Jan 31 99
  • this page is boring
  • super bowl kinda sucked. chandler choked, and had he had a semi-average game for him then atlanta would have been there in the end...maybe a chance to win.
  • suggestions on changing this page? it's already easy to navigate...how about aesthetics?
  • that's all for now...next month i might have something cool
  • Jan 29 99
  • nothing interesting to report.
  • will update mp3 list soon enough
  • added list of domains that have visited me: here
  • the feature page has been updated with lots of links and my nfl prediction - Atlanta by 3
  • that's about all for now.

  • Jan 22 99

  • Y2deez nuts
  • radio show went well, have most of it on tape.
  • need to go to sleep.
  • i'm thinking about updating my meta tags some more to get more hits.
  • i have 3.5 hours of work tomorrow - covering for someone again.
  • two quizes tomorrow so i should sleep
  • 121 visitors so far this month, up from 112 for dec, 62 nov, and 51 for october...i'm getting more hits every day...that's cool.
  • still just that one hit from altavista, so far no more from search engines.
  • got a hit from bulgaria and hong kong the other day.
  • i'm sure everyone really cares...


    Jan 18 99

    * Johnny's Grammys are done, but came out very disappointing. Pulp swept all over and torn got best video for some strange reason...i guess the people that were voting hadn't seen intergalactic or body movin'. i've thought about having my own grammys, but decided not to.
    * 13.5 hours of work in three days - that sucks.

    Jan 15 99

    * updated mp3 list, uploaded mp3 list on word 7.0 format too.
    * renamed the movies.htm file in the lists directory to faves.htm, just in case you care or come across a link that points to that file, but doesn't exist.
    * click here for sponsor
    * go here for the body movin' video, it rocks and if you haven't seen it, it's worth the 42 meg download. you may want to use getright or a similar program in order to be able to resume the download.
    * do you like the stars or the dots that i was using before? mail me to inform me.
    * i saw clerks today, excellent film. if you don't mind sick humor i'd fervently suggest it. made on a budget easily under one million $, it makes you wonder how many great films we missed by making such pieces of shit like titanic and waterworld. the sabotage video was made for 100 grand, whereas m. jackson's 'scream' video was over 7 million bucks...what a shame.
    * now have the top ten albums of the 90s (thus far) kind of hard to come up with ten really great ones...90s weren't too solid, but it did produce the three best ever.
    from the song Freedom by Rage Against the Machine:
    "for all the diamonds / they’ll use a pair of clubs to beat the spades" My Interpretation/Info: for all the diamonds means for all the money (diamonds representing money), they’ll use a pair of clubs to beat the spades means that they will use clubs (like bats, sticks etc.) to beat (hurt, kill, batter, wound etc.) the spades (spades are tools used to farm therefore they probably represent farmers or the lower class. In summary: for money the elite will use weapons to injure or hurt the lower class.

    Jan. 14 1999

  • show is one week from now. listened to the guys that alternate with vern and i - they have pretty good chemistry when they talk, but their music doesn't flow very well and they use bands that are a little too well know (a no no in genres other than jazz, blues, latin and reggae).
  • updated my custom cd list! it now has the 'best songs ever' mix and the 'best albums ever' mix...proud of these, so check em out (they be under the themes link).
  • I would encourage all of you to listen to KDVS from 8-10 on thursdays, meagan is the dj, i've never met her, but she's got bomb ass music...rock n' roll. not classic rock, but it's awesome. you'll wonder why some of the stuff hasn't made it into the mainstream.
  • i've finally gotten audiograbber 1.4 working
  • feature page is slightly updated
  • big news: i got my first hit from a webpage - altavista.com (mp3+list) was the search...i guess the meta tags did help out.
  • yay

  • Jan. 7 1999

  • Break is over. I'm back.
  • Had the first show on KDVS (campus radio station) today from 2-4am. It was fun and Vern and I did pretty well. We are going to be on every other thursday from 2am to 4am, so look for us on the 21st. Goto KDVS web site for the real audio broadcast.
  • I updated my schedule, there was a change in my work schedule, I seem to be the work shift whore, which I guess is okay for now because I need the money.
  • X-Mas earnings: HP 560C color printer, laser pointer, clothes, receiver (Sony STR-DE915 w/ dolby digital the works!), money, money, money, money, money.
  • I've updated the feature page, it has some hot links y'all should check out. I will also update my links page.