11-29-06 (17:48)
  • pretty busy day, but i didn't do much of import. learned how to close one of the visitor's centers. i'll have to do that next thursday so hopefully the brief training sticks until then.

  • for johnny:

    11-28-06 (23:15)
  • updated recommendations.
  • updated the baseball trip page. split it into three smaller pages so it would load more easily.

  • 11-27-06 (23:20)

  • met some people down the road today. they're interns at the environmental education center and they invited me over tonight. i stayed for about half an hour and just got back. they're nice enough, but probably not going to be great friends or anything. one guy was interesting because he had been to south korea as a teacher. he looked a bit like steve, johnny's friend.
  • updated movies & list.

  • 11-26-06 (22:14)

  • updated movies & list.
  • the other day i watched three movies in the theater for the price of one ticket. had one free ticket that i used to see a movie at the amc. paid for the fountain and snuck into casino royale. timing didn't quite work out for a fourth movie. i figure i can get all my theater movies out of the way in one day if i just theater hop and watch 3-4 movies in a day. cheaper and it means i don't have to make multiple trips.
  • glad to see that florida lost their first game of the year today. in basketball one loss doesn't mean that much, but i wanted their streak broken asap. i hate that city, school, and its star player. lsu also lost. yay.
  • worked at a visitor's center for the first time. it's pretty straightforward. the register is a cinch and answering questions is generally limited to telling people where to hike. there are a shitload of logs - visitation logs, sales logs, opening and closing reports, etc. lots of paperwork to remember to fill out.

  • 11-25-06 (23:59)

  • big news of the day was the usc game. went to the local pub and watched the entire thing. like the cal game, it wasn't as good a game as i expected, but i was fine with that. i knew that notre dame wasn't going to stop the sc offense, but i wasn't sure if the usc secondary was going to be able to contain quinn. and, for the most part, they did. ucla is a big challenge as well. they're not great this year, but they have a good defense so they could give the trojans fits. and if they force a couple turnovers, usc could be in trouble. so the regular season isn't over. usc has the rose bowl cinched, but they want their fourth national championship bid in as many years so hopefully they close it out next week.
  • ohio state is definitely the #1 team in the country, there really isn't any doubt about that this year. their defense is the best in the country and their offense is one of the top five or so that i've seen. i think ohio state will beat usc if that's who plays, but it'll be great to be back in the national championship game either way. i think that usc's defense will hold its own, i just think that the ohio state defense will present some problems when it comes to running the ball. two things have turned the year around for usc. losing was one and cj gable was the second. losing allowed them to relax a bit and i think that it took some pressure off of booty. herbstreit actually said this as well, but i had the thought before i heard him mention it. c.j. gable has emerged as the #1 back and a pretty reliable source of yards. he steps up when booty is struggling and gets big gains at opportune moments.
  • the rose bowl should be interesting. cal and texas took themselves out of it with their losses, so it looks like it could be michigan and notre dame for a rematch; but i don't like rematches. michigan vs. lsu or florida might be good, but i've never been real clear on which conferences get which bowls. where does boise state figure in all of this? i think they should be allowed to be in a major bowl, but i don't know how the system works. hopefully they get a big opponent or two in the next couple years so they get the opportunity to compete with the larger schools in terms of strength of schedule.
  • meanwhile the niners actually have a shot at making the playoffs. seattle has been struggling lately (though they've been injured) and they're only one game ahead of the niners. i was in the bay area the week that the two sports bombs were dropped and i listened to a lot of sports radio. it seemed like most of the callers were pretty disappointed by the proposed move of the athletics and niners. modern professional sports are pretty fucked up.
  • cousin mary by john coltrane might be my favorite jazz track. freshman year i had that or giant steps on our answering machine and i remember jon's dad asking what god awful noise (or some thing to that effect) it was. i could see 'ascension' described as awful noise (though i like it), but giant steps and cousin mary are fairly tame.
  • speaking of old people, i met a guy named dick whitehead at the boston store today. boston is a township inside the park and boston store is an old canal store that has been converted into a visitor's center (i think they should punctuate it: "visitors' center," but that's just me). anyway, we talked for at least a couple hours about all sorts of things. he's between 75 and 80 years old and has traveled quite a bit and been a chemist and was enlisted in the army and has volunteered for the parks service and all sorts of things. towards the end of the conversation he started talking about working at bf goodrich as a chemist and doing spectrograph analysis of different polymers and having to take the spectrograph analysis of the diamond upon which the sample would be placed and essentially subtracting that spectrograph from the end result. he got into the hardcore chemistry of different polymers and how they'd add different chemicals to stabilize it, etc. most of it was way over my head, but he seemed happy talking about it so i let him. i don't know where i heard it, but i heard a quote to the effect of "you should live the first half of your life so thoroughly that you can live the second half purely on the memories of the first half." it's a pretty cool idea and i think this guy has done that and then some.
  • if you watch enough movies, or read enough books, or listen to enough folklore i think you're able to apply the philosophies presented to most any situation in life. my cultural texts of choice are films, but they could be anything from hip-hop lyrics to written literature. i often relate different life philosophies or individual ideas to moments in film. perhaps i will write a book near the end of my life entitled "life philosophy via film" or "personal philosophy from jeff webster to luke jackson." jeff webster is jimmy stewart's character in far country and luke jackson is paul newman's character in cool hand luke. that would be a fun one. in looking at some of the "memorable quotes" from cool hand luke it occurred to me how many of them come off as so completely flat on paper. but when you have paul newman, george kennedy and strother martin breathing life into them, well it's completely different. strother martin, there's an underrated character actor. completely unique, yet mostly unknown to this generation.

  • 11-23-06 (20:55)

  • updated movies & list.
  • "on" is one of my favorite tracks by aphex twin and it's made better by its video. there's a little sound he buries in the background about 80 seconds into it that always makes me think someone is calling my name. aphex twin has a handful of tracks that just blow other artists out of the water.
  • i've been away from my audio/video equipment and cds/dvds for 51 weeks now. one day i'll be able to play my music and feel the bass or be able to watch "planes, trains and automobiles" at a moment's notice. ptaa would be perfect for today since it's the best thanksgiving movie of all-time. guess it'll have to wait until next year.
  • today has been pretty uneventful for me. i woke up late, played red alert 2, watched two movies, successfully manipulated the antenna so we now get three channels, and watched a bit of the cowboys game.
  • the black keys are from akron which is about 15 miles away. i wonder if they'll be playing anytime soon.

  • 11-21-06 (22:49)

  • it's not even 11pm and it feels really late. if i were in california i might be finishing up dinner right now, getting ready to watch a couple movies. as is, i'm upstairs in the dark listening to radiohead and both roommates are asleep.
  • updated movies & list.
  • also updated my movie review highlights list. it's mostly a list of the longer reviews i've written. sometimes i included a review because of one good observation or well-worded sentence. in other words, it didn't take too much to make the list. that said, considering the number of reviews i've written, the highlights list isn't too out of control. i created the list in large part to help inspire me.
  • not sure if this is conceited, but reading my (better) reviews is the most inspiring thing i can do with regards to getting in the mood to watch more films. reading the reviews other people write or hearing other people talk about films is nice, but it doesn't get me hungry to watch more films in the same way that reading my own reviews does. i'll read a review about a film like "the wind will carry us," a film i've only seen once, but it'll get me back into the mindset i was in while watching the film originally, and that will inspire me to watch it again or to watch another kiarostami film or something similar. of course this makes sense since the reviews are perfectly suited to my tastes and thoughts, so i guess it's not conceited at all.
  • having roommates is a drag, i just remembered. i was trying to watch mr. smith goes to washington and the two old guys were talking in the kitchen. with about three minutes left in the film, bill came into the living room and, in the spirit of my old roommate scott, started talking about being addicted to ebay and wishing we had an internet connection. the guy's crazy.
  • i haven't seen as many movies this year as i would have liked, but i've seen more movies in the theater than i thought was possible. over 120 so far. going to a film festival will do that. about half the films i've seen have been in the theater.

  • 11-21-06 (16:42)

  • there are two parts of my brain that are arguing over the subject of pop music. one side says that pop music these days is crap compared to that of 40 years ago. the other side says that pop music is pop music and i'm just an old fart inside. musically i'm ill-equipped to give an informed opinion. pop music of the 00s is catchy and geared towards the single, just as it was during the 60s. then and now pop musicians rarely write their own music. beyond that i can't make any sort of substantive claims about the quality of the musicianship. i can, however, comment on the lyrical content. lyrics these days are more sexualized, sensational, violent and less intelligent than they were in the good ole days. jimmy mack by martha reeves and the vandellas is one example that i was listening to today. it begins with simple lyrics that go something like this: "jimmy mack, jimmy, oh jimmy mack when are you coming back?...my arms are missing you. my lips feel the same way too." it sets itself up as a very typical love song, but the next set of lines go something like this: "i tried so hard to be true, like i promised i'd do, but this boy keeps coming round...he calls me on the phone about three times a day...this loneliness i have within keeps reaching out to be his friend...jimmy mack, jimmy, oh jimmy mack, you better hurry back....i want to say, i'm not getting any stronger, i can't hold out very much longer, trying hard to be true, but jimmy he talks just as sweet as you."
  • if you compare this to the simplistic lyrics of the 90s pop stars (backstreet boys, n'sync, britney spears, etc.) it's clear that these are much more sophisticated and textured. i compare jimmy mack to a modern song like fergie's "london bridges" which is about, among other things, a woman who can't control herself around a certain guy. in it fergie presents herself as a woman who is "such a lady" but dances "like a hoe." in this sense she has the same competing parts of her personality that martha reeves addresses in "jimmy mack." after the typical "i'm here, step aside, i'm great" type introduction, fergie launches into the chorus which goes something like "how come every time you come around my london bridge wanna go down?" the song's theme seems to be her inability to control her rock star world (she talks about slurring her speech while drunk; she talks about being a lady, yet she's dancing like a hoe; she talks about the paparazzi making her life front page news and her reaction to this [spraying them with mace]). clearly this is an anecdotal analysis, but i think it summarizes my thoughts on the state of pop music rather well.
  • i've also thought quite a bit about the abortion issue lately. i think it comes down to this: when do i believe life begins? well, i've looked back at my old ap biology textbook and found a clear definition of life, a definition that includes all lifeforms. comparing this with fetal progression charts i've come to the conclusion that human life occurs 392 hours after conception. so, my stated opinion is that abortion should be legal before this scientifically proven timeframe. after this time we must consider the child a human being, and thus abortion would be considered murder. i am a reasonable person, though. i understand that the woman is also a human with her own will, needs, wants, and rights. thus i have developed a secondary solution for the time frame between the 392 hour non-human window and birth. henceforth we shall treat these baby humans as renters, and the women as landlords. thus, the government will pay the women a small rent on behalf of the child during this window. this, of course, will be worked off by the child at a later date. further, if the woman wishes to abort her child past the 392 hour window she must give her renter one month notice. this notice must be filed in duplicate to HUD (the department of housing and urban development) as well as a new agency which will be created to link vacant landlords with renters looking for a place to live. in other words, potential surrogates with unwanted babies. if, after one month, the renter has not found a new landlord, the woman is allowed to evict the squatter at her discretion.
  • and with that post i bury all thoughts of ever holding public office.
  • yesterday i was at the library and i saw three women talking about the osu/michigan game which then led to talk about the browns/steelers game. this week i've actually heard just as much talk about the browns game as about the osu game. both teams are huge here.
  • i've got the next few days off, but i think i'll hike and read anyway.
  • had to buy new hiking boots yesterday because my old ones are too small to accomodate my orthotics. they're not waterproof either. my new ones seem okay so far. getting the right pair of boots is difficult.
  • two days after the fact, i discovered that the niners won their last game. that's three in a row, their first three game win streak in four years. i attribute it to a few things: the acquisition of jennings and allen (is that the left tackle's name?, can't remember), frank gore at running back, and the coaching. i also read that bryant (their best receiver) was arrested for driving while intoxicated. i just don't understand why people can't develop other habits. like playing too much red alert 2 or watching too many movies.
  • also read that robert altman passed away today. a good american filmmaker. a bit overrated for me, but i guess i should wait until tomorrow to say that.
  • a few minutes ago there was a family of deer in the clearing outside my window. they were running around, then eating, then running some more. deer are a major problem here. i forget the exact numbers, but a healthy deer population is around 10-20 per square mile, but the population at the park is around 100 per square mile. since all their natural predators (except for humans) were killed many years ago, the deer population goes unabated today. the park is working on solutions, but i don't know what they are.

  • morning of first snow

    car i drive while i work

    this is where i'll be working on the weekends:

    11-20-06 (14:40)

  • i see that usc is in third place, just barely behind michigan in the bcs standings. in the harris and usa today poll usc is in second, but the computer says otherwise. in a rare instance, i agree with the computer on this one. i love usc as much as the next guy, but here are the facts: usc has two fewer wins than michigan and both teams have one loss. michigan lost to the best team in the country and usc lost to an unranked oregon state. here's what i'll grant: usc lost by only two points, but michigan lost by only three. ohio state, though, played a fairly crappy game and still won by three points. in other words: michigan played well, ohio state turned the ball over three times, and michigan still couldn't win. michigan has one real quality win against notre dame. they also beat wisconsin, iowa and penn state which are good wins. usc, meanwhile, has beaten arkansas, cal, oregon and nebraska - all are top 25 teams. i think that if usc runs the table then they will probably end up at #2. if they do run the table (a big "if" since they still face notre dame and ucla), then they probably deserve to get the #2 spot. further, it wouldn't be all that exciting to see a rematch of michigan and ohio state.

  • 11-19-06 (20:57)

  • just saw a program on niagara falls on pbs. incidentally, we get two channels up here - pbs and some weird channel that shows old tv shows and religious stuff. anyway, learned about all the ways in which the falls have been changed by humans over the years. the very shape of the falls has been changed, native americans had (more) land taken in the 50s to make way for hydroelectric power, the flow is a mere 25% of what it was before humans started messing with it, etc. i knew that the flow was decreased, but i didn't know that it was to that extent. i also didn't know that they changed the profile of the falls for "safety" and aesthetics. the history surrounding the area is fascinating and (largely) depressing.
  • paul is out of town for the rest of the week so i'll be exploring the park and reading on my own for the next two days, then i get three days off. these days i've been doing a lot of trail walking and reading to get acquainted with the park and ranger policies, etc.
  • been playing more red alert 2 than i should.
  • hopefully the 49ers won today. it's a bit strange not having information readily available. i like the change though.
  • went on a talk with a former ranger who works at a county park. the subject was wild turkeys. i like learning.

  • 11-17-06 (23:50)

  • saw the second half of the big game at a pub today. watching an ohio state vs. michigan game in a pub in ohio is a rare experience. it's possibly the biggest college football rivalry in the country and they're #1 and #2 so...there was one table of michigan fans in the room i was in which made it a bit more interesting as well. everyone was really into the game, doing the ohio state cheer, yelling, etc. when the usc/cal game came on the pub didn't even have it on the tv, i had to request that they changed the channel from the georgia tech game. while the usc game was on there was a blues-rock band playing and everyone was paying more attention to them than the number #3 and #17 teams playing. it's a football state, but i guess they only care about their teams.
  • the usc/cal game wasn't as close as it has been the last few years. if you look at the stats i'd bet that the turnovers would appear to be the problem for cal. in actuality, though, they were a non-factor. they had two fumbles that they recovered, so those wouldn't be recorded and didn't really make a difference. they had one interception in the last minute when the game had been decided so that doesn't count. they threw one interception, but that actually ended up giving them two points (on a safety) so that, strangely enough, worked to their advantage. usc's defense was the story. cal had 9 points, but usc's defense only allowed 7. meanwhile usc's offense put up decent numbers as usual and they won the game. at the beginning of the year i thought usc's defense was in the top 3. i think they're probably not that good, but they may be in the top 5. usc remains a second half team under pete carroll.
  • during the game the live music act incited a man and woman to "dance." the woman was standing and shaking, but not really dancing. and the guy was playing the air guitar and gyrating, but, again, not really dancing in the typical sense. it was a funny scene. as i was leaving i came across the guy at a crossroads and he gestured with his arm that i should go, so i did. as i was walking towards the door he said that he was heading outside to smoke a cigarette because "it is good for me...not." other than in Borat i don't think i've heard a "not" joke in many years; it was unintentionally hilarious.
  • in the last year i've lived in: austin - home of the 2005 national champion texas longhorns, los angeles - home of the 2003 and 2004 national champion trojans, and ohio - home of the probable 2006 national champion buckeyes. put another way i've lived in: california, a strong blue state. texas, a strong red state. ohio, one of the two (florida being the other) most infamous "purple" states (barely won it for bush in 2004).

  • 11-16-06 (19:45)

  • tim, the older, cooler roommate, has offered to show me around the area. there's a antique market type place, a mexican restaurant, and a mini hearst castle that he thought i should check out.
  • i had planned on comparing the gas prices a couple days before the election and a couple weeks after the election, but i don't really see the point since they made it far more obvious than i thought. i had figured on a subtle increase over the next couple weeks, instead they waited a day and then increased the prices. it was so obvious that even the mainstream media picked up on it. gall.
  • i'm about 70 movies behind my annual goal of 300 a year. this lonely time should serve as a good opportunity to meet and beat that goal in spite of the 77 day road trip and stressful period without movie watching that followed it. i only have six dvds with me and don't have any movies on the computer so that'll make it tougher. netflix is likely to be slow out here as well. the local library has a vhs/dvd/cd collection so i'll be tapping into that as early as tomorrow.
  • today i played quake for the first time in several years.

  • 11-16-06 (15:48)

  • internet access isn't great around here and the laptop seems limited in its ability to download torrents. argh. spent most of the day figuring that out. also got some foodstuffs.
  • updated movies & list.

  • view outside my window. there's a road just below the edge of this picture.

    11-15-06 (17:22)

  • first real day of work is now complete. it wasn't really work though. paul, my boss, had his annual meeting with other interpretive staff members so he sent me off to tour the park on my own. i went to the major attractions, did a couple hikes, introduced myself to various employees at the ranger stations and that was about it. i have two days off and work again on saturday. missing the football games is going to be an annoyance. maybe i can find a torrent that has the games, download them, avoid learning the outcome, and watch them afterwards. finding internet is going to be another challenge.
  • tim is the older roommate and i talked with him tonight. he's a good guy and just as talkative as the other roommate (bill), but in a better way.
  • video tour 1 and video tour 2
  • i've fallen behind quite a bit on the picture posting so here's the last couple weeks' worth of pics:

  • last of the bookcases being trucked away

    book room empty for the first time in 27 years

    driving to meryl's in the corrado

    the corrado

    somewhere in colorado with jon

    somewhere in nebraska with jon

    mcdonald's in ohio, looks different

    my room

    canal lock at canal visitor center in northern portion of cvnp (cuyahoga valley national park)

    canal visitor center

    near bridal veil falls

    muskrat? beaver? not sure

    brandywine falls

    deep lock quarry. sandstone.

    ron jeremy lives in ohio

    11-14-06 (22:12)

  • this place is pretty lonely already. roommates pretty much stick to themselves and there's not much to do here. i don't feel as though the place is mine so that's a drag. if i was here by myself it would be better.
  • watched a few episodes of the office and ate dinner. the isolation will probably mean a lot of movie watching and book reading. i miss meryl.

  • 11-14-06 (17:32)

  • i'm in my new home, pretty much everything is unpacked and settled. met my new boss and got an idea of what i'll be doing for the next four months.
  • the last few weeks have been as hectic as any i've ever had. tying up loose ends in southern california, trying to get the car fixed and legal in northern california, visiting people, last minute changes, strains on the budget, etc. long story short: my mom gave me her car to use and she bought a new car a couple months earlier than she had planned. the corrado is at her place and will hopefully be legal soon enough. the biggest hang up ended up being the smog check which couldn't move forward without doing some things that take longer than i had. huge headache.
  • i have a lot of movies to review, will get that done in the next couple days.
  • cuyahoga national park wasn't made a national park until 2000. it gets 3.2 million visitors a year, but that number is highly suspect because they basically just count traffic through the park and the park's major trail (the towpath trail). since the park is between akron and cleveland and is home to hundreds of residents, it gets its share of non-park related traffic. during the baseball trip i relayed the fact that cuyahoga is one of the top ten most visited parks. seeing it, and knowing how the visits are counted, makes me want to take it off the list. that said, i don't know how one would arrive at a more accurate number. there aren't any park fees and the park will probably always be used as somewhat of a thoroughfare between cleveland and akron so that makes it difficult.
  • i'm hungry and somewhat tired.
  • left for ohio on saturday morning. i picked up jon in the corrado sometime after 8am and we left for la. the corrado ran well from the bay area to la which made me wonder if i should have just driven it to ohio after all. the rain of oil leaks under the car, which i discovered while unpacking it, made me happy i didn't. jon and i hit the road from la around 4pm. for the next two days we were in the car 90% of the time. we slept in the car for two nights and drove almost the entire time that we were awake. we made one stop in glenwood springs, co which was a nice stopover town in the western part of the state. after i dropped him off in chicago i drove straight through to cuyahoga and found a hotel. getting a good night's sleep was nice. during the entire trip the car ran like a dream in spite of having 235,000+ miles on it. it's not too cold here right now, i'd guess somewhere in the low 30s. there isn't any snow on the ground, but there usually is around the first week of december. we get what's called "lake effect snow" here. the warm winds (i thought they would have been cold) blow off of lake erie and hit the cold air here. this temperature differential creates condensation which falls in the form of snow. typically the area doesn't get much snow, which is contrary to what i thought. it does get into the single digits in temperature though.
  • my boss is a nice guy, but different from what i had envisioned. he's older and bigger than his voice indicated. he is a bit on the strange side as well. i met one roommate briefly while in the field and he seemed nice. he's a maintenance guy and probably in his 50s. the other guy is real talkative, in his 40s, and a little paranoid. should be an interesting four months.

  • 11-8-06 (21:10)

  • couple things still need work on the car, definitely coming down to the wire. everything in the last weeks has cost more, and taken longer, than expected. for the last two weeks i haven't been able to think about anything other than the car and preparing to leave la/marin.

  • 11-4-06 (01:20)

  • the next four months have finally settled in. i started packing up the car and got a little sad and nervous about the next chapter in my life. i've been so pre-occupied with getting things in order that i haven't really had the time to think about why i'm in such a rush. actually, i still don't. there are still a lot of things i need to do. there are tiny things the car needs done to it, things that will have to wait until i get to northern california.
  • i'm going to be pretty spotty with email and updates for the next four months, but i'll be writing and watching movies and doing stuff. uploads may be few and far between though.

  • 11-2-06 (13:21)

  • a couple of guys are downstairs right now loading the last of the bookcases. not all of them are going to fit, but most of them will and the bookroom will be empty for the first time since it was built. afterwards i should be on my way to pick up the car and then drop it off at the dealership to get a little work done. things are finally coming to a close. having things come down to the wire is stressful, but when you depend upon others, that's what happens. i've gotten a lot done since i've been here so that's a good feeling. the homes of jamie gold, my mom, dad, uncle, and (especially) grandmother are all cleaner, less cluttered, in better shape, and of better value than before i came. i even managed to save two or three hundred bucks in the process. as well as make $125 for my dad and a few thousand for my grandma. soon i'll be off to ohio where i'll do more work basically for free ($60/week which pays for food, gas, etc. and the leftover is my profit) and hopefully i can feel just as good about it.

  • 11-2-06 (10:35)

  • the kerry "controversy" is such a laughable example of politics. it's sad that even mainstream figures are referring to the joke as a botched joke about the soldiers. if they were intelligent, looked at the context, or didn't buy what was being sold to them so easily, then they would refer to it as a botched joke about president bush. even newt gingrich, when pushed by colmes, admitted that it was a joke about bush, but he quickly redirected by saying that he thinks what kerry mistakenly said is actually closer to what he believes than what he meant to say. i'm completely serious and i saw/heard this myself. it's so ridiculous. when you see the quote in the context of him making jokes about bush earlier in the speech then it's clear that he meant to refer to bush, not the troops.
  • here's how one AP article covers it: "Kerry got caught up in charges and countercharges with the president for saying earlier in the week when he told California students that if they did not do well on their school work they were likely to "get stuck in Iraq."" i don't find that to be very accurate or honest. with or without context it's very clear to me that kerry meant to say "get US stuck in iraq;" a clear reference to bush's stupidity and (likely) his biggest blunder. the right wingers saw a great opportunity to take the quote out of context and tie it into a larger idea that democrats hate america or whatever. they dug up his anti-vietnam speeches and mixed them with this latest misrepresentation and created a troop-hating liberal named kerry. this is nothing new, but it's remarkable that mainstream figures (hillary clinton, "journalists," comedians like leno and o'brien, etc.) are all buying into the lie wholesale. there's very little attempt at contextualizing the statement. rovian politics at its finest.
  • i think this one will carry for the next few days until the election and might be enough to sway a few thousand votes or get a few thousand more republicans to show up to the polls. it's amazing to me how easily people are swayed. everyone seemed to jump off the dean bandwagon when he had that one excited speech and now everyone's jumping all over kerry because of this joke.

  • 11-1-06 (14:26)

  • getting the car is taking longer than it should. guy took it to shop last week and they're taking their time fixing it. should get it tonight or tomorrow. after that i can begin packing up.
  • bookcases will be gone from the bookroom/garage tomorrow.
  • watched a bit of basketball last night. the heat looked awful. lakers looked pretty good. oh well.
  • saw phil for the first time in a long time on monday.

  • dinner with mom tonight, max tomorrow, dad the next day. leaving for northern california on saturday. none of the next four months will settle in until i get a car.