2-28-00 (09:38)
  • updated the movie list.
  • i figured out that i don't like white people or men. no wonder i have a self-esteem problem.
  • got some c64 emulator stuff, we'll see if it works.
  • in other, related news, got around to listening to some of my c64 music. good shit. brings back memories.

  • Shirley Ann Jackson - not the author of "the lottery" -
    this shirley jackson was the first African American
    female to receive a doctorate in Theoretical Solid
    State physics from MIT. she's super smart and stuff

    2-28-00 (06:27)

  • well i'm kinda tired, but it's all good.
  • thom yorke ain't so bad. in fact all of radiohead ain't all together shit. what i'm trying to say is - if you want to come i'm not stopping you. those of you who haven't seen butch cassidy and the sundance kid have no idea what i'm talking about. that movie has so many damn classic lines.
  • i'm going to watch great escape and then do some english workshop type duties...two more little shitty responses to people's stories to go.
  • class at 12. phil will be here around 4.
  • my mind works a little fast sometimes...for example i'll write "with the..." and it usually comes out "withe" that's the most common one i can think of right now, but it happens all the time.
  • off to watch a great movie and get on track for the 300 goal.
  • this month breaks another record for hits...third month in a row.

  • Morgan Freeman - this picture of him rocks. he's one
    of the premier actors of this time period.

    2-28-00 (00:37)

  • samuel l. jackson, de niro, pacino, bruce willis, joe pesci, morgan freeman, william h. macy, and a small handful of others are the best actors of the last few years. two of em were in heat. updated the movielist.
  • played basketball today, real basketball. basketball is a good game and a lot easier to play by yourself than football.
  • phil is coming tomorrow - monday.
  • i should get some action this week. or not.
  • forecast is sunny. she's a whore. tuesday looks like rain. rain shadow in full effect.
  • vern bleeds a lot, and i'm not talking about anal sex.
  • another quick note on heat - when pacino is talking on a pay phone in one of the scenes there are two cuts. in the first cut a picture of malcolm x is in the background. on the secon cut this picture of miles davis is in the background. michael mann and i should be good buddies.
  • today i was very close to buying groceries i couldn't afford. i resisted the urge.
  • marie's cds is 7 away from 8000 positive feedback on ebay. holy shit.
  • Windows isn't a virus, viruses do something.
  • oh i'm sorry did you forget about columbine? sorry i ruined your day.
  • so napster was up to 3 terabytes the other day and just last night it was down to a seventh of that. and in the last 10 mins the volume of shit on napster has tripled. weird.
  • the only time winamp skips is when i do something that loads video. a bit queer, but overall not bad.
  • i like not being woken up in the morning by a phone call. i like being able to sleep until 3pm. i like being able to goto sleep at 5am. i should enjoy this before i get hitched up get a white picket fence and join the 9-5 workforce.
  • jason kidd has a really fly wife. sports illustrated has out done itself two years in a row. next year will have to be a let down in comparison.
  • i must stay up all night in order to get a regular schedule back, so i'll do just that.
  • carter scored 51, i planned on picking him, but i thought he was a guard for some reason so guess i missed out there.
  • why does soda need to be cheaper than juice, even cheap juice? soda is litterally cheaper than water is many cases. this is gay.
  • question of the day - biggest regret of life thusfar?
  • i've done more all-nighters than anyone i know. i've also slept longer than anyone i know. then again i don't know many people and i don't ask them how many all-nighters they've done.

  • Samuel L. Jackson - one of the best actors ever.
    2-27-00 (00:50)
  • phil is coming sunday.
  • went to hattie and manuel's for some free food, it was really good.
  • the second train robbery scene in butch cassidy and the sundance kid really rocks. camera work is awesome
  • why not advertise propositions truthfully? "yes on prop. 22" should = "hate fags? vote yes on 22" or "bigot piece of shit? yes on 22"
  • had a great debate about reasons for not eating pig. don't want to eat it because it's unhealthy? fine. but because it has one stomach or is a 'filthy animal'? jeesh. i won't ever understand that.
  • i need to play on my computer now.
  • updated the movie list.

  • Guion Bluford was the first African-American in space. He flew on STS-8.
    2-26-00 (15:35)
  • big news of the day is that i get free dinner tonight. going to hattie's.
  • it's a scorching 62 outside. that means my car should start just fine. was going to work on the carb today, but i don't want to do that hours before i need to get somewhere because of the great chance i screw it up.
  • my ea sports basketball game has almost caught up with real basketball. i've been on a losing streak.
  • my fantasy basketball team is kicking ass right now despite losing a lot of monetary value.
  • air, le french band, is good.
  • i remember in fourth grade brian grubb told me the french were all back-stabbers...i told my dad and he asked where i got that idea. i said i didn't know and he said that they helped us in the revolutionary war. i didn't say anything after that and since i haven't called the french anything except smelly and rude.

  • Denzel Washington - most attractive black man alive, so I'm told.
    2-25-00 (19:03)
  • talked to austrialian guy today who is giving me some muzak...he called me mate. true story.
  • catching up big time in fantasy basketball.
  • i have no idea what is going on in college basketball. are they playing? is stanford number one? do they play with a 10 foot rim still?
  • and hockey? last i heard wayne was rocking nuts on edmonton. and marty was shitting his diapers. i guess that last part is still true because people seem to want him banned for life. i didn't think the wack with the stick was that bad.
  • i need to get some dough. when i have dough i need to manage it better.
  • question of the day - what should the minimum wage be?

  • B.B. King - Blues giant
    2-25-00 (01:10)
  • when talking to someone online it's easy to talk about two things at once - because of the delay. e.g. i send message about cars to person x, at the same time person x sends message to me about sex, i respond to their message and they respond to mine at about the same time...you can keep this up fairly easily because of the time it takes to type the response and the time to go where it's going. just a thought.
  • i think it's impossible for me to goto bed early
  • updated the movie list.
  • computers are dumb, but offer so many songs and games

  • Nat Turner - leader of slave rebellion
    2-24-00 (01:51)
  • TV gets worse and worse. FOX is the best station ever. seinfeld, simpsons, and all the wack shit shows you can handle. world's worst police chases, etc.
  • updated the movie list. bond is the pimp. OHMSS was awesome i can see why luke loves it so much.
  • herbie hancock rocks. very funky.
  • miles davis is above coltrane now. the reason lies within my rating system - a particular artist's rating is based solely on the strength of the albums i own. i own only one coltrane album and four miles davis albums...those four outrank the one, thus davis is above.
  • one reason the beastie boys may never fall to led zeppelin is the fact that i have 34 or so cds of the beastie boys and only 15 by led zeppelin. the system has its flaws, i know.
  • Bradley sounds very much like an activist to me. whether his ideas, such as that one, work or not only time will tell. i do know that some of the 'radical' plans put forth by a man by the name of FDR were considered far-fetched. giving money to workers sounds better than the reaganomics of the 80s.
  • it's now 3:36, after a long talk with phil and a computer crash i will sleep.

  • Harriet Tubman - famous for her underground
    railroad work. all around cool chick.
    2-23-00 (18:11)
  • if i didn't upload my webpage anymore then i would write a lot less and would probably stop all together. so, for the meantime, i'll continue with this waste.
  • waste, fast, were, dear, read, sad, fear, car, tar, tear, was, seat, feet, sassafras, saw, great, better, bear, staff, graft, vat, beer, gear, care...what's the common link?
  • reasons not to work at a fast food joint: as a college student, i am above the commoners who are reduced to manual labor and service work. 5.75 is only 5 times that of the average chinese 11 year old who makes my gap khakis. i've got lots of money anyway.
  • they didn't hate my story. in fact one chick even liked it so much she offered her services in exchange for my reading it aloud to her while she was under the desk i'masickbastardishouldstoptheinsanity.
  • i shall eat

  • Muddy Waters - blues artist, mojo man, real cool guy.
    2-22-00 (22:25)
  • updated the movie list. ("list" link goes to the text file of movies seen this year - no review).
  • updated the cd list. bmg is about the slowest damn bunch of bastards ever, except when it comes to sending you bills.
  • rain sucks.
  • i read a whole shit load yesterday. none of it was for school.
  • luke is a good guy. pictures from the davis visit are here.
  • got a check in the mail today from my sponsor. thanks scott and others who click on that piece of crap.
  • "Today is a unique date: 2-22-2000. It starts with 4 identical digits, and then finishes with 3 (i.e., 4 twos followed by 3 zeros.) That pattern occurred twice last year, on 1-11-1999 and 11-1-1999. (11-11-1999 was an even rarer pattern.) But the next date with that digit pattern won't be until 2-22-2111, a mere 111 years from today. In other words, it's probably the last time you'll be alive to experience the phenomenon. I couldn't let the event pass without calling your attention to it - in spite of the fact that it undoubtedly exposes a material psychological defect in me (for even considering it noteworthy.)"
  • everyone will be destroying my story tomorrow, oh joy.



    2-21-00 (03:44)
  • steve opened up the theater after hours and let us watch pitch black, hence i updated the movie list.
  • thinking about not uploading webpage anymore, that way it would be more of a journal and less of whatever it is now.
  • really sore from the football game the other day, sleding today, and sitting in the car for a long time.
  • spa was nice.
  • luke says:

  • *Worst feeling in the world? Losing someone you care for
    *Best feeling in the world: knowing you are loved
  • power went out the other day...on the whole block, it was exciting.
  • it all boils down to money.
  • got ragged on quite a bit this weekend.

  • Jerry Rice - greatest receiver of all-time. another victim of
    economic policy being paramount in all walks of life?
    2-20-00 (16:24)
  • biggest news of the day is my sister's birthday (13). there's that.
  • in other news johnny and luke left earlier than expected because of hard floor conditions.
  • oh and i need to get a life.

  • Fredrick Douglas
    2-18-00 (01:34)
  • getting lots of sleep is very good.
  • updated movies list. can't believe i've seen south park 4 times already.
  • johnny and luke aren't coming till sat. shucks.
  • schoolly d rocks.

  • The 6 Original Black Panthers
    2-17-00 (00:17)
  • updated movies list. updated some of the links to the imdb.com database, just because i had nothing better to do.
  • woke up with intentions of getting a lot done. it rained so i slept, but i haven't fallen asleep in class as much as i normally do...only once this quarter (for only a few minutes). it rained pretty badly. i almost got runned over by two cars, that be sucking. then i hit a huge pot hole, which probably fucked up my rim pretty bad. then i finally was on campus with just a bit to go before i got to my classroom. i was so wet that i really didn't see the point in avoiding it anymore. if you try to fight the rain you'll always lose, but if you fight its getting to you by not caring then usually you can win. once on campus i changed strategies and accepted that i was going to be wet. i ended up winning by the time i got to class. yes everything is a battle.
  • coming off the heels of my victory over mother nature i went to conquer the dry classroom. everyone had on a nice clean, dry, sweater. i took off my raincoat and had my kdvs t-shirt on. they took the bus. i win.
  • stupid bitch in english class talked today. i'll call her stupid bitch because all she does is bash other people's stories. (we are doing 'workshop' which is where everyone submits their story for the class to critique...3-4 per day). i can't wait till we read her story so i can take a fat dump on it - not litterally, although that might work too.
  • i actually talked in english class today. my story is a lot (thematically) like two of the three we went over in class today. back to where i was - stupid bitch starts in on this one story, which i thought was really really good. she said that the first paragraph needed to be cut out. she's the kind of bitch that starts out her critiques "i really have to take issue with...." or "i personally had a problem with..." and she says it in the most condescending, pompous, sycophantish way possible.
  • one time she did her little thing and the teacher backed her up and you should have seen the smug little grin on her damn face. oh god. i think everyone wanted her to die. at any rate she's still alive.
  • in other news jon got dsl.
  • fantasy basketball was doing really really well until the week before the all-star break, then key players sucked and got injured, now i'm sucking, or at least not as close to passing the next closest guy. all is well.
  • Dikembe Mutombo had 11 blocks the other night, that's fucking crazy.
  • i think the new jack-in-the-crack, i mean box, commercial rocks...the boy band one. because the boy band in the commercial which is obviously mocking boy bands, is just as good as nsync, backstreets gays, whatever. it's really funny how easy it is to make that music. pretty boys with okay under-matured voices are a dime a dozen...it really amazes me.
  • the quest for mp3s all over 112/44 continues...almost done. now i'm conserving space by reducing those at 192/44 to 128 or 160, unless the song kicks that much ass.
  • (02:33) my classical music collection grows, my harddrive space dwindles.
  • baba o'riley by the who ....epic. spike lee knows it too.
  • two people, never having met before, one a 'multi-millionaire,' the other a semi-attractive basically random chick got married on TV. you don't want to know anymore. it undermined every institution we are supposed to hold sacred.
  • i'm going to slim down mp3 list a bit now.
  • (03:02) i do a search for 'lovely day' on napster and up comes 5 hits. a great song by the one and only bill withers...only 5 hits. one is some gay version by 'lit' - i guess they were popular for 15 seconds. the others are by bill withers, but in parenthesis say (gap commercial) e.g., "bill withers-lovely day (first gap commercial).mp3" gay shit.
  • oldest mp3 in my possession? that's a no-brainer...trio-da da da. only mp2 in my possession? devo-whip it.mp2...that was easy too. of all mp3s which artist is most represented? prodigy with 8, but some are remixed by or of prodigy, so that's not fair. nine inch nails has 7, 2pac and david bowie have 6. beatles have 42. beastie boys have 189 if you count the ones i own (32) and the bs 2000 solo project (25). this could change very quickly though, because i downloaded a bunch of FSOL and gusgus tracks so the balance could be disrupted. i need a job so i can buy these albums. dammit. remember that anything i have on cd i don't have on mp3, thus led zeppelin is absent on my mp3 list. although there is an acoustic version of black dog i want. i digress.
  • yardbirds are classic.
  • xoom upload server has been sucking big time lately. check the mirror once in a while, it's geocities.

  • Langston Hughes - most famous of the Harlem Renaissance writers
    2-16-00 (01:23)
  • updated movies list.
  • really should get a job soon.
  • really don't know what kind of job i'm going to have two years from now.

  • Tiger Woods - you know this guy.
    2-15-00 (19:00)
  • got a phone call today. ring. pick up. hello? hello? yes sir, is chris miller there? that's me. thanks for your time sir, i'm with aol customer service and i see that last time you refused an offer, i'm trying to figure out why that is. yea, take me off the list. okay sir, i'll make a note of that. that's what you guys said last time, if i get another call then i'll make a note of that. hang up.
  • the library always intrigues me.
  • www.howstuffworks.com finally got some press, other than from me. it took consumer reports almost a year, but they finally caught up with me.
  • my wealth is a fraction of what it once was...4/3? 1/2? a fraction could be more or less.
  • he was an ugly monster - like frankenstein. frankenstein was the doctor, the monster was the monster, it didn't really have a name.
  • that black guy keeps selling his race out...he's such an uncle tom. never read the story, but to my knowledge uncle tom took a good load of shit from his master for NOT telling on a fellow slave.
  • "shaq died" ... "i could care less" ... so could his mom. if you don't care try saying "i couldn't care less" it makes more sense.
  • think before you speak is my point.
  • jimi really rocks

  • W.E.B. DuBois (not pronounced the affluent
    white boy way) - thought education was key.
    2-15-00 (00:28)
  • luck is a residue of design
  • updated movies list.
  • computer restarted by itself, i love life.
  • today started out okay, then things went to shit...i dropped chicken on the floor and bread too. computer sucks cock. the undo function on composer apparently isn't very good. at least ELO is good.
  • my memory is really bad.
  • i don't really know any bands good like ELO or the Doors...they kinda did their own thing and it worked, no one, to my limited knowledge, has been able to duplicate it (their styles) with any consistent success.
  • need new friends.
  • if i'm not in my room at night my roommates would assume i was dead. this is a bad sign. if jon isn't home i assume he's in san francisco or at monique's, if vern isnt' home i assume he is at leslie's or another friend's or a rave, if scott isn't home i assume he's at a bar or at scott's or lisa's or stacy's or hattie's or at a gay bar. of course it's up to me to change this.
  • a friend not too long ago asked for more childhood memories on my page, here one be...my first day at after school day care, i was in 3rd or 4th grade, i remember everyone was doing a project and i just litterally walked in circles with my backpack still on. anytime i've ever had friends i've only had one real friend and a few of quasi-friends. but, again, it's in my hands.
  • gotta have a project. get busy living or get busy dying. just do it. find your passion. they have a million and a half sayings, none of them strong enough to motivate the master of being unmotivated - me.
  • napster had a terabyte's (1000 gigs) worth of mp3s available today.
  • people are strange when you're a stranger
    places look ugly when you're alone
    women seem wicked when you're unwanted

    Jesse Jackson Sr. - one of the coolest African-
    American leaders alive. His son is even cooler.
    2-13-00 (22:43)
  • some people really amaze me.
  • this weather sucks ass.

  • George Washington Carver - peanut man and inventor
    2-13-00 (05:13)
  • updated movies list.
  • i'm really quiet sometimes, but you get me on the right subject...music or movies (good ones) and sometimes i won't shut up.
  • i guess it's valentine's day tomorrow...right.
  •  Lawrence Gordon is a good producer...boogie nights, die hard i, and ii, predator i and ii...that's enough for me, but he also did 48 hours, leviathan, and mystery men.
  • my sleep habits are horrible
  • feel like my life is kind of in a rut...not really going anywhere lately. i don't want to be routine, but i am. the only way this will change is if i do something about it.
  • Malcolm X is getting really into religion now...he's still in jail. he's starting to freak me out, but it's how strongly he stood for his ideals that attracts me to him...incidently MLK felt the same way...malcolm is a bit wacked, but he's really adamant about it. i think that's a direct quote from the king himself, or not.
  • ELO is really underrated. you not knowing who they are is a good indication of my point.
  • i'd like to live in a van for a year or two.
  • i'd like to own a burger stand for a few years.

  • Maya Angelou - a writer, a poet, a genius, I know it.
    2-11-00 (23:01)
  • show was okay, but dj toasty was a bigger asshole today than he was last time...if he annoys me again i'll kill him.
  • went out for chinese today thanks to the 130 bucks in change accumulated by scott and vern.
  • when i read i want to be entertained first, as bad as it sounds i don't want to have to think too much. my mind wanders enough as it is - this is why i hate reading, because it's impossible to do when it's difficult material and i haven't taken my drugs (ha ha). this is why i like reading simple, but still quality books more than some of the other shit. movies are a different story.
  • updated movies list.

  • Marcus Garvey - big influence on Malcolm X. Advocated Blacks emigrating to Africa.
    2-11-00 (14:10)
  • WASHINGTON (AP) - A single drinking binge by a pregnant woman can be

  • enough to permanently damage the brain of her unborn child, according
    to a new study of the effects of alcohol on babies. Although
    experiments in the study were conducted on laboratory rats, experts
    said the findings offer an explanation of why children born to
    drinking mothers can suffer learning disabilities and other brain
    disorders. The study indicates that rats, and presumably humans, are
    most susceptible to alcohol-related neurological damage during a
    period when developing brain cells are furiously building the
    connections needed for memory, learning and thought. See
  • show is in 50 mins.

  • Toni Morrison - whose book "The Bluest Eye" isn't all that, in my opinion.

    2-11-00 (02:27)

  • today was a waste.
  • tomorrow i should do something. lots of the things i want to do require money.
  • jon set me up with monique's isp...so now i have unlimited internet...it was unlimited before, but they'd log you off every 2 hours...this is nice for larger projects like ratio sites and such.
  • i'd like to build a candle.
  • i have a labeling system all worked out for my jeans...so i know exactly how well they fit, without having to try them on...as we all know all 32x32s are not created equally. a number system I-IV, I being too small to wear...donate, II being kinda tight - no belt needed, III being perfect - need belt, IV being too baggy to wear outside, I only have one pair of these. the marks are put on the label and it's been working fairly well for the last few months now, so it's out of its beta stages and is therefore being released to the public.
  • i hating working with computers that work...i'd much rather take a non-working computer and make it at least boot up. don't like - chris i've got a computer that does everything really well, but i want it to have a zip drive, oh and you may as well format the drive too. i don't like doing that shit. do like - chris i've got a computer that boots up once in a while, whenever it feels like it...yes i know what you mean, they're like that...ha ha, yes well i want it to be able to run windows-ninety-gay and aol, because i know nothing about computers...you've got nothing to lose then?...that's what i'm saying...okay i'll do it. do like - chris i've got a computer that works fine i just want you to take a look at it and see if things are running well...sure no problem (i run scandisk, line up icons, defrag, look at the device manager, line up icons, delete unnecessary shit from startup menu, line up icons, and reboot). simple.
  • i'd like to finally get working on my car
  • i'm not good at remembering parts of songs or movies...e.g. someone says 'hey remember that solo on such and such a song?" me: "uh there was a solo on that song? all i remember is that it's a great song"
  • my memory is going to really suck when i'm old and i start smoking crack
  • the new rage album rocks both my left and right nut, but it's a little bit too produced...that comes with getting a big name like brendan o'brien (as they had on EE). so i think on the next album they should get back with gggarth. personal opinion only.

  • Booker T. Washington - American black educator and
    social reformer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who believed
    that blacks should work for advances in education and employment
    instead of trying to win social equality with whites.
    2-10-00 (04:25)
  • except the freaks who could never love anyone
  • pt anderson is my favorite writer/director ever. kubrick remains my favorite straight up director.
  • i don't think any movie has had more of an effect on me after only two viewings than magnolia.

  • Thurgood Marshall - first black supreme court justice.
    civil rights leader, all around great guy.
    2-10-00 (02:41)
  • the internet can suck balls sometimes, othertimes not so much so.
  • free music is nice.
  • the pictures, by the way, are in no particular order. none at all.
  • the music industry chews you up pretty bad.
  • warez and mp3s will never be stopped. this is one situation where 'the man' will not win. simple as that.
  • so here's something gay - geocities got rid of the site that housed my cliffs notes...so i'll have to move all that stuff to a mirror site, may as well i guess. here it be. it won't have all the same features as the xoom site, but it'll be nice to have storage space elsewhere, just for the hell of it.
  • updated booknotes page...we're not in high school so i'm sure no one cares about that.
  • i also updated my list of definitive albums.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. - all around best guy ever.

    2-10-00 (01:57)
  • updated movies list. i don't have many movies with a thumbs down (5). this is because most of the movies i watch are worth watching once. if i based them on a "you could have been watching pulp fiction basis" then there would be fewer than five with a thumbs up...number system just gets annoying. so i stand by my ratings.
  • if anyone knows of a candle crafting webpage let me know. i've discovered the basics by myself, but i'm ready to advance to the next level. looking especially for strategies on wick maintenance or even extension.

  • Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little...read the fucking autobiography.
    2-9-00 (20:22)
  • let me tell you the story of my english class. day one the teacher asks us all to tell a little story as an introduction, maybe something that happened while on vacation or such. girl #1 tells the story of meeting her love while in line for a math test. how sweet. day two the teacher still wants introductions this time we're supposed to tell a funny thing about ourselves, girl #1 says "i don't like being hurt, but i always pick the guys that hurt me" (direct quote). girl #2 says i don't know why, but people always tell me their life story. during the break girl #1 starts talking to girl #2 - a beautiful relationship is formed. day 10 we turn in our stories (7-8 pages long). girl #1 turns her story in - it's 18 pages long and the first line reads - "Katy, I didn't want to hurt you..." Josh said. He turned around and walked away; he left me standing alone.  ...it gets worse from there. A wise friend once told me that often people's stories are very autobiographical. duh.
  • midterm wasn't too bad...first essay (slotted for 45 mins) took me an hour so that didn't help.
  • i shall read.

  • Ali vs. Norton
    2-9-00 (2:58)
  • not having any direction with my stories can sometimes be a good thing...the ending turned out better than i thought, but overall the story needs reworking.
  • being a good reader is almost as tough as being a good writer.
  • that lighter fluid has smoothed things out quite nicely.
  • spring break has much potential.
  • my wandering got my as wondering, where christ is in all this crisis.

  • 1968 Olympics - Mucho controversy.

    2-9-00 (01:41)

  • went four wheeling again. it was fun, my neck got tweaked a bit, but it's all good.
  • my candle is shaping up nicely. lighter fluid is good - use cautiously
  • my story isn't.
  • listening to bitches brew.
  • shall return to working.
  • "you're not the boss of me" - has to be one of the greatest lines in movie history. go Paul Thomas Anderson.

  • Edwin Moses 400m hurdler - "I found that I enjoyed individual
    sports much more...Everything is cut and dry; nothing is
    arbitrary. It's just a matter of getting to the finish line first."
    2-8-00 (18:13)
  • had an unannounced quiz in poli sci - sucked nuts. 5/10
  • i will screening calls from now on...if you call before 9pm i won't answer unless you start leaving a message. every weekday at 11am i've been woken up by telemarketers...usually their automated system doesn't even click over so it's just a hang up. i hate this more than anything, ever.
  • i was reminded about valentine's day twice today...1) $5 from my grandmother. 2) a smashing article on how to get some action this V-day...
  • on a related note, hot chick in poli-sci class (actually she's in both my poli-sci classes) talked to me today, just a random question "which TA has the graded papers" type dealio. i responded "duh, uhm, uh (barf on floor)...i mean uhm i think that one over there (barf in direction of TA #2)"
  • i'll write my story now.

  • MJ & Spike - best basketball player ever and one damn good director

    2-8-00 (05:00)

  • so i'm only about 1/4 done...i'll sleep. i'm not very focused right now. here's my take on being a good story maker - find a direction and a voice first, then let it flow. at least for me i'm not always sure what my narrator's tone or voice is going to be...i've found my direction though. a guy who feels alienated, recognizes everyone is just a bunch of fish in a stream type thing, but doesn't really do anything about it. kinda like me. not as wacked as deniro in taxi driver, not as young as the guy in A & P by updike. me in 12 years or so. not sure if i want him to go on a killing spree or what...ending could suck big time. but you won't read it so don't worry.
  • night time for me.

  • Flo-Jo "covered 100 meters in 10.49 seconds, shattering the women's world record.
    She also set the world record for the 200 meters (21.34 seconds)"

    2-8-00 (01:20)

  • i should work on my story so i don't have to worry about it tomorrow.
  • xoom upload server is down, that is gay.
  • i'd like to take a hemingway short story and purport it as my own...i'd love to see how the teacher would rip on it's tense change or sentence fragments, etc. but if i put 'written by hemingway' at the top it is transformed into a work of art. who am i to talk? anything the beastie boys have touched is gold whether it's  that good or not. just a thought.
  • i think that characters/themes are more worthwhile than plot, yet most people ask about plot first.

  • Michael Johnson - owns the 200 and 400m records. He has also revitalized track & field.

    2-8-00 (12:59)

  • updated movies list.
  • ask jeeves can really suck dick sometimes.

  • Jesse Owens, who tied the 100 yd record while in
    high school and won 4 gold medals in 1936.
    2-6-00 (05:48)
  • luke has a link on his site which is pretty interesting...all about the song american pie...and the many interpretations thereof. it's pretty crazy.

  • Paul Robeson - political activist, athlete, and actor

    2-6-00 (03:57)

  • updated movies list. two movies today.
  • my computer sucks. formatting won't help. hardware (after 3 years) may finally be catching up with me.
  • earned 15 bucks from jon...door-to-door bothering people. more desperate than kfc, i think. pays better.
  • nothing much to say.

  • "...one of the most politically and socially conscious artists of any generation...."
    -- Spike Lee talking about Chuck D of Public Enemy

    2-5-00 (03:38)

  • updated movies list. saw a movie at campus cinema, watching movies alone gives one an opportunity to really enjoy how stupid some people are. while outside, rather than talking with a friend or such, i watched all the couples and friends who acted like complete retards, quite discouraging for the human race. movie rocked, even though it was 40 mins late.
  • on a related topic...some kdvs idiot gave vern and i shit while we were doing our show. he asked where the film calendar was...neither of us had heard of such a thing...there's an entertainment calendar, which was right next to the folder that he had in his hand, as for film calendar we didn't know. so we looked at each other and said 'what?' to signal our confusion or even ignorance. then in the most mocking tone possible he sounded out each syllable - "the film ca-len-dar" at this point i took out my switchblade and sliced his jugular...not stopping there i sliced off his head, while vern ate his entrails i put his head on a stake in front of the station. we gave each other a high five and returned to the programming. actually we just stood there and felt really offended. this guy doesn't know us, it's not like a friend fucking around, it's more like an asshole being an asshole to strangers. it was the second time he asked, not the fifteenth, we didn't treat him like a retard, why did he treat us like retards? that's enough time wasted on him.
  • santa cruz obviously hasn't happened. oh well. hopefully i get something done. might need to replace belt on the car's generator dealio. it looked like it wobbled...could be the cause of the start problems. or maybe that's the result of the choke...i guess i'll fuck with the choke first, that's free...then if that fixes the other problem the case will be solved. who knows. wish i took some kind of auto class.
  • i'm thirsty.
  • look over the webpage, top to bottom for some more pictures...finally got around to getting enough pictures to do what I wanted to do for this month.

  • Miles Davis

    2-4-00 (04:25)

  • updated movies list. cool hand luke rocks. here's a new goal - 300 movies in da year 2000...i've seen 21 so far...it'll be fun.
  • i'll probably have over 450 cds by the end of the year too.
  • i'll hopefully have a job by the end of the year.
  • now it looks like I'm not going to santa cruz, that's gay, but the circumstances aren't really working out too well.
  • show tomorrow. having fridays off is nice, but the radio show still makes me wake up in the 'morning' (usually around 1pm).
  • midterm and story due next week. story isn't a problem, unless it needs to be good. midterm could be tricky. should go to library tomorrow.
  • i've sunken to an all-time low - went to jack in the crack and got an application. as long as i get money and free shakes i'll be happy.
  • if it doesn't rain tomorrow i'll get a lot done, if it rains i'll sit around inside after the show. since it ends at 430, instead of 5 for this quarter, i'll have time to go around to places before dark settles in.
  • we went four wheeling today in jon's 1960 land rover...quite the experience.
  • in the last week i've gotten about 100 emails, mostly from kdvs losers complaining about the webpage. i think it looks fine but all of a sudden there is quite the squabbling surrounding its aesthetics.
  • i should be sleeping sometime soon.
  • got fruit in mail, interesting, but good.
  • read more of the malcolm x autobiography...it's still good, it's still good (ala homer simpson when his ham flew through the air and landed in just about every type of garbage one can imagine...you had to see it).
  • garbage cd is good, handsome boy modeling school cd is better than i remember, ice-t og album is worse, and schoolly d is the bomb. old skool hip-hop is good. no matter how many albums one has it always feels like you're missing something. that's economics i guess...unlimited wants and all that jism, jizz, uhm i mean jazz.
  • night.
  • Louis Armstrong - father of jazz

    "You can't play anything on a horn that Louis hasn't played"
    -- Miles Davis
    Louis Armstrong born 79 years before Chris Miller, July 4 1900

    2-3-00 (03:50)

  • updated sidebar/navbar to your left. consolidated some of the lists. actually just made a list of lists. so basically i made it easier for newcomers.
  • eclipsed the 3000 mark without much notice.
  • updated public bookmarks
  • cream of clapton cd is better than i remember
  • even updated feature page.

  • Jackie Robinson
    2-3-00 (00:27)
  • "If there's any such thing as a perfect man, I think John Coltrane was one. And I think that kind of perfection has to come from a greater force than there is here on earth." - Elvin Jones, Coltrane's legendary drummer
  • "Even though I own only one of his albums, John Coltrane is my favorite jazz musician" -Chris Miller, 'Trane's not so legendary hummer

  • John Coltrane
  • updated recent movies list.
  • at one time i was one of those that was saying movies 'these days' suck...up until a few years ago i was saying this. then i took a good look back and discovered that the 90s have been blessed with some of the greatest films i've ever seen...some of the greatest music too, some of the greatest sports moments as well, but i digress. pulp fiction, boogie nights, magnolia (i saw it in 1999 so it counts, even though official release wasn't until 2000 i believe), fargo, shawshank redemption, seven, goodfellas, casino, matrix, fight club, american beauty, saving private ryan, sixth sense, any given sunday, austin powers (both), pi, kids, beauty and the beast, election, american history x, south park, rushmore, fear and loathing in las vegas, gilbert grape, blair witch, scream, silence of the lambs, jerry maguire, good will hunting, unforgiven, jfk...there are more, i know, but i can't remember them all. not all of these are 'classics,' but they're all good in my book...a nice sized list i'd say.
  • i think the list is overshadowed by shakespeare in love and titanic winning best picture...it's a bit disheartening when forrest gump and the english patient win over pulp fiction and fargo...it's actually really sad, but the point is that the movies were still made, whether or not saving private ryan gets it's due recognition over gwenth paltrow's tits is another issue.
  • garbage album rocks. updated cd list...they finally came - no i did not spend and new money.
  • probably going to santa cruz this weekend. pay for gas and that's it.
  • kfc manager wasn't there, no applications. i'll go again tomorrow. i'll talk to in n' out manager and see if there is a spot open for sex slave. if i don't have a job shaping up by the end of next week i'll have to go on call at the shelter. damn.
  • they don't buy blood anymore do they?
  • i've got plenty of turkey, thankfully.
  • updated mp3 list here, it took a long time actually because i updated the word version as well.
  • money mark is better than i remember.

  • Billie Holiday

    2-2-00 (02:31)

  • sex isn't all it's cracked up to be, trust me - I've heard it from a lot of people.

  • Run D.M.C.
    2-2-00 (00:18)
  • page for discussion forum changed. one doesn't realize how dorky he is until he looks at past messages he's posted or reads through his old archives. what a dork. this for example:  jazz is like jizz...only jazz's bop era lasted longer.
  • hard bop is good, go coltrane.
  • what to write?
  • football is fun. sports, movies, music...jeez.
  • i'm mr. conversation.

  • Chuck Berry
    2-1-00 (23:30)
  • updated archives page...so you can view all my past ramblings
  • have a story due tomorrow, wrote first few pages, it sucks. my last one didn't suck so bad. writing for other people is gay. i'd rather direct a film or even write a screenplay than write a story.
  • having a girlfriend is fun and fulfilling, i assume.
  • i have lots of love to give, i just don't know where to put it. god, what a good movie.
  • slept 18.5 hours last night...it was crazy. lots of dreams too.
  • 380 cds isn't enough.
  • 0 dollars isn't enough.
  • 48% voting for president (96) isn't enough.
  • when my dad and i would go driving in his green piece of shit he would make fun of the people driving next to us. that doesn't happen anymore.
  • phil might come up this weekend. if not i'll probably go to santa cruz.
  • i've only been up 10 hours....it's late. i wish every place was open 24 hours. i'm not buying anything so i'm not sure why. uh i wish the sun was out.
  • going to eat a sandwich. want advocado and tomato. only have cheese.

  • 2PAC