3-31-00 (22:02)
  • television has reached new lows. saw this show called 'making the band' or something to that effect. basically it's about how boy bands like the backstreet boys and 'nsync are made by getting some good looking decent singers together and teaching them how to dance and be idiots. in this show they had 8 losers who are trying to be in a boy band; only 5 will make it - here is where the drama begins....oooooh. at any rate, 6 of these guys are complete assholes, some cheat on their unsuspecting, innocent, retard girlfriends, some have their heads in the clouds. 1 guy was on the fence...he had some redeeming qualities like, get this, compassion for his fellow man...however, he still fraternized with the rest of the idiots. the last 1 of the 8 was a fluke - he loves his girlfriend, doesn't look at other girls, hates the other retards, doesn't want to "sell out," etc. i was amazed by him. at one point the guy went outside to be alone and one of the fellows in charge of this fantastic operation walked outside and told him to stop "isolating" himself from everyone else. when the cool guy said he didn't want to sell out the manager guy told him that "adapting" is not selling out...it's a great tool in life. i think the only tool in question is the guy who is encouraging this young man to forget his values and begin fraternizing with mongrel retards.
  • let it be known - i don't proofread my page before uploading it. it's amazing how much mail i get from people correcting my spelling. i guess i should learn to take criticism better or something.
  • today was sooo exciting.
  • made a small change to the poll, check it out.
  • free jazz is fun stuff. the next jazz album i want is coltrane's 'ascension'...it rocks. jazz has always amazed me in that so many greats can work together. some of the groups put together by davis would be like having all of the guitarists to ever have been on the yardbirds working together at once. for those not understanding: it would be like have all three members of TLC singing with britney spears, christina aguilera, and celine dion...hmmm, although in jazz it would mean gathering people with talent. on davis' LP "kind of blue" the personnel include davis, cannonball adderley, coltrane, bill evans, and more. the examples don't end there either...i'd say jazz is the most collaborative western genre i know of. hip-hop would be second. here's the example i might have been looking for: in the mid-late sixties if lennon and mccartney (of the beatles), richards and jagger (of the rolling stones), page (at the time, of the yardbirds), and hendrix had all gotten together then, besides not having a bassist or drummer, you'd have a collaboration of the greatest artists at the time. this is what it's like in jazz - all the greats coming together.
  • i think that last paragraph was really scattered, but i'll never know because i don't proofread this stuff.
  • spring quarter started today i guess. i wouldn't know i don't have classes on friday.
  • kdvs fundraiser is coming up april 10-16 so that should be fun. it's always the most fun week of the year in kdvs. last year at that time i was hit by a car. i suffered a few scrapes, mostly minor, a torn backpack - in two places, a bent wheel, and a skewed brake lever. those were fun times.
  • the day was filled with boredom...i got one email worth any notice...the rest were either junk or kdvs bs.
  • i need to do more editorials because. just because. i just did a little ditty on selling out. check it out or suffer.
  • over the past month i've become far more self-conscious when writing on this here page...mostly because people critique it. whether it's positive or negative feedback it has caused me to chiggiddy check myself. if, for example, i was a best selling author i might have a lot of pressure to perform well. if i was a piece of shit author who got hate mail all the time i'd have pressure to do better or possibly might feel so bad i wouldn't write anymore. the same applies. and with my uncanny ability to blow things out of proportion i've created both scenarios several times.
  • not sure why i shaved today.
  • i think cat stevens put it best - "just another saturday night and i ain't got nobody..." well it's friday, but the theme holds true.
  • i was watching drew carrey, a sometimes funny show on fox, and there was a certain part that struck me...he has four best friends, two of them formed a relationship beyond friendship and started dating...ahhh, drama. at any rate, drew goes over to the girl half of this new relationship and conveys (quite funnily) his concern that now he (drew) and the other guy (we'll call him jack) are the only single ones of the group and will feel left out. he also says that it'll be weird because she won't be able to relate him when he complains about being single anymore. she responds "don't worry drew you'll find someone"...then drew flashes back in time to several points in his life when he has heard this before...from his mom, from an old girlfriend, from other friends, etc...the point being 'yea right, i've hear that load of crap before'...after that she says to drew 'and besides don't worry, we'll always be friends'...again drew flashes back to ex-girlfriends, etc. who have said this very phrase before. i can relate to drew, not because i'm a fat guy with glasses who makes beer in his basement, but because i, too, have heard such phrases several times before. the next person who says "don't worry chris, you'll find someone" is going to lose a leg. it's like saying "don't worry chris, you're gonna die"...sure i know it'll happen, but i don't know when.
  • in matters of money the same uncertainty always looms. however i've learned that in regards to money it's not much of a big deal. worst case scenario i'll live on the road for a while...jump trains, hitchhike, etc. up until a week ago everyone would have laughed at that...but now it's a distinct possibility. i could do it and i could live. it's nice knowing that it's an option. damn that rocks.
  • this month's updates have been the longest ever. despite the spring break i still got a good number of hits. march really will live in infamy.

  • 3-31-00 (17:54)

  • finished show...it was two hours instead of 1.5...it will probably be like that for the rest of the quarter because we won't be able to get pacifica radio going.
  • played all jazz. free and avant-garde. it rocked. in the first 1.5 hours i played all relative unknowns so i guess that's good.
  • not much to do these days.
  • so i watch tv and see these idiots jumping around to gay music and i assume it's another witty commercial mocking pop culture...nope it's a gap commercial. when will the backlash against imbecility come? there was a backlash against political correctness...when will there be one against the gap and britney spears?
  • highlight of the day was getting the same wrong answer as all three jeopardy contestants on final jeopardy tonight.

  • 3-30-00 (23:10)

  • this month has owned in just about everyway possible.
  • i've decided to get all the beatles albums, including the past masters set, on cd. at first i was going for the vinyl only approach, but after much thought i've decided it will do well to break up some of my rankings...should be interesting to see where i decide to fit them in.
  • downloaded lots of free music today. yay

  • 3-30-00 (17:50)

  • saw some of the "sleep now in the fire" video by rage against the machine...it's online...it rocks. you have to see it. wish they had a full version to download online.
  • today has been really boring.
  • got the mail today. returned my videos. which reminds me updated movieslist.
  • damn this sucker is nice.
  • bored still. maybe i'll eat.

  • 3-29-00 (21:05)

  • saw about 30 seconds of some new star trek series. they had the doctor singing as if in an opera...is nothing sacred?
  • i have a massive list of cds i want to get...boy i can't wait till i get some moola.
  • i only have 10 pictures to take on my second roll before i can get them developed. another thing i can't wait for.
  • meet the new boss, same as the old boss....we won't get fooled again
  • i just remembered (not sure why) this one time when my dad and i went to the nuart (an indie theater in LA) to watch a movie...forget which one, but we got to the car and i was going on the passenger side and he was opposite me. i looked inside the car and said 'uh dad there's a guy in your car'...he looked in there and sure enough there was someone laying down in the car. so my dad opened the door and said 'hey bud come on out' the guy didn't wake up so my dad dragged him out and then he started to wake up...he had no idea what was going on so my dad kinda helped him over to a corner in the parking lot. it was crazy stuff.
  • i got the live version of guerilla radio in NY...before they started touring. it rocks of course.
  • that's that.

  • 3-29-00 (00:07)

  • CCR's ramble tamble is absolutely epic. ahhh, CCR.
  • think i'll put the polls on the bottom from now on, just because it looks better that way. ahhh, aesthetics.
  • lots of people on icq today. potential for soap opera type chats too. bad stuff. ahhh, love.
  • 1969 and 1970 were probably the two best years for music...this is my humble opinion which means if you come up to me and say "how could you not include 1964?!" i'll probably spit on your glib smily face. that would be really nasty, but you get the point, no? ahhh, random acts of violence.
  • so i've put the poll on the bottom, it's a newbie...there will  be a quick link up above from now on. ahhh, change

  • 3-28-00 (22:04)

  • u.s. debt.
  • updated movies list.
  • 60 movies so far...way off schedule, but i'll have time to make it up.
  • got 8 more maps from AAA today. so now i have or, wa, nv, ut, mt, id, az, nm, south ca, north ca, central ca, bay area, los angeles, seattle, portland, and a western region map. it rocks.
  • been getting some odd hits lately...from georgetown, houseware.com, etc. weird.
  • vern went home today. i ride solo on friday...i'm going to play all jazz, yippee.
  • i want to pump some dough into the bug once i get a steady cash flow
  • CCR rocks.
  • saw an advertisement for ask jeeves.com on an orange at the supermarket...it was sad. capitalism is sad.
  • get busy living or get busy dying.
  • our trip absolutely owned all spring break trips ever. i don't think even jack kerouac was on a train that derailed.
  • the fox show 'the family guy' rocks big time. it could be another simpson-esque long running, animated, irreverent, bundle of laughs and social commentary.
  • later this week it'll reach 80...wow it really is spring. picnic day is coming up. picnic day is always good and i always wear my rage shirt. ahhh, spring.
  • when i was a youngster i remember hearing lots of simon and garfunkel in my mom's car...also heard a lot of peter, paul, and mary. i downloaded lemon tree last night...i've heard the song about 1000 times and this is the first time i was able to understand the lyrics...ahhh, love.
  • i should end all my sentences the same way...ahhh, repetition.
  • freebies are cool...ahhh, freebies.
  • yet a third person liked my back from the trip update...ahhh, compliments.
  • i'm running out of interesting things to say....ahhh, writer's block.

  • ahhh, Carl Lewis
    3-28-00 (00:54)
  • updated movies list.
  • updated cd list.
  • girls smell really good...katie (the last one to give us a ride) smelled like a piece of heaven. ahhh.
  • bought music for the first time in over a month. even got 3 tapes for the car...miles davis with john coltrane, simon and garfunkel (bridge over troubled water), and ravi shankar (the genius of ravi shankar)...he rocks big time.
  • also bought a "i love tibet" sticker and put it on my car. my car is quickly gaining personality. two stickers and the rage against the machine shirt over the seat.
  • speaking of rage against the machine shirts...i got two in the mail today. i never ordered them. must be a mistake. one i already had the other i didn't. so it looks like i somehow got lucky. i think i have about 10 rage shirts now. that rocks.
  • so far 2 people have said i should try and publish my description of the trip...interesting.
  • i don't want to go back to school.
  • jonique paid for dinner tonight. we all ate while vern and i told the story of our trip.
  • i'm trying to learn the harmonica...i've got the first part of kum-ba-yah down now. it's pretty funny.

  • 3-27-00 (01:43)

  • March 2000 has been the best month of my life. Losing my virginity would really be the best way to end this month.
  • i don't know where to start.
  • so there has been the change in weather. random phone calls. then there was the great tractor driving experience. there's the increase in my anemic social life. then there's the great "hiking" trip with vern.
  • up to now it's been referred to on this page as a hiking trip. now that it's done though i can unmask its true identity. for those who didn't know, vern and i planned on going to seattle this spring break using a combination of the rail system and our hitchhiking thumbs. the following is a summary of the last four days...it's a bit anticlimactic since you know that i'm alive, but here it is anyway. it's going to be long.
  • i'm tired so excuse any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • night one: we're given a ride (from jon) to the closest place in davis where we've seen trains stop. 8pm. vern and i see a line of stopped cars, but not hooked up to any caboose. jon wishes us good luck and leaves. vern and i get into the first empty and open car we see. we scope out the scene and decide to wait for a train to come along. surely enough after about 30 minutes one comes a long...right next to ours (there are about four tracks side by side). it's going entirely too fast to hop it. we start down the tracks and look for a position where the train might slow a bit more. we come to the train station and see a train coming, but it's still going too fast to hop. so we walk about 1200m and wait along an empty bridge hoping that it'll be slowest along here. a scrappy looking guy comes along. mind you it's about 11pm by this time and dark as ever. he walks right up to us. my hand is in my jacket pocket holding my switchblade. when he's two feet away from us he asks "you guys seen a drunk guy walk across these tracks?" we both say no and he asks again, but slightly differently. i say that i saw a guy a few hundred yards up the tracks, but he didn't look drunk. so then the guy leaves vanishing into the bushes. a couple times he comes out of the bushes and walks across the tracks back and forth. meanwhile only one train comes and it's going too fast. we abandon that idea. we walk towards the freeway hoping to catch a ride out of davis so we're not tempted to spend the night at home. no such luck. we head back to the original open cars and settle there. it's well past midnight so we settle down and decide to spend the night in davis...sleeping in the box cars. vern sleeps quite well. i do not sleep at all. at around 3am two trains pass us really fast. then a little later a hear some screaching...no it's not vern's ass. then i feel a thump and a jerk of the train. this wakes vern up and i'm fucking freaking out. i was really scared because i heard footsteps outside and here we are in our sleeping bags ready to be butt-raped by the hobo gang. at any rate the train starts heading east, with us on it. this lasts about 40 seconds, then we go back west again for 40 seconds, then we stop for 5 minutes then, without any thump or warning we head east again, this time we're not stopping. vern and i get out of the sleeping bags. i'm fucking scared off my ass and have no idea what to expect. we see sacramento come and go then roseville then we stop, this is around 4am or so. for the next 2 hours or so we just wait to start going again. there are trains on either side of us so we figure we're at a train depot of sorts.
  • day one: at sunrise we get out and check around. the 80 freeway is to our left and about 10 more train tracks are to our right...it's a union pacific station is what i'm thinking. so we cook up some coffee and some oatmeal. it was the best coffee i've ever had and the oatmeal was better than a niners super bowl win (well almost). we hang out for 4 hours at this graveyard of trains trying to hop onto a train heading east...all to no avail. meanwhile we are carrying our packs and canteen while dodging the union pacific staff who looks over the trains. eventually we take to the road. we hump it to the nearest freeway entrance we can find. at this point my shoulders are killing me...i'm definitely not the backpacking type and i'm running off of absolutely zero sleep. oddly though i've got energy. my shoulders, however, are sore. so after a couple miles of trekking through roseville we find a good on ramp. we set down our stuff and stick out our thumbs. it felt really weird doing something like that...either you see it in the movies or you see bums do it. it's not something you see yourself doing so it felt surreal, but then again so did the train ride. one car passes and doesn't look. then another and then the third car (a black child molester type van) pulls over. we run to it and ask the guy where he's going. he says east which is good enough for me. i've got my switchblade and vern's got my other one too, so we're set. i try opening the back door, but it doesn't work. so we both go through the front door which could have been bad because he could have waited for one of us to be in and then just floored it. at any rate we both get in and we all talk about regular stuff. he's a painter who just got laid off and he was in the marine corps...fucking great suicide material...even better murdering spree material. he tells us he'll take us to some town just a few miles up because the cops there aren't as mean as the roseville cops. we get to that exit and he decides he'll take us further - to auburn...uh okay, that works we say. meanwhile he's swerving all over the place, cutting people off and missing exit signs by just a few feet. he takes us to auburn and dumps us near a foster's freeze wishing us good luck. thanks, bye. his name was daniel c. miller and i thought he was a really stand up guy. my hope for humanity, oddly, increased after meeting him. he reminds me a lot of my dad's cousin (whose name escapes me now, but he's the bumish one who is probably the most happy person i've met). we bum it at foster's freeze for a bit admiring some hotties and resting a bit. then we take off for another highway 80 onramp. we get to one about 1200m down the road. shoulders still sore. we wait there for about 40 minutes. at this point we had signs made out saying "north" and "east"...for about 25 minutes we used those and we had no luck so we wrote on the back of the north sign "we vote" the implication being that we're not bums, we're honest, voting citizens just trying to get a ride. so we get a ride from a kinda gay, but really nice guy in his early twenties who is going about 15 miles up the road to colfax. we get there and all we see is a subway sandwich place and a cheap gas station. (side note...the highest price for gas i saw was $2.21 for the 92 octane). we wait there about 30 minutes or so, maybe more...it's a really small place, but someone pulls up and offers a ride. she looks pretty nice and opens the trunk on my way to the trunk i see a single sticker on her car window "Beastie Boys." i offer her my soul and all my money. no, i put my stuff in the trunk and ask her 'what's your favorite beastie boys album'...she thinks a little then i ask "paul's boutique?"...she says "yea, that has to be it actually."...great album i say. so she takes us really far, up to donner summit. it's butt ass cold up there and i'm wearing shorts. before that, though, we talk about the beastie boys and what she does...she's a teacher for 11th grade in oakland. she (tracy is her name) really likes john coltrane (my favorite jazz musician) and she likes radiohead too (vern's favorite band). so, needless to say, we both loved tracy and offered our bodies in return for her favor. she accepted and we had wild sex in the car. never mind. so as soon as we get to the rest stop at the top of donner's summit i put on my pants and vern looks for a ride. in the middle of putting on my pants we get a ride...so we hop in and get a ride down to reno, much better elevation, much better traffic flow. this guy was a civic engineer in the making and was looking for a job. he listens to smashing pumpkins and has a nice kenwood receiver so he's pretty down (for those of you who aren't hip: that means he's pretty cool). we're in reno and we're bums. it rocked. reno was a complete shit hole. in fact nevada is complete shit...all of it. we get on a freeway onramp and wait. lots of hicks in their old chevy and ford pickups. finally a latio guy offers a ride so we get in the back of his truck - ooh, scary. we get a ride about 20 miles down the highway to this little piece of shit town. all it has is a gas station and a taco bell inside the gas station. we clean up in the bathroom and i change into my pants...bums are allowed to do that without being in the bathroom so i just did it outside. then we get to the onramp and wait for a ride. we were really close once...a guy was with his girlfriend and we gave a really nice sweet smile which didn't impress him (he was driving), but she jumped on him and begged him to stop...oh well.
  • night two: as FATE would have it we did have someone stop for us - washoe county sheriff. she gets out and asks where we're going, where we're coming from, if we have any outstanding warrants, tells us that hitchhiking in washoe county is illegal (wow it is!?), and then asks if we have any weapons. uh, yes ma'am i have this illegal switchblade straight from europe...actually i didn't tell her that. i said we had swiss army knives and that's it. after looking at our ID she asks vern how old he is...he says 21 and then she says 'this picture makes you look 12'...never were more true words spoken! after looking at mine she asks 'where is rajah st.'...uh that's where i lived you stupid bitch! actually i just said that it was near magic mountain in southern calif. she says she used to live in sylmar...in case you don't know about sylmar it's a pretty small place in los angeles county so her being from there is pretty amazing.  then she says we have two options: "i can arrest you and you'll have a place to sleep tonight, or i can give you a ride to border town about 8 miles up the road." uh we'll take the ride. "ok then i'll need to pat you down to make sure you don't have any weapons" so we think - oh shit don't do that. luckily she says "you can put whatever swiss army knives or whatever into your bags and then i'll pat you down" we got really lucky there. she pats us down...so i guess you could say i got some action! she puts the bags into the trunk and we get a ride to bordertown. what a fucking dump. we eat dinner there because it's really really cold and we want to be inside as much as possible. this is another place with only a restaurant and a gas station. we sleep outside right off highway 395. i sleep a combination of 1 hour the whole night...i've found out that i'm claustrophobic...that mummy sleeping bag (which is only kind good enough to keep the whole body warm) just stifles me way too much. i was awake pretty much the whole time. even vern only got about 4.5 hours of sleep that night.
  • day two: we 'woke up' at around 6am. there was frost on our sleeping bags and our backpacks...a bad sign. i checked the diner, it wouldn't open till 7am. so we made some coffee with our little stove and pot...really a nice contraption actually. that coffee was the best coffee i've ever had...even better than the day before. i cursed the whole morning until the diner opened up. i was so ready to go home i was so tired i was so cold. we ate pancakes and took our time in the diner. dan (one of the bus boys) got us water the night before and i think he recognized us. dan is a great guy, i can tell. he works hard and tries to be a stand up person. i wish i could have given him some money. at any rate we leave there around 8am or so and hit the onramp...it's not much of an onramp and it only feeds from the bordertown so the traffic is very limited. so we run onto the actual highway (395 north) and try and get people to stop from there...of course they're going 80 mph so they will not likely stop. we see a group of four kids from minnesota stop by the CA border sign, but their car is full so they bid us farewell and good luck. about 3 hours later a chick pulls over and offers a ride about 8 miles from susanville (which is where we wanted to go) naturally we take it. she was nice and i slept in the car for about 2 minutes...my head bobbed all over and it was a pathetic sight. so we get dropped off. we eat and then start walking toward susanville while asking for rides. we see 2 highway patrol cars total, but one keeps going back and forth looking for speeders. then a sheriff passes us, then later he comes back and stops by us. i'm playing the harmonica when he comes up. he asks the same questions and all that. another sheriff stops and joins the orgy. after they figure out that we're cool they let us go and say good luck. we hitchhike some more and eventually get a ride from a good looking girl named denise. she's from montana and recently moved to sacramento. we tell her about our radio show and all that. she was awesome too. she gives us a ride to susanville. we stop by a gas station and find out where the 44 is...it's the one that goes toward redding, which is right on the 5...so we can head back home. we weren't tired of it, but we were definitely tired. as you might be able to tell, the day goes by very slowly...it seems like a week, at the same time we always had energy to do it. it was much fun. at any rate we stop off at a grocery store along main st...which feeds to highway 44 (redding) and 89 (shasta)...both leading to highway 5. we wait there for about 20 minutes and the small town folk actually seem to like us, but no ride comes. then a couple scraggly looking young fellows in a VW scirocco. they say they're going to medford oregon...perfect...runs right through shasta. i kinda would have liked to go to oregon just for bragging rights, but it could have been raining, who knows...so they move a BUNCH of shit out of the back seat and clear room for us. it's a tight fit, but it works. there's a potato at my feet. who knows how it got there, how long it's been there...they were bigger bums than us. first thing they ask 'do you guys like country' second thing they ask 'do you guys smoke herb' third thing they ask 'why not'...it was funny. we ended up listen to kid rock. around lassen, it was snowing and we saw a wolf, that rocked. later they pulled off onto a back secluded road and stopped...scary. they got out and so did vern and i. they lit up and really nice about being downwind from us...overall i'd say these guys were really cool. then one of them introduces himself as travis. his friend is off smoking by the front of the car and says that his name is dumbass...that's what they call me when i'm at his house so that's what you can call him. i thought that was funny. then he snaps out a knife and picks his teeth with it. that was a bit scary, but actually not as much so as you might think. i think it has something to do with the knowledge that allah is on my side, or something. so we get back into the car and have a nice safe ride up to shasta. we wish them a good trip, say thanks and they do the same. in shasta it's freezing cold so we lobby really hard for a ride. one girl passes us and as she passes i give the 'ah come on look,' with a droopy face, and she turns around and asks where we're going. she is perfectly flawed. that is to say that she's not a model and some might think she's nothing special, but i was hooked right away. man i had a feeling about her. anyway, she was going down 89 (where we just came from) so we didn't get a ride from her. i never saw her again, but one day maybe i will and we'll have babies together...i'm a hopeless romantic.
  • night three: night settled in quickly and it was super cold. we ate over-priced mexican food. then we rented a motel for 42 bucks. that kinda sucked, but without a tent it had to be done. oh, after coming out of the mexican food place these drunkards gave us shit for not being white enough or something. i pulled out my knife and cut off their tongues. no, but i wanted to. drunk people are retarded. i had more fun hoping on one train than you'll ever have destroying your liver - fuck you! okay enough commentary.
  • day three: we woke up the next morning in a nice motel room rented out to us by an some indian guy. funny family i must say. so we hit the road at around 11am. we ditched our shitty canteen and just used our two 1 quart bottles hoping the reserve one gallon canteen wouldn't be necessary. we didn't get a ride for a long time and when we did it was from an unshaven guy who only went down the road 6 miles, to dunsmuir. we listened to wrapped around your finger by the police - that was cool. once in dunsmuir...another shitty one gas station town, we waited around for a long while. a sheriff came by and gave us the same stuff...blah blah blah. he said that one time a guy waited in dunsmuir for 5 days trying to get out...he said it was really hard to get rides out of dunsmuir...good luck he says. we were right over a train underpass...we saw a couple go by, but too quickly. then one stopped. so we ran down the hill and looked for an open car...but it started to move so vern jumped up and looked into one of the bins...he was on and i was jogging along side it waiting for him to decide. he said it was dirty, but it was up to me...i said do it. so we got in and got very dirty...it was extremely rusty and dusty inside, but we were moving again. we were moving fairly well and right along the sacramento river and the 5 freeway. it rocked...took lots of pictures along this stretch. we stopped briefly a couple times. then a bit of dust starts to kick up...no idea what it is, but it's just a bit, then it's more, and then it subsides a bit again...not much later we start to slow down pretty quickly...not a jerky stop like a slam on the brakes, but a quicker than normal stop...nothing jarring though. so we peek our heads up to see a box car off the tracks and on its side. as i look at it more and see the dust clear i see a small flame developing. i'm not fucking joking. then vern and i are fucking amazed and just in awe. we look at it more and more and the flame gets really big. we hope it doesn't start a forest fire. we hope it doesn't explode, etc. up ahead we see a couple cars on the track are tilted a little bit to the left and another to the right. so then the flame dies down a bit and i tell vern to hang tight i'm going to check what's up and if the train starts moving again that i'll hop back in....so i run about 7-8 cars ahead where the burning car is and i see the sight of a lifetime. i see the over turned car. i see springs that once comprised the shocks on the ground spaced out...i see the other cars in front of us off the rail and tipping over...i see the rail is literally broken, not bent - broken off. i see the wooden spacers are no longer a foot apart from each other...now they're all squished together or broken in half. i see a lot of wack shit. i get vern and we get our stuff. i take some pictures and then see a guy up ahead bending down...he may or may not have seen me, but i tell vern to start walking so we walk the opposite direction...luckily we're on the other side of the train. we see a path towards highway 5 so we take it. it's on a big hill because the river and the tracks are both in the bottom the canyon. we make it to the 5 north. i suggest running across so we can get to the 5 south and hitch a ride from someone, but instead we walk a mile up the five to a small town with NO services. no water, no gas, no anything. then we bust out the map and see that the closest town is 6 miles down (south) the road. figuring getting a ride out of a town with a population of 2 is going to be tough we head south. about 2 hours later we're about 6 miles down the road...i think our original calculation of 6 miles was off, but it was okay because a mile before the town was a rest stop.
  • night four: we had just literally walked 5 or more miles with our packs on our backpacks on and it turned dark. we were walking alongside the freaking 5 south. no one stopped. no one cared. it was crazy. so vern goes to the bathroom and i watch our stuff. i see a hottie go into the bathroom. then vern comes out of the bathroom and the hottie comes out just after him. i stop her and ask really nicely 'i'm sorry, but are you heading south by any chance?' she says yes and i ask if we could possibly get a ride...vern adds that we're students and we can show her our school id cards....she looks at them and i add that we've just walked like 5 miles and we're tired, we just want to get as far south as possible. she says it's kinda weird and she's never done that kinda thing before. 'are you going to kill me? because my mom would be really mad if you did' she laughingly asks...we say no...she says okay i'll give you a ride. i felt bad for using such sympathy tactics, but it had to be done and i was determined to not dissapoint....thus i decided not to kill her, or something. we talk a bit and she seems really nice, blah blah. eventually she says she's having trouble focusing (she forgot her glasses) and asks if anyone has their license... i say i do. then she asks if i can drive stick. of course i can. so i end up driving her car. it was pretty crazy. felt like a role reversal. her name's katie and she's super cool. vern offers to pay for some gas, but she declines. so we wrap the five spot around one of my masseuse business cards and put it in her bag. along the way she even falls asleep. i love being trusted. it's so great. eventually i take her pretty close to where she's going and it's right where we need to be because it's only 20 miles from davis and right off the 80 freeway which feeds into davis. so i get out of the car and before she takes the wheel i ask if she's okay to drive, she says yea. i was hoping she would have given a 'uh, well, yea i guess' type response. that way the benefits could be two-fold...first i'd drive to davis and second she'd spend the night and we could discover that we were meant to be, or something. neither happened. so here we are in vacaville and it's about 10pm. so we call jon and scott, neither are around. shit. so we go to denny's and eat. megan, the hottie waitress serves us. afterwards vern asks 'what time do you get off?' ...3:30am 'where do you live' she gives and odd look and then says in town. then we explain that we're just trying to get to davis...she wishes us good luck. then we finish up and try calling for a ride home again. freaking phone calls cost 75 cents and freaking gas stations won't give change unless you buy something and freaking gas stations don't freely dispense water and air (i didn't want any, but it's the law now that they provide free air and water in CA gas stations)...at any rate we eventually got scott to give us a ride home.
  • that's about if for that trip. it was crazy, it was exciting, it was tiring, it was worth more than a 2000 dollar vacation at club-med and it offers far more bragging rights. i've found a new respect for trains, bums, and hitchhikers. i know i'm bound to get mail from people telling me i'm crazy or stupid, but kindly reserve that for another time.
  • this month rocked in every way possible. i think finding a girlfriend really would be the best end to it all.
  • it's 4am so i should get some rest. i think this has been the longest updated, ever.
  • i got 25 emails and about 5 were worthy of anything.
  • i'm really happy i got a job.
  • i have no idea what to do tomorrow. i'll wake up at 3pm and just waste the day away. i think hitchhiking with a friend is the only way to travel. i want to hitchhike to LA next. it's free. it's fun. it's fun. oh and it's fun too.
  • fun, fun, fun till daddy took the t-bird away. beach boys rock.
  • sooooo tired.
  • oh, the new title of the page is coined from the phrase we so often used...while watching mtv the one night in the motel to the multiple rejections along the trip. sometimes people can suck a lot, but the people who gave us rides really restored a lot of my faith in the general promise of humans.
  • hopefully i can get a bunch of the pictures onto the page...not sure how much more it is to get them on disk.
  • i really wouldn't doubt that the train wreck would be in the local papers. it was just near lakehead near lake shasta...so look out for it.
  • goodnight. thank you train out of davis, dan c. miller, colfax guy, tracy, civic engineer hopeful guy, bordertown lady, denise, travis and dumbass, unshaven guy, train out of dunsmuir (even if you did die), and last, but definitely not least, katie.

  • Mt. Shasta, without all the snow.
    3-23-00 (16:30)
  • done with finals.
  • got an 85 on my other paper...that's about what i expected.
  • i got the job at the reserves desk so that's pretty nice to know.
  • see ya around.

  • 3-23-00 (00:09)

  • fantasy basketball is getting more exciting...i'm only 290 points away from the next guy. whoopy (goldberg). i'm a dork.
  • dj shadow fucking owns. i don't think i've ever used "owns" like that before, but it works and maybe I should start.
  • luke's page be on the down tip for me, still.
  • i'm a weirdo, it's official.
  • i should study for the final tomorrow.
  • the more i think about it, and the more jon rubs it in my face, the grade for that paper is amazing. a 94/100. i don't understand how it happened. i didn't even proofread the biznatch. crazy stuff. i still suck in school. but even school losers like me can have flashes of brilliance.
  • this is funny.
  • summer should be fun filled.
  • i should find out tomorrow about the job. i hope i get it, if i don't then i'll have to start begging for change.
  • i haven't purchased a CD in a month. i'm going through withdrawal. i'm stuck at 387 cds and it's annoying me.
  • remember to walk tall.
  • i wondered why i write on this webpage every damn day so i read the "why i make this page" link and remembered why. it's funny to read old updates of mine and see how much/little i've changed over the last couple years.
  • it's funny to think about the past sometimes. how i went from the trouble maker in elementary school to a trouble maker who doesn't get caught. just kidding. but really, it's odd how some of my friends have changed once they get into college...drugs, drinking, religion...all in the same category if you ask me. it's interesting and to be mulled over for hours on end. but not now.
  • Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.mp3...you'll have to rename the extension to ".mp3"...the song rocks - it's well worth the download.
  • the revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal, the revolution will not be brought to you by xerox, there will be no pictures of pigs shooting down brothers on the instant replay, there will be no slow motion, green acres and beverly hillbillies will no longer be so damn relevant and women will not care if dick finally got down with jane because black people will be in the street looking for a brighter day...the revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado, white lightning or white people...the revolution will not go better with coke, the revolution will put you in the driver seat, the revolution will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised, the revolution will be no rerun brothers - the revolution will be live.
  • i can't wait for a revolution. you can kill a revolutionary, but you can't kill a revolution.
  • We therefore advocate a revolution against the industrial system.

  •    This revolution may or may not make use of violence: it may be sudden
       or it may be a relatively gradual process spanning a few decades. We
       can't predict any of that. But we do outline in a very general way the
       measures that those who hate the industrial system should take in
       order to prepare the way for a revolution against that form of
       society. This is not to be a POLITICAL revolution. Its object will be
       to overthrow not governments but the economic and technological basis
       of the present society. (4)
  • Freedom means having power; not the power to control

  •    other people but the power to control the circumstances of one's own
       life. One does not have freedom if anyone else (especially a large
       organization) has power over one, no matter how benevolently,
       tolerantly and permissively that power may be exercised. (94)
  • It is true that some restrictions on our freedom could be

  •    eliminated, but GENERALLY SPEAKING the regulation of our lives by
       large organizations is necessary for the functioning of
       industrial-technological society. The result is a sense of
       powerlessness on the part of the average person. (114)
  • History is made by active, determined minorities, not by the majority,

  • which seldom has a clear and consistent idea of what it really wants. (189)
  • The revolution against technology will probably have

  •    to be a revolution by outsiders, a revolution from below and not from
       above. (194)

    3-22-00 (16:14)

  • i had my first final today - not so bad.
  • remember the paper i did on the cuban embargo? remember how much i thought it sucked. well i read it over again and it's not so bad as i thought. i guess the TA agreed. he gave me a 94 out of 100. i don't know what my deal is with papers. i better start recognizing.
  • in other news - one more final to go.
  • if i die my sister gets almost everything...my cds, my computer, my audio equipment, etc. phil can get all my clothes, movies, and my car. my dad gets my switchblades. my mom gets my dresser and books. vern can get my playboys, my bike, and any offbeat shirts i have. jon can get all my format cds and whatever else might be on them, oh he can get the four kosmic cds i made too. scott gets my beaner and rage shirts. monique can have my gold dick candle. anything else not listed goes to my sister. my debt goes to the man.
  • want to play basketball. do you wanna play with me?

  • 3-21-00 (22:32)
    "Women constitute half the world's population,
    perform nearly two-thirds of its work hours,
    receive one-tenth of the world's income,
    and own less than one-hundredth of the world's property.
    United Nations Report, 1980"
    gays can't get married
    i can't buy a cuban cigar
    less than a year ago i wasn't able to send any packages over 2 lbs. to Iraq

  • subbing went well. afterwards i went to a final review session.
  • after the review session i talked to marina at the art gallery.
  • i'm officially broke. vern and i went shopping for the last items (food) for our trip. this'll be super interesting.
  • should find out tomorrow about the job. should fail a final tomorrow. should get some action in the sack tomorrow, uh or not.
  • played basketball today. it's been really windy which sucks, but as long as the sun is out i'm happy.
  • you can't be in a bad mood while listening to stevie wonder. the guy just plain rocks.
  • our show today (the one we subbed) really rocked. i did the jazz, vern the indie rock. i found a couple of gems in the compilation section. our last couple shows have been really fun. i'm glad it hasn't lost its luster. some idiot told us to stop talking...we were talking about politics. that guy probably should die.
  • finals week is always a tad gay.
  • listening to air.
  • woke up at 5am today...this is all out of order, i know. at any rate...woke up early then i took a nap so i won't be going to sleep for a bit. i'll probably do myself a favor and study, or the like.
  • interviews always suck for me. the last one was pretty good though. the bad part for me is when they ask 'is there anything else you'd like to add or ask?'....uh, uhm, uh, i didn't learn to talk to other people until i was 16 so forgive me if i say "no."
  • there are so many cds i want to purchase. i got a phone bill today, those things always come at the damnedest times. i'm selling my soul, if there are any takers.
  • i want to stay in school for the next 10 years.
  • luke's page hasn't been working for me or vern...router must be down.
  • johnny's last update's title could have a double meaning....hmmmm.
  • i'm a dork who used to love computers. i was thinking to myself "what do i know more about than most people"....sports, certain areas of music, political science, and computers. the last one seems so contrary to who i think i am. i spend a lot of time on the computer, but it's usually to update this piece of garbage or get music. right now, for example, i'm downloading the last 77 mp3s off of www.kosmic.org - a free techno, ambient, electronica web site. at the same time when the gigahertz cpu comes out i know i'll google all over it.
  • brakes on - best song on the cd.
  • updated my spring y2M schedule.
  • you can kill a revolutionary, but you can't kill a revolution.
  • it might rain on saturday. gay. lay. bay. say. nay. pay. yay.
  • here's the problem, as it appears to me...to politicians it's all about maximization of votes. how do you maximize votes? by passing things backed by the people with the most concentrated interests. for example - big car makers have a lot to gain by having the gov't raise tariffs on foreign competition. who looses? the consumers, of course. that's you and me, and until we are able to be as organized as the special interest groups we'll continue to take in the rear. of course they maintain a certain level of happiness for us so we don't get too stirred up, but for the most part we're exploited. one way we can get around this is through the introduction of knowledge...this is something that jon will be learning a lot about because he'll be taking pol 175. this was the case in the tobacco industry. with the introduction of the proper knowledge and adequate backing of it the big interests have, for the most part, lost out. it's amazing that it took so long, but at the same time i find it amazing that it actually happened at all. need proof? there are commercials on the idiot box which state 'smoking kills' - tobacco is the only product that kills one in three customers...and so forth. it's all pretty interesting stuff. and that is why i'm a poli sci major - because this shit interests me.
  • shine on you crazy diamond
  • i still want a damn clipboard.
  • i got a positive comment on my rage against the machine t-shirt today. it was cool. it's the one that on the back says this.
  • if i get the library job next quarter my schedule could be really packed. i might also take a class on bike maintenance, that would be cool.
  • i drove a tractor, that's so funny. man what a nutty ride. freaking davis entertainment.
  • Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.mp3...you'll have to rename the extension to ".mp3"
  • so they want to give reagan a medal of honor. of course they will. i think everyone knows how i feel about reagan.
  • there was a crazy woman in safeway today...she kept ranting about nuclear scientists and stuff...talking out loud. man it was sad.
  • i was at the art gallery today talking with marina and this guy who had requested an album to be played came in and looked over the book. he was puzzled. he looked down, up, around. then finally at marina and said 'you can change the music...it's not what i thought it was...my friends are laughing at me.' he picked a band called O.M.D., I've never heard of em before but it wasn't too bad. i looked at him in amazement then at marina and with a grin i said 'oh you probably wanted OMC. how bizarre.' i thought it was a good little pun type piece of mockery. you see, OMC is a completely different band with basically one 'hit' song called "how bizarre"...it was also bizarre that he was such a retard. i think johnny would be proud of me.
  • i got a live version of testify by rage against the machine and it rocks my left nut, but not quite as much as my right nut. nevertheless - it rocks.
  • haven't seen a movie in a while. movies that go through the motions are dumb. when i'm watching a movie i don't answer my phone.
  • 3-20-00 (22:03)
  • please, love me do.
  • called marina today.
  • subbing for some chick tomorrow morning at the station...6-9am.
  • tomorrow will be interesting.

  • 3-20-00 (01:19)

  • interview tomorrow. study with stacy tomorrow.
  • two final reviews on tuesday. one final wednesday. one final thursday. then i'm outta here.
  • hopefully i'm in the zone tomorrow. if not i'll just take some drugs to get into the zone. if that doesn't work i'll get drunk so i don't remember the day.

  • 3-19-00 (20:11)

  • interview tomorrow.
  • played basketball today. i had one good play, a tip in. other than that i sucked.
  • johnny is coming close to pulling "the whore" maneuver.
  • i'm talking to a "pagan" she says she practices in magic. asked her if she could cast a spell that would get me some action, but apparently there are rules against that. darn.
  • i can't see how my parents ever married. either time.
  • didn't call marina. not sure why.

  • 3-19-00 (02:28)

  • went shopping with vern for the hiking trip, that was cool - spent like 70 total between the two of us.
  • the bug ran really well today. just getting it started is sometimes not so great...may be my technique. in another couple hundred miles i'll change the oil again...because it's cheap, easy, fun and gets me in the mood to clean the carb.
  • over the summer i will hopefully get some money to put together a tool kit and adjust the valves, brakes, get a new sending unit, maybe even get the washer fluid working again. we'll see.
  • got money from my aunt so i'll be getting a rice cooker. thanks!
  • we went four-wheeling again today. although it's been warm so there wasn't much mud. that didn't stop us....we came across an open field and decided to explore it. we were driving along (jon, vern, and i) and found a tractor just sitting there. it was the kind with two big wheels in the back and then two smaller ones in the front. we've seen em before...they always leave them in the fields. so i ran up to it and checked it out. sure enough it had the keys in it. i turned on the lights and saw that it was out of fuel. i cranked it a bit and it didn't turn over. it had three pedals so i was pushing the left most thinking it was the clutch. then jon suggested looking for the choke. he found it and then he gave it a try. eventually he pushed really hard on the choke and then the engine turned over. then i figured out where the gas was  - it's a lever, not a pedal. and figured how to get into gear. then vern jumped on and we took it for a small spin with jon driving it in circles. my turn came up and i got a feel for it...the steering rocked big time. so i took it to a straight away and pushed it to the 14th out of 15 gears...then i pushed the gas lever all the way up and put it into the highest gear...it was going really fast for a tractor.  so i turned it around back to base and then vern gave it a try. it was super fun. jon got back into the driver's seat again and vern jumped off to watch from afar. jon thought it would be cool to see it's "four-wheeling capabilities" so we went into an irrigation ditch...a small one and then as we got deeper into it the front part (where the engine, and thus all the weight, is housed) stuck to the ground. we tried moving, but to no avail. then i got in the driver seat and revved it up really high and busted it into the highest gear...mud splashed everywhere, but it wouldn't budge. so jon brought the rover over and took out the towing chain and we tried to get it out that way, but it was way too stuck. i felt bad, but it won't be too hard in a week or so when the mud dries up.
  • i got super muddy and the whole thing was sooo much fun. it rocked. we'll probably try and find our way back another time.
  • johnny broke up with nicole. true story. hardcore.
  • played some basketball today. played better today, but i wasn't challenged in the speed way so it wasn't as humiliating. we lost.
  • might call marina tomorrow.
  • AC/DC is underrated. i don't know anyone, besides phil, who appreciates them. that's a shame.
  • i must say that tractors are fucking solidly built...great engines. i want a tractor engine in my bug.
  • like this only 40 years older

    like this only bigger
    3-18-00 (02:56)
  • today was quite possibly one of the best days ever. definitely the most social.
  • i talked to a total of six chicks. one i had met only once, briefly. another who is super dope and in my english class. and the other four were random chicks who i decided to strike up conversation with.
  • our show rocked big time nutsack. i did all the jazz (2 hrs.) and vern did all the indie rock (1.5 hrs.)...it rocked and worked really well. we each got compliments for our respective portions.
  • we were doing our show and two girls (one super hot the other not so much so) walked by the dj booth window in the hall. i waved because i was in the mood. a minute later they came back and i wave them into the dj booth while we were on the air. then we struck up a conversation with paige (hottie) and kristen (red head). we went off air and talked to them more...told them they should come by some other time when after spring break. paige was super fly. they were pretty ditzy, but we didn't plan on building life long relationships or anything.
  • the second social conquest of the day was talking to marina (english girl). i told her she should come by to mention an art contest her work is sponsoring. that was wednesday. she said she 'might.' well she did. she came by and made the announcement on the air. i showed her the kdvs music library, she was amazed (wait till she sees my dick!). at any rate...then she had to go back home (it was 3pm and she had been on campus since 8am because of finals and such). she gathered her bag and i said something like 'hey could i get your number?' she said sure so we exchanged numbers and of course e-mail addresses...i still feel gay asking for someone's e-mail address, so i didn't...she offered it without my solicitation. after reeling from my success i stood around for half a minute after she left the lobby. then i realized i hadn't given her something. i had gotten her an application for that short story contest (the bogart {not humphrey} contest). so i got it out of my backpack, but i knew i wouldn't be able to find her...there are about 3 ways to get out of lower freeborn, where the station is, and they're all pretty quick. so i ran down the hall hoping i chose the correct path and sure enough she came from around a corner...i think she tried to take the elevator but grew tired of waiting (lucky me). so i say: "hey, i got you this."..."oh, what is it?"..."it's the writing competition, you really should submit your stories."..."oh, i don't know. which one would i enter?"..."i really liked the first one, but you can enter up to 35 pages worth, so enter both of em."..."i don't know. i don't think they're that good anyway."..."oh come on, yes they are. i entered mine. you should do it, it's free, you've got nothing to lose"...."i don't want to compete against you"..."oh jeez, so you'll get first place and i'll get second place - i'm fine with that."..."ha ha, i'll get no-place (you had to see her say that, it was really perfect)"..."you should do it. just think about it."..."okay, maybe."
  • next was when i decided to get a sandwich...this was during the show, but vern was taking over. i had already played all the free jazz davis could handle, including a 20 minute tour de force by sonny rollins and a little bass guitar section preceded by gil scott heron's - "the revolution will not be televised"...if i get this on mp3 i will post it because it rocks so much. at any rate...i'm getting a sandwich made by someone i met last year through jordan and darren. she actually recognized me and said "aren't you darren and jordan's friend?"..."no, actually they're my friends, ha ha."..."he he he, funny. what was your name again?"..."chris, and you're erin right?"..."wow, good memory."...we continue along these lines i tell her she should listen to our show which is on as we speak she is blown away that such a hot man could have such a studly position such as radio dj...or something. then out of the blue she asks "do you have a girlfriend"..."uh, no, why?"..."oh, good, you're smart - they're nothing but trouble" (yea no shit, but it's not by choice that i lack a better half)..."hmmm, i gotta hear the story behind this."..."well i can't tell you right now" she looks to her left over at another guy who is preparing a sandwich and i say "oh i get it. well hey you should come down after you get off (work you sicko!) and i'll show you the station."..."i might do that."...i glance down at the sign which reads "do NOT ask for double meat we won't give it to you..." something like that...just to bug her i say sarcastically while looking down at the sign "hey could i have double meat?"..."okay, sure"..."uhm, i was just kidding, because of the sign..."..."oh i don't care, you can have it."..."cool, thanks."...those are the highlights.
  • four down two to go, but first a break. i played basketball...i had some really golden moments, but i sucked overall on defense. i have NO quickness whatsoever...not sure why because my dad is pretty quick and played soccer, but i suck in both categories. i'll have to learn a way to get around this problem if i'll succeed in basketball. i was hitting more shots than i used to...not at all a great percentage, but enough to be considered a decent shooter by street basketball terms.
  • i was at a restaurant with jon, monique, and vern. the waiter had a small scrape on her temple and i wondered how she got one there. the whole night she was a little mechanical with us so i wanted to open her up a bit. so when she returned with the check i asked how she got it..."oh i don't know it just kinda came up two of them together"..."hmmm, that's weird getting two in the same place"..."yea it is a bit"..."it's just weird to get a scrape there i wonder how you got it."..."yea what makes it worse is that it's on an old chickenpox scar"...then we talked about chickenpox etc. after she left monique kinda brought it up that she somewhere in the dialogue she had said it was a zit....pimple, etc... i felt really bad, the whole time i thought we were talking about a mystery scrape. everyone at the table, but me, had heard her say they were two zits...i felt like a complete dick.
  • the last one wasn't quite as bad, but not nearly as good as the first few. i was buying some ice cream at safeway late at night and a see this chick in her early 30s in line waiting for a checker. i had just picked up some voter registration forms for anyone who hasn't already registered. i asked her if she voted last tuesday. she said no. "well here, you can register - it's really easy."..."oh, i'm registered i just didn't vote."..."oh, that's disappointing...why not?"..."just cuz"..."i see." no use going past that...
  • oh and i called up a couple random directory girls too. nothing too interesting except the one prank call i made. i saw a girl's name in the directory was "jenny moneymaker" vern and jon thought i should call her and talk to her about that...i said no, but then came up with the idea of playing pink floyd's "money" over the phone to her. i called and she answered so then jon played the song...which is just like the dire straits version...with the falling coins noise and the cash register type sound then the vocals "money.........get away" there's a long pause. so anyway...he plays the song and she answers the phone, then about 7 seconds into the phone call roger says "money...." then i pick up the phone and yell "maker!" and hang up. it was unplanned, but seemed to work. then jon or vern had the idea to call her back and see if she understood the joke. so i called and said i was looking through the directory and found her name and couldn't resist...we chatted a bit. i asked if she got shit in grade school for her name she said "they'd make fun of me and then i'd cry"..."oh i'm really sorry, now i feel like a complete dick...i'm sorry."...."don't worry about it, it happens" we went on talking about school and such for quite a time. then i asked her if she was free tonight. she said no that she had a final tomorrow and was studying...so i asked her what class and her major, etc. she wants to be a news anchor, she's a second year psych major, she likes michael jackson...i found out a lot. then i said good luck tomorrow and she said have fun tonight...i said i'd try.
  • overall a very eventful day.
  • in 7 mins i'll be finished downloading 'the revolution will not be televised'
  • tomorrow vern and i go shopping for supplies.
  • so my advisors say i should call marina sunday night.
  • this update took an hour.
  • updated movies list.
  • oh we rented a movie and i was going to redeem a free movie token i had. so i go up to dustin, who is the checker. he's the kind of checker with a stud in his nose, eye, neck, everywhere, but that's fine. vern looks at a blow up doll of yoda and says 'if i was working here that would freak me out.' i say while pointing to a pad of paper "if i were here this AOL bullshit would piss me off"...the aol deal is if you sign up with aol then you get a free 10 dollar gift certificate with blockbuster. so i ask dustin "do they make you pitch this shit?"..."yea they do, but i don't do it."...i look at vern and then dustin "that's cool, i wouldn't either." then he leads us to the edge of the counter where he can put the tape so the detector won't go off. he places the tape with the receipt on top of the counter and looks at me and says "this is due back on monday" as he says it he taps the tape with his index finger...i look down and see him taping my free vido rental token...i look up at him and say "hey thanks man"...he didn't charge me for the rental and he gave the token back to me for later use...that's dope. we need more people like that.
  • this day pretty much fucking rocked.
  • Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised...you'll have to rename the extension to .mp3
  • dsl was pretty dope...jon wanted a song, but we were trying to get out the door so he just downloaded it in a minute...litterally and we listened to it while it was downloading...that's when you know it's fast...you can listen to it while downloading...faster than realtime. crazy shit.
  • forgot the best part of the first encounter (with paige and kristen) they both were wearing green and noticed that we weren't. so, it being st. patty's day and all, paige pinched us. kristen said she doesn't pinch - she hugs...damn being a dj can rock.

  • 3-17-00 (03:24)

  • okay so the democrats pass the minimum wage increase bill. of course the republicans want something too...it's logrolling, so they passed a tax cut. fucking retarded if you remember my saying so, but i'll live with it because, after all, tax cuts are supposed to help everyone.
  • well i find out that the tax cuts are targeted towards small business...it provides over 45 billion in tax 'relief'...real estate cuts, gift tax cuts, and more - mostly along those lines...seems to benefit rich people more than those who need it. i don't own real estate - because i'm not rich. i'm not getting huge gifts - because i don't know any rich people. it did, though, pass some tax cuts on health insurance for self-employed which is good and allowed for more pension portability (so you can change jobs and keep the same pension plan easier). over all it wasn't as horrible as it could be, but, as usual, it has the bullshit in there designed to keep the rich republicans (sorry for the redundancy) happy.
  • tired.

  • Doug Ose - my (republican) representative
    3-17-00 (02:26)
  • bind, pickle, conundrum, predicament, quandary.
  • screw screws. i never use screws in computers, it's just dumb.
  • philosophy is funny. bad funny. that which is funny is misunderstood.
  • tell me when you find out why i'm here, then i'll get excited.
  • i shouldn't be awake, i have people to do and things to meet tomorrow.

  • 3-17-00 (00:01)

  • dj shadow rocks.
  • fuck icq fuck computers.
  • played basketball today. one-on-one. beat him the first time and lost the last two times. i had some moments though.
  • getting more and more icq people by the hour.
  • why hip-hop sucks in `96..."it's the money"

  • 3-16-00 (00:42)

  • george harrison is definitely my favorite beatle.
  • there's something about synchronicity...everything comes together sometimes. life's funny like that.
  • last day of class was today. that's cool. done with all my papers, just two finals to go.
  • more importantly - with spring comes new friends. every spring it's the same thing, i'm so weird like that. at any rate that's all i'll say about it for now.
  • i should get lots of stuff done tomorrow.
  • have an interview on monday for the library reserves position. my fingers are crossed.
  • i'm sharing over 930 mp3s now. it's getting pretty crazy. a lot comes from the beastie boys.
  • oh right, so i finished my paper at 10:30 and that was after taking an hour nap. then i revised my first story. then i went to class and got the mack on. i wore my rage shirt - something about it is very empowering. i remember the first time i was hit by a car i was wearing the rage shirt and it didn't phase me at all. rage is the shit.
  • so we got out of english 30 mins early which was cool and i hung out talked with a chick and admired more. i sound like a male-chauvinist. i guess that's bad. at any rate spring certainly brings the best out of people. that could sound bad too. darn. oh, in my poli sci paper i used the phrase "deeper probing"...it was late and the phrase fit so i went with it. gotta have fun somehow.
  • weeding injuries plague my body. money burns hole in my wallet.
  • i gotta play mad ball tomorrow. it might actually rain.
  • friday we have our show, but it's going to be 3.5 hours...we're covering for someone. that'll be long. 2 hours of jazz, yea.
  • the poll above has space for comments...that rocks and i didn't even know about it. jon.
  • i wonder what the secret is to getting into the groove more often.
  • updated movies list.
  • updated papers list. badly, but i did.
  • i'm going to enter both my stories into that writing contest i hear so much about. give it a whirl.

  • 3-15-00 (07:51)

  • third wind came and went with some jumping.
  • this is all i've got to say to you woman - you're time is gonna come.
  • gonna make you pay for that great big hole in my heart.
  • i'm reaching the end of this gay paper. god i just ramble on...good song
  • i love the segues in led zeppelin I...that's when albums were meant to be full albums. zeppelin knew how to make an album rather than a bunch of singles.

  • 3-15-00 (05:25)

  • just two hours and some change later and i'm about 4 pages through. done with my break...had two nice ham sandwiches...good french bread, avocado, tomato, mmmmm, damn good eating.
  • goal is to finish everything by 10. i'd get a nap that way. yip. might not happen.
  • second wind is come and gone. can i get a whoop whoop?
  • nevermind.
  • your time is gonna come...holy shit what a freaking epic song. zeppelin rocks!
  • i think page is god. honestly. so many great riffs, acoustic and electric king. simple as that. he's god, i've determined that. and if saying 'godfuck' doesn't get me into hell then maybe this will.
  • okay maybe john bonham is god.
  • no it's probably john paul jones.
  • or possibly robert plant. but wait, hold it, they're all in the same band? fucking fucking fucking fucking shit. beastie boys are hanging on by such a thin thread. godfuck!
  • how many more times!?!?
  • what a debut album.

  • 3-15-00 (03:05)

  • okay i think i know how my paper is supposed to go now.
  • it's all about domestic politics...still. same theory that explains why we started the piece of shit is the reason why we keep it around.
  • 8 hours. 10 pages. 1 revision of story. yippee. can't waste time here.
  • 3-15-00 (01:28)

  • as is usual form with me i haven't started.
  • the poll i have this time is proving to be interesting. 1 for education - obviously me. 2 for media...hmmm. chicken or the egg. did the media start to feed us crap first or did we start requesting crap first. if we were bettered educated, like most of the people i know, we wouldn't watch that bullshit...i know i don't. i know most of my smart friends don't. food for thought i guess. read "out of order" by thomas e. patterson...very insightful, pretty thorough look into how the media sucks it up big time.
  • why haven't we dropped the embargo against cuba? i'm trying to figure that out right now. i'm also trying to expand it into 10 pages using one of the 'theories' we learned in class. here's the answer - we fucking stubborn retards. we're not even greedy marxist theory bastards who would rape and pillage the cubans for all they've got. nope instead we just watch others exploit them and their market. within ten years we'll realize what morons we are, mostly because big business will make us realize. i'm thinking philip morris will lobby for cuba to be opened soon enough. not sure if they have or not yet, but they should. they could make a killing over there. ha ha.
  • back to the paper.
  • herbie hancock rocks.
  • oh the answer to the tough question "what do all these words have in common...sassafras, read, free, great, etc." - they can all be typed with just your left hand. dumb i know.

  • 3-14-00 (22:42)

  • when i was a freshman in high school everyone called me redneck, it sucked. i can't imagine being called a nigger your whole life, it would suck more.
  • i got sunburned while working.
  • paper is moving right along. i have a girlfriend. i bought a new house. i'm getting straight A's. yea right.
  • luke called last night, that was surprising, pleasantly.
  • this guy on napster has seriously everything the beatles ever made, both while together and during their solo careers...7.6 gigs, about half is beatles related shit. crazy.
  • speaking of beatles - marina had the title of her story as a "here comes the sun"...my last story was "revolution" and on jeopardy last night the final jeopardy answer was "michelle" all by the beatles. the jeopardy one was "which figure skater was named after a beatles tune..." or something to that effect. it was the only question i got correct the whole night.
  • it's a good thing i don't own any beatles cds, they'd wreak havoc on my rating system.
  • talked to sarah (phil's old neighbor) today, that was cool. during 3/4s of the conversation i didn't know if it was her or leah (they're twins) so it was kinda funny like that.

  • 3-14-00 (20:24)

  • the next 24 hours will be extremely exciting in so many ways.
  • i have a 10-12 page paper due tomorrow. i have my last two classes tomorrow. i have a revision of my first story due tomorrow. i have to put the mack down tomorrow and get a phone number.
  • played basketball today. it rocked, we won. played well as a team. i think i'm better after not playing for a while. i'm also better if i don't play with the same people all the time. when i used to play with the same three people it got boring and i started to suck (or maybe they got better). when i play different people it's better. kinda met this guy from across the street. i think he's the only black person who lives within 3 blocks. davis is gay like that.
  • less than 16 hours before i need to finish a bitch load of work.
  • when i get frustrated i say "god fuck"...i think i might go to hell. i'm also not sure where i got this from. i think, oddly enough, it's because i want to avoid saying "goddamnit"...i don't think that makes sense. i also don't think goddamnit is one word. i also think i shouldn't care too much.
  • i also think we should drop our embargo on cuba. paper forthcoming.
  • made 35 bucks pulling weeds. i got a lot of sun so i'll be tired as shit around 5am.
  • since i'm so rich i bought a new backpack. i just can't stand my old one anymore. it was good to me while it lasted, and i might even use it once in a while, but the bottom sucks and it only has one small pocket which leads to quite the mess.
  • i smell like an athlete. or like someone who gets a lot of sex.
  • napster was at 1million songs today. holy schmikeys

  • 3-14-00 (01:03)

  • i'm a funny guy. funny queer, not funny ha ha.
  • updated movies list.
  • played some basketball today, it rocked. my skills be rusty, but let's stop talking about white trash. get it? Rusty - white trash name, ha ha. shut up.
  • i've posted my stories (look under english 5f), in all their (uhm) glory. they're the unedited, unproofread versions so don't tell me about the missing comma on line 24 because then i'll have to break your legs.
  • made it so that the mirror site link above will open to a new window...a huge feat for such an html amateur.
  • i've almost always been able to see certain films, and even movies as being great because of their artistic merits, but i haven't always been able to place what exactly makes them so good. i think taking english 5f has changed that because i've had to look at my own stories and other peoples' stories in a critical way.
  • english 5f is probably one of the most fun classes (poli sci 5 being another) i've taken in college.
  • i'm way behind in my movie quest, but the summer will offer many long nights to catch up.
  • got a new poll...one vote per person please.
  • my second story got workshopped today by our group of six. two out of the five others really really liked it. two others really liked it. the other seemed indifferent. the end is a bit weird and it helps if you have knowledge in a certain area of music. i won't give it away. at any rate the first and secon one are both up. the first is 'different like everyone else' and the second is 'revolution.' i don't think the teacher fully understood the second, but i still got a decent grade. best part of that class is - NO final, yip yip.
  • had 80 visitors last week...that's a shit load, a bitch load even.
  • weeding tomorrow. i love slave work. this country was founded on the work of slaves and chain gangs. i love america.
  • i want taxes to increase.
  • learned about the transition from a socialist economy to a privatist one...pretty crazy. it's no wonder russia is down in the dumps. learn me more about this if you can.
  • rat salad is an excellent song by black sabbath. check it out.
  • i'm a rich guy. i've decided that since i'm a rice, fruit and ham diet (all of which are really cheap or free) i'm going to buy important things like a new backpack. hey, it's better than CDs (at least to parental types).
  • i'm a math retard and a language loser. i guess that leaves art. oh i have no artistic abilities at all. i really wonder what i'm going to be doing in the long term.
  • march madness begins soon, but i'm completely out of the loop. it's zona, stanford, duke and someone else. other than that i don't know. all i remember are the glory days of ucla...they're slotted to make it i think. god i love those guys. oh and then there's the old LMU run with bo kimble (who was later drafted by the clippers  - oh what shitty luck they ALWAYS have had...they're the frucking raiders of basketball!)... right bo kimble and hank gathers who died on the court because of a heart condition. bo kimble shot his free throws in memory of hank with his left hand...boy was kimble on a fucking run! he rocked so much back then. that team made it to the elite 8 i think, it was crazy. everyone wanted them to win. the madness ended there. who cares who won.
  • then with ucla we won the national championship and i was in a fucking ymca youth and government meeting. it sucked. i missed them coming back with tyus edney's mad dash across the court in 4 seconds to win the game. the stuff dreams are made of!
  • there was a time when i was an athlete. fabrizo m. i forget how to spell his last name. he was this studly 6'2" italian running machine and he was on our track team. he rocked in the 2 mile. at any rate he wanted to run the 800m (a REAL man's race) and so coach latham (r.i.p.) let him. the second lap was the interesting part. he was in second, but just behind a jamacian runner from the other team (LA high). now LA high had an enrollment of something like 3500 students - no shit! but their track team was only like 20 people. it was sick. ours was 120. at any rate fabrizo puts on the moves on this 400/800m runner with about 300m to go. i was a freshman and thought fabrizo was the shit, so i naturally saw this as a good sign. now i look at it as gutsy at best. with about 250m to go fabrizo is 2m ahead. yee haw! i look to latham who is stone cold and i say/ask "he's gonna win, right?" he says "nope, that other guy is a 400 runner, he's gonna lose by at least 5 yards"... now latham may have been a runner for as long as i've been alive and a coach for even longer, but i know that there's no way that's going to happen so i say "i think he'll win." he says "i'll bet you a coke he doesn't"... "you're on"...with 125m to go the guy from LA high (i can still picture his face) pulls ahead without effort and dusts the italian running machine...the same guy who in practice would run 200m intervals in under 24...over and over and over. he lost by about 5m and i bought latham a coke.
  • old people who still have their head on straight are really dope. i dig them. i make it a point to listen to them too. because only now that i'm out of high school can i look back and realize all the things i didn't do that i should have. (going to prom isn't one of them). so for all you old people that read this crap tell me what i can avoid regretting. learn me something good.

  • 3-12-00 (20:42)

  • i can't remember the last time i listened to the radio.
  • fat essay due wednesday, did some research. it may be a long two days.
  • saw a really nice bug today. i think it was owned by the same girl i talked to outside of my bank.
  • that's a cool thing about davis...it's small enough to see strangers again without it being an out of the ordinary occurrence.
  • it's also small enough so that when you see city council meetings they're talking about things just down the street from you.
  • played basketball today, that was fun.
  • it was legitimately hot today.
  • spring break is rapidly approaching. should be fun. need to buy supplies.

  • 3-12-00 (00:34)

  • updated movies list.

  • 3-11-00 (01:47)

  • I've reached new lows in my life.
  • At eleven o'clock tonight I randomly picked names from the student directory and called people up. It was really fun, but it further proves the level of sadness my situation has gotten to. I would say something to the effect of "Hey this is Chris did you want to go out for a quick bite to eat?"...then they'd either ask who i was or just pretend to know me and say they're tired or something. then i'd say "remember Chris from English class, etc."...then they'd be completely perplexed and say i have no idea who you are or something to that effect. then i'd say "this is give name here right?" they'd say yes, then i'd say "hmmm, didn't you tell me to call you in english class yesterday?"...or something to that effect. they might say something like i don't take english or you must have the wrong number or something to that effect. then i'd say "hmmm, that's really bizarre. you must think i'm really weird or something. i'm really sorry, i guess i have the wrong number" then they'd either be silent or, if they are cool, say oh no - don't worry about it ha ha ha. then i'd say "well did you want to go out and get something to eat anyway?" then they'd either be really silent and i'd say "ha ha, just kidding don't worry about it, sorry bye." or they'd laugh and say no i'm fine. then i'd say "ha ha, okay, sorry about that again." the best one was the first one, but i didn't ask her out because i hadn't gotten it down yet.
  • the most interesting one was the last one which went something like this:

  • me "raquel?"
    her "yes"
    me "hey, it's chris. i was wondering if you wanted to grab a quick bite to eat."
    her silence "uhm, who is this?"
    me "it's chris. you know, from english class"
    her long pause "uh"
    me "trying to piece it together? chris. english class. you told me to call you tonight. i'm sorry if this is too late."
    her pause "uhm, hmmm."
    me "i'm sorry. you're raquel, right?"
    her "yea that's me. i'm sorry, i'm just trying to get oriented here. i'm raquel, but i don't think i know you"
    me "really?"
    her "describe me"
    me holy shit, what do i do now "uhm you're 5'7" with dark hair..." pause
    her "anything else?"
    me "i'm not really good at description"
    her "what length is my hair?"
    me "medium length, about to the shoulders"
    her "oh, that's not me" duh "i have really long hair"
    me "hmmm, this is 555-1515, right?"
    her "yes, and i'm raquel. which really isn't a..."
    me "yea it's not a common name, that's really weird"
    her laugh "no it's not common at all, that's strange. well good luck finding her"
    me "yea thanks. hey you wouldn't want to go out anyway would you?"
    her short pause and uncomfortable chuckle
    me "i'm just kidding, don't worry about it. well, sorry."
    her "yea, well i hope you find her"
    me "yea, thanks."
    her "well, give me a call if you find her or something to tell me how it works out."
    me laugh "okay, thanks, and sorry again. bye."
    her "bye"
  • i don't know anyone quite like me. this is probably because most people like me are in asylums of some kind.
  • i can't wait to get my e-mail this week from friends and the like "chris, you're a fucking freak"..."chris you sound lonely"...please spare me your opinions/constructive criticisms.
  • i'm in the playoffs for basketball now. yippee, my alternative life is getting so exciting.
  • didn't see empire of the sun. because i planned on watching it with the ever-busy jon.
  • maybe i should reverse the way i update my page. most recent at the bottom vs. at the top. what do you think?
  • tom morello is revolutionary.

  • 3-10-00 (22:34)

  • another friday come and gone.
  • might watch empire of the sun tonight.
  • might not.
  • it's hard to change the way you are if you are surrounded by the same people all the time and do the same things all the time. i should move somewhere.
  • e-mail is annoying. i can't remember the last time i got an e-mail that was cool. real mail is even worse because it's always either a bill or an advertisement. oh, and then i get shit for getting so much mail. besides the fruit i get in the mail from my grandmother all i get is bills or junk mail.
  • i have more reference books than anyone i know, but i feel like i don't know very much.
  • i can really see how people get so bored and fed up that they get drunk or high every weekend.

  • 3-9-00 (23:58)

  • updated movies list. makes it 53. behind schedule
  • show is tomorrow.
  • i sure have written a lot in the last 9 days.
  • paper worked out. i guess i should post it. i've written a shitload of papers. i just noticed this. updated the papers list.
  • megadeth is solid.
  • i think we should have the mentor - apprentice system again. i'd like a mentor. it's so much easier to learn stuff that way. internship just means slavery. apprentice means learn from me while doing the menial work. but that's just my skewed view.
  • i need to repair my backpack for real. every time i sew it up the hole opens up again, but wider. need to buy a fat patch and then do it that way.

  • 3-9-00 (13:05)

  • time to finish this sucker up. 2 hours at most.
  • Clinton is the bomb:

  • WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton rallied Democrats to support a
    higher minimum wage on Wednesday and vowed to veto a Republican plan
    that would delay the increase and link it to $122.7 billion in tax
    cuts. "If Republican leaders send me a bill that makes workers wait
    for another year for their full pay raise and holds the minimum wage
    hostage for risky tax cuts that threaten our prosperity, I'll veto
    it," said Clinton. "It is time to stop nickel and diming American
    working people out of the money that they need and deserve," the
    president said. The GOP wants to enact a $1 increase over three years
    and couple it with $122.7 billion in tax cuts - a move that
    resurrects portions of the Republicans' $792 billion tax cut package
    that Clinton vetoed last year.
  • reagan said - "they still won't believe us, but we are going to balance this budget by 1984" ...later he said "i did not come here to balance the budget - not at the expense of my tax-cutting and defense programs. if we can't do it in 1984, we'll have to do it later." go reagan the retard!
  • i'll be writing now.
  • winamp 2.61 is out - yippee.
  • 3-9-00 (02:34)
  • my server is sucking so much today. not letting me upload shit. it sucks.
  • we lit farts tonight.
  • i've started my paper. it's on what determines presidential greatness. to my surprise grant was not placed in the bottom five. - harrison, harding, pierce, johnson, and last was buchanan - he was the only bachelor....hmmmmm
  • i don't have mountain dew and the coke isn't hitting me yet. tired sucks.
  • i've got 14 hours before it's due anyway.
  • oh clinton was number 21 ...right in the middle. he'll move up later when the people put things in perspective. i mean he'll be surrounded by the bush retards, then he'll definitely move up. bush will cut taxes and our economy will go to hell then the historians will think better of clinton. bush jr. has been called "reaganesque"...this is a bad thing, esp. when he thinks we have a surplus. i can't wait to see the debt rise to over 8 trillion. it's only at 4.5 right now. but by the time bush is done it'll be up to 8 trillion, if we hire him for 8 years like we did reaganomics boy. here's a math question...you make 100 bucks a year and you spend 120 bucks a year...what should you do? lower your income (taxes) and increase spending was the answer reagan came up with. but hell, he was a really great guy and people trusted him. it's easy to trust someone who doesn't know your ass from a hole in the wall because even if he wanted to butt rape you he couldn't figure out how. so in the context (post watergate, vietnam, etc.) reagan was good.
  • i should write my damn paper.
  • "go" by moby is good.
  • reading over the week's material i've come to the conclusion that i should listen to myself a little more often.
  • my return key has started to stick once every 206 hits. or somewhere in that area. it's the oldest part of my computer. it's been with me since the beginning.

  • 3-8-00 (20:50)

  • random guy passed jon and i and said "what's up guys"...it was cold outside and he was eating ice cream. he was overweight and had a funny walk. not as funny as jon's gimpy limp, though. i said "hey what's up" both  parties continued in their opposite directions.
  • talked to the same chick in english class. that makes like 5 classes in a row now. i guess we're officially dating. next week i might propose. i'm sad for even taking the joke that far.
  • talked to another chick because she was coming out of my bank and had a bug. it was obviously an older model, but i asked what year. she said "uhm 74...it's kinda dirty right now, he he." she was cute. i walked closer and said "oh no, it looks real nice. about as nice as me in your pants." actually i said "oh no, it looks fine. mine has about three colors and i've never washed it. hey where do you get your work done? the reason i ask is because i'd like to find a reliable place before anything bad happens" she said "oh well my dad is a mechanic so i've never had to have it fixed." me - "oh wow, that must be really nice." her - smile "ha ha, yep...well good luck with yours" me - "oh so that wasn't enough foreplay for you? you know in my day we just clocked girls like you over the head and dragged them home." actually i said "oh yea thanks. bye."
  • amazingly enough those were the highlights of my day.
  • i have an 8 page paper due tomorrow, it should be fun. i have one page done. no research done, but uh well, i've got books on the presidency so i'll just use random info from those.
  • i'll probably end up posting my first story after the second draft is done, this is despite my better judgement not to.
  • gotta write.

  • 3-8-00 (04:26)

  • my story is getting really crazy now. i know people aren't going to like it. i don't care.
  • i'm done with the story and it certainly is wacko at the end. it's much better suited for film.
  • the end of my story was inspired by a beatles song.

  • 3-8-00 (02:55)

  • writer's block
  • if i ever had a kid i'd be disappointed if he weren't perfect and i'd be disappointed when i wasn't the perfect dad. i'm never having kids. same applies to girlfriends.
  • it's easy to be disappointed when you always expect perfection
  • the beastie boys are perfect. so is 'stairway to heaven', 'warning', 'to live is to die', 'in bloom', magnolia, boogie nights, pulp fiction, any joe montana era 49ers team, 'car thief', 'so what'cha want', et al.
  • "one of these days i'm going to get organizized"
  • i wonder how many followers i would have if i said i was jesus.
  • i think luke should have a mp3 on his site to download on a weekly basis.
  • the only reason i eat pig is because it has one stomach and eats its own shit. anything short of that and i don't eat it.
  • when i have money again i'll: goto more concerts, eat out at new places more, invest in the "pork - the other white meat" campaign, get a girlfriend buy her a diamond ring and then breakup, buy a shitload of cds, buy more vinyl (esp beatles), buy shit for friends, buy a new backpack, invest in something other than the "pork - the other white meat" campaign, pay off debt, buy a gangload (this is more than a shitload) of blank cds, buy dress shoes, take an auto class, take a bike maintenance class, buy a brain that can spell, work on my car, give 5 bucks to a hobo, buy a van and live in it for a year, buy some time, buy a clipboard, and buy all the answers.
  • 619 quality well-chosen mp3s

  • 3-7-00 (23:55)

  • story due tomorrow.
  • paper due the next day. tomorrow will be an all-nighter.
  • got 8.5 lbs of ham today. nice.
  • updated movies list.
  • got nothing to lose so i'm pissing on the third rail
  • if i ate spinach they'd call me spinach d
  • updated mp3 list. both the winamp generated one and the word version.
  • i assume everyone voted because if you didn't then i would spit on you after i tear your head from your neck. or something.
  • internet explorer can really suck it sometimes.
  • 3-7-00 (02:45)
  • updated movies list.
  • this email was mailed to all of my POL 106 class (about 200 people) from the teacher:

  • Dear Presidency Students,

    As I announced in class, those students who currently have three or more
    finals scheduled for Thursday, March 23, may take the final for POL 106 on

    Wednesday, March 22,
    10:30-12:30, Soc Sci 273.

    This is the conference room in the first floor of the political science
    department.  It can only accomodate a limited number of students, so
    if you don't have three finals scheduled for the 23rd, please take the
    final at the regular time slot on March 23, 1:30-3:30, Soc Sci 1100.
    (You may also, of course, take the final at the regular time even if you
    have three finals that day.)  And if you have a fourth final scheduled for
    alternative time slot, please see me and we'll try to work something out.

    Mark Brown

  • nothing out of the ordinary....this is what one student replied (also to the whole class):

  • How does this effect our plans for buttsex???
    The name of the person who has sent you this e-mail is :


    This person sends you their warmest holiday regards/greetings/wishes.
    If you would like a DELIZONE E-MAIL SIGNATURE to be added to your e-mails,
    visit us at http://www.delizone.com/ !!  Please take our famous survey!

  • one minute later another email was sent by the same student:

  • Sorry. My roommate was screwing around on my computer and wrote that. He
    didn't realize it was for school.
    The name of the person who has sent you this e-mail is :


    This person sends you their warmest holiday regards/greetings/wishes.
    If you would like a DELIZONE E-MAIL SIGNATURE to be added to your e-mails,
    visit us at http://www.delizone.com/ !!  Please take our famous survey!

  • funny thing is that on the first day of class someone asked "will there be any section in this class?" and the teacher replied "no there will not be any sex in this class"...say it out loud if you don't get it.
  • today was more fun that usual.
  • got a haircut. talked to a girl. went four wheeling. stole a 'yes on 22' poster and melted it.
  • checked the results of the poll so far and i'm damn surprised. first there are 15 votes already, which includes one by me. second you people are more liberal than i thought. i'm down. only one person voted to do nothing.
  • this is pretty cool. what's really interesting about that is the fact that the people under 18 gave it the highest scores. weird. maybe there is hope for the younger generation?!
  • i like how woody allen uses the camera when to people are facing each other and talking....the sweeping...i like it more than cuts...in most cases.
  • tired.

  • 3-5-00 (21:20)

  • commercial radio ruins music. it cheapens music by playing the 'hits' several times a day. it makes the music industry even more vicious. it makes good songs 'played out.' commercial radio is over-produced. one reason howard stern is such a success is because he's raw and unproduced. people like it when the DJs screw up a little. people like hearing new stuff, as long as it's good. there is plenty of good stuff out there. so why major stations are on a rotation of a few hundred songs is beyond me. listen to one station 24 hrs in a row and you'll hear the same songs over and over. it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. play a good song once every other day - AT MOST. if i hear a great song a few times on the radio then i want to buy the album, but if i hear it everyday then there is no reason for me to buy the album...and if you play it enough i won't want to listen to it anymore. commercial radio makes it HARDER to sell albums for most artists. commercial radio makes music cheap. if you listen to KDVS for one week straight you probably will have only a few songs repeated a few times. you won't hear "baby one more time" 6 times a day. in fact you won't hear it at all because britney spears is a produced piece of garbage.
  • in commercial radio the biggest staff person is the producer...if that doesn't say something i don't know what does. there should be a general manager to make sure things run smoothly and a music director to make sure plenty of music comes through the station...other than that and a few other smaller directors (publicity, sponsorship, etc.) there should just be a bunch of DJs. DJs make the station, not the producer. in commercial radio a producer tells the DJs what to play, the producer oversees everything, the producer deciphers the latest demographics and ratings charts. all that is bullshit, it's should be about the music. playing lots of good music. playing a variety of music. playing local music. commercial radio is too packaged, too prepared, too gift wrapped, nicely arranged according to what the demographics show YOU will like. we know what you like because our computers say this is what you like. you are, after all, just a white male between the ages of 18-22. therefore we know you'll like the new korn and powerman 5000 albums. so we'll shove them down your throat. in between songs you've heard 5 times today we'll play commercials of a man yelling like he's on PCP about the new monster truck rally in town. he'll get you so excited you'll pick up your cell phone and buy tickets.
  • fuck commercial radio. i urge you all to stop listening to it. listen to the local public classical radio station. not only will you find inner peace, you'll be raging against the machine.
  • i worked for roberta today - pulling weeds. very hard. $25 bucks richer though. i'm going to buy me some new nikes! or not.
  • vote march 7th.
  • sometimes i'll look back at the past in awe. how could we ever consider blacks and women second class citizens? i'm glad we're so enlightened now. we've come so far. vote yes on 22.
  • if you don't sense the sarcasm or even know what prop 22 is then you need to live in china.
  • it's been 3 months and i still have no job. sad.
  • here's something i kinda changed my mind about lately - kid has exceptional basketball, baseball, football, etc. talent in high school. gets an offer to get a free ride in college. however he can't get an 800 on the SAT. therefore he can't accept the scholarship. i used to think 'hey if he can't get an 800 on the freaking SAT then he's too retarded to go to college.' the SAT is a retarded test and i feel that anyone should be able to get an 800. however i also feel that anyone should be able to get married to whomever they want...but alas most of the states in this fair nation do not agree...back to the subject. if someone gets the opportunity to goto college then they should be able to...regardless of their SAT score.
  • what makes the current system of standards any better than one based on physical ability. say athletes ruled the world and made their own Standardized Athleticism Test...if you couldn't high jump over 4' and run the mile in under 8 mins then you couldn't go to college. i hear voices round the world yelling in protest "that's ridiculous!"...i'm not saying one is better than the other - i think they're both retarded. my point is we shouldn't require that kids with great athletic talent also have a score on a culturally biased and outdated test. fuck the SAT. fuck the ACT. everyone should get a college education. some of the best athletes in the country are on the streets robbing people because their one passion, the one thing they were great at was taken away because they couldn't pass a test. it's bad for them and it's bad for society. it's a good thing Einstein didn't have to run a mile in under 8 mins and it's a good thing Jordan was able to pass that stupid test. rather than making more hurdles and hoops for people to jump over and through, we should be making it easier for people to excel at whatever it is they're good at.
  • i'm not saying we should give people spots in college, but if duke university wants to pay for someone's education - fucking let them.
  • people should watch one movie every week. there's always time. i can't think of many ways to better spend three hours than to watch magnolia or hoop dreams or the like.
  • i wish i knew how to love.
  • i need to write my story by tomorrow.
  • i need to write a 8 page paper by thursday.
  • i shall start.

  • Vern and Me...those shirts kick ass.
    3-4-00 (22:45)
  • updated movies list.
  • it's amazing how screwed this world is. but what churchill said about democracy i must say about capitalism - it's the best system except for all the others.
  • what's really sad is that some might see a film like hoop dreams or taxi driver or american beauty or the like and not be the least bit moved by the themes. they'll just think the characters are interesting or the plot was good then take nothing lasting from the movie. to watch great films like that and not learn anything, for your outlook to not be changed at all, is very sad. it's like reading an autobiography of someone like MLK or ghandi or malcolm x without taking anything from it. not a lesson learned, nothing. sad sad sad.
  • what the country needs, i think, is to have confidence in each other again. in the 50s and early 60s people felt like government could be used to make a change. political efficacy was at a high. now people don't feel like they can make a difference and so they don't vote, don't participate, etc. i think this is bad. people's political psychology needs to be changed. that's the first step. a good education system should do this...which is of course my major gripe..."The foundation of any state is the education of its youth"...in more ways than one.
  • so what are you doing to change all this? i love this question. if i ask my roommates what they're doing to change the world they'd all have a fairly small list, if any. does this make my doing only a few things okay? of course not. if they all do 1 thing each to change the problems then is my doing 2 things good enough? probably not, but of course it sure makes me feel better. it's like asking your classmate whether they've started studying for the test yet. when they say no then you feel better about your having not started either. the point is - set standards for yourself, otherwise your success and accomplishments become contingent upon the relative success of others. political betterment is one area where things should not be seen as being 'relative.' in sports you can get away with it, in academics you can get away with it, but when it comes to political structure or politics in general, nothing should be held as relative. if it is then we can rest assured because at least our ghettos aren't as bad as those in south and central america.
  • my point? set expectations for yourself. if you're fine with just voting once a year or so, then do that - it's the LEAST you can do. if you decide to give 50 percent of your income to CCC, AFL-CIO, the green party, or whatever other organization you feel is doing something positive, then go ahead; it's a far more lofty goal than me, but all the more power to you. if you want to start a local chapter of students for a free tibet, or start a beach cleaning group, go right ahead, we need more people like you. if you want to suggest a bunch of ideas for change or get people thinking politically on your gay ass webpage, go right ahead - that's a good cause too. but don't ever feel like you're doing enough just because the christians next door don't take time out of their prayer to vote.
  • 3-3-00 (22:02)
  • got a bike ticket today, just what my wallet needed. had a nice lengthy talk with the cop though. asked him how i could become a bike cop. how many people he tickets a day, etc. it was the best ticket getting experience of my life. he said only four people have tried to outrun him and none have gotten away. vern and i would have been the first two, but we decided not to. he said he'd listen to our show too, so worst case scenario we got a new listener.
  • led zeppelin rocks.
  • riders on a storm by the doors was used in a good sequence in basketball diaries
  • updated movies list.
  • fried rice today.
  • went to market in woodland because i had an old gift certificate from there...good prices and now i have tp, soap, and food.
  • woke up at 9am today and went shopping and got some temp agencies to do some work for me. probably won't turn into a real job, but...
  • forecast for the week looks partly cloudy = good change. today was LA weather...it was actually warm in woodland.
  • updated archives, obviously.
  • some small changes to the site. random quotes are on the sidebar, poll (which i'll update periodically) is above, sponsor is just text again, and that's about it for that.
  • i have flashes of brilliance in hearts...this is one of them.
  • 3-2-00 (00:50)
  • talked to a chick in the grocery store today with phil. she was all over us, but a bit old for our tastes so...
  • updated movies list. i want to be bond.
  • fried rice again.
  • nothing interesting.
  • 3-1-00 (00:55)
  • updated movies list.
  • phil and i did nothing really interesting today. we're trying to find chicks, but it's not really happening.
  • bowling alley has league play on monday and tuesday, who would know.
  • had really good fried rice...could supplant my breakfast burrito gig.

  • that's all.