about six years now.
  • i think it's important to learn from the mistakes of others and, relatedly, take the advice of elders. i think i've done a pretty good job of making some of my own mistakes and learning from the mistakes of others. some might feel it's necessary to make all their mistakes on their own while ignoring the advice of others, but i think that's foolish. if i were a parent i would allow my kid to touch a hot stove and have him learn about things like that in that way, but when it came to things they might regret later on (drugs, sex and the like at an early age), i would be more inclined to try to dissuade him from making the mistake in the first place.
  • when i was home last week i got to see the family dog. i'm not a dog person in general, but he's a great dog. i told him that i felt bad about what my people have done to his people (namely the hundreds of thousands of years of enslavement, genocide and genetic engineering) and that i wished none of it had happened. he didn't seem to angry about it, at least with me. so it was nice to get that out in the open so that i could enjoy his company without too much guilt hanging over my head. he's a pretty forgiving dog.

  • updated movieslist.

    2-28-05 (20:10)

  • tough life for martin scorsese. the oscars were pretty unmemorable. sean penn proved once again that he has no sense of humor and takes himself far too seriously, but there's not much new there.
  • updated movies list.

  • 2-27-05 (13:20)

  • updated movies list.
  • a recount of my time off:
  • 20th. saw the all star game and felt that AI deserved the mvp award. i like iverson because he shows up in every game, plays well on both sides of the ball and he's small. also saw jarred diamond talk on some cable channel. he's great. need to read more of his stuff.
  • 21st and 22nd. i started to get signs of a cold and took a bunch of cold eeze...it wiped it out almost completely. that stuff is amazing. helped my mom strip her bedroom wall of the old wallpaper. then we painted and put up crown molding. it looks good. also went to have sushi at the best sushi place i've ever been to. that was great.
  • 23rd. went to see my grandpa and recommended he see ikiru, which i loaned him. later he said he watched it and liked it. felt it was a bit long, but said he'd never seen a film like it before. i love that movie. after that i met up with james chai, an old track friend and we ate dinner and watched a movie. afterwards we met up with another old friend, david howard, who i also hadn't seen in probably 6-7 years. we talked about the old days and the current days and politics and movies and the usual shit. james is one of the coolest guys i've ever known.
  • 24th. went to amoeba and got a bunch of good dvds and cds. heard the amazingly awful news that chris webber got traded to the 76ers. i don't know how much longer i'm going to be a kings fan. they've traded my two favorite players, they let divac go and picked up ostertaag and they don't play like they used to. i might jump ship and become a 76ers fan or start following the warriors since they got baron davis, a ucla alumnus. the whole thing is tragic.
  • 25th. went to an all you can eat sushi place with my dad. that was good. sushi wasn't nearly as good as the other one, but it was all you can eat and they had other stuff so it was pleasant.
  • 26th. played nine holes of golf with my dad and averaged a double bogey. got one par and did better on the last few holes than on the first six. afterwards i got in a fight with my sister, the prima donna, and went to dinner with my grandparents and uncle's family. it was nice. another good food experience.
  • all told it was a relatively decent trip. only wanted to kill my sister for about an hour or so and didn't get in any fights with my parents. met up with a couple old friends and it wasn't uncomfortable. had lots of good food and avoided getting a cold.
  • updated movies i own list. and cd list.

  • 2-16-05 (19:52)

  • had another good jeopardy moment today. the category was "directors' first films" the five answers were play misty for me, eraserhead, 400 blows, sex, lies and videotape and citizen kane. eastwood, lynch, truffaut, soderbergh, and welles. i got them all and i was pretty happy about that. there was another answer that i thought was pretty clever. i forget the category but the answer was: "this company was #130 on the fortune 500 in 2003. this company was #130 on the fortune 500 in 2003." i also got that one, but unlike the film questions no one on the show did. it was xerox. clever. the final jeopardy question was really difficult. the category was singers and the question was "this singer, who often spoke out against the government, was named after the president who was elected in 1912." i got that it was woodrow wilson, but i didn't know that the singer was woody guthrie, whose full name was woodrow wilson guthrie. tough. i guess jeopardy is like most things - it's only fun when you're doing reasonably well.

  • 2-16-05 (01:02)

  • sorta updated movieslist. two movies left to review, but i caught up on a couple from the other day.
  • i mentioned the other day that i'd be tougher on my movie reviews. i'm just realigning the grading the way it should have been all along. before, i was grading films relative to all films in existence, now i will be grading films relative to other films that i actually watch. the theory is that there is a large number of rather poor pictures out there that i hardly ever watch and that they generally comprise the left end of the bell curve - the Fs and Ds - which is why i hardly ever gave out Fs and Ds. that's making it too complicated, the gist is that the grades are being realigned from here on out so if you see a B grade it means the film is actually good, rather than just decent enough to pass the time.

  • 2-15-05 (18:52)

  • "Sacramento guard Cuttino Mobley was fined $10,000 by the NBA on Tuesday for his protest after referees did not call goaltending on his last-minute shot during a loss to Dallas.

  • Mobley had to be restrained from going after the officials by teammate Brad Miller on Friday night.
    Stu Jackson, the league's senior vice president for basketball operations, said the fine was for abuse of the officials and failure to promptly leave the court.
    The shot, which would have given Sacramento a 3-point lead, was blocked by Dallas' Erick Dampier and was followed by Jason Terry's three-point play that gave the Mavericks the 115-113 victory at Sacramento. Replays showed Mobley's shot clearly hit the backboard, which under NBA rules is goaltending.
    During the ensuing timeout, the Kings played the replay of Dampier's block seven times, and owners Gavin and Joe Maloof pointed pleadingly at the video board. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has had his share of fines for replaying controversial calls too many times in Dallas, merely smirked."
  • it's raining right now.
  • last night i had dinner with melanie and it was the first time i didn't feel 100% comfortable around her. i'm back to the point where i think about the situation all the time and it totally sucks.
  • worked almost 10 hours today because i had to come in early to have an ibm tech fix the computer. left late because there was a lot to do and nothing to come home to.
  • price of gas is going back up again. they talked about it on npr as if it were a surprise and offered one possible reason for the newest hike: a higher priced mix of gas for the summer time. they always have some excuse - a summer mix, gov't taxes, environmental standards, argentina, iraq, etc. but the truth is that the price of gas is always going to increase, sorry to be the one to break it to you in case you were too stupid to figure it out on your own. sure, prices might fluctuate about 10% or so in a given quarter or two, but when you look at it on a yearly basis the price is just going to increase. i hate that they have news items on the rise and fall of gas as if it were a surprise, or as if they actually think that gas is going to be under two bucks for the next 10 years...it's just not going to be that way.
  • so i took my car to the mechanic the other day because he called me and told me there was a serious chance of engine seizure which would lead to my front axle locking and my getting into a catastrophic crash. at first i was a bit taken aback that he would know what was going on with my car since i hadn't taken it in in a while, but he said that he was mulling over some past invoices and it looked like i had a problem...so i took his word for it. he said it would cost about $400 to fix, which is no small fee, but it's worth it since i didn't want to die a horrible death. the car has been in the shop for a while now and, despite my efforts to contact him, i've heard nothing. however, i have gotten several pieces of my car in the mail over the last couple months; along with a bill to cover more repairs. at first it was just a gasket here, a seal there, but now it's getting out of hand. i've started getting larger pieces of my engine in the mail - rods, valves, even the camshaft. the latest bill that he sent me asked for an additional $820. what's worse, is that everytime i get a shipment from the guy he tells me that he's figured out what the problem is this time and that it should run as good as new when i finally get it back. i've been tempted to put my foot down, but i'm too much of a wuss when it comes to this stuff and i figure that i already have the car over there so i may as well just let him finish "fixing" it. there are a few people i know who actually referred me to his shop in the first place, so i asked him what the deal was. they said that they knew he wasn't a great mechanic, but that he's a swell guy and that they figured my car was in decent enough shape already so i wouldn't really need any more than an occasional oil change anyway. thing is, i got in a car crash a few years back and it drastically affected my car's performance. at first i thought it would just need some body work, but things just got worse and worse because the body wasn't properly repaired. apparently, if proper body work isn't done then it throws the balance of the car out of whack to the point where tires wear differently which puts extra strain on the struts and it all ends up straining the engine. so, if i ever get my car back, i'm going to get a new mechanic and start taking care of it a bit better - i'm going to figure out exactly what a camshaft is, why my valves need to be adjusted periodically, and, in general, just start caring more.
  • in unrelated news, bush has asked for more money for the game in iraq.

  • 2-14-05 (00:03)

  • in the last couple weeks i've added a couple extra columns to my movies list. one for an ongoing short film count and one for additional info, for example when there's more than one cut of a particular film i'll put that info in that column.
  • updated movies list.
  • kings won today. webber stepped up and had a triple double.
  • larry bird is probably my favorite player off all-time. i bought a dvds on him, gretzky and jordan the other day and i've been watching those a bit lately. bird just played the game the way i would have played the game if i had any talent whatsoever, so that's why i like him. hakeem, jordan, stockton, bird and ...the power forward spot is always the tough one for me to settle on. sometimes i think about duncan, but he's a little soft and has trouble at the line. malone is a good choice...he can run the pick and roll with stockton to perfection, he's got good range, is durable and he's tough, but he isn't dominate in any way. i like barkley because he's a great rebounder (though he's undersized), a good scorer (highest scorer on the 92 dream team), and is tough. naturally some old timer would tell me that i should pick bill russell instead of hakeem or jerry west instead of stockton, but i've never really seen those guys play so it would be false of me to pick them for my team.
  • watched uconn lose to unc. i don't like unc because of what happened when they played michigan.
  • "20th Century Fox is said to have picked 4/5 as the day its Sideways will arrive in stores. Finally, our sources are telling is that Miramax's forthcoming special editions of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films are tentatively due in August. We'll post more as it comes in."
  • so far i have 24 days +10hours of music on my computer. once i'm all done i should have about 7-8 weeks worth of music. i have 18+ hours of autechre, 27+ hours of beastie boys, 16+ hours of aphex twin, 16+ hours of orbital...it's pretty cool.

  • 2-13-05 (10:23)

  • i can't sleep past 10am anymore...that's a real sign of aging i think.
  • i only have one day off this week, today, because the boss is on vacation so i'm filling one of his shifts. next week is my vacation, though, so that should be good.
  • so far i've put all my electronic and hip-hop cds onto my computer. still have world, spoken word/comedy, soundtracks, classical, indie, jazz, and rock to go. this is going to take a while.
  • watched hide and seek last night. movies are more scary when you're by yourself.

  • 2-12-05 (18:51)

  • kings game last night was a disappointment. webber choked, but we were robbed. mobley laid the ball up and it was blocked after it hit the backboard which should have been a goaltending, but the refs missed the call and we lost by two.
  • i'm going to be tougher on my movie grading from now on.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • it's too bad that there's not going to be any nhl hockey this year.
  • for almost a year now there's been one consistent thing in my life - my love of autechre's incunabula. i could name maybe three songs (out of 11) off the album and, if pressed, i might be able to hum one or two tracks from the album without any cue. but those are both things that i love about it. it's just atonal enough to not have it stuck in my head (a common problem for me when i listen to pop music) and melodious enough to be wonderful to listen to. everytime i hear it, it's like listening to it for the first time; and that's pretty remarkable since i've listened to it a few hundred times.
  • might watch a movie in the theater tonight.
  • i'm depressed and lonely now.

  • 2-11-05 (18:57)

  • tonight all the contestants on jeopardy missed the final jeopardy question, but i knew it. it doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's pretty cool. actually two of them were quite close. the category was 1930s movies and the answer was something like "this film was originally released in 1930 and was rereleased in theaters after the german invasion of poland" one person put "war of the worlds," another put "all's quiet on the western front" and another put "all quiet on western front." so, really, two of them basically knew it, but the rules are very strict about that in final jeopardy so all three got the answer incorrect. there was another category on 2004 academy award nominees in which i got all but one. i'm pretty good at jeopardy so long as it sticks to one of two categories (sports and movies). honestly, though, if you had asked me what year all quiet on the western front came out i would have said 1931, so, really, it was just a guess.
  • there's a kings game on tv tonight.
  • i'm still hungry.

  • 2-10-05 (00:42)

  • updated movies list. finally saw the aviator tonight.
  • updated recommendations.

  • 2-9-05 (19:35)

  • "While many environmentalists fret about overpopulation, Italians are fretting over the opposite.  Despite the stereotype of its massive Catholic clans, Italy actually has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, a population set to shrink by a third by 2050, and the world's highest percentage of population aged 65 or older (18.6 percent in 2003).  The country wants babies.  Badly.  Last year, the Italian government offered a $1,300 one-time payment to couples who had a second child.  The rural village of Laviano, fearful of disappearing altogether, is offering $14,000 for every tyke produced. Studies show, however, that while cash payments may accelerate breeding schedules, they don't persuade tot-averse citizens to procreate.  Some activists say what's really needed is more public-policy support for working mothers.  If serious steps aren't taken, says Franca Biglio, mayor of Marsaglia (population 400), "Our

  • bella Italia will become a deserted wilderness.""

    2-8-05 (20:05)

  • i don't like loud engines....except, of course, for the old volkswagen engines.

  • 2-8-05 (00:01)

  • the other week i was in downtown with melanie and i saw a small chip on the ground. i picked it up and it turned out to be a cellphone chip about one sq. inch in area and the thickness of a dime. on the chip it read 64K. now i've seen smart media chips that are slightly larger that have had a much higher capacity, but seeing that exact size (64k) made me think about the fact that a commodore 64 had been reduced to the size of a couple dimes. it's not a novel thought, but at the time it struck me as pretty remarkable.
  • updated movies list.
  • i've been feeling a little burned out on movies lately. not sure why or what to do about it. i think watching 500+ movies a year creates a lot of pressure and watching movies shouldn't be about anything other than having a good time and experiencing the art. i wish i could put more pressure on myself when it came to working out.
  • i've been keeping myself pretty busy lately.
  • i have a headache.

  • 2-7-05 (19:03)

  • updated movies list.
  • been pretty bad about updating lately.
  • the superbowl was pretty good. i thought the score was going to be 28-14, but i was wrong. the patriots still won, but it was closer than i anticipated. i also thought that owens would score a td, and he didn't, but he did have a big game. mcnabb pretty much lost the game for the eagles with his poor clock management and three interceptions.
  • i've got some vacation coming up so that'll be nice.

  • 2-3-05

  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • yesterday i got free tickets to see the kings and the warriors in oakland. so i called up john and we went to the arena in oakland to see the game. he's a warriors fan (booo) and i'm a kings fan so we gave each other shit throughout the exciting game. the kings are without bobby jackson (their number one bench player) until april, and yesterday three other players couldn't play webber and peja (our top two scorers) and mobley. despite all that it was a very exciting game which went into overtime. brad miller scored a game high 38 and ended up leading the kings to a victory in OT. free seats in the lower level, an overtime game, leaving work early, and a kings win...it doesn't get much better than that. the crowd was about 50/50 kings/warriors fans which made for an interesting dynamic...it seemed like there was a large contingent of people cheering no matter what team was doing well.

  • 1-31-05 (20:23)

  • imdb.com has been making some small changes lately. one of them is that they've started rating (out of 10 stars) the users who provide comments. presumably this will allow them to post the better reviews on the main page.
  • updated recommendations.

  • 1-31-05 (14:55)

  • jon came over today for about an hour. it was good to see him and show him the new digs.
  • went to the podiatrist and got a cortisone shot. my foot is numb now. getting mold for orthotics on friday. hopefully insurance covers it otherwise i'm out $300.
  • philip johnson is dead, that's unfortunate.

  • 1-30-05 (22:50)

  • updated movies list.
  • watched the second half of the kings game today. no webber, no peja, no evans, no bobby jackson and we still beat the timberwolves. we played great ball today. it was fun to watch. if bobby jackson was healthy we'd be in great shape for the postseason, but, as is, he's slated to be out until april. lame.
  • my personal feeling is that owens will play in the superbowl and score a touchdown.
  • i'm overdue for a good road trip.
  • i've download about 200, of about 1350, cds onto my computer so far.
  • chris webber is officially my favorite nba player again. for a long time it was a close one between him and christie, but now that christie isn't a king anymore i have to give up to webber. and, honestly, webber and i have more of a history anyway.
  • went out to brunch with melanie before the kings game. it was nice to hang out with her. i wonder why things can't always be like that. sometimes i think i must be an extraordinarily consistent person, and then i remember how depressed i can get. i guess it's more that i'm consistent in my actions. because even when i feel really good i generally go out and watch movies, and when i'm depressed i stay at home and movies. i think that with other people, when they're happy, they go out partying with friends, and when they're depressed they do drugs or kill small animals or something.
  • i like movies.

  • 1-28-05 (21:35)

  • just finished watching a tightly contested kings/rockets game. we were down by three with 4.7 seconds left. bibby inbounded the ball to webber, webber faked the handoff to bibby, spun and took a three with mcgrady in his face; he made it. overtime. mobley made two threes, webber came up with a big steal, miller came up with a big rebound and bibby made some key free throws. we won. good, exciting game.
  • warner brothers is back. they got three times as many oscar nominations (27) as their nearest competitor (miramax, with 9).
  • i plan on watching million dollar baby, the aviator and hotel rwanda this week.

  • 1-26-05 (23:50)

  • updated movies list.
  • i've changed my stance on marriage. i used to think that no one should be allowed to marry, now i think that everyone should be allowed to marry, but that single people should get paid more.
  • i think i'm the only person at work who doesn't smoke. it's amazing how much money is lost because people take breaks to get coffee, smoke a cigarette, move their car or take care of their kids. i abhor all those things. living in davis you shouldn't drive to work, except on rare occasions. smoking is vile and coffee is nearly worthless. that said, i'm just a judgmental prick so...
  • i've had the feeling lately that truth doesn't matter. yes, i know that there isn't any knowable Truth, blah blah blah, but in the real world there is a certain degree of truth. like the fact that bush changed his reason for going to iraq, or that the administration lies about all sorts of things on a weekly basis. the one that got me more than anything, though, was getting ridiculed for using the word "incontrovertible" because it was believed that the word did not exist. it was a small thing, but it made me think about the fact that being right doesn't count for very much and i think that's kinda sad since i value being right quite a bit. i guess that's just part of life. what's worse is that even when the truth is known there is often no reparations given to the party that was wronged. we know there are no wmds in iraq, but the majority of the nation doesn't really care...there wasn't any accountability. it's a tough lesson to learn, one i should have learned long ago, but one i think i've learned now.
  • life has been pretty tiresome lately. i can certainly understand the desire to just tune it out.

  • 1-25-05 (20:07)

  • there's a nova segment on hd-pbs right now that is discussing motor neurons. pretty interesting stuff.
  • nova is officially the coolest show on tv.
  • putting all my cds onto my computer is going to be a huge undertaking. i think it'll take a couple months if i do it at a leisurely pace.

  • 1-24-05 (16:41)

  • worked for 11.5 hours today. i'm ready for a nap. good news is that it's all done.
  • one of the lead loss prevention guys was at the store today. he's a very reserved person, probably because of his job, but i had heard that he was a big movie buff so i approached him about it today.

  • me: "so, i hear you're a big movie guy?"
    him: "yup."
    me: "seen anything good lately?"
    him: "like in the theater, or just at home?"
    me: "either...i'm just trying to see what you're into."
    him: "oh, i'm into everything."
    me: "oh, cool. ever seen lady snowblood?"
    him: "what?"
    me: "lady snowblood. have you seen kill bill? (he nods). yeah, well it's a 1970s japanese film which was a major influence on kill bill."
    him: "oh, i don't watch anything with subtitles, i like to actually watch the movie."
    me: "oh. yeah."
  • that interaction made me feel two things - like i came off as pretentious and like he grossly overrated his interest in film.
  • i've decided to transfer all my cds to my computer. i like big projects, it doesn't cost anything and it'll make listening to a wide variety of music easier (after the initial investment).

  • 1-23-05 (22:53)

  • johnny, luke and john came over today to watch the two football games. i think we all had a pretty good time. both the games were less exciting than i had anticipated. i was right about the patriots and wrong about the falcons. at half-time of the pats/steelers game we played some football. i think that i'm pretty easy to please when i'm amongst friends, but i'm very picky about friends so it kinda evens itself out in that way.
  • tomorrow is inventory at work which means i gotta be at work around 5am. not really looking forward to that.
  • i didn't eat very well today. ate at in and out, had ice cream, chips and soda.
  • johnny and i talked about my doing more with myself. but days like today just solidified my thinking that as long as i have a few good friends, music and movies i'm going to be pretty damned satisfied in life.
  • luke and johnny laughed at me today because i used the word "incontrovertible." they laughed because they didn't think it was a word. bastards.
  • i need a haircut, but i've been waiting to buy a mirror before cutting my hair. in the past i used a cd, but the reflective properties of a cd aren't good enough to ensure that the back of my head looks presentable.
  • i hope owens plays in the super bowl.

  • 1-21-05 (00:20)

  • updated movies list.
  • inventory at work is coming up on monday, that'll be a lame day.
  • kings have been playing well and the suns have been sucking, both of those are good things. i am a bit sad to see that we're doing so well (six wins in a row) without christie though.
  • i'm glad that both football games are on sunday, that means i don't have to leave work early or miss any part of the games. johnny and luke might come to visit. i'm pretty excited about these games because they look like pretty good matchups.
  • added a year end awards list (for film) that melanie and i compiled. awards were given from the following films released in 2004:

  • Voices Of Iraq
    Dawn Of The Dead
    Fahrenheit 9/11
    Bush's Brain
    Garden State
    Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism
    Control Room
    Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
    Door In The Floor
    Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgandy
    Meet The Fockers
    Ocean's Twelve
    Blade Trinity
    Enduring Love
    National Treasure
    After The Sunset
    Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster
    Man Who Knew Bush
    Bush Family Fortunes
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
    Kill Bill Volume Two
    Silver City
    I Heart Huckabees
    Along Came Polly
    Girl Next Door
    Team America: World Police
    Unconstitutional: War On Our Civil Liberties
    Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
    Butterfly Effect
    Shaun Of The Dead
    Hunting Of The President
    Super Size Me
    Mean Creek
    Prince And Me
    What The #$*! Do We Know!?
    Suspect Zero
    Without A Paddle
    Predator vs. Alien
    Stepford Wives
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Manchurian Candidate
    Spider-Man 2
    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
    Bourne Supremacy
    King Arthur
    Mean Girls
    Trekkies 2
    Day After Tomorrow
    Jersey Girl
    Perfect Score
    Starsky And Hutch
    Secret Window
    Club Dread
    50 First Dates
    Big Bounce

    1-17-05 (13:31)

  • john came over yesterday and we watched both the football games. the games weren't all that spectacular, but it was good to have company. i'm glad that boomer esiason echoed my sentiments regarding peyton manning - great regular season qb, but he'll never win the big one. he's just today's dan marino. what made it funny, though, was that boomer said it right in front of dan marino, who obviously took offense, and later on asked him (boomer) how many playoff games he had won. for the record, the colts/patriots game was a pick em game, if you're the betting kind, so i gotta give myself props for predicting the outcome last week. also, if you're the betting kind, it seems that the smart money in the playoffs is on the under line. both games yesterday went under by a touchdown or more.
  • i'm looking forward to the steelers/patriots game. i think the patriots will win because they have more experience, but other than that it's a pretty square matchup. as for the nfc...i was very impressed by atlanta, and they have what you need to do well in the playoffs (a great ground game and a great defensive line). that said, they did well against the rams, but that doesn't count for much since the rams don't really have a defense. philly, though, is without one of my mvp candidates (owens) so i think atlanta will come out with a win.
  • updated movies list.

  • 1-14-05 (19:54)

  • after work i went out for some pizza with john and my boss. it was nice to do something other than just go home and watch movies.
  • i broke down today and bought a small heater for my place. it'll be here next week so that'll be nice. waking up every morning and being paralyzed in my bed is a shitty way to start the day. it gets so cold that if i move at all my body will hit a cold spot in the bed and it's not very comfortable.
  • mark mcgrath is such a tool.

  • 1-14-05 (00:35)

  • it's 55 degrees in my apartment right now. that's where it is most of the time these days.
  • feeling pretty lonely right now. the raucous party across the street just amplifies that feeling.
  • apparently having fun grows in proportion with the level of noise you emit.
  • on the upside i watched the ali g show tonight and it was hilarious. it also highlighted the fact that the amount of stupidity in this world is absolutely staggering.
  • recently i've been waking up about 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. that said, i've been going to work later and later each day. i just keep hitting the snooze button in the morning. part of it is the weather and part of it is just life.
  • i think melanie views her choice to not be with me as freedom from me, and i view being with her as freedom from loneliness.
  • updated movies list.

  • 1-13-05 (19:42)

  • the other day i adjusted my tv antenna and told the tv to look for more channels and it ended up finding seven more digital channels. this whole hdtv thing is crazy. there are all these channels out there that i never knew existed. now i have four pbs stations and all the major networks in hd.
  • i wonder why tattoos have become so cliché in recent years. it seems everyone has them now.
  • i guess the last few years i've been spoiled because i've been able to talk to someone about my day and about the things i'm looking forward to and everything else. it's nice to be able to turn your head and tell someone what you're thinking about - whether it's a stupid comment about something on tv or a profound societal observation. watching documentaries on pbs about lava flow and the colorado river are made ten times better when they're broadcast in hd.
  • i got disc one of da ali g show tonight. i'll check that out tonight.
  • i worked on a budget through the end of may and it looks like i could be out of debt (minus the tv payments) by the end of april.
  • it seems as though i don't write as much these days. my days are pretty much all the same. work is generally pretty good on one level, but it's also frustrating because working for a corporation always is. my feet hurt less now than they did a couple months ago, but i've scheduled a checkup with a podiatrist to see if orthotics might help. outside of the unsure relationship with melanie i don't have any personal relationships worth discussing. i've finally gotten a hold of my finances. i go out to the theater less frequently these days. i worked overtime today because there wasn't anything better to do and things needed to be done at work. i eat fairly regularly. i still haven't finished my top ten reviews, but i'm going to just go ahead and post those now anyway.
  • two of the best films that were released this year were actually released (at one or two film festivals) in late 2003. since i use imdb.com as my reference point for year of release i can't include open water and the corporation on my top ten, but they both belong there.
  • top ten of 2004 here. i had planned on doing an awards list with melanie, but every time she comes over we either forget or she needs to leave before we get around to doing it.
  • i was thinking about inviting john (because he's from pennsylvania) over for the pittsburgh/new york football game this weekend, but it's the early game on saturday which is the only game, of four being held this weekend, that i'm going to miss (because of work). i am looking forward to the other games because i like the playoffs of all four major sports.
  • it looks like i'll be taking some time off around the last week of february, but i haven't made any definite plans i.e., i haven't purchased plane tickets.

  • 1-13-5 (00:02)

  • today was pretty lame overall. work was weird. after work i watched a good movie and had a good dinner. melanie came over later to watch part of law and order and she wasn't feeling too good. the end to law and order was kinda stupid.

  • 1-10-5 (22:23)

  • i just received some awful news about the kings. christie is being traded to the orlando magic. this sucks.
  • updated movies list.
  • hurt my neck tonight. just tweaked it, but it hurts.

  • 1-10-5 (11:52)

  • i want to get a bumper sticker for the car i don't have that says "real environmentalists don't procreate."

  • 1-9-5 (17:03)

  • updated my recommendations.

  • 1-9-5 (13:00)

  • my personal feeling about peyton manning has always been that he's just dan marino part two. that is to say that he'll put up great numbers in his career, but he'll never win the big one. personally, i'd rather have tom brady on my team. the colts played two good defenses this year - new england and baltimore. they lost to new england and scored only 20 against baltimore...and their defense allows 22 points a game. i do think that the colts' defense has done a good job the last month or so, but i don't think they can beat new england (even though they're short-handed) and i don't think they can beat pittsburgh. also, i don't think they can play with teams like new england and pittsburgh on the road. the colts have a dome and i think dome teams are at a disadvantage in the playoffs.
  • updated movies list.
  • back in the day randall cunningham was the great running quarterback...nowadays we have guys like michael vick and dante culpepper and a couple others who are double threats. but the rap on cunningham was always that he would look to run too quickly. culpepper's decision on third and short in the first minute of this game against green bay shows the new breed of quarterback. he easily could have gotten the first down with his legs, but he dumped it off after scrambling to the outside and it resulted in a touchdown. the secondary bit on culpepper when he left the pocket and culpepper took advantage of it. i'm not a big fan of the guy, but it was a great decision.

  • 1-7-5 (23:13)

  • updated movies list.

  • 1-7-5 (18:37)

  • ian stimler at zeitgeist video has told me that the corporation will arrive on dvd on 04-05-05 it'll be a 2-disc set.

  • disc one
    16:9 anamorphic, formatted for widescreen tvs. two audio commentaries with co-directors achbar and abbott and one with writer joel bakan.
    janeane garofolo interviews bakan on air america's "majority report"
    "q & a"s: a selection of tv, radio and festival interview segments with the filmmakers, in cluding segments from CNN financial, WNYC, WBAI, and Air America.
    Trailers for the corporation and manufacturing consent
    deleted scenes, including additional clips from michael moore's "the awful truth."
    grassroots marketing video segment
    disc two
    "tropical paradise" and "tell me more": over 5 hours of additional footage of the corporation's 40 interviewees, searchable by topic or interview subject.
    plus additional trailers, web links, subject updates and more.
  • other than that and a free lunch with john (for which i forgot to thank him) my day has been pretty lame. being home alone sucks. melanie's back but we have only hung out for a couple hours since her return. i have lots of movies to watch, but i don't feel like watching them. went to sleep last night at about 9:30. i just feel so unmotivated.
  • the whole free car thing doesn't look so good anymore. estimates range from 650-1500 bucks to get the transmission working, then there's a smog test, registration (including back payments since it's been unregistered for about a year), and ownership transfer fees. all told it's looking like it would probably cost me 1500 to get it up here which is about 1400 bucks than i have right now. also, since i bought a tv recently, i'm still a year away from getting fully out of debt so getting a car (and the freedom to visit friend in sacramento and friend in berkeley and friend in sf) is looking extremely unlikely. the good thing about being a pessimist is that you're not disappointed quite as much.

  • 1-6-5 (00:43)

  • i need to get to bed earlier.
  • the usc game yesterday was great. i think i said it a few months ago when i went to la and saw them play ucla...watching them is like watching a video game because they do all the things that you shouldn't be able to do in a real game. i'm glad that they crushed oklahoma.
  • i wish cal had won their bowl game. i'm a pac-10 guy.
  • i was just thinking about "kanto wanderer" and it made me happy. you know a movie is great when you can just think about its style and have a good feeling. when i watch the better suzuki stuff i can't help but feel like i'm finally watching something worth my while. he was a great filmmaker. seeing tin star made me feel the same way.
  • i'm working overtime on getting these top ten lists ironed out soon.
  • inventory at work is in late january which means i'm going to take some time off in february. should be fun.
  • speaking of fun...i haven't given enough recognition to jim gaffigan...if you haven't heard his comedy routine yet, do yourself a favor and check out his new cd.

  • 1-3-5 (23:39)

  • updated movies list.
  • ironing out my top movies/music of the 2004...should be done by the end of the week.

  • 1-1-5 (20:20)

  • college football is fun, but i wish it wasn't the case that every other play is either an option or a shovel pass. it gets a bit old.
  • updated movies list.

  • 1-1-05 (01:07)

  • i was in the middle of tin star when the clock turned 12:00...i didn't even notice actually. i'm sure most people were with someone special having a good time drinking or partying or just hanging out. i didn't have any company, but tin star turned out to be pretty great so i was happy enough.
  • i've never been a big new year's resolution kind of guy, but i would like to watch another 500 movies this year.
  • 150 of the 523 movies i watched this year were made oustide of the US. 180 of the 523 movies i saw were released before the year i was born. i watched 11 movies directed by hitchcock, which led all directors for the year. i watched 67 movies in the theater. the most movies i watched in a month came in july when i watched 51 movies, in december i watched 28, which was the lowest number for any month. i watched at least one movie a day for 25 days in a row in march and july.
  • 01-02-04 (02:34) "my one prediction for this year is that bush will win the presidency. this time he'll win for real."
  • "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that you? For even sinners do the same." Luke 6:32-33
  • added all of 2004 page.
  • 2004 was a good year for sports fans and the best year i've ever had financially. other than that it sucked.
  • it's past 2am and i should get some sleep since i have to be at work early tomorrow, but i want to finish my reviews for the last 4 films i watched.
  • i wish i had a police scanner. i've always thought it would be nice to have one to listen to from time to time. tonight would be especially interesting.
  • updated movies list.