5-31-00 (08:42)
  • well it's all done, printed out and all. shit that was a little bit of a bitch.
  • i should study for my midterm now.
  • i have work/class until 11pm tonight.
  • i have a 10-12 page paper due tomorrow. i love being a student.
  • in total (appendices and title page) the paper was 20 pages. the meat of it was 16 full pages. that be the longest crap i done taken since that bbq back in 96. i don't know what i'm talking about.

  • 5-31-00 (05:43)

  • i'm more than half way through and coming along easily. i've wasted lots of time by doing nothing in particular. i've got about 5 hours so maybe i should just finish this shit up.
  • why don't you vote?
  • why do you vote?
  • uh, check out my poll in case you haven't already.

  • 5-31-00 (02:51)

  • i'm about 5 pages through this piece o' shit and on my last guns and roses CD.
  • i wonder what my life and the world will be like when i'm 60.
  • i'm all about working under pressure.
  • i'm all about not proof reading my papers.
  • i'm all about eating more chocolate tonight than i should have.
  • i'm all about moving pink floyd ahead of ELO.
  • i'm all about getting more pink floyd and them moving them ahead of the stones, STP, deep purple, the doors, ac/dc, and CCR. it could happen.
  • i'm all about updating my wish list.
  • i'm all about coors commercials that have almost nothing to do with beer.
  • i'm all about coors commercials that talk about "the catch" (joe montana to dwight clark).
  • i'm all about telling you what "the catch" is if you don't already know.
  • i'm all about ridiculing your ignorance before i tell you about "the catch"

  • 5-30-00 (22:56)

  • haven't started the paper yet, but i think i'm done writing the questionnaire and tabulating the results thereof.
  • jon just discovered that the paper was due tomorrow, i wonder what he was thinking. it's all good though because he's got 17 hours to write it up. i, however, have 12 because i need to attend all my classes 1) because of a group project in the first class which counts toward our paper grade and 2) because there is a midterm in my second class. thus i must be done by 11am.
  • it's guns and roses all night. last week it was led zeppelin all night. after i'm done with guns and roses, which will happen in another 2.5 hours or so, i'll have to move onto black sabbath or nirvana, not sure which yet.
  • so that water balloon launcher that hasn't come yet didn't come because i didn't put in a mailing address when ordering it. this was the first time i had any problem with buying something online and it was my fault.
  • oh, i called my bank and asked for contact information for the charge to the water balloon company and this guy gave me the run around about needing more information than i was giving him...i told him i needed the phone number of the company that billed my account...he said he needed to know how much the transaction was for and when it was, i told him it was about 3 weeks ago for around 25 bucks. without looking it up he said "i'm going to need more information than that" i told him that the exact charge was 24.95, then he said that he wasn't getting anything coming up for that amount...the whole time he was a real asshole. so i asked for his manager. i told the manager the same thing "24.95 about 3 weeks ago" then he said he had a phone number for the company and he gave it to me. what the fuck was that other guy's problem? he was being a dick for the sake of being a dick.
  • i hate the lakers with a passion. the officiating staff was horrible - they made three really bad calls, two late in the game. the blazers still won. i really hope they win the series, but i doubt they will. i have always had a distinct dislike for scottie pippen. this changed when he came to portland. here is his chance to prove to me that he's a solid, clutch player who can shine in the clutch. he showed it today, but he'll have to do it again in game 6.
  • if we got abc i'd watch the NHL finals...dallas versus new jersey, should be fun stuff. i haven't watched hockey in a long time.
  • i have plenty of mountain dew.

  • 5-30-00 (17:25)

  • watch the basketball game or start working on my 15 page paper? i think we know the answer to that.
  • Time

  • "ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    you fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
    kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
    waiting for someone or something to show you the way
    tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
    you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
    and then one day you find ten years have got behind you
    no on told you when to run, you missed the starting gun
    and you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking
    and racing around to come up behind you again
    the sun is the same in the relative way, but you're older
    shorter of breath and one day closer to death
    every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
    plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
    hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
    the time is gone the song is over, thought i'd something more to say"
    -Pink Floyd (Roger Waters)

    5-30-00 (11:25)

  • got a haircut the other day, from vern...i saved myself 11 bucks.
  • paint training was yesterday. would have earned about 50 bucks after taxes had it been a job. this summer should be interesting.
  • i have quite a day ahead of me...15 page paper is due tomorrow i also have a midterm tomorrow. then there is a 10 page paper due on thursday. the next two days will be fun.
  • i'm going to update my wish list soon.
  • i have work soon.

  • 5-29-00 (03:45)

  • reasons sundays suck:

  • everything is closed.
    nothing to do.
    church goers dominate the landscape.
    no mail.
    no class.
    no work.
  • i think i like the week more than the weekend, i really do.
  • just got back from a late night movie thanks to steve...he opened up the theater after hours and had another free showing.
  • updated movie list.
  • going to paint training in a few hours. i'm going to be tired.
  • if i had unlimited money i'd get some fillings for my teeth and get my car in good working shape. i don't have money though.
  • called my dad he never called back. happy birthday.
  • fuck the lakers.
  • one email today. white.
  • it's too late to worry about anything but sleep.

  • 5-28-00 (01:27)

  • i just realized (thanks to my mom's reminder) that tomorrow is my dad's birthday.
  • updated movie list.
  • yea today was officially boring.
  • pink floyd is moving up in my book. the wall is great, it bears repeating.
  • had like three dinners today from 6pm-11:30pm. that's a bad way to eat i think. i've got lots of food. had artichoke, breakfast burritos, pasta, and sausage today along with a smoothie. tomorrow i'll only have one dinner. maybe i should wake up in time for lunch. i probably will because the game is on.
  • it's a good thing that the one channel we get is nbc which carries the basketball games, if not i might blow up the world or something stupid.
  • i'm going to sleep. it's two thirty.

  • 5-27-00 (22:19)

  • this day has been really very boring. it seems everyone has a life but me. even work was boring. basketball was so so.
  • watched one movie there is another playing but i'm not watching.
  • i should start my papers today and get them over with. ha.
  • i'll just watch the fucking movie, shit what a cop out.

  • 5-27-00 (02:30)

  • i was just talking about religion the other day and today i watched dogma which talked about religion a lot.
  • updated movie list.
  • saw portland lose a 14 point lead. that was sad shit.
  • played some basketball today which was fun.
  • the show was run of the mill.
  • i've got work tomorrow which kinda sucks because i wanted to sleep all day.
  • i don't do very much while i'm on the computer. i'm not on the computer very much either.
  • i don't like elitism. i am a part of it...say when it comes to music i sort of am (to a much lesser degree than most kdviates), i am sometimes with food, but my point is that thinking you are better than someone because of your standards isn't good. on the same note i'd like to say that anyone who thinks that britney spears has real musical talent should have something bad done to them. ahhh yes, the duality of man. contradictory chris. the ubiquitous inner battle.
  • hard to believe i spelled ubiquitous right on the first try.
  • i want a girlfriend to love and hold. oh wait, nevermind i'd rather not feel bad for going out with the guys, get jealous when some other guy starts hitting on her, or get dumped again. calvin klein - contradiction.
  • i'm hungry, but it's late and i'm tired.
  • i should eat breakfast and lunch rather than two late dinners. i don't really have time in the morning though. i don't make time, that is.
  • i don't think life is a science, but i wish it was more predictable and consistent like science. i'd like to know what breakfast has historically made my days the best. in sports they have all these funky stats - when glen rice gets more than 6 points in the first 3 mins, ate pancakes for breakfast, and is playing on the home court his team wins 90% of its games. if it were like that then i could find out what things i should be doing each day to get the best chance at life happiness and alignment with god. or something.
  • problem with most webpages out there is the lack of updating.
  • i'm tired.

  • 5-26-00 (00:48)

  • i just watched a movie for 2hours and 9mins...it was the fastest 129mins in my life. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is the cool hand luke of mental hospitals...great.
  • updated movie list.
  • everyone's gone, that's rare for a thursday night...at least in this house it is. jon is with some friends and i have no clue where the other jokers went.
  • i'll have pictures from the trip up in no time...johnny is scanning them right now for me. go johnny.
  • i think it's cool that jon doesn't drink anymore.
  • there seems to be a christian movement on campus. this week is officially "jesus week"...how such a thing happens i don't know. i really (i'm serious) want a satan week if they're going to have a jesus week. sure jesus was a nice guy and supposedly a martyr, but satan stood up for his beliefs...individuality...he didn't submit to god, i think satan is pretty bomb ass for not rolling over and taking it in the rear from god. to me satan doesn't represent pure evil he just represents individuality and not feeling guilty for fucking up. Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest felt guilty for something and if you've seen the movie you know the outcome of that. fuck jesus week.
  • oh then there's the "i agree with jessica" craze. these people on campus are wearing these eye-sore shirts (neon green) that say "I Agree With Jessica" on the front. in the aggie the story behind the shirts is this: Jessica ?Smith? is a christian and is happy that she is, so happy that she's making some speech about why she's christian...pretty fucking ridiculous if you ask me. so i was walking with a friend of mine and we saw some happy looking person wearing one of these shirts and he asked "oh where did you get that shirt"..."he he, i got it on the quad =)"..."oh, are they handing them out?"..."he ha he, well, yea they cost seven bucks"..."that's a rip off" turns his back and walks away, i do the same while still in disbelief...then i burst out in laughter. so i know i shouldn't be such an ass, but good lord it was funny and she was so cliche that it couldn't have been scripted better.
  • i'll get off that topic. apparently we have a girl on our track team who runs the 800m in 2:09...about .5 sec slower than our school record. she's third in the nation too. what gets me about this is that i ran a 2:12 senior year and that was when i barely trained...i made up partially for not working out by almost throwing up after every race because i pushed myself so hard, but it's still surprising. i thought for sure our school record would have been better than that.
  • i just looked on a few sites and discovered that the women's 800m times for most colleges, even division I schools, aren't much better than 2:09...this really surprises me, i'm used to having my times be worse than college women by more than just 3 seconds. damn if i had joined track as a woman i would have won the division II national title no problem. 3 seconds improvement could have happened within the first year. i'd be the freshman phenom. of course if i ran as a male then i'd get my ass pretty throughly rocked. if i ran track i'd probably be running the 3000m anyway...not enough speed for the shorter ones, not in college anyway. damn i really miss track. so many memories. i loved just swooping on fools in that last 150-200m, just taking them down. things were good junior year. then some bitch asked me if i wanted to be her boyfriend and my track coach left. both fucking sucked.
  • i need to start running again. i solves lots of problems.
  • i want a sticker that says "question authority"
  • i'm going to run now.

  • 5-25-00 (17:26)

  • so i'm at home listening to pink floyd's dark side of the moon when i got this credit card bill in the mail and i've never even used the card so i called the fuckers up and this guy answers. i tell him the situation and he says he'll look me up in the computer. then he says 'i hear some dark side of the moon there, right?' i say yes and he says that he was just listening to it last night. i say that's a weird coincidence because so was i, as i went to sleep. the world is funny.
  • tired still.
  • i had mashed potatoes and sausage last night, it was good. first time i've made mashed potatoes by myself. with a few exceptions most of the people i know can't really cook for shit. my mom did a pretty decent job of learning me about that stuff.
  • i think i'll make a sandwich now.
  • sandwich is done. just signed up for classes. it's cold inside. i want to play basketball.
  • didn't get the kdvs job...the chicks did.
  • This is the rest stop where we got our ride back home from.
    "X" is where I asked Katie for a ride. The arrow marks where we were walking from.

    5-25-00 (01:07)

  • today's long day is just about over. it was even cooler outside today and thus the a/c was only on for 12 hours. discomfort builds character.
  • paper is finished, outline is finished, next tuesday/wednesday nights should be extremely white.
  • i slept on the grass outside of class today for about 40 minutes, man that was nice. i was so tired i was able to do it, but it was damn nice.
  • work was fun for the last half or so. today was pretty long, but not too shabby. got paid so that's good.
  • i want to sleep outside a few nights just because. i'm going to sleep now.

  • 5-24-00 (09:28)

  • done. tired. hungry.
  • i should do my group outline now.
  • did it...what's really gay is when you start running out of everything at once. laundry detergent, shaving cream, printer paper, stamps, sanity...i bought 100 stamps the other day.
  • i think the united states postal service kicks ass.

  • 5-24-00 (04:45)

  • i'm tired. i'm done with two pages. i have an outline due tomorrow in another one of her stupid classes. damn i hate this teacher.
  • i have work tomorrow until 11pm...i'm going to be dying.
  • the sun rises soon enough.

  • 5-24-00 (03:40)

  • "in the light" is an awesome song.
  • "bron-yr-aur"...acoustic tour de force.
  • we had an election today. well it was really just a vote on a bond measure...for schools...i voted, of course. and i voted yes, of course. i asked the people who were working at the ballot location how many people they had...7...pretty damn fucking sad, it was 5pm. fuck you for not voting. you're over it.

  • 5-24-00 (02:03)

  • i should start. ha.
  • at any rate, led zeppelin is so godfucking good it's impossible to express it using language. just imagine listening to beethoven's 9th...the power, the beauty, a mere mortal produced, arranged, conducted, and wrote the whole thing. led zeppelin is the same way. four guys who did what they did best and they made it all work together. they did it in an industry that eats people up and spits them out in a matter of a year. they did it for 10 years...and what stopped them? john bonham died in 1979, that's what. it's like what stopped the real iron man's (lou gehrig) streak? he got lou gehrig's disease, no joke. the beatles were great, don't get me wrong. fuck the stones, ccr, the who, were all great bands, but led zeppelin...well led zeppelin is just led zeppelin.
  • scott explained to me a bit on how to count music...i think i actually understand a bit of it...as long as it's 4/4 i can count it. some good that does, but it's kinda cool to know how to do it.
  • i should start this paper.

  • 5-23-00 (23:51)

  • living in davis gets me 24 more minutes of sunshine in my day...the sun sets at 8:18 here and 7:54 in los angeles. i think that's cool.
  • it's a lot easier to make yourself happy by making others happy first. it's too much work to get really good at something in order to boost your own self-esteem. buying stuff for yourself usually doesn't have the desired effect. so, i've concluded that it's a lot easier to just make others happy thereby making you happy. making people laugh is always nice.
  • i talked to the guy who lives in his van today...i saw him at kdvs. he's dope. we talked about the van and how i was thinking of doing the same thing, we talked about the hitchhiking trip and he said he wanted to do that, and we talked about music a bit.
  • spring in davis lasted 2 weeks...it seems.

  • 5-23-00 (22:54)

  • i've got 13 hours to write 10 pages...hmmm. i should get to it then.
  • played basketball today and that rocked. some people still don't know my name, but i'll keep having to step up my play until they do. i've noticed that a lot of them watch people play rather than moving without the ball...that's the biggest thing, i think, that separates the recreational baller from the competitive one. i think i'm actually getting to the point where i'm not afraid of having the ball. it used to be that if i had the ball all i would think about was my missing a shot if i took it or throwing the ball to the wrong person or getting it stolen if i tried to dribble.
  • we had a bit of a tournament today in basketball. we split up into 4 teams of 4 and then played two games. vern and i were on the same team with another good player and one really tall guy who was basically our rebounder. we clicked really well and won all our games, it was good to be on a winning team.
  • this paper is white, gay, dumb and stupid.
  • had my last day of bike class.
  • this quarter has gone by relatively quickly, so far. next week will be interesting.
  • according to precedent i should get action within the next week and a half.
  • led zeppelin will be my soundtrack to this paper...from led zeppelin I to in through the out door...in chronological order. i should start now.
  • Disneyland in all its glorious whiteness
    5-22-00 (23:19)
  • someone breaks their finger...is this a horrible thing, a mildly bad thing or no big deal at all? i think it matters HOW the person broke their finger. life is interesting like that. if i broke my finger while helping out some asshole who still thinks i'm his friend move then it would suck and just add (in this case) injury to insult. but if i broke my finger while having wild sex with some hot french model then i would probably reduce it to a testament to my pimping style. in both cases the end result is the same, but with distinctly different feelings towards the injury. read "how to want what you have."
  • the GM at the station called and is giving me an interview for the asst. publicity director position. vern got the call too. this is despite my turning in a last second application. in fact i turned in one for vern too, thinking that he hadn't turned one it....we thought the deadline was friday and then (on thursday) both realized it was due that day. having left our cellphones at home we had no way to contact each other so he turned in one for himself and emailed me to do the same. i turned one in for me and then another for him. i'm sure it looked odd to see two for vern being turned in. such is life.
  • i got so much done on my paper. wait nevermind i watched a movie.
  • there's a kenwood car cd receiver/radio that can decode mp3 files...so you can burn a cd with mp3 files on it and it'll play the files. that means up to 10 hours worth of music on one cd...being played in your car. nice shit.
  • our TV sucks big time...we get one channel. the lakers game wasn't televised up here i guess. it's quite white because i really wanted to see portland kick their ass. maybe i shouldn't say that since i have no idea who won yet.
  • the high for today was 99 degrees, most of the day it was in the mid-90s. crazy shit.
  • if you're in santa cruz you can probably look for it to be in the mid 80s tomorrow.
  • more pictures from the trip, and otherwise, to come, but for now - feast your eyes on this one...once i get the pictures from the trip...including vern's pictures...scanned i'll make a page dedicated to the trip.
  • webpages are great to document your memories. better than journals...well easier anyway.
  • here's the kicker! right along that bend is where the train wreck happened. the box represents our position when the train stopped. the rest of the train stretched a long way south along the track. but the actual break in the link happened just about 6 cars ahead of us at the leftmost part of the bend in the rail. the "X" marks approx. where we hiked to after i saw the conductor approaching. you can see why vern didn't want to run across the highway - there's a blind spot either way you look so you can't see if a highway patrolman is coming. 1 mile north of here is Lamoine - if you remember, it's the town where we first went, but it had no services. from there we hiked south about 6 miles along the 5 until we reached a rest stop. this photo was taken in 1994. you can see the river, the rail, and the highway...you can imagine (until i get the pictures posted) what the actual scene looked like. whoop whoop.
    5-22-00 (18:17)
  • so i have a massive paper due on wednesday i should probably start the groundwork today.
  • skipped my first class. i feel so guilty. i suck. i'm over it.
  • i went to the official california webpage and saw some cool stuff. the best thing i saw in my brief stay there was the small business financing plan they had setup. there are a lot of resources out there for people if they just know where to look. knowing where to look it the problem.
  • i put up a really nice little picture which has much significance in my hitchhiking trip...check that out. more to come.
  • there's this guy who i see fairly often at the library when i'm working there. we chit chat once in a while as i check out books to him. the other day i saw he made a skateboard out of two skis. pretty cool idea and very similiar to the idea vern, johnny, luke and i had when we made verns' old skis into a sled that fit four people. i thought that was pretty cool. then i read the paper today and see an article about a guy who stole my idea to live in a van while going to school. damn bastard! well it turns out that he's the same guy. next time i see him at work i'm going to talk with him about it. this guy is officially the coolest person in davis and really needs to be our friend.
  • i'm going to finally change the poll.
  • i like to have my room be a messy sometimes because when i'm bored or feeling like my life is out of order it gives me something good to do.
  • i'm going to go pretend to work now.
  • This is just north of Dunsmuir. Highway 5 runs right through this picture and you can kind of see the Sacramento River running alongside the train tracks, which as fate would have it, actually have a train on them. We (vern and i) were dropped off inside that box i've made. This is where the cop told us getting out of Dunsmuir via hitchhiking is very unlikely. As you can see the train tracks run right by where we were. We ran down that there hill and jumped into one of the stopped trains...the rest is history.
    5-22-00 (01:40)
  • marina's bbq was today and lasted a lot longer than i thought, but it was cool.
  • got to see the knicks beat the heat. if you would have asked me at the beginning of the series i would have said the heat would win in 7 games, i was wrong.
  • oh gas prices have gone down like i thought they would, but it took a little longer than i thought.
  • my dad's a crazy guy, i've realized this after thinking about all the crazy stuff that happened back in the day.
  • made another apple pie, this time it was for marina's bbq.
  • why when some girls tell stories about their friends do they refer to the female friends as 'girlfriend'...e.g., "my girlfriend and i once went to the superbowl..." if i tell a story about a male friend of mine and i going to the superbowl i wouldn't say "my boyfriend and i..." or "my guyfriend and i..." i've always wondered about that.
  • i'm going to be busy the next ten or so days. it should be funny to see me try and run around and finish all these papers and still live. ha ha i can laugh at my own misfortune. or my own poor planning. ha ha you are so funny stupid white man with no view of your future. ha ha me laugh at you stupid whiteness.
  • check the pic. more 2 cum.
  • duh.
  • Dodger Stadium, we would sit in the first tier by the left field pole.
    5-20-00 (23:15)
  • i'm going to watch a movie now because it's about that time.
  • i put in this massive map of west la...it brings back many memories. despite living 26 miles away from here i spent most of my time here.
  • more (quantity) and more (quality) pictures are to come...
  • 1. O.J.'s House
    2. My High School
    3. My Elementary School
    4. Dad's House
    5. Santa Monica Pier
    6. Pacific Palisade High School, our rival
    7. Westwood Village/UCLA
    8. Phil's House
    9. Mormon Church
    10. My Junior High
    11. Westwood Village
    12. 4th Street - ran here many times.
    saw sugar ray leonard and some baywatch chick here a few times too.
    13. This way to mom's house (about 20 more miles)

    5-20-00 (21:44)

  • Malcolm X called the 60s march on washington the 'farce on washington'...this is a surprising take on something that is usually seen as a major civil rights moment. he backs it up well though. what started out as a grassroots movement by poor blacks from the south turned out to be an event co-sponsored and co-organized by white people in government. as malcolm x put it the poor blacks were not seen amidst the now fully integrated crowd. they were told where to march, what to sing (only one song 'we shall overcome'), and even told not to make their own signs because signs would be provided for them. i'm not sure i'd call it the 'farce on washington', but it seems it did lose some of its luster once it lost the grassroots element to it it became less monumental.
  • malcolm x knows what's up, but...well he's a very interesting guy let's just say that.
  • mlk was shot while he was lobbying for a group of janitors...this was one example of his branching out to the economically disadvantaged, rather than just blacks. fast forward 32 years and tom morello of rage against the machine is in los angeles fighting for a janitor's union. fyi.
  • "blacks are too fucking broke to be republican" -ice cube.
  • i got a bunch of great pics from terraserver. well two are great and the rest are just kinda cool. forthcoming...

  • 5-20-00 (14:05)

  • i don't understand why people think it's so bad to wake up late. sleeping is one of the best things in our lives yet everyday we wake up artifically early, whether it be out of guilt, work load, people banging on the walls, etc. if you like sleeping so much why don't you do it more often?
  • i think that if i had a girlfriend i'd write on my webpage less often.
  • i saw the strangest bug in the reserves yesterday. it was very odd looking. maybe it's a northern california bug or something. you get to a certain age and you think that you've seen all the bugs california has to offer, then while shelving books you see something like this.
  • i have work at 3p today. at 3p tomorrow is marina's bbq, should be fun. tonight will be like last night. tomorrow morning i will be woken up by the phone ringing or by someone banging around in the kitchen. such is life.

  • 5-20-00 (01:31)

  • watched gladiator tonight. updated movies list.
  • show was cut 45 mins short, but was still good nonetheless.
  • slept today.
  • watched gladiator.
  • got some email.
  • i got another kdvs t-shirt the other day - it's blue. yay.
  • shit i have nothing to say.
  • the james brown track picked out on fatboy slim's collection is decent, but the best thing is that fbs used a bunch of public enemy samples when remixing it. well not a bunch, but enough for it to be noteworthy.
  • CLM remains constant.

  • 5-19-00 (00:27)

  • tonight was extremely boring.
  • i wrote seven letters - to the majority and minority leaders of both the HOR and Senate (4), one to the speaker of the house, one to governor davis, and one to president Clinton. it was going to be about the NPT Review Conference which is about nuclear proliferation, but i discovered that it ends tomorrow so it's a bit late for that. so, i made the letter about education, the environment, and nuclear proliferation in general.
  • i know how johnny feels about using energy - i feel bad when i drive the car or leave lights on because of what it does to the environment.
  • my tongue has a gluey taste.
  • i think we should have an annual turn off your television week.
  • they made some grooving music back in the day.
  • all the people at kdvs think vern and i are gay lovers or siamese twins. on the message board on the kdvs site two of the DJs who play b-ball were talking about the games we played. one went over each person playing and talked about their performance - he lumped us together as one entity. the other DJ was talking about the games in general and stopped to talk about noteworthy performances, when he mentioned me he referred to me as "Chris (of Chris and Vern repute)"...the other DJ said of us "Chris and Vern: And while I'm talking about frustrating, let's talk about the indie rock duo of Chris and Vern. I swear they're telepathically linked somehow, because each knows what the other's doing at all times. Somewhat counter-productive if they're on opposing teams, but when they're together, oh boy!"
  • basketball is the best thing i've got going this quarter.
  • so all the major shows for the season are over now i think. i watched the friends finale, but only to mock it. i think i laughed with it twice and at it many more times than that. what a retarded show. i didn't even dare watch nER. oh and then there was 90212 which was last night. i say 90212 because as you can see from one of the pics below my dad lives right across the street from b.h.h. and his zip is 90212 and i'm pretty sure the school has the same zip code. at any rate that finale marked the end of a generation. 10 years, damn. i'm not sure what they'll call the 90s generation 20 years from now, we'll see. probably something like the GAP generation...it fits in more ways than one...income gap, gap clothing, and i'm sure there could be others.
  • i wonder what congressmen would say about the growing gap between the rich and poor. i'll assume most of them know it exists and most of those would acknowledge it's not in the best interest of the country. yet nothing significant has really been done about it. principle versus policy.
  • memorial day is trashed because of paint training. gay.
  • the last two years right around memorial day i've gotten a reminder on why one should stay away from women. i wonder if this year will be year number three.
  • i saw this chick driving around today and she had a bunch of stickers on her rear windshield, some were of her favorite bands (most of which were pretty white) and some said things like "don't pretend you don't want me"...another said "it's not pretty being easy"...she was hot and i did want her, but i still wanted to run her off the road. good looking chicks can get away with so much. it really is sickening.

  • 5-18-00 (22:13)

  • so far this is one of the most boring thursdays of my life.
  • i called johnny, but the line was busy. i called stacy and she was watching TV. i talked to vern and then he started playing equally mind numbing video games.
  • so it's just me and my music.
  • La Casa De Flores - my house next year.
    Emerson Dorms - my home freshman year.
    A nice park for various activities, including frisbee golf.
    5-18-00 (18:56)
  • nothing exciting happened today. i went to work and then school, just like i'm supposed to. then i came home and took the car for a drive.
  • now i'm back and really hungry, but i don't know what i want to eat.

  • 5-18-00 (02:19)

  • work was five hours long today, but it went by fairly quickly. had more fun with the patrons. i showed them satellite pictures of my house, the library, O.J.'s house, Beverly Hills High, etc.
  • watched boogie nights. ate a lot of food when i planned on just going to sleep after work.
  • highlight of the day was my shirt...i wore my "Let the fucking begin." shirt and got many stares and compliments.
  • day was long now i should sleep...here are some pictures with little side notes. more to come.
  • when it comes to girls i definitely have problems.
  • Here's a picture of my dad's neighborhood, it's far more interesting than my mom's side of town:

    Here's a picture of SMC (Santa Monica Community College).
    This is the track where I broke 5 minutes in the mile.
    "X" is where I crossed the finish line...those were the days.

    This is my old High School, as opposed to my new one.
    There were real Indian burial grounds there.
    "X" in this case marks the spot where we would play basketball quite often.
    It also marks the spot where a guy pulled a gun and asked us (some guys
    and me on the track team) if we had any problems with his crew. We said no.
    5-17-00 (00:05)
  • played a few really good games of ball today. this was after i had my bike class. i wrapped my handlebars with new tape and touched up the brakes a bit today. next week is the last day and we'll be working on the shifters.
  • tuesdays are boss.
  • vern won't be at work tomorrow so the whole chemistry of the night shift will be different.
  • GWB's social security plan is much like anything republican - stupid and bad. that's right i'm a spigot, i mean bigot.
  • i've got shit due tomorrow, this is white.
  • basketball owned. it really was fun. under my strict supervision and daily beatings vern has become a competitive player. the best day in my life is when the pupil will beat the teacher.
  • this apple pie is more boss today than it was yesterday. it's also my dinner. making pie, without taking into account timeis cheaper than buying a pre-made one by less than 50 cents. i wonder if chicks will always knock on my door if i make an apple pie. if so i'll make these things more often.
  • i almost forgot to do it, but luckily i remembered sometime while i was eating my sandwich  - i signed the lease today so i'm officially living in la casa de flores next year. hopefully with vern.
  • i checked out two things from the reserves today. one is this keywords in culture and society; it's got some cool little definitions in there. the other was a video about toni morrison, but it turned out to be entirely about beloved. it was boss.
  • it's weird how magazines come out with their june issues in april sometimes, rarely does it come out in the last week of may. at least with the monthly magazines i've gotten this is how it has been. it would be a really bad idea to do this with sports magazines. although sports magazines usually aren't monthly. i digress.
  • "i mean have you even heard our stuff? it's that good! we're guaranteed a record contract..."
  • "i don't know this industry jargon mp, yp, but i do know that, granted - the tapes themselves are yours, but the magic on those tapes, that heart and soul, that's ours!"
  • man that scene was absolutely brilliant, it owned, it was boss, it was bomb ass, it rocked the house y'all.
  • i just found a 12 plus inches long hair on my keyboard which can mean only one thing.
  • invention i can't develop because of a lack of skills...a regular size and weight baseball that when hit opens up and flys significantly less because of the air resistance created by the now open "wings"...it'll make batting practice with two people a lot easier. i got this idea while watching two guys in the park trying to have a batting practice. once the ball lands you just click the wings back in place and it's ready to be thrown again. i think it would be cool, but there is probably an easier way. like making the ball softer or something. if you develop this idea i get 60% of the profits.
  • person a - "how do you spell profit?"
  • politician "P-R-O-P-H-E-T, ha ha. vote for me."
  • i think any major decisions made by a man should be made very soon after having emptied the chamber, done the deed, etc

  • 5-16-00 (01:11)

  • i said i should, so i did. i made an apple pie and it kicks ass. well it's not that great but it's decent enough to pass.
  • i've never been so wanted in my life. the davis census office keeps calling me and offering me different jobs.
  • so i'm standing around cutting up apples for my apple pie and i hear a knock at the door. i decide not to answer it because if it's anyone we know they'll just come right in. then i think that it might be a census person who has been rejected all day, so i go to answer the door and tell them we already mailed ours in. to my surprise it's some chick who says she has a survey she wants answered. i say come on in and then i go to the kitchen. i tell her to start asking away...she asks some questions and i go off on a tangent about society being in the shits, she laughs and agrees. this is around 8pm. it turns out she lives in avalon and is just filling out the survey for the management. so now she's helping me bake the apple pie and we're talking about this and that. 9:20 rolls around and i tell her that she should come back around 1030 and watch american graffiti with us and have some apple pie. she says she'll do that. instead she stays the whole time, until the pie is done baking. then we watch the movie and eat some pie. huh huh. she left around 12:45, but it just goes to show that little good ole southern hospitality goes a long way. oh we had sex too. that's twice tonight.
  • it looks like we're (vern and i) are going to have plenty of work to do for the summer. jon scored big last night so we'll have plenty of houses to paint. we're also probably going to be the only crew painting for him so the money should be big time.
  • i do more when i don't have time to do things. like the night before i have two papers do i'll usually clean the bathroom, clean up my room, balance my checkbook, write two papers, make a mix tape, and update my webpage a shitload.
  • i just discovered that there will not be a paper due in my sociology class, yea. there will be 25-37 pages of writing due within a day of each other though - May 31st and June 1st. i'll worry about that later. muhahaha.
  • i think it's really dumb to put The Who under "t" in an alphabetical listing. it seems no one would do this, but i found a major music site did just that. even did it with the beatles. white.
  • "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which one will go first ­ rock'n'roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me." -John Lennon
  • boss, owns, and white...all my new terms. today sucked = today was white. today was the best = today was boss. michael jordan dominates = jordan owns.
  • something about the truly great - when the truly great step onto the field, court, whatever - you know everything is going to be alright. when jordan was on the court and it was crunch time you knew everything was going to be okay. he's like the ultimate father figure. i remember feeling the same way when the A's had the Eck. the Eck would come in in the 8th or 9th and the game was over. put it in the books, he was that good. of course there was the one exception, but kirk gibson can suck me nuts. you get my point. i hope.

  • 5-15-00 (18:34)

  • perspective is one of the most important things to have in life. with age and time perspective comes. problem is people need perspective earlier. history is important.
  • tried to sign the lease today, but the office was closed and other problems. went in later and the guy was still around so i reserved a room. while i was there i saw marina's place. we had sex. it was nice, but i don't think we'll do it again. ha ha ha. ok.
  • the world is my expense, the cost of my desire.
  • i listened to music while i was in my boring classes today. it was a lot more worthwhile that way. you just run a earbud style headphone up the shirt and through the sleeve then you lean on your hand. no one is the wiser. you can do it in a small class and get away with it no problem.
  • had some guest speakers in class today from cps (child protection services) they were cool to hear from. they actually had faith in the system. it was a different angle than i got to see from working at the shelter. all the people at the shelter were ones the system had failed...
  • did i say that i ordered a water balloon launcher already? well i did and it should be coming soon enough. that'll be fun to fuck around with.
  • with all the apples i have i should make an apple pie. that would be good.

  • 5-15-00 (00:20)

  • if you spend enough time on the internet you can sound smart in most areas. this is one reason i should increase my internet time. i'm online a lot, but hardly ever on the internet. for being online so much one would think that i would spend more time on the internet learning new things and keeping up with the news. the truth is i haven't been to a news site while at home in months. in fact of the bookmarks folder i use most often there isn't a news site in sight. i guess it's really important to know what's happening out there. oh well. ho hum.
  • rain is stupid.
  • updated movie list.
  • our archived radio shows are officially online so you can check that out anytime at www.kdvs.org.
  • (also) a rage against the machine lyric: who controls the past now controls the future, who controls the present now controls the past, who controls the past now controls the future, who controls the present now?
  • i like being able to do things when i want to do them, without having to wait for a girl to finish up in the bathroom or whatever. i also like it when people suggest things with the intention of actually following through. i try to follow through with my suggestions as much as possible. not following through is like your dad saying we should buy you a drum set and then forgetting about it. it's white. it's like saying we should have equal rights and then not doing anything about it. it's like saying we should buy a video game and then doing it years later. i know lots of people with swell ideas that never become reality. it's like saying to your girlfriend after you break up with her 'we should stay friends...'
  • i think the only way true change happens is by focusing on the negative while being aware of the positive. so far in his autobiography malcolm x hasn't said anything to the effect of "i think it's great that black people aren't slaves anymore, at least we can thank allah for that!" rather he has focused on the negative. i don't think any less of him, but that's me. i think striving for perfection is good. saying good enough usually isn't.
  • i'm listening to the jazz portion of our show from last friday. i'd say it's pretty bomb ass. i should go in tomorrow and make a list of songs we played. i should.
  • books. monique once got on my case because i've been reading malcolm x' autobiography for the last 5 months. why does it take you so long to read it, she asked. i think a book of such import is to be read over a good period of time. it allows one to assimilate all the information. think about it for a while. a fiction book is, in my expert opinion, okay to read in a day. a non-fiction book which details the life of one of the top 10 greatest leaders of the last hundred years should be given more time. if i read it in a week i don't think i would be doing the book justice. i'm glad i've taken this long to read it. i carry it to school with me every day and read a few pages a week. i think of it often. if i were to read it in a shorter time i would not think of it as much. i would move onto another book and then think of that one.
  • updated cd list.
  • i wonder why i have no drive to do school work. ever. the only time i do is when i have to, the day before a paper is due or such.
  • we sign the lease and put up the deposit tomorrow...as long as the open spots haven't already been taken, that is.

  • 5-14-00 (00:35)

  • last night's excursions were fun. tonight we made mexican food and watched a cliche action movie.
  • monday we will hopefully sign the lease for la casa de flores.
  • i was in work today and i read part of a pretty interesting book 'how to want what you have'...it's ripe with all the normal psycho babble and self-improvement BS, but that doesn't mean it didn't make good points.
  • i think it's really bad to start thinking that you are better than other people. it leads only to temporary happiness. the most happy people i know don't ever have feelings of superiority. i know lots of couples that feel superior in their relationships. people are funny like that. it's easy to feel superior when there are people out there that just listen to whatever music is fed to them or accept anything they're told, but it's a mistake to do that. i do it too.
  • went to bored.com today and found a nice site that has satellite pictures of the world...below is my house in 1994, the pictures are the same, except i doctored the second one to make notes...
  • it's funny how irrational some aspects of our living are. if there were one emotion i could remove it would be that of annoyance. vern today said that he was annoyed when people asked where he purchased certain items. he said it was fine to ask someone about their sources of information, but not to ask where someone bought something. they both boil down to asking for information yet one annoys him and the other he is fine with, and actually practices himself. this is not rational, but i understand it. there are certain people or things that people do that just annoy the hell out of me, for whatever reason. it's usually not a rational thing, but it's there nonetheless. this is why i'd like to get rid of my being annoyed, i think i'd get along with people better if i was not so easily annoyed.
  • what is within a person's control and what is not? it's amazing to me how much of our lives are not within our control. i'm not talking about the decisions our representatives make for us regarding taxes and such, i'm talking about our history. all those who were abused as kids did not make that choice yet it will forever affect them. whether it means they seek out destructive relationships to simulate that past experience or whether they become disillusioned with the world and become social outcasts. the guy in your fifth grade class who was picked on constantly because of his weight did not choose to be fat. but now he has self-esteem issues which will carry over to his relationships with friends and, if he's lucky, girlfriends. it'll make all his future interactions different than if he were the cute guy that all the girls liked because they think he looks like a cute little teddy bear. did i choose not to have a dad for the most important years of my life? i'd say not.
  • what then is to be done about it? blacks in this country didn't choose to be born into slavery for hundreds of years and then still be discriminated against after emancipation. black didn't choose to be segregated until the 1954 Brown vs. Board ruling. that known, what is to be done. not everyone comes to the table with a clean slate. with african-americans i'd say it's easier to help them by using affirmative action and other programs/pieces of legislation to give them more of a chance to enter a more normal life. but for people with other types of history baggage what do we do? i don't know. be nice to everyone i guess. give everyone a second chance maybe? judge people on their heart not so much by their actions? ask yoda. anger leads to fear. fear leads to hate. hate leads to suffering.
  • This was taken in 1994, back when the neighbors still had an RV parked in the front...

    5-12-00 (23:41)

  • the last 2 mins of full metal jacket is probably the best last 2 mins in a movie. from the mickey mouse song and its meaning with the burning buildings in the background to paint it black by the stones...great.
  • updated movie list.
  • i'd be having more fun if i was drunk and having sex...so why don't i?
  • 03:52...went to a couple construction sites and looked around. that was fun.

  • 5-12-00 (19:26)

  • some days you are willing to play the game. then there are the other days.
  • i could watch a movie at chem 194 but that would be too much trouble and it would be lonely. watching movies in theaters by yourself is white.
  • saw scott's band play again. it was the same as the last two times only not as loud.
  • making fried rice today. i like uncle ben's more. i think i've already said that.
  • i don't like fridays. they used to be the best days of the week. track meet, friends, victory, fun, and then i would go out and watch a movie with my dad. now i do half a radio show, go home, decline peoples' offers to go to parties and write on my webpage.
  • i played basketball by myself today. surprising to see that there wasn't anybody there at all.
  • is anybody out there?
  • i guess i'll play some computer basketball now or something.

  • 5-12-00 (02:17)

  • played some more video games. wasted more time. it was so frustrating because we were playing this one level for so long and couldn't beat it if our lives depended on it. then we finally beat it. testosterone was certainly running high, with me at least. rage against the machine was playing in the background too.
  • temptation is an awesome song.
  • i think when people use the excuse 'i was raised that way' they're being slightly white. some people were raised to have their eyes open...great for them, but that's just dumb luck really. i think that regardless of how you were raised you should question certain things you do or do not do. it was tradition in my family to burn three books every saturday, but now i've begun to question that tradition...obviously this is an exaggerated example, but watch out because it could happen to you....
  • i have no idea how dating works. i have no idea what is wrong with all the women out there. i can see myself being single for the rest of my life more than i was able to see myself with any past relationships for the rest of our lives. rugged individualism. i want a van. after i graduate and get some money i'll take a nice bit of a trip around the country, in my van.
  • i remember when the internet wasn't shit.
  • i remember when nirvana was alive.
  • housing situation will be decided tomorrow (today)...we think.
  • they're trying to make nukes that don't require plutonium or uranium...'pure fusion nukes' is what they be called. just drop a few tons of anthrax in the atmosphere and get it over with.
  • how much can you know about yourself until you get into a fight?
  • when ignorance reigns life is lost.

  • 5-11-00 (23:22)

  • updated movie list.
  • black sabbath's first album is epic. most of the great bands i'm into have at least one song that is, in my terms, epic. led zeppelin has stairway and kashmir, but there are others that could also fit...black sabbath has warning...metallica has to live is to die and a few more...even guns and roses has november rain...rage against the machine doesn't really have one that sticks out in that way...beastie boys' car thief and maybe namaste could qualify...soundgarden has black hole sun, the day i tried to live and more....deep purple has the 20 minute space truckin'...creedence's heard it through the grapevine seems to do it in that same way, for me...just about every pink floyd song...the list goes on. my point would be - it's hard to be one-dimensional and still kick so much ass. even thrash metal acts like metallica need to show a softer side.
  • tomorrow will be long i think. first show in two weeks. yip yip.
  • i got paid on wednesday that was nice. i have a feeling i already mentioned that.
  • i really should take the car into the shop and get it checked out, while i have the money. ha ha ha.
  • i was going to play basketball today, but then i got tired so i slept instead.
  • this webpage is going through the motions lately. hmmm.
  • vern and i are going to apply for a job as core staff at kdvs, that would be time consuming, but rewarding. oh, i got more respect in the last game so vern and i are officially members of kdvs. of course we always were, but i personally never felt like i was a part of it until i started balling it up. kdvs is weird like that. i almost felt like the new guy for a whole year...b-ball has pushed me into the realm of an established member of kdvs.
  • i'm thinking of getting a column in the aggie, it probably won't happen, but i figure i could give it a whirl. not sure what i would write about, but it may get me some female action.
  • i had a dream that vern smoked and just passed it off as a way to stay warm. funny thing is that vern agreed that would be his excuse if he did take up smoking.
  • bored.
  • there are a lot of hot chicks in my sociology class. i think saying chick is the same as saying guy. some might take offense.

  • 5-11-00 (02:13)

  • squab teen cd is pretty bomb ass.
  • wasted hours tonight on the video game, i sucked.
  • day was filled with boring stupid class with the same stupid teacher. tomorrow won't suck.
  • friday will be packed. i have the show, scott's band to watch and a food fight to start.
  • nothing really exciting happened today. work was a bit boring without erin, but still wasn't as bad as a bad night at the shelter.
  • www.myfreecar.com - they pay to advertise on your car if you drive more than 29 miles per day...capitalism at its best.
  • CLM goes down $1/16th today.

  • 5-10-00 (01:57)

  • played mad b-ball today. it was dope. this time vern joined in. overall i played pretty well. i had some good crowd pleasing passes too.
  • work was good. i didn't go to class.
  • i did go to bike class though. that was cool because i learned how to true a wheel...make it not wobble. i did that for both my front and rear wheels. next week i learn brakes and shifting adjustments then i think i'll be done.
  • long day today, longer day tomorrow.
  • talked to jamie for the first time in a long while, that was good.
  • get paid tomorrow. one step closer to being complete.
  • got a free cd today. and it's a good one too. this girl at the station had 50 copies of a CD that we have at the station. apparently the record label wanted her to distribute them to people who like the music. i liked the cd when i heard it as a current so i jumped on that. i also got a compilation 12" (vinyl). updated the cdlist.
  • somehow some of the pit from a peach got into the smoothie tonight, that was white.
  • in regards to dirt accumulation, i maintain my mouse relatively well
  • my feet hurt, but my injuries are fine. CLM goes up $3/4 today.
  • i shall fall into slumber. kill whitey.

  • 5-8-00 (23:51)

  • played lots of video games today...jon bought a vigilante 8 for the N64 just a few days ago and since then we've been playing it. he's owned the thing for 3+ years and this is the first game he's owned.
  • purple by STP might very well be better than core, tough call either way.
  • i haven't had the counter on my webpage for like a week so that's a bit stupid of me.
  • the plan is to know where we are living by friday...it's crunch time.

  • 5-8-00 (17:17)

  • today sucked pretty bad. got to work late because of slippery road conditions. cut myself while reaching for a paper towel. oh and when i was coming into class i was finding a spot to sit looking around the classroom. i saw two so i walked down the aisle and as i was approaching one of them this girl took the one in front so i was going to take the one behind her and as i turned to sit another girl who was sitting next to the open seat put her folder down on the desk. i looked at her and said 'are you serious?' she said yes and that she was saving it for a friend. i then went into another aisle and found a different seat. more stuff like that made my day lovely.
  • because america's youth has been neglected i propose a stock program with kids. in essence children will be offered up as corporations which you can buy stock in. rather than dividends and profits in terms of money you will get peace of mind and thank you notes. my IPO will be 7/4/2000. initial bidding is probably going to start in the low teens because of recent injuries that might affect my future as an athletic star. however those might be counter-balanced by the renewed hope given by a new living situation.
  • i didn't win that writing competition, that's a surprise.
  • learned about the two stroke engine today while on the internet. that's more than i learned in class today. two stroke engines are less efficient and pollute more, but they're light and powerful. interesting stuff i must say. i wish i new more about cars and engines and all that stuff. i want to take an auto class before i die. i want to juggle before i die. i want to be able to jump a bike, even a bmx, before i die.
  • subbed for someone at work today that was decent, but may have been the cause for all my troubles...i'm not used to waking up at 9am.
  • it didn't rain today, but it was cloudy. white, but not albino.
  • i just had an extended conversation with one of the christians next door about prop 22...interesting to say the least. marriage is only between a man and a woman he said. once that was said i knew there was no convincing that could be done. i pulled out all the stops and he agreed on most points, but still went back to his main assumption. i said prop. 22 is yet another casualty of religion.
  • religion - the thing that controls the masses and has been a rallying point for those associated with the ritual waste of Sunday mornings, the assimilation of cultures, mass murders, and genocide.
  • watson, the other half of watson and crick, was on campus today. one girl said "i think he's the guy who invented the DNA structure"...uh that's god, not watson. watson only discovered the structure.

  • 5-7-00 (23:48)

  • updated movie list.
  • woke up late, did nothing. today was a real big waste. it rained some more which is extremely dumb.
  • i did get the remote control car out today. that's the first time it's seen action in a couple years. i'd say it's about 7 years old too. still works great. radio shack does some things pretty well. make remote control cars for the average joe is one of them.
  • had two sausages today.
  • i slept in my sleeping bag last night for no real reason. that was warm.
  • it's not supposed to rain tomorrow.
  • everything good is borrowed, everything great is stolen...something like that.
  • i really have nothing to write about. how boring.

  • 5-7-00 (01:23)

  • saw a movie today. that's a first for a long while. updated list. planned on watching gladiator today, but didn't.
  • napster is being white lately. quite white.
  • it rained today, that's white.
  • kosmic.org is gone now...they're on mp3.com to save money. this is also white.
  • woke up semi-early today and checked out a few places to possibly live...one right next to where i lived freshman year. so if we choose that spot then we could potentially get a meal plan and eat with freshmen again. that would be interesting. i called the library girl and asked to come over she said okay, but when we showed up there was a note on the door step saying that she had just left and to come on in and check it out - the door was unlocked. but her roommate answered the door and he let us in, i think he had just woken up. we kinda checked the place out, but not really because we felt like we were intruding. it was an interesting place. felt to me like we were underground, but it had wooden beams and such so it gave it a nicer feel. it's a three bedroom place so we'd need to get another roommate, that's a problem. then there is the place near tasia's (library girl) called greenbriar apartments. it's the ghetto of davis, litterally. run by the overweight white woman with crooked teeth a mexican husband and five kids...i'm not kidding i saw them all. it was an interesting sight, but a real one. other than those there are ones we looked at before...the indian run place closer to downtown and campus than tasia's place, but not as close to the freshman dorms place - which is also where marina lives. that place is a little dark, but i think lights will help a lot. it's spacious and rent is cheap. it's right next door to the landlords which is white, but our bedrooms are separated by the living room so i would be able to bump the system if i wanted to.
  • i've got a bunch of sausage i have to figure out how to cook nicely. i'm think sausage and pasta - maybe penne? then there's the hot dog type use...other than that i'm lacking great ideas.
  • how many more times...i'm hooked on that song.
  • gotta sleep.

  • 5-5-00 (22:56)

  • the kings got a thorough whipping. they didn't look like they felt they could win. just didn't have it at all. fuck the lakers.
  • up here it was funny how they covered it - the whole time the kings were getting their asses kicked they cut to laker fans on their cell phones. made LA look really bad. sacramento fans are much better than LA fans, this is a fact.
  • got my ass rocked in basketball today and kinda twinged my other ankle, it was really stupid. i'm going to play on tuesdays (KDVS) and that's it.
  • no show today - baseball again. that'll be the last day, i believe.
  • i've been listening to led zeppelin I a lot lately. paul's boutique is the best hip-hop album ever.
  • next week i should get two paychecks...i've been waiting to pick up the last one so i can get both in one fell swoop. should be nice.
  • got my sleeping bag today. it's a long one so i'll fit in it comfortably (vertically) and it's pretty compressible so i got it down to a pretty small size using my compression stuff sack. you care, again.
  • for someone who is such a musical retard i sure do love music a lot. lots of times i won't even notice certain elements of a song. i don't usually listen to my music very carefully. i sit back and let it do what it's going to do. after time i will notice more and more, but for the most part i won't listen to a new song and say "ooh i like that piano track in the background"...i also don't know anything about music theory. i also don't know very much about all the stupid sub genres of techno and such. i don't know very much about popular music either. when i go on the internet i don't look up recent info on such and such an artist. yet people still ask me about music, it's a bit funny like that. it's nice to have people think i know something, but it's also discouraging when i disappoint them; which i will do very often due to my lack of musical knowledge.
  • "Everyone has one special thing" ...that's what they say in boogie nights.
  • "cause you know why a you see H".... that's the end of one of adam yauch's rhymes. besides the great delivery there is the fact that the last part actually spells his last name - YAUCH...i just noticed that. i've had the CD for about 5 years and i just noticed that. that's how dense this album is.
  • i'm harder on myself than i am on my friends...that's bad considering how hard i am on my friends.
  • johnny stopped by on his way to somewhere i forgot where. speaking of forgot, he forgot his shorts.
  • i'll give whoever is willing to do it one dollar if they do a word count on all my archives...just the archives, not the editorials or anything else, just the archives. it should be interesting to see how much crap i've typed out...well most of it was typed out, some was cut and pasted from other places...like those retarded poll results from the history channel.
  • maybe i'll be a teacher. maybe i'll be a political writer. maybe i'll steal the lock boxes from construction sites. according to someone who knows they keep a good deal of expensive things in those boxes. maybe i'll become the punisher...a vigilante with my own comic book.
  • my rice cooker did a decent job today. i think uncle ben's rice is better than the expensive asian crap.
  • one man's ceiling is another man's floor...what goes around comes around...i think the beastie boys are prophets of the highest kind.
  • most of the greatest music in the world is or was influenced by black people. you better recognize. kill whitey.

  • 5-4-00 (23:48)

  • here are a few poll results from the history channel website...If you could reelect a past president in 2000, which of the following would you choose? Results:
  • Abraham Lincoln 27.0
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt 19.5
  • John F. Kennedy 19.1
  • Ronald Reagan 34.3
  • Which was the greatest amendment to the Constitution?
  • Results:
  • The Nineteenth (gave women the right to vote) 6.4
  • The Twenty-first (repealed the Eighteenth, which prohibited alcohol) 7.9
  • The Thirteenth (abolished slavery) 21.6
  • The First (gave the right to free speech) 64.1
  • Which African American do you most admire?
  • Results:
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. 40.8
  • Muhammad Ali 9.5
  • Oprah Winfrey 8.2
  • Colin Powell 41.4
  • 02:49...
  • that last one is pretty damn sad. so is the first one. the amendment one is sad because more people voted for the repeal of number 18 than did for giving women the right to vote.
  • might not have the show tomorrow, again because of baseball. we shall see.
  • went to a construction site tonight. man there was some good stuff. pick axe, nail gun, bolt cutters, rope, duct tape, ladders, etc.
  • i don't like my bellybutton.
  • i hope work is cool tomorrow.
  • more people read this shit than is good for me. i can't write a lot of stuff here because i might offend someone or it might elicit an email from a worried mother and the like. i've thought about writing stuff, but then not uploading it but i think i'd lose my motivation to keep writing. this way people will get on my case if i stop.
  • i once had a friend named justin, when we changed schools and started in a new school he told me we couldn't be best friends anymore, i was 7. i once had a friend named ryan, one day i came home to discover money, my hat, and some of my mom's things had been stolen, i was about 11. i once, only once, had a girlfriend. god told her i was a bad person, i was 18.
  • there is something very interesting about music. sometimes i'll be listening to a song and feeling a certain way and then robert plant will come on and say 'this is a song about hope...' then stairway to heaven will start. coincidence?

  • 5-4-00 (16:58)

  • to all my friends: there seems to be a problem i have or a problem that follows me regarding the ending of my relationships. if you choose to call off being my friend please don't do it because of religion or your girlfriend. thanks. -chris
  • movies versus books...i like movies more. they're easier to get through. they can tell as much, sometimes more than books. they can use sights and sounds. they leave less to the imagination - this can be both good and bad. in the time that it would take a slower reader to read war and peace i could have viewed dozens of movies and learned, felt, discovered, laughed more. movies offer more bang for your time. this does not make books obsolete. they are cheaper, better for reference, and nonfiction, but on the whole i'd like to state here that i enjoy movies more. don't take this as an attack on books, writers or book readers. i have many people close to me that love, write, read, and have sex with books on a regular basis. this was just on my mind.
  • great news! aol and coke are joining forces. oh joy.
  • i got three emails today - one about news, one junk email, the other from johnny. my quantity and quality of mail has decreased in recent times. that's white.
  • i just had my midterm and it went fairly well.
  • how the fuck do i have 33 votes on my poll all of a sudden. that's really strange. 2 people said they don't know who the fuck chris is. interesting.

  • 5-4-00 (00:07)

  • more fun at work today. i think the customers like working on the riddles while waiting for their books.
  • two months from now i'll be legally able to kill myself by drinking too much. i'll legally be able to look cool at parties.
  • i'm thinking about getting a tent now. it's the kind of thing you keep for most of your life. it's super useful at times. and for under 200 bucks i can get a really nice one that'll house two people and their gear. i guess i'll do that once i'm out of the red, but it's nice to think about how i'll be bettering myself later. ha.
  • i spent too much money on food last month. i went a little crazy, it won't happen again. sorry.
  • i've been listening to pink floyd and led zeppelin I and III a lot lately.
  • metallica makes good music, but i think it's white of them to go on napster and try to find everyone who is illegally distributing their music. don't they have anything better to do? i think cutting their hair was the worst thing they could have done. they definitely sold out - it's official.
  • if guns and roses had one more album they would be above metallica.
  • nirvana threatens black sabbath. i want another beastie boys album to come out.
  • www.mulletwear.com
  • there's a poll on the beastie boys site to the effect of "which band would you like to see tour with the beastie boys most?"...at first there were about 70 bands, now there are about 10. rage against the machine has an overwhelming part of the vote 22% compared to the next band with 12%. i hope this is a sign that the beastie boys will be touring soon.
  • there's nothing quite as great as walking the walk. rage against the machine and the beastie boys both do just that.
  • i find that i pretty much only wear rage against the machine shirts. i think it's because i do the light color load more often. this is because i don't have many socks and it's usually too hot to wear dark clothes. you care, trust me, you really really do.
  • "These guys are old school metal heads who used to stand for rebellion," says a Santa Cruz, Calif. fan, Darren Littlejohn, who branded the band "MegaMillionica." "Now they're so corporate I want to puke. Is Lars [Ulrich] not going to be able to eat this week if people share the music on the Internet? How can Metallica be so freaking conservative and yuppified now when they started out with Kill 'Em All? Listen to that album and consider this: Metallica has sold out, turned their backs on who they were, and their

  • original fans."
  • Some fans expressed their anger during the chat, and to that, Ulrich said, "For the doubters out there, Metallica will carry on for the next 20 years. Whether you're around for the ride or not, that's your problem, not ours."
  • marie's cds on ebay is over 10800 now. crazy.
  • The outspoken rapper says downloading music has caused a much-needed revolution in the music industry. He writes, "Companies like Napster are creating new fan interest in the acquisition of music, as well as establishing an infrastructure that previously was non-existent for unknown artists." He goes on to say, "This is a prime opportunity for artists to understand that they can operate beyond the naïve slave or limited employment positions of the old music business templates."
  • chuck d kicks your ass.
  • it's funny how just after i mentioned the metallica stuff i found it on the beastie boys newsgroup.
  • in the immortal words of sosa (from scarface) "just don't fuck me."

  • 5-2-00 (23:21)

  • do you know who rocks the house? Chris Webber rocks the house. that performance was big time. now the kings are 2-2 against the lakers. it all comes down the last game. man the kings fucking kick ass. i hate the lakers and kobe bryant more than ever now. biggest problem is that shaq won't be missing his shots when he comes home...it's gonna be close. very close.
  • i feel born again, not christian. now that i don't have a place to live for next year i'm forced to reinvent my life. i see good things on the horizon.
  • one of those good things is the homework that is due tomorrow. i should start it now.
  • how great is pink floyd?!
  • there's this really hot chick in my poli sci 112 class (that's the good one). well i sat next to her today and she said something to me. that was a highlight.
  • the other highlight was at work. first off i work with another hottie and we're cool. but the cool part was when i was checking out a book for this girl who i had talked with a few nights ago. vern and i actually were talking with her during work because it wasn't busy. she's also a hottie. at any rate she asked me how i was and i said pretty good except i have no idea where i'm living next year...she gave me the phone number for her landlord because she is going to be moving out next year and she lives in a three bedroom place. after giving me the phone number she told me where it was and then wrote down her address. after that she said that she may as well give me her phone number too. then she told me i should call her or something. who knows what she meant by this, but i was pretty taken aback. i saw her later, after my bike class, and we talked for about 10 mins about nothing in particular. i gotta start asking these people over.
  • it seems like i have very little time these days. tuesday i'm gone from 12-8p then i'll usually play some basketball with KDVS, not today of course because of the kings game. wednesday i'm gone from 12-11p because of class and work. thursday 12-4:30, friday 12-5p, monday 12-6...this is a lot less time than last quarter. i picked up 4 more units, 15 hours of class and the bike class.
  • i have a midterm thursday and homework due tomorrow. i still haven't started.
  • money, get away. get a good job with more pay and you're OK. money it's a gas. grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. new car, caviar, four star daydream, think i'll buy me a football team. money get back. i'm alright jack keep your hands off my stack. money it's a hit. don't give me that do goody good bullshit. i'm in the hi-fidelity first class travelling set. and i think i need a lear jet. money it's a crime. share it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie. money so they say. is the root of all evil today. but if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're giving none away.
  • it's weird - i'll probably be living with vern next year a couple months ago i thought he was the last person i was going to live with because of the whole england thing...of course he could still go, in which case i'd have to find some really hot chick roommate. woe is me.
  • the new garbage album deserves its props.
  • anyone have a good mnemonic device for subjectively vs. objectively?
  • my hands are dirty ever tuesday and wednesday. yay.

  • 5-2-00 (02:13)

  • well happy hard shit on a stick. that just came into my head...sorry. any way there's no way in hell i'm living with jon and monique next year so i'm either bunking up with vern and someone else or finding a place on my own. this is a really good opportunity for me to get depressed. ain't going to happen.
  • i'm lucky to have a friend like phil. i friend who has never, nor ever will screw me over.
  • pink floyd is great.
  • remind me what a good relationship is again. friend or otherwise...
  • Marx knew what he was talking about.

  • 5-1-00 (23:26)

  • i went to the library and had my walkman on. while i was going through the sensors my headphones gave out a high pitched sound at a low volume. it was a little weird. "radio is silent yet it fills the air with noises."
  • i had something i wanted to say. dammit.
  • i have a new poll.
  • when i sellout, start working 9-5, get married, and have 2 kids i won't have any time for myself. that will suck. i'm glad i don't have a girlfriend who is around all the time, i'd regret it later.
  • there have been time when i've wanted guns and roses to be lower in my rankings, but the fact is that they kick ass.
  • oh, led zeppelin is above the beastie boys now. it was a long time coming, i just officially moved the cds the other day.
  • there's something about "no shelter" that really grooves. great song. view the world from american eyes. americanize.
  • have i ever said that music is the shit?
  • made more guacamole yesterday. yum. useless information.
  • i'm taking two classes on a pass/no pass basis. god i hate this teacher. i think i already talked about this today. she's from stanford. i now hate stanford.
  • i was just served the ultimatum - i am allowed to stay with jon and monique, but they will be inviting georgia (a girl for whom i have a previously stated dislike) or i can go out on my own and find a place. i won't dwell on how shitty the situation is.
  • i wish i had a van.

  • 5-1-00 (20:52)

  • well somehow my weekends are being taken up really quickly. pretty soon i won't have any weekends for myself.
  • i need to take the car in for a little check up. more of a preventative type thing. maybe that should happen when i have money. maybe debt doesn't matter.
  • didn't play basketball today, but i did return the white sleeping bag.
  • the day that i went to rei to buy the sleeping bag i saw a train passing by...that would be the same rail that we took out of davis...it was pretty cool because i remember looking out of the train and seeing rei and costco while we were on the train. even better than that, though, was that while i was looking at it i saw someone inside one of the box cars. it rocked. on the way home i saw two hitchhikers as well.
  • i had a midterm today.
  • i got my grandfather's book today. pretty crazy stuff.
  • i officially despise my pol sci 164 and 170 teacher...same person...same lectures...different classes...same annoying habits of staying off the topic. she's always talking about the paper. she's always talking about polling methods and statisical methods. is this poli sci or what?
  • april updates would be here.
  • i'm going to the library.