• "Like the latest fashion, Like a spreading disease, The kids are strappin' on their way to the classroom, Getting weapons with the greatest of ease" - Offspring 1994 "strappin'" for you older folks means carrying a gun or 'gat'.
  • my cd cases are running out of space and when i get my paychecks they will be full....need to get a super cd case that carries like 500 cds.
  • i need to go now.
  • yesterday i had three glasses of lemonade, .8 lbs of bread and a frozen yogurt.

  • 5-25-99

  • as a freshman you have an excuse for not doing too hot in school because you 'are adjusting'...this is true. second year there is the phenomenon they call the sophomore slump...sounds about right....fourth year there is 'senioritis'...i have experienced all of the above...by these rationale the only year you are expected to do well is junior year...sounds about right in my case.
  • it's quite amazing how important it is to update your webpage, dust your room, clean the bathroom, etc. when you have a paper to work on....i was so bored i almost talked with jon!
  • show last night was my personal favorite we're getting really good, good in the sense that we can do our mixing well, sometimes getting lucky, but luck is a residue of design...good also because we are able to come in only 30 mins before show time and still put on really good show. and we handle problems a lot better...like last week turning the levels up for turntable #3 made and echo so we didn't use that turntable and used the echo to add to the mixing and our voices...i guess we're just getting good like that. work later today...hopefully that bus deal works out.
  • i'm out of debt...that's dope.

  • 5-23-99

  • so i haven't updated for shit lately, losing hits so here's the update. i have a 3-4 page paper 'prospectus' due on tuesday...went to library to work on that.
  • nothing really great or bad has happened.
  • got a d+ on my midterm in poli sci 175 (same class as the paper)
  • classes are getting more and more gay and i'm getting more and more lazy
  • started work. took over 2 hours to get there by bus. would have taken half that time if i biked.
  • reciever has weird crackling sound like the beginning of a record in right channel at constant volume and only happens once in a while, but it's enough, esp. when on headphones to bug the hell out of me. that figures...nothing i buy actually ends up working correctly for very long.
  • added papers link to left. page has always been there, but no link i guess i forgot it or something.
  • show tonight. great.
  • i've been eating better lately.
  • school sucks i'm getting burned out.
  • mp3 and cd lists updated

  • 5-11-99

  • show last night was from 3-6 instead of 2-4, it was long and tiring.
  • whittle stuff came i'm getting all paperwork ready for that.
  • weekend was awesome, two of the most fun days every. my body has been abused lately...hit by car while riding bike, land on head while jumping on trampoline, and getting tossed like a rag doll 8 feet in the air while 'tubing' (being pulled by boat while in inner tube)...i hit that huge wake quite fast...it rocked. i'm fine so don't worry.
  • two midterms on thursday, we'll see about that...don't feel too good about either.
  • cd writer still doesn't work...that's gay.
  • got the job for woodland youth services...will be up here pretty much the whole summer working full time. i'll be a mentor type for abused/neglected kids with behavior problems, should be interesting, but rewarding.
  • i should update more, but i've been lazy, busy, gone.
  • updated mp3 list...winamp generated one anyway. accidently overwrote the mp3 page. so it's revamped.
  • sleep schedule is screwed. i'm tired. next update thursday night.




  • so i hadn't done anything about the columbine shit...so i felt bad after lecturing everyone else...i'm sure no one did anything, but that's because man is by nature a selfish animal. so i have now done something, here's the e-mail i sent to feinstein, boxer, doug ose (my rep), and helen thompson (assistant speaker pro temp for the california assembly):

  • I write to you about something very important. I'm sure you have heard and
    are sad about the Colorado tragedy...I write to you in the hope that you can
    make sure this kind of outrageousness is prevented in the future. How might
    you be able to accomplish this?  Many blame this on the ability of minors to
    acquire guns.
    I feel that this is only a minor problem compared to the bigger picture - an
    alienated and disengaged polity, an un-educated polity. When I say educated
    I mean not just book-wise, but also in socialization skills for this too is
    a job that should be dealt within schools - especially since parents these
    days value bowling more than PTA meetings.
    Without lecturing you on my stances I have attached an essay I wrote on why
    education is the biggest problem in the country today...I also explain, to a
    certain extent, what education should entail. I also leave it up to you to
    contact me if you want to bounce your ideas off me...yea right. Essentially
    I feel that more emphasis should be placed on education. As a result of my
    convictions I will write you once a week outlining further what my views
    are. You'll have to earn my vote, not buy it like so many of your peers do.

  • not meant to win a pulitzer, but get the point across. so now i'm not a hypocrite and hopefully you feel bad enough to actually do something. if oprah can, then maybe you should.
  • funny/sad story: realized i had latin quiz today (friday) last night at 9pm...started studying some vocab and basic declension type crap...watched er and went on computer...next thing i know it's 3 am...darn...set alarm for 8 am (class is at 11 am) instead of pm like i did the other day (i usually wake up at 10 am for the 11 am class, but i set the alarm for 10 pm two days ago...oh well.) i set it for 8 so i could study before going to the class...next morning: i am half awake and feel well rested, surprisingly considering the fact that the alarm hasn't gone off and i went to sleep so late...i look at watch expecting it to be 7:59, one minute before the alarm is going to go off...i look at watch it's 10:47...shit! i roll over and lay in bed for two mins...there is another latin class at 1 pm, but i have work from 1-3 pm so i'd have to get a sub...also it's frowned upon to goto the 1 pm class on test days, but not forbidden...i jump out of bed, wash face, brush teeth, put on deodorant, get into yesterday's clothes and bike against the wind to school in about 8 mins...one minute late, but no teacher...i study for 1 minute...teacher comes in and returns hw...study one more minute and take quiz...fail it. we have one drop grade, no worries.
  • where is jon? i don't know...he used to keep me abreast of such happenings, but blood is going to the other head i guess. that's how the ball bounces.
  • played basketball today...been doing that lately...i sucked and got pushed around by tristan and jesus...they are big i am not...jesus plays like his life is on the line, but vern and i lost nonetheless...i demand rematch i'm not taking prisoners this time.
  • spell check for composer is gay...catches all these "..." and asks me about them. spell check for outlook express doesn't work. weird.
  • hey if you click on my sponsor i get a dime now...i'm not changing the graphic i'm lazy, but still click there mutha fucka!
  • hmmmm. oh rage against the machine announced tour dates...two in new york one in japan...you get the point nothing anywhere near here....yet, i hope.
  • i can't goto any concerts until i goto either beastie boys OR rage against the machine, once i go to either, not both, i can go to others...it's my rule, it's gotta be done. they've earned it.
  • oh, big development....rage against the machine was ousted from it's long-held number two slot on my favorite bands...if you remember it was number one until about october or november of 97...so where is rage now and who is number two? rage is number 3 and led zeppelin is number 2. mostly because zep has done more...i could listen to zep for 9 hours straight, one because they made/i own that much music and two because they are that great...after 3 hours i run out of original material for rage, but that will change this year...sometime. still no release date for new album
  • speaking of revolutionary music...marilyn manson, the internet, and doom are the causes of the colorado thing...duh can you say scapegoat? for the last 30 years a 10 year old could go into the library and check out the anarchist cookbook and learn how to get high off of banana peels, make plastique, make napalm, pipe bombs, etc. as for marilyn manson...well 'they' better i hope i don't listen to rage against the machine's lyrics and actually 'take the power back'. the media is dumb.
  • tidbit: the top 1% of the population owns 40% of the country's wealth...counter-argument: well clinton and those pricks have new legislation and they are creating so many new jobs...and new wealth! oh. here: the top 1% of the population owns 60% of the newly created wealth. there goes that theory. more people are working more jobs with fewer benefits...

  • enough. me sleep.