Sept. 29 updated - skip free, while listening to winamp 2.01
first day of work today.
still looking for mp3s. my mp3 collection has eclipsed the 21 hour mark + clips and recent downloads that haven't been added's pretty crazy. have 600 megs left on the mp3 drive so i'm still good to go.
looks like tampa bay sucks...just as i said, but i didn't think they sucked as much as monday night football showed.

Sept. 28
10-3 for the week. work tomorrow. class coming up. dad's computer crashed big time. sold old cd-rom, new one coming in a week. server is up, but no one has really gone on yet...need speed!
that's all.

Sept. 27
my server is up...mail me if you want access or a schedule of when it's has all my mp3s, some warez (adobe photoshop 5.0, ws_ftp pro, and the like), and pictures of various hot girls. Anonymous access is accepted, use your e-mail address as the password, but access is limited - you won't have full access to the hard drive. is the address 21 be the port. it's a 14.4 connection so it sucks, but if you want the goods bad enough you'll deal.
other news: cowboys lost to da raiders. sf kicked ass. The giants will win in the playoff game between them and the cubs.
McGwire kicks ass, oh and wait he only played 155 games and had only 507 AB, Sosa has played 156 - 630 AB - Maris had 61 HR in 161 games and 590 at bats. Babe Ruth's best year he had 60 HRs in 51 games and 540 at bats, but his best ratio ever was 1 HR every 8.5 at bats compare that to Maris' 9.7 or Sosa's 9.5 and McGwire with a crazy 7.2!!!! Just so you know I still love Ruth...his first FIVE years combined he had a total of 678 AB (only 48 more than Sosa, so far, this year), imagine how many more HRs he would have had if he had been able to get more batting experience ... easily enough (42) to have more than hank aaron. Note: aaron never hit over 47 HRs in a year...kinda lame for the career HR leader. career for Aaron - 12364 AB 755 HR - leaves him at 1 HR in every 16.4 AB...lame lame lame. Ruth, 8399 AB for 714 HRs - leaves him at 1 HR in every 11.8 AB...damn good considering his first five years as a PITCHER! McGwire through his first two years had a ratio of be the damn judge!
10-2 so far (still pending monday night football) for this week's predictions.

Sept 25 (updated while listening to black sabbath's first album - recorded in three days!)
decided only to take one job, if the library does decide to take me - finally i'll be denying them!
getting more mp3s as we speak (thanks johnny and scour). still have wants however: my mp3 wants
NFL Predictions...week 4 will be in by the time i complete this update.
very seriously considering a server while i'm away at class 2 or 3 hours a day and then maybe while i'm sleeping...14.4 server isn't exactly the best, but i think the quality mp3s i have will make up for the slow speeds. e-mail for username, password and progress report on all this. is becoming a regular site now...helps predictions, keep me aware in this time without sportscenter, and helps with my fantasy football league. i'm not doing so well in my fantasy football league, but i did miss the first two weeks so i'm behind in the points...i'll let you know when i start kicking ass, otherwise you won't hear about it.
Vern comes up today. Johnny's radio station is up.

Sept. 23
i interviewed for another job - at the library.
nfl predictions for week #3: i was 11-2, pretty impressive. the scores weren't very close though. I'll be more accurate this week. And I also threw away one of my predictions by picking the giants by 25 over the cowboys even though i knew that wasn't going to happen - i just can't bring myself to predict success for the (yeech!) cowboys.
my mp3 wants

Sept. 19
NFL Predictions...week 3
working on an autoload re-router for the old case you go to that one first.
while you are reading this press ctrl-b and bookmark this makes it easier on us all.
phone line is getting my line won't be up for another week...see my rants page for that one!
I got a job...11 1/2 hours (for my first week) at the cowell student health center...i am a "runner" - i take charts from one room to the next, escort patients around and that's about it. apparently i'm the only male 'runner' so i'm really popular...we'll see about this...i'll keep ya updated.
call 530-297-**** for more info...oh wait nevermind the phone line isn't connected!!!
invention for the week: indented power's a real pain when the cord sticks out and blocks your desk, bed, dresser, etc. from being flush with the wall...especially for people as anal as i am. second invention: since everyone is making such a big deal about mp3s being illegal and blah blah blah...what if i recorded myself typing on the computer, but with a song in the background...that could be a pretty cool loop hole, or not.
really great invention of the week: velcro...introduced april 2nd, 1978 by nasa, it's the bomb, but i think it took them longer to come up with the name than it did the invention.
p.s. i'm really liking xoom...they the bomb!