10-30-06 (17:02)
  • updated movies & list.
  • went to amoeba today and picked up some stuff. updated cds and movies i own lists.
  • not liking the early sunset.

  • 10-29-06 (01:17)

  • updated movies & list.
  • didn't do much most of the day.
  • the usc game was a disappointment and a surprise, but i was pretty certain they wouldn't go undefeated this year. booty just doesn't make great decisions and he has a propensity to get his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage. my dad and i noted this a couple weeks ago in one of their close wins. by all accounts this is a year for rebuilding. what made it worse was that the cable signal was coming in and out every second or so and it was very disrupting. but with seven seconds left, the game's outcome having been decided, the signal suddenly came in perfectly clear and without interruption. a perfect execution of murphy's law.
  • saw two movies tonight. two for the price of one free pass. beautiful. you have to be semi-rich to stay up-to-date with movies these days. you're looking at anywhere from $8-10 per movie with at least one film (independent or hollywood production) a week being worthwhile. so i'm looking at at least $500 a year on movies in the theater. good thing i cut my own hair and don't have a cellphone. gotta make sacrifices somewhere...

  • 10-28-06 (12:17)

  • updated movies & list.
  • in a week i'll be on my way out of la.
  • there are 13 movies i want to see before i leave, that's not going to happen. i also want to sell some dvds, hike a hill, goto topanga state park, do some work for my mom, get rid of the bookcases, pickup my car, and more.
  • my dad gets me free amc tickets so that's a bonus. movies to see, in no order:

  • saw 3 - liked the first two, may as well watch the third
    prestige - christopher nolan isn't quite a must-see director, but his brother co-writes this one so that's a welcome change from his last two.
    running with scissors - good cast, snappy dialogue, looks like a rushmore-type comedy.
    man of the year - topical, robin williams is generally pretty funny.
    catch a fire - tim robbins is a good sign of a good film.
    flags of our fathers - it's clint eastwood and he's a must-see director
    deliver us from evil - documentary on interesting topic
    bridge - same as above
    babel - pretty good director, looks topical
    jesus camp - religious people are crazy
    science of sleep - gondry is one of the most visually compelling directors making films today
    us vs. john lennon - dad recommends
    shut up and sing - barbara kopple directs, she did harlan county usa - a classic.
    fox plaza, aka the nakatomi building in die hard.

    10-26-06 (17:59)
  • joaquim noah sucks.

  • 10-25-06 (23:39)

  • looks like jon will be coming along with me to ohio. that'll be good since much of that trip is going to be pretty boring. if i had a couple weeks to do it i'd visit promontory point, homestead national monument, chicago, salt lake city, and maybe dip down into rocky mountain national park, but i don't so it'll be a straight shot.
  • came up with a quote today, if i were mark twain it would be on some college kid's wall, but i'm not so it won't. you can only know what you're willing to learn.
  • i think that everyone, upon turning 16 (or 18), should be followed around for a couple weeks with a camera. after that 2-4 week period they should be forced to watch the footage. some people are beyond introspection and self-evaluation, but i think it would prove valuable to most.
  • i also think that people running for congress, at least at the house of representatives level, should not be able to make more than double the median income of their constituents for the two years prior to, and, if they win, following their bid at a congressional seat. i think this one, relatively simple reform would go a long way towards making elected officials work for the people. that is, after all, what democracy is supposed to be about.

  • 10-24-06 (20:43)

  • the dateline piece "to catch a predator" wherein they set up a sting operation to look for pedophiles online, is indicative of what is wrong with our penal system (no pun intended). the goal of the show isn't to rehabilitate, rather it's to embarrass and humiliate in a crass attempt at deterring future crime. the truth, though, is that they've proven this tactic is futile. several times they have had men caught in the sting who have seen the show before. in one instance they even had a guy who was caught in the very same sting by dateline in the past. when people do wrong things they're thinking they won't get caught. in watching this show, it seems that pedophiles are more often thinking "i shouldn't be doing this, but i feel compelled to anyway." i don't want to call it a disease or illness, but clearly these people need something beyond rudimentary discipline. but that's what our criminal justice system does. don't get me wrong, pedophiles deserve to get a good ass raping, but it's still a sad commentary on our society that we prefer to simply isolate and punish, rather than trying to fix the cause of the problem. ask foucault for more info on this.
  • started painting my uncle's place today. hopefully i'll be done tomorrow.
  • still have a lot of stuff to do in the next couple weeks.
  • several movies out that i'd like to see as well.
  • pictures will be uploaded by tomorrow.

  • 10-23-06 (23:13)

  • updating pictures page some more. added several hundred pictures, several directories, and made folder icons larger. total now stands at 3,515 pictures.
  • they're reaching the bottom of the barrel when they start saying that hillary clinton had plastic surgery. maybe she did maybe she didn't, but isn't that one of the least substantive issues to raise at this time?
  • i'll be working 35-40 hours a week as an intern which means i'll have a decent amount of time to myself. hopefully i'll watch a lot of movies and explore the park a lot.
  • the firing of the arizona cardinals' offensive coordinator.

  • 10-23-06 (17:00)

  • except for the musicals and the screenplays, all the books in the general stock were taken away on saturday. three guys came by with a huge truck and it took us about six hours to get them all packed up. they had huge cardboard boxes (about 4 feet cubed) that they'd place on palettes and fill with books. after one was full, they'd raise the platform and use a hand palette lifter to move it into the truck. this was all made more difficult by the incline that the truck was on. the palettes weighed at least a thousand pounds each and would want to roll down the inside to the front of the truck. it was quite an undertaking. just getting the truck parked and in position took about 45 minutes. because there are a lot of trees and not much space around the house, they had to do a lot of maneuvering. when they finally got lined up the huge hill that leads to the driveway (which is also not level) made it so that the back of the truck hit the ground before the tires got to the hill. the picture below illustrates this effect more clearly than my words. they were backing up, in the picture they were moving from left to right. my solution to the problem was to pile a bunch of boards under the spot where the tire needed more elevation. after some tinkering and some thrown wood (it was a four wheel drive truck), we got it to work.
  • the thursday after next they should pick up the bookcases.
  • started the purchase process for the car today.
  • tentative departure date for ohio is 11/11. thought about leaving from la after the usc/oregon game, but i just can't do it. it's about 34 hours of driving according to mapquest and i need to be there on 11/14 at 1pm. i'd have to do about 16 hours of driving each day and i just don't know that i can commit to that. i did it once, but i split driving time with meryl so it was different.
  • haven't watched a movie in a while, that'll change now that the car situation seems settled and the books are gone. i still have plenty of work to do around the houses (grandmother, uncle, mom), but the two biggest things are done. also sent off my internship paperwork so that should be done.
  • haven't seen any of the world series games yet.

  • book room and garage

    10-22-06 (20:18)

  • another car option.
  • actually, it looks like i'm going to buy a 1992 corrado with 107k on it. the seats are great, it's in my price range, it's not the v6 model so gas mileage is reasonable, and it's a volkswagen. the guy who's selling it is really cool as well. he runs with the famous santa monica track club, is an aussie and loves volkswagens. his father's a photographer who had a poster of blow-up (to my knowledge, the first film to feature full frontal nudity) by the front door.
  • while searching for cars, it occurred to me that my use of "proper" english is a detriment when dealing with people who don't speak "proper" english. there were absolutely no communication problems when talking to someone with an aussie accent and aussie colloquialisms, yet speaking with american speakers is often quite confusing. i think knowing how to use proper grammar and how to enunciate can work to your disadvantage sometimes.

  • 10-20-06 (21:48)

  • best car i've found so far.
  • second best car so far.
  • pretty good new jib jab vid.

  • 10-20-06 (16:43)

  • found a pretty decent 1994 civic that's a bit above blue book, but has had a lot of recent work done and the seller isn't a prick. thinking about pulling the trigger on that deal, but don't have the cash yet.
  • got a call from yellowstone national park today regarding an internship there. i wasn't here, but max talked with the guy and told him that i had already committed to cuyahoga and wouldn't consider dropping out of that commitment. the guy said that that was a good thing and that i'm high on their list already, but i'd be even higher on their list after the cuyahoga experience (for a summer internship) and that i should give him a call about it. that's the holy grail of internships so far as i'm concerned, so that's clearly very exciting for me. maybe, if i pay my dues for a year or so, i could get my pick of actual paying jobs at a national parks service site.

  • 10-20-06 (10:31)

  • responded to an ad for a honda civic in culver city and got a reply. when i looked at the fellow's name, i was very tempted to buy the car sight unseen. his name was jon voight. oddly, if it was a car less desirable than a honda civic i'd probably be more tempted. if you don't understand this seinfeld reference then i deem you to be of weak moral character. go back to afghanistan!
  • my search for a car has been dogged by a lack of prompt replies from various people. there are a couple cars that i'd probably buy right away, but the people aren't reachable for a test drive, etc. so...back in the day before craigslist and easy online posting, i would sell old computer parts, etc. on the recycler - a free classifieds newspaper in the area. people had to call you to get more info and this meant that they were serious. these days, though, it's so easy to send an e-mail or post something online, that you never know when someone is serious about buying or selling an item. we have cell phones and e-mail, yet it honestly seems more difficult to reach people these days. typing "these days" twice in one paragraph is a definite sign of old age.
  • clearing out your inbox is a good feeling. when i first wrote that i typed "clearning" instead of "clearing." maybe i should have left it that way since it's a good combination of cleaning and clearing.
  • updated pictures page. the program i use for displaying the pictures is fantastic, but i haven't quite mastered the update function, though i haven't messed with it much lately. so i've been updating the entire album (all 5gigs worth), rather than just the stuff that is new. it takes more time to upload and process, but i have it work overnight so it doesn't really affect me.
  • took apart my digital camera the other day. it's quite an ordeal to pry it apart and get every little screw out. the inside is quite remarkable. very tightly packed and inaccessible - now i understand why the camera shop advised me to send it to canon. of course i'm about two months past the warranty so that's not an option. at any rate, it was a good experience. i tried to clean the area where i thought the image sensor might be located, but i'm sure my efforts were fruitless. the lens and image sensor are encased beneath a tight tangle of flat wires. it was neat to see how complicated the camera is, but i don't think i did anything good for it. in fact, after closing it all back up i was left with three screws so that was humorous and cliché. to my credit, the screw holes are difficult to find and the screws come in about 6 different sizes and head types.
  • tomorrow the books will begin their exodus. many of them have probably been down there over 20 years. i wonder how they feel about the situation. if anything, books probably want to be read and appreciated. neither was happening for them here so i'm happy for them.
  • found out today that my $60/week stipend goes towards food and anything else i need. i was afraid of that. i had hoped that there was a cafeteria plan or something worked out with regards to food. oh well. looks like i'll be lucky to break even with this internship. $660 for four months - food and expenses, $0.19/mile for traveling to (and from?) the internship, and a $75 clothing allowance. it'll be pretty barebones and lonely living, but that'll be good for me.

  • 10-19-06 (18:57)

  • looking for a car is exhausting.
  • sean hannity is a dumb fuck.
  • "god bless america" isn't really a complete sentence. what exactly does it mean. when i try to parse it it doesn't make sense. is it a command? a hope? if it were "god blessed america" that would be different. if it were "god, bless america," that too would be different. but "god bless america" just doesn't make sense to me. i think it's in the vein of dickens' famous "god bless us, everyone." but neither really makes sense when you actually think about it. the best i can figure is that it's sort of a prayer: "god, please bless us."
  • remember what the big story of the summer of 2001 was? the summer before "9/11" the big story was....shark attacks and, if memory serves, gary condit killing some chick. the press is so inept and ridiculous...it makes my blood boil.
  • in a couple political science classes i took, i remember teachers citing research that stated that stronger political parties would go a long way towards bettering the country. i forget the exact logic involved, but i never agreed with it. i think political party affiliation is pretty strong these days, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • found this guy in the book room downstairs

    10-18-06 (11:50)
  • took my digital camera in a week or two ago and they said that there was likely something on the sensor and i'd have to send it in to canon. since the camera is (barely) more than a year old it doesn't fall under warranty. it'll cost (at least) $89 to fix or i can upgrade for $125, but the upgrade is basically the same camera - no increase in megapixels, zoom, features, etc. a new camera would cost twice that, but would be an actual upgrade. i can choose to never take pictures of the sky, or i can do something about the problem. i think i'm going to take a look at it myself and see if i can fix it. if not then i guess i'll just have to live with it until i have enough money to buy a new one. it's a shame because i really like the camera and would have liked to have a long relationship with it. c'est la vie.
  • finally applied for a passport yesterday. spent over $100 on that. these days, though, i think it's necessary. you never know when the ss or gestapo is going to ask for "zee papers und documents!"
  • i'm not going to have easy access to the internet while i'm in ohio. this sucks primarily because i know there are going to be a lot of things that i'll want to look up online. i wish there was some way of storing wikipedia.org on my computer for offline access. actually, there are webpage downloaders, but i've never had much success with them and i don't know how functional the site would be. searching, etc. might be difficult.
  • going to an auto auction tonight. we'll see how that goes.

  • here's a picture from death valley that shows the problem fairly clearly. in the middle of the picture you'll notice a dark spot in the sky. this is generally only visible in pictures with the sky as the background.

    10-17-06 (16:27)

  • went out looking for used cars today. found a few that were appealing. test drove a few. dealt with some pushy salesmen and some not so pushy ones. new experiences are good.
  • it's going to be strange to, within the next month: buy a new car, drive across country by myself, get a new job, work for someone i've never met, live in a place i've never seen, buy new (nps approved) clothing, etc.
  • sold the books. max got half the money today and will get the other half on saturday. she's decided to keep the screenplays and musicals, but the bulk of the stuff will be gone.
  • people are so fucking strange. wrote an email regarding a honda civic on craigslist, all i asked was when i could see the car and here's the response i got:

  • "hi
    it's still available, honey.
    Every time call me.


    10-17-06 (01:09)

  • this commercial is undeniably great.

  • 10-16-06 (20:03)

  • updated movies & list.
  • saw the departed and was impressed. good to know that gangs of queens (kidding) and bringing out the dead were blips in scorsese's career. with the aviator and the departed he seems to be back on track.
  • updated recommendations.
  • arizona's looking impressive against chicago right now. hopefully they win. i like green and, of course, leinart. i also like james' no nonsense approach, but couldn't support him while he was a colt.
  • got a call from glen canyon recreation area for an interview. they said i was on their top five candidates for consideration, but i had to tell them that i had already committed to cuyahoga. the lady said that i could look them up afterwards if i was interested in the field so that's nice. i guess not many people are willing to work for slave wages so when they see someone who is willing and well-traveled they jump at it. people do seem to be impressed by my travels, and since it relates a bit to the field i think it helps.
  • theisman is such a moron. the bears were down by 13 in field goal range and it was 4th down with 9:25 left. theisman says "i think you have to go for it here." he went on to explain that three points would only bring it down to a 10 point deficit which means the bears would still need to score twice. i hate this strategy and it's been proven incorrect several times. the best strategy is to take the points that you can get most readily and here's why: let's first assume (foolishly) what he was assuming - that the cardinals won't score again. even if the defense holds an almost sure 10 point deficit is better than a likely missed fourth down conversion and a 13 point deficit. a 10 point deficit means you only have to get one touchdown and a field goal to tie. that's not that bad. it's at least 30 yards easier to get 10 points than it is to get two touchdowns and 14 points. this is a big difference. now, let's not assume that the cardinals don't score. what if the cardinals drive the ball 40 or so yards and kick a field goal. a 13 point deficit becomes 16 which is two touchdowns and two (unlikely) 2 point conversions, or, more realistically, two touchdowns and a field goal. no, theisman, you take the points and play defense. that's the smart play with so much time left.
  • oh, and what happened on that 4th down play? the cardinals intercepted it and nearly ran it back for a touchdown. the interceptor was barely knocked onto his right knee before running 60 yards for a touchdown which ended up getting called back. so, yeah, great idea moron.
  • bears just returned a punt for a touchdown to pull ahead by one. looks like the 4th down play is now a moot point. my first thought was "fucking cardinals are blowing it," but my second thought was "it's leinart time." this is his first chance to start crafting his legend. we'll see...
  • well, he did everything he could. james didn't get a first down and rackers missed a field goal. too bad. to me, though, the cardinals are starting to look as good as we knew they could be after drafting leinart and picking up james. hopefully they don't allow the loss to hurt them mentally. leinart's drive to field goal range looked montana-esque to me. short, decisive passes coupled with a command of the clock. fun game.
  • one thing that's good about the shitstorm that is our political landscape is that people know that voting actually matters now. before, people would claim that one vote doesn't matter. while it's true that no vote to my knowledge has ever come down to a single vote, that outlook is pretty well defeated by now. florida, ohio, etc. we know that so many elections these days are going to be nail-biters so maybe people are little more inspired by that fact. now, if we can get every (legitimate) vote to actually count then we'll really be on to something...

  • from last week vs. washington:

    10-15-06 (23:01)

  • the bcs standings came out today and are as mysterious as always. usc is #2, but any human knows they shouldn't be that high. i love them, but they're not that great this year and i've talked about why this is true in great depth already. cal is ranked ahead of tennessee in spite of losing to that team and both teams having the same record. that said, i think cal is actually a better team right now, but it doesn't seem right to rank them ahead of a team that beat them when both teams have the same record. lsu got screwed in the bcs as well. i also think that west virginia, weak schedule and all, should be ahead of auburn since they're undefeated.
  • niners have an offense again, but their defense sucks ass.
  • i know that the american league is better than the national league since they win the all-star game all the time (not that that's really an indicator of anything as the all-star "team" isn't much of a team) and the national league has won something like two games in the last three world series. but, this year, the AL playoffs have sucked. three series and the losing teams in all the series won a combined one game. the yankees beat the tigers in the opening game and then lost three straight. the a's beat the twins three straight and then lost four straight to the tigers. not very exciting. the dodgers were swept, but the other two series have had some drama.
  • if anyone can tell me the first teen flick to have that cheesy everyone-claps-in-the-end type ending then lemme know. you know, the kind where a main character does something inspirational and some secondary character starts clapping slowly and everyone else joins in. they made fun of it in "not another teen movie," and i've seen it used before, but i can't think of one that did it early.
  • got a call from paul at cuyahoga national park and he offered me the position. i told him i needed a day to think about it. i've thought about it and decided to take it. the biggest issue is getting a car. if anyone knows someone who's going to get rid of a car for cheap then lemme know. i need it to be good enough to get to ohio and back. it's gotta have a heater and i'd prefer a/c and cruise control. more than anything it's got to be reliable and cheap. other than that it sucks to be away from meryl and it'll be weird going into an unsure situation. but i think it's a good opportunity, i get paid a little and it give me a chance to live in another state for a while. also, it's only about 11 weeks so it's not that huge a commitment.
  • there are several films i need to see. 49 up, the departed, little children, jesus camp, science of sleep, etc.
  • met up with james today. good guy. he's going to italy by himself tomorrow for ten days. should be fun. we played some catch and talked about sports, life, etc. we also recounted the high school days when he was on the football team with steve smith. he recounted the time he tried to cover stevonne without success.
  • short, but sweet, story about inspiring moment's newest development.
  • "American Pie star Tara Reid was devastated after her body was left ravaged by botched breast implant and liposuction procedures. The star originally decided to have plastic surgery to fix her lop-sided cleavage and ended up being embarrassed to show her body in public. She tells American publication Us Weekly, "I got my breasts done for the first time because my breasts were uneven. I was a 34B, but the right one was always bigger than the left. I weigh 110 pounds now, but I always used to fluctuate by 10 pounds, so my skin was kind of saggy. I figured, 'I'm in Hollywood, I'm getting older, I'm going to fix them.'" The 30-year-old says the operation went wrong from the very beginning saying, "First of all, I asked for big Bs, and he (the doctor) did not give me big Bs. He gave me Cs, and I didn't want them. At all. Right after the surgery, I had some bumps along the edges of my nipples, but the doctor said, 'Don't worry, it's going to be better.' But after six months it started to get worse and worse." The actress says her breast implants made her self-conscious - especially when it came to being intimate. She says, "Guys I was dating would be like, 'What's wrong with them? They look really bad. You know, you should really get them fixed.' So embarrassing. I mean, you definitely need to turn the lights off, that's for sure." Reid also underwent liposuction on her thin frame at the same time to make her muscles appear more sculpted. She says, "I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted - I'm not going to lie - a six-pack. I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing." Reid underwent reconstructive surgery last month and has endured a painful recovery, but insists her life is back on track. She adds, "I'll never be perfect again, but I've got my self confidence back.""
  • i love that last quote. "i'll never be perfect again."

  • 10-12-06 (17:20)

  • been making a lot of aesthetic changes to the site lately. added info bubbles on links (check the sidebar) as well as the same info in the status bar. also made various secondary pages match the color scheme of the main page. planning on reworking millersmovies a bit as well. thinking about a new logo/layout. changed font to ms sans serif for all secondary pages. tried to make uniform the movies reviewed pages and the top ten pages.
  • been thinking implementing buttons which will allow the user the ability to change the color scheme. i think white on black is much better on the eyes, but some people might like traditional white on black more. still thinking about that one.
  • you're looking at what will likely be the new font so now's the time to bitch about it. will try to test it out on a variety of displays before i commit to it fully.
  • started painting my uncle's kitchen today. should be done tomorrow.
  • the remaining books (save the musicals, screenplays, and most collectible items) are on ebay.
  • jim gaffigan to be on conan tonight. yay.

  • 10-11-06 (16:48)

  • tower's reunion site.

  • 10-11-06 (00:18)

  • updated movies & list.
  • tried watching the new version of "all the king's men" and couldn't finish it. it begins at the end so you already know willie stark turns bad, and i found the acting to be subpar and the storytelling to be uninspired. probably the best thing about the original is that we trust willie stark in the beginning. seeing his character turn and fall victim to the allure of power is fascinating, striking and entertaining; by structuring the film the way they do in the 2006 version, they take all the bang out of this aspect. i also found sean penn to be poorly cast. the heavy set broderick crawford works well because he's big, lovable and innocent in the beginning, and menacing and scary in the end. penn never achieves the first and i didn't stick around to see whether he was able to achieve the latter (though i'm sure he did). one reason i'm sure he did is because his entire post-fast times at ridgemont high career seems to be geared towards living down the image of jeff spicoli. in other words, he seems to seek out the most intense and serious roles possible.

  • 10-10-06 (14:01)

  • this line was apparently in a respectable washington paper: "hastert and boehner need to get on the same page, or republican troubles will continue to mount." freudian slips don't get much better than that.
  • found the original article.

  • also found this one:
    hastert on fox - nice, peaceful background

    hastert on cnn - same press conference, different angle. he's in a freaking graveyard. what a moron.
  • saw lisa lampanelli on leno the other night. she specializes in stereotype/race comedy and is dubbed the "queen of mean." she was making some joke about how she has a latin boyfriend and she's worried that he'll steal her purse. ha ha ha. anyway, they censored "steal" and "purse" in that joke and another innocuous word in another, similar joke. i think they bleeped it to avoid getting in trouble for the racist jokes, but bleeping words like "steal" and "purse" is crazy. this is where we are in society.
  • i think the yankees should have fired torre. it's easy and sensible to blame the players since they're the ones who didn't hit, pitch, or field well enough to win, but i think the problem is systemic. he's got to be responsible for creating a culture of winning and not allowing them to feel sorry for themselves or allowing them to think they will win without trying. the last five years they have been great on paper and have failed to perform to expectations. the best player in the league has seen a serious decline - more strikeouts and errors, and a lower avg. that "murderer's row" lineup had insane numbers, yet they went about 20 innings without a run. pathetic.

  • 10-10-06 (08:05)
  • got a call at about 7:30 this morning from paul at cuyahoga national park. he conducted the interview and told me i was in the top 2 candidates for the position. description: "Preserving 33,000 acres of woodlands, meadows and ponds along the Cuyahoga River, Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers outdoor education and recreation opportunities within an urbanized region. Share these opportunities with visitors as you educate others about winter recreation in the area.
  • Operate information desk at the Winter Sports Center contact station, 45%; handle administrative and other managerial duties, 35%; prepare and present winter recreation programs (with emphasis on natural history) to the general public and different age children, 10%; assist with staffing of a main visitor center, 5%; training and project assistance, 5%." 11-13-06 to 3-5-07
  • sounds pretty cool and is available very soon, which i think is desirable. i'd probably have to get a car if i were to do it, but that's not that difficult. more a drain than anything else. it sounds like a smooth enough transition since there are retail elements to the job, instead of it being strictly about public education. it would probably give me an opportunity to learn the history and science of the park while doing other things. i'd get free housing, accident insurance and $60 a week. so it's essentially a volunteer position, but that's what all of them are. the longer programs pay $160 a week and include free medical insurance. paul made it sound as if there are good employment education opportunities so that would be a bonus as well.

  • 10-8-06 (23:05)

  • i don't feel very sorry for most of the administrative staff of tower records because i know, for a fact, that they are much of the reason for the downfall. i do, however, feel very sorry for all the clerks and lower level employees who, as usual, are going to feel the brunt of the liquidation. they don't have severance packages and they weren't the reason for the failure of the company.
  • got this from the leno show, though i can't remember if it was him or his guest who uttered it: "democrats like bookmarks, republicans prefer to bend over the page." zing!
  • GOP: grope our pages
  • i love that fox "news" identified foley as a democrat. brilliant.
  • some are calling for the end of the page program. i heard one guy say that the dems dropped the ball by not getting rid of the program when they were in power. that's politics at its most humorous. first, it deflects blame. second, it assumes that congressmen are going to be inappropriate with their pages so, rather than getting rid of those congressmen, we should just get rid of the temptation.
  • updated movies & list.

  • 10-8-06 (17:53)

  • tower records is liquidating. pretty sad, but that's what happens when ownership throws cocaine parties and people steal music online. story here. might need to be registered to view it.

  • 10-5-06 (00:08)

  • updated movies & list.
  • been relatively obsessed with economic inequality and home ownership lately. ll cool j put it best: "the world revolves on an economic axis."
  • hurt my back the other day. feeling better, but not 100%.

  • 10-3-06 (11:35)

  • job listing on craigslist for a davis-based youth shelter like the one i worked at in woodland:
  • FamiliesFirst, Inc. in the Davis location is seeking a School Counselor for our Non-Public School in Davis, CA. Part time available.

  • Shift Time: 6:30am-2:30pm M-F (part time 2-3 days/wk.)
    FamiliesFirst's Non-Public School combines, rather than separates, elements of educational and therapeutic treatment. Academic, interpersonal, and social lessons are taught by a teacher and two classroom counselors in each eight-to-ten-student classroom. Our school serves emotionally disturbed boys from the ages of seven through fifteen. We have eight classrooms where students are appropriately placed based on their chronological age, level of educational function and behavioral concerns.
    Supervise, care for, and provide counseling for children, one-on-one or in groups, help develop/implement behavioral/treatment plans, plan activities, and maintain required documentation. Participate in meetings and training. Perform other duties as required, such as transporting children.
    -Requires fifteen (15) college units or 1 year of work experience with SED children or equivalent combination of education and experience.
    -Ability to speak clearly and present information both verbally and in writing.
    -Ability to read and interpret documents e.g. safety rules and instructions
    -Ability to write routine reports.
    -Some positions require ability to lift 50 lbs.
    -Various shifts available.
    Starting Pay Range: $9-9.50/hr. DOE
  • this is what's wrong with the world. my grandmother's housekeeper makes $15/hour and people caring for abused/neglected kids are getting 9.50/hour. nothing about that makes sense. in my experience you generally get paid for: experience, knowledge, responsibility, and risk; but that doesn't always seem to apply. i wonder what a barista at starbuck's makes.

  • 10-3-06 (18:25)

  • the yankees lineup is insane. surprised that matsui and sheffield were both able to get back in time. it's going to take a deep pitching staff to beat them. not just good starters like the tigers have, but a team with a deep bullpen that can help the starters late in the game. the yankees lineup makes the pitching staff work like no other lineup - because they're deep and because they're picky batters. guys like cano, jeter, giambi and (especially) abreu have high per at-bat pitch counts which means the bullpen gets into the game quicker and that's a weak point for a lot of teams. they're a lineup that beats you with skill as much as attrition.
  • while i'm prognosticating...america generally likes a split gov't - republicans in the executive and democrats in the legislative. but history also favors the incumbents. so, in the first place you have an indicator that favors dems making a big jump in the upcoming election, but the second indicator is favorable for the republicans. in general i'd think that the incumbent would win unless there is a scandal (foley, burns, etc.) or the democratic challenger has raised quite a bit more money. CT's districts 2 and 4 is somewhat interesting because there's a republican incumbent who narrowly beat his competitor in 04. spending is about equal, but CT is a democratic state. here, i would put my money against the money and incumbency and bet on the democrat, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
  • IL's district 6 is dead even in cash raised. this is one of those that the democrats have to win (since it's a blue state) in order to make a run for the majority. the democrats picked a war hero who lost her legs in the war to go against a guy who has been around for a while. if the dems can't win this one then it's bad news. the santorum vs. casey race is also interesting. santorum has raised about twice as much, but people think this one will be close. this is one of those that i don't expect the dems to win because of the 10 million dollar gap in fund-raising, but if they do then it's more an anti-bush referendum than anything else.
  • tennessee's senate race is one that's polling close, but the republicans have raised a million more. it's an open seat so there isn't any incumbency to consider. TN, along with MO and KY, are the three states that have gone to the winner of the presidency since 1964. in other words, those three states are as good an indicator of the national mood as any. speaking of which...talent (r) vs. mccaskill (d) in MO is another big race. talent has raised 19.6 million, mccaskill has raised 4.5 million. polling is slightly in favor of talent, and that's where i'd put my money since he's raised so much more and is the incumbent.
  • i don't see any "contract with america" type national movement on the part of the dems this go round so i don't think they'll win the majority. i think they'll gain a couple seats, but it will be billed as an upset since so many thought they were going to take back control of congress. thus, even in victory, they will achieve a measure of defeat - it's the democratic way. further, i fear even more for their success in 08. they seem to be running more against bush, and incumbent support thereof, than for some plan of their own. there's a little talk about what to do in iraq or on the homefront, but overall there hasn't been much shaping of the debate by the lefties. trying to connect foley and hastert is a good enough idea, but the republicans will give it the lott treatment - cut off the cancer and move on. instead of taking the untenable (but true) position that their is a fundamental problem with the republican party, they need to make a case for the democrats as the way of the future; not vis a vis the republicans, for in comparing yourself to the republicans you give them power. the democrats must be their own entity, separate from the republicans. let them self-destruct and don't be so happy to bring it up when they do - it just makes you look desperate.

  • 10-3-06 (14:29)

  • cuyahoga internship: "Preserving 33,000 acres of woodlands, meadows and ponds along the Cuyahoga River, Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers outdoor education and recreation opportunities within an urbanized region. Share these opportunities with visitors as you educate others about winter recreation in the area.
  • Operate information desk at the Winter Sports Center contact station, 45%; handle administrative and other managerial duties, 35%; prepare and present winter recreation programs (with emphasis on natural history) to the general public and different age children, 10%; assist with staffing of a main visitor center, 5%; training and project assistance, 5%." 11-13-06 to 3-5-07
  • homestead internship: "Are you interested in learning all aspects of the National Park Service? Come to Homestead National Monument of America in southeast Nebraska. Homestead is a small NPS site that tells the large story of the Homestead Act of 1862. During your three months at Homestead you will be exposed natural resource management, interpretation, and administrative duties. You will leave with a well rounded view of the operation of the NPS that you would not receive at a larger NPS site. Homestead National Monument of America is located on the site of the very first 160 acre Homestead claim filed in the USA. You will assist park staff with project work in the areas of natural resource management, cultural resource management, interpretation, and visitor services.
  • Assist in visitor reception in the Visitor Center, operate audio-visual equipment, assist visitors with questions concerning park resources and interpretive programs, maintain stocks of free publications, special event planning, 50%; vegetation monitoring, exotic and invasive plant control and monthly monitoring of water quality, 40%; clean and maintain historic furnishings in the Palmer-Epard Cabin and Freeman School and assist park staff with cataloging and accessioning museum objects, 10%." 2-5-07 to 4-28-07

  • 10-2-06 (10:53)

  • dropped off meryl this morning. she was only here for the weekend, but it was good to see her.
  • my first sca internship opportunity was sent out today. it would be a three month internship at Homestead National Monument of America in nebraska. not the greatest state, but an important monument marking an important act. it's apparently a bit on the smaller side and would allow me to learn more about the nps system than if i were working at a larger park.
  • hurt my back friday so i've been out of commission since.

  • updated movies & list.