March Archive


  • one more final to fail, two down.
  • johnny is visiting...he's one of the easiest guys who i know to talk with.
  • it's 3am, i've been up since 7 and had about 5 meals, 4 hrs of work, 2 hrs of finals, 1 hour of hardcore sex and 3 hours of repenting.
  • night

  • 3-18-99

  • added gay shit to the very bottom of the page...we'll see if it helps.
  • long day: kdvs from 2-4, sleep 5-9, 9-9:02 talk with mom, 9:02-9:03 talk with boss...there IS work today. 10-12 cover for shirley at work, 12-1 kdvs lobby staffing, 1-2 attempt to make cart for kdvs, 2-2:01 give up and feel dumb, 2:02 get over it, 2:03-2:25 study, 2:26-2:45 sleep, 2:46 wake up to annoying asian couple being loud...what else is new?, 3:00-5 work yes more! 5-6 in library read some book on race manners...kinda interesting also look over notes. 6-7:45 review session for macroecon. 7:45-8:00 slow ride home. 8-8:15 settle down and choose music, 8:15-11:46 eat, talk, study, study, study.
  • tomorrow, somewhat better: wake up, study, eat. listen to paul's boutique (penultimate CD on the list) Check Your Head be the last. 1:30-3:30 microecon final, 3:30-5:30 macro review session #2, 5:45 eat and listen to Check your head. study study study.
  • saturday final 8-10 (macroecon) work 10-2, it'll suck.
  • mon. work 1-4
  • tuesday final from 1.5-3.5. 6p leave 4 home
  • latin is dumb.
  • tis all.

  • 3-15-99

  • work was gay, but then again when isn't it.
  • feature site for the meanwhile is this bitch's site, don't worry, she is a self-proclaimed bitch...warning she says some REALLY politically incorrect things...I don't agree with some I do with others, but this is a cool way of giving opinions without having to take the responsibility for having said them. =Þ
  • i updated the feature page...nothing new, but i wanted to have it on the feature page since i don't use it enough.
  • finals coming up...macro should be my biggest problem. latin could be the shocker though...the tests have been getting harder and harder and the final is a big part of the grade. i'll need to study for that.
  • that's all

  • 3-13-99

  • updated cd list...look at it?
  • almost done listening to all my cds through, every song...jeez
  • weekends are boring.

  • 3-13-99

  • everyone and their left nut has decided to go skiing tomorrow.
  • the show was bad. technically we screwed up too much, some dead air, songs going on the air while another was playing etc. it wasn't horrible, but it was our worst ever and it came at the worst time.
  • there isn't much to do on the internet.
  • balancing my checkbook is my favorite activity.
  • i get too much crap e-mail, i get too many crap phone calls, i get too much crap mail.
  • a poem by cdawg:

  • I am skinny
    I am not strong
    I am pessimistic
    I am lacking a girl friend
    I am not very studious
    I am no longer vulnerable
  • gay

  • 3-12-99
    ben lee is good, we played him on kdvs. ship my body home is a good song, check it out at the grandroyal radio. here is the playlist, this is only what they have played recently, and what they are currently playing, so check out the fucking link below so you can listen to it. it's good offbeat music.
    oh yea, FYI: propellerheads is signed with grandroyal, that's cool. take california.
    almost forgot: is a good site. backup your bookmarks there...also make them public there...i'm working on that. in the meantime check out my (cdawg) bookmarks here
    easier than i thought. here are my bookmarks using their system: gaymarks

    3-12-99 1am

  • macro quiz, technically today, will be a drag...macro is getting really hard, at the worst time.
  • from 8-10, yes premium time...vern and i will be on air here
  • we are filling in since the sports program is over for the quarter.
  • latin quiz will be the basic pain. except more so since there is sure to be recap of the pluperfect, perfect, fut. perfect, passive pluperfect, gay gay gay...and so on.
  • is 'nother' a word? well then why do we say 'that's a whole nother story'?
  • infix.
  • winamp should be out soon. good.
  • beastie boys have anounced their make-up dates
  • rage against the machine seemingly will never release their album....jeesh
  • kdvs has learned me much about non-popular music, namely that there is some good shit out just need to look hard...i don't like looking very hard.
  • coyotemen, causey way, and cindy blackman are the best non-popular bands/artists that i've found at kdvs.
  • i don't owe anymore money to the big bad credit card companies.
  • 'leroy' called today offering a great new deal for discover card customers...lame
  • some other chick called just a few days ago with the same offer, for the first 30 seconds i listened then when she asked a question i told her (as i was playing madden 99) that i had just dropped a pass and she should call back never. she said okay, i hung up.
  • telemarketers are the lowest scum on the face of the planet.
  • grandroyal is good. they now have a 24hr shoutcast
  • it's prety good. it's nothing completely new, but it is one of the first commercial labels to do that. of course they have that at hip-hop of course. and chuck d is working on it...he also released public enemy's swindler's lust on mp3 on the webpage. it's a cool track., i believe.
  • hip hop is ahead of other genres. but they have more losers than any other genres, except the obvious country gays.
  • long update, mostly crap, no one cares.

  • 3-7-99

  • beastie boys rock
  • been talking with this guy over icq...he has his own beastie boys site (the beastie shrine) he knows practically everything about them...he has basically everything they have ever done, and he's even hooked me up with a couple mp3s. even better he lives in sac.
  • i'm not sick anymore...24 hour piece of shit i guess.
  • x-files was okay.
  • nothing much to report
  • mp3 lists have been updated...

  • 3-5-99

  • 190 visitors last month, that's 13 more than the month before, and it was a short month.
  • i'm sick, it sucks, hopefully i can get someone to cover for me at work.
  • took latin quiz today in a hazy state due to my cold. it sucked, but we can drop one grade so it should be okay.
  • my microecon midterm was eh, i got a C+, 4 points over the mean.
  • black sabbath is a good band
  • i've gotten 7 hits from the netherlands...don't know why, but that is the highest number of hits from another country, canada is in second with 6. probably people from icq.
  • put a counter on campuscinema site...holy shit...they get a lot more visitors than i thought, it's up to 629 and the counter was only on for a few weeks...jeesh.
  • it's gotten weird hits from the us military, italy, singapore, canada and others...the us military one was a bit of a surprise.
  • the distribution of hits i really funny too, most of my hits come between 10-11 pm most of the campus cinema hits come between 3-4pm.
  • enough of boring crap
  • students kick ass. students are some the smartest coolest people around, they are also some of the dumbest, but students are still cool in my book.
  • click on my sponsor.
  • i'm sick.
  • bye

  • 3/1/99

  • that microecon quiz after the curve was no longer a C it is now a B-. good.
  • latin is not so good - i don't like learning new languages, whether they be with numbers or letters....that's why math and foreign languages suck for me.
  • campus cinema page is going well i don't spend much time on it, but it is better than before, and now it has frames and a few added features and hopefully i'll figure out, or get help on, forms. if you know how to do them using html or java, tell me.
  • i'm going to go do my latin hw on relative clauses.

  • updated mp3 page, but not list, yet.