7-31-05 (22:53)
  • huey newton's widow is coming out with a bbq sauce. she wants to call it "burn baby burn." poor taste.
  • nice to revisit this site once in a while. and by nice i mean sorta sad.

  • 7-30-05 (18:35)

  • been feeling pretty negative lately. i think a good portion of it stems from work issues.
  • awesome site. i even submitted an alternate entry.
  • i think i need to drink more water.

  • 7-29-05 (22:54)

  • organized labor is in shambles.
  • karl rove issue seems to be on the back burner again. i don't have much faith in the media or the left.
  • guns, germs and steel is on kvie right now.
  • frist is a flip-flopper.
  • i've been on the computer too much lately.

  • 7-29-05 (19:49)

  • updated movies list.

  • 7-28-05 (23:21)

  • not in the most happy mood right now.
  • i miss meryl.
  • jon's bar exam is done and he's back home.
  • i don't like that i have no idea how long i'll have to run the store by myself. it doesn't seem quite fair, but i also don't think it's cool to complain about it, especially given the circumstances.
  • didn't watch a movie tonight. watched a fairly crappy one last night with jon.
  • i know it's been written about as much as anything this side of love, but it still amazes me the power that music has. you can be in a shitty mood one moment and then listening to the right tune(s) can transform your mood the next. in this case i'm talking about the dandy warhols.
  • that said, stevie wonder is also great. the other day i was listening to the drifter and digging them as well.
  • to my knowledge no one has sampled the beginning of ELO's "don't bring me down." if that's true then it seems an obvious missed opportunity. it's ripe.
  • i wish michael jackson wasn't such a fuck up. it would have been nice to see him make more good music.
  • aphex twin's i care because you do is damn great.
  • i need to listen to incunabula for about a month straight again. i have phases with that album. it'll be the only thing that matters (musically) in my life for about a month and then i'll give it a rest for a while until it happens again. the great thing is that it never gets old.
  • i'm up too late.
  • sarah asked me to make some cds for her so i'm undertaking an unprecedented (for me) musical compilation project. i'm looking at compiling 15 cds worth of music covering everything from classical to metal. projects are good. this one's huge. i started out with about 24 hours of music and i need to get it down to about 16. more accurately i started out with over 1500 hours of music, brought that to about 24 and now i need to cut it to 16.

  • 7-26-05 (21:46)

  • updated cd list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • bought some great dvds today. two by seijun suzuki, he's amazing. also got three errol morris dvds (one of them i previously had on vhs) and the television series (first person) that he directed. picked up scratch, used. and picked up the anniversary edition of the jerk, which means it's in widescreen. i've never seen it in widescreen so that should be fun. overall a great haul. to offset the expenditures i paid off $350 worth of debt. i should be out by the end of october. provided i stay disciplined.

  • 7-26-05 (20:06)

  • have to run inventory myself tomorrow, it sucks. today was one of the more stressful days at work in a long time. got a lot done though. hopefully inventory goes well tomorrow.
  • i think the greater contest in movies this year is for worst movie of the year, instead of best movie of the year. that's too bad. actually, i just looked and it's pretty clear on both ends of the spectrum. here are the films i've seen that were initially released this year"

  • Guns, Germs, And Steel
    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
    Bad News Bears
    Devil's Rejects
    Wedding Crashers
    War Of The Worlds
    Land Of The Dead
    Batman Begins
    Mr. And Mrs. Smith
    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
    Kicking & Screaming
    Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
    Kingdom Of Heaven
    XXX: State Of The Union
    Left Of The Dial
    A Lot Like Love
    Fever Pitch
    Guess Who
    Sin City
    Coach Carter
    Sasquatch Hunters
    Be Cool
    Hide And Seek
    Assault On Precinct 13
  • XXX: State Of The Union is the clear loser of the group and The Island is the clear winner. not a very good list of movies.
  • hopefully i get a lot of sleep tonight. i'm not very good at forcing myself to sleep.
  • i've been thinking more and more about how i like davis and the fact that it's still connected to nature and that the people are nice and that bikers are more prevalent than suvs and that there are more trees than buildings, etc. i need to go for a long bike ride next weekend, enjoy the scenary and all that davis has to offer. taking things for granted is lame so i'm going to enjoy it while i'm here and while davis is the way it is.

  • 7-25-05 (11:30)

  • got the news this morning that my boss' grandpa is more or less on his death bed. that means that i might have to do inventory on wednesday by myself. his grandpa has been doing pretty bad for the last few weeks. at first i was upset because inventory is enough of a pain in the ass and i really dread the thought of having to run it myself. then i felt like an asshole for thinking about myself first. the truth is that it'll all work out in the end and it sucks for my boss to have to deal with this now.
  • meryl's sick and tired. she doesn't seem to be having a very good time in texas.
  • no real plans for today. jon is coming over some time tonight, not sure when. he's got the bar to take for the next three days in sacramento so he'll be staying with me. from what i hear the bar is about as big a crap as anyone will ever have to take.

  • 7-25-05 (00:18)

  • updated movies list. two for the price of one tonight.
  • i was reading over the main page for the original willy wonka and the chocolate factory and noticed a comment by imdb.com user "originalmoviebuff21." i love it when people have user names like that. original gangster #352. not very original, apparently.
  • i think my eyesight is starting to go a little bit.
  • willie nelson's reggae album isn't very good. the harder they come soundtrack, on the other hand, is excellent. might need to watch that one again sometime soon.
  • john dahl has a movie coming in a couple weeks. jarmusch has a movie coming next week. herzog even has a movie coming next week. bergman has a movie out too. craven has a movie coming in three weeks, looks good. chandrasekhar (of broken lizard) did dukes of hazard. wong kar-wai has a new movie out soon. judd apatow (freaks and geeks) is doing the new steve carell movie - 40 year old virgin. funny because he has a book out called 24 year old virgin. turturro is directing a movie that's coming out in a few weeks too. terry gilliam has a movie coming out soon. all told, looks like i'll have things to keep me busy for the next month or so. i'll also be poor.
  • not to mention films by/with zwigoff, cronenberg, pacino, allen, and verbinski also on the horizon.
  • the 50 cent movie is going to be directed by jim sheridan. a very odd choice if you ask me.
  • also, the johnny cash film is coming out in november.
  • looking forward to this one. same cinematographer as pi and requiem for a dream. thumbs up.
  • lately i've been writing longer reviews than normal.
  • i don't really like the knicks, but when i first got into basketball (early 90s) they were really competitive so i always respected their role in the league. they sorta suck now, but i think that larry brown will help change that. they have some talent, they just need a good coach again.

  • 7-24-05 (16:19)

  • glad that armstrong won that stage the other day. i knew he would. also glad he took number seven.
  • updated movies list. watched two great movies recently.
  • the grey album never gets old.
  • gave myself a haircut today.
  • it's quite hot again. there was a relief for a couple days last week and that was appreciated.
  • my mom bought me a digital camera for my birthday. that's pretty sweet. it was quite a pain in the ass scanning in all those photos from the trip. it took hours and it never comes out as good as it does when they're digital through the entire process.
  • the kings traded jackson and ostertag for bonzi wells. i think wells is pretty good. he's the kind of guy who can give you a really big game once in a while, but i don't think he's consistent and his defense is questionable. we've let three great players go in the last two seasons. divac, who, admittedly, was at the end of his career; webber, who is better with a bad knee than 85% of the power forwards in the league; and christie, who was the team's anchor - regardless of what others tell you. that guy was fucking great. he was after every loose ball, he played unselfishly, led by example and gave them defense at the most important position in the league since jordan entered. we'll still be competitive, but we're not the same anymore. we're younger, yes, but not as fun to watch and not as likely to go deep into the playoffs. we had two or three chances - horry took one from us and injury took the others.
  • now i'm depressed.
  • i miss meryl more every day.
  • she's sick and that sucks.

  • 7-23-05 (00:11)

  • i don't know if anyone has won a tour de france without winning a stage. it's probably happened before, but not often. armstrong's last chance is tomorrow in the time trial, which he's normally excellent at. i hope he takes it, i think he will. there's no reason to be trepidacious at this point - he'll be out there on his own, he's got a comfortable lead, i think he'll go for it because he's a proud guy.
  • updated movies list.
  • feeling melancholy right now.

  • 7-22-05 (14:39)

  • there's a stupid contest at work which is essentially like a fantasy sports team, only you're hoping to pick the albums that will sell the best in the chain. each person picks a label name, instead of a team name. mine is "grand royale with cheese." i think it's a good title because it combines my favorite hip-hop act (the beastie boys whose label was "grand royal") and one of my favorite movies (pulp fiction wherein they talk about a quarter pounder with cheese being called a royale with cheese in amsterdam).
  • updated movies list.
  • today was regular.
  • have inventory on wednesday which means i have to wake up early.
  • jon has the bar from the 26th-28th and it's in sacramento so he'll be staying here for a few days.
  • plan on watching a double feature tonight - devil's rejects and the bad news bears. hustle and flow isn't playing here which is actually a big surprise. i know it'll play at g street later on, but i fully expected it to be here opening day.
  • "in russia 99% of people charged with crimes are found guilty. of the tiny number who are initially acquitted, nearly half are later convicted on a prosecutor's appeal." - douglas everett of radio parallax.
  • fair oaks/howe ave.(in sacramento)  is the 10th most dangerous intersection in america, this according to state farm.
  • according to an australian study...drivers using cell phones are four times more likely to crash, even with a hands free device.
  • updated cd list.

  • 7-21-05 (20:18)

  • it's funny that a show as crappy as joey actually has more creativity and artistic merit behind the production of the laugh track than all the other aspects combined. the wooden acting, the stock dialogue, the weak premises are all so pathetic. the laugh track, though, can sometimes be well done. the gradual pitching, the chuckle track, the laugh that turns into a "whooo" (because he was kissing some other half-wit), etc.
  • john came to tower today to "work." whenever he comes to do rep stuff for WEA we generally end up talking about music, movies and the shitty state of the world instead of actually working.
  • the pistons fired larry brown and hired flip saunders. what an idiotic move.

  • 7-21-05 (00:05)

  • johnny came by tower to visit me on his way back to berkeley. he had been in canada "working" for the last few weeks.
  • jay leno isn't a very funny person.

  • 7-20-05 (21:08)

  • dsl is finally working. it's about 30 times faster than anything i've had in my life before.
  • just tried going onto my credit card's website and it's down.
  • just tried going onto my check account's website and it's down.
  • just tried checking an amazon order i placed the other day and the account page is down. mercury must be in retrograde or some silly shit like that.

  • 7-19-05 (22:45)

  • dsl still isn't working, supposedly has something to do with the hurricanes in some state no one cares about. first the 2000 election fiasco and now my dsl delays, damn i hate florida.
  • i've been feeling less and less sharp lately. i haven't been watching too much tv or eating poorly so i don't know what the problem is.
  • currently have 62 days and 20 hours worth of music.
  • updated movies list. five more movies added.
  • i hate it when everyone jumps on an artist's bandwagon once the person dies so i'd like to give some love to some great people before they die: richard widmark - isn't dead yet, was a great actor, deserves all the accolades he gets. coleen gray - not an a-list actress, but she was a good, under-rated actress and good looking.
  • working a mid-shift tomorrow so i get to sleep in a bit. that's good.
  • didn't get around to watching a movie tonight. that's tragic. not really.

  • 7-18-05 (18:35)

  • i hate computers. dsl was supposed to be activated today, but it isn't. the registration site is also not working so i can't setup my dsl until an undetermined time. it's pretty typical of these things. it's nice to have a good reminder of the reason i stopped being so interested in computers. when i would build my own computer and cared about upgrading it, there was constant frustration. now i use my computer for a few, basic things and things are stable and easy. i know that the long term benefits of dsl outweigh the short term frustration, but computers get under my skin about as much as anything this side of paris hilton.
  • watched three movies so far today. it's plenty hot.
  • had sushi for breakfast and liked it. wish i was rich so i could have sushi all the time.

  • 7-17-05 (21:16)

  • took the train to john's today. hung out in sacramento (actually just at his house), watched tv, ate bbq ribs and talked. had trouble with the automated ticket purchasing machine (it froze) at the amtrak station in sacramento. had to abandon it because the train was leaving shortly and ended up not having to pay for a ticket back to davis.
  • lance armstrong is poised to win number seven. i don't know of another individual athlete who has dominated the most important event in his sport for such a period of time. now that i say that, though, i suppose it is a team sport and there are probably a few boxers i could think of who have been great for that long. michael johnson also comes to mind. so, there are a few, but it's very rare. and none of them came back to do it after having cancer. that's always the ace in the hole for armstrong.
  • brought along one of my almanacs for the ride to and from sacramento. read up on all sorts of things. almanacs are great. found out that sacramento is about as diverse (racially) as san francisco. sac has a lower percentage of whites (48.3/49.7), and a higher percentage of blacks (15.5/7.8), latinos (21.6/14.1), american indians (1.3/0.4), people of two or more races (6.4/4.3) and other races (11.0/6.5). sf does have a higher percentage of asians (30.8/16.6). surprising. all data is from the 2000 census.
  • 89 degrees with 39% humidity.
  • figure i'll watch a movie and go to bed. not a very exciting day overall, but it was good to hang with john.
  • wish meryl was coming back sooner. tomorrow will be two weeks apart. i liked it more when we were together.

  • 7-16-05 (18:15)

  • completely expected. sometimes i really fucking hate this world.
  • so happy that it's my weekend. not that i have anything planned, but it's still nice to be able to relax.
  • 104 degrees now.
  • watched some of the tour de france during my lunch break. lance armstrong is such a g. i hope he doesn't do roids.
  • story on carlsbad caverns for which meryl and i were interviewed. i think i was misquoted, but it's okay.

  • 7-15-05 (23:55)

  • dangermouse and mf doom are releasing an album in october, should be good.
  • updated movies list.
  • wasn't in a very good mood most of the day. the last five days have seen temperatures of 102, 103, 104, 105 and 107, that according to news 10. the good news is that the low is 65.
  • the high in death valley was 127 today. the low tonight will be 94. when i went there it was 107 in the shade and about 115-120 elsewhere. i'd like to go down there on monday because it might get up to 130. i'd like to see what 130 feels like. plus, i'd like to experience 94, in the dark. if i had a car and meryl was here i'd go. it would be fun.
  • fridays are always anticlimactic for me. it's friday for everyone else, but i still have one more day of work.
  • i feel less and less like working lately. i need to get on the government dole or strike it rich somehow. not really, but i feel like going on a really long vacation.

  • 7-14-05 (23:02)

  • updated movies list.
  • updated recommendations.
  • watching the local news is so depressing. they're doing some dumb ass story about the heat and they interviewed some lady who was out in the park doing tai chi. they gave her name at the bottom of the screen and under that it said "tychee student."
  • kings lost cuttino mobley today. oh well.
  • a's lost eric byrnes today. meryl is in a deep depression as a result.
  • vlade divac retired.

  • 7-14-05 (16:51)

  • john came to tower the other day and we wasted time trying to find which cd sold the most copies since the database was put in at the store (about 13 years ago, so far as i could tell). we spent two hours trying to think about which album might have done the best. about 10 minutes into the game i told him to look up "jagged little pill." in our two hours of searching jlp took the crown with a total sales history of 2,022.
  • today i was talking with justin about it and he bet me (winner gets to go home early) he could find one that sold more. if you looked at the time stamp at the beginning of this update you know who won. justin put up a valiant effort, though. he came quickly with many of the albums that came close...the first norah jones, supernatural by santana and then the titanic soundtrack, but none eclipsed 1,900 albums. so i was home by 1:30 today.
  • i tried to take a nap, but couldn't sleep. i watched a movie and now i'm bored.
  • updated movies list.

  • 7-13-05 (23:30)

  • life shouldn't be too easy and i think that's one reason why avoid things like coffee when i'm tired or avoid getting a cell phone or....when life gets too easy then it doesn't feel right for me. a little stress is good, hardship builds character, i really believe those things.
  • woke up last night at 4am and it was 90 degrees in my apartment and i couldn't get good sleep. i took a cold shower and fell asleep pretty easily after that.
  • six films to review, better get to it.
  • updated movies list. have some long reviews in there.
  • my movies watched list for 2004 was like a dream season 520+ movies, 1/4 were foreign, a decent average year of release, a good sampling of stuff from horror to indie to classics to contemporary pics to bad stuff to documentaries. i think the biggest weakness of the chain theory on watching films is that it's tough to work in documentaries, silents and weird b films. i should get back to theme weeks though. in 04 i had stretches where i watched a bunch of sports movies or a bunch of really bad movies or a bunch of 60s/70s schlock type movies or a film noir set or...
  • when i think of my childhood it's really hard for me to think of specific instances when i was doing anything with my family. i don't really have images of us doing any family type things together, other than eating. most of my childhood memories seem to revolve around me being on my own while in thought.
  • all the best memories i have involve other people. that's not to say that i don't have a good time on my own, but i just don't remember those times as well, i guess. i have a good time playing basketball on my own or watching a good movie on my own, but those don't generally come up when i'm thinking about great times in my life. the three big trips i've taken come up most readily when thinking about the highlights of my life. 10 days of vacation a year really isn't enough. my mom, who makes more money than i'll ever make, only gets 10 days of vacation. america is pretty lame in this regard.

  • 7-12-05 (23:51)

  • lance armstrong is pretty fucking amazing. i think that the tour de france, for me, marks summer time more than anything else. it reminds me of running along ocean park blvd. during the summer and talking about baseball, cycling and stuff with david, james and philip.
  • completely missed the all star game tonight. didn't even realize it was happening.
  • i'm looking forward to the football season.
  • my thermostat goes up to 90 degrees and it's at the needle is all the way to the right now. i think dealing with the heat builds character, though, so i'm not complaining.

  • 7-11-05 (20:17)

  • i've been toying with the idea of making my movie watching choices as a chain. that is, the movie i watch next should have some connecting relevance to the movie i watched last. so, today i watched getaway which stars steve mcqueen. after that i watched the cincinnati kid, also starring steve mcqueen. it doesn't have to be that clear, though. it could be that slim pickens is in the getaway and terry southern co-wrote the cincinnati kid and both of them lent their talents in dr. strangelove; in that way the two films are also connected. after cincinnati kid i could watch rounders - because it's another poker movie, or little caesar because it has edward g. robinson, or in the heat of the night because it's directed by norman jewison, or it could be even less connected - i could watch ray because quincy jones did the soundtrack to cincinnati kid and quincy jones was a character in ray. it would make choosing the next movie more fun. it would also be a challenge for others to try to connect the dots.
  • john came to davis on saturday after work and we played some basketball. both of us stunk it up. afterwards we ate in and out (as is the custom with him) and played some dreamcast tennis.
  • i like that davis has so many trees.
  • i talked with my dad and my sister today. that's a lot of phone traffic for me. talking with my dad marked the last verdict coming in on meryl. everyone likes her, and that's a good thing. if i was jerry seinfeld it might serve as a bad sign. that was the episode with ben stiller's wife as jerry's girlfriend. my dad asked me what movie ben stiller directed and i told him zoolander, he was thinking of reality bites. it turns out he directed both of those and the cable guy.
  • i felt like eating ice cream all day. it's 88 degrees in my room right now.
  • got my birthday present from meryl today - a basketball encyclopedia. 1500 pages of fun facts. it's been on my wish list for a couple christmases, but no one got it for me until now. ah, how sweet.

  • 7-11-05 (14:07)

  • "President Bush got exactly what he wanted on climate change during last week's G8 meeting of industrialized nations: The appearance of compromise without any shift in his administration's position. Just when it seemed that U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair -- buoyed by London's winning bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games -- was succeeding in putting real international pressure on Bush to budge on the issue, a series of terror attacks struck Britain's capital city, distracting the world's attention, muting protests, and casting a pall over the G8 agenda. One day later, a joint statement on climate change was released, and the results of U.S. efforts to water it down were clear: It promised a "new dialogue" on the subject -- just what's needed! -- and acknowledged that anthropogenic climate change is, um, real, but conspicuously lacked language about specific targets or deadlines for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. Even language calling global warming an "urgent" threat was removed at the U.S.'s request. What remained was largely happy talk about new technology. Maybe next year ..."
  • especially missing meryl this weekend. during the week it isn't that bad, but right now, with hours left in the day, it's boring without her.
  • it's pretty warm right now. did some laundry, watched the rest of the daily show coverage of the 2004 presidential election and that's about it. i plan on watching a couple movies today.
  • broke down this morning and ordered dsl. my mom is officially the only person i know who doesn't have a cell phone or dsl. i just got tired of waiting for stuff to download and having to worry about people calling while i'm online. i think another issue is that i was bored and when i get bored i start thinking about ways to spend money. it's a weakness, i know, but i'm generally good at keeping it under wraps. plus, it is only $14.95 a month, which is only about 7 bucks more a month than my dialup... so it's really a good choice overall.

  • 7-11-05 (11:54)

  • watching the charlie rose show right now. steve wynn is on right now, i hadn't heard of him before. pretty interesting guy with a unique view of the world. not saying i'm in love with him, but he has some interesting viewpoints nonetheless.
  • charlie rose is great.

  • 7-10-05 (22:27)

  • lately i've been watching the daily show coverage of the 2004 presidential election. they put out a three disc dvd and i bought it last week.
  • didn't do shit today.
  • took a nap, watched three movies, worked out a bit.
  • updated recommendations.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated cd list.
  • 281-330-8004, ask for mike jones.

  • 7-6-05 (20:34)

  • finally updated the trip page, here. it's in chronological order and it's got several large pictures so it might take a while to load. i've found, though, that bandwidth isn't a problem for most so i didn't worry too much about cutting down the size.
  • my mom is the only person i know who doesn't have either dsl or a cell phone. five years ago that list was a lot longer.
  • while i was gone they took out the street lights at third and F streets.
  • might go watch war of the worlds tonight.
  • went to sacramento for three hours of sexual harassment training today.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated movies i own list.
  • i decided to make the sidebar a bit thinner than before. i figured that everyone's gone to 1152 (or higher) by now so it should be okay.

  • 7-6-05 (15:14)

  • i definitely miss meryl a lot right now.
  • haven't had very good luck with movies lately. need to watch some older films. also haven't seen a foreign film in months, that's is pretty pathetic.
  • my vcr broke so i threw it away. it's unfortunate because there are several films on vhs that i want to see right now. i also don't want to buy a new one since i can just use meryl's when she gets back.

  • 7-5-05 (20:39)

  • i once (october 2000) posted the following picture as a joke...
  • but now it turns out to be to true...
  • "Onlookers have been known to gawk at its style and gasp at its size. At 21-feet long with tires hip-high and a 9-foot tall cab, it's the largest production pickup truck currently on the market. It's an International CXT—born out of the proven International 7000 severe service commercial work trucks used by professionals for the most rugged applications.
    Equipped with the legendary International® DT 466 diesel engine, the CXT provides up to six tons of hauling power* while its air-ride cab and individual bucket seats offer an exceptionally smooth ride. A spacious and well-appointed interior, including luxury options such as leather, DVD and satellite radio, ensures automotive-like comfort and convenience."

    7-4-05 (20:10)

  • in the process of updating the trip page, here.

  • 7-4-05 (16:40)

  • closer to 30 than i am to 20. that's funny.
  • it's going to take a couple days to update the last twelve. i have four rolls of film to scan and lots of other stuff to take care of.

  • i need a digital camera.