• basketball season is almost over and thus so is my fantasy basketball league.
  • show this week went well.
  • have that job interview tomorrow, need to figure out the bus schedule soon because relying on scott is gay.
  • i like lemonade.
  • this month's page is going to be large, almost as large as october's.
  • hopefully i get the job and quitting my old one goes well, i feel bad but that's how it works i guess.

  • 4-22-99

  • not much to report
  • 'all i really want is girls'
  • my computer is being gay...fixed ie 5.0, but cd-writer still ails me.

  • 4-21-99

  • so my desperate plea for comments has yielded two in the last day. not bad. i am working right now on all that has been asked of me.
  • day was same as any other wednesday. thursday i will play some basketball.
  • check out my gripe about the Colorao incident here. it was quite the stream of consciousness so don't diss me for my spelling or grammar, just get the point of it and you'll be a better person.
  • i also talk about overpopulation, "being natural", college, and drinking and drugs.
  • check all that out...it took a long time.

  • 4-20-99

  • so colorado is the latest victim of incivility...this is gay and i hope you think so enough to do something about it.
  • back at home vern is getting it on with his girlie girl. in the meantime i'm updating my webpage and listening to schooly d.
  • looking into another job opportunity for this year and summer...we'll see.

  • 4-19-99

  • ever since feb. i've been getting fewer and fewer hits per month. lots fewer this month, but that is leftover from last month's slacking.
  • no one really comments on my page so i don't know what people like the most...obviously not my mp3 list, but what do you think i should update more often? i want to update the editorials more but don't have topics really. submit comments and ideas here.
  • "if the vibe was suicide then you would push the button." -rage against the machine.
  • that's all

  • 4-14-99

  • updated campus cinema page. that director chick should give me gratuitous sex or money, either would work for me just fine.
  • did spell check for editorial page...many mistakes, beside obide->abide.
  • picked up my KDVS 'gift' 'premium' whatever you want to call it for the $20 tax deductible donation i made - two of the best cds i've gotten in a while...i'm impressed. props to the Mad Hatter for suggesting them and me for asking him to suggest something rather than just going with the beatles white album or the money mark and cornelius cds.
  • schedule is real now.
  • johnny hasn't been updating his page lately, that sucks.
  • picnic day is this weekend - largest all student-run event in the nation...cool and it's pretty good too. i'll be there will you?
  • johnny and bro are coming up this weekend so they will be there.
  • i left my wallet in el segundo.
  • it's a song.
  • helicopters and 300 more aircraft ordered to kosogay=ground troop support=gay
  • can't we all just get along?
  • the voices are telling me to stop
  • phil is camping as we speak for the phantom menace...man he's crazy about star wars. it's all good

  • 4-13-99

  • Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello (Harvard Educated) had a online chat the other day at www.ratm.com and talked about several issues - guess jeans sucking nuts and running sweat shops, kosovo being a gay situation and other political issues, but here are a couple highlights:

  • Questions include:
    1. How do you feel about "selling yourself out" by putting music videos on MTV and such, a breeding ground for all the money makers out there today?
    2. Which bands have influenced you the most?
    3. Tom how was the experience of getting arrested for protesting a clothing manufacturer who is despicable
    4. Tom- what guitarists had the most influence on your style of playing?
    5. Tom, do you object to people bootlegging your work and circulating it as MP3's

    Moderator Q: Which bands have influenced you the most?
    Tom Morello: When the band first formed I used to describe our music as a cross between Soundgarden and Public Enemy. There's obviously a healthy dose of punk rock in our sound as well. The Clash are my favorite band of all time. And let us not forget the mighty Black Sabbath.
    my comments: giving props to black sabbath...i like it! of course they have done shows with the beastie boys...i like, and soundgarden rocks, which you know if you know me and public enemy, well just check my mp3 list.

    Moderator: Matt from Jersey... Tom how was the experience of getting arrested for protesting a clothing manufacturer who is despicable
    Tom Morello: Guess Jeans, the despicable clothing manufacturer, is still a company worthy of boycotting. They continue to operate sweatshops here in Southern California, grossly underpaid workers, and sabotage union activities. We attempted to purchase billboards in major cities around the country a couple of years ago asking people to boycott Guess. Their attorneys got to the billboard owners and succeeded in blocking our legal attempts to buy billboard space. We then attempted to purchase radio commercial time on alternative rock stations around the country exposing Guess' abuses. Again, Guess was successful in intimidating radio stations (with the notable exception of KROQ in Los Angeles) into not playing our anti-sweatshop spots. At that point, it seemed that our only recourse to get news of the boycott out was to perform some sort of civil disobedience. Myself and some 30 activists and organizers and student supporters were arrested for blocking the entrance to a Robinson-May Company store in Santa Monica to protest Guess Jeans. We spent about half a day in jail and it was pretty painless and helped to spread word about the boycott. U.N.I.T.E., the garment workers union, in the aftermath of the boycott achieved some major gains. Workers who were fired for their union organizing activities were forced to be rehired and many Guess workers received back pay for being gypped by the company. You all should please continue to boycott Guess products until they treat all their workers with the respect and dignity they deserve.
    my comments: I give props to KROQ and guess - well their clothes suck anyway.

    Moderator: Charlie, Oakland CA- Tom, do you object to people bootlegging your work and circulating it as MP3's
    Tom_Morello: I have no objection to people listening to Rage Against the Machine music for free. I'm not that familiar with MP3, but some friends have run off some great bootleg albums for me which I enjoy. When a shadow company takes the reigns though, and is profiting at the expense of the ban
    my comments: how can't you know about MP3? at any rate tom is less of a tight ass than most. oh yea, b-boys and public enemy were two of the first bands to offer samples of their music via the internet in mp3 format....figures since they both rock my nut sack.

    Tom_Morello: I'm a self-taught guitar player. I took a couple of lessons when I was 13 and was very turned off by the rigidity of the musical doctrine.
    my comments: you are one of the greatest guitar players ever (in my non-guitar playing opinion) oh yea and so was jimi...self-taught that is.

    Moderator: Mike in Portland, OR. Tom- what guitarists had the most influence on your style of playing?
    Tom Morello: I was drawn to the instrument by the guitar heroics of guys like Jimmy Page and Randy Rhodes. But more eccentric players like Andy Gill from Gang of Four or Alan Holdsworth have also been an influence. These days my guitar playing is much more greatly influenced by DJ's, techno wizards, and odd noises around the house.
    my comments: check here to figure out what i think about j. page.

    Moderator: Al Dallas Tx. How do you feel about "selling yourself out" by putting music videos on MTV and such, a breeding ground for all the money makers out there today?
    Tom_Morello: Again, this is a question that is only asked by upper-middle-class white kids. When we got the thumbs-up from Leonard Peltier from his jail cell at Leavenworth penitentiary on our video for the song Freedom, we decided to go ahead with it despite some nagging and whining from elitist indie rock circles. When we got the thumbs up from sub-commandante Marcos from the jungles of Chiappas because he approved of our MTV video for the song People of the Sun, we decided to go ahead with it and braced ourselves for whatever whining was to come. We sleep well at night knowing that we have forced into 50,000,000+ households the case of Leonard Peltier and the struggle of the Zapatistas.
    my comments: was that vern asking that question? was tom looking straight at vern when he was answering that question? if it wasn't vern asking that question it must have been a KDVS listener of some kind. right on tom.

  • KDVS is doing the fundraiser show. If you wanted to make a donation you can call them at 530-752-0728 and you can get lots of stuff, T-shirt, sets of cds, other T-shirts etc. if you are a student it's 25 bucks if you are a worker person it's 35 bucks. there's my pitch...it's a big week for us in the radio station.
  • our fundraiser show went well, we had a guest dj..."daddy mack" we recorded the computer speaking whatever we typed and then worked it into the show with a script we prepared before the show. it went pretty well.
  • i dropped my sociology class and that's that.
  • i donated $20 and i'm getting two cds, good deal and it's a learning experience...open up to new music you people.
  • i'm not getting very many hits lately, but oh well. i could offer good mp3 sites on my site, but then i could get in trouble.

  • 4-9-99

  • went rock climbing it rocked...ha ha...gay. my hands are tired.
  • click my sponsor and you'll hook me up with a dime now! cool, great.
  • sociology looks really boring so far...may drop it...i have lots of papers...3 over 10 pages, gay. we'll see if i stick with it. got a week to make up mind yo. duh
  • jon is in san fran. gay. happy b-day.
  • rhyme, time. thyme. spice, nice.
  • so i'm going to sleep soon.
  • latin quiz tomorrow.
  • look to update editorial stuff soon.
  • okay it's updated here

  • april 7th

  • classes seem okay so far, we'll see.
  • tried formatting jon's girlfriend's (monique) computer...it worked then for some reason had registry problems...well i suck i guess.
  • 21 people are staying at our houses...it's crazy
  • need to update campus cinema page.
  • bye

  • April 3rd

  • What great band released two ground breaking albums in the same year? HintAnswer
  • Now that I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out that little bit of javascript I'll tell you the highlight of my many trips to Fry's. Standing in an aisle looking at cd-roms and some guy comes up to me and says he likes my shoes...i say thanks. he asks where I got them. an outlet store somewhere i reply. he says again they are really nice. yea thanks, i say again. he starts to look at the cd-roms and a couple seconds later asks if he can buy them. uh (laugh) i say. i'm serious, he says. uh, they're the only ones i have (laugh) i say. oh, they're really nice. that's all
  • gotta go eat.

  • April 1st

  • got back from break
  • i spent 3 days trying to fix dad's computer...to no avail. made 5 trips to fry's in search of the right motherboard, cpu, mouse, hard drive. at first the computer just froze lots and the mouse didn't work. i formatted. the mouse still didn't work. it still froze lots. i replaced mouse and used old hard drive because the new hard drive could not be recognized by the out-dated bios of the motherboard. installed mouse it worked only if the floppy wasn't hooked up...uh darn. used phil's old motherboard and cpu...didn't work. returned mouse got new motherboard...didn't work with dad's old 100mhz cpu or phil's newer cyrix 150+ cpu. took to mom's it worked with her cyrix 200+. weird. installed win NT for stability purposes...video ran only at 16 colors, weird, but the mouse worked and it wouldn't freeze - yay NT! microsoft can make good programs (other than word). one problem - fry's is gay and failed to check the socket there was a small plastic piece of shit missing which allows the cpu fan to be braced on the cpu. returned motherboard to fry's for exact same one, but with the vital piece...also bought cyrix 300+ cpu (only 45$!). hooked up - no video, no beeps, nothing except my head exploding. called phil in suicidal fit. i hooked up his 200mhz cpu to the same motherboard, set jumpers accordingly, no video, no beeps. the only thing different between the time i used mom's cpu and the time i used the new cyrix or phil's cpu are: the motherboard was a different physical board, but the exact same type, make, model, year, everything. monitor, keyboard, mouse and power cord. phil's mouse, power cord, keyboard, and monitor are all working for sure...pretty sure the same is true with dad's shit. therefore there are a few possibilities: the board doesn't like any cpu other than a cyrix 200+, the motherboard that i got (which was the only unopened one {straight from the factory, not touched and returned by any slimy fry's customers or employees}) was screwed up by some manufacturing flaw, or the final possible reason: god doesn't like me.  i think it's the last one.
  • class tomorrow.
  • took 1 hour to get home...davis airporter is gay.
  • no one, but scott, is home.
  • i got only one piece of junk mail during the break.
  • i'm thinking of installing NT on my system...maybe when i decide to format i will. i still don't know how to install NT without first installing 95...i don't have the boot disk so it sucks...it is the disk that has the inital setup info on it. gay shit. phil's going to try and get it...i need to send the shit to him. didn't have time to drop it off at his house.
  • 1 hour of class and 2 of work.
  • my schedule is fucking jacked this quarter...i'm going to die.
  • gay is the second best word ever.
  • need to update campus cinema page. shit
  • did install sarah's printer successfully. wow.
  • you should goto www.fontaddict.com and download some fonts.

  • gay