9/13/21 (21:30)
  • CA recall for governor Newsom is tomorrow. When we did the recall the last time I was against it. I thought Davis was getting a raw deal (still think so) and I thought it was a slippery slope to recalling every governor any time they messed up on something. Now, though, I think we're in such a crisis in our society that we need to restore accountability at every turn at the cost of most of our other priorities. Of course, I think this needs to be equally applied (that's the real definition of accountability after all). The fuck ups from Newsom on: COVID overreach, EDD abuse/ineptitude, wildfire/forest mismanagement, homelessness, water issues, exodus of people for other states, general lack of business friendly environment, his douchey haircut, his French Laundry dinner without following his own guidance, etc. all have lead me to vote yes on the recall. He needs to be held accountable for all that and more.
  • A couple things...I don't think he'll be recalled. If I were betting on it then I'd bet he'd survive. The ruling class types often talk about how much better a Parliamentary Government is than our system. One of the hallmarks of such a system is the ability to call an election at any time. Well, that's what the recall is, but it's done by the citizens, not by those in charge. These same people also often lament the lack of democratic rule in this country. Well, here's democracy at work. The people getting an extra chance to decide whether or not the governor is working for them or not.
  • Now, I'll be the first to admit that what happens after the question of a recall is flawed. For those who don't know, the vote is yes/no to recall the governor. After that you get to vote on his replacement should the recall pass. The winner of the most votes in that second portion of the ballot becomes the governor. Since there are 40+ people on the ballot, it's very possible that the new governor would have only 15% of the vote. This is even more true since many followed Newsom's selfish advice to not vote for anyone as a replacement. So, there will be many Newsom sheep who vote "no" to recalling him and then leave the second part blank. You know, because they love democracy so much. The same people who constantly complain about the Senate not being democratic enough. You can't make this shit up.
  • The process issue is particularly annoying for me because it comes up every time a Democrat loses, but hardly ever when a Democrat is in charge. I've written about this before in an effort to not be one of those people. After Biden won, I laid out what his ambitious agenda should include and it was largely (and primarily) focused on process and voting reform. Things like some federalization of voting standards, DC statehood or representation under Maryland, representation for Puerto Rico, etc. Of course, here we are 9 months into his presidency and none of that has really been tried. Vaccine mandates, free stuff, infrastructure, but nothing that would fix the more fundamental issues. It's almost as if Democrats like having excuses.
  • At any rate, Democrats in this state have been in charge at every level for 10 years and I haven't heard a single word on reforming the recall process. They complain about it now, but did nothing about it before. If you're in charge of Congress and the governor's seat and you don't at least try to change a thing then you are implicitly saying that you are fine with that thing as it is.
  • So, I voted to kick Newsom to the curb for the aforementioned reasons. I tried hard to find a Republican I could stomach voting for. I wanted to mix things up and send a message. But I honestly couldn't find anyone I agreed with on enough stuff so I ended up voting for the Democrat who is most likely to get the most votes. I'm not very proud of this vote.
  • Just wanted to get that on record before tomorrow. Work is super busy but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Have 6 guys working for me most days now and hopefully will get that down to 4 soon and then back up to 6 if we get the new house. I'm hoping to hire a really skilled person who can help renovate the new house if we are able to make the funding for that work.

  • We're doing all sorts of loan paperwork the last year. Refi the house, SBA loan for the warehouse, loan for the new house. Super tedious and annoying.