8-30-05 (23:29)
  • updated movies list.
  • real baseball. both pitchers went nine innings. it went extra innings. it's a playoff race. no suspected dopers were in the game. the guy who's hitting eighth in the lineup wins the game...
  • watched one of those top ten shows that fox sports news (i think) has the other day. this one included top ten finishes in sports. number one was flutie's hail mary at BC. nice enough play, but not worthy of number one. laettner made the top three. "the play" also was in the top three. derek fisher's .4 second shot was in the top ten. gibson's hr off the eck was in there (that one kills me). carter's blast to win the series was in there. but the one that literally made me cry (i'm such a pussy sometimes) was the kings/lakers 2002 shot heard around the world. shot goes up, bounces around, rebound comes down, vlade tips it out, horry is picking his nose and finds the ball in his lap, christie and webber coming running, horry shoots it, horn blows, shot goes down, kings lose. that was our year. that shot was the difference between us going up 3-1 and the series being tied 2-2. of course we won the next game in sacramento, lost the game in la and then lost another close game in la. the best nba playoff series i've ever seen. i was at game two of that series. we won that one to even the series at 1-1. it really shouldn't bother me as much as it does.
  • it's like that episode of south park wherein cartman inherits a million bucks and stan (or kyle?) gets an infected hemorrhoid. stan is on his deathbed and cartman owns a successful amusement park as a result of his inheritance. stan doesn't fight for his life because the whole situation makes him realize that god doesn't exist. after all, how could there be a god if such a glaring inequity is allowed to exist? eventually cartman self-destructs and things get back to normal, which proves to stan that there is a god and that life is worth living. of course that's a bunch of crap. there's not really justice in the world and god, if there is one/many, hates humanity. i'm not saying it's unjustified, i'm just pointing it out. the lakers beating the kings that year and webber blowing out his knee the next year are just two examples of this. webber's a great player and a great guy. he doesn't make excuses, doesn't complain and plays hard. he deserves a championship more than any one of the 2001-2002 lakers.
  • watched a pbs documentary a while back which covered the possibility of a category five hurricane hitting new orleans. essentially they said that the same system that keeps the city from flooding on a regular basis would actually work to keep the water in. in this event new orleans would essentially be a lake. i guess they got (relatively) lucky this time - it was downgraded to a category 4 and veered northeast before it hit new orleans. hopefully they learn from this.
  • played 20 holes of golf with my dad yesterday. got a little sunburned, but also got pretty decent with the seven iron. got several pars (it was a small course) and was an inch away from an amazing birdie (i putted from the rough from about 30 feet away on an extreme incline). it was the last hole of the day and it pissed me off.
  • it's late, but i'm not tired. will be tomorrow.
  • saturday night i slept at my mom's place. the room i was sleeping in was almost completely dark. i haven't slept in a room that dark in quite some time.
  • definitely missing meryl more lately.

  • 8-26-05 (21:05)

  • daytime talk shows suck scrotum, but in that particular realm of crap i'd say that ellen degeneres probably does the best job of anyone i've seen. she's somewhat humorous, she stays away from the trite conflict-based shows like ricki lake or maury povich and she also stays away from the, sometimes equally annoying and trite, feel good shows like dr. phil or oprah.
  • no work tomorrow. la for a few days, then back to the rat race.
  • i'd like to spruce up the look of my recommendations page. it would be nice if it were a bit more clean looking and functional. unfortunately my html talent is severely limited. i have some decent ideas, but lack in ability. story of my life i guess.
  • 23:05
  • every time i watch the local news i'm reminded why i don't normally watch it. they were doing a story on the adverse health affects of acrylamide in french fries, potato chips, etc. they interviewed a couple people - one said warnings on packages would be helpful, one said he didn't care - he'd continue to eat french fries because he never considered them healthy anyway. at the end of the story a reporter was at a popular fast food location (i try to stay away from product placement as much as possible so i won't name which one) with some french fries in her hand. during her wrap up she, in as contrived a manner as possible, said something like: "i don't know about you, but i'm going to continue eating them." the anchor came back with something like: "i know! there just too good to resist."
  • then they had some story on some felon. after that they had a story on a smoking chimp. they laughed about it and said that her partner died and that since then she has been smoking more than usual. the zookeepers are apparently worried about her. i'm not fucking joking, i wish i was. i wish i could come up with that shit, i wish it wasn't true, and i wish it wasn't being reported on the "news."
  • forgot to mention in my review of exit to eden that they incorrectly defined ornithology. in a voice over o'donnell introduces a new character, she says: "joe was also interested in ornithology. that means he's a bird collector, i had to look it up too." it was supposed to be funny, it wasn't. it was also incorrect. ornithology is simply the study of birds, not the collection thereof. but what did i expect from a film about which my dad says this: "Sorry, Exit to Eden is the worst film I've ever seen, absolutely no redeeming value"?
  • going to be 100 tomorrow. not in la though.
  • i should get my digital camera shortly. when i do i'll try to remember to take a picture of a spot of bird crap i saw on a car the other day. it looks almost exactly like the texas longhorns logo.
  • speaking of bird crap. vern had a great dropping on his car the other day. actually, it's probably still there, knowing him. it was massive - biggest i've ever seen.
  • it's funny/sad to see news anchors feign sincerity.
  • was looking at a dvd at work today. it's by the same guy who did step into liquid - dana brown. bruce brown's (endless summer) son. at any rate, the cover said "From the creator's of STEP INTO LIQUID" right above the title. maybe i'm an asshole, but the apostrophe doesn't belong there and i just think that if you have a job with that kind of responsibility you should know that. plus, whoever signs off on it should catch it. clearly i'm not perfect, but it's sort of a big thing, designing dvd cases, so i just think it should be right.
  • here's another dvd related story: a while back i was looking at the dvd for hud (maybe it was hombre, but it doesn't matter - they're both directed by the same guy and they both star paul newman)...anyway, the front had a little quote that said something like "a poetic tour-de-force, a must see film. blah blah blah." - martin ritt, variety. having read that praise i thought "hmm, that's intriguing. i wonder if it's directed by anyone i've heard of..." so i turned over the dvd and saw it was directed by....martin ritt. yup, same guy. i thought that was a little low brow.
  • pretty disturbed by the lance armstrong allegations. i don't have any great evidence to back up either side. i don't think he used anything, but that's based strictly on my gut feelings and those are probably shaped by my respect for what he's done. well, i hope he didn't do anything stupid. there's a serious lack of heroes, it seems.

  • 8-25-05 (22:45)

  • updated movies list.
  • the great thing about dsl is that i don't need a local movie theater that will show hustle and flow.
  • spent some time clearing my desk of the clutter. i've been feeling too busy lately and getting rid of clutter quells that.

  • 8-25-05 (18:51)

  • august has been a long month, and there's still just under a week left.
  • i've had a short fuse while at work lately. it's not that i blow up or anything, it's just that i get the point where i'm fed up more quickly.
  • yesterday an older (but not old, 50s maybe) lady came into tower to ask a question. the clerk called me to the front and i saw she had an open dvd in her hand. she approached me and here's what ensued:

  • me: "can i help you?"
    her: "i bought this dvd (swingers) from border's recently. i don't like widescreen, but it seems like so many movies are being released on dvd in widescreen. i looked on the back and was confused by what it says." (she turns the dvd over and points to the product specs on the back of the case) "it says it's in widescreen. it also says it has a french language track. this made me a little confused."
    me: "so, what's your question?"
    her: "well, i don't like the widescreen. and i don't know if it has the option for the fullscreen on here. and it says it has a french language track."
    me: "to my knowledge this dvd doesn't come in a fullscreen version. the fullscreen dvds just cut off the sides of the film and most directors don't like that so often they'll retain the original aspect ratio out of respect. the french language track is just an option, i'm sure it has an english one as well."
    her: "well, no, they make the widescreen version to sell the widescreen tvs. i have an old, fullscreen tv."
    me: "no, they do it because that's how the film was made. it's an artistic decision."
    her: "no, even the folks at circuit city admitted that it's to sell the new technology."
    me: "well, i don't think that's the case. i'll check the computer to see if this is available in fullscreen or not."
    i checked the computer and it wasn't available in fullscreen. i told her that if she really cared that much about it she could get the vhs because it would probably be in fullscreen. or she could just watch it in widescreen the way it was intended. she asked if it would be smaller and i said yes, but that that way she'd actually see the entire picture. she left.
  • today i saw this same lady outside of the co-op standing behind another women who was sitting in a chair. the dvd woman was holding her right hand above the woman's head (not touching her at all). she just left it there. the woman in the chair had her eyes closed. the dvd lady just stood there with her hand above the other woman's head. this position was maintained for the minute or two that i watched them.
  • i've addressed the fullscreen/widescreen issue on here a million times so i'm not going to bring it up again. actually, i will: 1) it shouldn't be called fullscreen because that's a lie - they're cutting off part of the picture so you're not getting the full movie screen. 2) why anyone would pay just as much money for 25% less picture is beyond me. 3) for a couple years i had a 20" or smaller television and always watched things in widescreen when the option was available. but then again i don't buy edited cds either.
  • the other issue that it brought up is the idea that there's some conspiracy to get people to buy widescreen tvs. maybe you could say that about hdtv, but not widescreen dvds. i felt like educating her, but didn't have the patience. here's the scoop. around the time tv became popular movie studios came up with the widescreen format in order to drive people out of their homes and back into the theaters. so, if anything, what she was saying is the opposite of reality. widescreen dvds are a manifestation of an attempt to get people AWAY from their tvs. fuck ignorant people. oh, and the whole thing outside of the co-op was just strange, i don't even want to touch that one.
  • there was another lady who came into tower yesterday. she was probably in her 40s and a clerk again deferred to me on this one. she was asking about a woodstock dvd that supposedly came out on tuesday. i couldn't think of anything so i looked it up in the computer and came up blank. i asked her to describe it. she said that terri gross (sp?) was talking about it on npr's fresh air that morning. i had been listening to fresh air that morning so i had some frame of reference. here's the conversation:

  • her: "terri gross talked about it on fresh air this morning."
    me: "hmmm, i was listening to that show this morning. she was interviewing trent lott when i heard her, and they didn't talk about any dvds."
    her: "trent lott?"
    me: "united states senator trent lott...(no response) anyway, she did plug a show that was coming up later where they were going to talk about the dick cavett show. is that what you're talking about?"
    her: "i don't know."
    i showed her the new dick cavett dvd which features interviews with 60/70s artists, so i figured she just got her wires crossed and that this is what she wanted. then she told me that she wanted a gift for her boss, who was turning 50. she said he liked old rock music like that and old country stuff. i showed her a johnny cash boxset and she asked who he was. i told her he was probably one of the best and most important country artists of all-time, along with hank williams. she said "oh yeah? i've never heard of him." she asked if we had anymore boxsets around with that kind of stuff so i showed her a sun records set, the nuggets boxset and some country boxset with lots of decent artists. as i showed her that stuff she asked what i thought she should get for her boss. i told her i didn't really know his tastes, but that i like the sun records set and the johnny cash set. she said "yeah, i like him a lot." (speaking of johnny cash) remember, just four minutes earlier she had "never heard of him." unable to catch myself, i chuckled. i told her to just get the sun records one and the other country boxset and to get a gift receipt. she did. people just blow me away sometimes.
  • i think that part of my problem is that i've read too much of al jaffee's "snappy answers to stupid questions." that was my favorite series of mad books when i was younger, actually still is.
  • hearing conservative organizations talk about how minimum wage would hurt small businesses; or how x, y, z bills might hurt small businesses makes me wonder what the definition of a small business is. yesterday i heard them talking on talk of the nation (i think) about small businesses being something like the number one employers of minimum wage labor. i wonder if that includes franchised locations of mcdonald's and the like. technically, if it's a franchise it might be a small business because mcdonald's doesn't own the establishment, but in reality it's basically their business. it's (often) their land, their business plan, their name, they provide the suppliers, they set the wage matrix, etc. i'd like to know the definition of "small business" because i think that most people think of places like bogey's books in davis as a small business, not chipotle, which is right next door. though, technically, they might both be considered small businesses.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • jim sheridan, who normally does irish pictures like "in america," "the boxer," "my left foot,"and "in the name of the father" is doing 50 cent's movie - get rich or die tryin'. that makes me slightly more likely to watch it. however, he's also remaking kurosawa's Ikiru (1952), and kurosawa doesn't seem to have a writing credit on imdb.com yet. that movie shouldn't be remade. i've seen it only once and i feel safe in saying that it's one of my top 25 of all-time. the last time i saw my grandpa i gave him that movie to watch. he liked it and i was glad he watched it because i felt like it was an applicable film. he sent me a postcard with a clipping from the new yorker. the clipping was a small review of the film. the card, mailed in april says "a very merry christmas to you." underneath the clipping is typed "- from the New Yorker. -Poppa" what a great guy.

  • 8-25-05 (14:30)

  • la times obituary.

  • 8-24-05 (23:24)

  • "The Bush administration surveyed the landscape -- gas prices rising, fears of oil dependence spreading -- and concluded that bold leadership was required. So it invaded an oil-rich country. Heh, well ... on to Plan B! Yesterday, the administration proposed a new set of auto fuel-economy rules. Tightening the standard for passenger cars? Uh, no, that would stay at an average of 27.5 miles per gallon. Finally imposing some requirements on mega-SUVs like the Hummer H2? Wrong again. Instead, most SUVs, pickups, and minivans would be divided into six categories based on size, each with its own fuel-economy requirements. The administration says the plan would increase the average mileage of these vehicles a whopping 2.8 mpg by 2011, to 24 mpg. Amazing but true! Despite the obvious logic of the plan, it has critics, some of whom point out that it would actually provide an incentive for auto manufacturers to make their light trucks larger, so they'd be bumped into categories with lower mileage standards. "The proposal is almost embarrassing in terms of its effect on fuel consumption," said Eric Haxthausen of Environmental Defense."
  • been pretty tired lately. i think i just need a few days of solid rest and relaxation. i'm glad that i've been able to stay busy because it makes the days go by more quickly, but it's been catching up with me lately. i just don't feel like i have time to do anything. of course that isn't true because i watched a movie tonight and played some video games last night. it's more of a mental busyness than anything else.
  • updated movies list.
  • girl came into tower today and bought the second season of the o.c. she was very happy that we had it because she told her boyfriend that she had already ordered it even though she hadn't. she said she felt bad because it was their anniversary and she hadn't gotten anything. she said it was the only time she had ever lied to him. i didn't quite know what to make of that little story.
  • i've played more video games in the last week than i have in the last three months combined. i used to be a video game junkie. especially freshman year. jon and i would stay up until 5am on some nights just playing red alert. those were the days. school was so much easier than work.
  • i don't like shaving.
  • i'd like to slim down my possessions, but i also have a strong desire to have as much of my human experience archived as possible. these are in constant conflict and i don't know what to do about it. putting everything on my computer is one possible solution, but one i don't really like.
  • there's a gray cat that hangs around my apartment building most of the day. last night it was right outside my window, on top of my air conditioning unit, meowing through the window. i got up and let it in. it walked around a bit smelling the apartment. it went on my bed, smelled around in my bedroom, went into my kitchen, walked by my feet as i was playing tony hawk 3 and then went to the door and meowed. i got up and let it out. it was nice to have a visitor.
  • speaking of which, it was good to see vern again. we haven't hung out in ages...probably not since we lived together in 2001. that's pretty sad, but i guess that's somewhat understandable considering our schedules and the distance.
  • seems to be cooling down a bit lately.
  • the construction in downtown is obnoxious. a new bistro opened up right next to tower. it's in the old building where city hall used to be. after it was city hall it was a police station. after the police station it was a temporary building for some energy project and a "halloween headquarters." now it's a fucking bistro. a) davis doesn't need any more bistros b) there's something mildly disturbing about an old city hall building becoming a bistro.
  • meryl and i went to the hattie weber museum when she was here. almost 8 years in davis and i had never been there. nice enough little place.
  • definitely need to build another dvd case. don't really have room for it in my apartment, but i have a stack of dvds building up that won't fit into my current cases. think i'll need to jettison my mattress to make way for the case.
  • i hate paris hilton, in part, because she represents a supposed aesthetic ideal; an ideal to which i don't subscribe. maybe that's a superficial reason to hate a person though. really, though, that's not why i hate her. i hate her because she is what so many women aspire to be - blonde and skinny. in this way she's like pamela anderson. i hate pamela anderson less because, while both are vapid, ugly representations of the worst of our culture's aspirations, at least pamela anderson has done something with herself. she's "written" a couple books and she's "acted." paris hilton is famous for being famous - a phenomenon which i think is new. i hate her because she represents a desire that i find utterly reprehensible. and what makes it worse is that people forgive her stupidity and vapidity because....i don't know why. maybe it's because she's seen as attractive, but it can't be that simple. maybe people find her stupidity entertaining or cute or adorable. i think what it boils down to is this, and i'll admit that i'm simplifying it a bit here: she is the physical embodiment of everything that i hate about our culture. the dog in the purse, the pandering to the camera, the fake reality television, being famous for no good reason, the bourgeois aura, her fashion, her disgusting body, the media frenzy that surrounds her, the fact that she (knowingly) glorifies stupidity, the fact that she's marrying some guy named paris, the fact that i know that she's marrying some guy named paris, but i don't know who the prime minister of canada is (paul martin). if she died right now the world would be a better place, i know this to be fact.
  • as paris hilton is everything that is wrong with our culture, immortal technique and blackalicious are everything that is right about hip-hop. see, i'm trying to remain positive.

  • 8-23-05 (19:19)

  • ali g is doing a movie called borat and it's going to be directed by larry charles (of seinfeld fame). potentially great laughs there.
  • updated movies list.
  • today was strange. vern sold 200+ cds and got $504. he's going to spend it on a surf board. i ripped about 40 of those cds onto my computer.
  • john came to work and hung out a bit. we had way more used buys than usual. the boss was back at work. i didn't get much done. just a different day.
  • bought a used copy of tony hawk 3 for ps2. will play that tonight after dinner.
  • going to la this weekend.
  • sarah is in sf now. don't know when school starts. we had a heart to heart the other day and that was good. she's in college now, that's a trip for me.
  • updated movies i own list.

  • 8-22-05 (10:38)

  • schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\, noun: A malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others.
  • schadenfreude washed over my body when i heard of bush's battle with a pretzel.
  • great word.
  • vern's coming today.

  • 8-20-05 (22:54)

  • updated movies list.
  • niners lost today. some offensive lineman went to the hospital afterwards. probably just in bad shape and got dehydrated or something. the game was in denver, too.
  • more interested in the raiders this year. if their defense plays well then they could get out of the first round of the playoffs, but no further.
  • rachel mcadams was born in london, ontario. i've been there.
  • i smell smoke. 00:13
  • just finished writing three long reviews. i think i've returned to my 2004 form. my reviews have gotten more thoughtful and lengthy.
  • luke said something about not giving myself credit, or being too negative on here. with that in mind, that comment above, if you perceive it as being conceited, can be considered his fault.
  • felt pretty sleepy today. took a long nap.
  • bought a video game for 3.99.
  • did some laundry and cleaned up around the house. that always feels good.
  • "on" is one of my favorite aphex twin tracks. good video too.
  • orbital's "the box" is an even better song with an even better video. similar in style.
  • speaking of great music videos....metallica's "one" is up there.

  • 8-20-05 (00:10)

  • from an imdb.com poll:

  • Of Premiere magazine's "Top 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time," which do you most object to being called overrated?
     2001: A Space Odyssey
     A Beautiful Mind
     American Beauty
     An American in Paris
     Chariots of Fire
     Easy Rider
     Field of Dreams
     Forrest Gump
     Gone with the Wind
     Good Will Hunting
     Jules & Jim
     Monster's Ball
     Mystic River
     The Red Shoes
     The Wizard of Oz
     None of them are overrated!
  • i voted for 2001: A Space Odyssey. it received the most votes (2254, 14.8%). i think sarah would have voted for easy rider which only received 171 votes (1.1%). my number two choice would have been wizard of oz. the top three vote recipients were: 2001, american beauty and forrest gump. the bottom three were: jules et jim, an american in paris, and the red shoes (last place). i think my grandfather would have said an american in paris. my bottom one would either be monster's ball or chicago. didn't really care for either of those. oddly, i think i watched both with my sister. meryl would probably say field of dreams, as would luke.
  • interesting idea, though i'm not generally a fan of concept art.
  • called the theater and asked if they were going to be playing either the new jim jarmusch film or hustle and flow in the upcoming independent film series. he said no to hustle and flow and wasn't sure about the jarmusch film. very lame. i asked why they wouldn't be playing hustle and flow and he said it was determined by the corporate office. fucking corporations.
  • tried writing movie reviews, but i can't. i actually don't get writers' block very often so i'm not used to it.
  • tomorrow is my last day as the boss man. i don't have a problem with that.
  • i've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, but the end is around the corner.
  • vern just called and he's coming up on monday. it'll be good to hang with him. next week i'll have a long weekend and i'll be in la. boss will be back next week so work will be better.
  • i consider myself pretty lucky to have the friends i have. i've never had a lot of friends and at one point that bothered me, but, with time, i've found it to be preferable.
  • snoop dogg doesn't have a very good golf swing.

  • 8-19-05 (01:12)

  • today was blah.
  • watched a movie in between shifts, will review later.
  • it's sad for asians that one of the most popular asians in our culture within the last couple years is william hung. not only does he embody the worst of the stereotypes, but he's also famous for being a bad singer, rather than a good engineer or something. of course that's more a commentary on the media than asians.
  • meryl asked what five countries i'd most like to visit. japan was one of them. china almost made the list, but i think i opted for italy instead because i felt i needed a european country in the mix.
  • i need to find a way to be wealthy. traveling and thinking, that's the life for me.
  • not really tired right now, but i should go to bed.
  • it's been cooling down lately.
  • maybe i'll watch the new wes craven movie tomorrow.
  • just out of curiosity i cut and pasted all my journal entries from 2000-2004 into a word document. it ended up being 12 megs and 936 pages long. that includes all the spaces and pictures, but that's still a shitload. throw in 1998, 1999, 8 months of 2005, five+ years of movie reviews, the trips and other secondary pages and you've probably got 800+ certifiable pages of writing.
  • got more curious so i just checked how many pages of movie reviews (2000-2005) i have...392 pages. way more than i expected. all told i likely have more than 1000 pages of writing. it's a lot when you put it all together, but not when you think about a couple paragraphs a day of mostly crap like this. all of that is using normal word spacing and page parameters in lucida sans, 11 point. it would be about 15 pages shorter if it were times new roman, 12 point.
  • that reminds me. if i were to make a documentary i think it would be cool to provide as much access to the raw footage as possible. any time i had a filter on a camera, or used an odd lens i'd make a note of it on the bottom of the screen. any time i slowed things down, or sped them up, i'd make a note of it at the bottom. the point would be to be as upfront as possible with the alterations to reality. i know people would call it too explicit or over-the-top, but it would be a concept documentary. it would come as close as humanly possible to taking the author out of the process. it's never entirely possible, after all i'd be the one pointing the camera and editing the film to a reasonable length, but a ten dvd set of blu-ray discs and some subtitles would go a long way towards giving the truest representation possible.
  • i'm ridiculous.
  • i think i had this up here back in 98 or 99, but it's good to revisit it once in a while.
  • i wish i didn't have work tomorrow, or the next day. tomorrow sarah moves up to sf. big day for her.

  • 8-18-05 (17:00)

  • someone called in sick at work so i'm working split shift. took a long nap now i have to go back to work. would have liked to be more productive, but i was really tired so i slept for a few hours. jeesh.

  • 8-17-05 (22:45)

  • added country listings for all the world artists on my cd list. i was bored last night.
  • found a basketball torrent thanks to ryan, but it only has stuff from this year's playoffs. i need the lakers/kings series some ncaa games and some other sports stuff. hopefully torrents like this become insanely popular and force the leagues into releasing the games on dvd. i don't have a problem paying for the stuff, but it's not even available right now.
  • one of the things i remember most about my gramps was his precision. he'd make a brown grocery bag into a trash bag by ripping the front and folding it down. then he'd fold the top inch or two of the bag down to make sort of a rim around the bag; it added stability. then he'd fold another bag in half and put it on the bottom to ensure that the bottom wouldn't get too damp from any wet trash being thrown away. he did this all in a very particular fashion and it was fascinating to watch. it was also fun to watch him pick up pieces of lint or dirt. he'd see a piece of white lint on the carpet and he'd bend down to pick it up with his long fingers. he'd usually dispose of the debris in a nearby ashtray. he was so meticulous like that. i remember asking him once if he had any sort of code worked out for how much he paid for a particular book. on the inside cover he'd have the price and on occasion he'd write (in code) the amount that he paid for the book. i don't remember how his code worked, but i remember it being fairly involved and precise. i think one reason i've become such an archivist over the years is seeing the book room at my grandparents' house. they have thousands and thousands of books and it was always so cool to me to see all the things they had stored down there. an old unabridged dictionary, old sets of the encyclopedia britannica, more copies of more frank herbert novels than i knew existed, hundreds of plays.... it just seemed like you could do so much if you had that much information at your fingertips at all times.
  • well, now i'm sad again. that's too bad.
  • made quite a few additions to my best of movies list.
  • boss is going to be back at work on monday.
  • since he's been gone i've gotten two calls from his boss. one was in response to an email i sent him and the other came today. apparently there was a dissatisfied customers in the store while he called me. said customer wanted cash back on a purchase, but the cd was already open. my boss' boss told me i should just go ahead and violate our usual policy to make him happy. that call was wrong in at least two ways. squeaky wheel and whatnot.
  • some guy in a service truck pulled up right in front of tower today in the middle of the day, double parked and proceeded to remove equipment from the back of his truck. on the side of the truck was signage that indicated he worked for a sidewalk resurfacing company. after he unloaded the equipment (which looked like a small lawnmower with a vacuum tube attached and running back into the truck) he proceeded to go to work on the sidewalk in front of tower. after a few passes along the edge of two slabs of concrete there was a loud noise and he shut the machine off. immediately i could see that all the metal pieces underneath the machine, which were doing the grinding, were now strewn about on the cement below the machine. i saw him mouth "fuck" and start packing up the equipment. after he returned the machine to the back of the truck he used a push broom to sweep all the metal into a pile underneath a nearby tree. he then returned to his truck and left. it was completely surreal. why was he there? who told him to go there? why was he grinding the sidewalk? it wasn't that uneven at that spot. tower didn't pay him to be there. i didn't see him working anywhere else on the block. why did he just leave the scrap metal on the dirt patch below the tree? why didn't he ever return? it was strange.
  • i'd like to restate my assertion that bike riding should be called bike driving and car driving should be called car riding. you ride in a car, and you drive a bike. maybe i'll change my tune one of these days when i ride in a car more than i drive my bike, but not until then.
  • i'd also like to see the term "in shape" (as in "i need to get in shape because i get winded too easily.") changed to something else...perhaps we should use "fit" more frequently. getting in shape denotes a physical profile that doesn't necessarily describe how fit a person is. that is, you can be rotund and still be fit. you can also be slim and unfit.
  • i'd also like to see the term "onion butt" used more frequently. an onion butt, as you know, is a butt that's so hot it makes you wanna cry.
  • politically incorrect and not at all sanctioned by me.

  • 8-16-05 (21:57)

  • going to la next weekend.
  • luke just called and said i need to be more positive on my webpage. on that note, luke's a good guy.
  • updated movies list. still have one movie to review.
  • listening to a lot of music right now.
  • thinning out my cd collection again. trying to stay busy.

  • 8-16-05 (16:51)

  • grandpa's obituary.
  • article on falwell. i love that jerry falwell's university is in lynchburg virginia. perfect.
  • had a shitty day at work today. first day back at work after a three day weekend. first day in four days completely without meryl. first day since my grandfather died that i haven't had anything really worthy of distracting my attention. fourth week without my boss around which means more stress is piling up. more sales go up this week, personnel problems are cropping up and i'm just fed up with it all. left early.

  • 8-15-05 (21:00)

  • well, meryl's gone now. seven weeks until i see her again.
  • having her around this weekend was great because work has been shitty, it's been a long time since i've seen her, and this weekend would have been pretty depressing without her.
  • she's so wonderful and caring. it's just great to be with her. i feel extremely fortunate.
  • dropped her off at the airport today and that was sad. when i got on the bus back to davis i wasn't paying very close attention to what i was doing and accidentally got on the wrong bus. they both have the same number, but one goes through the sac/davis/woodland/airport loop clockwise and one goes counterclockwise. i wanted on the ccw one and got on the cw one. took me about 40 minutes longer than it should have to get home. i didn't care though. i didn't have any plans and i had a book with me so it worked out just fine.
  • i think i'm going to have to move all my bogart films to the top of my netflix queue in memory of my grandpa. there are still some films of his i'm embarrassed to have not seen.
  • after my grandpa broke his hip i started keeping notes when i spoke with him on the phone. i'm glad i did that because my memory sucks and he was a fountain of information.

  • 8-13-05 (08:23)

  • listening to amadou and mariam's dimanche a bamako
  • yesterday meryl flew in, that's the good news.
  • last night at a few minutes to midnight i got a call. i was semi-asleep at the time and didn't understand why i was getting a call at this time. it turned out to be someone from work who was having trouble arming the alarm. i tried to solve the problem over the phone in a half-awake state. when i went back to bed i was pissed that i was being bothered by a work problem that late at night, at home. but as i lay in bed i thought about the possibility of getting a call telling my that my dad had died in a car crash or something (him and my sister are still on their road trip). i felt very sad when i thought about it because i knew it would devastate me. i had trouble going to sleep after that. not just because of that thought, but also because your sleep rhythm gets fucked up when you awaken from the middle of the falling asleep process.
  • this morning i woke up at about 720. earlier than usual, but it could have been because of meryl's presence or the chirping birds outside. we sat in bed talking about the world population being out of control and the depth of the pacific ocean and weird family members and how much we missed each other. a little before 8 the phone rang again. it was my mom and i could tell it was bad news. my grandfather died late last night.
  • on 8/11 i watched the big sleep. after i was done watching it (about 11pm) i thought very seriously about calling him because i knew it was one of his favorites. it's on the list of 34 films he especially likes, which he typed for me at my request. i figured he'd probably still be awake, but still felt weird about calling that late so opted not to. of course i'll never live down that decision.
  • yesterday meryl and i went and rented a stupid movie and planned to watch it, but ended up just watching some seinfeld instead. it's nice, i guess, that the last movie i watched while he was still alive was the big sleep.
  • after i wrote "lauren bacall is great." in my last post i had planned on writing more about her and how she should be more appreciated before she's gone. i was going to segue that into writing about my grandpa because any time i think of bogart or bacall i think of my grandpa too. i ended up not doing that because i try to avoid being mushy without cause and because it was late and because the mood wasn't right. i was thinking about it though.
  • so i'm really sad right now and i've cried a good deal. he's the first person of any real consequence who i've lost. he was a great guy and i always looked up to him. some people say i'm too much like him at times and that's fine by me.
  • "do what you can't live without doing." that was his most memorable piece of advice to me.

  • 8-11-05 (23:05)

  • more fun with urbandictionary.com
  • updated movies list.
  • i've listened to one be lo's new album like three times today. did the same for amadou and mariam's newest.
  • john came to visit at work today. it's pretty great that after he stopped working at tower he found a job that gave him a valid excuse to come to the store once a week or so. it's good to see him.
  • i think it would be a good memory exercise to reread my posts every couple weeks or so. every once in a while i'll do that and it blows me away how much i've forgotten. sometimes i read my stuff and think "what the hell was i thikining when i wrote that?" and other times i think "man, that's a great fucking point."
  • deuce bigalow starts tomorrow. notable only because it's directed by mike bigelow, who is no one, but it's cool? odd? funny? that he's directing a film with his name in it.
  • normally i don't comment on tv, but i saw a commercial for "tommy lee goes to college." contrived reality tv is reaching apocalyptic levels. that is, these reality shows are going to directly lead to my doing everything i can to wreak apocalyptic vengeance upon the world. why do we love stupidity so much? why do we encourage, foster, and sell it? from simple life and joey to tommy lee goes to college and all the other "lovable idiots" on tv. also, i have to get back to this one - why do we have more people to root against, rather than for, in our culture?
  • lauren bacall is great.
  • a's won a crazy one tonight. i'd like to be an a's fan because i like the way they play the game and they seem to make it interesting all the time, but they trade their best players and don't seem to want to make the necessary moves for a real playoff run. right now i can't really say i'm a fan of any baseball team.

  • 8-11-05 (18:29)

  • article talking about density of western cities. i haven't really read through it, but i glanced at the top 15 and there's something very at odds with the logic there. los angeles is supposedly more dense than nyc and davis even makes the top ten. clearly the list is a bit off because it's measuring population density relative to "urbanized area." anyone who has been to nyc, la, sf, new orleans, san jose and davis knows which city appears most densely populated. my 2005 almanac confirms this: los angeles has a population density of 8,143 per sq. mile and nyc has a population density of 26,659 per sq. mile. what they're likely doing is looking only at the residentially zoned areas of the city. so, los angeles looks more dense because they don't take into account the numerous parks, hills and recreation areas that it has relative to nyc. it also seems to include long beach (which is more densely populated than los angeles proper - 9,434 vs. 8,143), but i don't know if it includes the valley or "west la" (santa monica, for example). that would be interesting to know. it would also be nice to know what nyc's density would look like if they didn't include newark (p.d. of 11,677 according to my almanac) in the numbers. why they do that is beyond me. at any rate, it brings down nyc's numbers quite a bit.
  • davis being on that list is the big question mark. we have a town ordinance that prohibits any buildings being over something like three or four stories so how we'd make that list is, again, beyond me. that alone makes me question the validity of the study. yeah, there are a lot of apartment buildings in davis, and it's small, but it still doesn't seem right. the other thing is that the article, the numbers, and the word "density" all imply that you can't get around without bumping into people. that's less true in davis than in most cities i've been to in america yet davis is apparently the sixth most dense city in the country. perhaps it's partly a matter of perception. the great open spaces, parks, golf courses, open areas of commerce, theme parks, waterways, hills, etc. of places like los angeles or davis make it seem as though it's less dense than new york or san francisco. those places, in my experience, seem so much more concrete and closed off because those things are less prevalent. the "psychological density" of a place like davis is far lower than any other city on that list, in my opinion.
  • honestly there seems to be an east coast bias in this study. some east coast business association probably funded this thing. why else would they measure it the way they did? why else would they include newark and Connecticut suburbs in the density of nyc? first an east coast bias in the seeding of ncaa basketball teams and now this...jeesh.

  • Rank Urbanized area Population
    1 Los Angeles - Long Beach - Santa Ana, Calif. 7,068.3
    2 San Francisco - Oakland, Calif. 7,004.3
    3 San Jose 5,914.1
    4 New York - Newark
    (incl. Conn. suburbs) 5,309.3
    5 New Orleans 5,101.6
    6 Davis, Calif. 4,845.4
    7 Vallejo, Calif. 4,681.9
    8 Honolulu 4.659.8
    9 Tracy, Calif. 4,621.6
    10 Las Vegas 4,597.1
    11 Galveston, Tex. 4,527.7
    12 Oxnard, Calif. 4,459.7
    13 Miami 4,407.4
    14 Fairfield, Calif. 4,355.7
    15 Stockton, Calif. 4,218.4

    8-10-05 (23:57)

  • updated movies list.
  • dad and sister came to visit monday night and first half of tuesday. watched a couple movies, ate and played basketball. three games of horse with the order - dad, me, sarah. i won the first won, dad won the next two. then i played him one on one and beat him 10-4. he's got this weird no-arc shot that he takes as he's moving parallel to the basket. strange, but effective.
  • marc borchardt's newest project.
  • didn't watch any movies today which means i listened to music and read. i've done a pretty good job of not watching tv. it was bad when i first got hdtv, but after the initial fascination i've done a good job of watching very little tv programming.
  • listened to two amazing albums today: one be lo's "s.o.n.o.g.r.a.m." and Amadou and Mariam's "dimanche a bamako"
  • updated recommendations list.
  • only one more day to get through until meryl comes to visit. those three days are going to go by way too quickly.
  • i've been wanting to get into motown lately. but tonight, after hearing the amadou and mariam and one be lo records, i want to explore the music of mali in greater depth and check out some binary star stuff. too much good stuff out there.
  • wish i played basketball more often. it's nice to have a court so nearby. that's the kind of thing one can take for granted, but not me.

  • 8-7-05 (23:53)

  • back is hurting a bit right now. has been hurting off and on since inventory.
  • looking forward to my three day weekend. i have work tomorrow, which sucks, but it balances out at the end of the week. sarah and dad are coming up tomorrow so that'll be fun. meryl is coming on friday and that's going to be great.
  • i seem to be finding more bugs in my apartment lately. i just had one fly onto my keyboard.
  • kristen (girl i used to work with) came over today and we watched a movie.
  • dustin hoffman turns 68 today (monday). now is as good a time as any to say i think he's one of a small handful of truly amazing actors. from the graduate to meet the fockers, he elevated almost everything he touched. i think that in film (as opposed to music) it's more forgivable to have a few clunkers here and there because so much of the final product is out of your hands. he's been in a few films which are less than great (ishtar being the obvious example), but he's had enough brilliant performances to place him in the pantheon of american film actors. to me, he's with a bogart or stewart. his highlights include graduate, midnight cowboy, papillion, tootsie, rain man, all the president's men, and kramer vs. kramer. that doesn't count the films i haven't seen like little big man, lenny and marathon man.
  • almost forgot to mention that i paid off one of my credit cards today. now i just need to pay off the tv and i'm in the clear. good thing about that one is that it's interest free.
  • didn't feel like updating my movies reviewed list tonight.
  • took a two hour nap today. i've been doing that on the weekends lately. maybe i should take up drinking coffee, or smoking meth. i'll have to weigh my options.

  • 8-7-05 (11:42)

  • last night i was in bed last night thinking about the movie "call northside 777" (good movie by the way) and i couldn't think of the victim's name. i knew he was also the lead in thieves' highway, but i kept thinking his name was ray cortez. i knew that was wrong, but i couldn't shake that name from my mind. this morning i was working out and trying to think of his name again, but couldn't. finally i broke down and headed over to my dvd case to check. about 8 feet from the case it struck me - richard conte. i checked and was correct. i once heard somewhere that working out increases mental alacrity.
  • i'd like to see a study done where they take people who don't normally work out and put them on a modest regimen for a few weeks. during this time they monitor the subjects' eating habits. i think that people who work out would naturally start eating a more balanced diet. i think that the body figures these things out pretty well. i heard of a study once where they took young children (2-4 y.o., i think) and put them in a room filled with various foods - from vegetables to candy. they found that overall the kids ate a fairly balanced diet and didn't gorge themselves. i don't have any sources on that though.
  • i'm generally pretty good at keeping myself occupied, especially when i'm alone. back in my college days i'd do stuff like leave notes in jon's closet, or on his toilet, or some other odd place which said things like "chris doth laid his seed inside three bitches at this spot at 12:39pm, august 9, 2000." it was fun and funny and it kept me occupied in a, while not constructive, at least not destructive way. nowadays i have other projects like updating my cd list or compiling lists of my favorite movies/actors/albums or writing on here about studies i heard about years ago. usually i just fall back on some movie or another, but i generally can keep busy without the help of others. while that's valuable, i also recognize, more than ever, the importance of quality relationships.
  • i wonder what it is that makes some people construct different ways (getting in trouble/drinking/doing drugs) of occupying their time. i know that people do these things out of boredom, and of course there's other stuff going on, but i wonder why those people don't choose to play solitaire instead. is it a cultural issue? do we all have some degree of a.d.d.? is it biological? if it is, then why did i turn out different from my parents? at the same time i'm not saying i didn't construct some ways of occupying my time that weren't risky, or illegal. i've taken a joy ride on a tractor and hitchhiked and shot at my neighbors' beer bottles with my bb gun, but i think my friends and i were relatively tame. maybe we're just dorks who spent too much time talking about the newest video game/movie/album/computer technology to get into any real trouble.
  • lately i've tried to look at eliminating hunger from the "death by a thousand cuts" approach. for example, i'll have a piece of fruit, a couple glasses of juice, some macroni salad, some chips and some carrots. it's easier than actually making something.

  • 8-5-05 (19:07)

  • updated movies list.
  • boss came in today to file his leave of absence paperwork. he'll likely be out another two weeks. his grandpa passed away last night after they pulled the plug.
  • if i'm ever on my death bed i don't want any of that bullshit. just let me die. then throw me to the sharks or something. jon gets my (John) Ford and (Alfred) Hitchcock hard drives. johnny gets any camping related stuff he wants. vern can take any of my books. john gets my vinyl. luke can have my tv. sarah and meryl get the rest.
  • i have four hard drives. the main hard drive is named kurosawa, the secondary is ford, the third (not currently hooked up) is kubrick and the last (the biggest) is hitchcock.
  • sarah and dad come up monday, maybe tuesday. it'll be good to see them, but i work both days so... good planning on their part.

  • 8-4-05 (22:59)

  • i've switched cd to mp3 ripping techniques. i used to use the one bundled with winamp, but lately i've been using the far superior (and much slower) method of combining exact audio copy with an external LAME encoder. it takes three times as long, but the outcome is great. i set the encoder at vbr0 with normalization and it works wonders. it also saves space in most cases.
  • don't feel like updating my movies list right now. i've got three movies to review. probably do that tomorrow.
  • been pretty tired lately.
  • was coming out of the back room at work today and looked at some guy at the listening station nearest the office. our eyes met and he asked "do you own this establishment?" figuring i misunderstood i slowed down and said "huh?" he came again "do you own this place?" i continued walking and said "no." he came back with "do you want to?" i said "no" and kept walking. people are fucking weird.
  • i have a good assortment of cds, but i could use some more comedy cds. for example, i don't have any richard pryor, eddie murphy, or george carlin.
  • i think the underlying philosophy behind my vast collections of albums and dvds is the idea that i'll be able to really enjoy all this stuff during the twilight of my life. it's one reason why i archive so many things - from my movie reviews and journal entries to my archive of articles or old issues of the nation. i heard a quote once that said something like "live the first half of your life so that you have enough memories to tide you over for the second half." it was put more eloquently, but that was the crux of it. it's not to say that you can't create memories in the second half of your life, rather it's saying that you should live life fully while you're young. that's one reason i'm so happy i went on the hitchhiking trip. i'll never get tired of reliving that adventure. eventually i'd like to get a dvd burner so i can record major sporting events (world series, super bowl, march madness, etc.) and presidential debates/election day coverage and crisis coverage (9/11), etc. i've always been an archivist at heart.

  • 8-2-05 (22:43)

  • one of the things i love so much about movies and music is that they're always the same; they don't change, but my perspective does. music and movies are always there for me, the same as they've always been. at the same time, since i change, my view of a particular film or album might change. there's something reassuring, though, about the fact that incunabula, for example, will always be the same. truly loving something, so we've been told, means loving it even if it changes. i think that should be true of loving people. of course there's always that gap between the ideal and reality. i don't know what i'm really getting at here. i love an album like incunabula because it never fails me. at the same time i've said before that i also love it because it feels like a new album each time i listen to it. different, yet familiar. stable, reliable and dependable, but still interesting. i think the same could be said of my friends. they're not flighty or capricious, at the same time they're not dull or simple. the last time i watched die hard was shortly after melanie broke up with me. i've seen the film at least 40 times in my life, but never in the same way that i did that day. the film was the same, but i was different.
  • here's my review:

  • Die Hard - i've watched this film over forty times and it's always been one of my favorites of all-time, but watching it this time was a unique experience. i'm in a very different mindset these days so i can't help but interpret everything in a different way. the dynamic between willis and bedelia was more vibrant and resonant than ever before. willis' bathroom soliloquy was more poignant, the laughs were more hearty, and the music was more stirring. in short, this time around may well have been the best viewing ever of this particular film. it's a film that begs to be watched repeatedly and earns it every time. it's a film that defines the very limit of the action/adventure genre, and maybe even cinema altogether. it's pretty difficult for me to overstate the place in my heart that this film holds. everything within the film is so seamless - the music (kamen is amazing, but so are mctiernan's choices - using the "aliens" piece at the very end, the incorporation of xmas music to help the setting, the bach, the beethoven, the run d.m.c.! just brilliant), the images (jan de bont's inspired camera movement and mctiernan's lively and unique (for the time) editing style), the performances (break out role for willis, yes, but also notable performances from bedelia, rickman, veljohnson, gleason and white) all come together in a perfect synthesis. and with al disarrio as the sfx supervisor you know that things on that front are going to be solid as well. there are some scenes where you can tell a process shot was used, but when you're not scrutinizing the film these effects are seamless and that's pretty remarkable considering it's a film from the 80s. i think that if you watch this film without having heard any hype about it (because hype always hinders a film) then you must like it. for me it's a film that i really can watch any time. many of my other top films (paths of glory, the graduate, the killing, koyaanisqatsi, boogie nights, etc.) require a particular mood, but this film doesn't. no matter what mood i'm in i can watch this film, and since i've seen it so many times it's like visiting an old friend. one of the best pieces of art of all-time. A+.
  • updated movies list.

  • 8-2-05 (01:24)

  • well, i'm officially in the incunabula phase again. it happens every few months and i think it came upon me tonight. during this time incunabula will comprise at least 50% of the music i listen to and i'll probably write about how much i love the album several times over the next few weeks. i think i have to call it my favorite album of all time. no album has ever had this kind of impact over this length of time. it gets better each time i listen to it and it somehow remains fresh despite dozens of listenings. despite being 12 years old already, it still feels like an album from the future.
  • it's late, but i'm not really tired. long naps will do that.
  • i hate talking about this stuff sometimes because i know that it's been addressed before in far more eloquent terms and in much greater depth by much more qualified people, but...
  • time is more enigmatic than anything i can think of right now. despite the actual physics of it time is linear and steady for all our intents and purposes. sure, it's tied to space and theoretically can be warped in certain circumstances, but in our everyday lives, so far as we know, it remains the same. i don't know if it's always been like this for me, but nowadays i find that time is especially strange. a big part of it is because of how oddly my memory has worked in recent years. i know that it's similar for many people, but i wonder to what degree i experience time and memory differently. things that happened earlier in the day, mere minutes ago, even, sometimes seem extremely distant. the memory of good and bad things stick or fall away with a seemingly equal randomness. sometimes things that i can't fathom being important stick with me in an uncanny way. other times there will be something i don't want to ever forget and it easily dissipates from my memory. the line between reality and dream has been blurred more often in recent years than it has in the past. i'll experience something in a dream and i sometimes have to fight to remember whether it was a real memory or not. that time between reality and dream seems more odd than usual. has it always been like this or is this something new?
  • i had a dream the other day that i got fired from tower and moved to the bay area to get a job there. why is it that two months with meryl can seem like two years? why is it that one month apart seems like another two years? the past never seems close. even ten minutes ago seems far away. why can i remember so little about being in high school? is it that i just live so strongly in the moment that anything outside of it is distant? why can i remember nick lachey's name, but not sterling hayden's? time seems to move much less methodically than it's supposed to. often it seems to move in spurts. maybe that's what ma joad was talking about in her final speech in the grapes of wrath. why is that the night time brings such a different perspective than the morning? things seem clear at night. they seem to make more sense. the morning almost never feels like that. maybe i'm just night person. or maybe there's something about being awake for a certain period of time that clues you in a little bit. maybe it's the same as being older...you get wiser with the years. maybe you get wiser within the day as well. it seems to hold true with me. of course it could just be a matter of perspective as well. maybe the goal is to have as little shift in attitude from night to morning. i've always taken sleeping for granted, but i do wonder how necessary it is. i remember douglas everet talking about it on radio parallax once. he mentioned that sleep wasn't really necessary for the body in the sense that the body doesn't repair itself while you sleep, yet we all need it. different creatures need more or less of it. why?
  • speaking of parallax...the other day i was laying on my left side on the carpet looking at a tennis ball on the ground. i put my hand in front of my left eye and saw the tennis ball's position shift. then i moved my hand down and the tennis ball shifted back. i played with this game of perspective and parallax for several minutes. it's such a simple thing, but it provided me with great entertainment. of course i thought about it in somewhat philosophical terms as well. it would make a good pivot scene in a film.
  • sometimes my memory/sense of time works to my advantage. i can have a bad experience at work or in life and put it behind me fairly quickly. other times it works to my disadvantage. i can't remember details that i'd like to. i can't remember peoples' names. i can't remember why i went online or went into the bedroom. those are everyday annoyances, i know.
  • i try not to watch much tv and am mostly successful. i watch a lot of movies on tv, but i watch very little television programming. it's depressing, for one, but beyond that i think it lessens my attention span. i need to retrain my brain a bit. watch more three hour films, read more novels (send some over vern), spend more time just reflecting. i should also watch memento again.
  • i guess i should try to get some sleep now.
  • 8-1-05 (20:03)
  • it's almost been a month since i last saw meryl.
  • today was pretty unexceptional. i wasted most of the day with a long nap. i guess that's what days off are for, but it always makes me feel unproductive when i take long naps.
  • one thing that's attractive about being a director is that you're less likely to be spotted while you're out and about. outside of spielberg, there aren't many directors who are in the public eye. meryl's mom saw joel coen and frances mcdormand today.
  • aphex twin's ambient stuff is my favorite, but every once in a while i'll listen to "i care because you do" and realize that it's pretty great as well. he has a lot of good songs, but none of his albums (outside of the ambient stuff) blow me away.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated recommendations.
  • updated archives.
  • 8-1-05 (11:14)
  • pretty fed up with work right now. had to go in to e-mail the main office our numbers for the weekend. by the time i got in christo had already done it because justin called in to see how things were. christo is justin's roommate and he's also working as the receiving clerk while erin is out. christo told me that justin told him that he's probably going to be out for another month. he also told me that the opening clerk was 20 minutes late this morning which left christo alone to open the store. so i had to write him up for being late. i've made it abundantly clear to everyone involved that i have no aspirations to be the operations manager, but it looks like that's what i am right now. i haven't heard dick from the main office because the regional director was conveniently on vacation last week (the last week of inventories). overall it's not a pleasing situation.
  • one of the things i hate most in life is looking for a job. i have no contacts so i can't get a job that way and i don't feel that i'm very good at most things so it's hard to find something that i feel i could do.
  • "Seniors, Military, Students, Moms and Retail employees encouraged to apply!! We have flexible hours. Because you set them!! Books and magazines are are business. We want highly motivated part-time merchandisers to service our retail partners."
  • "Books and magazines are are business." oh man.
  • there aren't very many jobs that interest me. it seems like the world is so full of interesting things, from politics and philosophy to sports and carpentry, but so few jobs have anything to do with all those interesting subjects/activities. and those jobs that are related require some sort of schooling or experience.
  • last two times i tried calling melanie she wasn't there. this is probably the longest we've ever gone without talking.
  • "Looking for quiet, self-motivated applicants who desire to watch films and get paid for their opinions. Movie watching experience is a must. Will be required to watch a minimum of five movies a week and submit oral evaluations on a weekly basis via phone. Compensation begins at 30K/year and rises with the amount of work you do. Medical and dental included." i wish.

  • need to eat and watch a movie. today didn't start so well.