10-31-01 (21:08)
  • just saw an amazing world series game...one that will be remembered by sports fans for a long time. the series looks a whole lot different now that it's tied.
  • going to chevy's for dinner with johnny and vern.
  • passed the cbest test.
  • got the job at tower. in the next ten days i'll work a total of 73 hours between my two jobs.

  • 10-30-01 (01:35)

  • basketball was fun.
  • what are we bombing?
  • world is fiendishly moronic.
  • why is it that we always find out who politicians sleep with, but not who they are in bed with? that is to say...we find out who they have sexual intercourse with, but not who gives them insane amounts of money in exchange for political favors.
  • the most interesting part of my life is work.
  • pretty much on cruise control these days.
  • i'm thinking about the most consequential way to leave work. should i write out a list of grievances? should i explain to the management why they suck and how they could remedy it? should i walk out in a dramatic scene when michelle disrespects me? should i go out quietly? should i try to take as many people with me as possible?
  • today seemed pretty long.
  • i had sushi burps almost all day because i didn't eat anything else until after midnight when i had chips, salsa and ice cream.
  • the balanced diet is my forte.
  • didn't see kpax tonight. no big loss. it'll most likely be another hokie hollywood formula film.
  • it was nifty playing basketball with nic. normally he'll only hang out with us when luke is around.
  • i should play basketball more often. that won't happen though because davis has seasons. seasons are over-rated. i prefer to go to the weather and have my default be a sunny 70-85 degrees. i respectfully disagree with anyone who thinks otherwise.
  • watched some mnf tonight. saw one great play and then probably changed it to the history channel.
  • i don't really watch the news anymore and i've never been one to read news on the internet so i don't really know what's going on these days. i have started to get some blurbs in my inbox about the more interesting news often not addressed on tv.
  • pledged $120 on kvie the other day, almost forgot about that.
  • clemens will step up.
  • civilization II sounds like a good game.
  • i wasn't productive like i should have been.
  • when you look at it that way, yeah war is good.
  • cursive is lame unless it's good.
  • sleeping is the most fun i have on any given day sleeping is the most fun i have.

  • 10-29-01 (14:03)

  • went out for sushi with johnny and ivonne. it was pretty good, nothing fantastic, but good.
  • paid my phone bill online, suprisingly that's the first bill (other than ebay) i've paid online.
  • might play some basketball tonight. might watch kpax tonight. might not do anything tonight.
  • i should be productive right now.
  • i think eventually americans are going to grow tired of killing innocent afghans and wasting bombs. unless we get more information about our tactics i don't think we'll support the "war" effort for very long.

  • 10-29-01 (01:07)

  • just watched game 6 of the 1986 world series...what a game. i feel so so sorry for bill buckner.
  • watched the first few innings of the yankee/diamondbacks game and figures that it was going to turn out the way it did so i took a nap.
  • going to sushi with johnny tomorrow; melanie and ivonne might also show up, but i'm guessing it'll be just the two of us.
  • have tomorrow off, tuesday i have the interview at tower and work from 6 to close. same old stuff.
  • "peoples and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it." - hegel
  • i thought i read some quote from gandhi about his taking solace in the fact that good has always prevailed eventually. i hope i misread it.
  • "without music life would be a mistake" - nietzsche
  • "two great european narcotics, alcohol and christianity" - nietzsche
  • "wherever germany extends her sway, she ruins culture" - nietzsche
  • "god created woman. and boredom did indeed cease from that moment - but many other things cease as well! woman was god's second mistake" - nietzsche
  • "man is born free, and everywhere he is in irons" - rousseau
  • "the right of conquest has no foundation other than the right of the strongest" - rousseau
  • "what wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" - rousseau
  • "god makes all things good; man meddles with them and they become evil" - rousseau
  • "a man says what he knows, a woman says what will please" - rousseau
  • "democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." - winston churchill
  • "the arabs are a backward people who eat nothing but camel dung." - winston churchill
  • i think this makes it painfully obvious that even smart people say some extremely stupid things....just as nietzshce is dead on when he talks about music and european narcotics he's a bit simple when speaking about germany, and funny, but not very progressive, when speaking of women.
  • the newest orbital album has the feel of a lot of stuff that the kfmf (kosmic free music foundation) used to put out.
  • i'm going to sleep.

  • 10-28-01 (1:10)

  • updated movies list.
  • work was lame again. they (management) really don't have respect for others and it sucks. today was johnny's last day so it'll be even less bearable. if tower hires me and things are good there then i might quit. have work at 10am tomorrow, that'll suck ass.
  • last two days before i've gone to work i've listened to abbey road up until the second i left the house.
  • hung out with johnny after work.
  • watched tv with melanie.
  • got the new garbage album from a chick at tower so that's a sign of things to come....free music is good.
  • when johnny gets his digital camera back i'm going to take pictures of the escort and put it up for sale.
  • the first song on the new garbage album is pretty good, the second sucks and i'm listening to the third now.
  • on the one hand i want to ditch the theater job and on the other i want to tough it out. part of me thinks it's unbearable and part of me knows it could be a lot worse and i'm just being spoiled for thinking about leaving if i get the job at tower.
  • i find it really funny that people talk about things they really don't know shit about...whether it be the cause of cancer or the thoughts of an average afghan citizen.
  • next friday i see the taping of politically incorrect. yay.
  • i don't shower or shave much these days.
  • i should be more active. i wish i had enough of the kind of friends who would like to play ultimate frisbee or football on the weekends, but i don't know enough people and i think a lot of people just look at as too much of a pain.
  • i guess i haven't been into new music lately so i can't really comment on the state of affairs in the music world, but it seems that whenever i listen to radio stations that are playing new music it all sucks, it also seems that all the theater tunes which are supposed to introduce you to new music sensations are also all lame. this new garbage album is also no good. garbage's last album was good, oh well.
  • i need to ask for the 11th and 12th of november off so i can go to pyramid peak with johnny and vaughn.
  • i guess it's supposed to rain the next couple days.
  • looks like i'm going to get trained for the box on thursday and trained for projection (a 50 cent raise) next week. projection would make working at the theater bearable.
  • dawn of the dead was on ifc today...watched part of it. great flick.
  • i've concluded that the new garbage album is crap. i'm going to sell it unless someone claims it first.
  • watched the last half of back to the future today. johnny and i agree that it's a fantastic film.
  • i want to watch event horizon again sometime.
  • martin gave johnny a piggy back ride around theater #4 today while we were supposed to be cleaning. martin is the only person at the management position who isn't a prick; he's also a frat boy. woulda thunk i would ever get along with a frat guy?
  • it's funny how once you start working on a regular basis it becomes the main thing in your life...i don't think about interesting things like philosophy and politics and physics as much these days. most of the time i'm thinking about how i'm happy to be off work, about how i'm dreading going to work, or how lame work is. what i should do is bring the two realms together and form a union at work demanding respect, higher wages, benefits, more consistency, and logical guidelines.
  • i'm bored with life mostly. i have fun at moments in the day, but it doesn't enrich my life enough to keep me satisfied. maybe it's always been like that. either way it's funny that i feel that way because i'm more busy these days than i have been in the past. i also have much different standards for what qualifies as 'busy.'
  • i've found that for the most part i'm pretty okay with whatever is going on in my life. naturally i dis/like some situations more than others, but for the most part i'm just fine with where i am. when i was living with jordan i was pretty much okay with it...i didn't especially like it, but i could deal with it. the transition from school to work hasn't really been that strange for me...and such is the way i usually live my life.
  • i need a hobby.

  • 10-26-01 (23:55)

  • work was kinda lame today. sometimes i really like working there and sometimes i don't. the boss was being stupid and bitchy. johnny and i had a lot of fun despite her. martin (one of the manager types) was fun to work with.
  • got a call from tower records and they want another interview. ran into someone at work who works at tower and she said they were talking about me while she was at tower today.....see she comes by the theater sometimes and gives us free cds in exchange for free movies...so i guess things look good for me getting another job. yay.
  • was singing polythene pam (from abbey road) all night at work today, i think people started to get annoyed.
  • if i owned a theater i'd show better movies, movies with cheaper print prices, i'd play good music in the lobby and before the movies, i'd have a better kitchen area, i wouldn't abuse my workers, i'd pay above minimum wage and advertise that fact out front, charge more reasonable prices for food, and go bankrupt rather quickly - but it would be fun.

  • 10-26-01 (03:02)

  • updated movies list. watched 3 movies tonight. there was an employee screening of 13 ghosts and before that i watched riding boys and girls and cars with melanie. finally watched my memento dvd as well. "i can't remember to forget her" was one of the great lines in the movie. the interview doesn't go very deep into the philosophy the movie touches on, but i find that interviews with directors hardly ever get very deep. maybe because they think people aren't interested in it. i know that in the fight club dvd ed norton mentions nietzsche about 50 times, but then again he's cooler than most people out there. fyi: memento is #9 on the imdb top 250.
  • tomorrow i work from 6 to close.
  • i wish there were more 30 minute films which came out so they could package 3 or 4 of them in one admission price. it would make the 7-9 bucks more worth it. there are plenty of good 20-40 minute films out there and if there were theaters showing them then more would be made. even most independent film theaters only show shorts once in a while when they have a "film festival" or something of the sorts.
  • all sorts of anthrax scares going on around the country...this is a sad place to live in right now and i'm lucky i have distractions at this point in my life.
  • i should sleep..
  • 10-25-01 (17:05)
  • just yesterday i was talking to melanie about how this war is only a war as much as the war on drugs is a war. http://www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war.html
  • johnny is working all day. melanie has other things to do. might end up watching the new drew barrymore movie tonight. oh well.
  • i slept too much. i should do something productive.
  • i'm mostly a lazy person. that's something many people may not know about me, but it's true.
  • looked at my map of the us today and found it really amazing that i've been to all of the 48 conterminous states. it's a big country.

  • 10-25-01 (02:40)

  • updated movies list.
  • send email to my aptpupil.org address from now on.
  • my printer is dead. i'm going to break it with a hammer to finish it off.
  • seems like buy.com is a good place to buy dvds.
  • the first album on the beatles white album double lp is much better.
  • it might rain in the next few days.
  • johnny might be sick.
  • johnny and i went to woodland, hung around his house a lot, played magic (a geeky card game), and later watched a movie.
  • i have tomorrow off again. friday i work.
  • my back hurt more than usual today.
  • it's almost 4am now.
  • bought another pair of black work pants today.
  • need to take the escort in to be tuned up and get the front end suspension fixed, then i need to put it up for sale.
  • awards for the summer theater movies.

  • 10-23-01 (02:01)

  • had some fun last night with scott, vern and johnny. vern thinks we're criminals.
  • thinking that i know everything because i know that it's impossible to know anything is just as dangerous (if not more so) than thinking that i know everything because i'm educated. if you catch my drift.
  • one of my bosses at work had a really classic day...he was talking about paying people a quarter over minimum wage and how it's not a lot to us, but it means so much to them when it comes time for payroll. i think my coworkers started to feel sorry for theater; what a crock. i want to form a union. he also kept telling me how much he liked me - not for my charming personality or my reputedly large penis, but for the fact that i can work during the day and am reliable. he's probably a better boss than most minimum wage workers have. the thing that sucks the most about working there is usually you only get noticed when you do something wrong, but that's not true with all management.
  • today is a sad day...i got the beatles white album and it marked their move ahead of nirvana and the beastie boys. all that stops them from complete domination of my cd case is led zeppelin.
  • updated cdlist.
  • updated moviesiown list.

  • 10-22-01 (01:55)

  • updated movies list.
  • saw the last couple innings of the yankee game tonight, that was exciting. the yankees are proving that they're the champions until someone beats them in the postseason. great teams can turn on the switch like they've done so far this october. out of the remaining teams i have no real preference.
  • after work tomorrow i don't have any work until at least friday.
  • melanie's parents are giving her their old car so i might end up selling the escort.
  • i want to make a comical film documenting working at the theater. there are so many things one could make fun of - whether it be the fact that we wash the counters every 5 minutes in order to look busy or the fact that management is so anal at one point, yet doesn't take the time to properly train new comers. after working there for literally 5 days i was in charge of training johnny. after that i was responsible for training ivonne. and yet, just today, i found out that we're supposed to put popcorn kernels in the popper prior to the oil because if the popper is too hot the oil will explode in flames...i thought that was kinda important information. i guess it just slipped management's minds to tell us about that. it's a really funny place to work when you look at it in the right way and i think it would be fun to capture that point of view on film.

  • 10-21-01 (18:19)

  • the newest orbital album is really good.
  • yesterday was a good day. scott saw a movie at the theater and so i got to talk with him. after work johnny, vern, a couple people from work, melanie and i went for a night hike at lake berryessa. it was around 4am when we got back, but it was worth it.
  • might go out for sushi later this week with johnny and a girl from work. if melanie can come it'll be her first time having sushi. since it's all you can eat for under ten bucks it's as good a time as any to be introduced to it.
  • think i'll call scott and vern and see if they wanted to go to dinner. scott is leaving davis on friday so it'll be a farewell dinner of sorts...he's going to a police academy down in southern california.
  • the thing above should finally work, i ended up getting a different script from a different webpage because the one that johnny uses wasn't working for me. at any rate, it should work now and you can email me from there too. my new url will be: http://www.aptpupil.org and my new email address (though you can use the armory.com one still) is chris@aptpupil.org.
  • got paid today so that helps a bit. i applied at long's drugs so i might end up picking up some hours there if all goes well.
  • kings beat the lakers last night.
  • looks like jordan hasn't lost much of his shooting edge. that guy is amazing.
  • i forgot today was sunday (football day). working on sunday is better than not working on sunday because sundays are traditionally lame.
  • while i was on break today i sat in the lobby and talked to some kid who was waiting for his mom to come out of another movie. he goes to junior high in davis and skateboards. we talked about working at the theater, skateboarding, running, movies, september 11th, and living in davis. kids are better than adults.

  • 10-20-01 (17:30)

  • things aren't working yet, in a day or so i should have the stuff above online and working. going to work soon.

  • 10-20-01 (02:47)

  • updated movies list.
  • played risk today. we actually played thinking that the rules were one way when they weren't really so we're going to start a new game another day - this time knowing the rules for real.
  • pretty soon i'll have a real website set up. when it's up it'll be http://www.aptpupil.org.
  • pretty soon the archives stuff above will work. just got it working and all the links should work. thanks johnny.
  • maybe i get paid tomorrow.
  • today was long.

  • 10-19-01 (02:55)

  • updated movies list.
  • got memento on dvd today.
  • got a haircut.
  • life is so fun.

  • 10-18-01 (03:34)

  • hung out with johnny most of the day. we went all around davis just walking and playing frisbee golf by trying to hit signposts and the like along the way. johnny hit one bike and one guy walking on the sidewalk, i didn't hit anyone, but got close. i think johnny would have won if we were keeping score. it was fun.
  • played boggle with melanie tonight. we played 6 games and went 3-3. the sum of the scores was 115-114...pretty durn close. it was fun.
  • have work later today. the reason my work schedule is confusing is because there's no logic to it. i work thursday through monday.
  • listened to both cds on the newest orbital album...it's a lot different, but really good. they even used a tool sample. at first i couldn't place it, but with time i remembered.
  • got risk, the board game, in the mail today. hopefully i'll learn how to play it soon because it looks fun.
  • watched an hour long program on the history channel about the building of the world trade center buildings. it was made prior to sept. 11th and i'm glad they showed it.
  • michael moore is funny and wise. i've been kinda reading his book along with another book by my bed but the going is slow.
  • i knew the yankees would beat the a's. that's not to say that i'm glad they did, i have mixed feelings, but the yankees are champs and it's the postseason and they have more motivation than any other city in the world.
  • going to see bill maher filming p.i. on nov. 2nd. that'll be cool.
  • while i was walking around davis with johnny we went to the geology building and looked at the map of the us they have there. it's a pretty good map considering it's simplicity (it didn't have a legend and it was black and white).
  • gotta sleep. i really look forward to sleeping lately.
  • 10-17-01 (12:44)
  • no work today.
  • updated movies list.
  • going to hang out with johnny and play some frisbee golf or something like that.
  • johnny is quitting the theater and i'm going to start looking for another job to supplement my work there - i don't get enough hours.
  • got traffic on dvd yesterday.
  • seen 77 bucks worth of free movies so far.
  • haven't had a chance to really listen to the new orbital album yet. next week i have three days in a row to myself so i can get stuff done.
  • get paid friday, might be able to take the car in to get things checked out.

  • 10-15-01 (21:41)

  • updated movies list. iron monkey was a lot better than the advertising suggests. the final fight scene was amazing.
  • today was mostly boring. i'm going to eat.

  • 10-15-01 (17:00)

  • going to see corky romano today.
  • johnny is at josh's, vern is a movie nazi, phil is shopping, and melanie is at work so i'll be going alone.
  • bought some cds today. updated cdlist.
  • woke up to a dog barking incessantly. finally i got out of bed and yelled "shut up." it did so for a couple minutes and then returned to barking. ate leftover pizza, watched $100,000 pyramid and went to the bank. also went to the bike store and looked at some of the new stuff they had in. when i'm rich i'll convert my bike's handlebars to mountain bike style ones so that i'll have a more upright posture while riding.
  • finally got a pg&e bill the other day. called the phone company and got things squared away with them. also called uc davis and made sure to get my transcript sent asap (they didn't even have the order on their computers).
  • while i was flipping through channels i saw some guy on hgtv talking about davis california and it being a good little town where he went to college and got started on his architecture career. i missed what he said before, but i think that they had a little feature centered on davis, because the next half of the show centered on cooperstown. as part of the segue they said something to the effect of "like davis, cooperstown has a small town feel...." would have liked to see the first half of the show.

  • 10-13-01 (17:52)

  • worked from 10-2 today.
  • updated movies list.
  • going to get the archives working one of these days.
  • i think the yankees will win tomorrow.
  • might watch a movie tonight.
  • pretty tired since i didn't get much sleep last night and i stood for 7 straight hours.
  • vaughn, from work, says he would want to go hiking if johnny and i ever end up going to lassen so that could be cool.

  • 10-12-01 (03:33)

  • updated movies list.
  • work tomorrow from noon to 6pm. corky romano and iron monkey come out in my theater so there shouldn't be any sort of rush for those.
  • finally changed the oil today. also washed the car and filled it up with gas. i think i'll need to have the cb boots replaced whenever i take it in.
  • think i get paid tomorrow, but maybe it's next week.
  • found doom 2 on morpheus yesterday.
  • haven't gotten a phone bill since we've been here...same with pg&e. also haven't gotten my transcripts yet. wonder what the deal is.
  • bill hicks is funny.

  • 10-11-01 (18:06)

  • the worst news of the day is that nbc bought telemundo for 2 billion dollars.
  • the other bad news of the day was that a saudi prince tried to donate $10 million to nyc and we rejected it because he said that our foreign affairs were partly to blame for the attacks. a) he was right b) we should have taken the money no matter what he said.

  • 10-11-01 03:17

  • updated movies list.
  • added the archives in a more user friendly format above. if any of them don't work then let me know.
  • completely revamped the trip pages...put them in chronological order, touched up the pictures and fixed some dead links within them.
  • i can't believe that the same guy who wrote training day was the same guy who wrote the fast and the furious. training day was really well written and the fast and the furious was fun to laugh at it was so bad.
  • apparently there is a dogma film called joy ride so there are two entries for it on imdb.com.
  • i ordered the celebration on dvd today, i'll get it as soon as it comes out.
  • i didn't know that zoolander was a character ben stiller had created a long time ago and used on tv. learn something new everyday i suppose.
  • we held our movie awards of the summer today...the results are on the other computer, i'll post them sometime.
  • got rid of a few cds.
  • got rid of a lot of useless pages on my server.
  • added abbey road to my definitive albums list.

    One thing that literature would be greatly the better for
    Would be a more restricted employment by authors of simile and
    Authors of all races, be they Greeks, Romans, Teutons or Celts,
    Canít seem just to say that anything is the thing it is but have to go
     out of their way to say that it is like something else.
    What does it mean when we are told
    That the Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold?
    In the first place, George Gordon Byron had had enough
    To know that it probably wasnít just one Assyrian, it was a lot of
    However, as too many arguments are apt to induce apoplexy and
     thus hinder longevity,
    Weíll let it pass as one Assyrian for the sake of brevity.
    Now then, this particular Assyrian, the one whose cohorts were
     gleaming in purple and gold,
    Just what does the poet mean when he says he came down like a
     wolf on the fold?
    In heaven and earth more than is dreamed of in our philosophy
     there are a great many things.
    But I donít imagine that among them there is a wolf with purple
     and gold cohorts or purple and gold anythings.
    No, no, Lord Byron, before Iíll believe that this Assyrian was
     actually like a wolf I must have some kind of proof;
    Did he run on all fours and did he have a hairy tail and a big red
     mouth and big white teeth and did he say Woof woof?
    Frankly I think it very unlikely, and all you were entitled to say, at
     the very most,
    Was that the Assyrian cohorts came down like a lot of Assyrian
     cohorts about to destroy the Hebrew host.
    But that wasnít fancy enough for Lord Byron, oh dear me no, he had
     to invent a lot of figures of speech and then interpolate them.
    With the result that whenever you mention Old Testament soldiers
     to people they say Oh yes, theyíre the ones that a lot of wolves
     dressed up in gold and purple ate them.
    Thatís the kind of thing thatís being done all the time by poets,
     from Homer to Tennyson;
    Theyíre always comparing ladies to lilies and veal to venison.
    And they always say things like that the snow is a white blanket after
     a winter storm.
    Oh it is, is it, all right then you sleep under a six-inch blanket of
     snow and Iíll sleep under a half-inch blanket of unpoetical
     blanket material and weíll see which one keeps warm.
    And after that maybe youíll begin to comprehend dimly
    What I mean by too much metaphor and simile.
            [1935] Ogden Nash 1902-1971

    10-9-01 02:15

  • updated movies list.
  • went to sacramento and met up with my grandmother today. dinner was good.
  • have work tomorrow, but not wed or thurs.
  • got a free sega dreamcast by beating johnny's brother (luke) at a game of football. luke is a good guy despite being mean sometimes.
  • worked with johnny sat and sun, he makes the nights pass more quickly.
  • been too apathetic to care about foreign affarts.

  • 10-5-01 19:21

  • worked from 12-6 today. went to sleep last night around 6:30am because i thought that i didn't work until 6pm tonight.
  • got my first issue of the nation today.
  • updated movies list.

  • 10-3-01 14:27

  • "Any man who carries a hyphen about with him, carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready." -President Wilson. what a bastard.

  • 10-3-01 04:26
  • updated movies list.
  • updated archives.
  • updated cdlist.
  • updated poll.
  • had 5 more hours of work today. time passes by more quickly now that i've gotten a bit more accustomed to the new surroundings, tasks, people, etc.
  • don't work tomorrow (today).
  • ran some errands and went to work, that was my day.
  • i'm really eager to see "training day." getting free theater movies will be a definite perk of this job.
  • my boss has a VW bug and she parked it out front and came inside. as she was walking towards the office i asked her if it was a 1974 and she yes. i guessed correctly and she wasn't at all impressed. it was a lucky guess, but she didn't know that. what i'm trying to say here is that impressing her might not be something i should commit my life's work towards.
  • johnny got the job at the movie theater, they're going to call him tomorrow to tell him. wonder if he'll take it.
  • when i'm bored i should do something productive.
  • still waiting to get my transcript from davis.
  • saturday i have the cbest and 6 hours of work. what a day.
  • got terminator on dvd yesterday.
  • there was a good panel discussing the wtc incident on the history channel last night. the professor of american history at columbia was my favorite.
  • seen parts of glitter while working...boy oh boy does that look like a retarded movie. then again you could probably gather all that by yourself