1/29/11 (08:11)
  • here's the mp3 rating project progress. i've rated over 50% of the songs i have which is pretty good. unfortunately i also have added over 2,000 songs since i started doing this so i'm digging a hole and filling it back up at the same time.

  • june 2010 progress:
    stars # of songs % of total
    1 481 5.5
    2 4,979 57.8
    3 2,098 24.3
    4 691 7.7
    5 361 4.1
    8,610 24.9/34,578

    october 2010 progress:
    stars # of songs % of total
    1 790 5.6
    2 8,064 57.6
    3 3,387 24.2
    4 1,180 8.4
    5 586 4.2
    14007 38.3/36,571

    january 2011 progress:
    stars # of songs % of total
    1 995 4.8
    2 12,082 58.7
    3 5,049 24.5
    4 1,638 7.9
    5 805 3.9
    20,569 55.4/37,102

    1/25/11 (17:34)

  • making good progress around the house. stucco should start tomorrow. we're paying four times as much as rafael quoted us, but this guy appears to be a lot better at waterproofing and speaks english and is licensed so you get what you pay for i suppose. we'll see how it goes.
  • we took out the floor in the bathroom and we'll redo it. i think it'll be easier than having to work around their b.s. attempt at levelling the room. one thing i've learned is that it's usually easier to spend more time on demo than it is to try to salvage things. just gut it and start over; it'll work out better in the long run.
  • finding that i don't have a heck of a lot of time these days for hobbies and stuff. after work and working on the house i basically just have time to veg out. need to get this together so i don't become brain dead at age 40.
  • got a new ipod the other day. works better than the old one and is thinner and lighter, but the battery life isn't as good. not sure what the obsession is with getting things smaller. i'd rather have more space and battery life, than to decrease the thickness from 3/8" to 1/4" or whatever it is. then again, i generally like things that are useful more than pretty so i'm in the minority.
  • found an african rapper called k16 online somewhere and have been enjoying his (?only?) album. this is one of those great things about the internet. so is this.
  • jack lalanne died which is too bad. i'm trying to do 1,033 pushups in the next 7 days in his honor. he did 1,033 in 23 minutes at age 42 so i figure i should be able to do that many in a week. only did 75 yesterday, but that was more a result of bad memory than fatigue or anything else.
  • got two tickets today. it was a banner day. need to find someone to say that they'll carpool with me and then i'll get a discounted rate on the parking permits. since i have a yellow truck now and berkeley seems to be targeting me and berkeley has raised their rates, the economics of my current arrangement cease to make sense. ergo, i shall pursue alternative options.
  • got 8/10 on the nfl pick'em group. shoulda gone to vegas with that shit.

  • 1/19/11 (18:10)

  • figured out how to convert youtube videos to mp3. this is great news.
  • been getting a lot of good music off a russian guy's website. guess he owns a record store over there and he records a bunch of stuff to mp3. mostly easy listening stuff which i normally don't like, but found a good amount of quality stuff nonetheless. i'm beefing up on communist music from russia and china as well as plenty of jewish folk music. also found hugo strasser's cover of black sabbath's paranoid and it's freaking great.
  • if anyone can find the planes, trains, and automobiles soundtrack i'd appreciate it.
  • also been listening to a lot of neil young, especially while working on the house.
  • did a skim coat on the stucco wall inside the animal room. it's stucco because it used to be an exterior wall. bought some plaster-weld (for really cheap) and did a first coat of joint compount today.

  • 1/16/11 (17:09)

  • been working on putting together a top ten films of all-time according to all my family members. that'll be coming soon.
  • got a decent amount done this weekend. dad came up on saturday so we didn't get as much done yesterday, but today i think we made up for lost time. got the subfloor down in the new office and it's pretty close to level now so that's good. also roughed-in most of the electrical (new circuit for water heater/bathroom, extended existing circuit for office, and extended circuit for lighting) and finished the structural stuff. we're getting pretty close to being ready for insulation and drywall. we'll wait for those, though, because we want to get the stucco done before we close the inside of the wall.
  • met with one contractor yesterday about doing the stucco work. hope to get a couple other bids as well.
  • doing pretty well in my predictions of the nfl playoff games so far. luke put together a pick'em league and calling the jets upset has proven the difference for me so far.

  • 1/14/11 (22:44)

  • got robbed again the other day. that's about once a year for me since i've been in the bay area. this time they got my ipod out of my truck (which was unlocked because i was busy unloading a new door and forgot). so, i bought a new one and it's smaller, but has the same capacity. $230 plus the change in the cup holder down the drain. getting robbed and getting almost $900 in parking tickets a year is the cost of doing business around here. i guess i'm just supposed to accept it as a way of life in the greatest place in the world.
  • thankfully i sync my ipod pretty regularly so i only lost about 300 song ratings. could have been worse. if i ever have to start that project over again i think i'll shoot someone. i blame it all on jean quan.
  • speaking of which. people are up in arms over the jerry brown budget. if you voted for the guy, what did you expect? i voted for him in part because he made it abundantly clear that we were going to be in for some rough times. he didn't sugar coat it. he didn't touch k-12 (the single most important issue in any industrialized nation in my opinion), but everything else was cut. fine by me. tough times call for tough measures. hopefully we have a couple million people leave the state as a result of this lean time we're going through. that would be just about the best thing i could imagine.
  • syncing up the new ipod now. should be back up and running tomorrow. since i got the new 160gb classic it should be more responsive than the previous version.
  • liked jon stewart's take on the arizona shooting and the media fallout. they're a bunch of savages of course. hannity was talking about how duplicitous the left is because he found some shit on the internet that said the only dope worth shooting is bush and had a bullseye over a picture of sarah palin, etc. and of course the leftists are blaming the anti-immigration laws in az or the sarah palin map with targets in key political areas. both extremes are full of assholes and one of these days people might wise up and get tired of the inmates running the asylum.

  • 1/10/11 (17:26)

  • repaired all the rot under the animal room and reframed that entire space. just need to flash the window opening and install the window. shouldn't take very long. then it's onto the framing for the bathroom. there's some rot there that we have to address as well as reframing the opening for the new window, which will be bigger than the old one.
  • big game tonight. oregon only scored 17 against osu last year in the rose bowl. is their offense that much better this year? osu's defense is better than auburn's, too. should be a good game. i had the tie break score at 81. the experts have the over/under at something like 74 so i'm only a touchdown over. 81 seems real high to me, though, the more i think about it. that said, the reason i'm tied for first place in the bowl pool is because i tried not to think about it too much. if the combined score is 65 or more then i win. if not then i get second place and still make $10.
  • rearranged the bedroom last night. needed reconfiguring because of the entrance to the bathroom which we'll put in after the rest of the framing in the bathroom is done. hopefully we can get all that completed this weekend.
  • chancellor of ucb basically blamed the arizona shooting on the arizona anti-immigration bill. he essentially said that he didn't feel it was a coincidence that it happened in a state that was so hateful as to racially profile illegals. think he went out on a big limb with that one. heard a lot of people in the last few days talking about the sarah palins and glenn beck's and how they may or may not have contributed to this. frankly it seems contrary to their point to play the blame game, though i understand where they're coming from. i kinda think that if we can't get it together as a society enough to take care of our mentally ill then we sorta deserve what we have coming. if people are so easily swayed by morons like beck or guys like olberman saying that o'reilly is the worst person in the world, then that's just a weakness we have as a species. either lift those people up or get dragged down by them.
  • just got the results for my nabcep test and i passed. pretty good news. means i have one more notch in my belt should i decide to become a solar installer some day.

  • 1/5/11 (21:53)

  • had planned on working on the structure for the back of the house today, but that didn't work out. worked on it briefly and then came to the conclusion that moving the piping that goes to the hot water heater was going to be the best way to get the framing right. so we made that the priority for the day. thankfully we got that done before the end of the day so we have hot water again. had to move the water supply, the outgoing hot water and the gas supply. going to likely replumb most of the underside of the addition at some point because it's an inelegant mess right now. hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll have the sheathing up, the new big window up and the new bathroom window ordered.

  • 1/3/11 (17:47)

  • have to go back to work tomorrow which is too bad because there's a lot of framing and sheathing that needs to be done in order for the addition project to get to a point where it is reasonably weathertight. got some tarps up for now, hopefully it doesn't rain much in the interim. forcast says clear skies for the rest of the week and we'll be working on it on wednesday so hopefully we can get the big window in and some sheathing up in that time. making good time so far. the early stages generally seem to go quicker, but that's also because the nature of framing is such that you can get a lot of visual impact for the same amount of time when compared to tiling prep or wiring or plumbing.

  • 1/1/11 (10:54)

  • well, we finished the foyer, kitchen and bathroom by the end of the year. today is a no work day for our house. we'll be going to meryl's dad's to install a big entryway light with him, but that's all.
  • yesterday we did most of the demo on the other bathroom and the little addition room. probably another half day of demo in those rooms to clean everything up. the biggest challenged is probably going to be the framing to get everything level, plumb and square-ish and to restructure a lot of the parts that are rotten.
  • washington won yeserday which was exciting. i thought they had a chance, but expected them to lose. i definitely gave them better odds than arizona who i felt was overrated all year. big 12 and sec have been showing their true colors this year, but that doesn't mean anyone will change their opinion next year about the sec being the best conference in the country; especially if auburn beats oregon in which case they'll just point out that the sec has won the last 5/6 national championships or whatever.

  • for the next day or two i'm going to work on all the end of year stuff like the full year page, the top ten list, the stats page, etc.