Oct. 31...later. this is a long one so be prepared
oh boy...some people really are gay. remember stk13777@loki.stockton.edu - his name is Eric...he's the guy whose site i wanted access to...he has lots of rare beastie boys...something i have craved for a long time...anyway...as you can see below i asked you people out there to help me get access to his site...I wrote him an e-mail...as is says to do on his site...asking him for access to his site...he replied asking what i had to trade...now for those of you that aren't 'hip' with the mp3 scene this is a major taboo...asking to trade for something that has already been essentially stolen (the music) is not only dumb, but breaking the unwritten hacker rules. anyway apparantly this joker - eric visited my site...since i have the link on the bottom of my e-mails and saw that i had called him a punk (also below)...he was very offended and wrote the following e-mail to me: I'm a punk am I?  That's nice.
yes that is the entire e-mail...to which i replied: after looking over the three mails that i sent you i have not found reference to you being a punk...i'm not sure where you are getting that idea from.
at this point i had not figured out that he had visited my site...after remembering that i posted something on my site about him...and remembering that i had a weird webpage visitor not too long ago (my counter logs everyone that visits my site and where they come from...i noticed a weird visitor...it was obviously him)...i put the two together and then wrote the following e-mail:
ah ha...so you are the mystery visitor to my webpage...now i get it.
Yes i did call you a punk on my webpage...but that is because the spirit
of mp3s and warez is supossed to be that everything is free...If i
wanted to pay for the mp3s i'd just buy the cds...why do you think ratio
sites are hardly ever listed on mp3 search engines - because they are
i do however understand that you have an extensive b-boys list...all the
more reason to want to distribute...however I tried to make this
beneficial for both of us...but i gues you don't like that idea, much
like you do not like the idea of FREE music.
yes allowing people to go to your site and see all your mp3s but not
allowing them to download any is being a punk.
i doubt that this e-mail will persuade you to give me an account even
after all the mp3s that i offered you...
to which he replied:
It's the fact that I have 15 gigs of rare stuff and when people upload they upload shit or virus's so fuck people, I was just trying to help but not anymore.  This site is for my friends and my brothers.  I never posted this site anywhere so it is people like you who post my site and piss people off when they try to log on so who is the punk now?  I have about 15 people on my computer at all times (all friends or family).  I have a PII 400 with 128 megz of ram, I am a computer science major so for most of the day I am compiling programs I made and at bnight I have parties and play my mp3's and I don't want to be in the middle of a party and have my computer skip in the middle of a song because too many people are on....
um...the guys obviously has a few screws loose...so i am now replying:
um i'm not sure i asked what kind of computer you have...however it sounds like a nice system...my winamp never skips...not sure what the problem with your version is...you should try 2.04...it's very effective. 15 gigs - i am very impressed...you are more of a thief than i will ever be. i assure you that i would never upload viruses (or virus's for that matter)...i know that you being a computer science major you are a very apt virus squasher...so i would never try such a thing. if you did grant me access i'd be sure not to go on during your extensive party sessions. as for me posting your site...um i don't recall doing that...in fact i know i didn't. maybe one of your 'friends' did...seeing as you have so many it would be hard to keep track of them all...i'm sure it wasn't one of your 'brothers'...15 people on at all times? wow that's a popular site...funny i never had a problem going on...guess i just caught it at a lucky time...or maybe you have a 16 user maximum - either way i am a very lucky person. i'm also very lucky to have you visit my page...i feel very fortunate to have a computer science major with a PII 400 visit my site - it almost makes my life complete. i only wish that i was smart enough to spend my entire day making programs on the computer...oh woe is me...i am almost worthless compared to you...i am obviously less than half the man you are...i have a pentium 200...only 64 megs of ram...i'm only a lowly political science major...i'm in the company of people like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke and Aristotle - only some of the most influential philosophers ever...you however are in the elite company of people like bill gates (the richest man in america) he is obviously much more of a person than any of the people i listed. jeez i'm such a loser...your last name is champion...how can i ever hope to live up to such highness as yourself. i've only had about 3 people on my server...and woe is me i only have a 33.6 connection...i really am a loser...i don't even party, much less at my own house...playing my own mp3s for that matter! i only wish that one day i could have a party at my house with everyone getting drunk and listening to mp3s off my computer....but alas i am a loser...i don't even have all the pornography that you have (e.g. you have debbie does dallas in your root directory in vivo format) you truly are a great man for that...i mean really...i don't have debbie does dallas on my computer or even vhs for that matter!...if only i could be as high tech as you are, but my last name is miller, not champion, i only have 1.5 gigs of mp3s...most of which is not rare...i only have a pentium 200 with 64 megs of ram...and i am only a political science major...i don't party...now if you will excuse me i'm going to go kill myself Chris 'not a champion' Miller
depending on how he responds to this e-mail i'll either write him and tell him to stop mailing me unless he is going to say sorry or grant me access...or i'll just ignore him...or if he does something dumb like mail bomb me or something gay like that I'll just call up stockton university or college or whatever it is and tell them that they have a student that is serving mp3s off their connection...a prospect they will not find too appealing....to be continued...

Oct. 31
happy halloween or something
updated my essays...or papers page link is on the left or here if you suck
updated my interesting stuff page...finally click link on left or here if you suck
updated my voter stuff...click on feature on the left or here if you suck
note if you click on the left it comes full screen...otherwise it only loads in this frame...which is fine...if you have a good resolution, but according to the data i have compiled, half of you are running at 640x480 or 800x600... a far cry from a good resolution.
updated the pictures too...added 4 i think...and stuff...check it out
added gayness to the top of my page as well.

Oct. 30...later that day

  • fuck all you idiots...this is how sad America is. Please note that the Beastie Boys have sold 3 million plus albums...The Backstreet Boys (the gay white boy 'singers') have sold 7 million plus albums...sad! Also note that N' Sync is currently number 4 and the Beastie Boys are 20th...I'm thinking about buying a couple thousand albums myself just to put them where they belong. that's all on that subject
  • Beck has come out with a new album...I hear it's very different from his usual hip-hop style...I'll wait for the mp3s =)
  • Rage Against the Machine's album will come out some time in 1999...should be early in 1999, but i'll keep all updated.
  • Black Sabbath has a reunion album...which has debuted at number 11 although i can't picture N' Sync having more skill than Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne...oh well...If you have their first two albums I wouldn't bother with this one, but it's nice to know that they will be making a cool bundle of cash for this release.
  • FYI - spice girls are barely in the top 100 - still...not too bad.
  • hate to sound old, but the music they were making 5 years ago is far better than that of today.
  • Paul's Boutique is closing in fast on Licensed to Ill for the number three list of Beasite Boys Albums.
  • If anyone knows where I can get music videos in avi or vivo format tell me...on the same note if you know where I can get a vivo player (not a plug-in) mail me now!
  • updated my mp3/cd wants
  • updated the direct download of my mp3 list
  • um the Beastie Boys rock more and more every day...that beastie-ography that MTV made is awesome...wish a had the first 20min...if anyone sees it in advance on MTV tell me or tape it or both...major props to Phil who was able to tape the last 1.5 hours out of 2 hours of, but I still crave the whole thing.
  • xoom was down a couple of days ago and gave me a minor scare...everything is up and running well again
  • I'm getting visitors from weird host names...i'm tempted to put one of those gay guestbooks on my page, but like i said - they are dumb.
  • if anyone can get this guy: stk13777@loki.stockton.edu to give you a password to his mp3 site .... tell me I will be forever in debted - he has massive amounts of excellent and rare beastie boys mp3s...address is:, mp3 is the password and username and the port is 2323...check for yourself...he'll let you in to look, but not download - what a punk! nonetheless he has an awesome b-boy collection.
  • got my pay check today - a measly $97.75 for 17 hrs of work...getting min. wage bites. it's still money though.
  • nfl predictions are in. it was a semi-tough week...cross your fingers for the 49ers!
  • tomorrow i will have the final voting stuff in...

  • Oct. 30

  • forgot to tell you...I saw Metropolis last Sunday - it rocks. which means that fritz lang is moving in on stanley kubrick for best director (in my book anyway). speaking of which on dec. 6th dr. strangelove is playing for free. a must see of course.
  • as for voting here is how it breaks down so far
  • why is it that everything the Beastie boys touch turns into great music? just wondering.
  • gotta go to sleep...

  • Oct. 28

  • one more b-boys song this one is a quicky called twinkle - 8 sec.
  • go here for the b-boys' body movin' on mp3...legally! live from montreal...it's cool...just need to look a little for it
  • got 20 megs of space from fortunecity.com but they suck and limit the size of your files...so i can't put any mp3s on there...down with fortunecity.com!!!
  • 'Daily Ditz' (as Johnny would call it) two girls were on campus today and as I biked by I heard one say to the other "you are cute, you are hella cute" - oh boy it sounded sooo dumb.
  • latin is as gay as ever
  • um nothing else to report
  • hey did you know bill gates is gay? yea, he is!
  • added efren's page to the left so check it out or die!

  • Oct. 27

  • called HP - getting new drive in five days. now my primary cd-rom isn't being detected...undid cords and hooked back in - then it was recognized again...I'm thinking it's new motherboard time, but who knows with these damn machines.
  • got a new counter...
  • in case you didn't know I have the sept. page updates on archive...
  • well tampa bay sucks more than i thought...i was 10-2 again for this week - not too bad...scores i predicted weren't too horrible either. brings me to 37-12 on the year. not too shabby considering i do about 15 min. of 'research' per week.
  • working three extra hours tomorrow - covering for someone - extra $ = good
  • updated my fall schedule - now includes my work schedule for the quarter
  • in case you didn't notice i also changed the font size - that is for those of you with a lower resolution...just helping ya out a bit.
  • got a 94 out of 100 on my latin test - 2/3 of the class got over 90 so it's not that great...especially since i've taken 3 years of the shitty language.
  • updated my editorial page check it out...only two new entries, but they are pretty hefty - even though i didn't fully address them, or so some might say.
  • updated my rants page...it's about my latin classmates so proceed with caution...it can get brutal even though i censored it some compared to what i actually wrote in my notes....ha ha ha
  • download a rare b-boys song here...I changed the file extension to xxx just incase xoom gets all paranoid about mp3s and stuff like that...not really much of a song, but it's cool/funny/small so check it out.

  • Oct. 26
    formatted my hard drive yesterday - computer kinks have been worked out - CD writer still doesn't work.
    I'm calling HP in five minutes to ask for a new one - cross your fingers.

    Oct. 24 updated while listening to Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin

  • Worked after hours with my big boss man because he was covering for the regular afterhours lady...thought it was going to be really professional and shit, but it was really quite cool. We talked about computers, his coaching the javelin throwers, his coaching a volleyball team in Nicaragua and how he came from Nicaragua to end up in Davis...it was dope.
  • Afterwards I went next door for six hours and watched Terminator and hung out...went to sleep at 3:40a.
  • Now on to the more important stuff: Phil is getting some blank CDs tomorrow - yes! hopefully they actually work.
  • NFL predictions are in.
  • Today's Feature: all of you should go to netscape and customize the page so you have everything you want on a nice, pretty fast loading, start page. you can customize the weather, stocks, sports, news etc...have it tell you the scores of only your favorite teams, the weather of your neighboring towns, horoscope, and you can put as many stocks in there as you like too...it's pretty nice and doesn't take to long to customize...try it out.
  • another feature is this click there and then just click the back button
  • updated mp3 list - goto link on left. Deleted five songs and made note of that...added several
  • Luke's page is down...I know you all really care, but it did have a nice Fatboy Slim song on there...oh well
  • I'm taking requests for MP3's - I've got eleven megs I may as well use it...any MP3s you want I may post.
  • updated my custom cd list too
  • just discovered that my page sucks if you have the video set at 800 X 600 or lower...sucks to be you! ha ha

  • Oct. 23
    work is going okay...it gets really boring...got my first check a while back...37 bucks for two days worth of work...not bad...my next check is going to be a fat one.
    Still not sure about this whole CD-R media deal...I need to find cheap and reliable media and fast! Probably will end up asking Phil to go to the computer show and pick some up for me...he's da bomb.
    Met my other neighbors yesterday...I thought they were all dorks and they are, but in a cool way so I'll be hanging out over there more.
    Aptpupil comes out tomorrow, think I'll go opening night, if not I'll definitely see it this weekend.
    Latin test tomorrow - I'm ready, but we'll see about the english to latin section...could be a bitch if she brings in lots of the vocative and questions and dumb shit like that.
    still looking for a good counter...Johnny where did you get yours?
    KDVS (campus radio station) is the bomb, i'm glad i'm volunteering for them...hopefully vern and i will be DJs next quarter, if so you'll be informed.
    football predictions should be up sat.
    I will be updating my editorial page soon! (note to self) "gay" religion & stuff
    i also intend on catching up with the propositions and election stuff...better late than never
    starting to think that the davis profs page is dead...talked with jon about helping me out with it, but he wants to automate everything...nice if i was a fucking programming genius...oh well
    it's 1:30 so i should sleep.

    Oct. 19
    I didn't make predictions this last week just because i was lazy.
    thank goodness SF won! that was a heart-wrenching game to say the least.
    my CD-R works...if i buy the HP CDs otherwise it doesn't...I still haven't tried TDK or other such "brand name" discs (other than kodak) but for now at least i know that it works using some kind of disc.
    computer is working well...no problems...no skipping or bad sound quality on the mp3s...i can restart my computer without a general protection fault error.

    Oct. 16
    open Microsoft Word 7.0 and type in: "I'd like to see Bill Clinton have anal sex with Al Gore."
    then goto tools and thesaurus, then repeat...an interesting message will be revealed.
    bill gates is a loser.

    Oct. 14
    ummmmmm...my cd-writer sucks...they might actually have to replace it though so that could be good...don't know if it'll fix any problems, but it might...if not i might just ask them to charge me the difference for an external drive...should be about 50-75 bucks. i don't have the money, but i don't mind. i already spent 3 hours on the phone to colorado for customer support so it's no big loss...all that matters is making my custom music cds...at any cost!
    i'm voting yes on 1a and 1, that's all i know so far. i'm not going to work for 16 hours on election day this year...i have work that day so tough luck.
    NEWS FLASH - my counter from beseen.com sucks...if you know where i can get a good one for free tell me!
    i think i was 9-3 last week...i didn't cross check it with nfl.com, just went off the top of my head...still respectable, but not great.
    if anyone wants to buy me a new computer with a cd-writer that works, with legitimate software, etc. give me a call...and you can even call collect if you fully intend to buy it for me!
    worth a try.

    Oct. 11
    my cd writer still doesn't work...$400 down the drain...even more since i've been calling customer support in colorado and been on hold for over an hour. they suck
    now to the elections...i still haven't gotten my sample ballot so i don't have all my tools yet
                       "I was born a citizen of a free state and a member of its sovereign body, and however
                         weak may be the influence of my voice in public affairs, my right to vote on them
                         suffices to impose on me the duty of studying them."

                                       ------ Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, 1762

    Oct. 8
    computers suck, they are a conspiracy to bring me down...and it's working. cd writers suck. computers suck. politics suck.

    fuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computersfuck computers

    Oct. 7
    6-5 in last week's games - damn that sucks, but there were plenty of upsets. That makes me 27-10 on the year.
    MP3 list now exceeds 24 hours of play time with 365 songs. Updated my mp3 list, check it on left hand side.
    Winamp 2.02 rocks, and never skips...this page was updated without any skips at all, even though i was moving files, saving, uploading, downloading, etc.
    This weekend I hope to have something talking about the upcoming elections and ballot measures...in the meantime check this out: http://www.moveon.org
    Made some changes in the sidebar...see for yourself. No more feature page...the main page is the feature page now.
    Added the "new" image to spice things up. uh that's all about that.
    Uninstalled Internet Explorer 4.0 and it crashed when I was doing so...then again netscape crashed just 30 seconds ago while I was typing this so it's really a no win situation.
    updated my links page a bit
    best news so far: eads owes me $4.55 for clicks generated. yippee

    Oct. 5
    doing hw so i gotta make this short:
    job is good, 49ers will learn much from defeat, green bay sucks, minnesota is a nfc powerhouse to be.
    server will be online a lot more - i found a campus line that connects at 33.6!!! still local, still free...finally getting my money's worth!

    Oct. 3
    NFL predictions for week 5.
    First week of work completed - verdict - good, boring, but good.
    Aptpupil is coming soon, have been avoiding previews like the plague - actually probably even more.
    Server ain't doing shit cuz no one is really interested in a 14.4 server when they can get the same free music other places.
    Nothing great to report. Haven't added anything to feature or editorial page in a while...no inspiration...if you have a hot topic you want me to discuss beside the McGwire thing...mail me. MP3 list will be updated this weekend and hopefully I'll add more custom CDs to the list, if i feel like typing them up.