10-30-07 (20:06)
  • just had a little quake. big enough to feel, but not big enough to do anything. this from usgs:
  • An earthquake occurred at 8:04:54 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, October 30, 2007.

  • The magnitude ? (not yet determined) event occurred 8 km (5 miles) NNE of Alum Rock, CA.
    The hypocentral depth is 9 km ( 6 miles).
    Magnitude ? (not yet determined)
    Time Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 8:04:54 PM (PDT)
    Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 3:04:54 (UTC)
    Distance from Alum Rock, CA - 8 km (5 miles) NNE (31 degrees)
    Milpitas, CA - 11 km (7 miles) E (91 degrees)
    San Jose City Hall, CA - 15 km (9 miles) NE (45 degrees)
    Sunol-Midtown, CA - 17 km (11 miles) NE (45 degrees)
     Coordinates 37 deg. 26.0 min. N (37.433N), 121 deg. 46.5 min. W (121.776W)
    Depth 8.8 km (5.5 miles)
    Location Quality Excellent
    Location Quality Parameters Nst= 25, Nph= 25, Dmin=3 km, Rmss=0.05 sec, Erho=0.2 km, Erzz=0.6 km, Gp=50.4 degrees
    Event ID# nc40204628
  • turned out to be a 5.6. bigger than i thought.

  • 10-29-07 (18:14)

  • usc's defense did a great job against oregon. held them to 339 yards and 24 points (lowest of the year for oregon). cal also held them to 24 points, but i don't think their offense turned the ball over at the ten yard line either. cal allowed 497 yards in that game. clearly the usc defense isn't to blame for saturday's loss. that oregon offense is so dynamic (they passed less [about 20 fewer attempts] against usc than they did against cal) and explosive that holding them to 24 is an accomplishment. usc's offense just didn't take care of the ball and made some bad playcalls. sanchez's two ints didn't help either. he's still the better qb, though. 4th and 1 and they ran an end around to mcknight. that's the time when you bring in chauncey washington and run it up the middle. or, as they did later in the game on 4th and 1, fake a fullback dive and pitch it to mcknight. the offensive coordinator is learning, albeit slowly. unfortunately when you're looking for a national or pac-10 championship the room to learn is basically zero. in the nfl you can lose up to 8 games and still make it to the playoffs which gives you an opportunity to win three and, thus, the championship. in college football you can't afford to lose 2 games. even if you go undefeated you might not make the national championship. sometimes you can win it with one loss, but rarely will you see a team make the big game with 2 losses. the margin of error is just too small to have a rookie coordinator, qb, rb, etc.

  • 10-28-07 (17:28)

  • oink was taken down the other day. one news report about it incorrectly said that it people paid to download illegal mp3s. oink never charged anything, though they did accept donations, but those donations didn't effect your ratio at all.
  • bother noticing that all the postseason teams are using the rally towels these days? nothing's organic anymore. that's not to say that the rally monkey or any other shtick ever was, but at least it was created at the team level and filtered down to the fans. with the thunder sticks and rally towels it seems like some corporation makes a deal with mlb and gets the exclusive rights to the year's rally equipment. so lame.
  • the only time i hear from my sister is when she needs something. that said, i don't really bother contacting her much anymore either because our conversations don't really go anywhere.
  • speaking of which, i'm going to la next week to see if i can get her car up and running again. it's been left in my dad's driveway since she left for college. it's rotting away and probably needs a lot of work, but i'll replace the battery, change the oil and see what else i can get done. also going to see the osu/usc game.
  • oddly, this is the same weekend that luke planned a football game amongst friends. guess i'll be missing that one. i miss playing football and basketball with friends. it really hasn't been since college that i've done that more than a couple times a year. pathetic.
  • speaking of pathetic, world series is on right now. boston is already up 1-0. the 8 day lay off for the rockies was pretty lame. so is the 40 day lay off for the teams that play in the college football national championship. who plans these things? assholes and morons.

  • 10-27-07 (21:09)

  • usc lost. bye bye rose bowl, pac-10 championship, national championship. now begins the build-up for next year.
  • gotta work tomorrow. yay.
  • seen two movies in the theater in the last two days.
  • corrado's got problems. what else is new?

  • 10-27-07 (12:02)

  • biggest game of the year so far for usc today. oregon has an unusual offensive scheme and usc's only weakness on defense is its secondary. all three great linebackers are healthy (cushing and maualuga both coming back today after injuries). i don't know who's starting at qb, hopefully it'll be sanchez. oregon is very fast, faster than cal from what i've seen. if i'm carroll i rely on a power rushing game and stout defense to win this game on the road.
  • cal plays asu today and we'll see what both teams are made of. is asu for real? is cal? is cal going to stop the bleeding? great year for college football and this is the best week for the pac-10 to date.
  • bought some lumber for a new dvd case. building it right now. wish i had a finish nailer and air compressor, would have been done by now. not having the right tools and enough space have been hallmarks of my career as a carpenter and handyman. never in my life have i had all the right tools and enough space to work in. "a good carpenter doesn't blame his tools." but the other part of that saying is that a good carpenter has good tools and a workshop.
  • looks like sanchez is starting. yay.

  • 10-23-07 (11:15)

  • got sick yesterday. not sure how it happened. came upon me suddenly. took the day off. i can't recall the last time i called in sick to work. i only did it a few times while at tower - i'd usually work through it.
  • listening to the soundtrack for into the wild it occurs to me that the soundtrack belongs in a good movie, too bad sean penn didn't hold up his end of the bargain.

  • 10-22-07 (22:05)

  • looking for cal to rebound this week at asu. they're too good offensively to lose three in a row. their defense is definitely suspect (they've allowed 23+ in all but one game), but tedford is a good coach and college football is a coach's game. asu is highly rated, but they haven't been pressed yet.
  • usc is 21 on the computer, but 12 on the bcs and in the top 10 in the human polls. i expected them to be in the top 10 of the bcs, but i was wrong. the computer ranking will move up a lot if they run the table against ranked opponents - asu, cal, ore, and (maybe) ucla (if they continue to play the way they have against pac-10 opponents). bill plashke wrote an article about a qb controversy for usc. at the end of last year i called for sanchez as the starter and it's looking now like he'll be seriously considered to take the job from booty. the nd stat line is deceiving, though. he had 4tds and no ints, but he wasn't making amazing throws and, for once, the receivers were helping the qb. that said, i'm still backing him as the starter for the rest of the year. he's more of a leader and, as mentioned before, is more mobile than booty.  booty could come in and provide excellent backup work in a blowout or calm down the team if sanchez is having an off game (which he is susceptible to because he's so excitable).
  • oregon is doing well right now in part because of their big victory over michigan, a team which is in the top 25 again. cal, meanwhile, is suffering from losses to two unranked teams and the low ranking of tennessee. they're currently unranked in the computer (as are texas and hawaii, who are higher than cal).
  • in watching the lsu/auburn game i thought they were equals. lsu is getting too much respect, if you ask me. many are questioning the decision to go for the td in the final seconds of the game. i don't question the decision because they had plenty of time and an incomplete pass would have stopped the clock and they would have still been able to take the field goal. i do, however, question the way they did it. they came up to the line so slowly and without urgency that it looked like they didn't realize how much time was left. they should have rushed it a bit more and given themselves some breathing room in case of a sack. other than that, though, i don't think they're as crazy as some sports writers.

  • 10-20-07 (21:00)

  • watching the auburn/lsu game right now. they look pretty even to me. lsu is up by 3, but homefield advantage is big for them, especially at night. the sec is like the pac-10 in terms of the top 4-5 teams being able to compete with anyone nationally, including each other.
  • party at don's was decent. lots of people, most of them were at least 40 which was odd.
  • looking into getting some edumacation at laney college next year. i get opportunities to work on homes for people, but don't have all the skills, tools, experience required to help them out. if it were my own house i wouldn't mind trying to install hardwood floors or tearing down walls and patching the remaining area, but i don't want to charge someone so i can learn, and make mistakes, on their home. i've learned a good deal from don when it comes to how to do a quality tile job, but i'd like to have the same opportunity to shadow other subcontractors. since that's not likely to happen, going to school is the next best thing.
  • red sox are right back in it. game seven is must see tv.

  • 10-20-07 (15:00)

  • cal/ucla game is good right now. ucla makes some good, aggressive defensive calls. blitzing on 3rd down and the like. cal just got burned on a halfback pass. safety sagged to play the run and got beaten deep. this one will come down to the last few minutes.
  • usc/nd isn't the same as it's been the last 80 years or so because nd is so shitty this year. that said, with these kinds of rivalries you can't ever say a game is a lock. so far sanchez has looked good and the receivers have been solid. i've also liked the offensive playcalling. defensively they haven't allowed a point, but that's as much because of nd's bad offense as it is because of usc's good defense. sedrick ellis just sacked nd's qb. next play they triple-teamed him and sent a pass on the flat to the other direction. usc then forced a fumble. two great plays in a row.
  • desean is in the midst of his second 100+ receiving yard game of the season and he had his longest reception of the year (39 yards) today. longshore being back definitely helps them. now their defense needs to step up. that said, i'm rooting for ucla. desean just got a handoff for a hb pass and ran backwards about 20 yards before running for a 3 yard loss. in that same play the ref went down with cramps in his legs and received some stretching help from a trainer. don't think i've seen a ref on his back getting his hamstrings stretched by a trainer before.
  • usc is up 24-0 now. ucla lost big to nd at home. this is such a strange year when ucla can lose at home to a shitty nd team, but then push cal to a six point deficit in the 3rd quarter. kentucky is losing to florida, but that was predictable in spite of the rankings. usf lost to rutgers, that was also somewhat predictable. they may lose to louisville as well. south carolina lost to vanderbilt which was not predictable. alabama beat the overrated tennessee vols. pete carroll said that booty wasn't starting because the extra time off would help him heal. i think that he's giving sanchez another shot at the starting gig. based upon his performance so far i think that sanchez should remain the starter.
  • ucla looks like the ucla i expected this year. strong defense, some talented receivers, good coaching. they've only allowed more than 20 points two times this season. cal has allowed 21+ in all but one of their games and ucla has 20 against them right now. call is at the 4 yard line so it looks like ucla is going to allow more than 20 for a third time this season. nbc's camera work is rather poor. too close, doesn't follow the ball well, etc.
  • i expected michigan state to make things uncomfortable for osu in the first half, but i was wrong. they're making it uncomfortable for them in the second half, down by seven in the 4th. not impressed by dan fouts or the play by play guy on nbc.
  • going to don's birthday party later today. hopefully will finish the cal game first. pick six. game should be over.

  • 10-17-07 (23:28)

  • busy as usual these days.
  • right ear hasn't been working the last few days. decreased hearing. was better today, but not back to normal. some say it's an earwax blockage, which i find hard to believe, and some say it's a pressure buildup that will be fixed by taking sudafed. no insurance means going to the doctor is an expensive venture. i've been using a two pronged attack to try to ameliorate the problem, but have seen only mild gains in hearing. yay.
  • back hurts as always.
  • looking forward to the weekend.
  • usc is looking to bring back booty for next week against nd. not my personal choice, but then again i don't get the big bucks.
  • meryl's car had the check engine light go on. my corrado didn't start up today, probably the battery. seems to be an electrical drain on the car that kills the battery after about two weeks without being driven.
  • wish i was rich.
  • juggling two jobs has been an occasional pain. might work half a day at alumni house and half a day at don's tomorrow. blah.
  • hopefully the alumni house makes some money in the budget to make me full-time with benefits. that would be ideal.
  • talked to an electrician the other day about the price of copper (through the roof in the last few years) and he said that it's because of the war in iraq and the increased demand for it over there. not sure i buy it, but it's the best theory i've heard so far. it's a mystery to me how one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust could all of a sudden triple in price.
  • mike hart is my pick for heisman at this point.
  • good article in the dailytrojan about the injury problems. it cited this one scary fact: "USC, however, has yet to field the same offensive or defensive unit in any two games this year. " they only have one offensive lineman who started the first game and will start against nd this week, and he's got a cast on his right hand.
  • the thing about college football is that people get so upset or worried or whatever about every little move in the rankings from week to week when none of it really matters until: 1) you've played all your conference games 2) you've played all your ranked or almost ranked teams 3) all the teams in front of you have done the same. until that happens (usually the last week, sometimes the penultimate week), nothing's really settled.

  • 10-13-07 (19:40)

  • the cal game is interesting. if they win, and they should, they'll be #1. oregon is up by 10 now, but cal is explosive.
  • cal just scored and has a good shot of coming back.
  • osu has it with about 2:20 left and it's 3rd and 9 and the radio announcers are saying osu should run it if they're smart. this is retarded. a smart team knows that 2 minutes is an eternity in college football. you have to throw it an hope for a first down. a run here takes off half a minute, but gives you basically zero chance of a first down. they decided to throw, but didn't get it. it gave them options at least.
  • i talked with meryl about this game yesterday and mentioned osu's ability to play up to better competition. they did it a few years ago against cal after they beat usc, they did it to usc last year, and now i'm told they've actually won the last four games at cal. ball at five yard line. second down now. 1:13 to go. plenty left. :49 left, 3rd and 17. bad mistake by riley to spike the ball, worse mistake to take the sack. 4th and 17 now. great 4th and long plays: usc vs. notre dame - leinert to jarrett. usc vs. stanford - stanford converts and goes on to win the game. they converted. they've got a good chance of tying it up at this point. if they do they'll probably win in OT. they have the momentum and are at home. :24 left now. i would bring a zone blitz here to confuse riley who's a freshman. i actually would have done that on the 4th down play. you force him to make a quick decision and it'll likely be a short pass.
  • i've thought all year that ohio state was better than cal and with this close game i wonder how the ranking will work out. of course none of it matters at this point; all that matters is what you're ranked at the end.
  • the radio announcer is super pissed off at riley right now for running instead of passing it. i think they just lost. holy shit, that's a massive mistake. it's amazing how foolish some of these guys can be sometimes. usc was at something like the 2 yard line earlier today and they ran a pitch play to mcknight and he dropped it. rather than jumping on the ball and preserving possession he picked it up and tried to do something with it. luckily for usc nothing bad happened, but it easily could have. of course you have to think about chris webber calling a timeout as well. these young guys who just don't know what the situation is really kill me sometimes. it's amazing that they can be good enough to get this far on good teams, but still be so absent-minded at key points in the game.
  • well, cal lost. i'm not too upset about it. luke rubbed the stanford loss in my face and cal was pretty smug this week so...
  • usc looked good and bad today. sanchez should remain the starter because he has a bigger upside than booty, who is a game manager at best. sanchez brings a mobility when plays break down that booty lacks. he had a huge run towards the end of the game that kept a drive alive for them. he also had two interceptions, but i think he learned from them. that said, i think usc's best case scenario this year is a pac-10 championship. name one other team that had national title hopes at the beginning of the season have had injuries such as: 4-5 offensive lineman (spanos has a torn triceps and six stitches on his hand, but is playing; and they lost sam baker in this game as well), two of their three best running backs (johnson still out), their two best linebackers (lost maualuga today, cushing is still out), their starting qb (a heisman hopeful up until a couple weeks ago when they lost their first game, a game in which he broke his finger in the first half), and at least two defensive backs. frankly, with all of those things in mind, i have no hope of them regaining their dominance this year, but i do hope they can gain some chemistry and find some leadership and make a run at the pac-10 championship. it's up to them at this point. if they beat oregon, asu, and cal then they should get it.
  • besides injuries and a weak offensive coordinator, i think they lack leadership. it's something they had the last few years with quality seniors like palmer, fargas, various offensive linemen who weren't constantly injured, smith, jarrett, and leinert. someone needs to fill that void and it's not booty. i have nothing against him as a person, but he's not a leader. maybe sanchez is. mcknight was the spark today, though. they had been breaking him in really slowly thus far, but they leaned on him a bit today and he stepped up. he's got plenty to learn, though.
  • happy to see lsu lose. i'm sure my nemesis, marc, would say that they were screwed somehow, but i don't buy it. there were two people in the usa today poll that were voting for ohio state as #1 all year, today their votes were validated. their defense is the best in the country. still beatable though.
  • been painting the last room in my aunt's place since yesterday. there was a big problem because of some painting over wallpaper. wall is all messed up so i had to skim coat one of the walls. got some practice on my trowel and hawk technique. need to sand it once more, then prime, then paint. need a little more work on some of the trim as well. the bad thing is that this weekend is one of my more busy ones. i "volunteered" for the cal homecoming from 6a-10a this morning, then painted from about 11a to 5p with some football watching in between.
  • tomorrow we have meryl's grandpa's wedding to go to which means i won't be able to work on the painting until tomorrow night, and only for a little bit. first wedding i've been to since my parents' second; that was about 20 years ago. jon and monique had a reception, but not a real wedding in the traditional sense. i'm not a big wedding/funeral person. anything formal isn't for me.

  • 10-9-07 (21:07)

  • busy day at work. there are all sorts of projects that are going to take some time to complete. we're also looking into fairly major upgrades of the infrastructure and they (the human resources/facilities director (my boss's boss) and the executive director) wants to make me project supervisor of them. that would mean overseeing the implementation of about $200k worth of funds to do all sorts of construction projects throughout the building. one thing i've learned in the last week is that $1 in the residential market equals about $5 on campus. in other words, a project that might cost $1,000 in a person's house would cost five times that on campus, in large part because they don't bid any of the projects. on the one hand this ensures accountability and quality (because you're only getting work done by university employees), but that also means not being able to shop around for competitive prices. and frankly i can't vouch for the quality of some of the work i've seen done around my building.
  • jeff tedford (cal football coach) is the highest paid employee in the UC system, and no one even comes close. this was on the front page of the daily ucb newspaper the other day. a couple head doctors as ucsf were #2 and 3. #4 and 5 were also doctors one from ucla and one from berkeley, i think. i'm pretty sure that tedford actually makes more than $1 million more than the #2 person. according to espn.com, ben howland (ucla basketball coach) makes less than $1 million a year, but could make a bit over that because he has bonuses tied to graduation rate, making the final four, winning coach of the year and the national/pac-10 titles.
  • another issue on campus is the debate regarding the expansion of the football stadium. they want to cut down a bunch of old oak trees on campus and some people have taken the matter in their own hands by pulling a julia butterfly hill - i.e., camping out in the trees so they can't be cut down. i've yet to come across anyone who supports the tree-sitters or their cause, which is pretty pathetic given the activist history of ucb. i guess it's indicative of our times in general though. i don't know enough about the specifics of the controversy - how integral the trees being cut down is to the plans, how many trees are scheduled for murder, etc. so i don't have a solid opinion on the issue. i think losing trees, especially older growth oaks, is a shame though. ucb recently won their first legal battle to get the tree-sitters out and move on with the construction. though it's not over yet, i think it's just a matter of time.

  • 10-9-07 (08:19)

  • another day another dollar.
  • mnf was good, first round of baseball playoffs was not.
  • been as busy as ever at work.

  • 10-7-07 (16:20)

  • "Booty cracked a bone on the tip of his middle finger on his throwing hand when he hit it on a helmet in the second quarter, but played on. "He fought through it and was doing all right," Carroll said. "We could have made a change but we went with our guy. I don't know about next week."" that's the best news i've heard since last night. to his credit, though, the offensive line has been beaten up the last couple games and his receivers are basically crap.
  • the thing that vexes me more than anything else is why usc is losing the turnover battle so consistently this year. it's been a forte of theirs under carroll, yet this year they just don't seem to force turnovers or hold onto the ball like they have in the past.
  • there definitely aren't any unbeatable teams in college this year. parity has been a theme in big college sports the last few years - from appalacian state to george mason - smaller schools are putting forward better teams.
  • niners are back to sucking. the offensive line has issues, gore can't do much, smith is injured. defense is better at least.

  • 10-6-07 (19:43)

  • usc just lost. it's frankly not that surprising to me. the fact that it happened at home against stanford is a surprise, but not that they lost. booty just isn't a very good qb. he's a decent game manager, but not the kind of guy that really wins a game for you. the receiving corps is very weak this year. the secondary is suspect. but the injuries probably hurt more than anything else. two centers out, plus another offensive lineman, one of the best linebackers in the country (cushing) is out, two of the best three running backs are out and a couple defensive backs as well. they're hurting big time. that said, there really isn't any excuse to lose to stanford at home. stanford is a lot better this year than they were last year, but there just isn't any excuse. i think usc needs a new offensive coordinator because his calls the last couple years have been quite poor, especially when filling in for someone as great as norm chow. i also have to say that i liked stanford's blitz on first down when usc was trying to come back. that's the kind of call that very few defensive coordinators make, but it's what winners do - play aggressively to the end. i'd also like to point out that the john david booty age has been marked by less than stellar offensive play. in all their three losses with him at qb, they have had a chance to win the game, but in each instance the last offensive possession was: pass deflected vs. osu, pass deflected vs. ucla, pass intercepted vs. stanford. in other words: booty sucks in crunch time. time to bring sanchez in as the starting qb.
  • lsu is down 10 right now and they might fall to florida which means that cal will be #1 and osu will be #2. if lsu loses this is how i'd rank the top five: osu, cal, florida, lsu, south florida.
  • lsu won which is kinda good because it means i don't have to hear it from the smug cal fans at work quite as much.

  • 10-5-07 (17:45)

  • played meryl in minigolf on meryl's birthday. i won once and we tied once. our all-time record is now at meryl: 3 chris: 2 ties:1.
  • busy as usual.

  • saw into the wild the other day after finally finishing the book. awful.